Mac Attacl: Frank Fertitta buying Panthers?

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Wednesday, February 14th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about Frank Fertitta possibly buying the Panthers. 


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Welcome to another revision number American attack on 102 point five the thing. With Mac. T bone heal and let me because they lost me and i.'s board. Did you detention now you're hosted caretaker of chaos. Charisma clean. As soon as saying David as soon as. Happy Wednesday it is Mac attack time. In the queens city of Charlotte as we get ready to rock and roll we got pigskin talk about painters all season as adults must commence here on the show. We have a lot of hoops conversation on his show as well Lawrence. Back in action and Orlando tonight's we college hoops tonight duke Virginia Tech stayed in Syracuse in a big bubble battle. Clemson Florida State Davis has got DC united. And I'm out of breath I just had to run up the stairs got to get did you just run a marathon with what's going on Rambo. One slightest there's an amount of brass which is a three can problem there should be an intervention right now the guys cared they're being an intervention. Not a lot I could take it from here you'd catch a breath for a second day timeout. Or Williams and actually had to go anti Roy's knees are not here. Call 32 time out play commercial come back may I forgot we also gonna talk about Mike Shula. He's got a job ladies and gentlemen he hasn't I gotta be honest I thought he had no I thought he was a sit out watch some football like the rest of us. In 2018 he's got a job. We have all heard the name. Of one of the cancer suitors. Jayson logical or reported the name of Alipay after suitors are interesting name we'll talk about stats. And we've got much much more. USA hockey against Slovenia against going to. It's 7:10. This morning we can't get data on the two maybe I guess I need to increase my total Olympic viewing from about forty minutes. In onto a little bit higher than that we can put that. It sucks some and I es salaam Olympic hockey we had the it NHL guys in. First time in what 24 years since we have not had any jog assets tumbled. To me it's about can Johnson and Smith. Get it done today Nikki Johnson & Johnson Smith why can they get it done and who are those guys is made an artist figured there might be guiding Johnson got to answer I don't know anyone on the roster if it I'm blinded I don't know anyone on this current USA. Our I am ashamed of us. I know not a single name I does that put out the USA hockey Ross are really. How would you known their HL players. There are college players. They're dudes that organ in the league blanked. Along time ago when we're really any good like it's yeah I don't think anybody knows say these names are less pressure some sort hockey not there's a couple like. You know army guys or in the league at one point. I don't see how let me elicited no names I should know that I should know everything that you should yes. Pucks and not tell us thought your clocks and don't even bode Melrose. I see we get a lot of stuff to get instant we will monitor and a USA hockey game it's so we gotta have the Olympics compensation some poignant because started yesterday. There's really Jones and Smith know yeah. Plus there's been little listing is airing sharing a name on there yet there is a all American named Bobby Butler spots he bought or Bobby bowlers got to be. The key are not offered their defense will deploy your policies which he starts. I returners and port and it's the reason up on merit now ours is not a bad diet is a forward he's a four. Pass Slovakia today Bobby Brown has to be to keep up. Butler that I thought. Feel proud. Bobbie but Bobby Boucher is an birdies and closed my mom. Opposite of my possessions where we're playing hockey can Slovenia we'll keep an biomass for VS right Slovenia at speed and apparently they're terrible so that's a good way to start and we writing to a lot harder. Did you have any idea of where I don't. Oh is that we always terrible. I know Slovenia is supposed to be terrible there an article about yes we can you do every search I put on passing a long series. All right let's get into the show ladies and gentlemen boys and girls start just maybe all this is going to be giving getaway day show for me. I'm headed on mice forced Trent. Since. I've been married to a lovely wife my fourth trip to Disney World. Am I US enemy can die because I just. Feel the excitement in you're in your voice they are you argue he might lead ashore early today to go to our ones seem a man they teach our mumbled we're taking the kids down to Disney World. And die driving down there are so that that's in some of the intrigue this will be. As any any dads out there that have gone to Disney World and done this thing man this is grueling. You've got to firstly I don't walk up not really an exercise. You don't walk all over parts my wife has us at the parks every day for hours rights. Secondly. You got to stand in a lot of lines actually I'll be sitting on a lot of benches as those three go on the rise because I sit out a hell of a lot of rides out. Yes and I sit out every I don't have any shame in my view blog on a little to Iraq isolate or something like go on with Caitlin my five year old. You know remain yeah but I don't even like Dellucci rides a spin. I city jobs I notice that's dangerous