Midday: MLB Talk; World Cup With Derek Rae

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Friday, July 13th
Will Kennedy closes down the show with some MLB talk and Derek Rae stops by for a World Cup conversation. 

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This is WA SNC. Powered by ortho Carolina. Here's will Kennedy. We've been talking football. Last hour to. Into everything. College football to the panthers' training camp. Backup quarterback situation pitch and then we went dollar I don't know it's it's actually sort of water slide you're one of those ones where you did in the park and they they wrapped the thing around you know the bomb's about to drop out you're gonna shoot real fast down there and that's exactly what happened right here will unity or do you trust this shall we had a a full studio hacksaw Billy the marlin here on a Friday there's score in the parking lot its July 13 it's summertime is our eyes contract anywhere near. That drives to Iowa there was a tie and I subject a lot rhyme with Chinese Italian ice was chopsticks. It's because I thought maybe these two little screws a little would generally like toothpicks. Legitimately want those and there's a lot and then there's the other foods and in the breaker you expect me to do more work guests. Oh yeah like this man tax size limits saying he's trying to do little org is again. On a Friday to subpoena exterior Ryan was doing and his Italian nicely Cilic he had a an ice pick but it was like as Italy and insolent. Plastics and I was sir Edmund Hillary climbing Everest mine seem to work like that since Sharon Stone. Back when and I spent a whole another thing. You're headed there or did you write this is that you mid July we're still two weeks this away from training camp belongs to exit the air a tough one because sport CR sports on TV is kind of slowed down a little bit we've got. The hornets playing in the NBA some early on Saturday as the Toronto Raptors we started the show by saying when we really don't know who's on the Toronto civilly roster we pulled up and and that Israel. It's Taliban and we don't know who most of these people but they play against the hornets have been pretty good so there's tackle in this week's end you've got. The World Cup we'll talk Adair gray next segment about. You know kind of how that's playing here in the United States what you expect from this final game on Sunday Ozzie a third place game going on as well. Baseball. Where we're caddie you know it all sorted and I think also passed that's my point is as it does in every sport at this point. The other thing with the Ulster Yvenson are Arnot they've announced who's who's in it but like uniting Aaron judge or John Carlo in this in this year's home run derby like this and it was yeah. As these guys continuing his declined the invite like what's the point watching it. And that's the thing so it's talented dunk contest in the MBA like if you're not seeing the prime names. Yes incentivizing these in the bus it may get some sort of you know they get some sort of prize or reverted to EO Sandra cash prize. The win this thing have you slap a sponsor on it mud and have these guys says the money. Mean anything to some of these guys though that the money of their make India sanctions money. I respect his opinion carries opinions on his decision not the only animal little partial to the guy -- John Carlos stand not being in home render -- is not queued for baseball now it did its eight area judge not being in the armor derby is not good for baseball it's kind of become a marquee event around the all star game in all star game you know some people say it's the us the best all star game in sports because it is still more competitive obviously in the NBA Alston came closest. A presentation to the actual exactly Emmy and there we can we can nitpick about Ito that there are some things about the adult artist competitive but you get to see those matchups the best pitchers. And the best hitters in award the pitching you know the pitchers gonna throw everything he's got because he's only out there for an. You know. He's going to number all the fire the as a and that at a gas some of those guys are persuade just pure and headed out in the game but the home run derby they contest has become kind of the signature event around all star we get a yes you're not getting the biggest names in there. You're you're hurt the brand your baseball and frankly Europe you're a year or baseball needs everything it can get because attendance is down to ballparks. We've got some great teams go a summary text this right after the at this morning like 10 o'clock other buildings that are Tex signed by the lesson 0457 or 96 tents and said is moved to best the best player baseball. You know after what he's been doing Grand Slam I think last night at thirteen. Pitch at bat the any hits went out there are some great things going on in Major League Baseball this is it just feels like. Not that many people are watching at a price frustrating if your braves fan because. This is unexpected which you've got going on this year with the Braves here you're in contention. You're really supposed to be your had a schedule and then you look at today in this I started saying at one point win in this is where readers are about just recited his. Are the Braves got to be able to hang on because their half game back Philadelphia. Is kind of hot at the moment one in seven of the last ten and the Braves. You know four or four of their last ten is like things have shifted. And I just stays this way Washington's five and a half back. I don't think we can count out Washington now I don't think so either not with those two teams in front because they