May 17th Dethrone Bone

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Thursday, May 17th
Dethrone Bone is a Trivia game where callers try to answer 2 Sports questions right before T-Bone. 

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The rockets didn't trail after the first quarter and led by double digits most of the game it was a rough night for warriors standout Stefan curry Klay Thomson they combined for just 24 points. Currie says they are just off from. Most cars just. For sure in no way around and they made some adjustments go. Oh yeah and he made plays and that's come out. A series like this going to be in game after game is going to be chest just mentioned. Tonight we just didn't make enough plays to stop the room. James Harden air board made scored twice seven points for the rockets who now head to Oakland for game three on Sunday night. Pardon is one of three finalists for the NBA's MVP award he joins LeBron James and Anthony Davis of New Orleans. Davis is also a finalist for the defensive player of the year. And former duke standout and current Celtic Jason Tatum up for rookie of the year Davidson has a new athletic director hiring former wildcats basketball player Chris Clooney. 2006 Davidson graduate Clooney has worked for the NBA since 2008. In the Stanley Cup last Vegas beat the jets fortitude to take it to 21 series lead in the Western Conference finals. In the big leagues Chris Sale strikeout night in Zander Bogart's had a three run homer as the Red Sox B day is six to four. Justin Verlander pitched a five hit shutout as the asterisk like the angels who did nothing. Ronald attended junior are driven the tiebreaking run in the eighth innings lead the Braves to afford a one win over the cubs. Trevor Bauer start at Tennessee Indians beat the tigers six to nothing and I'm Sharon doesn't amount to flash. And. Mark's green. Real estate studio. 5610. Takes place is Chris you get paid to notice dubbed Kama painters they know they signed donors in free agency. And still have Williams can easily Escobar is the backup tight end. Do not get paid to know the duty for the Dallas Cowboys. I should know every team's duty for the NFL my apologies. Game powered by Ford don't Carolina this morning is here. T bone doesn't know much but he knows sports. Do you think you know more. Him that he's only here. Prizes and bragging rights are on the line she'll call in now if you think you can dethrone. Hi there as soon as everybody in the pageantry this is our royal wedding right here this is our moment all rise so important. Dethrone bone we've done it for five straight weeks he belonged. Has beaten all comers every week he is getting so cocky UG people like David tempers Eric. You should get a loan Tebow right now and it's crazy just his this has gone on for so long we lost a concert we did the white concert James Taylor Taylor he's already bet your last night. So we're now down the scorched concert. For concerts a pair of tickets to each Dave Matthew's journey and Def Leppard Leonard Skinner hole votes plus the prestige of being the first person ever to dethrone bone. All the questions whether supposedly sometimes I'll mess up what they're supposed to be. Trivia from the last thirty years of sorts that Steve owns wheel house they saw as agent everything like that. Useless coming Tebow is what allows him beat them on to straight questions we make it to us right to question in a row. Armed if you want to get a chance to answer your browser is just saying your next to say your name calling you. Arm if you don't get it right in the next person until we get a chance to try to steal the question right to question. And it bone gets one up right against you before you get to right. You are gone so and you'll add to bones giant ego please don't do that it's getting a little annoying. Do you see a light of the seventies the UConn women the patriots are they're undefeated run. They all came to a head at some point but this guy right last year owing their. This guy right here still sand and there's my date on apple might Joseph DiMaggio straight this might be the greatest raw and exports is. All right let's do it on that note please tell me you don't wanna be the one to beat his dude I'd assume assume those are. And China. He now wants a strategy trombone Spencer you and I have our differences I'm rooting for you right now though maybe all right you ready. Yeah are you say your name to jump in here. In what year did Tiger Woods win his last professional tournaments. Tournament a major tournaments. Hermit Tebow Tebow 2013. That is correct Bridgestone invitational Spanish Spencer Levin because major was 2008. Websense stats are. Don't go. Yeah. I'll get it back out receipt series yeah yeah I think I could again get our country when I got out why would I she sort of hear another week it Tebow it's a matter how great he is that your Mac you wonder who could do game I just couldn't do dethrone Max could reduce road Mac now backs couldn't do any of these games I've heard it all he thought I was amazed at trivia master I was actually clipping a fingernail or not phone call that's out