I sit out a lot of looks just pick jurist but I get nauseous. I guess it would have to you've gone after those rides so. I'm not a must service my life be better off taking another man they tend suck it up a goal roller coasters with the kids. But with that said though you also patience has to be tested thing you really need patience stand there when you take kids to Disney World because it is a madhouse. A place they are printing money down there. A place is always packed. Everything cost a zillion dollars you bumping into people right left it is a grind man it is a grind some ready to go sorry. I saw special news the other day. When I got home that there raisin though the price is their team itself. But it average ticket for a person like 109 dollars us and the like that and every had to raise our prices are going up from an army and a leg due to arms and a leg. That's what the Auxilium is so what is ordinary or see the paper market wire they're well known as we stay America yet restated to restore our lap and we you know you take to each committed transportation over whatever bosses or whatever you do that every day. On the over under is set at Matt ax five funnel cakes like that we go over under I thought okay. I'm gonna go. I mean it's the way you consume our snags we are over five foreign funnel cakes are held a snack seriously Manuel de Greece and sugar together. Odd man and everything I Lopes is killing me everything why can't we have sue why can't exude it's good for you tastes good that is one of my real frustrations with life. It's just not that led man just is not exactly really funny girl to a broccoli stand enemies apart penalty the broccoli why can't let you know why are pleased how sorry out of your broccoli and it abruptly supporter. Whatever broccoli that's the worst. The texture to detect. Probably just go way. It got here I see what he's doing my dog won't even eat broccoli knowledge that we we drop broccoli on the floor before my accident and dog tries it spits it out. That's how bad. That's a rock. You are Eliot broccoli and celery to meet our attitude has anything in the annals of Celtics didn't tell their story walk and I didn't start. What is the routine of your do not know I don't I don't his salary I hate everybody can sell you a little bit about her own so cellar with your wings over. Your wings are in the left don't lose she's ever knows that mile Odyssey debate about that all day I didn't want but it celery values of Peter Buck. I don't need a big explosion for peanut butter that's what you're trying to do you're trying to use that as an instrument the idea peanut butter all use a spoon around the ides I don't like to cooked vegetables asparagus. Colleagues allow our hearts broccoli Oliver. Cruelty unlike snagged RB I do like does that reseller is harmless I do like zucchini that's pretty good that not against that does that could care it's like the Japanese places and a when they're not really cares anymore those things are deliciously like we need to start a radio sports. Radio show here at some point I. Actually like we do I think he'll sign and so anyway Jim so she'll be in for three days while I and Al and he will do any bang up job by the way on the show today. Bobby Lewis joins us tell all niner nation Bobby Lou to be your talks in college troops. Tom's serve as a college hoops analyst for some reason we don't months that on SNC here coming up in the near future we are Mike Florio today in the 9 o'clock hour. And we have is. Billy don't call me Willie turning Gomez the newest source addition he's coming up in the 8 o'clock hour so we all that stuff. The biggest stick at the biggest sort of yes there's a Mike Shula got hired as an offensive coordinator I thought he if he was gonna get any job I thought it would have to be a quarterbacks coach job again. Which quite honestly that's the job he said the most in this league and that's the job I feel like she is best for. I don't necessarily know of offensive coordinator is is the job that he is the best stat. Com go to New York football giants on short days gentleman played a big role in this. Are much higher Mike Shula as the offensive coordinator he. And zombie now Darrell doubles or doubles under consideration of former Seattle. Offensive coordinator Dalton he's pretty sure I would not have chosen Shula over bevel. But the giants did he will not call the place. He wore a patch charmer. Who came over from Minnesota where he did an amazing job as an offensive coordinator he will call plays I'm sure shall be a big part of played designed during the week. Game plan during the week you know practice work with the offense during practice bullet comes to actually call the plays pass Sharon Mercer is now. I got dad on my oh so we don't need you for that Mike Shula but. Mike Shula does have himself a job ladies and gentlemen. While couple things with this Matt you have the vikings to blame as the reason why my soul has a job in New York because they would not allow their quarterbacks coach. To come BD OC reader reader video seat with his guy attacks are there. They use a loophole in the rules well you also blame the NFL for stupid rule yet still so this guy. I allows you to deny permission even those somebody's going to get a promotion Kevin Stefanski is the guys they're dead heat. They there's a rule the NFL stats. All assistance are treated the same but you can't block a guy Tebow and that's an assistant