Mac Attack: Tim Brando On CFB; Mike Florio Around The NFL

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Wednesday, October 18th

Tim Brando from FOX talked all things SEC, ACC, and College Football. Mike Florio from PFT/NBC went around the NFL in his weekly spot 


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Love it turned and during the meal breaks it turns from tell the truth Wednesday would Damione Lewis to tell the F answers Wednesday that they're you know is straight out went locker room speech on a sitting here man. Holy heck that was good stuff. These girls CA or do I was just crazy people understand he was a mighty U while he was some other painter's team all Ubisoft argument we will get back together we got back together. On the same day David. People are scoring this fight as a knocked out for Damian Lewis right now. I'm getting no respect from the judges whatsoever how did your brother get a Russian judge in your head do you judge from the last boxers and boxing match today ask I had last controversy is that woman just let her in here to help salad says with the wind is picking me get a move out. And stop fighting to save tomato and everything. Aha morgans has seen Mac gets slapped down on Sundays and Mac did slap down on Wednesday so. So fast yes says Damian has shut you down my man he is spitting fire McCaffrey's a wasted first round pick admitted. As Carolina Jeff here's what I don't understand I don't want China toss least a few minutes up the hornets and as we Tim Brando and about 915. As a desk will be a great college football our segment and a young Mike Florio so much NFL answers to talk about. That's gonna have a nice thirty but I just wanna say this like. I don't. To understand how sixteen zing you could call dial wasted pick I just think that's unfair to the player you we drafted him not just for the present but for the future as well. Like he's just does scream hunt look like he's sticking gazillion times better then again us a whale looks right now kid looks amazing. It's do it's I am I frustrated he has not broke the big plays Jett. And I frustrated that he is not involved in the running game and help the running game yet but also people are telling me he can't Ron how would you how do you even know. Was this offensive line. Last week the average. Spot in the backfield are running back plus before defender was within a yard bomb was minus two point one yards come on you all. You watch you guys he and Stu bolt on have a chance right now not to mention what Tebow on set earlier in the week. He's got 37 catches he's on pace for a hundred catches in my head at all. Liked this guy is terrible it's a hell of a rookie out. Well he NFL record not the rookie record the NFL record is Matt Forte. A 102 catches with thirteen catches next two weeks is that these up fifty day IDA gave more he'd be on pace for a hundred catches which is easy Bracey NFL. Catch records right that's in his rookie season is that is that away C and you. Call him an absolute waste of tennis on say NN let's see what he develops into later on down the road that's All Saints bomb articulate solicitors who taught others first second committed to if you wanna get into it I wanna get into the hornets if you're out there are listening your jacked up towards the start tonight I was disappointed deferred the first does send it our got a little hornet's. It didn't seem like the playoff fever was out there man and you you laid it out how pedestrian is decent risk. Arm I'm laying out how kind of an impact point Howard can have an MKG when he gets back with the team can have if he has a bounce back in defense of your Justine is a legal defense again I'm telling you the playoffs are coming so I would love to open it up to those folks are out there that are big bug stance. Who else believes this is a playoff team I think 45 wins in the six sees something that is is totally doable even with to the tune injury that we got a duty rookie stuff and opera. Lee coming wanted agent Boston won these lesser of how many whence. This is the only ones who are like you say you say 45 and end a six seed and a last year 51 of the DT it was number one they do we don't need 45 would have told you this east is as bad as it's ever bad there are five walks in Cleveland and Boston the box. Washington Toronto six terrible teams the knicks the nets the bulls hawks the pacers. The magic who will not make the playoffs at least four for three spots the hornets but he. The pistons and the 76ers. Imports would have to have. A pretty bad year to not make the point absolutely back. I don't wanna just give in that's another thing too I mean what do you guys expect out this horse seemed to me the six season go a reasonable level. You lost Matsui we didn't lose so I might be talking in the this is work as a second as a facilitator is is tremendous despite. The way he shot the ball last year we had the tumor might be talked to top four seed top fives but I think six if you lose him for 1520 games. Is reasonable but I've been kinda surprised at all season they had been excited this phone because surprised we haven't had much more it's playoff fever so if anybody out there is listening to this in the queen city your thinking and Evans again same thing is Morrissey is a playoff year. And the goals got to be a win a playoff series that just has to be the goal when you think you give the tune back the rookies get better as the season goes on. The whole thing is to be playing your best ball late in the season but is anybody else out there on the same page with us it is team is back in the playoffs this year we can talk about 270. 4570960. We have to club Brando at 916 Florio at 930. Donovan wants to weigh in on the Christian McCaffery blown draft pick out discussion what's up David. I don't know Donovan Donovan Donovan also our donors unanswered Donovan was going wrong. I'm sort of animal old sort him out sorted out rod east there was a guy in the background talk eSATA U buried going back. I don't wanna hear myself stands I don't wanna hear that. Rodney says Max. Without pigment Soo much this team has nobody but Campbell walker run a pick and roll. People like to hate on the Frenchman but his team is screw without nick consumed if it was a full season I would feel more like Dan although I swear in the east we still haven't changed its. But it's without it but soon for fifteen to twenty games estimated because he hasn't had surgery that's the big factor Tebow we got very good news I feel why don't. 