Mac Attack: Willy Hernangomez

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Wednesday, February 14th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with the newest Hornet, Willy Hernangomez. 


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Hi where are rolling into the 8 o'clock hour thanks for hanging out what does everybody happy Valentine's Day. Hopefully you guys. Will come up clutch this is like game several World Series if you got a lady like you've got English shift so. What she adds kids and then it kind of feels like the pressure's off. Especially if you're taking the kids on a Disney tripped and my wife I don't think gives a damn about Valentine's Day. But it's. If you guys around their man married or dating you got to come up clutch tonight all right come up clutch by the way. We're doing the Valentine's Day edition of FaceBook live which includes the first lady of the Mac tech FaceBook lives Diana that's coming up to about 10:30 this morning. Included in there we need more of these from you guys. She is gonna choose the best to worst pick up lines that you can spit out there towards her so send those that don't don't consider text line horse pick up line you've got. She will read the best ones are FaceBook like 704 or 57096. And I want to gain new pants or wide receiver loves that's what I want this offseason. We're to talk about daddy your second. Mega shark cover says Osama tour right now 38 degrees Fortis or eighty seats you know it's available for 89 dollars. With Charlotte Comfort Systems going to be 75 degrees here in Charlotte the next two days of why your guards. I just want job you know this article the eighty something down there in Orlando baby I'm taken all short stamina to Orlando on Moby pool side drinking Beers all side maybe all sorts r.'s going to be beautiful that Gator fans we learned that Davida FF. All right let's talk about just Panthers wide receiver. Bodily Billie heard Gomez new big man for your Charlotte hornets. Bottom of the hour 830 and 830 religion giveaway we have Rod Stewart ticket summit at Saddam balloting tie state prize to win for your sweetie. But right now let's get in this wide receiver Sam get a lot of emails and text a wanna hear from you guys calling in text in emails about this thing. I believe in my heart bone the best way to get a wide receiver Guinness. Through free agency or search rate I think that is the best way to do it for this squad. Because. You know and there's an article right report wrote an article about this yesterday. There's there's not us right at wide receiver that's a position that often is hard to pick. Or it's a position Tebow where it will take some time look at art actors Samuel stake in some time. Would the wide receivers taken in the first round last year Corey Davis John Ross Mike Williams. On guys like that didn't really make a big impact in the first year you know so it's a position where I wanna get immediate impact immediate help for Itanium. We can't sit here every year at the end of the hearsay. I am after first review camp could use more weapons which can't be doing that every year. I want to know what you guys think of my idea and I want you guys give me your idea that maybe you guys are thinking draft. And I gruesome Joseph person set on our show couple weeks ago I give they wanna do this and go. Freeagent trades and draft a guy I'm not against that either if you wanna double dip at wide receiver let's get some competition can't. We did not disappoint. No sense Breton Burson we can't get to the point where he is playing a key role in the playoffs are death to disposition needs to be better. And I think we also need someone to be paired up with fun just as kind of the one day or one B hi every one a sort that out. More I think about it trading for marte does Bryant is my favorite idea. I distinct this dude has so much damn talent so much potential. Big dude. Goes up and gets a football. Do you still sealed explosive play a guy like I just think TM before it re emphasized the deep ball for Cam Newton this year. And try to get him thrown its way he did earlier in his career which was one of the best in football. I think a guy like Mark James Bryant would be huge for that. You're also getting him on a contract year you know he's messed around he's done some things just goes in line with the new owner. In my opinion I want to new owner be willing take a risk on guy. Mark Davis Friday probably give up amid. Round pick forma would sink he's got one year left on his contract seven art thousand dollars it's real cheap. Now obviously he's gonna be a free agent asked her. Bias I think this is type of guy contracts here about the you might get more focus and he's been before and I leasing to do would be exactly what this offense needs and there's other guys are light. But trading for Mark Davis brought that would certainly make a statement managed this team is going to be aggressive and take. Risks you can that would put the cap situation you're gonna be creative and maybe try to find some value. With some sightings right. What about this now an adult bass this awful forty. Seventeen basis also of what he did the year before it is value this year is much slower than it was a year ago a guy like Terrelle Pryor. Hit a thousand yards for Cleveland 77 catches for touchdowns that on himself on a one year deal with