coach a coordinator and he's interviewing for head coaching job you can't block that. But it's. This rule is stupid it's got to be changes unfair teams can blocked. Interviews for assisting coaching jobs or even to me that says I wanna go with pat sure our our work with here Minnesota. I wanna do with him because you're not gonna make me the outs and scored they're Kazan don't hiring John. So it makes sense is just got to go past Serbia chance for career advancement. He would media often scored they are giants and the stupid rule allows Minnesota say no. And I do agree with you why would you say no link you're not giving that guy the opportunity to be ahead be a coordinator you bring someone else in to be a court later. You don't think of him enough to give them that jobs and I let him go somewhere where they do think enough of. It's just it's just common courtesy your human decency to when a guy's got opportunity and he doesn't have the opportunity would you or team. It's a let him get out there my first reaction would issue would news on shall discuss it further. This hour was as a supporter of the giants I wanted to light myself on fire stylus like source SE Shula hire giant. My first reaction is I wanna gasoline by itself a just and at all. Pennies are to think about it. Shula is probably gonna work more with the younger quarterbacks Davis Webb is there are gonna draft a quarterback I don't think she was got to anti dot Eli Manning. The nation was gonna commit and go play Eli try to changeup and it's more pat sure we're gonna focus I think on Eli. In that stopped him. Sure to do so more can help in that regard I think his impact might be more wit the younger quarterbacks. Then Eli Manning. Is that you're trying to tell yourself there's always that ought to take that was needed to better tell you I'm getting really what's what to do it now sure it was gonna handle that's well assures a head coach like he will call the plays but they really we're gonna have two young quarterbacks and also need attention. I think Shula may be their more for that ended the current. Starting quarter. A guy. I you go with that I just think he's there to be the offense coordinator but he will not called place but I would guess he's a big part of the game plan. The play design. During the week. Dispatch server can't spend the whole time on the offense in practice he's now the CEO the whole operation he's gonna have to deal with things. He never had to deal with when he was not when he was just an offensive coordinator. So I mean let's Silas and act like speechless Adobe I'm saying he's got your offense he's got his age out but I think he's brought in more for the younger quarterbacks. That's our biggest is that good is that guitar god status that I'd I'd rather have him doing that didn't didn't try to match of the Eli Manning. But I think he will only work with Eli and practice stuff like when they're running play a severe areas. I don't I think these are they don't put him on the size are you guys think he's OC name read these more than quarterbacks coach and that they're neo sick today not have the quarterback's got these court let's go to guy and he's always see god and I and a Oka as saying I think he's more the quarterbacks coach then. They Shermer is gonna handle most of us it's a more that that's exactly fits him more by its. I don't know fired and I just he's he's on you seem mound again you can't get rid emotional. What is alleged dry it wet and I get rid of it went through months ago and that's just speculation that. Things are so bad a new way to weigh in and Bill Belichick has got such a lot. For the giants organization that hey. You know what maybe Bill Belichick of these through it please the patriots take jobs back home with a hoodie. Upholds a New York in a month later what are we talking about Mike Shula is intact on the giants off. No I don't buy outs eggs changeup we went from the goat. And that's what. A version of goats I will just. I'll just say this known if you bomb it is kind of funny that panther fans got rid of them and here you are this is a downfall to having multiple teams. Because you could end up. Having to get stuck with coach you can't stand multiple times. Yeah I thought sure will be the jets. Think they get human relationship obviously I'd change it I was gonna get it would actually like Cilic has he might not. Did you only option and ask I would have to think though that was the reason why he is there a ride it seems to quince and panel. Pat sur Mer has never worked Shula they have no relationship working together. Tom and all ironically. Pat sure we're back in 2013. Competed against Mike Shula for this job. Yup and scorn our job in Carolina and child less Shermer got an interview hue Jackson got an interview they chose Mike Shula anyway. In order to keep content with guys say one thing here about Mike Shula as I keep hearing folks say exists. Well Mike show you got to give him credit he designed an offense around Cam Newton here in Carolina around his skills incorporating the college game that he did it all burn. Rob is Hinske did that. Got tired of hearing that Mike Shula design this thing around him and he was so brilliant because. A lot of coordinators wouldn't have taken cams skill set from college in used to know Russia since he did debt. Mike Shula was here for two years which Judd as a quarterbacks coach all he did is said. Held an idea let me keep doing that. So