Mac Attack: Vikings Victory Formula; Steve Beuerlein Talks Panthers

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Thursday, December 7th

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I'll tell you man as I wish you deeply. Incredible return touchdown last week tied anyway plus. Let's focus here maybe let's focus on the task can answer the phones the building center attacks have a lit up like a Christmas tree in Times Square. I'm telling you right now about what's coming in is paying their beliefs. Interface. And they're a sticky. In your grill right now bonus we're gonna get back now read Austin was all thirteen parts of his plan during the rated higher rate was that reading off one by one more thirteen port formulate your. Lessen the tax to. The idea is that we thank mr. wizard because it's more it's going to they're gonna have to be exact are gonna have to play clean they're going to have to play well to beat Justine but just seems capable of playing to their abilities and not going after kicking a normal resident of the number seven to realize no one's eyes that was. I'm just loads and I was devastated you guys are Conan let's hear from you what should go and its formula to beat the vikings what do we have to do to win this game or you on T bone side but it's a waste of all of our time to pass this sketch it. About Florida Tebow that the Panthers can't win the game. 70457096. Hours or Charlie he's been weighed alongside Charlie how do you view this. MR galleries. Or all. Due to the fact that he you can Sunday is the real thing. We you have back there aren't ordinarily I'd like that it is going to elect. I mean you know just large area Mac you know this week you know every now. We have BG did Jeter let last week really village there's shock Belmont fine. We got we got manhandled men and I'm worried about administered deep but I bet there is up formula burst when it as. And it border start where a bomb. Perhaps the Minnesota Vikings beat them bad meat on Saturday night. I sit is it all of them gaga to Madonna guy doesn't tell us on TNT we're look at fortieth all right we're trying to be probably can't dog this is your this is part of your plan here I need long Dong over here we're trying to be proactive here Charlie OK I've got me on got a call earlier from Ron Rivera said he and coaching staff they're having trouble coming up to game plan they need to the Max thirteen point plant and they need to answer fans to tell them what they need to do to win this game so rob it's taken notes right now and only see here is that ridiculous stuff. Brian assistant Brian says. Mac if we somehow. Now meg Joseph Thomas healthy and trade for him to play left tackle we got a shot to win this game she does not proactive right there all right all that is is couple yachts but that is not proactive as what we're looking for like for example vote how about just one. Just one don't look at the game this week. It's a big plays right get those guys involved Ron Rivera say yesterday's press conference that. I think using a judge shall then as a coaching staff they have to be better at getting those guys involved business Steve Geist Amir bird. It's Cam Newton put cinnamon money berg was opened borrowed a big play in a game like just might be in defense of stroke can be the difference Tebow that's what you gotta think. Big big plays there's a problem in any formulate any football game. They played is probably part of the form here's the problem Minnesota gives up the fourth fewest clicks on defense I would go to gone over that is Minnesota turned the ball over a lot. No offense eternal famous fourth fewest turnovers but I don't they don't create a lot of not resort defense here's the deal when it's a third down conversions while. Third down conversions. So are moving the chains like Gus said can you get time of possession. Can you keep your defense rested here's a problem Minnesota's number one on it since it's 26 years or third down defense. Amman we're I was goes Jesus they say movement let's get into this thing is I don't they had to do Minnesota's hard team to do these things against Pitt offense under. Now are getting as myself help me out here how did Panthers win this game on Sunday 704. 57096. And Carolina man's bring in a song baby Carolina man you feel it. We are going to be met well that was my area. We've got the job. Our debt limit and you don't know that the minute the play golf we wanna and yeah we got a little bit about what is. We don't want to bet back. I've tried very Ezra could actually. Even Carolina and don't have as usual zest and zeal doesn't ID. I do. Brian says our fans are acting like worm on Cleveland Browns fans we have no chance to win a single game. This is an embarrassment it's wire fan base sucks Brian I like that and why aren't you calling it helping out just opposite should should remain there are at least texting you're like. How do we win this football game. Tom that's a question or do you view it his Mission Impossible. Rama Gisele has emailed in Gisele so well is this