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Tuesday, July 10th
Panthers Owner David Tepper held a press conference Tuesday morning to answer media questions about the team. Tepper addressed everything from updating practice facilities to adding more concerts to Bank of America Stadium. He expressed a strong sense of excitement for owning the Panthers, spoke on his fondness of Coach Rivera, and also shared his reasons for keeping the Jerry Richardson statue. 

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Stephen drama with bidders stepping to the podium getting ready to go live here David tepper saw him walk into the room over at the Panthers facilities let's take this press conference five flat now. I hear on WS NC. To kill our Panthers football. It's great opportunity and responsibility comes with being one of the 32 owners in the National Football League. We have a unique platform. To not only impact your community but really have an impact across our world. And Dave really understands that he gets that. And I can't wait to hear him share with you guys his vision for this team in this entire region. So with that I'd like to welcome the new owner of the Carolina Panthers mr. David tepper. They think Steve you're such a global. Yeah. I'm thrilled to be here. You know us incredibly exciting. I'm great organization. Grateful organization. And listen this a new day. For this organization and hopefully we'll have a no bigger and better things to come including Jessica will championships in the future so that says if you guys have any questions. A mope about what does Steve. How does. Make sure that you. Hey hey good morning Joseph person with the Charlotte Observer a familiar face. It's a good thing there. When we spoke to Atlanta you said that you needed some more time to evaluate things no it's only been six weeks but. What changes are you looking to take me organizationally. Or personnel wise just got to make sure the things that. Cherry Hill and Tim. Well this is they're I don't know quite quite have 24 hours yet but it on this team so. Still evaluating things. In general. Like edges and I'd like to have an open environment six won the extremely environment. On where everybody feels safe like a family. And that Michigan come up and talk to people. And there's going to be you know just openness on all sides of this organization both of football side and the and the business side. There go ahead. Eric's chamber and every air chamber with video Charlie business journal. You made reference to do development is we were to Atlanta. And always have been speculating ever since so continue to talk a little bit about. Future. Practice fields trade if you take orders those kinds of things how you approach that when your time. Well. Well I think I don't know who wrote the articles about practice illness. We're needs. So I think a lot of these things can't be done independently I can't talk about practice field without talking about. New stadiums and you know and as I stood before view this as. You know the Carolina Panthers are both states so we have to think about where we're putting things on and we're putting things but. You're one of the things I did say that when he is important pom. One way or another we have to make the Kennedy who less than competitive with other NFL teams. At this point. You know given our practice so when other people have in the league were falling behind a little bit. So that's because I do view the football side. I it is this is a business don't forget that and hear the business guy I guess in the room here so. But the total size very important and winning is my guess is very important you know on the football side and I mentioned deeply beside. But so one of the aspects is that we don't. We treat your players right and we don't have any disadvantage as any other teams in the league. So you're top priority would be thing about that practice field. Listening live to the David tepper press conference on WFAZ. Powered by ortho Carolina. In terms of revenue standpoint and and modernizing this organization and compete with the league around the world around it. Where's your idea is hearings in new easy coming in and you can get out of her own view this organization. Com so you know we have we have talked about more than business side again I think so. Look we have just a law that was passed just recently and has not yet hit the Carolina's the whole gambling aspect pomp and you think about the fans and you wanna keep this is in the building eventually is gonna hit you know north and South Carolina. And pass it from a revenue standpoint we have issues with you'll pay teachers and other things are there and you know tax revenues cellars as this inevitable we're thinking about these things we have to take that in consideration because you know I want to make sure the answer in that building and sharing this team. And I don't want fans not in that building so we have to do the things calm. You know sometimes you get lucky when you don't think you're lucky. You know so one of the things were lucky is that we do have an old station in the have to do we do have an old practice field we don't have oppression we captive in new practice fields. And along those things with some of the changes with the the gambling. You know we do have an advantage that we can think about what fans may want to make sure they're in our building. To tear this Seymour because I do think an active fan base I do believe that. The fans are goods to twelve men on the field. Okay and wanna make sure that twelfth this in that stadium. So I guess as some of those things where there are revenue producers. This other development here you know we do. Of the practice field. To someplace other than right next to stadium which pessimists and makes so much sense. You know you do open up a lot of areas for development and other development here and there's going to be the new Amtrak station. Not just up on what street I guess with a