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Wednesday, July 11th

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President of Charlotte motor speedway CEO Speedway Motorsports Inc. hello my old friend. Man I don't shot I'm doing just fine you know you do you can't run me out of town I'll turn up somewhere. Always you always look hey bud good appreciate your time milieu busy don't you don't have a lot of time but really cool. All right good well let's just pick right up to 1 o'clock in death but anyway odd Monday you folks announce uptown. That the Bank of America event coming up at the role herbal. I'm not going to be the 500 K. Gonna be the 400 K and you folks are pumped up and I think race fan should be about it does talk a little bit about the change in the lengthen the announcement on Monday. Sure so we announced. You know after. Gosh almost fifteen years we've had the Bank of America 500 in October. And that this year we're gonna have that December 30 the Bank of America Rose Bowl 400. And that I go along with the first time ever converting Charlotte motor speedway. To a road course were using the traditional. You storied one the one of the most storied ovals race courses in NASCAR and and converting it to a road course. And it's gonna happen in September wheat. Does the 28 to thirtieth everything. Call flying in the extended series in the NASCAR cup series. All going to be. On this amazing to. Rural road course that uses. Both the traditional oval. And a portions of that and the infield. And and creates are really cool and really challenging. Opportunity for all the NASCAR drivers. Marcus Smith on our tech dot com gets lie no talking about the 01 of the more anticipated events. On the NASCAR schedule coming up. At the speedway September 28 through the thirtieth now yesterday that he track was a little bit busy. Had a test session up their Jimmie Johnson took place go to part Kyle Larson Denny Tampa Denny Hamlin and others. Opt when you guys first open the row mobile markets drivers were a little bit. While this is different but it seems with the each successive time these guys get seat time on this thing. I get the sense that liking it more and more. Yet they really are well I'll tell you that they all recognize that this is going to be. The third race in NASCAR's playoffs and today it's one the bubble racism well that takes in the next round. We start off playoffs in Las Vegas. Then we we come to the third round of the playoffs it comes back to Charlotte. And you've got pissed this brand new challenge that nobody ever raced on before. And you're going going to a new road course is kind of like if you moved to a new city. You know you gotta learn your way around and any yesterday. I think half of the day was really about the drivers lowering their way around the track. And perfecting malign. And it was cool for meal watch. Because I saw in a lot of areas where drivers. Started off taking one specific line. The lady entered turn the way to exit turn and that changed throughout the day and it has gotten forces that more fast. Throughout the day and if it was really cool these professionals that work. Do it and. How this this came together how you know how this plan for the role came together and how long it took to get it all set up. Man the great questions so it's really been about three years. In the works we. We started rebuilding. And and enhancing our road course. At the speedway. After actually after two legends my dad Burton Smith and Rick Kendrick got together. And the other the ultimate car guys and they're talking about how your it would be to kind of revive our road course. And and they are thinking. More manufacture testing and and do it some other things on the road course. And and Powell's house looking added after we already got about 90% of the work done for that. And I thought you know. A lot of people are talking about. The absence of a road course and the NASCAR playoffs. This could actually. Do that we we can replace. One of you know everybody's favorite favorite oval tracks where a brand new road course and make it all happened here Charl so. I. I called people NASCAR. Called cult Steve O'Donnell is the chief racing development officer NASCAR. And you know underage for the for a long time in and I said man I got the idea is sitting down. And and I shared it with them and he said you're crazy. But but he honestly he eat he said that this is really cool this has potential let's get together and talk about it and and two NASCAR credit. They were let us and believed NS. On the project and oh it's it's taken to get this thing that. We have had about a lot of great support from. From a lot of people on the sport took NBC Adobe televising. The race around the world on on NBC network and it is Dave and just over the over the man and excited about it. And it's gonna a lot of pot. Well the second Robles tests takes place they called the rule bull test fast. Next Tuesday from nine to five. Fans can enjoy mechanical bull rides food drink in test drive their race weekends seats during the test session. From the whiskey river front stretch area and I believe if I'm correct Marcus if you go up to the test again and about during his stick around for the summer shoot out. Yeah you got it so come out of the tests on Tuesday. It's it's going to be all day and we had about 2000 people out here yesterday. I got here in the morning about 830 and and deported cumin and all day it was it was really cool everybody is excited about it. And it's worth taking a look at it you cannot take some time to come out here are some time on the five. On Tuesday. It is very cool in very different and I think we've made a lot of people happy yesterday this Saturday. Is it's kind of a whole another opportunity you can actually derived on the track. This Saturday afternoon 48. We are opening up the Ruble. For fans to come out and drive. If you party got two tickets. UK and I can drive at no extra charge if you're Bank of America employees. The big thank you to Bank of America for being the sponsor of the race we we've invited all the BankAmerica associates to come out. Initially employee ID and you can drive around. The new. Bank of America Ruble and in check. Well interesting the speedway is utilized more than 2000 gallons of white paint and 81 staff was in. 500 tires for bearing years of course will and I both the seen an up close and personal and so you you should get out there and check it out so. Yeah markets yesterday I think would be remiss if we didn't get your thoughts on. David tepper you know officially taking over the Carolina Panthers I'm sure you heard some of his remarks so what were your takeaways from mr. tapper. Well I think you know what a professional and war what a great thing for Charlotte. David tepper. As an owner of the Panthers. He is. I think if clearly bring. Fresh energy and excitement to the teams and I can't wait to see. What he does. I wanna get a map to attract in the next few laps would seem. It's it's critical. Yesterday it was it was fun and yeah I think addict or you guys they'd take it easy on them so we don't those more often. Marcus Garcia asked you some first of all World Cup. Yet today Englander Croatia which you think of the game yesterday. England today. Let's transition to this speaking to David tepper he's dropped now in Atlanta. And then yesterday's drop in the last out there a little bit maybe you can your take on that indeed though it could be potentially be a partner down arrow. Well I think to be really Smart I mean I would love to work with them on it as the he's been arrested. It has worked fantastically. In Atlanta four Arthur Blank to the owner of the falcons and the analyst team the united. That stadium is it's. It was built from the ground up wit. With the conversion is sort of a transformer of stadiums. Seeking convert to a soccer. Field and then to have this stadium convert to a soccer stadium. I think and you know it's phenomenal so if they can be done to Charlotte. It it's only money in it would it would take quite a bit too to do that too. Bank of America Stadium but certainly you know an option but I think you know all that said. Charlotte would be a great markets for Major League soccer. And if it is gonna happen I think to be a lot of fun for all of us that live here and work here and and be so that we LB product. Well we hope something can take place we know that if you guys are involved it'll be a success Marcus is always appreciate your time rural of course be in touch but don't forget folks. The role will. Fan fest next Tuesday night get out of there and check it out and I would suggest. But you probably go online to Charlotte motor speedway dot com and probably pick you up some tickets now from what I hear. Things are moving well in that direction and I know that makes it puts a smile on your face. It doesn't the ball the we're we're way ahead on tickets he definitely wanna. Did you ticket now the number 28 to thirtieth and it's going to be so much fun and and then of course this Saturday if you don't have plans. 48 PM amount in driving yourself. You'll be sorry. Marcus appreciate your time my friend will be just search. Our our.