Mac Attack: Why Blame Clifford For Hornets Issues?

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Tuesday, November 21st

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Soledad fans saying we gotta also Dylan back to Lille could come back. Even the mayor murder. In a couple of weeks or getting guys healthy and I was glad you're Kelvin Benjamin no ligament damage in his right knee somewhere near that out I wish. I wish him the best is just turning out did I think. Most of you all that said it's gonna work out for us while I was free canals and it might not it turns out it looks like chill for right and maybe I should he came in also alleged sooner but I I get really frustrated me at times but I wish the best thing to do got a real good part Mansoor wish him the best. And good old McDermott still trying to figure out who his quarterback's gonna miss. Our guys rose five picks in the first two quarters of the game. Complete six to his team and side to the other team and you are not convinced that may be that guy should be the starter what the heck are you Dylan Sean now. All right Matt who's the judge I don't. I don't I don't know these things who's the third string quarterback for the bill that got to probably get a shot Joseph Webb Johns Joseph Webb is a bit with mr. everything can't get any Iran. Also cornerback that through. Five interceptions and one half. Maybe Joseph Webb's opted to be starting quarter. Are you gonna have sort of revolution true I am going to back an area iMac did W urgency to act on saints have a a big injury big deal injury Alex Okafor after the season. And he was that second pass rusher opposite Jim Jordan they were dying to get somebody that did a good job over there and he was playing pretty darn well he's out for the season. So again I'm not sitting here put voodoo calls an open these guys get hurt which you must cite it that is definitely something. That helps the Panthers move forward our listeners of talk about this sort of stuff Leah I college football. It keeps trying to change college football playoff for driving me crazy will get into that. Are making it a little bit have a discussion about that lets have this conversation about the horrors they played well. Close so that's by far best win of the season how we bottles that what does this team needs to do who needs to do one. For the good hornets to show up more frequently they're now seven and 970 floor. 57096. And Ryan wants to chime in Ryan how did a good orders keep showing up what do you think brother. Well how how our group which got the update Dwight Howard got people is that the net and Kimball usually is a Cuba that as epic games also we want to play a very we we know we all go seek. Those figure what to watch out we do come it meant that there was always question marks about his work ethic and everything but what we're upbeat that culpable quote quite. We're loses its value this latest. It acquired other other guy out there it's after the playing good why Albert beat it beat them that they are double what they okay. I'll have to do it all but if the other doubt about beauty and they're struck the mobile bit. It feels like why Albert got to feed off their energy so we got. I didn't dribble because it seemed like they have become the clippers in Minnesota but then we struggle everyone else also would ever won or got off. They think it's the happiest upright cabinet at. Curley our cap beat the Atlanta went left right. Obviously got curly has three into the playoffs right now I'm happy they are all the division there are so the seat belt at all. It beat out in record this could be beat up a dialogue about this Joker stock in the lead up. The people always say they are the least doubt they actually people on the best debate dimple on the moment yeah yeah all your life what make that point. Now I think he best I think he best when you're sitting there like that where you would have three teams in the playoffs and again we are plenty of football we know with six games left and the falcons do have the toughest remaining schedule in the NFL. But right now I don't see how you can name any other division I this the division I honestly thought would would be in line with deep with the south. Battling for the title of best division of football was the AFC west. I don't think that's turned out the way I thought this other raiders are disappointment at the Broncos are a mess benefactor fired former. Panthers. Cornerbacks coach Tony Stewart were Jake DelHomme Mike McCauley I guess today in Denver they've lost seven in a row. So the chiefs the chiefs who started five and are one in four of their last five so to me it's without a doubt the best division of football the cancers are playing in right now which is crazy when you think about three years ago where just visualize. See if the playoffs started today the NFC south would have three T understand. Only one heard one other division has two teams and a CN NFC that is the AFC south. Jaguars in titans would be in northern division has more than one team. Yet dog no doubt about it so I think we've I think we've got debts idol I think you can argue it is the best quarterback division of football. Adds even which Amos is sorry behind me and in this division I you can still argue it's the best quarterback division of football drama this dude says keep mum got a game in this team's gonna team win and there's no coincidence. Michael Orleans runs the offense so much better month will be OK