let's act that it was Mike Shula who got Jim Newton said this is what I'm gonna do takes a little place of Auburn that was robbed freaky doesn't speak much same Schulze a complete bomb team won't. He's all right I will say this he's never been entrusted with and it was a team that wants to play offensive football he was in Tampa. Wiz a Tony Dungy. And all they want to do is win thirteen ten. And he was here with Ron Rivera Carolina he has never this the first time he's ever worked for offensive head coach as a coordinator and that head coach. It's going to call placed themselves and their. So that tells it to be obvious they listen to what our national. National people and people in New York radio yesterday talking about why he west here we come back I'll talk about what ticked me off about. There would be shocked the nationals thought I soy in tea at close to going on the airports like and it certainly was. They're trying to figure I love won the national guys try to figure out what the hell's going on here and they have no idea what I can barely figure out what the hell's going on here are solid every day. I we will take a break here by the end the show Bo will be convincing us he's nothing but an equipment manager or water bought. On the secret contracted W opens eight dot com his email address it is the Mac it's act. Lose the net BD latest known. Souter to own the Carolina Panthers it's they named it some viewers sports fans might be pretty familiar Whittle tell you that next. We're back we'll get this thing go in the my Mac at WS Lindsay does. I've done goodnight to college hoops tonight's. When duke in state and Clemson all inaction. So I'm sure we'll touch on that throughout today last night Virginian biggest ACC game Virginia on the road over Miami they bounce back from a there. Oh loss to Virginia Tech. Also we had. In a very not being ACC game last night we had Boston College beat Pittsburg. I'm Boston College still has earth just are still has a donut in the win column there but that. They would like him again. Have a sense is that again for the sort of wartime hey what's going on here but came back to that gigs it was a you don't want to for more than 45 seconds and they were down by right senate mr. Earl Robinson from Boston College. It's unbelievable he's damn good image Tim Bowman both tonight in North Carolina kids. It was up 28 to thirteen at one point I was like oh my they're gonna get an ACC victory no they end up losing by Alex wanted to. I don't Jarret turnaround that is all right haunt your vegetables and frank is an eager player like Beckett in some games three or four years and we are. Sixty does have a lot of pressure next year. God it's gonna do exactly your team is gonna have. The donut in the ACC went out looked like if we would have treated kemba you gotta go down to get up decorated stallings. Gonna gonna get up. And I got around now all right I have the US Olympic hockey roster here you are correct I don't know any of the people on this roster is abort though. Which might be the son of ray Bork. Possibly now looked at a bar that's big news of its all take joy that I maybe take a pucks out pucks and got ready to go maxed at WS Lindsay dad John. Email address building senators got people died sexing it about how to prepare broccoli and all this stuff sauce or. There's also forces them now that we are talked we already gave vegetables too much airtime today our rights. That's no fun. OK so Jason look in four we did this out last night CBS NFL insider. That its ranks for Tina. Formerly. Them. Here's brother right Lorenzo were muggy too onerous. Of the USC right they're yes though they're a zoo slow is it really is ranked by bullies science say they only USC they've been sold its. But so Haas Frankfurt cedar is one of the dinners one of these years deep space. And the lead dog in one of the ownership groups or six ownership groups vying. To buy the Carolina Panthers. So that's kind of interesting is here USC guy you know the strategic name means something to you. And Doss frank for teed it is and that he would have to do with this particular sports product. For teen for T dot net debt. To the rabbits and how you need the solution if you guys are going to lead to suit on the days and I. That's ideas fellows then it was up. Some trouble here S eat all our CIT CA rocker yes Frankfurt sees it key areas my bag continued he owns the he had his brother on the station casinos out there in Vegas. His father started the station casinos out there in Vegas. And he inherited it. He is worth 2.2. So that's kind of the skinny on him. I guess is cousins. It is one of the owners of the rockets. Somebody told me last night on Twitter. Yeah and doctors and old men or some Tillman for tears a lot of for seed is what a lot of money that could have been involved in sports stay you know day in day. They have the sports bog like being involved in sports so he is one of the you know the leader of one of the six groups. Understood local and there's four out of town so obviously he's leading up wanna be out of town groups. A bomb other names that we know me we know about Felix of bodies. And you know much in NASCAR dudes involved in a group although we don't know for sure who a lot of these names are. And and there was some talk last week about lead to Barlow. Mom he you know remember when he yes you know expressed interest initially in mind that seem. And it seals like as some seem to