Mac Attack: UNC 3 wins in 5 days

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Tuesday, February 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about UNC's 3 wins in 5 days. 


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Welcome to another revision number American attack on 102 point five the thing. With Mac. T bone he ought Palin because they lost me and i.'s board that. Did you detention now you're hosted caretaker of chaos. Charisma clean. Look at me I'm not big class a ball. Our good morning it's duty bound. Unbelievable haven't even slow getting set a word haven't set raising critical that is Blue Devils or anything or any of those 49 teams. And look what happens. Played sound effects to mosques. My issues with eating snacks including a whole box doce go girl's got courtesy of today. Are more ready wrote today baby we are ready to roll we get some hoops talk about we don't have a are Panthers GM discussion you would think this thing is going to. Play itself out here at some point in the near future so the question is. Marty. Second chance fur Marty Ernie is seems like that whole notion is gaining steam and I'm not quite understanding it so. We did in that lake Dawson has had two interviews feels like it's those stoop. We will discuss that on the show today Steve Clifford says some very interesting stuff. With Garcia and Bailey yesterday Peter Nero played some of the audio this hour we will react to it as well. And die UNC team song Roland is team that I've never seen a team in five days. Completely. Changed the way too many people feel about them a I'll probably themselves. And I would like to sign up for that I like to sign up for that list of people. That have changed completely the way they view the Tar Heels in a five day stretch in which they won three games last night won the prettiest game for a while. But they found themselves in a one point game now five minutes left and they absolutely. Not how many minutes left. And they absolutely blitzed Notre Dame from then on out 259. Run. To close at basketball game drive and getting it inside finally planes and competent pick and roll defense which they didn't do for most of the night. And here we are Carolinas on nine and 54 place. In the ACC don't look now it puts them in a spot where there and a great chance to get eight double bye in the ACC tournament. And don't look now nobody gets them back in place Rory Charlotte's. Appearance in the NCAA tournament as well so we'll talk about that on the show today won't like a civil needed to cancers. UNC she deserves a little love to. Those boys one big game Wes Miller knows boys were a big game last night. In their conference. They knocked all thirteen you know in conference. East Tennessee State. Greensboro was eleven and sue so they can make panels are closed to gap a little bit there in that conference as well tonight the big one in the ACC is Virginia. And Miami the other game is Boston College so likes and sorry and Zach. Those eyebrows on intentional continue to radio show us intelligence tests are not my guys are seriously sorry. Zach when you watch boss intelligent pitch in and a single second you real we're well you're loyal then your. Don't know actually OK maybe the first five minutes and then if I see awful bask in my just mostly that's that. But where your voice from Pitt had the funniest play value Tyson showed this to me yesterday but some money people are now. Sending you videos of winter it screws up. And they threw an inbounds pass and the guy just caught the ball stepped right back got to bounce. Play on you know if you are you can be on the inbounds and somebody else can go on the amount you throw to them and they still don't play you noble we just outsmarted ourselves on our entire island bounds on the street you know yeah just. And out of bounds against that bass rather pay attention and crossed the goal line I do think he made a football move it broke the plane and we've. Important got caught out of bounds wasn't a catch though it. Sadly because it was a clean catch so we got a lot of stuff to jump in did today Zach is here he's already get harassed about the newspaper Panthers. And T bone is in the building ladies and gentlemen yeah I noticed Tebow as you start harassing me with a sad mastered sound effects which he was so proud of his idea is to make fun of my eating. May do we're talking does this thing was this thing basically went. An old term as a and what didn't go viral book people around the building knew what I was doing and general managers can run in their praise me for my my efforts and keystone sat vasser just. So proud of this the job market manager Matt O'Hanlon who runs all the slums and what I wanna man what a leader he walks in and talks to Tebow well he is pulling sat master sound clips. So he he explains so what he's doing Mac really loves eaten he had doubled his wife fatal bucks a girl scout good decent 14 hours. All. And so what does the market managers say that's a little rule. Debates on a Mac in that way wanna mother employees know he just can't get enough of it this is amazing. He says you've got to play this earlier how many other ones you have. It is this it's ironic is I'm also need to play east of Serbia's well the funniest part there was a man analysts said but it is streamed on the screen as a what sir. He said Matt Campbell site that direct ancestors