the Redskins I don't know what happened. Twenty catches 240 yards and a touchdown I don't I don't quite know who the real Terrelle Pryor is yet. But his price tag will not be nearly as high as it was a year ago that a guy that you catch the deep ball for camp. On a cheaper deal. Hello do you see him as a deep threat you see him as a bigger guy didn't catch that won't catch deep balls but I thought he was catching eight was catching deep balls in Cleveland when he had a thousand art solo check out his numbers check out these numbers and yards per catch the stuff like that. So you don't like Mark Davis Brian. Our idea on discover the alternative orders of that yet a lot of people are saying Josh Gordon. Josh Gordon is an exclusive rights free agent thirteen yards a catch in 2000 and access. Amazon's huge scandal tag but he still guys coming into result he's not a he's not an old player easily relatively young guy I needed died can get downfield man object evils value citing well that's true too like and that's once they Mark Davis Bryant is 700000 dollars next year not a problem is. You gotta pay him if you want him after that would give you their forms you gotta pay him. Armed Josh Gordon exclusive rights free agent so they can tender him like that Joseph Torre was was right about the Jesse thank you consider him and like whining here. 800000. And nobody else can bad like you have his right it's not like even a restricted free agent. Could you try to trade forum what he'll try to trade formidable Cleveland has done with them or is Cleveland. How to seems likely the might wanna give it a shot again went. But Josh courted so it was the same sort of thing if he were being made available on the trade market. I'd be dealt with that would I want just seemed to take risks go for extreme talents like riding board and I like both those ideas. Here's a question to you guys do you like the idea of taking a risk. When Bryant or Josh Gordon or is there a better idea out there are getting a lot also sex killings and attacks on this. And Maurice on the but I want your three guys on the phone line like this is a sexy position it's sex need for the Panthers. It's it's it's it's it's definitely needed to get CM Newton. You know some help gone in this order offence to was gonna it's gonna push the ball they'll feel. So we need someone they can get still feel what is your solution at wide receiver wanna hear from you all on this 704. 57096. Stand if you guys wanna jump in building center text lines same number. Armed fireman here to us who is a guy who were not mentioned that would help his team a wide receiver. Every damn GM is UP GM whoever else going to be. We'll talk about that we come back. And coming bottom of the hour we introduce ourselves to Spanish big man. Billy herding dome as of your Charlotte hornets so we want sure calls next. On the pants a wide receiver knee. Looks in the studio you know we're alive and some phone calls talk about panther wide receiver search 2018. Analysts also welcome sir for Osborne somebody's talking about Rutgers and lord knows in Nebraska. In the Big Ten basketball tournament and a couple of weeks until annual level noise. So please don't tell I. OD nine a brassy physical weirdest now. I did hear it I can hear it so it doesn't matter you can play interview client doesn't matter I can't hear that I have headphones on gonna turn out. NASA and condiments. I was in 62 Osborne who is odd Nebraska's best basketball player right now the had to take out. 01. I think it is he's Palmer junior. That's the grass gets off their other. It bubbled allies they are all on the bubble I'll give you some looks we can get back to this stance to wide receiver start here Jarvis my injury a lot of guys seem Jarvis Landry he's just at least a possession guy he's gonna talk cost a ton of money. I can I just don't feel like we got crucial McCaffery catch a ball straight your sketch do we need land you're scheduled for nine. I look we go to silence your cell but but so we wanted like so many. Com all on why you're wide receivers the best wide receiver to get and you go free agency draft or both panther fans and Jarvis went started or what Jarvis landry's money. This completely take away nor while. So when try to ignore well then why injury aesthetic accidental or value why does one say and I think you could save some money with guys like Stiller crying Khalil Charles Johnson Russell Shepard. You can afford it nor well you you certainly could trade for a guy like Brian easily gonna cost similar thousand dollars this these are a guy like Paul Richardson someone like that Paul Richards is a good when I do got deep for for low ross' last year man he did for about really Snead he's out there are also. I'll let you like Willie stays higher interest I say and we really need not only get some calls in the wide receiver this team easing candy ages who 704. 