think get to Barlow is involved in one of those out of town groups to news so. Were started piecing together a very serious bone to know the full six groups right now it sounds like we know about three there's even a local group that were not aware. A who's involved. He announced he's pork 2.2 billion dollar so's his brother so think about dvd add their money together what they have magnet. These they're so obese people that money got to who's gonna who's got outbid them did literally want it LIG said. There's no East Coast heist but as they went they want a sports franchise this is our way Indo sports franchise that has it doesn't matter. Where you come from but when you when you have four billion dollars more than four billion dollars combined who's gonna. How did that these gaps. Well I don't know they're I mean I'd I don't think anybody's. OC I'm sure there's tons of rich dudes that's. Don't saying I don't know and I don't know necessarily obvious just goes to the highest bidder. I mean I guess Jerry can choose whoever he wants. But the league I think you know they care about money but I don't know if they just want to dole highest bidder the etiquette on their casino heist I don't sports in any event it digested the casino holdings and I didn't see the brother's name I don't know how much tees and ball bulk Lorenzo for raw IR is a disservice rank is I didn't see it he was involved in a lot of or report I got it just at Frankfurt teed it is the adult. On this group. Other student says look what frank demons USC literally put MMA on the map announced ten times more popular than boxing. And it's true it was a huge success from a marketing standpoint huge success. Would you give him that credit don't orgy coming give the fighters that credit of blade like deserves like daylight on a credit debt and Connor McGregor stuff like that people those kind of personalities kind of hope you'll see out a lot of wouldn't give him all the credit. Well but I think you sure he's got to be of all he's got definitely credit write a lead group. This dude says Mac guys from Vegas West Coast guy no way he keeps the Panthers here. He's businessman it is he looks at this market and sees the way this market has been striving 157 straight sellouts. And sees the growth of this market I also like he's a West Coast guy what West Coast markets or less was getting a Las Vegas he's a Vegas guy there and pretty soon. The exhorted his team now the raiders are on the length. LA's got two teams. San Diego where's he going outlast most of the west's. Spots are now Santo Oakland lead you know one team I can't. And I got severed just go out their styles I don't now Mac and W Athens he got chemist who says every morning and it's good to see what kind of non sports topping the boys will get hung up on for have to show LO LL lo green that's the village green veggies and green veggies I can't stand seriously. I want nothing to do with the how does that happen mantle that I don't like you know I don't like talking about our politics and everything green is good trio. Every taste like crap so it. I grew up and started making decisions on mother's that I need bad stomach days like dharma. Before we go to break his keyboard and their cars and they were gonna get out and has found out they sound out that. Chris Moore USA hockey is assigned a Red Sox are today that is the only bit take Slovenia the day take that baby. I'd Mac team USA gets go on at 710 with no NHL players aren't match at W and Z dot com he wanna jump in if we get a cheapest way to go we will attempt to do a segment. Without mentioning any green vegetables only comeback that is our goal to do that it is the Mac it's at 102 point five WFAN Zeta. Sure. The home the the many ladies around Charlotte and view us. As your Sports Radio Valentine's all right this is for you ladies we appreciate all three of you listening to this. Show on a daily basis god bless Shia. And Seles you better break out the stops today. You better break out the stuff because you may not give a hoot about Valentine's Day but it is no time for you if you've got a significant other you gotta get it done. It has zero sell out there doubt in the dolls and UCLA gear you have nothing going for yourself on Valentine's Day piloting Estonia I don't know DB but it's Eddie. Remember we just quite seal. Seal out one point that Heidi what it's sealed again Heidi clue we YouTube through despite a balance. I was ready he lost Terry Lawson here ugly divorce he did was that he would seal seal up one point. Had Heidi coil molecule American Nazis that's very true by the way. Why did you say something about a loser in Estonia or something asset value. I don't whenever Ozzie says it it was a nice Sony is hypothetical example and you might be guy listening to gas noted has trouble what many might think to yourself I've got another dog myself. Well just think that sealed sealed the neighborhood that I won't. That's specific to one person are you ripping Estonia I was opened Marcum got. That works better Odierno is making sure I don't want all the guys in G telling it was all the specific to morph from Estonia but when I say his name it's like when he saved. It is navy pier subsite until his name I would say the odds are pretty good to demand that shows up randomly album public and Dale Junior fire suit I would say it's pretty good chance he spends down times today. By himself or with his mother tonight. That is our critics