Midday On WFNZ: Is This Cam Newton Make It Or Break It Year?

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Thursday, August 9th
Nick Wilson and Josh Parcell debate Cam Newton as a top quarterback in the league. The guys also pose the question should the Panthers trade for Teddy Bridgewater.

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These these WM being seen. Here's mr. Wilson and Josh ourselves. It's a drama. Nick Wilson Josh Parcells so much to get to the run down at one Kelsey rigs with a chance to report. And 116. But in the meantime it's. Everybody's getting excited very categories of excited. I said I am I'm about 15% excited. Are rather I'm excited for fifteen version of the game tonight the other. 85%. I only multitasking. But still watching. Panthers bills up and buffalo the pre season opener and Josh Camilla a fun little idea here. Ted to talk about the pre season games because. Did listen we're not gonna wanted for specific offensive formations we're not gonna watch it for any of the the nuances spoke there are gonna things you know watches game for. Jordan do three to see. Serena talk about three players were keeping an eye on oral watching for. This game or think you might make an impact. I ominous are we DJ Moore. I just think it's the most simple thing I know what I get it. I'm not if he has a hundred yard performance. Doesn't matter if he has one catch ten yards. No no real bearing in a matter but now it looks out there the route that runs the musicality that he plays west. I am excited to watch him get out there and to see if there's anything we can gleam. From from this game. I would agree with that I mean this is a guy who. This guy seems real limits mean he was drafted in Steve Smith's compared to himself I mean that's a pretty high bar is set for a guy who hasn't played SF get the NFL so Ford de wine with the expectation should be eight. Kenny catch a pass or 20. If he drops a ball if he missed runs or growl like those types of things you are to be worried about I guess not. We are still there really be concerned about it you see that happen. To give more absolute microscope is on that kid tonight. Why and this is just something that there have been receivers compared to so many before. Under sized receiver by NFL standards who played physically. And it there have been guys who lives impediment given that bill and it. That they've just not lived up to this is a Calgary standpoint I think that really. Has I think been the catching stuff a guy out there has great hands or is got to work on it. The route running can be perfected but a guy comes in game one even though it's a pre season and just. And attacked the way you expect him to doesn't attack a defensive back the way you think she should the Wayne we know so many would. Then I'll be like well okay man I would let's see in the last segment and he shows a little more. Your dad that this is definitely got your first tier three to seek to god and I'm looking at is Dante Jackson's OK in the secondary because he's going to be rotating with c'mon Seymour right now Seymour is the guy slotted to start opposite of Brad Barea corner by for my money. I think Jackson ends up starting and we want. And I think he fits what they need a little bit more Brad drilled a more a physical guy Jackson's the guy you can line up against some of those smaller more speedier receivers. Maybe faster running backs even in my lineup out split why sometimes taken guys like Merrins division dot DeSean Jackson. Dante Jackson could be a game changer for this franchise and we use all what a rookie quarterback and that's one of the positions where you can step in immediately from the U. You can be a dynamic player we just look at what Marcus Lattimore did or Marshall Lattimore did before or New Orleans last year Jackson could could be a guy like that. And what do we know in the first three rounds of the NFL draft those are the guys you should expect to get immediate playing time is not start right away. So absolutely from DJ Moore take him to golden these are all guys that this year you wanna see you have some impact. Whether it's playing 30% of the snaps or 7% of the snaps just get out there and future draft do my second guy another draft pick Ian Thomas. The lie not only is not only is Greg come off the foot injury. We're probably not gonna see a lot of Greg anyways but other thing that I like about DNA is. No I know right now people are saying while he's only his second tight end because the injury to backup tight end. This kid has been a lot of fun and tends. And we hear George Ryan Reid and Joseph person and we hear everybody talk about pay another good day for Ian Thomas. He doesn't need to be in usually would tie it and what you see here one you have the kind of a big wedding. Write something where you see a guy have maybe not the most consistency maybe not 800 yards. I get good 400 yard performance. And it tells you what you what that guys can build dude on the line that. Israel I'm excited about Ian Thomas because if you can stroll alongside CM seats along side the wide receiver options where you have a lot of different options are wide receivers really forks four guys that I like a wide receiver varying degrees of you know it's terrible. Miss throw to tight ends on that one of whom is Greg Olsen. I think it's only the more weapons you give cam the more that you can unlock. All that cam has to offer so Ian as my my second of three deceit. And is necessary insurance policies for a guy who played in less than half of the Panthers in classic and it's 