resolution. Can't cannot throw the ball and catch you bought the same time zone here's the deal Gisele says all the dancers need to do. Is getting after case keynote pressure will turn him back end they taste Keenan that he was until this year. Here's there's some problems with that phone number of course Terry is this because she's right that's all my thirteen point plan over here. You've got to get a pass rush go all the way shape or form four man rush can you do it or they give up the second fewest sacks in the league Minnesota and offensive line even with rivers and there is played pretty well. But date they've given up pressure 38% of the time that's just most in the league you can pressure you don't sack him. Continue pressure forcing completions. So why is I think that's part of the planned. Ten you execute that one man that's that's the Julius Peppers needs to. Get a second wind you're still in the last few weeks he hasn't had the same zest and seal himself loyal and around the end. Gotta you've got to have a big game from Brad Gary also. Those receivers sort of like these are what jet. Yet you'll be digs ante when Brad Barry's gotta take one of those guys and always do his part and now what's so William will discuss the other match it's going to be tough tried the other corner verse. Days or steal or wherever whichever one it is the tough match at a Brad there has a bad game. Both those guys are going off and that is Reagan not actually seeing as such is Bradbury and also just from playing great lately in his own right either. I'm amigos and firing salinas'. Did you say goodnight Gracie or goodnight Irene Irene OK I don't like that was that Eileen good that I lead and as a nightmare has not arrived on the 70 slam or no clue what you're talking so. Outscored 57096. Stands I'd mileage CEOs keeps his going Jared wants to jump in next Jared. What is the Panthers have to do to win this game. You know out for the better its Internet this year. The patriots it won't happen repeal even their house there's so we went we cannot so distract you look back over a lot there's. Altman had you know turnovers that bonehead play. You know Eagles return vote white or red dawn there was diverse state their daughter dropped the ball I think we've played mistake but it Bobo and oracle we had Greg back. They are doing the ink. I think we can't sue I just wanna see that now here's the thing I am getting I got bombarded with emails like since we play clean game we can win this game. Brian says Matt we won't play clean game bed teams make mistakes and were bad football team. The problem is saying is deemed a bad football team is overstating it right don't like your pretty negative right now on this game in particular. But isn't that harsh a call this a bad football team they won eight of their first eleven games Helena with the loss they still won four of their last five. This team just needs to I think we need to play at the plate 02 of their abilities and I think they got a shot to win this game I think Minnesota at some point. I don't know man you're gonna hear the seed or line interview a couple of minutes he speaks and this is Minnesota at some point due to lose a ballgame I hate to go with that but I think that's the dew factor does that play around. Here's the one thing you can counselor all the numbers in the world can't predict XY. Have the Panthers lost to the upper Echelon teams in this conference. Because of mental mistakes as Sarah writes the saying goes no doubt I don't know where those who were those might come from maybe they don't act it maybe is a clean game. Well we don't know how to predict mental lapses in how those might occur in effect the outcome and again good as happened numerous times this year. They probably will happen is just a matter of our day. They don't the states across a. And some points to our minds are gonna laps right and we know that makes sense but at some point we've got to do to clean up. A New England Detroit due to a point to against you know all the attrition on the six a six right now but playoff contenders. On the road played a clean game now we've got to play one of the best teams in the NFL at home. I just feel like this team's gonna be more focused this week is how can you be less focused. Are we come back you're going to hear it from Steve Beuerlein former Carolina panther now CBS analyst his thoughts on Panthers vikings have more. I expert opinion in here. That is from Steve Borough lines form ten to QB CBS analyst. Had a chance to talk to him yesterday about this panther team the NFC south in a sea battles. And out first they wanted us his honest opinion you know did the fans down in the dumps how worried should panther fans really big. Well I think concern that. I will tell you it I picked the Panthers the way make it I really felt like. The offensively. They were going to be able bottle up Camara and Ingram and put the pressure on our Drew Brees who. Who I've been saying all you're I think is really. What what made this team better is Sean Payton is realize