that's how easy out. Two dolls and it was the major. I knew about five years ago was the last win so you didn't talk altogether let's do this about to browse to Meghann she's on Bravo she's on you know she's more doubles peoples of negatives almost beat UC is coming after you again dude maggot you ready to do this. Our our Greg did meg getting to say to brace Maggie oh Egypt he joined the bandwagon on this week. There's so welcoming duke Maggie and so welcoming and I've got to rattles titles to get your best and whether I hear us say your name a few again. I was a Dalton's next head coach after Don Shula. Nagging go ahead. If not what I know I. So you say you can't say that word to us to hang out our he had it down just a disaster that or not she's gadgets are just a custody marketplace. I. What is she talking to city saw a ship go biology portion and a good bottle I know the answer if you wanna give to try to I know audience imagine what's your answer. That is kids. As incorrect as good try though Jimmie Johnson Jimmy Johnson is the answer to existing regulating our second item may have cost susser SEC license to cover ups well I was on the ships that just went by according to Liz had a decent maybe a ship hit. If you'll find meg did you bad girl that filthy mouth demand bad Carolina listeners are again. Negative reaction are Joseph the energy Drobo 70457096. Stand on the Wii listeners know of two and one of them had to be dumped on us because of cussing. Oh no it's also great start. Simon is up next Simon are you ready tragedies Rahm Bo. Aside dismiss this well at the question that be are being kept trivia. I'll tell you are it's funny bring down up does that got to pay after clashing coming up next year how about that a lot well what a coincidence. Good is the only say your name your answer who is the only Carolina at the quarterback to lead the league in passing yards for a season. Tebow Bob Steve Barr line. That is correct this that's what I. Counteract sudden exotic gold colored socks I literally game a bit of third question and then vote against it Simon Says tell your story walking talking. Co dethrone voters come on May get it out of here please don't call a narrow. Indeed a Channel Islands it's. I don't imagine that. I'd sounded weird and an idol LP on up to a pretty good today eulogies in the legacy last week your get a bowl and their habitats good member had a new computer system what's your analysis and yeah James is up next James you ready try to dethrone bone. All right here we go which two players are tied with 24 assists which is the most ever in an MBA playoffs game two players. Shapes. James what is it. That is incorrect bones you know the answer I know Rondo is one of that. Right is incorrect and others think right now magic and Stockton. Never heard of magic and Stockton area as well you're still alive you still odd man out. Our daughter twenty assist game somewhere on when the boys only four assesses the number I was saying Roger did have one tell us he had won this year we're 21 assists and around the same that was it on here we go since 2000 who's the youngest quarterback to lead the league in passing yards. Go and what does it. Incorrect bone you have an answer. Young is still lead the weakened passing yards. Since 2000. Enjoy incorrect Peyton Manning was the answer I let's keep going you're still a bottle is a James or chase. They have more time. JJ RJJ and as secretly tied up the wrong name all the time president. There what do picks up. Dethrone crappy deep throat grabbing dinner that got thrown reading are there we go out. More hooked on phonics or on the Mac attack are here we go. Let the league in touchdown passes in the regular season last year in a cell. Jason is it. Incorrect Bohn who is. Last year. Last year. Is going badly this radical and I answer this is not a good one. What does it preppy you know Lance Russell Wilson that is it Russell a six. Are you the question and one is that what he wrote the question is will listener just Russell Wilson accounted short flight 3435. Touched are some ridiculous armor has idols he does I. I'd like to say is they don't find an answer that you guys can get for God's sake I saw. I was doing good like 2 o'clock and again all of its leads all active NBA coaches would eleven or 97 wins one active coach is second in wins all time. No he's second and active coaches. What active coach is second behind top of it took it. Chase. As in two arrests team around is it Doc Rivers has certainly get out there you know we're stuck on a battle for awhile that. I'd like to pitch at bat what happened you know those conversations with your mom or your grandparents alas an hour until IJ just like my grandmother yeah yeah it is what I call him sort of seems he was -- for so long it doesn't happen again now I yelled -- box to box what you've got to the -- eventually could win no what does he got a question over you right now the deck somebody deeds from bone to dude thinks he is some sort of trivia sensational I should just and Jennings are so I should just retire and just take two to concerts this. That's teacher's gone there Brian