but he's nineteen he will grow to be a great player. Com a Jersey Mike with the ultimate obvious point that we did not say. You do spend and the good hornets show up. Like this team is not bill scum and that point this team is not built even though we are scores of damp points. But this team is built to win with defense and win with rebounding cliff said this yesterday said to be. And good team this would this roster this team needs to be elite defense team Italy rebounding team. You've got to see better more consistent defense of performances. And can we please for the love of god stop let me scrub things go off on us. Guys like holiday. And it. Val inside guys are just an unsealed Chris Bond guys are just dudes having career nights against us has stopped. It is not a coincidence Sabatini and comes back in Moly Marconi plays one minute the last two games. Because we're now and November 21 and guys are down the roles depart rent a point to seize more than okay it's it's time now we get the rotations officially set how we gonna. Do this game any game out. In what I said GMAC from the game of the season there's got to be times when mark goes through stretches. Or what we might SE monk for one yeah there's going to be gains also among my dear Mary White Saddam that's just the way it's gonna be with a ninety year old kid trying to find his way it is for season this got a Jack will be finals this guy Joseph says. Hello doorknob better with monk and out of the rotation. Take dad hack MCW off to court look more grown to squat. To me that's the last thing I would do is let mom be a point guard of the second you know I feel like it's been a little Dicey with him at point guard. But I feel like to shooting guard thing where if he plays with MCW. And MCW can guard the bigger guards to shoot taller shooting guard. And month to play the point guard I tell it there's some possibilities there. But I don't think it's gonna happen any time soon because what they're doing right now is working look how well the bench played last night we ones who have a rope tied MCW MKG if they were talking encourage. Yeah lot of initials. All right 7045796. Standard what will it takes it more it's to keep. Bringing an a game what are we not mention that is a key factor in are you guys Jones and from a leak Monica I know that that's gone birds of a coach cliff later in the show. I know it's going to be the number one criticism. A Clifford let's go to the phones MC is up next MC what do you say brother. I got all the its own. You know if you strip him of probably injured there grocery. All those people because they're everything you are still wonderful restored as constellation. Gold coaching bit wider world war Australian cities we preferred to distribute seed to doing our. It's just crude Bertrand dear racer but if you control could not shoot you show up as coaching. Your coach Frey didn't listen your. Coach who. They're shot or else calls yet Pro Bowl bid their culture neutral they are bigger keys. Company Kaminsky. Did get going won't. Bring up play you got a competent players and got a year to meet Robinson feel there. You can't just all due to a girl with the because more people. The group. It is if you picture. Debt. You rebel players wait go straight is stressing when your tree destroy the W. Orders. Torture and you have the look straight up not politically by quick break back. Should be. Corporate does not do it don't look. Quick court earlier. Broad deal and all the cute on YouTube like page your old state house. Brill got good behavior I'm not sure gold cup bid group as a dictator could. That's. Suggest I'm not gonna say or might discourage you but that's crazy to make this takeaway letter to Klay Thompson Bradley deal when we dollars that they were here. What you really think we're dread you guys you think we're drifts above all stars and I just can't flourish under class and I got two things to say about those two individuals and their inconsistencies. Dwight Howard is can be eight. Nut case a high maintenance that tasty. So Steve Clifford has to balance that out do I scream I am overtaking a soon midrange jumpers a game. I just enjoy your let me play just easy is due to handle. So I think there's that going on do I lose him if I tell me to issued a damn shots. The other thing is this bone about Kaminsky. Kaminsky seems mentally fragile ozone get out but I think it and coach's responsibility for a twenty something year old man's ego. Academic I'm sorry frank puts a big boy pants on and when you miss more shots should the next sort same free and confidential shot the first one because if you're mentally fragile mentally soft. You're not going get to contract you want to next go round for us or somebody else so that's that's the way I would say say about both those guys both those guys had issues. Dead dead dead. Her situation right is any inconsistencies in it commits these inconsistent and not very good is that the coaches all are done. Guys have picked. And so on sale why are we blaming the coach guys this isn't this right now worthy of the number nine Dixie that's what I keep the one visitors saw personnel guy this is it summer camp worked let's got to the toughest grit his spirit all the time. The guys stop playing well is not very good this is handing out just thought of the guys have picked up probably to lie to say little Johnny T ball. Don't know for twos striking out in Seattle noting strike out Diebold anyway like this is important