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Monday, October 16th

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Go to the technique on this one was really talks in college football wild weekend again the last two weeks going to two weeks ago 45 and held top ten teams in -- unranked opponents they're now twelve and six for the last two weeks carnage start a fire up and council plus Obama the way it works this time here you get into the teeth in conference action and we talked to Michael shoulder are tallied college football analyst on the Bleacher Report sealed it was somebody had you don't want. I'm doing fantastic may have just sort of do everything that I do who each. And meanwhile we kill us it was Friday do you did you have an issue because I've heard some people say that. It's a you know they are really she would dabble playing Kelly Brian and that's spot and he was doing dobbs wasn't healthy could protect himself also led to him getting concussion what do what do you think of how the game played out on Friday night with some of that stuff. I don't think you should get in the game that popular Davos please call so I think for me I just wondered what what's athletic trainer. Are they need to us past that physical test to determine that your your 80% of the people who simply didn't you can run in the journal that they give you can't they let you go out I don't know what's athletic trainer. Is watching the first quarter that gave him beside him at least now there's I think that's a tough call. Some sort something out that's the athletic trainer actually did wonder how they. Stay indicated. So don't tell me not a doubt about things certainly got look at the total order OK without but again that goes back to. The F what are the Chinese that the medical staff on who made that total I'll talk persists. I have to see how it stacks if you look how and feel. Bookseller and talk about this game in relation to last journal it's different season these different pieces for Clemson but need they were they were sort of find their way over the last couple weeks they get a personal running game Kelly Bryant's been gain more confidence throughout the season as Welch do you look at this lost just like the loss last year to take it or does it feel different this time around. Well the difference is that quarterback that's sort of call and to help this well first of the year ago he was not so. I would get this morning I think it's all wrapped up candidates would probably wouldn't go there seems to take it he's helping you in the mood in the Clinton wanted to what I told you about. This hoping that it surgeon did a great job on defense of bleak. No wonder if they were going to have to on the ball and so they worked at the box in the and he didn't want they all simply. Syracuse did what they always do it it would it'd LSU they did what they've done. To everybody stayed played with and he's got KW get lined up. And the purest safety package her immediate pull it you're quarter community speaks. Most troubled credit a lot of receiver and you'd see that their coolest jets now stalled and pretty good football extra. You've already. Absolutely an amateur you Brazoban at all principal coordinator and quarterback decision is a big. On the same page right from a. I think there's a battle it certainly put it to and so. I don't think that concert got exposed outside cover people cannot adopt I think that's a good source university university football who. And also we knew the passing game that issued. It was a backup quarterback recruit didn't win the starting job. Goes into the new compact did until you saw here hopefully with the -- we tell bite you get healthy from that ankle and helping from the concussion now. And he's either watching old you have to go. Picked up I guess this is. Felder legislature shortly college football loyalist you know to follow him on Twitter set in the bleachers so let's stick in the ACC we'll go elsewhere are across the top 25 throughout the weekend. I know it wasn't pretty and I was literally sloppy on the field it and hard rock stadium on Saturday afternoon I know it was another miracle finish thanks to Caroline no and another ridiculous catch. But that's a really good win for Miami correct against Georgia Tech also didn't win. Quick change on defense played a triple option I and I know they may some bonehead mistakes especially with an onside kick I think that's a great win for Miami all things considered on Saturday especially mix and how Travis all played on Saturday. Yeah I won't try to home I think that he would actually up those that still to be special. The water display right now is certainly got the light coming in. Organized and certainly if you go a little text dictation of the big things from me it's it's not a bone headed play. Werder tomorrow that you understand and apply that all sorts of groups and survive. It's still good its its that's one mistake they get to the states because different situations I really put it. When you talk situational football though. I ND. Went under two minutes ago and on the altar at the side of the ball Tucker mini teams in the country that more composed of minors I think that's talks. Cost was practicing the situation that practiced. I don't watch them play to recognize