is up next. Brian are you ready to go. All right let's student writer Brian Bryant doesn't matter let's see if he shouldn't dethrone bone. Who's the last corner report. You'll be Trevor but evidence like let me Judas when he whose oldest running back to reach 2000 yards rushing in a season. Are Bryant who has it. It incorrect bone was only like five or six guys that did so. Oldest. Jamal Lewis incorrect sacked Barry Sanders are very nurses and you don't like fires it's edited our our analyst Jamal Lewis Chris Johnson I'm trusting these answers as analysts are sending a bunch of questions to try to beat Vijay Tebow on and so I'm sure seems like you're either write these questions now I didn't Iraq. How lazier you. Lays much of bread and quietly the Braves get a basketball game I saw. Others don't do another thing about a guy he made a witty you do get the email address Saudi classes he's gone good for three weeks you can't even this early era. Don't hide anyway let's see keeps focused you're still Brian. Mariah all right let's see here. Who's the last quarterback to lead the league in touchdown passes with less. Then thirty. Let's go now to not Tom Brady that is correct summary it's one meet gates. One year led the league can touch their differences that question we're all sales just say Tom Brady AS not a bad thing to do it all here on this is. On this thing going anywhere but once beat you do to change the rules so that it's the only answer one question again shoot what I ask the questions next week. What do Detroit Nancy's me asking questions excellent and they didn't he traveled some of the dethrone zombie like you all your freedom thrown I want to hurt HA dual sports forcible chamber yeah they're gonna decision rules for Bonior I like the city of right and I'm like bush same without the women after what's let me go to Matt Matt's do you wanna give this a shot. Nine let's see if you can dethrone bone here let me see what we have going on here. How about just what is a multiple choice multiple choice of these two players had more receptions. Last year in the regular season McCaffrey or Camara. That is incorrect bound you know by any chance in the capital market. That's a Camara and one more I don't think about what choice is gonna work the next one more than McCaffrey just about we're about done battle. Why why are we don't got it up and a so I don't. Adorned into another segment I don't quit this won't forget bona be dethroned man why don't we do want more segment and this week when we'll say we'll take dogs would be Floyd this by not this guy says don't just answer two questions also are ladies first got a one question. I think I mean how can answer your questions. Some problem on the Mississippi I can take a break judges is really bothered me man people who are not deep drilling bone and it's driving me crazy so much ride. On this assist guy says this is bad no competition Macs should go after bonus. I don't know these big I don't know MacKey duty there is this isn't an easy day I get my shot what do woody getting go to a concert by yourself no good to see if I could do itself. I don't think you can bet that next have a next time next segment we get more listeners a chance because this does suck I feel your pain Charlotte ponies to lose this is Jimmie Johnson NASCAR and then at about next Monday night good about next week just like wrestling next week in this very range. You and I want on one. It is you win. You take you can you can give the concerts every wanna game so I'm competing for analysts are actually yes our but it but that doesn't happen if a Lister can beat you right now is that we don't need to worry about it OK I only comment. And then I'm like the wolf form pulp fiction you not call me and when stuff it's the same. All right so they can't do it in C in a six time. But I'm gonna now coming in next week. I feel I'm going to be a tummy to tummy tuck was a Jimmie Johnson at NASA except death and accessing W Jimmie Johnson idol got the extension so once we come back. Let's Rhonda. We got back let's run through some more I'm trying to see bear with me I'm trying to get bone. And at age thirty Estonia alleged sleepy Floyd joins talk about those lawyers in the rockets in the NBA playoffs. Johnson four time all star led the major leagues in ERA back in 1981 half to beat Atlanta Braves broadcast crew. Talk about the experience to crazed fans have. And with the new stadiums for the these are comfortable and they finally have it out a way to build front. Only see on every side right. Garcia and Bailey today at two. Five C. NG. 025610. Can see traffic. Got a bad accident on the jungle freely now this is as you can run in the inner loop with a belt. And make that exit 177 southbound that's for the accident as you can find this right at that ramp quick. To the felt his flock to this rank. 