and there's nothing wrong when mom's by the way Rick says. Com you can sell the way I was young Zach talks about taking orders from his mother that he is still connected to the and I can't say a word here. It's hesitancy. It starts at eight arm how man no exact don't take that from these guys experiment to see if it goes a way that's fun is that I think whatever it. I don't people are asking you teased this weekend in this college football tendon single one down we have a discussion. About about this in about going to sporting events is it something that is becoming less appealing. Tom what's first what's this thing you want to say about what the national guys were saying well Jeanne stand. It's I understand that not everyone focuses on the issues of the day a Thursday today I get Dax there was that our national perception yesterday it was Solomon also. I with the New York media that Shula got it right out of town because of tea. But he did get along with cam. In a sensual packet I don't think that was the taste I think Shula wasn't very good at running the offense and that's why she was at a tad did you have that any moments. That you remember where can ensure law. Butted heads we talked about it I don't think I mean we're not there but to me it was more maples former spice show lot rather than candid take notes run out of here. You'll shall had a sat at his chances and probably got along pretty well aqsa martyrs chances yeah I don't think there was any I'd never heard anything about it either imagine this national people just making up stuff because it paints cam and a bad light. Right and that's that's a bother me ask about imagine that it's annoying when they say there are many other quarterback without any other basis for a and you said that these guys were on New York radio saying this and then you also said. But there was another guy Joseph was a George Bernard who covers the giants are very serious the end. Who jumped innocent hold on you guys that are wrong there wasn't any friction there between amateur you're sitting or they got along well so at least somebody got it right there is no problem now didn't get along too well this Cam Newton needs somebody like Nora that might yell at his ass. And they might not you know you I mean they're meant it tiny little friction. I don't think I don't think it would hurt camp to have a coach who coaches him hard 'cause we don't get the feeling that Shull endorsing coached him very hard so. I think I'd actually like a little more friction. Between the offensive stance. And and Cam Newton on the sing with date with the football attendance Mac and W captaincy that Tom college football attendance is drops. Over 3%. It's the most it seem like much but it's the most college football tenants SPS attendance has dropped. In 34 years. You're not or texting back and forth about this like we've seen the attendance issues in other sports heck even the NFL not only ratings and they've dealt with some attendance issues lately. College football's a sport don't you least expect it and you know because college football experienced a big sign that BS college football experience is something we can't be duplicated. I sit at home so it trip you know on the couch. Like that's all about tailgating atmosphere scenery as you tailgate. Then you go into the game in the atmosphere is unbelievable like I love the NFL. But I would be the first to admit that there is a much bigger difference between the the college football experience at home. And after game then there is with the NFL at home and had to game rigel today. This one this one's on me. When he tell we have an SL attendance drops or another sports attendance drops I understand the reasons on this one a baffle bomb bomb Paul's old. On why college football it has been tremendous. The sport is down almost on the rise even more unity here it seems with the quality in the a lot of CNET dirty your team's last four games. So it's not like you have. In the NBA you have forty plus home game so I get it why are they as good good all the games. In college football. There are certain years you have four games so why would attendance drop a few could only see your team at home four times a step past thirty years yet they don't get to change this. But when you only have four games for your team in every game matters. Why why why wouldn't you take number two deceit or team Y I'm confused by the whole thing. I am a clash in two scenes that are listening right now like. Are you becoming less inclined to wanna go and see two games in person. Like the NFL. Attendance has dropped. You see college football's top medical college football tennis is down over last nine years like 10%. Which also surprises me because again this is a experience can't be duplicated NASCAR's attendance is and I love the sport man it is down astronomically. I mean they're Terrance and around. Backstretch grandstands and stuff that they bills. You know to keep up with the demand in the early 2000. And I'll ask you guys this is a general question and you can get specific with it or not like. Are you guys are sports fans that are out there listening and becoming less inclined to go and see sporting events lives and it's so locked. And because I and maybe I'm a bad example you're tied to same way or T bone I think we're both big watching on TV guys. Because specially during football season because you can watch so many different games I'll be that the