that at this point drew braves career. You can't carry the load like used to it seems they're able to make them one dimensional and make Drew Brees. I try to beat Georgia near straps and not been a good formula. This year and I start to show itself as the only way to play against north and it's not by the Panthers added defense to do it. Even go to Jordan and you'll want them much better team inside. Especially at home but you know they're trying to falcon this week. I don't play very welcome going to be in Atlanta in the in the in the controlled environment and they've got two games in a row. At home in New Orleans so they're they're gonna be hard to beat the next three weeks about the chance. For the Panthers were the beat them in New Orleans and I thought they'd match up and play well both sides of the ball I was I was really disappointed. Yeah it was disappoint and you look at what the the saints did sue the Panthers the first go Rehman did that twice that match up has. Then a rough one multiple times it's Minnesota this week. How good of the Minnesota Vikings I mean I was skeptical there for a while. When you get to ten into an eighth straight I think I have to stop being skeptical Steve what do you think about this match up. They're an excellent football scene and a bit then they really have no weakness what was perceived to be the weakness or quarterback. Has turned out to be an absolutely perfect fit with chase Jane I'm playing the way he's playing this surprise all of us you know. Those of us there or evaluate. The quarterback position and and are in that did it really felt like JJ's Jeanne it was. Be a liability for them was gonna hold them back but what what they're done in in Minnesota offensively and how they've. Minute to figure at the plate is straying into it and understand. What's expected out of them. His confidence has grown every single game. Yeah actually go out there now on the field and expects to order and which is a big part of it is the quarterback of the football team they help believing in case camp. Defense or that would was Zimmer there are always going to be a very physical aggressive football team. And and then now you know they've got a lot of talent on offense and it's achievement I would love to play quarterback for beats it. Yeah don't have that pressure of having to score. 4835. Points a game you know that if you did is protect the football. Take advantage of your opportunities put two or three scorers. On the board you're gonna have a chance to win every single week because of the way that team has built and they're they're gonna get tough anywhere but I tell you what I am taking the Panthers because. I don't Panthers got to have this game and again it debt hole. On the graph I think Minnesota is the better team. When they're playing in on the turf inside. And especially all of but if there's ever trying to beat him it this year coming off that eighth consecutive wins I think the vikings are right sort of picking up and that's the Panthers. Absolutely have to win this ball in the buildup. I hope you're right I do we're talking with Steve Burleigh for cancer QB. Analysts. For years now we CBS. Steve we always ask you about quarterbacks and we always make it a point to ask you about you know our quarterback in Cam Newton. I mean he started seizing kind of trying to rehab from that shoulder surgery. Had a little thumb issue couple weeks noses there's some injuries but other than that I mean I think there's been some inconsistencies. Not you know saying there's a there's other factors I think there are involved. How do you view way the way cameras played two seasons. You know it's it's been a tough few era. I think his birth for jam it in for. People that like myself that are big gender defense. You know I I have not seen that you just see where. The play or the energy there I'd bet that I expect that he and we'll. You know he's he he's shown obviously in years past crew that he can do it and and I believe in him 100%. Absolutely. No doubt and don't want them. The mission after you mr. Terkel reps say because I believe this guy is the elite quarterback. But I do think that yes we did more consistent and there are injury sure but guess what I mean that's that's part of it and if you're gonna get beat up in. And yes I'll wave the fight through it and some some situations the more difficult than others. But but for this team to have a chance. In big games down the stretch here Hughes got to play at that elite level like sub site of the teams are gonna go in the playoffs. Our team's effort quarterbacks playing well at this time a year itself back. You've got to step up and it's got to play at a very high level if this Panthers team is gonna make it to apply after 84. So there aren't really good position I think when you everybody if you get people out there picking up there this is not the kind of panic. Because there are in control there and there in the debts right now if they take care of their business against good move full football teams down the stretch. They'll