33. Right I mean they they got played Olson played in all sixteen games for the five years leading up to. Tony seventeen and missed nine last year or so my number two guy is more detainees. Or go under rookie had a right now. I know but the pre season is about these are the guys are gonna see a lot of exactly I think hand is the one that he could be a guy that could see illegally sneak and then oops illegally sneaked in from. Get a lot of action this isn't it hey I'm rotating defensive line last independent or third in the NFL in sacks came in as good as. Add some speed to that line in a line that aging especially on the address. My final one backup quarterbacks I'm not gonna put a name on it. Until they earned the name of the regular Jersey. I'm not going to differentiate between Heine AT and Gilbert and the good thing is you're gonna see abouts are roughly just under four quarters of them tonight. Muscles Cam Newton OK and available wanna see at least ten minutes about they're not gonna draw any conclusions from what what we see tonight but. You got to be excited to see your former MVP right I mean this is something that all the fans wanna see that he's going to be the one on the incident video before they gain it's gonna get thousands of life that's who people wanna see is Camden tonight and back and uniform. That is three to see the three players each one of us are looking at tonight what are the three players short looking at municipal building general tax line 7045709610. And if I mentioned backup quarterbacks we've debated how unpack told that's gonna be this year their username available. It's all about cost. If it's achieved cause absolutely love the fit if it's not the end to me it just doesn't make any sense will get that Wilson Josh ourself cheer on their BS and seek. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. Mick Wilson and Josh Parcells. Which he we've got a lot to get to in about fifteen minutes something. Dead dead there's some validity to the comments may need to find the national media on Cam Newton. One thing is very fair the other I think it's it's fair to question what would be good to. But also will just react to that and what's with a nationally had to say in the latest there but. Of course the big news today at least should your Panthers fan knowing tonight you're going tonight's game talking about backup quarterbacks talking about Garrett Gilbert and Taylor hi Nicky. The idea now that's being put out there I shied live from Florio screw. They add to our reports are the New York Jets would be willing to trade Teddy Bridgewater. Earlier you and I suggest. That you know we kinda debated how useful. Backup quarterback's going to be. I think that this is a team that should be able to with a talent they have this year even though none of these quarterbacks is like. Cam Newton I think this team for one game should be able to carry a backup quarterback. Even if there a slap me like. Garrett Gilbert and Taylor hi DR until proven otherwise. But you look at this I still I still question how thankful it is but depending on the price. There yet if they could get Teddy Bridgewater tomorrow. I would take him years Kim who is back up because he's never going to threaten Kim whose job at what cost. The thing is I wouldn't I wouldn't trade I may be conditional seventh round pick. Do you think that's the best the jets are gonna get terms I think the fact that the jets are talking about trading are leaking the idea that they might trade Teddy Bridgewater now tells you they know they're trying to create a market form that probably isn't there. We're only two years removed from Sam Bradford being traders are first round pick to Minnesota he had I would say desperate franchise it is harder it's it's different than Carolina but that may happen in the next few weeks law. I actually think they're going to be better quarterbacks available one and you know you look at an Arizona there's probably odd man out there. Cleveland if baker may feel takes over the job Tyrod Taylor could be Sam Bradford in the situation where Tyrod probably becomes the most viable quarterback you have on the open market so I don't think he would even be the best quarterback available depending on how the dominos fall. IE when you're talking about somebody has a back up. Because if if he can make it like he's not making New York not as a starter Norris a backup. That is a completely different situation than Sam Bradford who was going to start until the overwhelming sentiment became Carson when should be the starter they want if for Philadelphia. Yeah I suppose that's fair I think that if you're the jets from the just perspective. They would be looked absolute lunatics which they are. Lunatics to train bridge water in the next week or so immediate thing about the NFL pre season over the next four weeks. There's probably going to be a quarterback into the goes down yeah and whether it's a season ending injury or even it's one that goes into maybe 568 weeks. That's when the jets can start to have a little bit more leverage in the situation and I don't of the Carolina I mean. Certainly Cam Newton goes down but if they're just trying to stretch for a backup there's really more teams that are going to be more desperate and give up more for a guy like Teddy or may be someone from Arizona. I think the difference should be expected I think we can get the timing is important. Like I think I think they are trying to set the stage for this but if you tomorrow Wynton all furtive on the jets' offense rounder for Teddy Bridgewater I think Teddy Bridgewater