they don't come on that's not right. That is unless he had advanced she did after he got me up he moved on about as I cannot point out though with you sir you have not done your job and I can't belief. That debt text or has not pointed out yet. But she promised after this text or jumped all over you yesterday about not change in the open to get. Yuk Yung Zach in there and you still have not changed GO PT boats are the words I chose Diana. Armed guards and let's not I'm not so good a mock me I'm not the head coach under supplier on the team. Went head coach at man says change he would put calls piano Jaya the bullpen cited says we need to change out all sport transact that all do it other than that. I it's been stopped there Osborne and everything he's accomplished not o'clock hour yesterday. A text or said odds as soul legend he deserves to be in the open about those that do it that's it's a conundrum by having. It got released exactly and though even if you keep Osborne Zacks got to make an appearance on Larry that's got to be a sound bite to put in the old city David estimate he had. You keep value keep doing it. And and it what does that that saves I think that saves on the open more than I had. There are gonna make the NCAA tournament go to the sweet sixteen and. Okay. And NASA data that is that's that's idiotic. Are we gonna talk about to heal Steve own. You did not want to stabbing you did not say probably this would happen this year did you this ordeal now I didn't. It is our heels seem allied dig dude in state against the most. Bombing incident both those games this Tar Heels team is coming to gather may Kenny Williams three more Trace last night 5% from the floor. Tim Johnson continues to show hey I've got more to contribute. And standstill jump shooting duty to jump hook in a post. Dunked on somebody big time big old yam on somebody's grill. Tom last night the defense I thought he was very fondly at times I thought to pick and pop defense and said dude Rooney in the first half was brutal. And then the pick and roll defense in the second ads against Gavin was terrible but when you look at what Joseph Barry did on the ball against Farrell. Let's Harrell completed their complete. Mess arrow I'm still I still want football allies can you tell. Matt Ferrell gets four of seventeen shots only and if you take Tebow. If you take all the guards together. For Notre Dame and added up here we had to sub actually Sarah lost three of eighteen I'm sorry three and eighteen. TJ against another stud guard one of nine. And then you zero in salute her mommy am salute or one of seven but I could get a shot off that is fives. For help me out. Survives for 343. Perimeter players and I talked all season about how the hell. Carolina not play better defense on the perimeter when you have Barry Kenny Williams and feel Tencent as your three perimeter players. They did a hell of a job on those perimeter guys last night even if they couldn't stop those big. Yeah without Bonzi coal sinuous figure you can always count on a couple things to Notre Dame guard play being there with the Gibbs is Cyril it's Lugar is foul shooting. That last year they were one of the best if not the best how should team in the country this year. And made their second or heard or somewhere in the neighborhood. They miss a ton of foul shots on the decades Angel last night when your guy Mooney. Who had six stories in the game kept Notre Dame and it time and time again. Goes to the foul line he hits all slowly it's a one point game that and maybe the outcome of that game is. Carolina still probably wins maybe it's closer down the stretch as soon as he missed Altria goes out shots you could feel Notre Dame deflate. UNC take a deep breaths and it was over from there as Susie miss those three fouls shots. Now does forget the hawks general. How do you make six straight shots out we'll all from three point range you can't make unguarded fifteen footers not one out of 300 might might praise ability despite a random white guys that can ball is unprecedented. The board this guy comes from the she gets put audience duke right now. This guy being at a year I didn't know this guy was also these others and six threes against Carolina the only other guy that has the ability aside random white guys in the smallest Tom Brady like the the only other guy it's it's brave embrace desert academy did a couple might WT white man's academy of school and I'm pretty wide receiver the Notre Dame basketball player and I. Downtown imam in steel pins in last night that was a full dance. That was the sole CEO last night. His versatility was on display and listened to we all grown when he shoots threes Japanese definitely curtailed that he had a couple of mid range jumpers last night which the nicest city. But he put up a steel pins in stat line sixteen points. Ten rebounds. And five assists last night a matter of fact Roy Williams gave him the ball the second Andrew Berry also ball and letting him play point. And he was tremendous that is well and I I twittered something out last night after the game T bone. About how well I like to move from Roy to move burials the ball a little bit less CO run the point. And does former Charlotte coach Bobby Lou it's tweet me back. And said that is going to be feel consensus position at the next level. We're so I thought was uninteresting Colin Parris out of that and I