Greyhound station is that they got that right. So I'm thinking about those sort of things and meet all these things are. You know. You know everything goes he independent in this in this community. Com you know it's not just the business faces as a matter of also things like high school games in the I kind of think that high school championship should be played in that stadium. That's what I think OK because that's part of community read it and community I also think that you should be more. I'm not I don't wanna screw up the field. But I think there should be more bigger events there like you know. You know. The right type of concerts okay. And that's stating that there really hasn't been so I think will only utilize the stadium a lot more for the community because I think that's important as being a member of the community. So clear. I don't think my answer to ever and Hyundai and say hey you are on board with a lot of recommendations that Mary Jo White recommended be implemented. -- why. Those recommendations including politicians use of nondisclosure agreements to limit its violations. He's the kind that's. I'll be reviewed by the week. Out of here at. Within the Panthers will you implement those recommendations regardless of what the league decides specifically to non disclosure agreement hard. Specifically none. Listen. Whatever was was this is now okay this going to be open place. So there's not going to be you know you know nondisclosure agreements. No matter what in this new place and that sort of thing okay that was then this is down. Okay that was then this is now as we open place for people and have the right people talk to to come up with problems. And by the way that problem with the piano go by do something incredibly stupid they should be talking about me okay that's a place that's what this place is going to be. Okay. And I saw. You're listening to the David tepper Panthers press conference on WFAZ powered by ortho Carolina. They can't. I'm sorry were you with the sort of the talents of conditioning coaches. In terms of looking at the overall scheme that not only the city and the relationship split over state government as well as countless. Had a chance to converse or perhaps in each of us are potential relationships with apparently he reelected by. Com listen I really haven't had an excessive conversations with the governors and as such is just haven't very quick greeting with the mayor but that's about it. There's a lot of discussion to have about how we do things here this is my view this as a partnership. Hopefully not just with particularly nice you know what this is this is a logical place for the stadium. Not just with Charlotte and that's what it is but also with the hopefully be. The governor of North Carolina and the governor of South Carolina and you know I haven't. Really returned their calls yet I'm happy to return the calls now. It was appropriate before and if you if so I think there's a lot there's a lot to talk about and I think. There's some really interesting things from the development side for them from me and trust of cancers are considered okay so. Comes from Paul hey good morning I hated it would be nice to see if any of the I think there are two schools of thought when it comes to. Professional sports teams being supported my tax dollars you have knows who's saying. You know look it's it's an international driver helps to seek it's crown jewel for us anyway Charlotte there's another schools offices okay. I'm a billionaire who support his own sports team how do you approach that especially as it relates to all the talk about music. The fight. This is talk about what you do here what would do an inquiry if I do if I go and I've put development I've. Bring a lot of dollars and here in tax dollars and here and can be dollars if you have enough to be tax or hotel tax or something like that. And I'm bringing that tax in there. I'm making an investment among ask different people weren't using those facilities so as a lot of different ways you're talking about it from talking about people. You know we know we're talking about. Win win situations. OK can't just be for me and can't just be for them. So it has to be a partnership and partnerships and his wind went and that's definitely possible feast if you think that so we do. We do our development here than it does new development luckiest people here just lost dating game we open up for other things and I made an investment in them last night bring that in here and I bring them anymore. Dollars into the community. And that's businesses in the community. And there's more tax dollars generated. And that makes sense to split some of those tax assessed not taxing people for who weren't using those facilities but they use in this they're using things don't help them breathe here. That's the partnership. Mr. And I'm sorry which. Very if Bernstein okay so frustrated. I want to follow until person's question I ask you if you plan to do an investigation into. Also see your physician who were aware. Crass and over the years who aided and abetted. And created that culture here that I don't know perhaps a Marxist are you investigating that. In my 24 hours so far there you read our as an Anderson for us tonight I can I can't emphasize enough. And openness and T and T of this sort of this organization. I think there's been an atmosphere where this thing this this organization talk more than this aside wasn't a lot of heat team. And there was not able to call often talk about things OK there's going to be no impediment to that in the future. There's going to be known to say that again this mean no impediment that in the future. And whatever that means so whatever that brings that will bring. And and whatever falls so fall. This ought to say something that. Bill. It is bill payers. You're listening to David tepper press conference carried live right here on WS NC powered by ortho Carolina. Looking for president if so are you multiple data weren't