Mac Attack: Timberlake Tickets

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Friday, February 23rd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain gives away a pair of Justin Timberlake tickets.  


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Easy chance. We're gonna play a little blue does that idol assorted right now Mecca check idol. All right so I'm here I'm Brian C Max and I am ready to be your house or should this delay. It's real simple we have a ticket we think is hot. We think this ticket is the key to women's hearts everywhere if you can win tickets to see Justin Timberlake January 8 the Specter senator. That sure Weis will love you even more your girlfriend love you more you might immediately get a wife or girlfriend. If you win the idea Randy Johnson's had us think Randy Johnson Grady Jackson not Randy Johnson Johnson. Are. I screw up nearly as good sleep and you know who's going to be our assignment cattle are Simon countless hours. Powell I want to judge this guy. Yes I hate to see guy who called in and told you how I man don't talk about Justin Timberlake on Sports Radio brother let me say something I'm not good with women but even I know that this is a way to be good with women seriously if you can't Cingular is pretty simple if you can't figure that out of these tickets are golden. To a guy that's trying to get lucky are you freaking kidding me you take your lady friend there she gives. It's hot and bothered she's not gonna do really just insult the next best option he is Mary you. Is he made his screen Jason. Let's talk about the fact that always looks you up souvenirs I don't know we can't do. This is a give away were you just call land and you force calling it these tickets are too high. There's so much at stake here so we're doing Mac attacked idol first time we've ever tried it will see how this dose if this doesn't go well. Then we'll have to reevaluate you can do it get away you really did take its stuff and here's a chance to. Just sing us a little bit. A they Justin Timberlake or an N'sync song. All right guy died Billy's really unique to segment just call in smack attack I don't do your best singing job on a Timberlake or an N'sync song we won't judge him here we Randy Johnson ST Barkley gets Simon's gal that's Osborne's and then MI chargers don't exactly judge and his knowledge that's got to do the science clear you know does that and Zach make sure you're telling their money they've got a belt doubts. Justin Timberlake on his sinks off so -- like do you mean sing it like you really want these tickets there's no half ass effort gonna win I'd like Nestle S for count yet to soldier terrible what you entertain guests Democrats who might win 1 morning I just dropped off her what he had nearly got the hell out of notch as it is to children don't librarian try to sing Timberlake salt shall try to be off he could but don't write the passion you throw yourself into you put yourself out there you've got a chance of taking a sweetie content managers also Aaron and hot injured Norwalk collar about it I don't know why he's emerged as arrogant stuck in the same all right let's go to my name Alyssa my main Colin calling the number of fuel line up. For Mac attack I don't try to win these Timberlake tickets 70457096. Stand do your best JT you're in sync song performance. I Colin is our first contestant Colin are you ready to do list. And I understand what song are you gonna say. Sexy back let me look sexy and I thought. I'm brilliant pick it back yeah. And Euro down a path you know it's early yet. I don't bury it. Or he isn't that it was the first guy willingness now Jack did did your daughter or you're gonna go like I'm brilliant sexy. His don't know how. That's a type of intensity got to bring the guy's guy wins again. We are to meet this guy is a leader in the company. Yeah he's got a leader in the clubhouse but can somebody get a little more ensuing. Now look what's happening here laser listen incidents and they're saying it. That we don't need to worry about so any guy taking a solution could Margaret trying to win the tickets herself. Margaret what's going on. Aren't doing good I'm what Timberlake song you wanna win this thing. You know why I'm going to be XP back I yeah out. Record they're calling it. Yes you ideally handle. I'm bringing sexy back out that at their bow out had to act. You'd better watch your back. Can you might have a heart attack. That was good that was I was jealousy got sexy back much more. Then I'm only calendars now I'll I'll I'll give you the leaderboard she's now currently in the lead right Margaret you're in the league all right. You're keep us and if anybody beach you well you'll lose those states are right now that's the bar the bars and set that's what you Dicey bag easy you like to go to you possess to go to Robert what I do some Crimea river. I was out here is that so I guess he must feel like so once I like the one from Charles got Disneyland you sound love. I don't know allegedly or you know I had this copy all cigarette like the old me is getting done. And Robert Trout and not is so well you shouldn't lose your generals are Justin Timberlake. Yeah. It was just a writer at Pearl Jam. Any better lies suvs again. Let's go back about the women are taking a multi