be in the playoffs if they're all part and don't find a way to get it done it's gonna start try with the book the level Jim Newton plays and she plays well. They'll have a chance to win each of these games if he doesn't play well. This team I don't think it is good enough around him. True true or not. To do to raise the level of their game and cheap to pay attention to win games without employer why I don't think. This team is there yet and so the pressure on campus step up and play well. How do you view Cam Newton running or not running what do you what do you think. Well that's that can exploit to. And you know you I agree are Purcell lawyers say envisaged. You got to really be careful what we're what you ask for and what you have got to you know because. You know if you ever going to be the kind of quarterback that can sit back in the pocket completes 65% of his passes. And really just rely have been that guy that's not what made Cam Newton Cam Newton that running part of it has got to be part of the package. Move in the pocket he's he's he's not that kind of quarterback Brett. He doesn't need. As his career move or an athletic quarterbacks in the trap and all they have a one lap. I don't want that have been able to refine it cost or skills. In the pocket and network. I think cam right now this year has not made the jump I was hoping he would make this year coming off of last year. And it disappointed he's in a clash yourself. That's going to be the question right up peeking get consistent. In in dropped back in the pocket in particular defense the pardon. Think even this person is about sixty. They went in protecting the football and alternative over. Then I think you'll see you brought Rivera and and Mike Hsu not actually an amber on the ball as much but did you tell him to make that kind of consistent. Play at production out of the pocket they're gonna have to actually make it more plays this week so become more of those issues where you know be careful what you ask for because. It may end up shortest career little bit. I affordable siding and windows your hometown home improvement experts affordable citing dot com. His birdies this is your home for Charlotte hornets that was 10256. And got. Charlotte sports leaders. And they this is blunt. Ball you wanna see plays football then let's take our heads also make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us flights for me to pull off that way I know what we're playing yeah not signed up to play full speed contact Obama not doing that. Like I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for me it's you right now before I did you. That's crazy I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and all but the player because he's on and an overall then I don't quarterbacks in the Sudan all messed up. There have been two years ago that's not I'm I'm not so good at all any don't go volatile driver two years ago however had to die for miles and of course good. But these don't die you don't get in the head that's fifteen grand out of my pocket because any throw the bad balls then make that makes sense. And in person taking our money but now you know you are guys like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and has tried my character we've never met before. I donate more money doesn't want to. Underprivileged kids that publicly to people on the big. There is Mike Mitchell former Carolina Panthers a big hitter always has banned now a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and he was involved in a game the other night it has us talking we talked about this yesterday in this in this hour of the show. There's no doubt fifty point that nifty picture he just into the play he explains there's no doubt the debt that's tough man's. There there's search times where you're in a no win situation as a defensive player there's no doubt. That's the way describes you know the balls land right in the Mitchell it's low throw I for goes down Bermuda and head to not try so. I just think the alternative is. Knowing that this game is literally killing people. I mean literally destroying them for their future. And not making any rules changes I just don't think is the way in the lead and go or should go. They just they had to settle huge a lawsuit asks. I don't think there's any option but to change the rules are slab like see the targeting rural put it in. They're now gonna consider that that came out yesterday goods they're also going to do of the gulf charting roller considering and they're also going to consider putting in basically ground coral. Which means. You get somebody outside of the foot it's not a non football play. You take a shot at somebody having a harsher penalty for that which they should have done for freaking rock do you know we should change the rule two days later. If you made the free to ruling that was that was wrong to only give him one game suspension you'll know that on your own set of that too often the NFL Boehner needs the public to tell them the way they should run their league and then at duke