panther games all due to the post game show and stuff like that. But like on a college football day. I like being asked to sports bars like we were trail house this year while like being at home sit on the couch in your slip in between games I get a DVR goal not a bunch of different games like. That's what I like about football all the games on it wants even college basketball is great does that experience is on Tobacco Road lives. Like watching the games and bounce it around and stuff like that you know sit there on the couch. I'm a big couch dude you know plus with a family it's a lot easier for me to be liked. Our honey isowich how's your four hours I still get an you don't get an occasional eye roll but it's not like hey I gotta go for the whole day you know I mean up to Chapel Hill or something like. That you said Dick how support drops what the last nine years right in NASCAR how long has NASCAR been having this problem for about a probably right coming close to his rival first got here whether it's sort of grass for Scott he basically what does does that dropped. In attending games in sports coincide with when the economy had problems. And maybe people back then. Couldn't spend money on sporting events. They stayed home in the end it CB experienced now gets better and better bettors Lego why don't try to NASCAR fans get ago was not going to add years ago. I just watch a home now say much does the economy impact from a decade ago still have a lasting impact on sports that. Even as the economy gets better because people like tea I realize I can go without their second watch this at home we can spend money elsewhere. I'm the number one reason people are saying right away as to why they're not going is ticket prices obviously. It's already cost too much this dude says another guy says ticket prices. And are you doing this in all sports because again I would've thought college football would be one word organizer light. Now I gotta do that I got to still do my trips to Death Valley or is that still. I'll do my trips to Carter Finley. But. 910 years of college football to soak the question you guys is. Is it all goes it all across the board was sportswear your scientists also say I'm going to less games. I'm sitting at home watching him and then the second one is is there a sport so that's immune to that for you like his or sport you're not gonna give up our guys that are paying their season ticket holders are not going to give that up bright light that are committed. To that I'd given up hornets play off games for awhile. You don't wanna know why no word I don't know or playoff games argues against a strong Tebow stays strong I will never forget that time Dwight Howard into an hour's mom yelled at me that first ever ordered some playoff games and now me amount of power on the same score odd naming our listeners go to a break. We come back what are your shoes I think is interesting conversation as a source sports is headed for you personally. Going to games last 70457096. Standard or is live experience still worse spend it all elect national talk about it. So I start doing some good. Google and during the break articles for. Last. Year 2017. About attendance dropping yet most sporting events and the first thing they point to note is the oldest. We've heard about this for years the cost for a family also wore your cents a year average family to go to sporting events. And they can't take like the Red Sox as a MLB example 360 dollars. Maple Leafs in the NHL 572 dollars to take a family afford to a hockey game I'm sorry repeat that you couldn't pay me. To take a family of four to a damn hockey game. That's 572 at bats Maple Leafs I don't think Carolina hurricanes' game lacks a sense of Canadian Canadian money a difference it's the next 676. So there's 685. This is one trip to one game at least the NFL. It's one game a week it's one of data home dates bidders that's important. These other sports fan how can you afford to go to an NBA game for a stinking 16676. To take a family of four who wants to do that anymore. I pay a hundred in I don't know 120 dollars for the NBA pat whatever the number is better pay a month away. I don't wanna blossom next play and that's feet point dollars a month I don't want to watch next. But in my brain clearly for 600 dollar by the way you bring up like the league Tesla DM BA yes. Jerry says Mac with things like Sunday ticket on league pass you how much action I can watch sit at home I'd rather spend my money. A few hundred dollars to buy a package for the whole season for the sports. A bomb distance as the Carolina Hurricanes are five dollars and 76 cents per family I don't. Think he might go a little too far on that one there. Our models SEI Macs Adobe doesn't he does comment is this something it's happening for you guys. Are you are you part of this movement to go to less live sporting events and why 70 floor. 