think it probably makes cents to kid is an unbelievable passer he just needs to. Be a little more under control all the time. As the one thing you'll throw a couple of crazy Claussen type passes every now and then you know NW seats. But some man he's got an ability to pass a vessel and the sale of about him is his versatility. He ran a point on offense and you look at him and defense and he's guard a four man down real low block at times. What a versatile Swiss army knife type player he has man. DC does feel it'll be effective at the next level you think it's going to be one of these things it's gonna take do you think he played India I never really thought about. I have literally a death and we tested the waters last year. Every team we have been buried together at but he came back with a light. Fifteen minutes cameras there it goes a very quick like I'm testing the waters are back a back problem there's a jumper is due doom and yet that's the problem is that jumper. Selig he's got a point or skills ability to defend. I don't know man I don't I'm Jessica who does make it all says Tar Heels team in the NBA I don't know about shoulder Ares I have a doubt what nobody joins us not very deftly makes it because I was wondering that too many other Dale's watch an NBA game there was a player als watching and I went may. He really reminds me or old they are reminds via this guy. Patty Mills. I started watching the way they moved their size the White House like man there's a lot up. There's a lot of Patty Mills and told there and watch Patty Mills enters our interest that way they move the way to games are I'm not saying that told Gary's got off. Have a great MBA career browse like you know Patty Mills made it told there is how to help the college career why can't he have a shot the NBA. The sought out these terrible comparison there and I watched Patty Mills or individual better. That's interest I I just wonder sci ace. I don't decision that's good yeah same size as Patty Mills I think he needed to answer that shot Dolan at DM BA level probably. Com. And Luke may last night we canonized him a saint Luke yesterday on the show 1000 part and he was three of Alam sort of floor last night he has some rough moments last night eight points eight rebounds. He was having so it really does is sometimes yes troubled times finishing inside. Well since the height to lend some guys around him or whatever they're there're there are times where he will miss him inside that a dude shooting 48%. That's a five man from three point range especially and they put up a graphic last night that I'm sure inspired a march from Estonia tweet I haven't seen it yet. But Dave actually said the last guy in major college basketball. The average over ten rebounds a game and shoot over 40% from three is Kevin Durant I saw that lots. 'cause life as a stimulus that but I think you would mail often thought a Kevin Durant I'm telling you live check your MM jeetz Wacey five cents assaults like last mayor's some good. Right after the Kevin Love compare we come back to we discuss a bag leading car will make an Indiana and in Houston got these two guys may make it in the NBA they may leave in six days and it's a did you bunt the ball majors literally disappear and you'll see into the NBA come by land stealing they still lie he still wanted Tiffany ESPN mock drafts. All of these other no doubt he's gone in the first rattle price police police don't the first African get out of my allies are just erosion in that talents. You know he's definitely going in the first round bye it's it's just a question of how good is he going to be for duke this year. You know and when he gets to the NBA dizzy just become another rate gasoline Derrick coach thought. They have I liked his upside you know or does he actually does he actually got a basketball player to go with this athletic system. IMac did WFCC got jobs heels fans jump failure talk about him I don't know how many times I guess I think I've underestimated the heels mod manager. I'm jumping on board with this team right now no tar heel fans can be excited about that so a good deal more to shore. So we'll talk about all that stuff we pay at the stuff to get into five. 70457096. And also in the Winter Olympics is anything going on that likes boards dudes like all of us. Should really be enjoying this the Mac attack on Athens. This thing cranked up this morning. Handed out those bouquets of praise it's our heels they've won four in a row and are now to force. In the ACC. Coming up on the show today Brad Brownell head coach at Clemson they are the ninth overall seed. Army in that. A list of sweet sixteen seedings the other day they came out to committee released. Terminal last arsenic and if it did maybe a three C we'll talk Clemson tiger. Head Coach Brown Bernal 745. And Don Dick sites out today at 9 o'clock on the radio show. We've got a lot of good basket juicy basketball stuff talk about Dick easy. As someone reminded me on Twitter that like ten to twelve days ago a topic on the show wise. UNC fans would you rather your team do well or how do not doubt NCAA tournament and we certainly do that like ten to twelve days ago I don't know does that long. Wasn't that long yeah. And the funny thing is I agree with them to go ahead and just routes. You there this is not a special heals you are just going to root against dude. And look at it now. Look