could be yours. Because I don't think they want the closer they get down to cut down day the closer they are having to make a decision on Teddy Bridgewater which likely means cutting getting nothing. But if you're if you're saying our I guess restaurant right now for backup quarterback. Or and by the way I think that's hot. Knowing that Teddy is coming off a knee injury knowing easily and I want your deal is while. I think he got to know you don't have a lot of leverage here Joseph Levy could get a fifth or sixth rounder for him now I'd rather take that today. Didn't try and wait and hope it matures into some desperation an interest in two weeks because two weeks and today. While you're gonna have to cut assess. That. Think you're right I think you are right that's the way the jets should approach this if they could get a fifth round pick do you think if you're Carolina and then most want to surround. If your Marty turning and you call of the jets right now and they will give you a fifth round pick unconditional would just give you our fifth round pick next year for Teddy bridge now. There's another. There's a distinct Galvin traded a fourth round pick for a potter. I remember that I do remember that Andy Lee may he rest in retirement at the IR IR. Hockey. I look at this and the reason why I don't do it as simple. You know the money. Urine your best hope of your Carolina is that Teddy Bridgewater gets caught. And you can sign him I don't know the offsets lie in the offset situation is with his contract he's 06 million dollars this year though. Our charge he's going to make six million dollars this year. You can't trade for that you have that that I want to take what think of its depends depends on if he's cutter away look at these wave then you're essentially taken the difference of what the contract that is cut and jets or payments the contrary I would have known well now you would have to it's there is he if he's released. Vital when a contract and then you just pay him basically they don't pay him whatever you patient but is he he he's in he might be a veteran though I think he has to get waved. Well yeah but it dugout I'm assuming he would clear way first got you I don't think anybody's gonna pick up. A backup quarterback who couldn't make that jets important contacts with for six million dollars just. Not not as a back up but the other thing about that is you know Carolina I was reading this thing from I think was on track today. 871000. Dollars in cap space should do so silly did a trade the first place so that facilitate signing him. I'm going to have to make you know like cutting Garrett Gilbert hi Nicky you're probably going to clear up cap space to sign into a veteran minimum contract but it trade. You know we we've talked about signing Richey and Todd NATO which would probably facilitates some sort of cap chicanery. I don't think you're gonna have for backup quarterback yeah. I think get to prioritize neither do the Panthers mind now let's let's play this out two weeks down the line cutting the pre season games how is Gary Gilbert look how does some of those guys on the line looked thin and where are the biggest needs moving forward I think it's too early I know don't talk about this because it just Serbs and they're open to trading him but. But I think any team especially Carolina is probably too early to go ahead and say Arnold let's make this train and let's see what happens the next couple weeks. If he gets cut up that is the route to an interest I would snatch amounts than that and in and just veteran minimum for a season you guys. He's never going to threaten Tim's job but he's one of the few guys that might be available then I would say he's not that I would just trust one game was if if Kim went down for four games. Iowa I think I think Teddy still gives you chance to win those four games. We we talked about this in the old first hour they showed the debate between the value of having a back up a quality back up 321 game Yuri you push it off a little bit more than I would I think that if you couldn't get a guy like Bridgewater for one game that is massive. In the NFC south this is a division where I could easily see the Panthers going eleven and five. And missing the playoffs yeah. The falcons go eleven was a not to put this on the dentist who I could see the third place team in the NFC south being eleven and five when the margin is Daschle and the you need to have a guy who you trust if you can't mrs. wondering what just happened to the last three years. Should the Panthers be interested in trading Teddy Bridgewater whether it's by trade or by a free agency looking in the building senate tax on we just dead are three to see we've got to Greg saying. Let's see all rookies more Thomas and Jackson and also getting to add nick Wilson WS NC. Stephen saying mode and I think that's a fair one. That's an absolute fair won back to the detects line there seminal force saying Brennan man Ian Thomas and Shawn hall. I think we've I think a lot everything deliveries agreeing to talk about rookies you're talking about those guys. Trying to trying to really feel to see are they going to be able impact Jewish folks will pull out okay take your thoughts and Teddy Bridgewater but. The national media has been relatively unkind to Cam Newton I think that's a nice way of saying that there's somebody who actually came to his defense and it's not where you think it would be he's right and he's even right when maybe he goes. On the opposite end of things with Cam Newton would get to that and nick writes reaction on