Mac Attack: U.S. Open, Bam Movment, Holly Sonders

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Monday, June 19th

We recapped the good and bad from the U.S. Open at Erin Hills, the rumors of Bam Adebayo to the Hornets, and a couple of guys on the show might be a little too obsessed with FOX gold reporter Holly Sonders 


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It's time for the Mac attack. On sixteen and that 102 point five dope man. Now here's your host Chris Buckley. On the clock struck six hidden in one thing. I'm sure why we're over and over again slaves. I did hear this song on the radio this which candidate is a jam it is a jam from my youth. I had the guy at the wrong sound effect so just got us all right maybe some almost compliment the music do you play on Twitter the other day about what I do not think that compliment will be extended again this morning we're going to show on Friday asked what song I played opened the show on Friday and I had to remember. It wise 1970s. Or music. Because I said it's Louisville's fights when they had some dude actually liked the song I know I talk to the guy was a great like songs. I don't think someone's gonna tell he is playing great song called oh. Any eighties kids like myself in Iraq down to low rate gasoline and I'm a nod to. You know a lot too low a proud does to tell you that little Saks. We've got four hours to get it done here today kids four hours to get it done it. We have ourselves a US open winner Brooks camp and there's talent there's no doubt about it it was not. A US open with the biggest names on top of the leaderboard and armed there's no doubt and I've got a slight issue with the way the biggest names have been played in majors lately. I'm Ricky Fowler again we Salma what was so many chance we saw not get it done. But she did see Bruce kept he was just amazing hit fairways hit greens. The putts he hit yesterday when he got on that role with three straight birds right after saving par on thirteen which was huge. He's just a big old horse man. Ed duties just a big old. Beast. And Don a guy who many people for years thought had. This sort of potential he himself last night everyone called social under achiever a solid a bit and under achiever. And he was not this weekend he went out and got it done and I did those guys not pummeled a golf course I would like that one banned from the US open rotation place. That's not what I mean it listen it was signed it was entertaining it was this a legend in the US open floor. I wanna see these guys melting down wanna see these guys tested a frustrated angry at you now wanna see them to hear that baby apart I can see you can see at any other week a little. We'll talk about that we are Ron green junior on enables ask him his thoughts on the way to course played and Brooks can't go and many other things there relating to the major. And the USO and we will talk a lot of corn stressed today it's goats and its draft week. We've got to get into it Spencer Percy back gonna show and 8 o'clock and accused city group's blog. And Seth Greenburg ESP and join us at nine tornado sleet ice and listened to it listen 920. Try you'll find it on the podcast and Mac its execs ten dot com we would like you to be able to check that out. I'm gonna be some good insight good evaluation of all these prop up prospects. Hornets and they work out yesterday. We Lou canard Justin Jackson and bam out of by new. So while we will talk about that is well Simoni is just consumed right now would ban at a bio you are on a mission bound to discredit him. As a potential hornet's drastic or I I'm not ready to calm banned yet because that's a loving nickname I'll call made Greece. And Greece on a bio I don't know formally enter as damn maybe one day at will but now he's just a grease to make that guy got some good sleep than last night when I fell asleep dot. Towards the end of the US open last night's that was gonna daft. Well I shall rest will make you an even stick around long enough to see Joseph Bucs will play it later Joseph buck's big screw up faster very awkward moment tested the tournament and there's. You're getting his Cinderella dobbs this moment I was good stuff. My lower Joe Buck. Blondes a little of our most of you to stay in your land at arrowhead out of the I was in bed barely is not you're late February to Brooks gets is personalized. Might amass the identity of the girlfriend out slight problem slight issue there. It's disgusting act Joe Buck left hooks that's disgusting act. Hum a lot of people still I should say a lot there's still people griping about the fox golf coverage. I don't know to Bosnia much I always enjoyed holly Saunders getting her in two minutes of their Simon that resiliency when outfit she's wearing those kind of enjoyable. I mean I don't losing your gray yellow Paul Azinger I think he's grace. Joe Buck is he's better feels like. He's OK I mean it's just never going to be as good bone as the crews are due golf routinely crew like CBS. It's just never going to be a good. You know we can't beat you don't get. Wraps a probable to me wasn't the coverage that was the lack of star power towards the top. Sure there were guys we know the names and guys we follow but there wasn't those names that are grab the UN where he sect. Man I can't turn away from this is is this is tremendous he got a day or Rory or speed or Dustin Johnson. There was cap got Betsy drama. Are your voice Fleetwood Mac Butch Harmon and all these guys are up there we didn't which they didn't really grab our attention you don't stance. Did