assistants run in the league. It's a new contract that is worth forty million dollars a day and year over 200 million dollars in Seoul. And I really don't he's gonna get this job what a world what a country. David trying to clean up the game for what a decade now basically why why is it target year old now just coming into play as the NFL while I was just not done earlier. Try to clean up the game while is that what what was a downside of that scene rejecting a player targeting I was I got an option before I guess it only takes us our players out while Atlanta. Jerks out of the games they're going to degrade somebody. But some of these works a college try but I like it I understand there's gray area when Matsui would replace sometimes can't tell for sure. I just think the only way to try to get guys to learn they got to tackle destroyed again the Mike Mitchell situation he explains. What do you demand you're gonna it's gonna get a targeting gone I mean. But I just stinks this past to be done I don't think we can sit here and gloom and large stores or junior sale date nurse and unsold. And not and have the league not do anything about it. But with that set a lot of building senate textures are saying he's breach in our way in and this is the truth so far Pakistan targeting for me is a mile wide strategy to target wise of what. I should be illegal as well let's see here where we are building center extender dodge emails. I'm sponsored tweets that need a sponsor all these are coming up right now Amax here you are making a great montage of misery today for the Golden State lawyer radio station. I can't get out of work doubled up towards performance last night and analyzing it's we kept our composure pretty well. Com and we didn't even let Charlotte warrior fans know how man we really aren't out of my which are held back wanna bulk. I'm a senior did you guys almost see here did you guys say night out on Friday it's good tells. And the men represented the station tarmac in Atlanta Bocelli to guys night out to me. Watch yourself there bro sis watch ourselves nothing to me says a night out like drinking Scotch with magnate Mandela's duke maybe let's doable and it's not it's got a guy right you should doctor amen amen alcohol. Actually I am usually come out bowls. Todd regional jewelry abide gift for you look for Hebrew come on Bob Bob politics gosh everybody's got forty will do that forty anybody that gets its first 45 people to attend the march details five until seven gets in Athens eagle pass. Which is six rounds of golf at six different courses. So there's some that it is for you you're gonna need twenty cents 20% off and it's sitting just go shopping for yourself for Christmas as more arrive kimono hang I would say hello. Skip tells a secure line play small tomorrow. Slide until seven I would see here payback maybe the hornets just need to acquire Jason Hill. I'm Susie did there promise sombrero a minute. Says I that he saw a woman in full spurs gear couple weeks ago at the hornets own game and last night she was wearing full Lawrence gear are for a full warrior gear same woman's. Els rock music does that Shockey. Titles like I thought they at least pick one bandwagon and wrote it for seasons Bashir of this when applicable weeks species ride no cattle wagons I mean seriously what bags. And that's just that's absurd and and I I respect I combo even worse than just the straight warriors. And we're about the guy that told me yesterday I don't hornets fans have the right. To be warriors fans can as the franchise less spam in early two thousands they sell. It's not the same franchise anymore and that was thirteen years is the same people that don't tell you bottle water based also strike meant. Yeah well you know what Dallas 43 years ago ball too wide given up and disease and those of people just all I guess just don't like the product rather come until opening see exact when Gary ignited. Tom let's see here payback do you did you guys say the war is still limiting assets. What are you talking about a Salmonella doesn't teal purple closing sincerely Michael Jordan. But we can go all right the argument that. Get those colors are an asset this colors and and and a thank you delta honey bees where assets. Unfortunately somebody has its own cabinet magazine vulnerable and winning games the fifth come on Mac do you make it compelling argument on Iran wider to the saints but how do you do without vomiting. But like rooting for the falcons is vomit inducing as well. I don't have any problem don't when it comes to helping out the Panthers rooting for someone that I can't stand is businessman is not personal it's business. How will the saints to beat the falcons twice and get them all far tails for a wild card as well want to have to. It starts tonight he says to me and sells good cells did guy did you get a Davidson died of sports he got the Russell. It's situation TV don't know what rain or bedfellows sometimes strained it on estranged Abdullah former Osborne would be a woman does breeze and actually be proud. So