Cam Newton it is nick Wilson and Josh far shall under the SNC. I firm. I'm nick Wilson and Josh par shell. I'm going to get into some reaction it's good it is a good thing that he says about them. About Cam Newton. And just a moment here but get ready for football kick off cash your pig skins season could be rocking an extra thousand dollars was in each week day from 7 AM. 7:15 AM until the whistle blows at 6:15. PM for the national keyword. And get into in a thousand dollars text the national keyword to seven to eight they'd whine and and you'll be in it to win that kick off cash good blocks from WS NC. Jolt. I know we we've got some stuff on on Teddy that will get to hear a few moments some reaction from fans on him. But to gather some reaction on on Cam Newton Collin cower and I I went after a once or twice this week for his thoughts on cam. I didn't. Anybody who hears that I actually do like Colin. I Collins a really good host I know that he isn't it it's it's a name that you can be tough to say that town because he has been negative about cam. But I do like Colin I'd also like mic right and show mic was on with Colin yesterday. And they kind of started a little bit of a doe she go. Why a little bit of a punch for punch rather on the on Cam Newton here weighs one point didn't it brought up at camp. I'm Newton when you evaluate them by those numbers alone is a slightly above average passer or slightly above average quarterback. What we need to have to stop with Cam Newton acting like they're rushing doesn't count late yankees scores Phillies scored the most rushing touchdowns and any. Not quarterback. Player in football since he came into the league he has the highest yards per carry since he came into the league. D.'s top twelve in rushing yards not amongst cornerbacks amongst players since he came in the league let's throw all that Al. She's the most effective and prolific. Rushing quarterback. Ever so when you are an eighty plus at let's just say that's it for most quarterbacks 5% of the game bumper cam is 15% of the game. And you're being minus in the other part. That's how you in my eyes get closer to be 789. Quarterback and hope all Big Ten 1112 and certainly higher than seventy yes you and do you have. To give him credit for the Russian stuff. That sound courtesy of fox sports one that so. I know where you are on the issue heavily emphasize the accuracy issues with cam because they stem from footwork and some other things. I do think that the point that he's making I think it's back to the point that I have been trying to disguise. Without sounding like a cam homer although I will say I liked him as a quarterback. Because I think. He is that he is the perfect analysts interpret quarterback but he is he is the future of quarterback. Backs which some have talked about like accuracy. It's still important we know accuracy is important we talk about Drew Brees 72% passing lies here as part of why he's still is so great but I do look at him and say if you just focus on accuracy. I think you're missing the ever loving point on what makes him so good. You know it it would be like if you would too many it would be like if we go out and say if Tom Brady can't move. Tom Brady's not only quarterback to Tehran. Tom Tom Brady is not in the lead quarterback because if if the pocket breaks down Tom Brady's got to throw that ball away or he's gonna get sacked. It depends on your definition of the elite which I mean that's like an easy life course that we use and I don't want to get into debating what to Lee and what's not the fact of the matter is. Cam Newton is. Based basically between in the eighth best in the twelfth best quarterback in the NFL. That was a fair assessment of cam on the I would say between six and a lunch Rush Limbaugh actually got to borrow that far off the problem is is that. A lot of fans especially in Charlotte want to defend him and believe that he is the end all be all he's better than. Brady Brees Rodgers and mandates and Elena man's job is to do I mean I guess but. I think most fans I would respect are ones that take a realistic approach to it too. Their team now and you try inflating we're talking medium vs fans I think that it should be real sick. Why should why should the fan I would I respectively and so much more if they at least say you know open you don't respect fans you just respect people that agree with you isotope. Well now what because I'm always realistic in spite yeah I guess if you wanna go to the that makes as Bob what are the things that it great was responding to the day Collins said in that segment wishing to go look at it's under a given disorder I believe guys so much worry as well. Colin said if you take away is a fascinating way to look at came or any player can take away their best season. And their worst season and just look at what's left in the middle. If you do that with Cam Newton. It's very every average. Is his completion percentage completion percentage and a senator I'm going down the Russell I'm Kyra yeah. How about ready to know that this top to bottom line shop at his completion percentages 59 point four his average charges 3500 that's good that's not outstanding. His touchdown interception ratio it's 41 to 141000 that's very good dancer at a passer rating before. Georgia to include all touchdowns and then you include his rushing touchdowns woods on average Emily was somewhere between five to seven I don't have it sitting right in front of me if you look here I can do it I. Rushing meta becomes the two to one touch generous interception ratio which is the