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Wednesday, July 11th
Chuck Howard & Will Kennedy discussed some local motorsports during hour 3. Marcus Smith weighed in on the matter, and also shared thoughts on new Panthers ownership. 

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Weeks he's WNBA and see. Powered by ortho Carolina here's will Kennedy at chuck power. Our numbers three and as we've got two in the books on the Wednesday edition mid. Day on WFAN see will Kennedy. I'm chuck Howard graduate this send them pretty much kind of putting a bow on the David tepper. A news conference his comments I think we've drilled some pretty good I think would solve all the world's problems that's the statue is gonna stay for now whether he'll like it or not it and probably a story that would be revisited it. Many many. Time to see. Ford comes to count now you don't like right now I think the NFL would would gladly trade. The Jerry Richardson panther statue stores for some of the other stuff what's flowed around the oval around the league at this moment mean as we haven't even touched on because you're obviously were focused on the Panthers and everything is going on a different the last segment shocked as some other guys the studio there or watch a little video I had to pull it up Kazaa through their reaction to it of my my good friend Adam pac. Pacman Jones quarterback in the NFL through I was cover the titans won when they were bold enough risky enough stupid enough to draft the young man who already had. A nice track record coming out of college. Decided to throw hands in an airport is there. Ideology and it's caught on camera there's Adam Jones dreadlocks and Al Gore after guy and a little horns vet. Best yelling you exit you just the stuff you'd expect from Pacman Jones and and if you haven't seen it yet allegations. Very very serious stuff against running back LeSean McCoy shady McCoy this has unfortunately become. Someone of their recurrent thing in the offseason for the NFL and they just can't seem. To get away and and and not to say it's always the same guys that can't Pacman Jones. You gotta be counted to stay in the league with some stuff he's well run through. Years he's getting kind you know what this shady McCoy ish story this isn't the first time and its oh. You know he says some off the field stuff Georgia police in the NFL are investigating a home invasion. And they took place Tuesday in a house owned by Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy in which. His estranged girlfriend was allegedly beaten and robbed of jewelry. Police in the Atlanta suburb of Milton said they're investigating the incident. NM not named any suspects. McCoy who has been training in Miami this summer denied accusations. Made and social media by a friend of the victim. That he was responsible for her injuries and said he's had not is not a direct contact with there in months now. Being responsible. Doesn't necessarily mean you lay hands on the purse. Nadia and the investigation will come though this is so that we we we talked about before we came out here before 10 AM this morning to do the show you we've we've been through this right we've been through this with Greg Carty. Locally we've been through with Ray Rice you know we can go on and on about different names and one of the catches is always the NFL is not the legal body the deals with this so I. Obviously in this case shock that the police in Georgia. In you know prosecutors. District attorney's Augusta they're gonna run through this and do the investigation so the league does this whole thing of you know we got to wait. The team or say we get away from the legal Eagles say we get away for the law enforcement which is righty innocent until proven guilty but this is just a bad look. The NFL on the divesting bounce front and then you get this Pacman Jones thing where you got him. Am just going often in these one of these guys and and the Bengals ran the Bengals got some some nice. To nice citizens' right around that I'm look at it you Vontae is perfect harmony and don't come looking for me. And I saw a church choir. How many times. As Pacman dumbing. You know this last chances see more when he was with the titans like right off the back he's in a club. In Nashville making it rain and gun goes off I mean he's gotten into altercations with people with Tito get pulled over by the police and we go on and off with him and so we have this whole thing. Thing of like. These guys just you know staying in the league getting extra chances they get suspended sometimes within their back when I get it like you know. Team to take chances on guys depending on their talent level but it's. It's bigger it's bigger than that even sucked out of you saw this and these guys in the studio the view ride if you saw the video also in Georgia oddly enough depth of all the book summer basketball game. Where these kids beat up the wrath they go after the refereed and it turns into look. Literally referees and players and coaches fighting on the court. It just feels like. Athletes gone wild you know kind of staying in the is just out of him like this is how everything goes now you're goes straight to. There's going to be violence. I'm gonna get back did you others say the other situation is I'm here with this is kind of off off the heels of the root Foster is an out and San Francisco where he was allegedly arrested on. On domestic bop on domestic violence charge