5709610. All right Matt is up next what's up. And our. One well mark and they look you know a few writers and talk about you know that look penetrate amp. I hear all that equity takers the next contract problem. Here they traded for and then maybe you know work but our property. So that money I'll have to shot. And you walk in probably in Dubai. Price effect. Teach you know ready you know obviously probably debated. Outside power. Created more and he admitted he did a pretty reasonable are that the murder you know capital rated mark well. No you pay entry to corner maybe. Those are all interesting names Michael also good when he played for Norv Turner in Minnesota Norv Turner was. When they acquired him was just you know glowing talking about in Mike Wallace has a deep threat he could still do it and always get up there and age it's not Pittsburg Mike Wallace anymore he's only 27 and just do can make some streak in place man has only 27 years old is that accurate. Is that possible when people meet on millions and nearly ten years just write and hear this right appears as one eSATA Sanders is a lot of money right now though man like if you trade Foreman took on that contract that's why I'd rather do Bryant. He got 87 that's wrong Mike Wallace sorry since. Despite the body of thirty target this thing out licensing 27 the right here those as. He's a dynamic deep threats sometimes other times he kills he would drops hey we love that here. Is that why you're here because we are dropped into it and you Stevenson against other white people bash in Bryant because of his drops last year. 6% drop bright last year. The Clinton guys are clones intensity dropped a lot of Clemson he did drop a lot of concerts he's been better at that in the pros low this problem is just off the field stuff the wacky to backe like dude just save that stuff for when you retire brother you have a lot of time. And a lot a lot of time to smoke urban a lot of money is spent on arm when you retire just focus on football right now this next contract could be a big one. Joseph says so Matt wants us to give up the middle round pick Brian has a huge here and then we can't sign on the next year now that that is the risk of that. That is the risk that. The thing would bride to his I think that the Steelers pro like juju a lot better than him to I don't want him to fill and that number two spot behind may be obviously. I think he's gonna be available because of the Jews as fast though you know senate aren't as go to the phones. Who's the wide receiver we are not mention banter fans you beat the Gianna what I say you've been a GM I mean literally we need damn GM does not work and are 70 or 57096. And our parent is up next parent who's the wide receiver that we need. I know you come and had to hop part which we got to go to Q Jack and bill I would rock the gas. He goes on other much is he's really become more polished receiver. You know expert last year. I think architect in his career if you can't do you know I would agree to a school last call. Gotta get Mike Wallace at a cheaper rate he knew I mean just two years ago he put up about art he had said art it was so whacko like quarterback those. Tell me what you need to do attempt you know it's I doubt though that. No that's that's a good one yeah it's like go genius Flacco got a revived his career Flacco can throw the deep ball there's a lot of others rose and he has not been making the last couple years but I feel like don't stress dissimilar to camps. Marquee sleep too like if you don't get that does promise and there's talk of him being a ton of money even coming off the injury to him being you know franchised. Tags but marquis Lee seems attainable. This dude has had I think of around sixty catches on average the last two years. He's a guy that spot Trac estimates would be like a four year thirty million dollar deal. That's something that if you shave enough money loss. 'cause I'm chilling out cut a ton a dudes man RI. We talked about the Super Bowl week bound I don't know what else is saying this because they seven million a grind glee I got a nineteen million dollar savings bone was about five guys so cut Stewart included I replace him with a young backs Markey is that would allow loses something you know. Is numbers won't wow you necessarily. But Jack remember where he was the pecking order for most of his yard course Korean who was strolling civil rights and it turns were worth the 12 guys most of the time Iran it was a dark already. Step double the numbers won't wow you but I think it's a guy that if he can be a main guy put a really good numbers whiz with portals throw the ball film as well. Always a strong term. This guy Rick says how about John Brown dudes are speed str that had a thousand yard season and Arizona I don't really know what happened I am bound. It's so much promise back then no quarterback play dropped off there. But John Brown's interest in cheaper guy Mon tree dumped him on crystal wondered if there's a bunch of wide receivers that are worth taking a shot on there's no doubt about it. Com distances how much cap money do we pass. Spot track has like fifteen million and I saw a list come out yes they said 10% twenty million dollars a cap room again if they go by and I'm sure why would they do anything other than what I say to do but I'm sure that's what they do over there aren't a nineteen million dollars for the cuts you can make man. 