low. I asked the guys are arrogant our neighbors say what resulted in a seat Hussein era great with the ladies. At a Sante a compliment and whether or not ala the Max stats dot com now 84% shares of the defenders of Wyndham. I'm series I tried to you don't ever believe me I told you during a break just not sure if I'd pick to Kansas and good contrast. I mean I think I shot but honestly like what I've got my money on them if I had to bet money. Analysts expect from a man's anyway I did a good lesson of it and let's see here. This guys says MacKey wants to answer positive ID this season is almost over. But your attitude your attitude of browns fans know what's wrong with destination town needs an animal right now radio sports and Mumbai always grinning apparently enemies are perfect. The Minnesota is going on the road Clinton team is only says Mac I thought they were coming here. Are the man is she shown us they're just all kind of cheap shots here domino winning formula given extra dose of my Atlanta to Shula. Aren't there you go. So what else we have here. I was on budget on Allen. Amount Mack hears this key to victory on first down instead of running and losing yards or just content take them by surprise. Like an idea I don't think that's a good idea opposed to good look. Let's see and last but not least so it's a Panthers don't make the playoffs Rivera will come out and say they ATMs thumb was broken. The last five games this season and they missed many opportunities. Around an hour ago and you guys yeah depressing lives here they got a movie out and handy UN ST Smith story right we added we talked about oh yes yes somebody somebody like email about this. And said Mack what what would you do in this situation Steve Smith's. Tweeting doubts. On while he's on a plane American on a plane and he said. What do you do if the dude besides him does something that makes you wish she impacting gas mask as a carry on and everybody gets shot out responses Sony exert pressure article about this or British justice sent him responses. On Twitter American Airlines responded. And since I said may we humbly suggest a slow stroll through the throughout the cabins. Hash tag. Three there. Demeanor you know I once mom what are you doing the situation mount. Ali just suck it up announces regular battery and walking also. Where right guys again that we've got a distinct above your head the drops amassed sample of your face. He's an emergency got an emergency I don't think you can press a button and have that happened I just happens on the anti Assad not on impacted happens automatically to cabin loses pressure now guy. And there's gotta be why he's in debt lead of some kind or get them get the paper Baghdad aids for vomiting in Muzak breathe through that things are not tough situation I guess on impact would be a good way to work right because you elegantly you're due. Yeah yeah you're you're done I'm just glad Osborne just elicited as far as show because he's helping out and didn't hear the cheap shot we took them later at an all I heard it needs to soul older disappointed it's like why why do I. You'll find this stuff with the receipt. I'd say yeah he's been told they got ice outside place. Of my funniest part about his article well watermark former bosses is quoted in there in mid however article giving Steve Smith's advice Orleans is why not flying trying to. Oh man so anyway almost ready got did you get did get those overhead stadiums goers. Go hang out the bathroom and although that might not sound better depending on what I got an idea narrative for Dallas Texas. Alright the situation who by the way my favorite story of the day bomb somebody melt about this is well. Tyler Hansbrough and Gerald Henderson or during a podcast together. Let's the hawks did talk about a strange bedfellows. What's on her talent eastern teaming up together and he really compelling saw one episode. What is that I don't you don't Devale Ellis it everyday and what a unity ideal the betting is our. Don't broadcasting I didn't know his growth it is a broadcast and I. I don't see Psycho T is that great in that there 000 barrels there was some stuff right now but it's brought out. He just lost it people made plays Hansbrough revenge he gets in the same studio energy throws an elbow back she believes or even eclipsed the positives or that's what's happening right here. Hansbrough thought he takes the blame for industries in the white so happy that I thought that was good taste or don't stop in Iowa we come back we hand it also. To Garcia and Bailey C would those boys have coming up on their show next. It is the Mac attack on FNC. Oh yeah. Courses can now say falcon. Yes. People still mad makes us a number of yours saints. I said how dare you give up on the division mag I feel like the answers to a couple of the division last week when they allowed the first place team to sweep of how dare you be realistic about the chances I'll try to watch every time we got established globally outside of China watched them by the way thank you Greg cosell