and then the and then his is is on his girlfriend or whatever said the she made she fabricated the story. So this is going to be an incident where the NFL or whoever is involved is going to they're gonna let the legal process kind of play out for any suspension is handed out minutes whether Eminem bugs talk about the whole Janus once an incident why this with this happened three years ago and now he's getting suspended for the NFL doesn't wanna do some things. And then and then have the legal process happen afterwards where were they suspended a player who was innocent of of the charge. As well back to the McCoy story. Attorneys for the victim. McCoy is former girlfriend deletion cordoned released a statement to multiple media outlets Tuesday saying cordon was sleeping in the home when a male assailant entered the house early Tuesday in demanded. Demanded specific items of jewelry. This she had been given by McCoy. Now there were no signs of forced entry now here's how this story continues to unfold the attorney statement alleges the assailant Bruce cordons risk in an attempt to remove a bracelet and also struck her in the head with a firearm. The statement also alleges the McCoy previously made comments winding the jewelry back from her and said she could be rob some day because the jury was expensive. Court records on the court records in the at Fulton County Georgia show McCoy. Had been attempting since July. To evict cordon from the home he owns the home she was in a hearing was scheduled for Tuesday in the case but was rescheduled so. I mean read into it would you why and I don't care it dead it's not a good look to the call eight in windy salie didn't break in did the other key. Did the you know and then he asks for specific. Jewelry items given by McCall I. Mean I would surmise. Did perhaps he was asked the assailant was may be asked by somebody. Go get it you know or send a message to everyone call. What's it Jersey judges the NFL over the last several years has added quietly. More investigators. More of an armed to do this kind of stuff you mean it you know they they make they've added. Counseling stuffing you know brought in mortars you know female employees to to kind of give a domestic violence you know education and that also to add different elements to the the organizational structure. But quite a quietly they they do a lot of their own investigation they have guys who of former police officer guy FBI agents and the Ray Rice thing was you know that there was a lot of I going on how to. The video show up who was sent to them and now they're they're very you know. Strict about this in the way they go after it did that but obviously you have to let law enforcement but they'll work with law enforcement in many cases and don't get to the bottom of this but he's this is you know on the heels of his eagle Eliot last year and in. Ryan mentioned Rubin Foster and there's there's a bunch more than sometimes stuff we don't even hear about because it's smaller name players. In other parts of the country but college football Joseph mix enemy. This is an issue this not going away. And there is a fine line because the roof roster things shows us you know you gotta hold yours is little bit we wanna see what shakes out and make sure that. These allegations are before we convict the guy right did. We've heard everything we've heard all the pieces that in Joe's saying sodium military exercises in fairness the other guy started it well here's my thing and had a fit. Even if the other guy did started the police did arrest the other guy for starting it Adam. Adam Jones just has a knack got to walk colliding. Finding this kind of stuff right mean and and maybe is once you have a reputation guys are coming after you but I just feel like for the NFL. You'd call Roger Goodell you know the owners you know guys no I know a couple of guys in new York and offices former players that they literally has to be like. Although on it to end. You know like really like can can we can we quit this kind of thing I mean but that said right you and I check have been around these players. They live edgy a lot of I mean that's the best part of the thing people say you know why they tend towards. Confrontation and violence. That's the way the game's played. That happens to some guys not all of them god I'm not paint a broad brush to all but there are some guys that's how they walk around. Because that's what it takes for them to play football title. Well a lot of whom Demi that Steele being a lot of guys grew up in rough neighborhoods in grew up with a lot of violence and some guys just can't shake it but he. McCoy story came to light on mr. Graham. Where. Deletion cordon has a friend of hers her cousin or something like that posted a picture of her just in its root root Robbie did you. And she stood to pare phrase in a nutshell us she basically said she eighty you're responsible for this. And also made allegations of steroid use. Poisoning a dog. In May be some abuse to a a son is well so it's not good to. It anyway you look at it and of course my allegiance. It. To western new York and I've already gotten fifteen Texas for an F from a former high school buddies what why is it always does we've got to Hexcel and our organization because he's the best player on the team. And whether the bills are gonna make the playoffs or not if he's suspended they are making the play house for dang share. It's not always your Buffalo Bills are