'til like you could get that number too close to forty million dollars of cap room and then you could do nor well kilowatt receive. But it doesn't Coolio fallen yeah I know he's kind of like TD he said is would be his last sure you can't Cottam sent whenever he says going to be his last year. That's why I think he was trying to do I think he was trying to to put some sort of pressure on the Panthers where you look like the bad guys in the condom but to me it's businessman so you look and you don't need you know I deathly would you say seven million dollars he has played less than half the games last two years but like Bryant clearly I think to do has been amazing. I think he's a leader. Buys I would I would be tempted to slip Tyler Larson in there and keep Andrew nor well it's a young man's game nor wells the young 26 year old player it's his prime about what people are asking Mays nor will any good. I mean again you look at pro football focus take it was worth but they credit was zero sacks allowed. And fifteen pressures allowed only in sixteen games at duke had a big season I think he's better than trade turner the problem is you're already paid trade terms and do you wanna pay too dark soy. Loyalty has got in this franchise in trouble in the past. At some point it is a business Andy you respect with a guy did for your franchise. But aside Miguel yeah is that there is saddest authenticated. Fans don't like it but I'm glad it's just time we got an historic. Well I don't know if you get off that paid leaving you become the GM Martin F turning. Let's prove prove to us you have changing your not loyal make cuts to guys like sued to save 3.5. Charles Johnson saved 3.5. Come rightly say seven million these are big savings you know the wide receiver combination known needs to stop for the day. When that com. Steve Smith has got suggested. Although I try I would take a trap happy you know Mike getting and Calvin Johnson has been suggested Bowden. Unless. We may have to move on and what's public says he Breton vs not that bad all persons on this list of free agents man that's why they're doing the bidding war Foreman I don't think we're going to be able to afford. Well he cut the lawn bone for any other owner in the league and illegal we make that part of his be part of a deal it. Mac and WS benzene got Thomas is the email addresses students says the good franchises don't allow entitlement contracts knowing it's risky it comes back don't give him plays like six or seven games like Diaz last two years and you had him as a nine million dollar cap hit. You could get nor well because of that's. Like I'm sorry I'm choosing the young guy trying to use that money son nor will I will talk about it Mac OWS and Z dot com we gotta get into the Olympic conversation at some point lighten. And it like dude it's my fellow gross. Yell in any of these Olympic defense does just seems terrible to me when we come back though. Tom Billy hurting goma's brand new orders big man. Start from Spain via New York here's Charlotte we talked to a next. Hi we're back Barack. There's a Mac attack on FNC. We get institutions at a news soreness. Com gun and Billy turning goma's that's coming up here in a secular talk to him. Yes they after his first practice with the Charlotte hornets armed discussed his role his friendship with port saying guess it was not easy form to leave his boy mandate them buddies for a while. What happened in New York all that stuff discovered by the way coming up I would say in about six or seven minutes after our conversation. When a turning Gomez you'll have your chance to win tell me you don't wanna call Weis he or the girlfriend and teller. I've worn a pair of Rod Stewart tickets for July 28 of the spectrum center honey happy Valentine's Day. We will give away a pair of tickets to see Rod Stewart spectrum senate this summer that's coming up that's coming up in a few minutes. What's going on USA hockey rosters can now now rock out expertise for different Stewart's WS that USA's up maybe I listen to assume first wanted to know from hurting Gomez is let's get Scott to the chase. I've heard Billy I've heard pronounce Willy which one is it big Fella. I prefer ability of our ability to use. I want to try to ruin both sides of the ability Billy. Okay you want supporter tried it I don't want for you are right call on your right main all right it's all right where's the career. It's the least we can do here as far as coming years Charlotte's let's talk a little bit of ballots you know what happened there are New York because. You're with the knicks and you have a really meaning courage and great start to the careers a rookie you make the all rookie team at. And then this year you know not get no minutes I think do you hope to each you've got you know they make some changes on a roster bring in cancer mean. How oh how frustrating was it in new York and in what really happened there. I mean it was sort of there you differently if you believe. Who are really replace. You know they don't have a great group Lisbon New York and discomfort or turning come. Sort of being. You know about favorite dinosaur sort of image. Ultimate hard to believe very not a struggle blips are two or army their big lets you measure. First of what I wanted to thank you. Where all the near nick sort of say general to be put to work in there. Because they remain near Indonesia's most so yes. You know percentage of the premium dollars are not. I determine how some number of degree here. You what let's split that's cool and enact and I want to ask you about that I think that's classy touch if you you know make sure hey I appreciate what happened in New York even if they didn't. You work out long term you come here Charlotte doesn't feel like he's just a fresh start