goal lines that O'Donnell once a seat I would guess the women say. We don't include city got to dedicate itself to be addressed this contest tied let's see how Donna does Donna what sold you wanna say. Eric. I'm a series. Doesn't like your man in the air act oh Ramirez ran back at me. Oh I haven't had any being. Any let up academy. And and it ended. Meant every day in and do it and get into it one bit not in nightmare about. Am Everett and that it. Mean last night. Here's how they look good. I already done resilient. Arabs out is dotted and later. Dollars on a lower grade I was though she's got and to top dogs are meant nags cheese on top Margaret Ryan actually. He went longer she got into our down to keep listening you are. You're the clubhouse leader right now it's pretty solid. Great I could. Darcy busy went into beer gardens I ever had to tells accusation told Zach just before the aggression on the air makes you get all their numbers 40 yeah I am I know that our guards actually yeah. I was information. Oh yeah I got off to arsenal's last detail if they don't want albums weren't don't have that number might get us what's good about potential it's. I let's go back to the phones will take a few more calls Max protect idols sing it Timberlake horrid N'sync song did you perform better Madonna and listen if you get over the top into it it's really funny that can be a winner so we got Paul who is on a Casey all right Casey is up next Casey what's so you wanna say. I'm going to. What but thought I got to be really you know and I just yet. Within about pork it meant we don't get a whole lot a long way we did what you when Olson yeah. I don't aren't there yet. They went in but it popped. Don't that. Not fit. My own thing so you. And not. Up. Not being. A candidate at this event and he had a great back story that is good right there yeah. There is no word. This our backs our next story is aids and I LA Cruz thanks so I can't tell how excited kids once again get out the house I think Donna still in the lead yes we will not go Don over Casey what do you think when I guess for. Well hey guys. Hagel Casey managed just got four kids out. It's easy I'll. I like Casey iced it takes for him and his wife I think Casey threw something that's so I do Daisuke season new clubhouse leader I don't vote matters that's all you have is you need two out of the three got. Nice to say years route to the clubhouse lead. I'd let's go to Paul who's up next Paul what sold you wanna say. Pretty good old school compiled by and by all play. I'll Wear it implode alert when I need to get lucky to. And it's actually. It's not that you don't act are out. I am new in it you know I well probably and a I. You know that him being. Hey baby come on. I've heard view him need but you Linda I mean so now I'm. Can make it a little. I. I make no law hitting those. And he used. Maybe. Also I also calls just really is out. Well I've volume leader maybe it was good reports how does it is voice that I don't he and his wife Jacqueline and nor is this morning or other high. And I can go boys go up there as far as that story got assaulted her. Why are you noticing that the bad story of all our listeners as to say exact back story I have. So I don't do anything for a night well lo and put my life now that's another hour storm brought back stories and it's gonna make stuff up like I was in Vietnam yeah. You don't want to be crazy made outback stories going on the more we don't hear those who says I couldn't get in a man stole my jail. He was gonna go Bob Bob buys well. I what should we do but about the limo or seven forsake you Smith you wanna get one more idea scared I'll Billy is gonna be so angry man and listen to Timberlake song who cares really this is your punishment spreading the stakes sports editor when I was sticking to my and your normal campaign quite a thank you might await this and this is your punishment. And also signals a seemed to have both made great points you made great it was going to great cancer talk all season ever talk is what people they email saying they want us to do and then Billy because one just into the league matches of Billy I hope your ears bleed during the next segment. I hope there's blood perch routing from those your whole. Suddenly these Charlotte the Charlotte cover system's temperature after Paul's cult is now a 114 degrees in our studio to get a graphic 61 degrees. Crazy comes available. 89 I don't woman named Carla covers a woman named Lisa says. It's if he's. If that last guy is willing to let his wife stay at home to kids I'd love to go with him one of performance singing. Hulk. I was still humanity. Does did resume the Mac get tagged him for Rick. Aaron Paul oh Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul. Eyes yeah Arizona. We made the Pentagon's action are when we come back we'll run through a few more caller stay on hold dual wanna shot to win this we have women demand battle things battle of the sexes who will win the Timberlake tickets. Saying your best karaoke. Timberlake currency perform so do Seymour hasn't flown on a Friday and candidates thirty. Won't change it up a little bit won't make our man Billy had beef with some corner it's an MBA talked with CC SH whose risk. Of NB ATV it's all coming up seats and I seriously