split about it. The big goals it's kind of always the bagels and a lot of cases I mean there's certain teams and again it's like chuck iron. Of an age where you think back to it was a team chuck that you would think of when he bottomed. Mr. Graham Twitter FaceBook all these different outlets. They changed the dynamic of all this there was a lot of stuff back in the day they got swept under the rug. I just I'm not talking about some of this violence stuff put casino deal lies and party stories and all those other kind of stuff if you were professional athlete to play you can tell a little little bit differently. And you know kind of live live your life a little. Little more fully without it being under the microscope that's gone I'm. Man that's you know you can't SI you can roll anymore everything you do there's just one person with a cellphone away from BN on DMZ. Our analysts say Mike quick before we get to Marcus says Smith after the next break Mike how are you buddy. Mike you witness yeah anybody what's up. You. I. Eight anyway eight and we do wearing dark. Heard there Adam Pacman also had a little ball on it would protect this airport. And got the employee at the airport was arrested. He attack you treat elevated when it so they employ it in local with the rest but it is not an it was a good treating itself on so you that is going to literal. Yeah I just say look columns as though there's the video there of and a fight I didn't give the details of that but I appreciate you cannot open that up yeah I mean just straight well let me get that straight right that dollar and if he's defended a woman right that's a different kind of story but I'm just saying all I was saying was Pacman Jones finds his way into a lot of this stuff quite frequently that is. And doubted I mean that's that's you we got to be at the evidence that we've we've we know pac man's record are good yields. Go back on this in just a little bit when we come back after the break we're gonna be joined by longtime friend of mine trend to the show friends the city Marcus Smith CEO who says semis Speedway Motorsports Inc. president Charlotte motor speedway we're gonna talk about the role hole pollution it's midday and Debbie FNC. Powered by ortho Carolina. So he's telling. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Welcome back to mid day kind of via since he powered by ortho Carolina chuck Howard and will Kennedy win youth. Of course we've been talking a lot about David tepper and his inaugural news conference yesterday but there was also. A major news conference that took place uptown. The Monday. And that featured this man who joins us on protective come guests lined one Marcus Smith president. Of Charlotte motor speedway and CEO Speedway Motorsports Inc. hello my old friend. Man I don't shocked I'm doing just slide you know you keep you can't run me out of town I'll turn up somewhere. Always you always look hey bud good appreciate your time know your busy don't you don't have a lot of time but it really cool. Okay you are all there are good well let's just pick right up to 1 o'clock in death but anyway. Monday you folks announce uptown. That the Bank of America. Event coming up at the role bull not going to be the 500 K. Good to be the 400 K and you folks are pumped up and I think race man should be about it does talk a little bit about the change in the lengthen the announcement on Monday. Sure so we announced. You know after. Garage almost fifteen years we've had the Bank of America 500 in October. And out this year we're gonna have September 30 the Bank of America Ruble 400. And that since I go along with the first time ever converting Charlotte motor speedway. To pay a road course we're using. The traditional. You storied one of one of the most storied ovals race courses in NASCAR and and converting it to a road course. And it's gonna happen in September we've got. The 28 to thirty everything we call fine in the extended these series in the NASCAR cup series. All going to be. On this amazing do. Rule road course that uses. The traditional mobile. Portions of that Andean field. And and creates so there are really cool to really challenging. Opportunity for all of us ask harder. Marcus Smith on our tech dot com guess lie in this talking about the who one of the more anticipated events on the NASCAR schedule coming up at the speedway September 28 through the thirtieth now yesterday that he track was a little bit busy had a test session up their Jimmie Johnson took place go to parts Kyle Larson Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin and others. Opt when you guys first open the roll bull markets drivers were a little bit while this is different but it seems with these successive time these guys could see time on this thing. I get a sense their liking it more and more. Yeah they really are two well populated they all recognize that this is going to be. The third race in NASCAR's playoffs it's say it's one the bubble races if you will it takes to the next round. We start off playoffs in Las Vegas. Then we we come to the third round of the playoffs that comes back to Charlotte. And you've got this this brand new challenge that nobody ever raced on before. And you know going going to a new road courses I like to committed to reduce city. You know you gotta learn your way around and yesterday. I think after the day was really about the driver's learning their way around the track. And perfecting the line and it was