improve a lot actually book and the Braves hang out what does that mean that's the thing able to contend for wildcard. I mean this is a situation that every young team out there in when in terms of GM you it's your decision to make do you kind of do you give away future pieces are on that young team to trying to implicate. Many missed shot have for Ferraro for a playoff run don't take transmit into. Don't do it. Mean teams at their summit feel actually Israel as an order a fan of India and you have to let me tell you took issue. The Orioles are the one of the worst teams a champion you know and we've been having debates up in Baltimore about. Energy trade name in charge of the Yankees you absolutely do because of back everything that's what you're doing is you're taking two to elite prospects away from your division rival for renal for guided that the girls are not gonna do this but. But does that they could ultimately sign him three months three months from now. He goes took regularly. Goes somewhere else and ends up out until this point and as Marla centering their homes there by Derek Jeter all that money he's been Saban. Yeah talks about her Kyoto bracing it's here's the thing right your 51 and forty you're eleven and as well 500 half game back of the Phillies and you expect to be here so it's kind of a bonus at this point benefit to Billy's point yet could you compare it to contend for awhile cart. Look the brewers are 55 wins nobody's run annoy a nationally it is not like the American League you've got this this stack at the top of some teams who could set some historical marks. With wins this year and just continue to roll on so re certainly not out of it that's interesting to watch the Red Sox yankees or veto both above sixty wins as of the Astros so you've got some teams that are really turn it up. And so the that we were say there's some really good baseball out there there's some some really good stories is just feel like baseball's kind of didn't. I know that happens here in this market because we don't have a Major League team. We do have the Charlotte knights as we we've talked about Debbie got into Annapolis until there's. And Billy Billy the marlin. Is involved and it's a great Miley baseball here. We can't get it must the Braves are doing well on the Braves haven't done well on several seasons I think baseball fans here's kind of you know and not a magazine had gone to sleep but they're not as vocal. As they could. Yeah I think it the breeze are gonna have to put together some consistency again to develop what they had. You know in the in the nineties especially. You know outside the state of Georgia but we are definitely still embrace country bouncy you know the debris surged to a dirt in some ways to reduce some some consecutive playoff appearances. In Galveston and everybody's back in on him and let's be honest the Braves. And the Phillies have arrived a little early. No actually and I thought the same way about the Astros Obama Houston Astros fan last year mean I felt that was ahead of schedule despite this all Sports Illustrated thing that they were gonna win it 27 JO. Last year was almost like a bonus and asses I thought this year. You looking to. Three seasons ago you know 28 he'll be here you have to give flare on the buildings and it's excited says Freddy Freeman is a prime and yes he is and that's why I'm kind of glad the Braves. How does this kind of year because you don't like Freddie Freeman is a guy. Just lost in obscurity and it happens to guys a certain markets sometimes we just never you know. He never did and it. If Bryant Ron doesn't get busted for PD's does anybody even know really who Ryan Braun is. Now because he plays for the brewers right another Texas says trials the best player in baseball and do we say somebody else's best player. Regrets about the way I know somebody that's right and realized that's I Cilic that was more like dove right now today yeah. We're seeing drought we're not compare you know lights yes obviously Trout Mike Mike Trout is yeah I mean it and then here's the thing is might try do you look at that situation with the angels and say. By many shot I was some sense is not an hour as bad as your corals but it's my track kind of waste in the golden years. Not that they Aspen in money not of their try to get guys to to play with him because they go ghetto Tommy and they've you know but they'd just he's not fit as it was best that that's part of. That's unfortunate because if he plays and he plays Los Angeles but he doesn't play for the other team in Los Angeles Dodgers and he played for the Dodgers like he could legitimately be like the face of baseball like he did he guided slapped on all the video games all the magazines and on the front page of mlb.com. Because he plays for the angels no one talks an item. I'll ask both you this and ask you guys out there are so based on a note the traditional stuff in baseball pitchers just don't want to change anything there was outcry with a wild card came along right. Here's the thing. When you have your stars Samir mega marquee stars not in the post season and I have a a one baseball. Is that what is that part of what's hurting the brand a little bit when we get to that point of the year yoke and I must say let's expand the playoffs in the red planet. Half the teams in like they do is so the other sports but DO does it hurt more the night away if my trust not and there are you know some some of these other guys. Don't get to the to the post season does that does that hurt it does that hurt baseball. I think that casual fan dead you know the goddess like on the watch baseball on October. I don't think that guy cares about whether or not my trust there I think