don't like somebody to be swayed by the way I called team owner Randy Johnson are judge it's Randy Jackson I screw that up. It's going to be you know for me dog. Haven't given a dud the outlook Herschel Siemens all where is judged the dog shelter. Yeah let's. The product announcement is an odd because they're saying Rajon. I'm judging a dog contest end like that wants and anybody gives damn what I think about commercials are nice but people do give a damn about how well our audience thinks Justin Timberlake maybe. Arms so let's get back to 830 sake Smith NB ATV to talk about the hornets the situation with Campbell we'll ask him the question about you know Kemba Walker. Is Max contract to be five years 188 million us 38 million a year. I do we have to do that if he talked trade here's how you put it seemed to gather wait we can't it's will induct him a deal to cast around him. If that's only six million more inspectors and had to be more ma morphed. That can actually cause more problems signing Cameron and actually opened to so we'll talk to say to Smith about all that stuff the more his position trying to make a play also Ronald we'll find out Imus goes through our muscle Mora winners it's Mac attack idol. Paul the guy who I swear was like in a hotel or some random boy band back to the day had such a high pitched voice. He's a clubhouse leader how well can you sing it timber later N'sync song the winner is got a pair of tickets to see Timberlake at the spectrum center in January. Our air incidents have been females are battling with the fellas Guerin is up next here and what's so you wanna sing. I'm gonna go on the record holder and this gives you love this wells I glanced. Girl average use. My technique can use the grandmother bang. It's great it's much better and that was that. Dragged. Moos. Has it was even the right is that that. Already our guy I was actually you know saw it was I don't that was trying to help you out there now I don't know. It was a good spot arm all right here here's a question is Aaron passed Paul she also trying to go high else. All right birdies I think Paul so I I respect the effort I think all stolen earlier Paulson literally I was scared of my career. Iron this is us what's your thought if I vote for you were you take you to show yet. You are the same parent do resemblance. Osborne just for that you're going to Paul I'm. Hi Gerri you sound like a lovely woman but I have to go Paul. I have to Harlem nights I zoo miles. Osborne's gonna cite Zach he's trying to reduce that number under zack's hands over there by the way much what a shame was Jirga was that was so you'll go desperate dictionary all so. Right yeah and do her right there would be a big there's a description. Of how. He had he knows he's just say yeah you got let go all right let's go to David who's up next David Juan Juan beluga a song you wanna saying David. I'm bullets Suton oh yeah. Oh yeah are doing a lawyer got 32 children. I didn't I didn't name them all. I. I can't. Do. Not get. Don't have to buy another. And emit so far yeah. All right our right. Do you need all our guests often the only the only problem I want more. That was all he was in his own name we are still decide how do you like Paul went. Up into octaves that only I thought only my five year old daughter can hit beautiful little does you can until. A little sleep. I don't like little sleep exceedingly creepy in those who don't wanna even wanna check your sorry Richard I have. All there don't you go when David video on C calls a clubhouse leader managed tough. I've got to get better at the end there at first I didn't know what he's actually I use trying to get Arnold talk about the Arnold so it's called a lawsuit soccer leagues in. I think Paul still on the way. Yeah identical play I sorry sorry Dana did it I was gonna take you man but I'm outnumbered I was gonna go when David David depressing thought that was good David's sorry about it but she's an exact. You don't meet in the Clinton and I I'm Chris why is this fun assistant. It's fun. This is fun because it did all other power was cut off all pro every outside of our of people I like yummy was fighting with no other fans like I won't talk to football but does she'll we're just kind of Rome's thanks so much we send this thing is more corrupt than NCAA. There's going to be Yahoo! Sports article about. I let me go to Joseph we at least get one one we don't need two more in your joke go ahead Eddy Joseph got a what's illegal since. And I'm gonna bring it back a minute you that it indeed by a guy. It's yet that the more well listen this guy. It's every little thing I am. Never in enough sport you. You don't want news fair again. I. I am doing what you are not many. So. I plus. It's not been made. Us wait a minute now he rigged Delhi India in the salt. Creative style now. His style we like Weezer creative staff has just passed all for create listened to the show earlier I don't even know who Billy yes on the guy that said talk sports or anyone a lot. Also now. Slowly went really well also maybe they did have the vocal cords so that all have but he was quick so it's a dish out you go with a reference to show I vote what does Joseph. Job Joseph you're in the clubhouse lead. You well that's only one bonds and you need to go to Hollywood