aspect to this feel good tee it. Yeah Phillips after the first cut formula let this thing into the community here and incorporated this side there are being. It's a great administration on our great quickness are great players. That they've main bridge to be used to hot Denny's you don't put a team. I'm not you know this series is and I screamed what is nice is cool side Rihanna looked to be hearing some. We're talking with Willie Billy earning Gomez sorry screwed up my own promise to yeah. That was gonna get everybody's sake it's Saturday correctly and then I'll most screwed it up we're talking to Billy during Gomez from. Your Charlotte hornets brand new addition via trade last week now hey now you're you are officially an employee of Michael Jordan a guy. And I think most of us would say as the greatest basketball player ever have you met MJ yet. I don't I don't ma got away to Europe meant there and Michael Europe for case is going to be a very special moment car into this clear. An award and is very so I'm very excited schools and making you don't think I'm just being I saw it as a remain. What do you what do you think comparing them and read this guy here last week but it's a big difference from go on from New York City biggest city in the country. To Charlotte I mean what I do work to me to many were perfect nice sized snow on the we have some big city things don't we saw the smaller cities deal. But do you it's got to be like wow this is a New York anymore what do you think Charlotte's life compared to New York City. Let legacy deformities such great size all I mean here in this city. Are getting fitted are gonna smoke poured through article let him do your Simon two and no access Tumblr slope police cars. No atrocity can also my finish all go to be here. I like Datsyuk you don't like smell the food all time high that does that does that trouble for. Challenging way different. Bernie your. But I think but I read it right blissfully. I don't uterus so I don't really focused on what I think to be and you're going to be a great Griffey and not to be curious some of from the beginning so for treatment. I'm Nancy great town as a great Sam would like to welcome here we're we're talking Billy turning Gomez. From the Charlotte hornets and I was in New York City where I could smell food all the time out even Saturday and am right at at and T and they would now be dangerous for me mom died let's let's talk about you know something I find interesting too is. I didn't realize this until you got traded here we saw or read about shield you know you're just teammates with Crist asked forcing us in New York I mean you and him. Go back a ways you played together in Spain you ended up being in teammates here. You guys are really tight I mean is that a hard aspect to this you know not plan would it was Christa asks. Very dark for sure I never played against crystal our lives we are best friends when I turn. Boxing years ago. You know we've spent more time to their know what pharmaceutical we're live here aren't as they. Buddy coming on going to be excited especially the brilliant in a web front of the coach I want to guard him because generally only natural. You're going to be limited special. I want to rule in or use this opportunity to wish him I don't see. Article armory. The video editor acidity so I think closely what you did honor you know. It would be about is stronger. Better social. Yeah how would you describe your game or would you compare to somebody like cat who would you compare your game to how would you describe the hornets fans. That haven't yet seen you play your RR don't really remember seeing you plot you know. I think Paramount energy Gary. Very so. Inaudible though my aunt flora lady Laura is Laura likes her screams and angry about I know do many things looked at a slower arm. A lot of guitarists but you know especially delicate political blows so you know what my my favorite prayers. Why try to learn everybody's as Smart and so there's so I demonstrated on this and very good news is no way this one of my goals. To be here and parents are to be better. But him kind of newspaper in the low post. Good to see they're not suicide attempt shall more on the open it open the core you know determine. Grace now when when you look at his roster are Sanders seems like it is one of our best positions when you talk about the white outing and Cody Zeller. In the first and second string. What is as coach Clifford talked to you about a role like what role they had in mind they almost spring UN maybe more for the future reserve immediate rules are talking about. I mean you're right now where this is what is its. It or don't celebrate everybody in this thing are under control and eskom Nero are doing you know. Order so much even just on the budget stuff but they're really gonna not trust me. Aaron what a dual. Missing Brigham we will not have I think we have a great big carriers are. The lives Saturday and although their readers what do we find it's going to be great to learn. When those guys I'm not trying to I'm not Barbie and or sort and I think it goes without what I would completely bare outside. Oh definitely so it would have to do. You know whose members are start there's so. We're so let's go to war when approached me they're gonna be ready. Guys separate copy edition good to put British army I'm not or sort