they care more about them the brand name recognition the Yankees are the Yankees there. Now with the cubs could do what they took to get addicted that's probably more important to the to the judge now to the the smaller markets and never did know about maybe. Halfway middle of the road team and they know about the stars in the game yet game and they probably do you wanna see these guys. On a playoff roster. Yeah and I think and I think that's part of things somebody's you know this is almost my point Texas says of those that are essentially what baseball fan doesn't know who Ryan broadest. If you're a baseball fan. You know baseball and you know Ryan brown sand a lot of people outside of the sport or sports banner or you're not a real baseball you know hardcore baseball fan in lest he get him this he has the PG situation you don't know Ryan Wright he's not a names out face that you recognize where you recognized through the years a Derek Jeter. You recognize now and Darren judge you know some of these guys all a lot of that Hume. The brewers have had kind of missed the window on brawn I believe stick to the brewers are put some together and other they're staying competitive within that division. And I think some of the draft pieces they've brought up along with some of the trees have been made to the kind of bring it all together. Diversion are you doing something together but they've spoke bronze past his time. Yeah knowing exactly and then they got a young team they're kind of build that some otherwise armor ready to have Derek Greg come all this from fox and talk a little soccer. And you know Gingrich during the World Cup they ask you gonna go for fresh going for Croatia who we don't have Martinez who we pick somebody to report our ray's gonna help us with that on this Friday the thirteenth in the CW a busy powered by ortho Carolina. Brian Sell in the studio WF busy power. Hour by ortho Carolina in his World Cup weekend championship final. Coming your way we've we've several weeks of play over in Russia and it's down to this your your final two teams France and Croatia sent to a to collide in Russia on Sunday we have. So it is talking to get us ready for this match Derek Rae from fox sports part of the soccer coverage first off thanks for being here what time is it where you are. Yeah. But despite the record of top 10 in the morning I'm not say hello about the ball that Obama even dig a little but about an elected to the final group will be at the record about. Very good area LA's got a little bit better weather probably and whether it's been pretty good Russia had been too bad at all oh thanks thanks to the time to agree with facilitate the come guests like to talk World Cup I'm. This is not out Sicily. The matchup may be dead. We've said this was football the Super Bowl where the NBA final sometimes you want the biggest markets kind of staying TV market stick to collide I'm sure there are a lot of people that were really rooting for France England final which would've been fantastic. But Croatia got a done that they got testing of what we expect to see in this final on Sunday. The department I think Bob open although we thought about it eight is unpopular. You could talk about the girl on. And replicate boom boom went through but I think but what about well improbable but it. But I had become about that you don't stop at a World Cup but I'm not about it put them out there if Brooke thought that the put this book for. You feel that bond department final form below what are your outlook for the public by the opera on it would throughout the up down there. Could be the most successful team and the woke up over about twenty years global Bono saw LeBron. Now be able for the following bill but it is rather than that of a bad debt but a new generation of Bible. Generation ability youngest called the advocate for the World Cup I think about it is that by all their bodies away won't they be all. We're going to pop up but they'll all told bill that went beyond that in under very difficult debate Croatia. Of people bought five million. I don't know what all the people saying wow this is I think what they do on the football that it's remarkable. Pro Bowl completed all of a debate mop the bottom of the this it's a great speed boat that we did with you. Notable all of erupted about baseball players as well. Bought by about it into the bottle of pop up and run for the about a lot about people bought it for example well to do that well all of oh I think it will be one of about that on local that they. In the world probably will be able. Dare graze Lucy covers World Cup soccer soccer for fox force of as well as other outlets joining us from LA right now but that's the finals in Russia so France Croatia live on fox Sunday coverage started at 10 eastern time here Charlotte times the mass starts about eleven we have a third place game. Saturday it's England and Belgium I mean. In Belgium we got to the final people have been OK with that they're one of the top. You know two or three teams in the world I think a lot of people obviously in the UK were rooting for England when they weren't pouring beer all over each other. What that game that's that's a tough thing we used to do stuff like that like do we were just saying in the NCAA basketball Teresa play third place game how tough is it. To get yourself back up for that game after you missed out on a chance to play for the World Cup. I think some country thought that this particular about. People have been periods are below what a we can get away with it and that is what you mood pathetic article. You've got nothing left I want opened a ventilator I would I think our. And off the table open being about sort of different