here or do you go when it sacked earth possible look at it Osbourne commons are. I'm torn man that was good we have to go to break here's some project ideas go it's okay since Joseph your clubhouse leader got one more guy because Eric we hung up on him in the middle to contests but we are getting aircrew Cuisinart Brooklyn got hung up on my exact which does actually penalized learn more about you know that thumb our air what song you're saying you got the last chance to beat our guy Jones. Area. Uh oh yeah I go there console. I got. I don't know if you honestly doubt there and only got rid. They know they feel like were you in now and I leave it it. We may be out there. God my short. Hey I'm just sorry sorry Dodd's senate nor while talking how. We wanted to support my white buffalo campaign I think that would I think it would have been better that sojo was a Joe's gonna win a base of creativity can I get. Eric effort for trying clearly he's not a singer boys on go winning grammys. Are you Joseph you're winning your creativity ribbon and does Billy did you take it sorry to Paul and the others are killed it's. But you're going to see Timberlake no shortage since January so sure amass more take assess more fun when we come back hornets saw MBA talk we say to Smith NB ATV. Why we're back it is the Mac attack one a 2.5 W Athens say all right Billy this show really come back to us this show's about ready. To get a lot. A more sports zero. If I can say that. Right now let's talk a little NBA best balls focus on Horace take a look at what's going own the league down there in Dallas my lord that is a mask also court. And let's talk with say Christmas a long time voice on their NB ATV and he joins us here in Charlotte on the Mac attack so they could thanks for coming on how you doing. Are. You I'm doing all right until. Little hornets funk brown and Michael allied team and I'm just in a song is feels like Groundhog Day like we're doing the same thing over and over again. You know remain our men and get stock out of the play also. I get stuck almost an NBA no man's land we don't draft high enough to get a big Stein blitz you know we're not up there into the playoffs. What do you think about help Portis got to give out his spot they're jammed in with a lot of contracts and have them write opinions luxury tax. Jason sought to train Kemba Walker didn't pull the trigger on any saying what do you think is what's the way out for the hornets. Is I'm in and I let it straight Campbell. What about paper what is in this league academy. At a local media guy like that. You gotta have a face it a franchise that in a guy you if you don't go around. Continue to improve with you know you gotta do it. Packet similar it protects. You know of course assets whether it's drawn up where or you can go to. But you gotta. You gotta take it apart in a lot of away in order to build back up the fact that people prop that. You know it can be like people were the French are in about oh we had to pay that well. You don't like to go back out of the level we're the only way. Typical of the due to a right because you are simple but we go to Iraq. It's harder they work in Utica a lot of art. They're just now marketing term. You know the group dynamic in an epic. You know put together up where you are seeing on the court that it starts with packet of data. In trying to get direct. Do you root who on this roster do you think other than trumped tremble other than Cam Barker. Is tradable Bud Selig because they were trying to test these guys who can try to get rid of very big Batum contract maybe even Dwight contract although I think he's playing has bought off this year. Arm and even guys again KG and Marvin liked it just there appeals and there appears to be such low interest inch are any of these contracts tradable really. Well that's the thing that they're not triple but. You know if our debate that situation. In order over what amber and I were you know. You know attack solo debate. I think they do have value commonly. And I think even with his contract and who. As you he pretty good deal I agree you are what we want it right now where it I don't well. And yet short amount probably are right critically. CPU do it be a part of what you were. You know my cookie Oakley is if you will. Develop more at issue in at opposite where people have been greater value ready in haven't gotten there yet. As an opposite way net become the typical thing. Into what where interpreted you. Net you don't have a sort of well mobile. They're they're corporate back. You know the types that Pete is a city. Because the point where you're talking about packet number got wrecked when there were a day you know aren't well you know what to do that well just one. Absolutely say drew Smith NB ATV as well as its its stuff man. As one of timber trade talk some means we were all we were all on different sides of me it's just it doesn't feel like any option to try to escape this NBA purgatory spot. Is a good option it just really doesn't. Let me ask us so let's let's take a look at the season still going on right now I don't wanna completely ignore that horns can win last night did they really needed against Brooklyn. Com or five back Phillies really hot down and they got Detroit in between them and silly for