cool for real watch. To get us all in a lot of areas where the drivers. Started off taking one specific line. The way to introduce turn the way to exited turn and that changed throughout the day and this guy Morse dude and more fast. Throughout today and it was really cool is these professionals to work. Doing their thing. Market. How this this came together how. And how this plan for the role came together and how long it took to get it all set up. Then the great questions so it's really been about three years. In the works we. We started rebuilding. And in enhancing our road course. Two speedway. After actually after two legends my dad Burton Smith and Rick Kendrick got together. And the other the ultimate car guys and they're talking about how Gary would be to revive our road course. And and they are I think gain. More manufacture test staying here and then doing some other things on the road course. And and owls out of looking at it after we already got about 90% of the work done that after that. And I thought you know. A lot of people are talking about. The absence of a road course and the NASCAR playoffs. This could actually. Do that we couldn't we can replace. One of fear everybody's favorite favorite oval tracks we have a brand new road course and make it all happened here Charl so. I. I called people at NASCAR. Called. Cult Steve O'Donnell is the chief racing development officer NASCAR rich and he had known each other for a long time in and said and I I have no idea. Are you sitting down. Can. Share it with them and he said you're crazy. But but he did honestly EP said that this is really cool this has potential let's get together and talk about it and and two NASCAR credit. They were worse than they believe Dennis. On the project and was it's it's taken some convincing that. We have had had a lot of great support from. For a lot of people on the sport not a totally NBC Adobe televising. The race around the world on and on NBC network and if they are and just over the over the moon excited about it and it cannot talk. Well the second roll tests takes place they called the global test fast. Next Tuesday from nine to five fans can enjoy mechanical bull rides food drink in test drive their race weekend seats during the test session. From the whiskey river front stretch area and I believe if I'm correct markets if you go up to the test negative vowed during his stick around for the summer shootout. Yeah you got it so top of the test on Tuesday. It's it's gonna be all day and we had about 2000 people out here yesterday. I got here the morning about 830 and and deport just come and and all day it was just really cool everybody is excited about it and it's worth taking a look at it you cannot take some time to come out here some time on the five. On Tuesday. It is very cool and very different and I think we remain a lot of people happy yesterday. This Saturday. Is it's kind of hold another opportunity you can actually drive on the track. This Saturday afternoon 48. We're opening up the Ruble. For fans to come out and drive. If you order got you tickets. You can't you can drive and no extra charge if you're Bank of America employee. As is a big thank you to Bank of America for being a sponsor of the race we we've invited all the BankAmerica associates to come out. Just show you employee ID and you can drive around. When do. Bank of America Ruble and in check out. Well it's interesting the speedway is utilized more than 2000 gallons of light paint and 81 staffers in the 500 tires for bearing years of course will and I both are seen up close and personal is so -- you should get out there and check it out so yeah markets yesterday I think would be remiss if we can get your thoughts on David tapper will you know officially taking over the Carolina Panthers I'm sure you heard some of his remarks so what were your takeaways from mr. tapper. Well I think you know what a professional and water oh what a great thing for Charlotte to have. David tepper it is an owner of the captors. He is. I think just clearly brain. Fresh energy and excitement to the team and I can't wait to see. Bloodied is I wanna get a map to attract cannot take a few laps would've seen. It's it's critical I thought yesterday it was it was fun and yeah I think panic or you guys they'd take it easy on him so he does does more often. Here I Marcus Morris had asked Lisa first of all World Cup. Yet today Englander Croatia which it to the game yesterday. England today. Let's transition to this figure David tepper he's dropped now in Atlanta and then yesterday he's dropped MLS Alistair little bit you tell your take on that and you know it is. Could he potentially be a partner don't grow. Well I think you'd be really Smart army I would love to work with them wanted to see it is then arrested. It has worked stand tactically in Atlanta four Arthur Blank the owner of the falcons send. The analysts team the united. That stadium is. It was built from the ground up wit. With the conversion this sort of a transformer or stadiums. Seeking conferred to soccer. Field and they tend to have this stadium convert to a soccer stadium I think I mean. You know it's phenomenal so if they can be done to Charlotte. Hey it's only money cannot it would it would take quite a bit too not to do that too. Bank America stadium but certainly you know an option but I think you know all that said Charlotte would be a great markets for Major League soccer. And it did it