at it now it's crazy way to. Smile on your face and how things change so fast outline how one style of back then I got baby was gas good to see you think what are you trying to say that I'm happier is a fan of all these guys routine yes there's gonna happier when the Tar Heels are up top and around and do. Valued idle idle though they're I I think that you would to to be fair I think that. You. Try to support equal weight but there is about what target but a Tar Heels play well you weren't terribly sure tonight there is a balanced Lou there's a balance exactly is or not a different look to Mac and Carolina twice while Somalia. That I can analyze. It's all about yeah exactly as assaulting this it's evil duke loses there's little bounce some Akron UNC wins I got to realize they don't play the middle. Well that's did you hear me in here when it when state beat Carolina and out tonight and by the web and eighties are now that's what are the bats against our ninety dove for state fans and maybe Carolina earlier this year. 88 states keep what are you what he sees it once. She just met with Anthony Simmons five star recruit out of I'm G academy. Tom so he could add him to rich is not a problem is that it also could just go right to be MBA because he's been Dianne Giguere is before I here. He's nineteen he's our he's a different recruit because he. Stand out post graduate high school year ING size you just mentioned so I could be big succeeds he man SE R. d.'s CI he's protected the source trumpet right now. So I would I would I would say he's targeting go pro but you never now he's. A mock draft one pick after Duval is where he is right now. I'm so anyway I let's go back in that he steals. And how to compare duke and all that stuff and a 7 o'clock hour Clifford audio Joseph did not hear Steve Clifford interviewer Garcia and Bailey that's coming up. Com that's I won't give you snippet of it and sing and he did Clinton remarks we've got to talk about. That's coming up I would say about 630 yourself until a couple of these football sayings as far as the Panthers go I mean it's it's it's all quiet on the panthers' front. They really do need GM at some point here OK I personally thought they should just wrote this out with Marty is zero. But now they've got a process going on they've got to figure out you're bringing in new GM he's got to get up to speed on your personnel. It would switch again makes it very just seems very unlikely to be Tebow they would do what what do you think the percentages at lake Dawson gets the job over Mardy are. Our percentages. If I don't know I mean I would've said the 0% if it wasn't for the south last week now that's the blow over now be a big deal. I would say 20% chance like Dawson gets it yes I was thinking 120% also met the big days at the Marty talks about when he. We took the job back over game one of the things that. Is often talked about is trying to get the scouting department to where he wanted to be as a GM the status of former sitting what you want as a GM right. So we had to come mind to wanna be got a draft coming up you know way Dawson would need time here to try to get everything in order that he wants to do. Scouting department all that's sort of salsa Marty's got that in place right now south ideally. Marty gets the job could it's already there for him like dolls as the dumb and during the comma and a drop process to try to figure that out as if I got called acts. This is why the usual time. To change GMs in front office people is after the address. They're contracts run through the draft because when they stop when you start college football season. Marty and his scouts and everybody is they're working together in the pros side they're working with more evaluating other teams players throughout the season so. Yeah my leg also be jumping in mid process that that's why just doesn't seem idea that's why bona keep going back to this we couldn't have. Ask morning Ernie as the interim GM through his interim tag new owner comes in does what he wants. It's that's why just reeks of the big cat. Well modern let me give you a deal him motto my way out of a martyr for. So it goes and I'm glad I like it that I need to keep doing. Monica what do I don't mind if some kind of like I was doing foghorn what happens after that I sat. I sent us an asset water. But why did the bills hire Doug Whaley Y twenty minutes after the drop is over last yes yes yes more customary right now usually you might wind ice and are quite an eye toy maybe it's obvious sarcasm and it was close it's funny because it seems weird when you see here I call on that guy just you just let that guy draft your future and you got rid of home. But that's the more customary thing right because you don't wanna jump bid at the end of the season. You jump bed and didn't lake Dawson scouts you don't have no word relates he's got to get close beatle what they think he's got his own evaluations unsure of guy so. I don't know man Italy feels like lakes only chance is something comes in the senate fell investigation. But I have a hard time believing in something comes out of this investigation because Marty's ex wife her cells. Drop that complaint in about three case right and there's no more court procedures it's it's been solid. Like dawson's sounds like a very nice vacation destination doesn't hurt my back going to the lights for route sides we