Jolie struggle and you gotta give Johnny a pat the rear and get them fired up. This is NBA either roll man. I'm Jonathan says everything that caller said is right Steve Clifford is garbage we start this already at the world news later on Michelle let's start this already. Why do so many people. Zandt about coach cluster when their other obvious problems on his team into a more 70457096. Standard talking about the hornets how we get DA game more and the closer questions out there too it's a Mac attack on SNC. It is a Mac could check on FNC Mac and W a to Z dot com sending your emails. This week's. Send those babies into Mac at WFANC. Can just send those buildings senate checksum on the building set exact same numbers to call a number 70457. And ice extent for any cross fighting gravy right now. Do miss the first hour MacIntyre anti Thanksgiving Day gravy. Apparently the rest of the world is from great as you should be I knew that one gonna turn out well seriously you know be like saying you don't like football and any not gonna turn out well we were told in certain terms to go to Russia where we belong. I'm trying to compliment to Turkey I don't look at Turkey haven't made four on Thanksgiving not Turkey does not drive doesn't need the assistance of gravy it stands on its own little salt that's all China's top. Let the Turkey my family is make me whether it's my wife a mother all this Thanksgiving what. I did go to Turkey breach back right yeah I mean it's not that it needs curbing it's just better with that those investments that's the thing is how do you view Greg you review grave he has a great addition or gravy is something you only come in when your first string can't get it done on its. We have a we have a more varied on Twitter that puts a once salsa on a circuit that wants us we gotta get that is bizarre series that largely Estonia it's and I can't imagine another human being thinking like that other mark. Much the Clifford bashing has begun we opened up and see open the floodgates and now to Clifford bashing is underway. The gotta get I gotta get in this thing is I think Steve clippers held a basketball coach and I always don't understand why so many of you guys think he's bad. Do you guys think we have some sort of amazing shrinking roster out there. I'd honestly like hate don't walker scores 47 points you can't be doubles. Do you do you guys on what we yell about. Damn near half the players the and so inconsistent. That's on the players man. The jimmies and the Joes frank Garcia says it all the time and by the way I truly believe in my heart there is no more of Angelina Jolie in the NB. You've got players you can win you give Phil Jackson a bad scene he's horrible. You give Phil Jackson Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen he's a damn genius. I just honestly think that the coaches in the NBA Bo can only do so much. And that applies to Steve Clifford and the rest of them. I'd and I don't understand you bring up a good point bone where did all the show bashing go less you guys won him run out here he gets to stay. And I don't knows because of power to month and people like Dan offseason so much like where did that deal. Do I need a rundown where we took some of these players and what they're doing. Cody Zeller number four MKG number 20 France ranked number nine. Our hands on lane number nine. Pass on the old book Kirk Thompson miles turner the list goes on and on I think this'll happen to its Marc seltzer damn it showed its credit for that. He traded for Dwight Howard and got Al. Oh miles always contract did dollars in possible but he created he admitted that it was created that situation he had to get out of it himself. I think that shows a much bigger problem received Clifford is by far I just don't. Understand there's an out what I don't talk about it reported station like do you guys why is everybody so down on Steve Clifford I'd. I've I've told these stories numerous times of what people around the league say about Steve Clifford reputation. One of the best defensive coaches great coach it if mourners fired major bush announced he says it all the time the lord's fired their beeline to hire Steve Clifford. Do you hear that about rich show I also think gee do you hear a lot of people say that Michael Jordan is a great personnel man. Like I don't know exactly how much did he isn't in charge of but it seems to me that might be part of the problem to the UN an owner that is is is hands on with the personnel but not doing the personnel work all day long. All season long twos so. I just never understand Aniston says Max how come he gets so angry about the inconsistent players but not deem consistent coaching. Let's see here. As does a coach has to deal with the talent that these two that is given them. Yeah I mean he can't. Magically make all these guys play up to their draft status he also and can't make him KG. Play as a number two overall pick up in his guys sort of moral they are are also up points and guys' careers where. This is who they are right this is Zeller is this is. Price it insisted he's not a young kid he's got more he's not one he's he's older than that. And KG we know what he is he can't magically do our coaching potion in these guys are also. Arson Jeremiah says Mac coach Clifford is garbage if you guys were bodies Willem you wouldn't be safe in this. Kevin and the defense on this radio show and on this radio station to Steve Clifford. Is the worst thing about Sports Radio in