ought to happen happen to be a lot of fun for all of us that they live here and work here and and be comfortably LB product. Well we hope something can take place we know that if you guys are involved it'll be a success Marcus is always appreciate your time rural of course be in touch but don't forget folks. The role full fair and fast next Tuesday night get out of there and check it out and I would suggest. But you probably go online to Charlotte motor speedway dot com and probably picking up some tickets now from what I hear. Things are moving well in that direction and I know that makes it puts a smile on your face. It doesn't the ball some stuff we're we're we're rated on tickets you definitely want to. Did you pick it now September 20 to thirtieth and it's gonna be so much fun and and then of course this Saturday if you don't have plans. 48 PM come out and driving yourself. You you'll be sorry. Marcus appreciate your time my friend will be just search. All right thank you are all right Marcus Smith speedway motor sports incorporated CEO president of Charlotte motor speedway giving us revved up. For the role more and I'm serious yell no Ayman NASCAR guy but it's gonna be cool it's gonna be different so it the very least get on out there and check out the text next Tuesday when we come back we'll chew on some of Marcus his comments and mall this possible partnership between the Smiths. And temper maybe that's next on mid day on WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Thank thank you Marcus Smith for joining us on the ticket come guess lying is seen. Speedway motor sports incorporated. President Charlotte motor speedway and like jamarcus mentioned don't forget they've got the role hole. Test test. Next Tuesday. Get on up there and watch some of NASCAR's biggest stars some of them testing the roll call for the very first time in road racing kinda. Kind of thing you know become a little bit more popular number it's going to be right here in our backyard and plus it's gonna be. In the playoffs so it's gonna be pretty cool hey don't forget we also in the pretty cool soccer game coming up here uptown. In a couple weeks. Get ready for the 2018. International champions cup presented by Heineken now Liverpool FC vs Borussia. Dortmund. My pronouncing that correctly closed door Julio would Borussia dormant for a Xia. But I got the Dortmund rhinos. House IS July 22 4 o'clock Bank of America Stadium listen all week at 730. 1130. And 330. In you may just win tickets for the international champions cup presented by Heidi can. So Marcus Smith of course. Mentioned the role full end we all got that out of the way about I I found it interesting is Khamis about David tepper because. At one point dismissed were rumored to have been either starting their own group to by the opinion there is or possibly. Being part of the Felix some sublime this group that never really got off the ground so I know Marcus was watching David tepper. You know his moves into yesterday's news conference of course very closely and markets a big Panthers stand. As you may know but it's you don't mark is also width. It ill fated attempt at bringing the MLS it down I don't call ill fated because. They did everything in their power just definitely see the in state backing that perhaps they needed at that time so. I'm glad you asked him that question about the MLS because I think it would make total sense and I would it would make a nice. Now whether David tepper once partners in some like dad I don't know I you know he seems like a pretty Smart guy so I don't think at a series of why he won because Marcus is already gotten the lay of the land the in a lot of ways so I think would be a win win. One of the things that we learned during a hell of a Marcus Smith and MLS for Charlotte thing was that the interesting thing with the MLS's. You don't actually own the team the league owns the team you're basically a franchisee. So it's about how you run that organization intent on the other things he can do outside to make you make your money and really honestly shocked that you know what I took away from covering some of that stuff was this just about. Do you do you like soccer as an owner yours a some of this important you deal he column the game you wanna bring that to your city down. I must say that. Marcus Smith and David Debra are gonna make money if they were to hypothetically team up or individually if they may look for ways to make dad lucrative for themselves but it likes that is illegal and owns the team the franchise fees that you would pay and then you eat you're gonna make money off the whenever stadium you have. Have and your parking concessions and all those kind of things so no doubt the talk to them and when Marcus was looking at didn't internal makes up and that happened here was it the old the old memorial stadium. There right there. Rouse out of town and try to re do that well that's kind of move toward the Charlotte and as good as they move back into that here a couple of years and do something there. The interesting thing would be and Marcus touched on you know with Atlanta what goes on down there the way they use that facility for both the falcons and the Atlanta MLS team is maybe there's that kind of opportunity down the road here. Here's some dinner also keep in mind new Panthers practice facility. Where they 20025000. Seat stadium. Involved win that. I on the state line. That may be your high school games go there