cannot take eternally optimistic got to wish us on August. Or old socks shown that would study now that. Do you Zander beak which started talking like gossip could expect Dawson's Creek it's even come the only dolls at the near reboots spin off of dawn Marie. Tonight on the white dolls there's no way young is Jacqui you're not around hers at Dawson street notorious no. But I know I know who that is because he's the quarterback and now one route varsity blues so he was like one of my favorite actor mocks and yet I see Johnson he did he do that in. As of a southern impression as an activist Jerry Richardson and remember when I don't want you know why I let it was worse that or Nicolas Cage and con air what's worse. Alia. Sorry for prayer house are both pretty bad how about put on Sonia any movie gives you. The whip cream bikini off you're counting the high school. A high school jocks go out of strip cloud and they're hot teacher is dancing in the strip club but those are just too epics. Seen. Straight every now and exact guy zack's dad tweet today and here. He said asked Zach on the air how we got his name. A moment or what what is the story that G-Unit so I have an older sister radar she's ten years or the men and on the youngest of 42 older Brothers or she's the only girl in the semi and she wanted me to be a girl sabbatical she wanted to little sister obviously right. So my parents you know when I was mourned Joshi was cries you left school because you are a little sister. And they wanted to Amy Ryan which is my middle name but she named Zach off Zack Moore Sosa by the. And you guys just said look back we'll go you know what I think that screech. Yeah. I was actually be Zach potter and the news items adversary we can solve screech in on there. Now let me go straight semi so good if you were sincere they wish you one name screech in your parents went through and it. By the way seven on the bill the senate tax alliances Dawson's Creek was a great show. I hate to do notice how wise I agree with seven men jealous Chile was so Q back then and then all of a sudden she became mrs. Tom Cruise. And that was just some weird to see guys gone out she's mr. before she's rebounded a little bit style when she's back to normal life right now. But man Joey and the Lewis don't climb up the window barrel climb up there are not Clement went to climb up to load the ladder to get to Joey Tracy icy mom and Casey so now now you can now and 2018. Joey Porter. Yeah Joey Porter comes and judge Jerry Porter Joey potter wizard Larry Wright was out of notre Sarah gusty out dating to cornerback any given Sunday with. That's all comes together man if all odds so we'd be dot Joey Porter of the linebacker Joey potter. This guy Rick says any dude wants Dawson's Creek is not a dude to me. So I don't know I don't to sell you may burn when you you know page so I watch Snyder isn't one elegant rifts and I want I was all end. Melrose Place all in all those shows man. They were like young drama as they were like soap operas pretty young man I got into it I watch Melrose Place and I was ten years old I think Howard about the man who always an Oscars. How do you watch that when you're chancellor absolutely dead glad I didn't know. That is so stockings. Heather Locklear was so strong in those Melrose steaks and just such as gaudy. Army I want to show though wasn't Charlie Conway in that show. Who the heck is that from the yeah he's out yes pacing was Charlie commonwealth. He was OK I know mr. Casey I know mr. Ehrlich on my my life to this day thinks he's hot Joshua Jackson as an assay method that is not to be confused with C swing dancers Phoenix Suns. I don't in my life doesn't comment on whether or not he's not or not I think he's a little too. I don't know I borrow big. This dude DP says I like Dawson's Creek hated the ending I can't I don't remember the ending now let a bailed out for the show ended. What happened in the end the space are. Dawson and Joey to get together writes the honest I don't remember too haven't seen the finale of series where they're gonna do a dude named DD that's way more into Dawson's Creek mound and you and I are Mac to W doesn't he got dumped at some point here we need to get him. It's this sort of sports led to Steve Clifford when asked by frank Garcia yesterday. If he's got enough talent to win west his response your this year that audio right now the brakes to stay tuned for that will talk about it. Frankly listen. They fit bodies. Has more responsibility. For you know how inconsistent replay tonight do arm I've had a lot to do where it. Almost every one of these guys coming here and then I'm retro soul. There's nobody else that this has as big part of the ocean side do not outpost there by the fact that. I think issues in terms of just hours. Oh or potential I think this is the best team there that we track you know but we don't play well. I bet it is. That is us Steve Clifford head coach is Charlotte nor assaulted Garcia and Bailey yesterday on on Garcia Bailey obviously. And done that was more of an. Of of many interesting comments in there on executive interviews voice standing in cliff has always you go ask him some he's OK I believe he's gonna give you. So uninteresting stuff in return of armed now. That that quote right their bone was used against me yesterday backup balloons emailers tweeters. They said Steve Clifford himself says