Charlotte wise up I want to challenge these guys that call and email anti signature beeping contribute to the show. Go ahead Tellme since 2011. When Cho took over the dress but good draft choice. Outside Campbell at six kemba Walker's a list. Let's it was a source for us after they acquired bear is in a draft day trade where he was a seventh street good overall peck. You know I challenge these guys that live Clifford tell me the great draft choices that have been on this roster and here's how it's Campbell it's a great question. An you don't think he is strapped a little bit by the personnel the sack to Campbell but we're still sitting here all these years later in the Mitchell Lara. And we're still a chill and New Yorkers get I don't know who solely blamed for the personnel decisions right that's part of the problem. But but. Kemba Walker we're still talking about needing help but let's be honest if you're really championship kemba can't be your best player you grimace that. It should be a second best player you don't win a championship released. That's 100% right so how about we have some point getting another player that is a leased on September's level about once we pick a deal. I'm Klay Thompson and hey Devin Booker may do we have a limo guy like to get a lot maybe we have a mid month eventually. But I just don't understand where the people angry about the personnel on the players went. I can't manage Franchitti believe that this student says it's clippers job to get the most out of frank Kaminsky. What Max said about frank being a mentally is slander this is this land. I adore this is a little also this has grown men in the NBA I guess is you're not mentally ready to go that's a you drop yeah that's a strength for I don't go to our. I can give it missing college I can't give you when they're pros in the NBA all right when we come as soon as we come back we got sob again Joseph Sam. We allied open I wanna hear on. It's real talk from you all in this league you're listening to us. You know re enter whatever we're doing it when your listeners and you get mad I wanna hear like if you think were being overprotective but Clifford you think we're wrong on this. Do you guys feel in your heart Steve Clifford is like the biggest problem or one of the biggest problems because we don't 704. 57096. Stand look at mr. Clifford supportive look for your reasons why he's the problem I don't get a smack it's. All right here's the Mac it's dad's building senate's tax or hot. This sort of soft mellow just acted and it did dis city scares this much. About the horse just wanting to it and we all worked up if you if we disagree on some of man. The sacked but you guys cared as much as a good sign I'd wants to mesh term Soledad Radio One oh on terror and I don't Val zone and I. Let's let's go to to the fans on this one here you guys out how do you view Steve Clifford as an asset I honestly think I got. Don't know what are your shop it's going right he's blown up I like all these ladies gotta tell amount happily married exactly how your mom or yard pass. Archive does go and hear from ya I think Clifford and gamble Walker's phone number one asset of this organization itself for all and in a business sense I think engineers and owners are amazing asset. In a personal sense I'm not so much peace and assets 70457096. To anti how you feel about all lists. I think number one so little toasty Clifford I believe he is being checked that we need to this team orders just. And I think a lot of people have to realize is that. We showed that aren't. You have the uptown the glitz and the glamour. Uptown Charlotte but this was little blue collar voters in playlist today. And that could cut back tomorrow that won't succeed in this kind of that we need in this camp would not that I have showed that type team but the U. Our defense team good rebounding be very disciplined by the men's basketball and Steve Clifford is the man to lead this stay here if we can get some comfort because. Yeah I tend to agree with what you're saying a 100% now here here's a number one or first though we got it got a good mixture here though you can consider Jackson a real that we any good hornets stand discussion here's John talked itself this dude says clippers out of position he's in good assistant coach. The other guy says for him to say it's all about defense how does Kaminsky stay in the rotation. I think it's a mix man I think she you know obviously your right Kaminsky is a liability on the defensive and that's why yes a play games that you did last night that's like him staying confident through the ups and downs. And being able can should be so offensively skilled but mentally he's got to always be there. This dude says cliff so losing coach. Ronnie says he don't act like he's a damn basketball guru just because he watched the duke game last night. Want to thank. Some clandestine don't even read that morons email and what does that even meet Jerry to rest there I just I just sort of watching basketball last night and everything I Warren it came from do confirmed it. You're right you're more. Audrey the rest of that I don't know. What's your other what everyone got Internet access in the mid ninety's. This is the problem guys like your draft morons like dismal salute please continue finished he also goes on to say that it's he Tebow guy Tebow would not know defense. If you hit them in the not yet. This team is a terrible defensive team and cliffs is supposed to be a great