may be your MLS team this is there. That would be one hell of a complex within MLS team panthers' training facility and then this stadium to bring in high school games or even concert so it can be. Multi purpose such a deal where is maybe not all of these events would have to go to Bank of America Stadium here's. The weird thing and then you know I think almost goes against the Ostrosky sports guys in the end here wrapping your head around us in alas is just a you don't. The from the business side. Some teams have tried that to do their stadium. Outside of town in the suburbs where all the young kids are playing soccer what's weird is that actually doesn't help they're attendance what they eat. Thrive on as having a team. In your downtown area we're all you normally feels are because apparently does the months ago and did you know. Saw stuff but the bar and one down. On the scrappy there's Carlos and prayed oh that the overzealous and you know I kind of stuff and so I know from DO cover that talk a symbol SP boy you're doing stories on that months ago the MLS thing is now we want you to play. You're downtown area where there's public transportation you don't get in the Blue Line all of us that would be interesting that you know may be it is that they eat. They did you who knows maybe do practice facility or something right there off Bank of America say they are rarely play and Bank of America Stadium or whatever boost for but he just sounds we like. You know Marcus is not dealt with the yet with MLS he'd love to see soccer here and and neat you know he's at him why now why would you look at David tepper ago. Might be interesting. Yeah I admit he didn't back down from that questionable enough that in so that would be cool so case to get your thoughts on the Marcus Smith. Interview in his comments in regard to the MLS and Don David tapper also coming up a 116 will be joined by bill both. Panthers dot com get bill's thoughts on David tepper and some other things going on. In the world of sports tonight did the hornets are an action summer league team or. Tobacco yesterday with all the David tepper stuff we didn't get a chance to really touch on that's of the summer league is that you know shortly after they played three games in China years for lack of a better term. Pool play and now becomes the attorney. I bet the some really terminating you know ESPN cover in the heck out of that but yeah it's been it's been a mixed bag when their first two games they lose that last one against the Celtics. If she if you're watching to see where guys are year disappointed little because league mark is out with a finger injury after having a really good first game I did watch you know I will admit I wash a little bit of the Celtics game the other night and was impressed with our boy a million on Gomez. And also with Dovonte Graham and miles bridges little bit date date individually. Look pretty good net game and you know last SG to see a little development now it's huge it's your hearts and think you're gonna win some really determined. And there are back down and just I don't know how important that is anyways. Well I mentioned it. During the handoff on the Mac attack that you know will take any championship we can get. Absolutely and I think that is the OJ Craig did a great interview during the game they had over their for the second quarter of that game with Boston in the night and BJ Carly some other the other former college and NBA coach. You know who may do more members the guy that. The draw Spiro choked. Katrina he talked about this time does. PJ spent time with the spurs' staff with parade go so it was a really good back and forth because BJ understands. What beret goes trying to do in bringing that spurs type system here I think you know brake assist wanna get up and down they're gonna play at a faster pace probably gamble that what we've seen and I think from a fan's standpoint. Back to be good to me may enjoy that a little bit more nest if you think about the way the spurs have played. He wins it does well it plays well so to speak in the NBA. When your little more in tune to the MBA then I am and I was thinking about this. Do you view on the radio said that they wanna play even more up tempo than the spurs used to. Now if you play up tempo. Does that provide you the opportunity if you've got some deficiencies. To maybe hide them. As a guy who grew up you. Houston Rockets fans still you have follows the rockets yes because in you think about the Mike and Tony system in Houston not gonna stop would have to set up you can delegate and it is that the whole concept is. More possessions. If I can get more possesses and humid maybe don't have to be an. Has great defensively. If I'm knocking down threes. You know that that changes you know that's that's where the NBA chains as Cheney's shock is the fact that if I'm gonna shoot 35 to 38% from three that's better than shooting 50% from the floor so I'm. I'm willing to take a sudden the guys make a more now there are there wide open shots 'cause the court spread but yeah and I think that's the thing that would hide a little bit of your deficiencies you get up and downs with either lay ups in transition or shooting threes and then. You know. James ray go by the way they can call him JB. So maybe that's what he goes by PJ get caught him of course PJ JB sounds like a seventies sitcom show. Maybe there was I probably would there was a monkey involve driving. I have been