you know that wasn't Butch Harmon right. Wasn't a bush arms to coach there was this guy is the swing coach was it. Matt Harmon a Mark Harmon who the heck was it the other on any better than you. There is is they mark Robert. But I'm Brian all right garbage I've downloads of all my. Army as a wrestler in the late actor I mean metal garbage he can beat football writer and does he wide receiver ray what more carbon the act government CIS. Thought Obama. There are reserved when you are not any better I'd tried twice to give to kids name ride to keep up seek the point was it was it went. Was it named guys of the the average viewer write myself early gravitate toward Brian hall or. And looks like key you don't you play in bone by making a you know duds amateurs who played their way and yet. She looks like there's a junior league golf thing where you can play your way and a feeling your your guy is like 56 bound. And he just look at his face he just looks like he's fourteen and just won the national junior league title. As he looks like to meet any hits the ball. About his farm only has as many of our listeners don't know. And all out there like 260 don't want rolls yes today it's like god bless this dude he is competing with kept got. Who's bombing hit it about 360 on certain holes sort psyche just go off on a horse of the Breeders' Cup and there aren't the biggest guy. He is dies gas so that there well I think you got that. I think the big games it has to be mentioned how they have struggled recently in the majors. I think that's got to be a story line here because when I said Boni I've said it time and time again over the last year and a half two years. I've said because gonna be okay without tiger 'cause we have these young it. Great golfers that are going to battle there's gonna be rivalries. Well they need actually all they need to be in contention for majors to get rivalries go. And not only weren't they weren't there or not to of these big guys doling because you mentioned but none of them. None of a more regular appearance on the leaderboard this weekend at all bone it's a problem. They have had in golf now it's a major agent parody of that seven straight first time major winners. S not a recipe don't I was cooking up when I said golf can do okay without Tiger Woods I was took up a recipe that had the day beats beats. Next major. Rory beats Fowler you know it's Allen was there he just didn't you know did not get it done on Sunday. But that's what I thought we were headed towards where those golf first. Speech wins this one over Rory it's his time next I thought that was going to materialize that is not really happen. The last year and a half or so worth the majors. In these job the top golfers now have not been as consistent. What they're greatness as say tiger was Gloria or Michael know they say today that and I understood but Jason Day got red hot for awhile. Sponsors are based closely this year has not had a year right yet last year G dot Georgia speed two years ago we know he was. On his way to being like dole broad James of golf was red hot. Well these guys have called off of the same timer and Rory has his moments but he's not there majoring in major out you know no Rory stories that Amanda actually did is legally with the injuries she's been amassed CSI's performance these guys have been a lot of ties with the never hot together. And this weekend none of the guys we mentioned right there were hot yeah I even Dustin Johnson was. Router now Dustin Johnson you make a cut so. Yes that's that's the problem I have right now these guys have to step up to entertain us and they're not doing it. And by the way that's what is separated Tiger Woods from other real good golfers found. Is consistency. Because golf is a sport though were by nature you can't do it every week you just can't. There's so much competition out there it's a sport where age she just. There's ebbs and flows of your game is very easy to dispel the bad habit it's very easy to get into a little bit of a slump and that's why Tiger Woods was such a freak of nature. Is he just did it all the time and I think it led to a generation of fans just kind of thinking I'll tell you that's that's normal. And so the best golfers still and know treat tiger this is what it was like. Different major winners all the time. And this is what the Tiger Woods thing and said it would be like without Tiger Woods I sat here I try to argue with a bone. I tried to say golf sing great hands with today it was speeds with all those guys and Rory. And these guys right now are not doing it to majors the way they need to do it so it's starting to look like three tiger golf again. What's in our DC yesterday what would have made a really compelling would have banned. If Rickie Fowler was in contention the last hole or tip of this laws staff our first cap gut and you thought okay. Fowler's about the breakthrough Sergio broke through on the masters and it could sour breaks through now that Cindy was the story line that would've made a pretty special. But did you ever truly believe. Watching the leaderboard the last couple days that Rickie Fowler was gonna win this thing that I never felt like he was really get ever gonna win it I know you're gonna say that you don't believe me. But I felt like pretty much since Friday that Brooks kept goes go to. So in the gulf stern I know you're not go believe that I didn't tell anybody that and Sweden's only money that. But Brooks can't go led me to another big fantasy golf went on to enter all I have moments caught. And I could just tell