for the people of all. And the book that the bank about one of pop up that she got pretty good how important that we got a popular vote but they are inevitable but apparently. A probe into it but I wouldn't say. Somebody is skeptical about what the defendant the people are inevitable they all that there is that we are all about I don't in coach Ben bonded and then Bob. But often they were about what this means we will have to upset about it political B if they get all that well. Off topic or England. But people want the overall thought a what what what is bubble ball. It will not that the example has been proposed about on this sport. Pinnacle of the already and the other big tournament well they got the European Championship I don't have a when it. But by the wall beta and it popped in about the players. Are they they I didn't get going back and allow for. If you're a formal vote well both people on the opening bode well for all the all the why they're both so I think if available spot. For folks who don't know maybe understand the physical told dare greatest soccer takes on the player. And dare graze Lewis on the tape become guess I'm with fox sports and covering the World Cup. He SA team like Croatia who will be stress in the final. They've played three consecutive games they've played extra time so they've gone in the 120 minutes in the week in and gone PK isn't some of those games. And then you got France and decide who's had an extra day arrest. As well how big of a disadvantage. Is that for Croatia how big of advantage for France. Don't get a bump it for I'm not even if I don't eat that really separate ball. About the baseball and local those problems but I bet that rep that although I well I haven't evaluate. But I won't put up by that they'll upload it dependable faithful although. That there is the typical of that the real. There is quoted in the World Cup final but think you'd be so improper about. I've got a quote that bill was politically for Obama said earlier the public is I was a ball deployed both gave a bad. Columbia with what the penalty but it would probably have been good in I would think about opening pension payouts that don't Scott could be immediate. But other than Obama I repeat that in a while I. Sort of event. I'm I'm I'm up but if it don't but the court of public this week about a month will be part of that is. The expo voters of their purpose and the panel these Sweden played oh five days. And at it and put but it it might be better and all the rest of it but they look at the public as well yeah you know on the paper is that about as a prop up. I still won't they thought well hey I believe it is that he won't but don't. Properly but as well but I want to prop up paper I think most people would buy the paper but you have a overlook this. Really haven't been great content. Gary was listed stocks of soccer military come guess on here and a BS Lindsay he's covering games search for fox sports who'll carry the third place game on Saturday the World Cup. Championship match. On Sunday which were starts attend the game starts it kicks off around 11 eastern time here in Charlotte and Derrick I know there's a lot of soccer fans that have enjoyed these days with some dynamic play we're seeing some some young stars as we do every role cup on the rise and some guys who we get a ride off into the sunset that have been great players. It's been difficult I know for US fans because the US team. Did not make this World Cup in this cycle. Very disappointing US soccer big shake ups in US soccer how quickly do you think. That can get turned around and potentially the you know as does the US jump right back in the next cycle or is this a longer rebuilt. Well I I think is confident. That the US is in it's. But it's pretty typical not to make it we woke up before the a couple of before that operate the I'm gonna look if you want it is probably viable for the ball and for all I'm of the view that it probably will you be brought. Good in the long run of missed that bubble world that it is. I think everybody all of the immunity in the US realizes all of this but by the blow up a little better for the global. But no nothing else but of the US is being well well. You know thought thought they were not a thing will be that we all went after the ball ball ball. And it's about what happened again but the other part of their being on the ball and get on the ball well but on a bot of these McAuliffe are probably well outlook for both. And the other states where and that's welcome but always up and no idea we were all about we've got people as well. Well as some people expect both will be up well for both they both all the opens. Our all of the other side of that. But you have not invested in your country when you're law. We've done all the bulk and equipment thing with an appointment of the president bureau of its all the popular up this. Not totally into orbit so that it's a bit more about don't believe the Obama called what it is a you don't get all and they. Look it's gonna say that in your country and although both he had that the Iraq prevent the global. But aren't you upon well in print of the US look at it out of order. I think that one popping out of it up but he. I don't get caught up and that they really. Put all of that we've set up a potent that happen to Obama on what many of them. What about possible as well. One of the battle did it and made that for what it is but epic battle for the world for the fourth as we all know. For the public view in a way that it is it's the people that they won't. You know Papa bought a couple of off that exit of the US. But talent is on the play well in the ghetto that they walls. I and they spent the past