based metrics for how we evaluate quarterbacks right. Yeah actually yeah okay short does that still find that means he's a very good quarterback. If you include his Russian he's a very good quarterback but again not one of the top five or six quarterback. Count his best and is worse and I think I think this is. That's a fair match or insane like who is Cam Newton like what what play or what's unclear is Heath because you've seen about a vast and we see him as worse is that there's. Am not so because we've always said his his development his been non Linear. He is he is he like when you think about his development in a very nice rookie year that was patted by a couple really great games chart here two years three. Okay there were some bumps in the road get a couple really bad games abroad on a stance a little bit of a city has embraced here for your five when you're forensically your score is the year they won the division when there was seven they want okay which was not statistically if I'm remembering a great year for him he had eighteen touchdowns. Passing twelve. Interceptions. Completed 68% of his passes. Any ran for five touchdown OK so you're a little bit under the two to one. The Denny into the next year and that's really broke out so what are pointing out is. I feel like that's something that you can do it is a I don't think it's a fairway though to split of the numbers considering the we're time a guy who finally reached his potential. Three years ago. His development was longer sure does skewer him in an unfavorable direction I think that's the thing you can cut the numbers with cam tissue favorably you can cut the numbers if you may or may be on the less favorable side of things and when you say that that is why I will not put him. In the top five but this idea of of favoring the unfavorable the earlier sparks from year to what a year before. I think it ice this is the problem with Cam Newton. People do not know how to balance. The good and the bad is the best in the worst. At all I'm hearing is either completion percentage or ground game. The reality is both things are fair assessment yeah but the context does matter deaths and when I hear completion percentage I don't know the context to the running game. There are nine players since 1991. Who's thrown for 200 yards and rush for a hundred yards and a game and that is Italy Russian from a quarterback in good passing. Cam Newton leads that category he's done it three times Russell Wilson has done it three time some nine players overall have thrown for more than 200 yards and him also Russian for a hundred yards. Is nine players how many of them of one assume rule. I just named him it's the only one Russell Wilson now there's only one out of those nine so we won't talk about the future of the game went out. And I get that you think that the future involves more run oriented quarterbacks but. When are we gonna see that future I mean we've been talking about this for a decade it seems like where we've seen these dynamic ever is vital that team in the league is believed that delete his. We thought that he was gonna revolutionize the league and then you had you know Cam Newton has come in and we had the run pass option in this in not the wild cat that's a bad example but we have. ER POs that have sort of infiltrate the league and we start to think that these guys are gonna be running all over the field it's it is never worked and I don't know. However well it has worked Russell Wilson won that Michael Vick O'Sullivan had one of the five best defense is of all time. Yes and Russell Wilson by the way still running quarterback who's now developed into a franchise quarterback no. By the first three years I will give you he was not a fringe or corner right laboratories are using the same answer you just talked about it can't about maybe not. You know did nothing too much weight into their first two years of their career are we're relish the role Russell Wilson has exceeded it. Get on a consistent basis Kim Newton. Now I think. I think and I think him and ceiling is as high as Russell Wilson but on a weekly basis or Russell Wilson plays a heck of a lot closer to his ceiling in camp he also has spent the first four years he also had held a lot more talent then cam has ever had. Came as a defense just like gross amiga well. Didn't have Marshawn Lynch you have the the legion of boom bag there they they had some good players are great these two is not a not an all time defense but a great defense to the doctors but I think this gets back to the idea of you know you said you're not sure it's gonna happen and we would tell a revolutions as if every revolution is overnight Michael Vick was the revolution. Because he inspired that next gen of it. Never saw the guy who throws loosening the Milton. And fifteen years later we seem to quarterbacks is ever since a little harsh cast. I just didn't win the symbol and he he he helped the Eagles put a lot of games like boy is named big physical quarterback that can run those guys. Exist but like it kit Carson which is ever gonna rush for 700 yards and a season like him I can't rely so heavily on his like bush is great that it would seem. Did anybody ever act. But a quarterback like sold a lot on that and struggles so much in the passing game more teams do not respect that passing game I don't I. The border I was glad that they don't respect the passing game I guarantee you were certainly not as much as they respect the saints or the falcons got pitcher talk today. I was top five quarterbacks in the NFL that's what I guess it doesn't belong in Mecca when we agree on that. Arguing your some of them are doing the narrative did just say that they don't respect the passing game that is friends passing game knelt got to scrap. They respect that passing game and respect that aren't. The University of Phoenix there was I didn't you know none of them are back. You've been with whoever the dune is dead and the defense down in Atlanta that's the thing have you been a fly on the wall. No but I'm I can tell you that if you're just look I can look at the numbers right now and tell you that if you were asking me which passing game are you most fearful of in the NFC south but it is not Carolina. That's not the conversation we're having we're having do you see error cam Newton's arm. And the reality is you push him up against. 