like just he was just playing the best all around game like even Saturday when he was missing putts you can never putt a run. He was on every green dam there and then yesterday he hit every green but one he was just. The best player over the weekend and I know you're not believing me now I tell you that I don't know I believe he had. Now me break this down when you say a big win and are trying to get into your personal business. Do you mean thousands of dollars IQ you broke the bag like how much did you win on this and it's but I won three box itself the money that wants a fact and I wanna. At a news. That's why ask questions that people out there right now and Mac is really. Will it a lot of money at this thing I want every dollar one but what they call 5050 is on sandal or a five dollar 5050 so that's nine bucks 14 there. But then I did a one dollar Lion King did it take a shot to try to win more money and I just it horribly and now. And a net gain was three dollars this weekend but it's not about money Bono player for the money up labor Mario Mon ami against you out their fantasy golf first. Our piece of it that's what it's about god piggyback what he played toll for the month. There had 83000 big deal to me about how I don't want I don't wanna put that out there that now people are gonna call you what an idiot from alone. Your family's lesson your dads get a Carl's ice on gonna get some money because. Three dot I was four dollars and powerball two weeks ago she got out how that goes to college and our ball and four dollars and look how does that even an option value is four dollars and powerball got to get one number and a a man so anyway yes so that was that was big about a three does Delaware mean to spend it adds I spread it around nice that it one place isn't until it's. It's really complicated when you win. Three dollars and sandals fancy golf still able to do with you don't know what to do it but anyway it would you need to go buy a pack of crackers I'll give he had no idea that lie or do I by the cheap crackers I get to tax. Like do I Obama but we're gonna get in the numbers later bone of these top golfers and what they've done in majors lately issues is just not pretty it's knots and George speech ever since he blew it in the masters last year. He hasn't been the same golfer major so we're gonna talk about that a little bit does that is that a problem with golf didn't just turn immense. Was it lack luster for you because the big names were not there and are you starting to find yourself like I am. As started noticing the majors and big names aren't there or did I do this is Doug this is not something it's unusual to big names have often lately. Not been there and did anybody else find it. The golf course to be a problem too. Does he was just Sudan easy for this tournament don't it's not it's not supposed to be like Dallas CD's used asked in the US open I would like Arena Football League scoring. But it's all right inflated numbers and that's not during this tournament we know what it was in the past. You don't wanna see guys student fifteen under and fourteen under that's not. I wanna see guys struggle and wants here are some receipts here's OC golfer tears don't in this askew just like a guy just broken down. Lying and just ask you Chris crime that's I want to see and I really didn't happen this week involved and their before we've all cried and rescue grass for the fans of course iMac and Debbie doesn't seem odd comment. So am I wrong in my write your golf guy did those things body and the biggest names not on the board and it. The much course just not just really it was more like the panthers' defense the first six games last season. And the US open should be like to panthers' defense bound in like 2013. Like that's still a US open course should play. All right Mack at WAS NZ dot com if you all want to jump in here. Sand in some emails you know the text number same Xeon or number 704570. Nine's extend. So we just had Mac WS NC. Let's see here LeBron jail get NBA stuff to bony cavaliers. And pacers talking to Paul George Strait you've got the sixers. Celtics. Trade slot and then they're the hornets just sit there eleven when no cap room and we're just right and but the hornets it correctly at number eleven so get into some of that MBA stuff is welcome LeBron James bone. I believe Adam pretty shameless moment pretty sad shameless moment this weekend involves one of his son's birthday parties will tell you about that coming back it is. The Mac to set 1025 WS NC. Okay I'm. Etc. and I yankees the next great dominate baseball team about what happened. And blown totally underestimate in my abilities squeeze that song index displeased at song. Pastor to pinstripe personas radio show that I work whereas. When we last left viewed the Yankees were in a little bit of a scuffle. They had lost three in a row now it's a full blown absolute disaster six in a row right sunset tied him for first. I blame Osborne for this again. I think I'll board jump on board last week so giddy so happy retail segment on Osborne com that's a long season but Osborne just crushed our season. Described as well the best thing about it I don't remember any of that has seized on balance the best thing about it now that they're not some sort of elite C not a good feeling Osborne's also he's a good for another wagon jumper on. Listen the only way economic jump on a Major League baseball's team I grew up cheering for us to be New Year's yankees. All her life suffer through these six horrible games format my horse or her how many how much