he has enough talent to win. This is a vast. Roster he has had since he's been there and they say that daddy indict sim that means he's doing a bad job as a general Tom following that completely. What do you want him dissect. That's kind of what he says well my how levels are really low here. He's ripping his players for not being as good as they should be right he's ripping me. The GM for not getting the talent and if Michael Jordan is as a bold in the process the taken the players as we take years he's Libya's owner. So please settle much how levels royal while here he's ripping everyone involved an organization. What do you expect him to say there. Yeah Odyssey white people come on that was kind of my thought is there's no way coach can answer that question nine arm and a salad. You know them provide me with enough talent to now he's got to say this you know I. As bosses he's got to say that's how my hat is him playing up to their level they should be point and that's on me I thought he also doesn't wanna throw the players under the box. I guess he could have gone that route ladies desert town announced but these guys as they doing their jobs you can do that one but good luck getting that locker room back. On the legendary coach in sports ought to be football or basketball whatever coach comes out goes up. Yes I gotta tell you I've done my job I have coached my rear end off I am bill what I'm supposed to do mere minutes on these guys. I go to be shredded nationally you know it kind of did that tested the wouldn't say it was it was loss was at Purdue saint John's. Everything we kept telling them to change the Indianapolis I couldn't get through Saddam. Would not change anything would you say don't look at him. 'cause those judged as below. Hope that was a little bit on the right royal who after players sometimes as well and and a and a round about manner I think handling college players it'll be different and and going. Pro choir of about a pro coaches here. We usually lockers he came out of society and the Rockies. Billionaires coaching straight they're not playing they're not doing energy you're live millionaire Seattle media and Huey you would have a problem in that locker he has a fall on the sword type of guy that's what he's always done since he has been here. Armed I just. Now I will say this he lay zone also sick now doesn't it. This the best team I've had this personal had since I've been here but I don't see how how we can truly believes that an alum comma liar but I'll I just. I think he's trying to fall on the sword here and I'd be should I just that's surprising for me for him to go that far. Because two years ago that personnel was clearly better nest was it not. You had Jeremy Lin coming off day in the bench playing amazing run and a second unit also planes some with kemba. You had Courtney Lee as a great serene dvi to to. But soon play disorientation he was was hurt that year you're a big Al coming off the bench as well. Like there were some players that were on that squad moan that we lost and is. You know we lost our debt this bench right now is a complete joke about two thirds every game they're complete joke that team was good enough to tie for the three seed. It's a diet into Miami to seven games in the playoffs here or purple shirt guys decided during the playoff run he wanted to part of that. He is also horrible bosses apparently die and we have dry sixteen apparently we did drop purple shirt that had offseason as well in addition to losing those other three guys because I don't know he's ever been back to a game bug since then if you did if he did a topic nag in the summer cold now tops. Now need more. Of the all time tools in Charlotte sports history I'm guessing that per bushel guy might be on Dallas or assert I would be the officials say in what me I'm not sold more I mean this cat laying gig in Iran. We're going cat may have worked his way into a free trucks from slot so it was kind of annoying eighty ask those jams up that's Nicholas. Make it on that list I am there you Zach Morris I always like to ask isolated manner anyway. When I was like ask him dollars and that was on that was on necessary so that kind of stuff you ask governor young zag watch out man mixing you know we'll have you dress and out in public like Camden all right a look at what your friends your family idea that I didn't seem to mind it as much as I said. David Hewitt were sorry can't as a dressed like they did Peter and all right doesn't throw to me there thank god. I get confused for a second I thought Nathan Peter man was from one of the teen drama show us. And I was like Tuesday to the other way out of had a during the threw five interceptions and once I got actually so scary about mind at somebody's gotta say Barbara I guess that's. It's crazy to it and play act to detonate it you can also play your college the only azalea you've been with him Carlyle here Mickey played on the basketball team he was pretty damn good depict. Their last day was used for it and good. I'm Max and W if Lindsay dad John so we're talking about Clifford whether or not mean does he surely does he truly believe that's. You know. I don't know if feels like in this dude says best roster ever dudes on medication. And worst team in NHP is actually a medication right now out and so those headaches and AC on better I'm glad to hear that let's see your Mac to