the white Howard and Steve Barr line. For being on the show today. One STR alliance former esteemed teenage frank Garcia as woods is a real way to bring what's the -- up to now. Doesn't comment to instill yes CBS stuff he says amber Lyon said can't affairs should be concerned about the state. Concerned as Leahy put it is concerned how does a fair statement right because only world concerned. And we were concerned about all sorts witness said he's taken them to win against. You take to cantor to beat the vikings well. Mean does he understand that there's only four games left to. And if we win against the vikings then you're pretty good chance of making the toilet and you're saying maybe we shouldn't be concerned if we do yeah. If I mean I'm concerned every week the Panthers go out there and play. Are you have you come offer except for maybe the bears. Although that is a camera and that's my point you ass Mac if he's been confident the season. Have you been confident this isn't about just a few times since I've well sometimes wrongly Franken believe it or nine. And and really honestly if you're any team in the NFL. What is what you become true about them and the only teams have show me any type of consistency. Is your patriots fan either become for each and would actually look as just can be about how much they win by. But I guess if you're betting on the spread its you do recover even the Steelers their record is amazing to write their battle with during the for first place and you must register medals at the steelers' first half multiple games and games where they are fighting for their life and scratch and an outlet. This still has played down the competition is how. It seems like in and all the sudden boom you know when the games online this stuff but he has been Roethlisberger that's you know what I mean experience that's heaven weapons and you make implies so. I am yeah I mean they're winning but are you confident that a medium meal to sustain that against the Eagles of the saint soar through the vikings if they get a big lead or any leader at all yeah are you real comeback against those defenses staff know that best yet that's a question there will survive against duke they're doing and visuals look like they're coming back of the pack a little bit demeanor and lost last week but. Here this. Mean and bush is a team that is out there this just dominant Murray take pfc out of it because we're also the patriots but other than that Elvis team beat the patriots so you think about the viking they've won not in the there's an idea. Yeah good defense but you know like anybody else that they're gonna play and they did a really good job I was really impressed with him last week against the falcons Jimmy if you listen if you just listen to and then watch the game if you just listen. The fireworks are going off during the game in the past pocket. Right and that was a physical game. In our. And that's the way they're gonna play they're gonna play they're gonna be physical they're gonna beat you up and you're gonna limit their mistakes and force you into making yours so. Here that's what good teams do and they stayed don't quite turn out there trying to ball over and everybody says well is that really good football may have felt Kenny win that way anymore. Yeah if you play close to mistake free football you run the football you control the clock there's certain things that you can count on that's what good teams do they methodically then you frank. They're playing the way worse boat you'll actually to win you know I think I hate that I cannot worry yeah. The only reason they are complicit. This might be the single most loud this place to play in the entire Internet. You know when the old stadium and biking when the vikings and when that guy would come out and you could hear her. Our revenue to motorcycle. And this viking fan would come out there this viking guy would come out there in this place was nuts in a welcome back to meet you know early two thousand's or late ninety's. It on this team had a going anecdotally that there's a lot of excitement out there because they're gonna win the division. The first place spot in the conference they don't know when I check out what they're trying to accomplish what their goal is they wanna be the first team to play this Super Bowl ads yet. She's the Syria. And users aren't crazy ourselves and our Chris that's a good football team hum. Is it last year you before they lost to the Seahawks by only led and one point three points late in the game over the years ago after a year to 2015 so is it ought to carry over from that team and the quarterback's a little different to that defense man and tell us what those credit stingy defense. If you see what they did Julio Jones and what they've done to some of these really good offenses. From you know it's. It carries it travels in there on the road and that's gonna carry travel is the answer is that this is to have a lot of similarities with where they place a little interest in the CI you don't really could be as you know we