defense of coach that means your side hurt ego. So he's closer senator's team don't fire assay are as time around. Without what Tony Clinton won taxed what I don't back out west for the fighter clip crowd gonna bring up to you a couple of names from the past. Sam did sic never had no Larry Brown how terrible was interviews awful Paul Silas. Was 32. And 88 in the second stint here. Mike Dunlap. Those are the guys we had a board are the best coach we've had just like Rivera is about is the best coach about it there's an. So yes they did it all we don't we don't appreciate a guy we have war we had those guys before. A we're gonna bring someone else and who's not as good coach is gonna get ripped to end and you people will realize in my opinion. What we have in Clifford by the way Larry Brown one good darn good year though basketball the right way it worked one year. Write a play off well he did held the job would ask one record wise he was 88104. Year down talk about the ones in one's easy immediately mean he's he was he was okay if that's he's gone Jackson here. Jackson Wallace sent a team man comics they were but again that's how did we act like you know I think you spoiled fans that like have had a ton of success at such a great coaches. I sit here trying to Sadler Brent easier once pretty good year. I guess some zone hornets basketball etc. they are getting Tulsa has Washington deferment right now so that exists or that ask my email and again I don't you basketball knowledge about a wave bag even pretty darn good as it and duhalde's do what freaks. 70457096. And it's GM Joe's announcement Joey thank. Didn't. Go to it all right just about stereo and blue polish yeah. But there that are remote code. You work what you need to kind of protecting the paint at that at the expense of giving up the outside shoulder. Current good relative absolute zoo yeah. She'll have a chance to all the go to blueprint put this deep. How's he gonna do that. Look look at different Dublin northern probably only the plug and explained it as our order and I know that sparked the goat that they've got to step into doubt the man but so you got a small backcourt stepped. Until I looked in the debit card confident that it Charlotte I do promote it and that it. Having success and I are absolutely dead dead I'm. Going who is truly need a score and you play the point guard. We can't control. Also you good luck that didn't look at a bar so. Choi straight up into this thing is that there. Like it is with great DUC of the Monte these steps are. I'm and I can just do any good let's get. But eat greens and it could just quote here is good Marat can start in this eating he plays point guard position. So it had on trade. I was huge scene the point guard skills yet so I've seen a lot. Losing the ball all the points are a lot of and I didn't seem and he also used the comparable right in the sport where would you buy jewelry that. Oh so you're try you try it is Detroit did a camera. About independent who kemba. Kemba and flight to Cleveland. Got could go to Barley and awareness is looking worse yet. Gordon Beckham did have a great. That's right yeah I mean I would be up locally B a playoff team and not one of the greatest teams of all time. We focus on getting your crossing deserts of the playoff I'm not willingly championships at the moment we tell. All right among your staff is is as much believe there's that is but when Blaine Megan McCain Klay Thompson also how we had a that's where you have to tap out or no he's he's on a sunny here we could be the warriors we need to find a staff. Clay it's gray market. Probably more than IRR two rants. He defied a lot of things to be the dollar right now no -- gonna give a move here move there get a gov Leavitt this by the way this to says month cannot play the point guard can anybody CNET is handling his awful I think it's just a work in progress. That's all I think I do think he passes the ball better I thought he wasn't. But it in the stuffed her maybe go on a bit too far. Brent says if Avery Johnson was our coach we would be the two seed in the east. As a Hendrick Dodd Gmail and why is is Avery Johnson's agent out there listening to us why does is they've come up all designs are let me keep your bag I'm getting it also hear a coach like Alabama was down in price a little warm and Alabama as they are right now. Yeah I always get beat these are troubled also RD ranked. They are when they're also part of the investigation ahead. Hurry and Johnson is Alabama ever been ranked in basketball before. Mark got freedom mark got freedom ranked. I needed I thought he did and the council to get a severe continental I would like Avery Johnson to coach it has to be funny to listen to like I love talking to cliff can you imagine Avery coming on in a basket Powell I would just love it we can't we do so damn can we any Avery Johnson discussion right now last three years what dot. New Jersey slash 41. 