it or just south pars don't kill kill kill kill kill looked at lineup so we can kill. Probably we know it wasn't they got to place ready to go every time they're not blowing around visited Tennessee. Boom gets a first down there steer the sidelines what we do we do what we do we do and didn't waste here eight seconds of the clock hopeful they wanna play. So I think that Sidney speak to the coaching staff. They do have the brutality efficiency. I would imagine that we get to team what do concert you actually imagine the look to maybe an Oklahoma premature mark to articulate our state but they are very. Are these series shifts. They all are parasites and how they do seem to think that should restore to type work against them. Defensively you have to go warrior one's territory after the second guessing responsibilities and they were able to do that all right quick turnaround so I would look at this since. Media I think by any certainly. Should be the team we expect to win the coastal region attached to look the same obviously but I think Mike is playing well but to win the coastal plane won't now the top ten to. Can't see it that even if they could do it on the tape. And they introduce you can you give them loose they could still keep it did or did they may not seem like it's still control the ballgame I think I'm 28 with a. Yeah Margaret said after the game Saturday to recently we thrive in the situation I think he's right you're right don't have to eliminate that they do not did you not get rattled in the situations and other minor miracle for the second straight week and so it's go to UNC state to get their longest winning streak since 2002. When Philip Rivers and Jericho Cotchery were on the team and I was impressed by their second half it was tied to half against Pitt they shut them down from a decent just employed on the ground I think like 95 yards on 23 carries something like that and nineteen Hines is a grown man Ryan Finley is one of the most efficient quarterbacks in college football I mean there's no doubting it NC state is really really good and -- next two weeks against Notre Dame and and I -- Clemson Argo are that. That's their season right now and I think they got a great chance to going to those teens feel good about themselves. They showed I know they intercepted. Still well it was really just hours after a lot and he obviously. That's it that's all what they don't have this so bad about this pretty good in that Wall Street Obama wanted it's entertainment or politics. We'll have all the on the house national championship I would see it. Oh here's restated mysteries they play good all religions are you Monty sixties and low to bring down east helped tackle. I obviously you're just continued on right so let's play good football. These principally these guys getting to the front seven I'd look at certain. Did you Palestinians look back we'll kilometer played as they get what you give it to happen if things go their way did not go to endorsements. It's great pop out of that department that makes it scary everybody's a couple of. Are we gonna talk BC lol also low -- down there are two point 17 DC come storming back ultimately led by two touchdowns and the most impressive part of Islam comes back almanac of Lamar Jackson enticing game in DC finds a way to pull it out over the weekend which was just the monster Wayne and their record in the ACC's now's the same as little hole at one and three I mean it's a Mark Jackson and who what I mean mobile I think people are just assuming rules gonna keep winning week to week but its diplomats tried health elder. It's hard to actually in the air and I'm ready on our air district factored in and that's the whole game right now. And they do everything we all of the why don't they were marched. Good deeds and doesn't do any saying I think that's the problem it's also much talk about pot you know arbitrary though because of implosion and German Mark Jackson blocking more definitely. Kite is another superstar quarterback you want to get in the mean. They are and now a world of how her pay and it's going to be hard for them to get through the rest of this season so of course certain getting that gave way and don't look so good now. Com obviously for DC that was Tucker looks good right there you don't cut the country's military now just conceivably you can look good on the road. A cool little hole and injuries now. Lol oh really assists limping towards the end they don't have good depth they want quality depth to sustain themselves we got sixty go to you can rotate a little bit more. Can they have big problems. That's displayed behind. But he can't assault within four. Our solar we talk about some of these other games throughout the week and I know it took like eighteen hours you must have hated this TCU Kansas State on Saturday afternoon supposed to go and noon doesn't have to streak as the weather should in the fourth quarter installation I was literally thinking you the entire time you hate these long games but TCU I doesn't really interesting team because here they are there they were there are off to a hot start can eagles' point fantastic football not turn the ball over there back after a couple years have been awful on defense to be one of the best defense is in college football. How