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I supported it just does is good for the show and then eventually came to the point where I didn't care about the ravens they were dead to me it was all about if their loved it's not gonna happen might do so you'll need some reaction during the break that. Did you mega reaction during the brow area use the fouled up girl single things. Well bud I get a UNC fan since I was duke girls are real classics. There you go our motto analogous feisty woman to throw low four letter word out there are denied rights but we we got the world's leader as a matter it's my wife uses those words only directed at these aren't the only time. He uses those marks are let's do this we're given a shot some people are mad that the game is unfair to listeners some people are mad because Elissa is a dumb. And some people are mad is a given him another chance. But understood immoral segment if you can't do it I'm coming in next week out and I'm coming down bullpen Bono now Dario on a Mac limits credit Coleman and it. Who's up next on dethrone mount Coleman are you ready to go. There are ready already being sort out and acquire corporate this quick I'll tell us to a quick lead us orders does is yours Coleman. Our metro one accrued to our community in Israel I guess high school right now yes I like this is it again but I can. At least it'll broad change that the sperm donor here we don't know who made the most three winners ever in a playoff game with eleven. That putt. Call to go ahead. Eric that is incorrect interacts. Bony DP Floyd. Incorrect strike team though Klay Thompson. Yes both on the right franchise. I told me to get another indicator of how seriously these ridiculous tax Coleman gets another chance who was the last non quarterbacks selected number one overall in the NFL draft. Coleman. Our crowd that is incorrect bone. Last number one overall pick that wasn't a quarterback. The offensive lineman wasn't. Well the Fisher. And Fisher knows miles Garrett last year how how. The only seen here's the problem go Nazi with a problem I had here was. I forgot in the NFL the ground similarly broad brush just drove them back for another segment here Tony I've never done to order this is like bringing a pitcher operate wireless. I at least cheesy I'm not he's I don't think it was gonna beat me some losing focus getting bored I have about this there's more answers this question you only need one Oskar. Besides Belichick name an active NFL coach. Which at least ten playoff points. Tebow Tebow got Andy Reid. That is correct that is correct culminate. You make that in the homer a human head on in to Mets electricity no room maybe but could ask for good effort and I said associate he's formula you want decade or the walk of shame. Andy Reid Mike McCarthy Pete Carroll John hardball all ten playoff wins Ron Rivera all sides my right about. Yeah wrong Andy Reid the most without a war. Four for a mourn for four playoff wins sent more nominee I think he won a one and each year and into another AAF army Jiri the most without a Super Bowl west. Yeah I know that look at let's go to Charlie and I desperately just panic and you're trying to get a I'm not sure. So what's this guy side. One player. What legendary. Le golf player made a most stories in an NBA playoff game without a miss seven without a miss one year. Our team on Charlie go ahead. That is incorrect incorrect. Robert glory that is right as Liza legendary play off a tablet war that was so easy for because they say about it. Sit back. I don't feel yeah brilliantly it became rewarded that wanted to point right I knew I tried to make that easier mantra people trying to do you guys answer questions right you could say Charlie say your own name in UN and Charlie might struggle and really just. Do about it I think I'm. Yeah SATA there's a good get let's go to Johnston who is up next Justin are you ready to play. Not a paper or on down I hear ya sorry for our city and says it owns going down a bit off when you don't damage act like Cleveland brands are down by here we go. The calm before Tyree Irving who was among the next most recent number one overall pick in the NBA draft out of duke. Yup and just again. What it took a look that is incorrect incorrect bone number one out of duke so yeah before earning. Danny Ferry. Nosing Craig don't bring it to tell answering that thought it was indiscernible and overall it I just wish urine I guess I should essay question dukes and now you know yeah. I like you ripped me again I haven't beaten six weeks ago you have been you have got to miss some more on the widely viewed it promised the competition just like it's Agha. I just I got a bad game so gonna win the lack here's your chance Justin here is your chance our rights. So I'm not the whack or is that he acts four players the Al West Coast southwest just drops more players have at least 101000 career rushing yards for one team named one of them. Tebow just to go ahead. It is say his name who exact. Got to work that is that is incorrect or deterrent I hearsay is and Sony just as I don't know what is the answer and it's miss. That is incorrect studies are not a question grounds not read question again tells us a preseason was questioned again. Four players have at least 101000 career rushing yards or one team okay yeah he's definitely a hot outside ML doesn't really ushered idea he did get all the Jessica liberal.