44 wins 22 wins fired was fourteen but he's got a bunch more wins in Clifford as what they're all telling us right now. That's the end of the run. I'll come by the way he inherited inherited a very very talented Dallas team Dirk Nowitzki is true true team now all you don't think acting coach and ask Powell here in Charlotte yeah. Mask in our. Good results or I'll dial Morton yes I think that. You don't like us I. Yeah I'd love mark was on the unlocked a mountain goats or basketballs. Like basketballs I want to put in the right direction there. I'm gonna go to Sam who's up next they say what do thinkable list. I'll also highlight clip and I guess just being mediate and clear leader and a big gap between that LeBron James being cagey blatant here Pluto would get between Carol lose interest Steve Clifford Clifford might be that might be the better coaches his. We're the better roster I don't know why people always is eligible and the coaches and I tell you that. It SAL point I'll even go with Steve curly six Ers do it a good job. But does anybody think that they're like Steve Clifford was out there are Golden State Kerr was here that also to be some dramatic difference this is not the NFL our guy like bella checked. And Sony's coach Steele I can make a bigger difference in now I'm with you on that one. Yeah exactly and then just go back in drafting you know bright recorded got a bad probably drafting got quite often able to gonna play a big schools in those. I don't know how you can access always has tight towards what do you take a look at the draft let's say that you guys changed some things just aren't right but clearly look for not a. It it's here's where about are drafting somebody said this. On gnat Twitter the other day it is Saturday was like a horns and melt down on I was so angry after a bulls game tonight I do not go on what are Friday night mount. Because I had a couple pops in my system and I didn't wanna just like anyone awake up and adds we regret. You know are just that I rip someone really bad and you know on me so what it is that way it's a Saturday and then I ripped the guys really badly but. I knew that guys are those sound behind Alameda go to on Saturday I was so mad about that Nelson so we've rebounded. And again it's a rollercoaster with this bunch but now you see the possibilities when guys like Franken Boyd an event show up. But it's somebody brought to this point up on Twitter about our drafts. They say it's either a guys that. Has really limited upside but he's seen this kind of ready contribute right now or they take a wild shot on a miserable online. But there's nothing in between and it is interesting like they have chosen guys with limited upside. A lot yup ands that where does that teach you in this league and almost this is a limited but then again why did they take this isn't violating the complete opposite of that. Indeed format you're addressing the win the last that we did address the winner earlier in the show the problem is they're still a seven or not that's a bestseller of the season in terms of the it seem they be having ten wins. But it's still the point remains at a seven and nine years as a bad losses on the white work addressing this season has all right now and not just last night's win all of the great. When you can't blame them for us we Reese the topic for about 650 to 71 he was. Like how can we bottle list how do the hornet's keep playing like they have the last two nice and we were praising frank. We are praising Dwight first point 529 B a four blocks two by the way he was just altering shots he was blocking them but what then what happened was and CC I blame it on their numbers don't blame the call that's on the role the deck and seat was criticized Steve Clifford all the sudden other Clifford bashers jumped in to somehow it's like to newest trend is like the dumbest trend since planking. Seriously bash and Steve Clifford but anyway people are now starting to do that and then were defending Clifford so I'm trying to be positive by defending. My coaches honored as sort of doing. I we just ordered a run right back to the calls are wrong I do another segment we're wanting your street guys opinions of the people on this squad there's good and there's -- talk about does cliff going to ban I say no and at 8 o'clock or to focus on the playoff in college football the rankings come out. Again tonight. I Jerry palm CBS's Laura when it comes to playoffs and all that stuff. He joins us to talk about the possibilities group reported is the Mac attack on SNC. Aziz kudos to cam. You know as quickly if there's dolby camp criticism out there. And he heed this is what people they need to do what is the word or try to do is make sure mine knows what he does good stuff. That's Thanksgiving jam which he does every year says 800. Kids here in Charlotte and that's when team is that his best off the field. As best on the field when he's involved in a running game. But he is his best off the field around young little kids man he is Jesse's ate a big kid suites and out of army does a great job and I know he made it. He made some of those teenage years there today of their life everyone describe it I know he did last night so kudos to cancer that there's no doubt about it. Like Thomas Thomas Davis there burdened revealed yesterday you know bird is probably. Short tracks and yesterday was soft cast he's probably going to be back to the saints game Olson told uncle Leo trolley this week. Certainly Olsen but Calero possibly till it's a mere burger revealed yesterday bound. At the broken arm that he has is pretty much the same injury to Thomas Davis sat. The guy. Thomas Davis played in this in the super ball a week later. Amir Burres who we serves like two weeks later complained a sumo two weeks later to mere Byrd. Was out how many weeks. I was seated and all I twelve weeks something like that allow and I'm. Did a mere burn out trying to use this to give credit to TD beat guys is a certified. Beast I mean just a horrible alliance. And