effort and time did you put into watching this team this week. I've been in there on the West Coast and I'd go to a jujitsu turn. Did you get your butt handed see it just like the Yankees there's not a bad no new Yankee now hiding compete my cousins competed. They want to golds three golds actually. These silver medals in very well I heard if they win one more they're gonna get a hundred million dollar pay day against Floyd Mayweather. And by the way what are my favorite highlights from the week and it was this woman Correia it was a two gives sue. Women that that I knocked out Rhonda row seat until writing this week I don't holly home in this girl Correia. Correia is sitting here motioning to holly home in the middle ring great what are hand spring break and hit make a number it. Colleen home winds up what a big old Jake and Knox is their laps. A do you ever want to teach your children do not talk trash in the middle of the game do not in him while you're playing some stay focused. You're acting cocky and aryan. This is a video you'll shell or did you we will show them. She got pummeled. With this case mount are Jon wants out about six times it was funny may be UFC has the wrong competitor against Floyd Mayweather. You can keep its value against brown perhaps. Now I will admit Dennis are you guys know me huge camps and but I will admit it's kinda how people prod communicators probably felt when Deion Jones smacked him and to go a lot. There's cans lobby got in the same thing that we came in the saints game. Couple years back cried out and out of now bloom I just got smacked. Because I was prematurely ease enough calm so anyway but that was god it's gonna watch that's good stuff. Mac and Doug yes and Z dot com email address. We will play bullets you hear the audio if you miss because a lot of people may have bailed out there towards the end US open. Can't go ahead opened it up. But we don't play the audio of the Joe Buck girlfriend snaps to this was this was so our word. Gets so when dot com are you sort of get let's let's get into the hornet's a little bit here bolts on the service other NBA stuff too eager to trade. When the sixers Celtics dad. The third pick. And does sixes get to number one pick Celtics also add another. Future first round pick the Celtics had 71 round picks. Over the next three years of the draft but it's just amazing the way they have stockpiled and and a lot of them look to be high picks as well. Any changes on a mission their bony and may be timing yet so that it really hits. Right is LeBron James you know and the Cleveland Cavaliers declined potentially you today showed Jason Adelman the the third pick Tatum this year and then it there ended Dell had seven takes in the next three years after that that are first rounder. To do work with us. Tom is far is closer to home here with the hornets they worked out canard and Justin Jackson and damn lot of buyers yesterday. Bony. Boat is your canard. Express what everybody what you call it our youth are you jumping off that thing. I sense a little bit. A day bony slowing down as just early signal on any school in the Denard cruiser over the side of the road is that Akron Ohio. That he he fits the hornets. My thing is due to do I think they're going to take. Canard I don't know if they're gonna take in my heard yesterday didn't have a great work out so to meet for whatever that's worth. I I think Donovan Mitchell. Should prop I mean. Canard is my guy but they don't Donna Mitchell I was on Donna Mitchell for me getting so. I'm not opposed Donna mentally that's exactly what Steve Clifford wants but there's been a little bit of a slide in the ointment here when it comes to Donovan Mitchell will canard. Draft scenario. And that's Siri is starting to feel like there's no way that they're gonna pick. You're kind of I don't think I don't think they're gonna take I think if they go to guard its can be done to Mitchell but the the issue here though it's in Greece out of Ohio. That seems to be a lingering this year we're gonna discuss this more I'll see you guys are the did you. Think so you are still what you fight a bulk. Just like distilled EMI and you can't back down we still say and I think he should be depict. But I don't think that they're going to pick I can fight all day long I don't wanna waste my time if they're not your take him at all. In the case police are reviewing that Lou canard a defense of videos and what you've done so let's start to remind yourself I wanna ask your question about that because that's the first thing people bring up. When he talks were canard. Outside of Donovan Mitchell in this draft. Who is being drafted for defects. All the top fifteen top forty picks how many guys in the draft. Or out there because. They're great defensive players none of the guys are great defensive players Donovan Mitchell may be the exception that he may be drafted based off the fact that. He's a two way god but how many guys are draft because right wow right now. Today that guys are great defender even the top guys aren't known as great defenders they they all have a skill set offensively that separates them from the rest like one so ball. It's hey don't let today be about to be good defenders of course but now know was drafted based off a defense for one or two guy. But I feel like Le canard can never be a good defender I just doesn't have the lateral quickness his wingspan bone is or is not good at all for his height. So how's he gonna content Shas 'cause you to stay with guys to be there and what he is there how's he gonna contests with a