a big Wheeler in a big truck around the country but but but but they kept talking about you know the Danish clearly had a report with each other and I think that's veto. What we're gonna see here is that. Break though to me what was impressed me is very confident he communicated very well he seems to have a real aura about. Him even it was a young coach he'll with a little bit of experience in Orlando is an interim coach. After watching that for me I was like I like this dude I think this I think this guy feel like this guy's the right guy. For right now develop players play at a high pace and and give this franchise going in a slightly different direction from what Steve Clifford. No I didn't see the end you're talking about I did hear a month prime time with Kyle in the guys yesterday just like sons. High energy guy younger guy I think it's gonna bode well when we come back from the break we'll continue a little bit of a hornet's discussion. Hornets owner Michael Jordan doing something that. I wonder if he thought. He would ever be doing at this stage. Are these career. That story and we come back it's mid day and a the F Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Chuck Howard will Kennedy back would view on this day and WS Lindsay powered by ortho Carolina. Charlotte hornets back at this summer league action tonight is they go for these teams. For the franchise's first ever since summer league with. Almost couldn't get it out chuck some early to get if you drive appropriately Travis is the president ordered their little bit. Update on the link monk's injury was talked. They interviewed him during the game with the Celtics the other night and he said during the game the guy asked me about his fingers of one gonna have it looked at again I don't think it's broken. And it turns out I think he did every day I would maybe not a break still an injury to the finger so he's a real down time he looked really good that first game of the 23 points. You looked a little stronger little quicker j.'s Greg has said in interviews here and also during the telecast of the normally used to work and get stronger work on the defense a little bit I think everybody knew that coming in that's no surprise no real you know in depth analysis there are so those are things CSX we know the guy can shoot we know we can score we saw a news Kentucky's college. He just needs more minutes obviously and so I. I don't know how big a deal chuck you know moldy mark not playing a couple summer league games is it would be nice if you could but I think training camp. And in this is this is an interesting situation because break going to staff. Her you know they're trying to figure a couple practices is really short window before these games start just introduced their systems of this isn't really like to like rookie mini. For the Panthers in a unite here are getting a ton of stuff and work in scheming and but you want to see these guys and so the other night I mean. I was impressed with Hernan Gomez he's big east. He's athletic you know not in a way that sometimes in other European players were not familiar with the media to ease blocks of shots he he really. So he's been. His body is being green band to Q will you agree leading lady adding he's a guy that you know he was an all. NBA rookie team two seasons ago when they kind of for whatever reason falls out of favor. With the knicks and in comes to Charlotte the trade. So he's apiece you know. Previous starter Willie B you know key role player off the bench want to wait to see but I think that daylight came and think that he he can be key contributor and then we know market Dovonte Gramm's been impressive he runs the team well he's a four year guy from college Kansas little more mature a little more experience and then miles verses he was really struggling to shoot a three. In the first couple games look better I think he was three pretend. Are from no actually 4% from three the other night is a 40% that's not a bad look what's interesting though than they references chart during the broadcast. Every time he shoots the ball looks a little different. As a basketball guy who's coached kids is a docile and I want to galaxy repetitive auction so we'll see optional war without a little bit. Well it's interesting so far in the summer league the guys that we all wanted to stand Dowd have done so one guy who of course stands out as. Hornets owner Michael Jordan and I didn't realize. He had taken this rule will but he will be the chairman and of the NBA's labor relations committee. And Adam silver. Very high on Jordan thinks Jordan. Is the exact right guy to help. When it comes to the next CBA because you put Michael Jordan in the room. He can speak from both sides in feels that the players. Will may be listened to Michael more than they were he will they will other owners Irish and say listen to but when Michael speaks players generally listen. And the most important not just as a player Michael Jordan you know arguably the greatest player of all time that you know what he did on the court but also as a guy who off the court with a endorsements and business things has been super successful so yeah I think you know if you're player. You're gonna listen that guy. Analysts like guy you know as a as a guy's been in your shoes. As a player though to where do you where you draw a line between Michael is important is the great player and Michael Jordan who owns an MBA team who would we know