that search is and and what are you looking for a guy who will be taking over the day to day duties are. Or woman correct. And yeah. I'm look oh. Sleaze experience running pace sports team is probably be number one a different types of experience like that. One of the things that. We know and and and also developing it you don't you know obviously awesome the Arby's business things. Come on marketing. I'm development experience of some sort of be able to that as soon as we talk about this probably. A lot of development here. And you know I just wanna make sure that the purses here knows you know the personally and I know that the two there's a couple people kind of pinned down on but. That there will be able to build a good team here and no soul also understand the philosophy that I just outlined. So. Bernstein. Com. You know openness and openness and a team team environment and one family. Okay we're family here and I wanna make sure people understand that that's the only. His own that there are extremely close to football side conclusive business side that's where my other business just the mother of this this is a family okay. This is a seemingly. And the thing and we protected us and we still safe and here. And inside this building inside this environment. So look for somebody that come out. Can. Make sure they have their vision okay. Scrimmage. Jim Morse look easy radio pro sports network speaking Paulson winning championships. Is your ultimate goal here because reorganization into three head coaches in 49 years. You have a vision of what he did they hear you wanna see implemented here and kind of speed that process up like things that they did did you wanna take from that organization to put. Penguins here. You know you see the speed that process up this kind of not speed that process up OK a certain amount of peace is much takes develop. Here you actually have. I don't wanna. These people too many columnists but. You actually blessed with pretty good. Topples here you know head coach McConnell understands. And understands himself. Appreciate some changes were made on that on that staff side in my view I would have nothing to do with it but just appreciate it and of north. His there's a pretty good addition in my mind you of them on the offensive side I think. Rawness and it's a national defense a guy OK just natural I mean natural like walking down the street entry in the water natural. So I think you and appreciate you got a guy that. Understands he wants to have strictly organizations and bring you good people to do that that's important so I think that's conversation like to see. Pom. So listen I'm not looking to do too much there I think we got some good folks there. And not so people always want hears things that are bad or not but it sorry can do it. So that is what is. Scooter store. Hey these children don't view us as he Charlotte. You were very you listen to the David tepper press conference carried live right here on WS NG powered by ortho Carolina reflect on your career and yourself old. What did you find yourself. In the past we have more time. You're very emotionally at Carnegie Mellon and I'm wondering if this process. You know you're kind of in the business world or go go go as this process like you've kind of reflect on how far maybe you know foreign Carmen and how are you meeting rooms of Purcell OK and what Estandia. Combo. You back there Carnegie Mellon just ruse we've related to this I mean it was hard to get the words out as I said there every night. You guys just have to. Just understand my neighborhood who did he was a nice liberty in Pittsburgh was who has real inner city stuff. So. Nice and I think yes sit there that I can go to a pro game toes until my twenties somewhere. So distant that whole idea destroyed this kind of crazy to me and but tonight. You know I really do. I know people. I really do I am a person who have singer faith okay. So I know I kind of wake up sometime as to say thanks Scott thank you god I don't know. That is this is what it is okay for me. And I think and I think it is they god bless America because I think this is a great place to be and when I think everybody in this room us. This incredibly lucky to be in this country so those two things you know I do reflect on all the time and then my fortune and I. Two things can think of a different from parts of my okay no different question anyway because sometimes it seems like different lights for me. And I do appreciate. I think just the appreciation to help to do charity side and we know where it came from and you know how people. Lived in what happens in certain situations. I think. I think fight my hero by high school class was near 800 cornyn and 500 going out. You know that sort of thing and I think there's worse than that in some places now still. So. You know I do think about some of the stuff and listen I've been reflecting a lot of about the football players here just know even asked to host whose talk about the slogan. Has some of these issues system is gonna to eventually. But you know this is incredibly good guys here who really good guys that can love this country the government gets it enough. And you know I and I think you know and and and good guys that are treatable on this team and you should see you know I don't know if you guessed appreciate a local website the the organization that these guys talk about football players from all them. So I think that and I hope to hopefully get you know more involvement from them appears there's already balls OK there can't fault. I know does he report enough no I don't doesn't decide enough but hopefully we can search. Accentuated the possible we'll have more you know around so. I hope hopefully I can read that out tonight I. Listen I sent him to be told by my press people are simply saying it is but you know you've watched fights I think most of us another push of what Spiderman. Despite him in Palestine and looks veteran bill with great. You know power comes