32 other quarterbacks you'll say he is one of the top ten top eleven quarterbacks that you would fear the you do not want to face or. Nowhere to argument the passing game. We just all part of what he does. Passing him as part of it does do you fear his own mother ten quarterbacks in NFL whose arm I this year more than Cam Newton absolutely. Name them. Thom. It's funny join us live but I I've. And I mean I'm not trying to like no idea what the context of the argument is here but I'm telling you like if you're just asking what's what. Or did people feel the most NFL and you just been named ten guys I can name you ten guys before I got to Cam Newton and I think at least five of them would be suspect. I'll give you the top five are giving absolute. 100%. I think the other five guys would be things that would be purely speculative. That I would need an NFL defense of coordinated sell me on. Let's get one dollar we're gonna continue on this again the question really is show where we're just evolving into just a personal just. I can't fight here but as we continue to question is. You know how do you balance cam Newton's best when his worst. RI I'm not get his eye and foot for a submitted. Maybe doesn't like the way cam plays I will argue them submitted thinks he's a top five quarterback call argue them are riding the fence or just think he's between six and eleven hitters Switzerland Basel Switzerland I. I just knew how dare you that's a though we're becoming friends that allowed. I was screaming at you as we continue again how do you do that balance and there's another thought here about cam can maybe Islam and more on the negative side it's an absolutely fair assessment bunt. This season can change that all won't do that we can magnetic Wilson and Josh Marcel this is WS NC. So he's got to. This hour powered by Ford go Carolina. This he's your eight. This is a very big year for Cam Newton. Can't known as the number one overall pick the greatest single season college football I've never seen a guy who went 151 won the MVP and could've won a Super Bowl. It is important that cam has more great games then terrible games this year. As opposed the ratio last year if Kim is going to get in the back in the conversation. As one of the four or five best quarterbacks in football she needs to be better this year. Nick Wilson and Josh Parcells that is magical ride courtesy. Of fox force one talking about Cam Newton and cam Newton's legacy. I will say that. The way that the eve frames it is not negative but the idea that Cam Newton needs to have a good season enough to validate his legacy. I do think that's true. I do think knowing that you know if you look at the last three years no thing that I go back to is his winning. The fact that he has won some of the gains that you still can look at two years ago and say that wasn't a winning season. So this year both winning wise and it. Statistically. The giving that two to one ratio. I really couldn't care lash about. Believed to completion percentage 'cause again I think this is missing the ever loving point with camp I do I do agree icing the house did your camp this season is really crucial for him. No doubt about it because now the excuses are gone right now I mean now they have the weapons that that everybody's been craving for for so long. The way you frame it pisses me off sometimes well now they excuses are gone the continued Greg Olsen Celtics. Now DJ Moore as opposed to big game changer like he's a rookie so won't get a little bit of slack they're fighting this guy. As us commit to make an impact McCaffrey is now in your till he's a guy who's supposed to take a huge step forward you bring in CJ Anderson a former 1000 yard rusher guy who's still should have some gas left in the tank. They've got pieces around Cam Newton where if he didn't does not lead the dancers of the playoffs and how they Anita is seen evidence EP year but I have a very good year. Whether it's. This especially passing but even on the ground. It's going to be time to really take a closer look at where we evaluate resentment among the top tier the court. What does that mean. Why are we talking about here is status and what he's getting paid going forward are we talking about you know absurd quarterback ranking list how do you do you look at this absurd quarterback rating let's honestly yes I mean that's where that's the debate that he keeps going back to because if you're passing the agent for the tender is better off with Cam Newton of course Rivera with him to let the guys are tremendous talent he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He's is not one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL I think and I. I including his Russian ability in the that's the problem is when we talk about it people way it really