where the allegiances lie. Well Jerry Richardson was once a player tonight in week. There's a different club when he switched over to the ownership side right here and he wasn't very nice to but the players and he spoke with a and they were negotiating labor so it'll be interesting to see some of the things that they discuss and you know summit this is from a article is written Brunell. In the observer some of the topics that they'll be discussing. When it comes to the CBA but one of them may mean the draft entry. Age. Moving it from eighteen to nineteen how do you think data goal that. It to me that's been the biggest issue. For the NBA and frankly for college basketball. Over the last. Several years as a whole warning and done phenomenon philosophy. NE EL I know we. Although there is a right answer firm where you set the bar and how you do that but I mean nosing back to the days where it was either came extra high school or he spent. Three years. In college athletes about a few junior year lets you do large of thing but other bits of successful guys obviously go way back Moses Malone and other guys came straight high school and had good careers but it's you could count on mom I'm okay Kevin Garnett for every one of those. Those guys your rights are for everyone and those guys there's you know that pile a heap of guys who didn't make it. You know and and someone overseas and other things good guys just now it didn't work out. Eighteen years old you know that's a decision you can make with your family amid the best thirty no win maybe there's better support to put in place to help those guys hey you're gonna not be a topic or you know whatever but it's the franchises the teams they're willing to bet on potential and we've seen that was dornin Don it really hurts college Basque what's your college basketball fan. I like to know I guess it's very hard I went zero or should Texas we've Kevin Durant for a minute you know we have LaMarcus Aldridge for one season it's just been. I can't get into college basketball the way I used to anymore because you know hey we agree recruiting class two years from now. We can be really good. No you don't win when the kids a freshman. They're gone even do you know for so long to Corey Maggette. Nobody ever left early that was the whole thing never stays with coach K everybody does now I don't know how your Kentucky wildcat basketball fan yet even when it's. And title but every year. Man you're talking I don't know the players without a program you better by wanted to Kentucky yet. Well it's interesting if this is coming from. The most closer to disable the NCAA men must be pressuring. The MBA for this but at the same time I wonder. If the MBA looks at it this way. So many of these one and done is they bring in. This aired they're not this way they're not similar to the time they're not ready and so hey does this provide them with a are we're not getting getting your kid until after his sophomore season and you know if I'm at the negotiating table I'm thinking with the NFL play EPA. Yet you're not gonna get. As you do two years either you come straight from high school you two years ago is the deal is the reasons are that these guys do it is because it could mean an extra contract in a deep ditch your rookie deal out of the way faster than earlier you get to the NBA's even if you're not playing to get through that rookie deal and it might mean one extra contract big money deal if you're great player over the course of your career it's. But if you're not a great player what does it mean for you and the other thing too is you think about football the NFL you gotta stay. In college or you can't be drafted the NFL to your three years removed from your high school graduating class you've had time to get bigger faster and stronger. You know you may be enough fully grown yet but Joseph you you're more ready to step into the NFL play the NBA is a man's league to. It's a physical game as a lot of these kids bully monks a good example. Body wise he would ready after one year Kentucky to come into the NBA and play 82 games against. You guys who were bigger faster and stronger more mature you know 232425. Years old they've already developed and that the body you get that age. I think there's still a stigma if you draft a guy ate like holy month or thought or this or whatever. We can't since I got the geely he's you know he's a lottery pick we got out. To hear our roster we got to play him I think holy month a lot of benefited more last year from going straight to the G league and that's that's more the baseball side. Whether in the NFL the minor league system in baseball you know is more conducive towards developing a guy if maybe he's got how to tell the world but he's still 170 pounds. You know what's he gonna be like at 200 pounds a couple of years from now that you know that could help and I think they're working towards that pay some high school kids that are look at going overseas straight out of high school it to a to avoid this one and done thing they got to fix it because it really kind of frankly is a mess. The way the way it's been done the last couple years. Sounds good we'll continue to talk about this and maybe some of the other issues facing the NBA as they approach the new CBA that's something a little bit and also won fifteen will be joined by bill both from papers dot com to continue our David tepper conversation. It's midday and WA SNC powered by ortho Carolina.