wingspan that he has done Mitchell as ridiculous wingspan. Even akin to exact tolerance blocked. Shots last year exact Collins bone averaged four blocks per forty minutes last year I just want a little bit of versatility. This is a league didn't it didn't. Two way players very important right now in this league. I just need some versatility that's what Donna Mitchell gives you and I got to be honest I don't even know about all Luke and arsenal tricks when he gets into your pain at this level. YH I just don't know when those athletes how those little tricks where you get middle lane jump stop pivot and do all this. Guys have a problem is that at this level. Certainly not I don't think is much the problem is they did in the ACC out of there is a sorry and tape I need you to watch today are more. Would talk about we can not go watch the fourth Wake Forest. The game where he had not just the outside shooting watches passing. Watch it or just watch the whole packet to me that's the best of blue canard is that for some Wake Forest gate not just a three point shooting but the ability to create. He passed it well go watch on YouTube the force Wake Forest game. And you kind of see what I think he can beat guys and then now when she watched the South Carolina game again Tony if you can stay I didn't hole and you will see him I guess a leafs. An elite elite athleticism and toughness on defense I would rather pepper remarks and I asked him what's that at least not elect. I I'm not an excuse maker alma got it tells the truth that game should not quite agreed. I would I would adds 38 and they played Andre was very well what it up and do. A man Mac it W Jensen Z dot com email address. At least we can both agree that a jury some bam out of bio should not be the hornets Beck did juries are Ed Reese I know I thought it was a jury's I don't know I don't know I'll bam I guess where did where it just comes from. But honestly where I have not heard from bam since he said six weeks ago he wants to play for the authorities from high point he would like to play for the hornets. And I thought well that's nice benighted a year I don't like Lawrence and now all the sudden bony comes in for a war Gallup. Rick I know is hype and among. Clutch he labored and Els getting a cut of his contractors sometimes if he signs here in Charlotte like I just. I don't see would this guy I think he has very little offensive skill. He's supposed to be an energy today I think he was lazy at times last year. I don't think he's it was a great defensive rebounder that's on things he supposed to bring ill. And I just astute for the eleventh pick to me. Exact count just so much more skilled than this do bailed I don't understand why we would pick them which you know it probably means what. I would pick up it's not a sense it's a reach at eleven. They were picking eighteen or nineteen that he can make the case that he might be to god is this a case we don't know we don't know the inner workings of the organization day in day out. What resist. Where he came in heated the last work out. Does this. Is this Michael Jordan. Coming in and saying that's the guy that I want and what to Jordan so no I don't study that would make him like swoop in get this this goes what BMO what's happened before late late bloomer. All the sudden the hornets won on. And guess what they pass on more talented guys that go behind damn. Because they reached like. Donna Mitchell then we'll go. Today's heat or the pistons and this is the problem the draft the last. The during this Ron here is passing on more talented guy it's because you restart some guys this dancing might happen again spam take what drives me crazy. And that's wanting to talk about today's show goes on. We're we're in draft week I I and I have no idea who hornets fans want people are all over the board but we also need to talk about who you don't want and bam is bright dared to top of the list for me of guys is just like to buyer beware do not take this do I just don't think there's much. A bit upside there decent overall he's got so Florida offensively. We've got a good arguments like falling in love what. The big body that could talk he wasn't in that 610250. Inch become mine has a Matt. 69. 240 eighths to 43. Not a huge difference but when DC sixth and 250 that grabs your lap pass 610256. Died and a half. 240. That sets undersized center to. And his reach is not his reach is average for a date is well I'm by the way I'm gonna. Replay audio Joe Buck making a mistake here in a couple of minutes. Full disclosure you can also play audio me making a state a mistake is apparently just woman Correia had never a knock out round Rouse. Apparently that's fight that I paid money for I didn't even know who was beating rousing. Amanda yeah and who wasn't really edit as it was an attack so anyway but hey Kevin keep Yahoo!'s Kevin now I don't wanna get confused here Cuba's Ali Omar. Despite this sharp coming up right in my getting my story yeah you're definitely guinier stories confused that's steadily getting confused IMAX. At W Athens Z dot com is the email address to lead us taxed us we come back. Com awkward moment on fox many of you might have tuned out too because the finish was lopsided. You hear that girlfriend. It's just the girlfriend issue up for the Fox Broadcast drew next. Our brands are. Weren't so it's not the clerics and yeah. So that tells students. Girlfriend that's Genesis I last night we're all stand together this week. I listen. I'll make mistakes on a regular here seagate easily do a you know the best are the worst of