great responsibility. So I think I have that I think our players have that tool I think a lot of them appreciate that so. I don't know that gesture that's a long snuck in and nobody else is gonna sit get a sense answers that once. Jason. Can Jonathan Jones Sports Illustrated. Use them. Indians are now coming up on ten years. So you do not necessarily easy details to passing the table now that you have 132 votes at the table. What do you consider to be the biggest issue. Facing. The wall in the NFL moving forward and especially as we looked on the barrel and you see in the next three years. Pelosi. CPAs and talents and expect to see BA won't be more of a challenge. Com. Listen I guess you know obviously CT he is. There's a challenge there's that belief has been on top of the issue making rule changes. I mean listen I. No pianist you know. Still have still a cure some place in my closet so listen and make that a mission right now so I have more can't figure now. But. You know she is a year. That was like a big shock. And I think some would change is constant change is going on the league and I think do you really think about it and trying to address those those issues constantly. A somewhat different tackling well Asia to tap into when I was sitting there going there so I do think that's a challenge but I think it's been addressed. I'm Disney. You listen to the David tepper Panthers press conference carried live right here on WS NC powered by ortho Carolina. And in your timing of the Steelers are already spoke so highly of you what will you take from your experience and time again. Apply here. Militants set ascension of football I think to Steelers had you know pretty good philosophy can and you know our had a pretty good for the have pretty good velocity on the Steelers on the Stiller side and so taking note to those sort of lessons. You know take the patience and money he's developed I think which I think sometimes. These are made too fast tiles have. Personal greater appreciation for things I don't known as I mentioned before that's not that that's me I don't know I think there and you know they have got to appreciation to. Com. Listen obviously agreed organization. And you know it's certainly is not a bad thing to be have been with him for nine years and kind of just make observations of and have that much worse than that. Because tennis is a question. Here. Good afternoon Pro Bowl oh you've been doing to make pointed comments powerful people in the past how would you support players in May have opinions they may not be alive and with the large sections of your fan base your customers you. I don't really make them any point in common. To that many powerful people. Tell you the truth I made some he referred to as things they did during the campaign. But I've tried not to make any. Since that powerful person your turn to who has been the president is facing really haven't said anything about it except for a few positive things and economic policy. Which again you guys choose not to talk about. If you decide to talk about those things we'll talk about those things but people don't like to talk about positive things. But listen there's. We know from my chair yourself from of the big believer in social justice. And I am actually a big believer in you know a country of patriotic and you guys you guys know that pledge allegiance to the flat for the United States of America. Does that further color which is seen as one nation under god. Indivisible. Whistles last and most of us quite. With liberty and justice for all with the British justice for all. That's what this is about liberty and justice for all okay this is the most patriotic thing. Going so that's all I gotta say about that. We had time for two Mormon go to Carl renewing our current stuff our. They do kind of related I don't know agencies Sports Radio. In the same thing. You know last week president trump soldiers are around and you were there Montana the F operators were down 20% saudis into is that true coalition compound that but I am curious. What you're gonna see on the horizon in terms of immediately ask you media partnerships because Hillary is increasingly difficult to not just attract double or keep them there are so. You know solidified thank you for talking a little bit in the past what you see don't know on the horizon for definitely all sports and up front. You know TVs and I'm practice contractual I sort of speaks it was a lot of different medias you thought about TV ratings but when you out of all the different come. You know social media apple Amazon that I don't think. Footballs being affected us any more or less than anything else I also think this thing that we talked about a little before. Called game one. This gonna make Brady's go down just have a feeling about that okay you may know more about that than you but that's my feeling. So football. Club. This is the best Ford. Okay my opinion I mean I love this game I love watching this game. I watch it seems that wash all content differentiation is the only sport talking about football game and I don't know about you folks out there. But I can watch almost any team on a Sunday. Okay because and it discusses entertainment in this great entertainment. And law love the play also some other sports just awful well okay you watch the regular season baseball game and we know that calls for some of the teams someplace else in the country. I don't I'm making cracks about baseball so I apologize visual fans everywhere is an order that. I loved baseball but we were Vera Clemente was my idol when I was a kid. Does as an aside but anyways that's that's kind of my feeling about them. Secure. Scott tell us. Charlotte Observer there's a thirteen foot statue Jerry Richardson also the north K if you planned to leave says Sears or leave it. And contractually obligated keep that stature as it is. All right guys know photographers were gonna take a if you show us what Dave and thanks so much for everybody for coming.