WS and Z dot com email address. Seven is sending so many text right now about the history. It was Dawson's Creek is unbelievable his knowledge of this apparently the show ended. Where's pacing getting rich selling insurance and getting in on what jelly. That's how the show at what happened at Dawson wasn't Dawson enjoyed in their little tension there I guess pace east I think I stop watching now after awhile. As it's been so long guy in and in 2003 I think right sides on top is that CNN yes it does their daily now stilled its funny we're getting a lot of people are naming like her favorite teen dramas. That they used to watch a distant once so low for Laguna Beach. I think it down to Laguna Beach thing a little bit and I did watch it feels a lot don't lied CEOs of big sales LC. I liked her a lot about the OC Rouse again I don't see how does that little out of I was just call that was tremendous data Internet thing a little bit humble see this now this spirited actually was gay and had a couple lines in an episode of one tree hill. So it was a clinical his acting career. What this guy may had a friend that was also a they ask don't tell in Wilmington right so they did. It needed down there so I simply want high school proud that I knew that at some lines and you don't know one tree hill yet it is so they filmed that and Dawson's Creek and Wilmington are they say production company I think OK well thanks Wilmington to hot. Hot men of teen drama looks to us on now this stood on the other hand says can you ladies please talk about sports. So not everybody is enjoying reminiscing about watching the teen dramas when you're I gotta tell you this is better than the Olympics rate a half. We do that next. Too he's actually open this up to the people would take billing center text line next. Is there any thing in the Olympics that you that you think us as die hard sports dues. Should be enjoying. Like any any any you know particular. People. Any particular events is there anything going on the Winter Olympics is this thing compared the Summer Olympics to me is nowhere near. Other summer limbs we'll talk about that a little bit we come back we got to get in suit the morning Ernie Panthers discussion should get a second chance that's coming up later and Don tar heel duke comparison coming up at 7 o'clock this seals team is on fire right now it's a Mac attack. We're batches of MacKey said what are 2.5 WS NC. I really get into 7 o'clock repeated how well this Orioles team is playing it. And it adds we reached the point where we can call them and should call him a better team than duke right now. At this point right now shall we call them a better team than duke or should we chill out because it's been only three games and I don't know how a team to improve more. Any I mean I guess you could play three ranked teams or something but I. I haven't seen it seen in a five day span changed the way I. You know I think about it and so many people think about him we'll talk about that the 7 o'clock hour. I'd assume we have here let's call in first I do wanna get some love to party assign us party five needs to get mentioned known as a good a team. Drama back in the day you had Jennifer Love Hewitt and that's Campbell and even a little Lacey Sharma is grown up to Gloria. A USO rail female. Base on that show that the majority aside does not the title for the hornets thirty for thirty coming up on the starting lineup just if if that's not that's not today without the student. Production base I'd sign up party let's go to zones or Mac OW and Z dot com don't get in his written some building senate tax Texas your thoughts on these Winter Olympics. Isn't this guy says it's a non free can factor on my TV. Is it a 90 on Cody Jamieson a non free can factor on your TV or is there something to Winter Olympics where you want to say hey sports dudes like just would really enjoy this and talk about that the second 704. 57096. Stand building senate text us Greg wants to our piggyback off that where it's conversation with some great. Yes circuit ordered a book that should thank yeah well well look Clifford. I think come. You know agree with you guys that it will not much you can say they're. Well here's here's the thing we all can see it but in no way. But you know Michael Jordan note that they need more talent here to hear the question of the day out there are. Is are there any water to build to wait and want to build you know. You know. Good to get by united 81 out 10. People when they demanded it be yet. Walker caught it got to where you know yeah our guys on the scene built and I ain't. And that's the N double brought change to the plate for the NBA. And and it and it got. Rotten attitude lately not real respect your. But find somebody that. Accomplished that put them on the thing and built crap I just think like repeat it's it's it's it's great eat every year. Other others and that your first questions legit question. I would imagine there. We're back what's going on here. You get that out there boundless. If I'm dead download and I can't turn it off indicated it is plotted out why isn't world what does that do to either we get. How did just happen and that was a portable radio for twenty years taken calls on the appellate judges that. Job by my solo got stuck on the computer thing over now to tell us how I I'll. Some 2000 Mike rice green wasn't working I click