Mac's mistakes every wanna do it. With dead said that was kind of the cringe worthy but yet still humorous moment for me. When Joe Buck tried to identify. Kept his girlfriend. And amendments. Though he had to you Craig I think those facts and correcting your thumb on tracking him if I'm not mistaken that it was generous and who's an actress. And Brooks is doing well in that department as you would expect is well. I'd tell you right now bound one of the true highlights of golfers winning these majors is to see there's a espionage there's. I say it is just being matter of fact honestly yeah it's a very it's it's a good moments of I don't know I looked up and advance to see what we are you always look at because. Significant other and I to stumbled upon the soccer park and so I thought it was I would yeah Vegas well I'm also really got to told you. Our Butch Harmon was in the army yesterday at ports as Brian Harman. I don't Mark Harmon I judge I Mark Harmon the actor in it I couldn't get the USC women's. You're right I may have also lets Fleetwood Mac in this thing I want boys and let them do does that do not look and sound like a character from snatch. Here's to the movies stand Brad Pitt is just he's weird British gaga that's what it looks and sounds like to meet his dude does Tommy Fleetwood. I'm getting text here Joseph fox coverage is a joke I gave Joe Buck and stocks fell on Twitter this weekend. I don't know I feel like his job better better than it was initially is just never gonna compare to what we're used to were also not used to it we're gonna hear once I. We're not watching all these other tournaments they're doing well you know I mean the when a senior open and the women's open and the junior amateur in all that so we're now watching. So we're seeing these guys many a bus stands. Are seeing them one time a year and it just by nature you're just not used to that's going to be a problem I think for us I'll take he's eager over mostly golf sandals out and he's finished right and you're right if your gonna rip the coverage. You must have not seen what holly Saunders was wearing this week at its. I mean I mean are you are we seriously do you think Holly's Saunders alone makes it good coverage to Schilling gets bone like two minutes a day though. I know I understand we are DVR you go back he go back and stared or DVR for awhile I don't feel like to I don't feel like two minutes a day. With holly Saunders can make up for like what's going on in eight hours of coverage the white dresses and again now I can make up for a lot of and boy wife maybe in his car right now moaning may be in this car Osborne seems that sank two minutes college Saunders is. Or states doesn't matter what anybody. Aren't Ozzy Osborne doesn't care if they speak Greeks and the other eight hours of coverage would you rather see how insider access veteran white dress or Jim Nance from Bob worked at a holly Saunders every time I should see holly Saunders on the Internet czar cannon's idea. You can look at her I don't Internet I'm trying to stitch it all comes rates can enjoy what you immediately solves a Mac just I don't Ali's daughters but it's not gonna make their coverage better than CBS now. I disagree a bit early for you guys it does. On the horn dogs but Selig rejected text line out building center text line. Let's see here I'm enjoying easy don't play golf let the people he hired you're damn job. Yeah the notion that he got to swim San and it sounded like das in the way Steve Clifford us explain it to us. Is it later in the process and get involved in the process. Stick to enjoy immensely. Out what he's done for this organization from a business standpoint is grace. I just. I don't know bone about. Trying to overrule guys who it is their job all year to watch these college players. And it feels like that's what's happening at times in Nazareth we don't know for sure but you've definitely heard a guy like Kaminsky was change. Was guy Jordan lost you know when I was in for Kaminsky as you were and we were finally. Eve of memory serves me correct it was a late push for Kaminsky right. A wad of deeds draft choices are they not sort of white pushes for guys. There's not a good they're as a medic dissect from the beginning and they don't want that guy like let's be honest here I like an art Donovan Mitchell is a cliff got. Donna Mitchell fits what cliff wants he can come off the bench begin start he plays two ways. That and for for basketball purposes he fits everything cliff wants could damn beat that guy down the line. Because of his body. I guess but don't fall in love with the guys bodies have been plenty of draft prospects that a band 69245. That have not panned out. Because we don't know how good rebounder of the guy is how good his defensively we don't know what his defying skill set is besides being 69245. And is that really that big a deal your undersized in the post just must be a big bruiser you're only 69 and change. You don't have a great reach. Vista votes no post game railway now none at all yet anyway just Dexter says it showed to examine eleven I will attend each game would show must go sign next year. This other dudes got a problem with a bone. Saying watch the Wake Forest. Just Wake Forest really. For your Luke and Arctic where it forces a good team last year way to Wake Forest star was pretty good last year marvel they returned singing my my point was was. But that was a very that was a game words of needed that win desperately you'll recall. They were down a net gain to watch the tape don't worry about Wake Forest. Just