couple all the tropical. By those kids that are put on the beach that are placed a saw onto its the stuff and by the way it today are just like to know in case you're wondering if that's is accidents on the South Carolina accent is a Scotland exits story to share a moment my my wife is from clinic and Derek I lived in mill port as a kid over in Scotland so worry what bode Parcells felony from Derek. Although they both local and ate at the bit about it from the other so I don't beat the ball went from other big about it that they. Yep for the wealthy and the outlook of the vehicle that you both both I am capable both political pop that up way up people have been at the you know vote on a bond. It's it's a tight it's a type course up on top of the island there are encumbered and by the way thank you for not majors have to a sub W a trainspotting. Did you do on the radio. Well. Well well pop open up beaten pop up that opened up so they don't need a cycle. It shouldn't we at. Really enjoyed listening you Derek and Allie do the games from over there it's been it's been fabulous watch in the Fox Broadcast and look forward to is to hear you do call more soccer along the way and also watching the world go file thanks for the time today give back to the beautiful LA lifestyle go to and out burger and drama something while you're there. I thought that the beyond what do about it we thought that that people felt that a lot. Then jeez. There this he he basically told he thinks the US Derek Wright tell us that the US will get back into the cycle. The next time around shouldn't shouldn't be sitting out another World Cup anytime soon so we'll have that the red white and blue route four and also what to look for in a big match France and Croatia on Sunday for all the marbles in the World Cup all right we take a break we'll be back you'll kind of break their delegates are ready for the weekend and that and and the other few things that are on your calendar this is W a to -- power by ortho Carolina. Lamented the fact there's not a tough. Ton of sports on TV right now in this kind of July mid July window. And wish her cup the show like a tick tick date the mass sort of think early like I don't know what time Allan they've been on the court now but at 10 o'clock this match was already underway at Wimbledon is John his Dirk the American Carolina connection of playing some some got to know it is his last James Anderson. How would come Hans Christian Anderson and they are still look and I jokingly said this'll be it in marathon that uses isn't there and and rise shell here in the studio Kennedy would need to be effigy power by ortho Carolina right is Kevin Anderson Moe Kevin Anderson Ryan was looking up that there is no match which was from 2010. Atlanta is also a Wimbledon that lasted eleven hours eleven hours and five minutes eleven hours and by miss of these guys. Are now in new lasted three days ago took three days actually complete the term. This match is in the fifth set. And they went 76. 767664. Anderson and when is the fourth set to force a fifth set we are now at. Thirteen fourteen. In games because they don't do tie breakers. Eight the U got to play yeah you've played a win at this point as of these guys I mean they don't match time up here on this broadcast but it could lowered. John is there is the king a marathon matches. We would hope he wins gives to do his first Wimbledon final obviously as the the big guys here are seeing John as a tennis player wears the hat backwards he's like 68 or nine. And a man. I typed I'm pretty sure that we made this happen somehow somehow here on will again these are willed this to happen yet we we've we thought it and we thought into being. And now idea here it is on the tennis court so Wimbledon goes this weekend. You've got the women's final tomorrow and the on the mend but the next day it's breakfast was Wimbledon. Back from my childhood. You wake up in the morning nobody does that here why no idea what they don't. Before you had a solid goalies that are excited your tennis center 70457 or 96 tenths or you wanna re just on the Carolina pool tables plus. Twitter feed don't forget Carolina pool tables plus. They are your source they they're gonna get you hooked up if you need a pool table they got the no knowledge and know how to educate you he also Emmy on buying a new or used pool table they got both so find out before you buy which you get into how to get it to the house get into the house senate up all that they're the local experts no tricks no gimmicks just honest answers to all your questions there on. Independence boulevard 4445. They also have a location in Columbia. That is Carolina pool tables plus I'm that old Kennedy news here is that Ryan shell Debbie asked Lindsay or at WFNC grad middays on the US NC. And that's going on this weekend. They got breakfast at Wimbledon and some people do have the parties and do the whole team trumpets and strawberry shortcake and whatever yeah. That was a cartoon actually the strawberry shortcake strawberries and cream Perry Perry go I don't talk about that point on those I would be exhausted. If I play tennis for about a tenth of his long. As this Isner match at this point which is a does that the only thing about this is like probably whoever wins this is like is going to be completely when did for the fine and Raphael Nadal crow. Crushed it deep if he gets their you know crush whoever wins this match. But now there now it's 1514 is this is there may be served for the match here before too long. We got back going it's kind of international flavor if you Wilkes for this weekend for the sporting events because we just talked Adair breaks in the previous segment talking about. The World