of what America going to be there are but who you know mid nineteen hundreds of. There you go brand new hornet's bomb Billy don't call me Willie. Hurting Gomez and he says people in America get confused because it's got a W but it's pronounced Billy and in New York he basically just gave up. By people kept calling him Willie because. There's a W there and it's looks like Willie so he just gave up and kind of let people call them a call him whatever they wanted to column in New York. In Charlotte I'm trying to help the man out let's call him Billy what's gone don't learn Gomez and doubles so what happens man he doesn't seem to. To really necessarily. Be you know thinking he's gonna play right away we got two bigs in front of bomb I don't know I did before he is. Its range is limited but so a good contract is one we'll see if you don't get a young guy was some potential of some upside. For a million and a half over the next two years after deceased so you've got to. An actual cheek good contracts for a change so that I guess is cool. I here's the deal. Rod Stewart is asks the spectrum center on July 20 eighths. These third caller right now two sacks young Zacks prize hotline will give away a pair of tickets. To see Rod Stewart baby. True story I once did eight. Like eight mock striptease to this song from. In my life. All while I blow their own asserted that turner or on what do you think about all this and that turner offer on I don't. Jim I got a yeah like I did it all now I just didn't suck to be selling but it does it does nothing. Security for the night with a news does nothing on but there's going to be and I just I I don't know what to do that information really. I just it's. It's just like fun you know don't let report April your wife are now have a young child tonight for Valentine's Day boning. Our here's the deal 7045796. Stands third caller right now is gonna win a pair of tickets to see Rod Stewart and balance. I'm Maggie Valentine's day's end it was just one. On the I. Doolittle danced her wife sees thank me later. Sorry we are back it is a match exactly 102 point five WAS NCAA. USA in a tight one in these non NHL. Our hockey competition. Two to one over Slovenia. Slowed Soviet just had a little the selection in front of the net. To light the lamp itself to Warren. Fourteen minutes and change left. In the third period we will keep you abreast here on hockey center we have this Olympic conversation also I need to tell you that we are reopening the Rod Stewart give way. Do you analyze it just looking guy rod Stewart's a lot of sand and slashing treated check out there here's a deal on right now we're just literally is a first caller because we are a bunch of callers with the guide a one he's ineligible when he won something fairly recently here on the station. So the first caller right now once he Rod Stewart spectrum center in July. And win them as a Valentine's Fries for Iran the lady first caller right now 70457096. Cents. Are we talk about his Olympic stocks. Because I cannot. Turn off basketball to watch the Olympics. I watched. A little bit of figure skating one night they were doing the teams figure skating and Sunday night to wasn't really any hoops on the duke game was over at that point. And I kind of put it on for about a half hour forty minutes I just so happen to see Chloe TMs like final run the other night the snowboarders seventeen year old American snowboarders. And I just I flipped over and watch stat that was backed off the channel in two minutes we're kind of off and on watching the hockey. But the hockey doesn't have the NHL players the NHL presence really gets me into the Olympic hockey usually. I'm Tebow the Winter Olympics are not doing it for me. I want to ask you and all the dudes that are listening writers were pretty much your average Joseph six packs for saints. Average Joseph six packs for Sam are you all watch in the Winter Olympics. Does this isn't two days of Austin for a bone to Summer Olympics to me or so much better in the Winter Olympics. Well into some abyss there their. Think about some of the stories we just have yet you same bolts we had Michael Selznick he would Becky swimming. We had basketball players we knew from the NBA. Playing on not only team USA but in that in the games overall so there is a lot of stuff we knew about going in at a time. That we can go you know lack of interest in this or this or this Winter Olympics I can't be in my sports airplane. In the middle basketball season. In all the sudden. Parachute now it pretend to white these sports I don't know the back stories I don't know the people one ball I don't know anything about. 