walk what canard does from a skill set point and that's what I'm saying he was great in that game he was great when I'm trying to save our way to this morn 7 o'clock hour who you want we don't want. But I just don't know a lot of that stuff works in the NBA. I just got longer athletes in the paint. He never gets all the way to the Iraq really easy does that jump stop and then it's like I gotta pump fake I got up and under yet again and give it. What does all that stuff is. When you stopping to paint work as well when the athletes are longer and better. I ask my glass I have personally been faked out by a weakened already interviewed are in a reprocessed Elena good. How I mean I said Aiken Lou do today they said shirt and they take this let hesitant about this guy they take this let this guy could think with the best of a man about Boyd has yet and on the area can I can attract and about would you at a bar a mile Jefferson coming on tomorrow can be Meeks this week probably Emerson went right. Wednesday from a Jack Kennedy Meeks this week also asked sometimes so we we do have some some interesting stories guys that were really. Good you know solid tells flyers missed her flight. You know they're trying any chance Satan get to get a career in the MBA it's probably against a lot of odds I wonder if a mile Meeks might be. Options for the G league team for the orders in Greensboro north of those two guys men of their local ties people would go watch people in Greensboro. Oriole fans that would go watch truly mean that is surely had to watch you know Jefferson get a building senator tax guy says I don't watch golf but I just Google holly Saunders and I'm with Timonen us. How ensure that the guy that they're trying to appeal to garage or not watch it like you're not gonna tune in just hope you catch the two minutes at a made ours they got how we Saunders on. Ali start us off my TV is second right now that's you grassy years since she's bright she's great in the outfit seemed to enhancer game they seem to be performance and answers. But it's not gonna make we rank them you know I mean like it's not like she's got off you know well I don't like. The white dress I've the other day as a hobby is a monster Galliano dress pretty you know she's not really. Forty unity today. Then all of a sudden this week it out came the white dress and Bob have a dual nature bogeys in a black dress on Thursday he'd embody the steam or the white black dress on Thursday it was strong Osborne is a sub saharan. Her also laid out for a few birds are out. About not just yeah there's one screen shot affirmed the white dress it's of where she's standing near the out goal scorer. Screen yeah you can't really see the scores on the score. So are you seeing this live or used to saying it is just some screen shots on the Internet when you don't price on the horn don't icon in Hawaii just three shot images like I doubt Al 'cause I David did a scoreboard I imagine it's not the intensity. Dot com this Dexter says they make it's so obvious it's starting. Yeah it's the same it's the same company that does Fox News right into where three years bomb the hell let's just put it this way. Visit is clear heart war paints on the air Fox News the other day and it was a huge news story nationally. Because for years. They were forbidden from wearing pants on the air. They were on there in now I mean it was a Swedish the cheating shown up continue to news we had that does not say for awhile here and radio talk gotcha game. And you're saying hey let's go back. Waiting adjust any of former house here. Didn't Wear pants for two fully if we take Donovan Mitchell I should come and painless as we take Donovan Mitchell on in the draft should I put up a poll that says holly Saunders good or bad for gulf. I'm not arguing she's bad it's nice to have a there it's like does holly Saunders and make fox golf coverage the best golf coverage. Around my dad's you guys are arguing I love you I don't like Canada pretty ragged we're gonna put holly siders pull up here are I love to see every still headed to another and allied Mac Intel media frenzy dad Thomas when we come back we've got more to do pay if there's add somebody. On to help the coaching staffing name you probably heard all we tell you about that's. And let's see Keanu Christian McCaffrey with some cool Father's Day social media post. At 7 o'clock we sort to find out do you guys have someone you desperately want in this draft is there a favorite reported. All right we're back here it's. On the mag exact. She Evans says it holly Sanders is slightly above average. Sentence breakdown. I don't know if I would go out. I. Ricky Ricky Bobby says Mac has lost all credibility this morning he is anti holly Saunders guy. Not a good drama movement to try to start off today matched. I'm not anti holly solders and a man in a very big fan of colleagues understood the problem is. How do we get this discussion I think yeah I think bone was trying to convince me that she makes the fox coverage great I'm saying it should have enough air time in little bit more than. Nice and I was trying so we got to this point because the star golf course are not competing at a high level this year and this is what abortion talking about. That's really great to talk about these worsened. Day or Rory verse. Day or speed now we have to talk about holly Saunders was a buzz it see because the golf got boring yet it seems like it's really a tough thing I wanted to sassy British wanted to sit here and talk about how attractive she is I want here's my problem in the