Cup. You've got the final on Sunday France and Croatia game kicks off at 11 o'clock local time and then you've got the the match for third place which they're still doing and I kind of agree would dare Grady get to a certain point where is that something he still need to be do and how good. Good is that game going to be how much attention are people gonna pay to that at third place match Saturday. Same kind of saying it's too good teams it's in the magnolia and if that was the final you wouldn't be disappointed. I guess the question is. I was at the game that both teams were not trying to win in the before the knockout rounds. I England. Yeah yeah exactly England kind of threw I guess they they were in the same pooled together so that that's interesting to see how. You don't afford this time audio book both of those teams Belgium came in obviously with with Tino anticipation expectations of maybe winning a World Cup there right third in the world think it was. As a for them not to get there's disappointment England media maybe if you're British and you feel like. While we you know we overcame some hurdles and some some curses and ghost. And all I got this far to the semi found that hasn't happened in a long long time but for me if you're that close. You don't win it's insisted disappoint it's harder to deploy immoral. Victories and then looking at the way they set up the does the brackets like you have been nice to have Belgium on the other side the brackets so that that it would have been like France Belgium for the finals opposed to the world glued to gain we've got now. And there was a little bit of that kind of bug empty compared to something else right rocket's lawyers Western Conference final like. Whoever wins this is one in the whole thing will see if that happens Sunday but it did feel like a member of divorcing. France Belgium would be would be probably the marquee final was what you have last. And New York play it was a good game. There's there's there's a false negative apparently with us some guys who planning went got to go after each other about you know. France the way play France plays football bells and has called about it and we've got a big international soccer game coming here now. You may ask the all stars because some of those geysers store covering. Liverpool vs Dortmund from toilet at the jury gushan besides. They went out early there were no more little we see is solace for Liverpool. That's a great question because you know probably not he's still coming off injury in I would imagine they're gonna give him a little rest even though he went out or let him play all on the World Cup but these guys they eat these teams use it as a chance to market more than really. Tune up or get ready you know for the season is more look of the let's get overexposed. More people soccer fan base in the UK I mean in the in the US there's a lot of Liverpool fans here in Charlotte. And frankly nearby areas and in last and Liverpool came here a couple of years ago a Liverpool fans came from the DC area I really trying to come from all over so expect a big crowd on July 22 for politics of that game. And frankly there's a lot of German. Bands or anyone buyer came. I saw a lot of mode was drive in to opt out of the game lot of buyer jerseys and folks got to make there way down save it's it's a great event. If you if you like soccer the kids there and a soccer they haven't picked team yet I really wouldn't recommend picking your Liverpool or Burson Dortmund go tot prosper much much sexier picks for your team. Right there. Right American and now we're Wazir. I'm a Malone of the Chelsea fan. And really. Chelsea and an idea I'd actually I didn't actually do like Liverpool Obama. Isn't Jesse Garcia play you know they're the Premier League has become a bigger thing here Saturday mornings and you know I feel like it's soccer's I should thank. Maybe it's hard to get into I know a lot of people who. Adamant soccer fans and and the exposure to the British Premier League which is the best league in the world is getting people. Little more into it remain Osce the British guys some recent tech so emily's and its excellent 70457 are not assistant says goes it's better play but we don't know he's he's may be on the move and it may be to Liverpool but there's lots is of interest him. Looks frankly if you love soccer you're international soccer fan. Your team as. After the World Cup even after marquis guys of gut it's been a while you talk about LeBron. One of the lakers take Chris general and although leaving Real Madrid and Gordy you dentist that's just as big in the sports world is not bigger around the world. So I used to work with our choice still tonne and who runs relevant sports who also who essentially on the international champions cup and Charlie knows everybody like Chara they played a game on Nazi was on fox. Greenwald did an interview with Charlie and said I'll go through your phone. And and call someone see if they pick up. So it'll Charlie like literally went to resolve what and found sir Alex Ferguson's number to call it and ends sir Alex picked up the phone literally on the first call. And that's what Charlie's Charlie's biggest problem is with with with these gains in coming LB teams coming a pretty United States is. Charlie has to convince all these these these coaches and these managers to play there to play their guys to bring the premier talents of the they're making money for the club's. And the odds increasingly in the amount of attention that that the sport of soccer is gonna get. And they come in like they do they'll lose some clinics sometimes of the Liverpool do that last Sunday they've they work with kids in some of their players Steven