the eighth spot. I mean do you give the hornets any chance to make a play offer honor and they dug too big a hole. Yeah colleges can and they would need. You know troubled Detroit and it really all bad. It's really motivated really. Immediate or the other side. You know their program where they're trying to dig got a although it may. Be that they now. And it doubles that well be it but it didn't quite aggressive. Well did you know I've seen this trying to. Grind it's way it quote it becomes. You know I don't want it. Not struggled badly as they did earlier in the lead in you know at you know what date two and a half game that I read it and look at it. Somebody in their Coke or in particular that you run. Now in in you know excited about it may acquire up admitted that at it. In that you you know and what kind of take up about it so there you know they got a certain look in. You know to the future what are they about that matter what but they have been haven't. Quote is conservative so. We're trying to treat to play out but that may not be good. And that's what I'm Leon had a point and I like being in the sort of stand sake do some fans seem to do it very easily. Ability to data likes root against my team. You don't mean a mother or dad likes and I wanna lose these games but I still think they put me in this spot. Where it's like I don't want to wish you many it is because it also and a draft position goes down and I just some good players in this draft. I feel like long term they'd be better lose and it just doesn't seem like you know Clifford could be fighting for his job there's going to be a new GM brought him. Mom it doesn't seem like Michael's a guide it. You know with his competitiveness really enjoys tank and so unlike Mark Cuban and you'll get out a blow horn and tell announced to anybody that he's tanking. They're not gonna say anything like you said but I also it doesn't seem like the type of organization that really. Wants to do that sort of thing. Not. Or you're lit up by the people right now you like to sign say to you don't know what she sells it to I promise you it would. Well. A competitor you want to scrap I don't grow up to salute. You want their locker to change that well but apart. Understand that in order immigration. You know they are called out after really by saying yes I. Do you know where a contingency plan that's where. You look at you know what this summer and it looked like well great by the by backer of the strap. Intriguing possibility. That are going to be at their supper there. The tough part about the threat but if they're like the book that it started at market. You know Benin and who ordered by one. You gotta make the best choice and nobody's seen it better at lottery you're you're not make it every day. They describe you know it's so cool. When they are about certain yep they're all about and hopes are that are out there. You know there's so much it's. You know they can change the course of what you look at all of that they who that it it and read on the coast follow orchard there. And it won't matter absolutely no way. And changes. The picture with a drop that completely but a rocket warriors go they you have to be ready. Count on a deal like that it's yours if you're the order in the you have gotten so huge. At a moment's notice that require a lot of planning you know part of profit to be ready at that moment right. What do you think gloves you know under the rumors out there that. Mitch Kupchak could be to guide and ultimately comes here. Knows Michael obviously through their tar heel connections what do you think about mention it just seems to be. Mixed reviews you know seems like he definitely had some big time outs winning championships there and LA. But it seems like there were some moves it did not work out what do you think about Mitch as a new GM if that happens. Well look I think anytime where. As much as we did you look at it threatening. You know championships the star player's success. Associated with it with the lakers yet you get excited. I've should be ended it tenure there it went in the last two but they're and they couldn't seem to get it right. It is what leaves a marquis some people. But you don't dismiss. The amount of it to action analogy you have about the lead in how to build and build or you know you know the ultimate success. You're talking about at in general manager whoever you bring him. He's got to come it would the first set about of that now that started there on its wage. You know financially cap while I have that authority there in apple client at a clear cut. Planet to what you want to do we get the threat that that that's you know you know all of that you get out that we yet. Coming up next year Charlie. You don't want. A bad product on May slow you wanna have a team that people feel it. You want to be able to go it out it actually what the Arab of the bat well religious order Charlie. Well kemba Internet out game and people really good about a threat that directs it that it. But I mean if you bring it to you and it's gonna come yeah they're really go to war. All all six of these bank in short order epic. You better off with a guy who. Been around the league in and done what it's done at the polls buddy screening now not that he's now at a tablet that is that