57096. In our Brian is up next hey Brian what what's your experience what this. Mac I don't led brother would say. Got a dog just quit attitude to protect it became much Juliette I've. We can't bury it at the very lack truck that's all I'm. Out of eight dollars. Can he have a we have these. To the pampered and at a reverend ago. It's now harder to get right to accomplish those games we have a thirteen don't know it ever been and it's harder to get to become our rent to mitigate. Well I do not watch the audio they're cut up and it. Yeah but I didn't think of that angle that's a good point you know it's like let me monitor must see that's the thing that's happened if I'm Brian that's a yes good to its habitat the conversation. These are losing care more about their fantasy team and their real football team it kind of makes me mad but listen I. I had to say to see modest as bugs bit me I've gotten really into it. But I'm not to do it sits there and once a guy Julio Jones to score three touchdowns against my damn team. There are some people out there Tebow then are more concerned when other fantasy teams doing them their real sort by tape that god that's annoying that actually put it but I don't blame you if you're like I can watch the panther game I can spend less money I can monitor yeah I think that's reality I do. I Mac and WS and Z dot com easy email address. If you all wanna jump in and share your story we start talking about. The attendance drop in college football the biggest in 34. Years. And we are both saying Amanda's college football's losing some attendance numbers you know just about every sport is just that life experience is one that usually can't be Dougal. It if you care more about your sanity in the new realty amoled balsa Bruce analysts forecast for Bob your this'll just what. Out for both lives are I mean I really think Osborne said door keys for God's sake seriously. I've got enough on my regular my regular T Soria got in my fantasy teams to go back there and hear from some more stands on this 170457096. Stand are you going to less live sporting events like most of these. Sporting world seems to be doing damage John is up next say dame job. Well. We talked about not go to. Don't want to etiquette and hit an Alabama game. There is probably half the rate of pop but it won't by any. Is. Okay. Our main went up about my ticket Booth school I got to operate. 01 conference gave it to cupcakes. You know I. Give skeptics worry about it if I can make it. Did they charge the same price for to cupcake games as the conference game or. Yeah oh no. I'll look at the top gross what now all of Allred gave it was. Uttered a dollar may not talk at the top wrote it is known. Upper today and him or in the worst thing about the art of letter but then they uttered they doubt that's ridiculous gate. Are you doing great damage shot in Tennessee our regular game a cupcake game while you're scheduled this point. Are there. Your ball you wanna say this is not this is not this false advertising we're getting into a game we play the balls. Are man Tebow take you today mr. says hornets over charge like crazy to concession stands or refuse to go. I'm not gonna act like gates weeks' single points out on mental. Isn't that a universal thing I mean other than Arthur Blank. Other than maybe Augusta National for the masters I mean Martinsville for roasting hot dogs they sell them like two dollars or something like I'm having a hard time and video are video by experienced no more than me. But he don't I'm having a hard time coming up the places in sports major sports were I would say they have affordable and not jacked up concession prices it's just it's almost what you've come to expect a lot of people are saying. The ticket price this guy right here Mitch ticket prices don't deter me from taking my family Mac it's a concession prices. You can't get out there went to without two or three concession tricks for the kids. Plus a stoppage team store yeah when you have a family you get a lot of pressure really like let's let that while it loose. But that wallet how a little bit like and I know I don't want people are saying could just tell a Mac tell you kids you know hey you know I get nay saying and and and I'll pick my spots on that. But a lot of times it's like I'll go to one or two games a year some undeniable you don't know. Girl taken the one or two games a year early chorus games or some undeniable though Campbell let him by somebody goes. I am viable lists of NFL concession prices from 2016. Obviously probably rub a little bit but our dog and a dear. In San Francisco was eighteen dollars one hot dog won the eighteen dollars oak went out there. Was 1975. For hot one hot dog one beer. Yeah so it's not just these are just afford it's it's. Sports in general it's Ed's absolutely outrageous it's got what I commanded I I praised Arthur Blank and Elena for what they did IX. That's unbelievable that's an unbelievable idea and actually they profited off and. I wish to do Panthers owner of Frankfurt seed whoever it is Felix about this is group to ever do Barlow like I wish they would take relief from that and see the people did actually spend more money on you know merchandise and stuff like that in the stadium because they had they felt like I got money to bar and are we come back where we can just goes good conversation. At some point well at 730 Bobby Lewis joins us to talk college football's cartels vessels servers are college hoops analyst Diamondbacks have a 245 dollar hot dog. Five dollar hug I need a diamond back don't people. Well as they say that's why we come back I'm gonna search that does figure out what's in there aren't that aren't usually we come back though we keep this conversation don't ever I saw about their own experiences were talking about to drop. In attendance about three a percent of college football's biggest 34 years. And all the sports seem to be going through this to some degree are you going to games last what's the problem America.