Gerrard it's time and yeah yeah you're never guarantees the same as NFL pre season sometimes you don't know if you're gonna see the starters play at all or how long they're going to be out there and there are some of that I grew last game it was here that I went to easy sauce of first team guys for half an and they kind of you know frankly somebody's garage even their backups are guys that that soccer fans will know that that's coming up this weekend's other big thing. That we we started off today talking about is Charlotte hornets basketball NBA summer league like that they're playing on Saturday isn't the Toronto Raptors we the Norris. I simply don't know any of you are. They'll meet out in Las Vegas beautiful Las Vegas warm and sunny Las Vegas six Clark start to back games hornets are in the summer league turner meant. Like. Tongue in cheek sometimes we talk about how excited we park where they BA some early let's be honest. Every little bit of success at this point for the Charlotte hornets organization is a plus. New for new coach. New general manager trying to put some pieces and it's like trying to find out what you've got with young talent this is the initial proving process for some of these young guys for James Greg on Mitch Kupchak. I mean if you if you win a summer leaguers Hershey leave Vegas with the deal with a lot of confidence a lot of high praise or whatever you your your confident and happy with what with the waving your young players developed out there I think that's an added plus is he going to training camp and the season like if this team. It just continued to to play horribly. And here you had more injuries to these to these guys then yes then I think your your sort of slumping into the sees a little bit but what if this team continues to play the way they've done for the first week of this this summer league I think there's there's a lot of a lot of high hopes for this team is that going to regulars. They just finds a debt build a bench and then you know have that structure going into the season to be a huge plus and toward the stands and also just gonna solve our chemistry and copy after the direction this organization is gone which is a new direction with new people involved all right when we come back we're gonna get into the handoff Suisse is is a Garcia Villa today we hear chuck Howard is around. Oz in the hallway I got a thumbs up from him so that means they're they're probably in the building and perhaps they'll make their way here into the studio and off the marsh it will send them off right around the corner we're almost there rice jaw. It's almost the weekend it was a WF and he powered by ortho Carolina. Closing in on the end of the week here Friday the thirteenth so far knock on whatever this is com. Ross we've kept we kept the train on the tracks the vehicle get ready because it's about to go wrong exactly you know we we we started off with a was saying no good. Ryan took hours of the studio city constant. They handed out sorry I'm late for amid a half after she got her before it was over. Right right right so during an eight hour showed today you mean our mid nation today while you speak of that eight hours later. We were just it was a mass here with the with the tennis match from Wimbledon John Isner playing into the extended fifth set I was saying they were at stone chuck in the break they were already in the third set when we started at 10 o'clock this morning so we are four hours later and they're still play at this is due to play an eleven hour match. Back into when he ten and I know me that that went over three days until I should be doing the post match from Wimbledon I look forward to it. Exactly but as long as there's beer will be filed with that yes indeed I this thing just I don't you understand I mean like. It's it's a grueling sport you know some people look at tennis they are not as athletic but that's no fun I don't want it. Not only part talking about it any better guess women are from that. This weekend so he can but he bad guys come to agreement ego check are this is that we can manned July mid July. Wimbledon finals both men and women. If your favorite the World Cup is not it's come down to raise their hands on time. We we can't John Deere classic you you know absolutely some time stuff good job today without me tell my my throat cut literally this is the end I'm I'm kind of like its lows all downhill from where I got it when you get home. Have a nice cold refreshment on me. I well I well. Maybe more than one big deal may be a couple of them but we did. The other we do have is we do have the hornets playing in this in the NBA some early they play on Saturday is the raptors did we were joking rewrite history we were we had j.'s Greg on I heard you gonna get an honest scooters there's a separate when he got out because we we didn't introduce Super Bowl parade geared toward fifteen we were all kind of wrapped up for it. You know every station TV station around Dallas. I went to several prayed planning meetings. And endless and there was legitimate. You tears were shed when I mean obviously is the from a fan's standpoint but this is one of the new parade source let's have a summer like right. If they wanted to do well but let's. Celebrate every victory anyway I think you and I discuss in general maybe Monday or whatever we're a city that's devoid of championships. Why not have a parade for the summer league champions let's let's celebrate these kids let's enjoy it an accident it's is another person or assessment to have a little ahead when I don't clearly a practice run for six years. Exactly and it's one. That dot what we have talked about today we kind of got into today was the your you know your