you. Up quicker you know a better job quickly if somebody else. And they'll be nice man wearing an impatient or get impatient say Cuba that would be nice we'll see how it plays out. Safety Smith NB ATV thanks so much for join us again we'll talk to down the road we appreciate it. They go Citi Smith NB ATV I bring to take a bread we come back. If you weren't for our cows vessel furiously UNC duke and see states South Carolina Kentucky. Just to name a few of the schools. You and your former players ever mentioned in the latest Yahoo! blockbuster report about players who have gotten paid it. Past and present. What does it all meanwhile shot a sister tell you about this Yahoo! to report we come back. We're back Susan Mac detect cancer drafts off alert everybody did their draft saw coming up top of the hour. So you can't elevenths France fray is Mozilla. Oh man yeah that we'd like to welcome mark from Estonia to the studio oh that's. And I've been out there in the south for so long every down and I like slip up that's why we gotta we. Have a draft analysts on nine Max for USA today Luke Easter morning we got a different sort of mock draft where the Panthers are going in the draft. He's got a different idea of what they can get gas at the we need to talk about that so. Such a bad idea dude it's not a bad idea but it's stick around it's not your normal pants or my draft so that's. Look he's suing USA today is coming up at 9 o'clock so we'll get to that. Mac it W a to Z I Don TP mills common building center text and call number 704. 57096. Stand it a little mini controversy brewing over the maggot sec title will deal with that later on in the show people are not happy Nepal to not win Paul and others not happy with us you also have a chance to win I don't know what they're gonna do for the contest in my I don't know what their plan as. But there are Timberlake tickets today at 5 PM also I think I you hear about their plans Guidant now I hear I think what probes is gonna do is people want to come here to the station. And they have to get for their bodies and he's their best N'sync the answer to expect and that we'll be back. I don't say that don't show up here got out of you have next time policy in China that is so should people ripping me about a way saying match. You really like this Justin Timberlake guy what he saw. That's sick you're telling ya I doubt his damn best stuff for whatever I don't like Justin Timberlake music that much there's catchy songs on Williams that. But what I do realize is it's gold may be. Dudes want these tickets Mandel do anything to humiliate themselves women who actually subject themselves in a Mac attack in order to try to win these tickets so. It's a hot number whether you like it's it's a great prize it wouldn't be right to go a collar for UN hump now you got arrow you can't win these the same way you can win farther tickets yet you can do your life. That concert stopped eleven months away I'm sure we'll get more it's alchemy to a choreographed dance competition and I'd really like to break that out at some point. That is so she's not here for anyway lets you we have about a OK so let's let's. Let's not waste much time here as we get explain this. This is Yahoo! Sports they've been investigating this NCAA. Situation the FBI investigation. They've got their hands on federal documents they released this report this morning. And this is all this is not tied into a DS or any other shoe companies. Paying people go to a certain school business as they come down that bush investigation still ongoing and lord knows what happens there hold on your breath without one but it's. This one okay so. The headlines and get your attention and everybody should read this is that you'll notice North Carolina NC state and duke on there. Army also knows South Carolina on there. This once amigo bone doesn't strike me as as big a deal for the schools as if you're on that a devious. Let's start Irsay to investigate Nike what I was doing the same thing or under armor because that's flat out shoe companies and a program working together to get us players. This was an agent by the name of Miller is that his name Andy Miller Andy Miller who has since spending and his partner in crime this guy dean Dawkins Christian talk can guess who helped work for him. And what they were doing is. They were paying. Prospective recruits in college basketball. And giving them loans. And asking hey the money back when you get in the pros. And they were basically you're saying hey you can sign was Maine and among insurers essentially. So they were trying to recruit clients before leaving got to college and that's where these names come from. Are you a Tony Bradley on this from Carolina you had it. When the caller is from duke. Now those seem like right now the allegations are that they just had lunch is bought for that I like these guys February February 2016. Actually before you committed to do our window Carter's mama and watch. Which the agent and it cost seventy dollars. Price Johnson had a meal paid for is steady march 2016. His senior year I call robbers for a hundred dollars or last I sink when it's less than 200 dollars. They just had to pay it back now and then it's then it started is when you get into the thousands of dollars and when the problems