pain tolerance that is shouldn't do is just amazing and to mere birdie admitted they asked him what the difference was sizzle first of all I wouldn't going to be playing in the Super Bowl. But he's a second ball I'm not TDs. The respect he has from guys man's in that locker room. There's you know there's that's one of the many reasons why she is given that speech when they're leaving notes and east of Ray Lewis of this organization he really is also one of the many reasons he deserves a statue one day I'll add. Absolutely just add that I wanted list got off his nails great example can lead by example and with words. Our I have a hang nailed this morning as it's affecting my ability to err on the board and Thomas Davis played the Super Bowl the broken our almighty god the stuff I complain about you know. On my back hurts for five seconds and I'm over their wine and in my life about it I mean on it where the anti TDs. Let's get a day off let's go to balls hook this up next I'd call what do you think about the hornets. Dad I thank god urged all cook search. Top portraits in the Connors or is it. Yeah that warrants say two more quick or neuter placing it there take that my guns that they are now. It throughout and ended after just in my opinion the French don't want they think he's been here and it's been. Defense and the bloat turnovers and in the NBA it takes out a couple of months further. These candidates is so plant irritation I just think why change it to be patient they've split the hardest schedule by foreign NBA all the way up until now. Until the end of the year. They have the hardest hit when you gave come January they've played one of the easiest. Yes yes Claire said that supporting himself he admitted hey I kind of felt like there could be some bumps early SLA clippers honesty to be able tell you finally he's been excuse I think he's telling you honestly. Like she looked at distraction kind of special with the injuries and kinda thought they may be where they are. It doesn't make it any less feel frustrated me is a fancied foursquare blown leads. And I did a lot of your text in an email in about defense he's a defense of coaches guy Richard said it's. If Rivera. Allow the panther defense to be bad multiple years in a row would you make excuses form W it would be a bad look for him being a decent coach and it's a bad look for close as well. With that said let's let this season play out I'm frustrated with that civil assists this season play out. And I just believe those two playoff appearance is cliff had an in a three year span. I just believe like 818 in Charlotte that's a big deal. Compared to what we've seen in the past that was a big deal I'm not turn my back on them because of one disappointing year and then a disappointing start to a long season not gonna do that the way a lot of people don't pay the hornets are seven and nine MI ditch in the playoffs and AFC east. There's no doubt about that this it says top scorer Mitch police on talk about Steve cliff permits police I'm not easy. But really what I said. But he's a tough for coach and east is what he says. Now estimate the second part and affixed to submit your notice noticing yeah it's not against Cleveland last this can't call the morning it's NBA basketball in November yeah. But were on every day. It is hard to go when you see orders goes six game losing streak outlook that you all it is hard to not get all worked up about it it really is. I'd ma man MMG the caller said he would like to know the names that Dick Clifford doubters would like his coach. MFG has prepared a list well. Of five candidates that are better than CST I teams illustrate a good friend Steve Clifford we transitional first and the JR and got to hear this list them. Every guy out though components of babies what is this list of guys better than closer. No good and your game notes. The numbered and then. They're out very. My lord as their talons nexus that the and I. I memorabilia and there are all. Steps. In the motel or didn't know trading. This. You know look Garland. Crook county brought back the mob lawyers and knowledge about who they. Who did you who you ask him on the no tree up there and dig out of my kid yeah Nolte you know. I would like to say to all the Clifford doubters that is your leader right there on social media that is your leader of the cliffs doubters. I rest my case the defense rests on the mend her big big military just rolled in his grave about my journey notorious. I mean what is why. Guy he's he's a big notes re wrong on Twitter I thought maybe he would say it better on the error now is he said he brought a mob he thinks so so you say his name I didn't I know that he really thought is they was diagnosed. Everybody can we all say one big collective bless his heart right now together it's less is blessed MF jeez Hart are it's. Actively raid gone together are. He's got 28 morgue on to the next closest call it's unbelievable heat is too and Jerry Rice into receiving yards it is or the warriors already and he's crazy our rights after that call I believe it's I've now learned no longer deal with cliff doubters. When we come back we're going to talk to Jared Palmer years. The kind of playoffs specialist for CBS sports who comes to college football. What's the likelihood Ohio State ends up there was the likelihood of one laws ban ends up there the ACC gets too we'll talk about possibilities in the playoffs. And it's coming up next right here on the Mac attack on SNC.