excitement your expectation level because training can appear less than two weeks away now. The Carolina Panthers is that where you were were learning more you more excited about and learn more about. I'm gonna get on the field we're learning more about this hornets team and they don't talk it was Jane is Rego and seeing some of these guys and action and it's some relief but we're starting to get a feel what the hornets are going to be like and looks like up tempo it looks like having fun and get them down the court can really get after it and so. If you're if you're more stand. Feel a little bit better a little more sided and then if your pit if your kid on Pakistan. We we've talked about here is that Super Bowl window open is that is it is the data and. Roster either come what are your levels here well. Frank and I are gonna discuss this coming up on the Garcia and daily show even though frank is not aware of this yet but how it's a whole we're gonna dog is the soreness Rosser let's go back 365. Days from today Dwight Howard had become a hornet. The Ross juror is the roster today. Better than it was a year ago. Maybe not on paper but this is a good to translate perhaps into more victories. This year's roster so we're gonna get on that a little bit we're into a run Norv Turner is no horror comments that he made on serious radio I'm talking about KM on new means of peaks and valleys to lean on that Dray Bly is gonna join us well we're going to be joined Marie but now we're gonna be joined by Wes Mitchell from gamecocks central dot com and I talked to some gamecocks. And chip Patterson. CBS sports what else and we discuss size. That I miss anything. I'm Steve Smith has an instinct takes on not TO and the hall same and we're gonna play that. And into our conversation betray blog we're gonna sort of broach that topic betray Blount bitsy what he thinks a college all Famer in his own right. Seems it seems to be. So we think he's going on tray he's coaching any F right now so we're gonna talk about the sensitivity personalities Steve Smith and T go it. Adjourns sometimes via any depending on who which way the wind blows we may get to this. Up panther topic what panther player. Needs to step up for the Panthers to make the playoffs. It's a player other than Cam Newton who can equally. KK short somebody says all amended also radar a little bits and in my VCR and they might be bleeping on the radar but they need to really. Look a lot this year so if Frank's family on the way they were there tears and knowing enjoying this. Warm weather we got here hips a little time local time by the way how's the rental. As everybody the but he makes it you know the neighbors. They have been in the Cayman Islands sol. OK so my project this week was night and finally finished the herb racked. To block them in I win my nerves yesterday and the view it's all about the what would you rather see your actions and I don't think it's safe because they're not in town they may not be listening to tackle our neighbors well that's did you hear it's I hammered senator. Currently on the may have powers are for most popular has been getting caught little little Jimmy again little doodle dandy little Danny. No I think the little Danny got reprimanded by his parents finally because we don't you talk our talk about your pot smoking on the radio they just not let him go out of the house anymore. Well I saw him mowing the yard yesterday. So it's a great the best thing is is he and his dad. We have not competition. Who's got the best yards you know where that type to neighborhood. And he was kicked in my tail Tilly had little Dini go Moet yes. Daily boat generally low and selling text it is dead today said I win you educated mow the yard. Let's see chuck chuck Howard keeps the neighborhood live I mean video audio. No doubt about it is never gonna end mr. Wilson will tell you what nobody ever misses any in my Ding parties do it now they come and they have a cold beverage I'm sure our folks registered today 72 hour to the seventeenth annual 24 hours of booty. Our July to a 637 Myers park they say fund Stanley event supports those impacted by cancer. The funds going towards the resources for the fighter survivors and their families. Francs of otherwise 24 hours of booty include cycling and walking events for all ages and skill levels you want to just the right moment details that tell you episodes each dot com under events I don't know that I I am. Ameren the bicycle on my question I get my writing skills are at this point. We got studio full triple is a wonderful French how are you man I'm doing great feelings out on my family and from my from California and my sister is here her husband Todd. Her part time Trevor entire are all here and they're listening for a couple of days so it's glad to be here welcome and wall command. I wish we could throw the garbage your renowned and once more Amin tumors will place where it's cushioned six hours a tennis at the John. Their matches together played eleven hours a couple years and this is Alexander's they were still on the days they were in the third set when we came on the air for hours ago and then there's still one there's all have for him as this is this is checked I don't want talk tennis abilities and you. I bet that they do other Tug golf NASCAR. Wanna know way more exciting why not how many government run stoppers Ametek tux advising you have identical beverage here isowich you know he's. We eases the weekend holder might be some of the and a party line actual fact one of the two in the parking lot. Around here the guy is Darcy it was yeah it was about her name wrong hey guys it's all good we'll see you next week have a great weekend. I said prime time.