and that's where you get Tony Bradley also was a very minor. Had a launch or something what went on carded somehow Brendan Haywood is on this saying he played 58 years ago 351 hour. Of all the way back today now Dennis a junior now that the schools that apparently Yahoo! tried to contact because they were the big money. Numbers are the players had the most money NC state Seton Hall Merrill when Kentucky in Washington. So those are the big in this particular article. This case their players are better so that's why they did because of the big they're the big ones where you gotta go we'll talk. NC state in ad Dennis Smith got paid apparently. Set it was a 43 dollars and 982000. Alone. At one point. So. He calls Isiah Whitehead 26000 dollars or so Maryland's diamond stone. Kentucky is is not sit on a bio on this one in Washington is mark Dell salt there or Marco soltys to play in the NBA. There's been. They used to know how to shoot a basketball he's forgotten this dude trend says Mack how well these schools in trouble there was some slime ball agent doing the bad stuff. That's the question I had down they couldn't get used for like playing an eligible or ineligible player so it makes me wonder liked. Tony Bradley if he's deemed ineligible want to see NCAA do their rights Johnson Bryce Johnson same thing if he's deemed ineligible you know what do they do what those are all in a championship put Bryce runs in a finals are those are the less than 200 dollar one as a thing or do they just asked him to pay them back like they'd done before had as in everything's fine jettison. Here's a thing with Dennis less what are you gonna vacate for ACC whispered about father. I think after the assassination that went overdue they got to make tape we can't look at the Dennys bed actuary joke I don't do good and it could what do you give up for ill. It's Tony Bradley's family and it's Wendell Carter's mama haven't watched one and there's a lot of free pass go on there that. You know I'd just go get in trouble for those lawn chairs and I think what it leads to the current players being sat out. For fear that they're ineligible or is the money so small for a guy like Carter and it doesn't really matter. Yeah like I don't let us have a gentle was there was Kevin Knox and its say on their way to a Kevin Knox and he was on the list of the west Indians don't don't don't want to west. Yeah I lost my senior Alison you know I was both loses she was just a real threat to college sex city Kevin Knox are on the window Cora try to take you got. Miles bridges wheels on the miles bridges and that on a 400 dollar in debt. A guy you know he's another guy so we'll pull players both teams sit out any of these guys that's one thing im curious about South Carolina PJ Dozier. 6100 dollar and zero indicator of rain in Clemson is on your children blossom end animal on this list but again. This is not like the school was involved in payments to school in the shoe company or vault this was a slimy agent trying to get client so. It doesn't seem as severe as the other stuff but don't. And that the FBI are still on that postal authorities here about that at some point so it appears so it's six story out Yahoo! Sports is a. Here's like this was formed for this particular case this was the big one Yahoo! was these. That's rusting out there on social there's an ailing big with a shoe companies as a I don't think I think there is a day for a weaker suddenly teasing this off. So I think this is the one for this one I don't know if Yahoo! why have done. Who knows what he ESPN has ajar I don't know what this appears to David sees this for like a week now. So that to me it and balls Paul same coaches Izzo and Roy and K and cal. To me this is the one they were referenced saying it may not be forced some of the schools in this particular case as big a deal of thought. By the way gotta love basketball fans Virginia fan Chris says 64 bucks for Malcolm broadens mom having dinner at the risk and she paid her own tap. So there you know I don't know that either and that's what Chris just tell me we don't know try to tapper is so Chris is totally knows boning dresses to elevate. Assistant or associate paid the tab. But again what can schools do about slimy agents. Can't do anything about that figured this was working with the agent to get these guys pay could debut got a real free can problem. We we assume that the dead dead dated taste abroad and Smart -- we've -- -- is bonding you were given to debug sent in cash I don't know Chris seems to now go to Bristol they know what happened he got the true for a sack debt debacle barnes' mother and hand over money utterance you know my here's the money from my meal here you gotta be don't know that bodily Chris I use the same joke or use earlier now I know I've Virginia's sand listening for shore right now at this moment. I've always wondered about Tony medic is just to pay my ass to pay an aborted system seriously if it did you possessions a game. Numbers up our daddy when he does come into really slow to Virginia I know you take everybody's rarity ACC Kress I got I we come back. Back Luke he certainly USA today. Covering the draft he's got a mock drafts with Dave very interesting painter scenario let's launch ramp let's talk about this scenario next.