much should we trust TCU as a legit college football playoff contender right now amongst their pierce. Trust model ultimately much favorite teams or. Do you if you extend people don't always good food good table women and how we fight against most people aren't. They play top teachers to posture defensive strategy around. They cover Terry type I'd love that alcohol sensibly this as a team up until this game probably their run first team captain rod. The state of the bosses don't count their fingers Anderson in general in line with just sort of goes slow those guys down end. He's so he would kill typically doesn't almost 300 yards I mean he played really good game that's the guy that we saw tech trainer and and you could still score a little bit to spread the ball around to the running back. Two wide receivers to talk interpreted. Darby are they put they get older spot I think they're. This the very legitimate contender. Com in the big twelve you'll get I think Oklahoma is probably number two behind TCU and they've got that game comes a little also. I think there's this team to a big considered it but they're the biggest worry about it this weekend sees that they got moved. Due to the discussion. And voted into what you know there's no way to leave. Yeah and by the way to your point in you you snuck it in their jury cells away I saw that don't so I don't I don't think that it and so that's my favorite may still like bull run for the UCLA that's one mile on the guise of let's say a little. Alana a lot of Lula is one of my favorite names and on college football he might be at the top analysts say we will unlock at a at a TCU and they're the only team I can't interpret as you mentioned TCU was foolish guys that are just on that right now on defense older two years ago we did last year. It was as bad as he got no college football another back to be an elite team and that's the biggest difference for this right now. Yeah yeah look I thought so it was going to be that safety for what it feels safe indicate that directly to get up and running backs are also appeared to. I don't know growth yes. Absolutely of people that it's a good plot teaching you that sixer defense. That got you blooded American gauntlet match closer to come here as and then some things happened so I won't watching this team play because they're getting production and the scary it stinks we see it seems that is seeking to stop the bottom it will we see can actually came out there playing over the course of the season. Teach you to play more people now because they're working to get younger guys in the rotation that bodes well not just for the future problem but in the immediate. It's immediate even when you give into games. Didn't I gave ten game eleven game twelve. Did get a little fresh blanket you've taken three play ball traditional order likes to get on to this young guy. Every few games or refused series he's got you gotta be able to make it big run I think we get down the stretch aren't. We just sixty seconds got to duke two quick things might seem that nobody's amassing a believe this is one of the best teams in the country I think drop there but I team that nobody's paying attention to a schedule all that stuff sets up well Wisconsin the only team they have to play the rest of the way of merit is Michigan and avoid Ohio State they avoid Penn State they avoid Michigan stayed out of the other division I know it was a pretty good handle Purdue they're six and all odds you have another team or or is that the teams for you all's they don't be surprised of this team is kind of wildly in a conference championship game and maybe sneaks into the college football playoff. Police say it's adios so I would like this in government Taylor questioned about it that's will be used these teams to adult court or to people. Were not able to get people per quarter that chart he kept it quiet. So he's huge fruit and they're defense plays exceptional football I love to go to Dixon had to watch some poor people was content. People look at the centers in the country team deserves to get more welcome everyone. I think the big thing for them it's not going to be candidate beat Michigan it's going to be what happens when we get into the detention should get what worked against Penn State Michigan State or Ohio State. Because that's the question that they have Internet so old they haven't been able to answer when it comes to getting into the upper getting into will be distributed and they haven't answered that fell in the Big Ten championship gave it to put themselves of proposition. All right last thing here quickly text or rice and he tried to ask what's up in the kitchen what are you cooking tonight which supplement. I'll have tonight we're actually yeah hard court what so smothered white pebble rabies is on the integration and what you say some key you know Hulk he's mashed potato with. Alternate from the dark. I words. It couldn't move my. This calling these guys I was a cook he's a very final close is the attitude opportunity they're very tired very apparent here on my desk this guy suggested talking college football can be can mix it up on the kitchen as well Michael's other good to talk to but he's a magnetized. The politics. Thank you got so much different in Brasilia credited.