something I didn't know it was going to fix I literally trotted down the entire board kind of noise just it was my however I don't know what was going on you know we're just gonna do well. As a slight almost panic endeavors there is a before levels as I don't vote got a little messed up Morgan a good time I go we're really come up that. Here is VOK so his first questions a legit one what do they wanna do they. I I really believe this team. This team appears contends. To battle to get in the playoffs every year and a Michael says the right things about the Goolsbee a top four seed in the conference. But they just had just look at the scene this seems to BA's. Content or at least doesn't wanna risk. The losing. Of revenue that might happen with a rebuilt right because you sell less tickets you sell less Geary sell less concessions and all that stuff. It's just here's a don't wanna risk that and they wanted to keep would discord just tweaking it and seen if we can had they shot. At making the playoffs and catch fire in and catching lightning in a bottle I just I feel like it's time to start over so far I will say this though don't. As far as a caller saying you gotta go out and get somebody with some experience. You know it's won a championship build around him. As easier said than done. Bless you got to somebody it's over the hill. And then you would wanna build around the over the hill got the guys that are still has game instill their prime that won championships those dudes aren't exactly made available to loss. Think about though the best teams in the league and how they acquired their star players. I had a dispersed Nikolay liner. Dresser ransom how to just undergone a west for a they draster how to do the warriors get all their guys have for governor or IMAP they get top city Korean Drake and Morgan drafted well what do we don't our graphics here. We cannot compete in this league if we don't somehow hit on something special in the draft at some point. We are not done that a loss of Campbell walk gaffe now a certain chemical and I don't sized guard can't carry that franchise by himself so. Since all the little the cavaliers double brawn James came back they got abroad originally because that at the bottom of the draft LeBron James so. The ghost of the history of the league Tim Duncan drastic. These guys are drafted by the franchise is the most foreign and you know you got your chapel go to LA or whatever but any Kobe Kobe was a Laker tractor. You had your big you know you have your Big Three push right Anderson stuff like that. Which I don't think I don't see us at any point. In the near future or the future at all being apart on pay big three's us get together in Charlotte fox got goddess how they drafted you've got to draft well and a lot of these drastic bone are outside the top ten. So that's another argument where it's where if you get the right people drafting. There's an argument to be made for you don't need the draft really high if you can draft well what we're Tony Parker and Ginobili were drafted by this first. With that said though bonus deals like this team needs every advantage he can get dressed as high as you can it's still might not help. Here's the sad thing though Boehner said this yesterday. If we just drafted if we just at home Ronald one other tech southern kemba you have a nice play off team. I'm not saying you have something great but if you're attendant deal Campbell and Booker. Certainly kemba they. Like any of these stings if you did the right thing and you just once added another stud next Campbell you how. Have something in Eastern Conference and at least woods did in every year and then you can go from there. The current imported forgo our lineup could be cam mobile Booker and data odd Donovan Mitchell right techniques agony therefore out or one in line up joy as anyone in the middle this Donovan holds on Nazr Mohammed back in the middle just cameos for guards stopped the Mitchell thing is make in sports center that is disgusting to watch every night seriously. On the street get believable. Armed by the way and get a lot of Olympic email that I. I have to say this at some point we got to get into this Olympic conversation I'm not feeling a lot of old ladies we say about I don't get a lot of building sent this gonna have to be there later today or tomorrow on alleged conversation about whether or not people get into this because it's Winter Olympics is closely but a lot of people seemed like it by the way it is due says Mac you've played is good you play defense as well against that faux noise. As the hornet's did on Sunday. So there you go thank you thank you for that and I get an idea after about fifteen seconds and it. And he started senate are I don't know whereas Thomas are never had to before I didn't know is a new situation band that was done I. I'd have a game plan that did not have a game plan what's next strategy get louder to try to be to talk. It was like the patriots trying to defend really special. I had no idea anything was coming. Com are we come back to you once on court swing go there you're Winter Olympic viewing tips if you wanna drop them and that's fine but we've gotta get outta conversation. About the Tar Heels are they playing so well. That work the point where we should say they are better team right now than duke. Or is that can that not happen inside days it's a Mac attack.