feel at home in as long as our defense plays better. And we protect the football it was kind of growing there's at a title games a Panthers feel at home well here's here's the. One thing right we talked about confidence and claims they free football. Kim's play better but there's always that possibility. Of film. You know trying to step up to make too big play right and you know there's a time for that. If you're down but there's also a matter of time that and that's to me the concern that I had. With trusting this team is Campbell went to be good cam it's cam going to be bad Kim he's been good for the most part of the season but you know a lot of these turnovers are his fault but when you're opening things up considered limiting and grasping and squeezing. You know it's going to be you know a little bit more propensity to turn the ball over and that's what we've lost these games whether it be the Eagles. You know saints twice your turnovers have cost us lose games and Tom that's one do one thing is that if we don't turn the ball over we have a great chance. Mean I'm I'm still I'm talking a great chance to beat the Minnesota Vikings 'cause I think we're more talented. So if you're sure right now I know that fans are born here this are you get open things up or you don't play John Fox football and that's the type. Guess what guys would also eyes as you play John Fox football well you can win this will actually it doesn't sound sexy John Fox what caused bad connotation to this down because. We saw for so many years. But dude it's it's the ticket man's dollar both Florida maybe and that's why everybody seems. And he's been watching Nebraska he's been wants Nebraska players less so he's understands that yeah I used to play a little bit and he does so they have to play you know as they weren't playing that way lately a big difference that was Minnesota and one reason why they're able to have this win streak of their death two years ago they talked about. Those receivers are a lot better. And there's already last year and we sincerely care to see when he's on days I did about as duel in the windows is a good. And he's come out of nowhere yeah he's a Macy's fourth of the league in yards eight yards behind Julio Jones got a great white hope I don't. Yeah yeah. I think you're ready to pump some associates say thank you because disgraced football insight from believe it or not. I was boarding Garcia us you can hang you'll see wanna hang with them for tonight's game. Tilted kilt seven until they say nine I'm told that it could end up there there's a limited. I don't watch a football game tonight I was a lot of things we wanted to kill. While actually I just. The TV until recent stories about watching and the action to killed when you what do you guys. Video walls. Obama into where you stand and tell us that day theory out there so we. Didn't only that they're doing a bad. The house question. We report tonight. I say say she's faced a great question hmmm that's a really good question. You know you're confident in your team which we just sat here and talked about last ten minutes and you probably root for the falcons right did you that your you're ahead of them you want them to knock down the saints but if you're not and you're trying to get in and hold on than your rooting for the saints. From. I wanna win it. Armor for the falcons here in the falcons I had even as it we're gonna need a lot of help. The saints got to lose three games I believe because they're not only they have the two games head to head but they also have the tiebreaker sit there. It because they've beaten us so that's like two and a half so they have to lose three of the next for the Kansas have to win probably all boom but. There's still hope. Rom you know and I know that maybe that's not realistic remembered for the falcons and I. I'm jealous I'll kids get up to what he had to three the magic abstract Ohno did her best friend and going to be great for all involved and how come they come back to be devout that the Bono lead we've Barbie beautiful LA I'd hate acid the import question here were Calvin. He had done. He had some. Outsider radio subject matter to deal with this morning via telephone also he he is prepping for the shell a gaga I was here. Syria a car accident this ball are guys thank you for that agency I like nation. Was it army navy game I thought he may have why I didn't know he was integrity and you know his corner there's this interview. We as of now never meant as a bucket list things or is there an air Bender that this cold up there. As troopers will be cold there's only 41 more we just noticed it. We're going to be at the esteem Duke University on Saturday night moaning so wish us luck that take good place for a ninth championship very bright and Garrett fighters Arnold good luck to Charlotte testing anyway let's wrap this baby up Garcia barely coming up. Good work out I. Osgood work out a bone we'll talk to you tomorrow well I'd take the Panthers tomorrow that's the drama they Il here unfold the mall to Mars radio show.