is you way of people and I'm not going to say you some occasional. All of that is gone back and forth on this side pressured you into saying things. And sign away your life and all I I think did it people just focus on and Adam Schein is a guy who I really like. And really respect I know people that know him. Right which means something is somewhere way for Toronto but. Version of the people that I know that know him at all about double life to suspend. Just look at this overall by Adam Schein refuses to admit he literally when I heard him on a match play the sound a couple days ago. Saying well yeah I sure there's the winning percentage. Sher there's the talks downs sure there's the bulk yardage. But really accuracy like Melvin you're not playing it properly. Because if you can tell me a man can impact this in show many different ways than guys I'll be honest with you those three things that I just mentioned gross yardage. I touchdowns and winning. Those are so much more important than just accuracy isolated in another self care bill. Let's call it. Our top ten quarterback it's completion percentage is sick go away pretty gas can't. Okay 45 game. Rest of his career gorgeous hair. Win loss record. There's after Rachel. Unfortunately. Where Fraser. So that point again where assessing one's side effect. Putting it all. On him and by the way because you and I talked about do people fear him and do people series arm and lo went out to the building senate tax line. We we did have somebody say that. Dead Dave that yes they might have feared is on that we and other people saying well no make that in jurors arm this is where you cannot separate his arms from his legs and they're just people do pro can uncertain than they do fear him. For his legs but do you think third and eleven people are wondering if they don't have a spy on him to wonder if Kim is gonna run. They do here is like that they don't hear is all arm like like they would do. Some other guys in the NFL but what what I'm saying is that it is a cyclical thing. They will fear his arm because they fear his legs and his arm which by the way is still strong it sees that as we've talked about the little accuracy things his arm is made more fearful because of his ability to get out get after an eleven yard. Rock yet mitnick just last season cam Newton's passer rating on the tourism twenty plus yards in the air and went from 92 points early on. 12016 to 44 point five what does that on Wednesday's. Cigna we extrapolate that stat Donald and farther toward plus yards I mean it. Down throws on and on a third down is there another down just just Tony are Garros is any Toro gas is something you should but for one season. That we knew that drop zone from one season so from Swanee sixteen yeah where he was a 92 point three rated passer on twenty plus so tourism twenty plus you're. Are urging a man. Off one season I don't know none and all I'm saying that he's trending in the wrong direction to do what is pleasing and that is you know doesn't have one season Tony fifteen. Which is an out liar in almost every major statistical category his percentage is touchdown percentage and Tony fifteen was seven point one that's. Outstanding athletic every other year it's been between three point nine and five hits and out liar because it was MVP season as a player. Like an MVP the rest of the time he's played like a top twelve top ten quarterback otherwise the year in the MVP is clear he played like a top five quarterbacks but I know he was the top quarterback he wasn't here. Well I hear is pretty might have been better that's disappointing to say yeah of course you would but now they hit the the reality is the one year there racing is not wire was clear he was what people say he's not. So everything else all really weird. All that he has been paid top six did to twelve quarterback wherever it is. In points let's just scene he was on the IP it's funny that didn't point to other kids seeing Kim was either the first or in my opinion the second best quarterback in the NFL in the other sixers of his career he's fallen between six to twelve. Football focus which isn't always look at our. I'm there every and seventeenth Alia seventeen I don't think yeah. The seventy best quarterback I guess that's underlying pro football focused love them some Cody Kessler one of the premium slap masses are. I want to play quarterback. On Cody just have to be top three quarterback could be the next Tom Brady and instead he was just the next coup owner to play quarterback for a joke of a team. They Cleveland anymore but I'm glad you gotta know yourself 'cause that's the point is they favor. Accuracy. They favored the one thing you're not going to respect about Cam Newton OK how about NFL GMs and coaches who were anonymously told over the summer by ESPN who raided Cam Newton is the twelfth best quarterback in the NFL. I'm not talking about anonymous polls and people to take them. I will not be talking about those anonymous polls but now getting back to it I. It is out of reference that I didn't get very you do it at least you know there is being cheeky elsewhere and austere when we get OK this event as a go forward so. Nick writes jazz is dead Jim Newton does have to have a good year this year what would that be for you. For Cam Newton for you what would be a good year will continue on with that but up next it's also the rundown we take a look at some of the best parts of today show also all we look around we listen to some sound from around the sporting world it is nick Wilson and Josh par sell under the infancy.