99.9. Percent of these horse not a hockey stuff here it's not NHL. Is it needs a sport like and I can watch you know what's going on so maybe it. It's a hockey still has interest to make but the other sports I don't know anything about these boards its port from week to protect otherwise I have trouble there. So here's a question you guys that are listening Britain regular sports do it's like are any of these events exciting you multiple guys told me in a big building senate tax. But Shaun White last night fired a mom likes his final run the tomato can't price the Smith Peter scandalous Peter McNeeley colleagues is that what to think that the flying today I was sent home. I can't believe he's still doing it man. Do you get up there right but. Here's a look at snowboarding I can't sit there watch snowboarding even if it sure why it feels to me like it's the X games. Like it feels like game there recently made up sporting event. That is it is should be in the X games but they just kind of slid it into the Olympics matter of fact I can't relate to any of these sports man. Like I'm never Romeo solution I've never go beyond bobsled team is saying cool running us. Hockey I'm never gonna play hockey. Skiing I'm never gonna ski I'm scared to death an accident where I drive it good now in trouble in order to right kind of fun I have trouble walking across the parking. How might get on skis yeah I do I think it's a lot of from a lot of sports sooner than like cost money to play like I didn't you know. I just got a basketball one round play got a football I'll play ya mean like. The winner this Summer Olympics to me are more in my bag you have bigger stars in the Summer Olympics told you. I saw you seem Bolton Michael Phelps like those are real stars Katie Linda Steve I just told you Sean like Shaun White Khloe Kim us our space snowboarding act it did intuit what so what this summer. Is it appears to meet that we know going in. Who we won a seat. The winner game star Z emerged from the gates why do we really know buckle we can going in. We know what any of these people these wars we know they become our prior little clone this yeah I mean they become stars after they perform these give the people watch them. We know what Michael Phelps is going in this game. It's this and we wanna watch this he says half pipe we Shaun White was great best and only event I'm really enjoyed so far. Jimmy says why don't I wanna watch a bunch of pot heads competed event that like Max said should be in the X games and not the Olympics. I mean I'm pretty sure we want to other pockets can be used more. As I beg the NBA and NFL don't have some ballast OK Josh Gordon was in the have to fight while I expect. Even Jackson admitted he spoke to it is entire NBA career at the end probably during the game just you know I mean Bud's not. Is far as the Olympics I just Lindsay Vaughn I guess our guys are saying Lindsay Vaughn multiple reasons Albion to probably Lindsay Vaughn a little bit. Figure skating may be a little bags. I talk I don't this is this is one where it did if they took all the channels and have the Olympics off my TV bone I would say our guys. Like I did and I think you nailed it the hornets are all. The college basketball Moscow's best ball like crazy right now in the month of February. The summer games there's really not anything on TV or Mike now what's this baseball game number. Under until I don't mean there's nothing on at that point in the summer where I'm like OK I can't mess although you do have a little bit of NFL pre season you know make. Exceed sixteen guys you see choosing the sports that you mentioned over Saunders cavs last night. While I'm not gonna watch. Shaun White over her well brawn James his new teammates played as Russell Westbrook and Paul George to me that was. That there's a bright that he no doubt in my mind I was gonna watch out of those two things last night I'm not get what college games as well last I'm like why Shaun White over watching Virginia winning games 5950. Look at this act has sat does that sound like that's what I'm all about right now is watching college soups. Working on my brackets I don't wanna brag to pull it over twenty years may have come trying to make this the year so I'm doing my research on my bracket I had thought college basketball this season will be over a two month I haven't won once it's 26 team which ironically was what year. The last time do you cut down a zoo zoo got sent it lets you win the poll gives this dude says curling baby. This is another guy out watch curling at this point over the hornets really yeah I'd probably be healthier I'll watch these things over the hornets aren't you pity because it's all about DD athletics did this for you did you did show me though are curler yesterday that I may need to at all in a station a Russian current high gas Shia. He she's she should she's got some girl's she's curling I don't know how would you describe her Mac asks scientists frog hair there you know to add. By the way look out there's a Latvian loser is well that's quite a letter I wanted to looker as well he's double -- this all guys are sending it to me I got the Norwegians know ordered two judges enemy pictures of every good looking woman trying to say imagine this is why you watch the Olympics you born dogs. I'm mad kids WA AF Lindsay does come easy email address one Olympic events. Do you truly watch ice com lets see here we come back oh this guy didn't want hockey spoilers don't you want to watch it later. Here I thought we were doing a good job update you'll what's gone all teen USA got it's so once we updated. The only sport we are it's our during our time saw what you want us to do our. Earlier help and I we come back let's get back in the. College basketball sport that I am watching on my TV right now. We will talk with Jason Capel ACC ESPN hoops analyst. We'll delve into some of these games tonight what if duke passing go against Virginia Tech without Bagley and C state Syracuse is a bubble battle. And North Carolina how good editorials now we did and all that was Capel next.