majors with these top golfers. So it's not just a this year thing Jordan's speech has been out of the top ten in the last five majors ever since he blew that masters about last year. Jason day's gone six masters without winning that he didn't do he was top 103 times last you played well the majors last year. But he strongly second this year any mystic Conn of course this week. Rory no wins in nine straight majors he's missed the cut in three of his last five majors that's a problem. When you try to replace Tiger Woods he's the guy so I thought we're gonna as a team replaced Tiger Woods and that theory looks terrible right now. I'm Rickie Fowler one top ten in the last ten major she saw yesterday obviously went to fifth place finish. And Dustin Johnson the last three majors. To miss cuts and it did not play into masters. So it's just these guys as a group bones are not playing well in the majors this is what's got to improve its got to change here for the health of golf here's Robert. Dealing with age in June on the Mac attack are this is why. Raised the war football's not far away he's been seven says it's your subconscious sexism. You respect women in her profession to be unattractive so when she is that you over greater. She 2.0 oh my god that seven says this one had your white states Blaine foundation I got -- deal in what make up DOS. This is the Swedes are dealing with here I might did I came leader reading those are going to be honest with you about I that is I'd rather read the damn I don't bio scouting report. And reach heaven breakdown I don't know that I'll take city got tore her right path no doubt me. I yum here's a deal in her profession she's supposed to be bad look in every state just about every TV reportedly put on as a babe for this on purpose. It's also insects is industry because they won't give women that aren't intends often jobs. To be honest review our boat just came in that bonus handing out pictures of holly Saunders Saturday in the white dress. Yeah that was rented tied up stairs and is definitely rather outside upstairs here let's see we can go to net silence. Obama let's see Jerry I got into a weird level whole weird level here this morning Jeremy says so holly makes golf watchable but you'll see that much rivers my point. Com process. I don't think this is this is our us those and other odds could not see holly Saunders clearly. There there's universal witness Max and I believe you good to see you may get arrested if your house that could if you're looking from your editor. Our universe of windows you may have a problem that I don't see here Mac and WS and Z dot com email address. RA it's let's let's bring in now marks and Estonia and then he's got. Restore some sensibility. Radio show no mug you or do you like how we Saunders are not yet or an act. I only PM lit cigarette breaks down remark he maybe that is what we expect. Momentum. But I have the feeling now my vote themselves and I don't know man. Hey Dan similar good in this league guy yeah everybody you know any enemies thought I would get down on the net you're right. The land and I don't know McMillan could remember what we're good to get Tony Bradley right. And we look into the knows the real deal that would military campaign game. Okay good job today and. Not house are gonna look at how the heck does that work path do you just Jackson friend JJ. Oh yeah. I had no it's. Mark you understand the NBA you've got to match salaries and man cage he's gonna make a lot more than Josh Jack well unless somebody can take on the Sally yeah as some might promise salaries my problem is. And JJ is already band aids and it's clear to the world mark but M JG was not worth the number two overall pick. So we're gonna teachers are using somebody that has the number two overall pick like the lakers or somebody thank you get just Jackson's. It's gonna drift just Jackson or edit or boards and decide we'd rather than KG or just flat out decide they know Josh Jackson we'd rather have anti aging America. Okay let me open yeah. Slid it. Sooner or lice and. I explained it to amend those arms bone that he's still sits an act as that. I'll Margie I tried to bribe tried to explain judge to break it down Margie in use still you know. It's such a legend watermark you refuse to take a drink he did Tom here's the other problem more from Macedonia if we have some time here to go out there is issues. We know why the Celtics and sixers traded right the sixers are gonna get faults number one overall. I don't think Marquez read the stories concede they Jason Dayton's going number one. The sixers made a trade to get full song and a Celtics are probably take into there he thinks the sixers are getting Jason Day it does not understand. Day. They did this for faults. I try to explain to know that yeah I think the biggest moves it's always sought a. Our lord iMac and WS NCAA dot com is the email address. If you wanna jump in bear emails in and says per Mark Luke may is more attractive than holly so on terrorists. There you have it ladies. And articulate how is honest tell me who the next holly Saunders is out there are right now let's see you break that down foreign. When we come back we got to start getting orders stressed so no one we are. What three days away from draft day. And it's occurred to me that I have no idea. People's champions for the hornets fans is there's some money in this draft. Who you guys would love to have is there anyway the hornets fans can excite journal hornets get excited she was a sand. On draft night assault about that when we come back.