'cause he's not what he was. 567. Years ago that people they Dwight Howard's not a factor still a big factor. He still averaging we average Russia thirteen and twelve whatever days average double double every year but at least he'll defends at a relatively and not what he used to be able pretty well. Dwight Howard is still to tackle basketball player gave an upbeat. Pioli anymore but he still makes a big difference fourteen might. Have a veteran protector in years holes sudden you don't have to over help on drives you to stay on the shooter because he's got this is not special sauce Suzy Kelly hello it's not just look for so we're not physical enough to Spiegel Haas is only physical. I let me did Don Maloney called Donovan right Dana give him on the air here before we get to Tim Brando sub Donovan. I'm look oh man and I suspect to counter what a way you know to Christmas everything got so I look at it scary in the past three games. It Christmas everyday at three Carrey's. So scary and force series. I don't understand how we drastic guide that how it worked fairly given him the ball. We had ten catches so in fairness to him he had text just this past week so right. I think our own to give him the ball in spacing used a short passes as the way to get him the ball rather than running him up into a line it's not blocking well. You know remains are being input into what Connecticut don't just think it took me there we don't know how to use of we simply don't know what to do with them and we just they never went back what he's just let out a lot receiver got a I got sick gimmick. The gimmick doubt coming out of college they just don't work we saw where Reggie Bush were CNOOC Chris McCarron reached the trouble is confused how did you and coach is they don't work. I thought our our. You're just I think they they can't Don Olson also is another one is getting really hot ideas not worked out like Tyrus and Harman denounced every held out. It's not Tyreke Terry kill is that kind of player. There's no doubt about that Tyreke hill is more dynamic entry should McCaffery when it comes to change of direction explosiveness and all that it was eastern Brazil drafted he is ridiculous I don't want more stress and assists around because he punched his pregnant girlfriend while she was carrying their shot. You don't mean like on on talent alone I don't know where he would have goal Alka but the dude flat out did something a disgusting we did I what problem McCaffery would be in chula. Utilized a guy the right way that was the problems setting yourself bullies on pace for a hundred case as he's given cam and outlets and he didn't have before so. I don't know I think he's won a lot of really good things but he was drafted eighth overall arm but I also think to Zelman we gotta be patient with a high we come back world it is we're bringing in heavy hitters Mike Florio at 930 to talk dancers don't get yourself close off some cows football too close to get back in this mix it's coming up next with timber. All right let's change it up maybe don't tell us what Morris should look Gaza boats all we know Mike Florio bottom of the hour as usual Wednesday spot at 930 when we got to bring in CM ED Tim Brando says Sox force one of the best in this country when you want talks in college football. Army you wanna do with passion you go to Timmy. TCU can't says he prime time game a deal. Fox. Prime time game it's him you. Here on the back it's Jackie in the clean city Charlotte html you can brother. Talk. Greatly bird with a record that very. A man always good to have you on we gotta jump Friday we got juicy stuff going on already four top ten teams lose an unranked teams. One of those teams was closest. Look at Clemson Timmy and I still feel like they're still gonna get this playoffs is long is Bryant's healthy. And I feel like they still look very good chance of winning the championship would you take exception with either one of those feelings I have about Clemson. No doubt all of a little cold with no problem what they went out for yourself well you tomorrow and when your clips huge you're under your. Got sweat sweat equity you see a few people seem to already. Eligible tech world world news this court also will go. You know the window overlooks a golden doesn't look. As good as it did there are very Quaid are usually. The first paragraph item or don't look what relish your debt. That's for your support so this is this controls its destiny in the sense that there inequality league and in order to get there they've got a well that would mean beatings more really good teams in the AC so so I don't aggregate shipped. And and I think if they weren't really gave you really ACC with a cup championship game no reason to believe that you are going to be in the top four. Yeah yeah. But I agree with. NC state so we got we got wolfpack fans here Timmy there as you can imagine are going crazy they love this team they weren't sure if they should believe you know early on they lose South Carolina and now they have the winds against Florida State in Louisville what do you think about their chances because they've got after this week by week. They go to Notre Dame who is playing a heck of a lot better not thought they would obviously and then they've got to Clemson game in Raleigh what do you think about her chances of getting us through those two games will be tough. All other than got a very good chance if I would suggest and of course the puddle in the best chance of happening with my. Would YouTube debate of your goals. It actually something that considered no doubt about it that at NC state secrets of fraud is a lead I mean it's as good as any. Well Paul you are tools don't work all Julien ought to do the pre close statement telling you. Go out and you are filled up so no good people ordered her record will work well and help me. Egypt are there were near one dimensional team record article drove all Republicans they're straight they're crotch so. How well all the cloned our clothes and so. Wins it'll with Bryant what are prior there's going to be able to factor I would suggest that it gene that has quarterback. Millions more effective or any coach and destroy the culture around the position of quarterback. Hit. Your planet looking it is it is as stout of heart essentially states. You're gonna run into some issues so. All your point about Notre Dame is well taken I'm still not really believe. That the notre Dame's schedule is back loaded. We'll remember another go at USC they've got stand virtual class austere rule all of us as they only are they the best team in the pac twelve like wow that's not good to news that leaks or as a that you lost. But days but today they are I think playing better than anybody else. I'm quite slow as the best player in the country. Bar none no question he's got my eyes when vote. Desperate at this stage he'd have to get Hurt Locker room and not to get my vote Armenia is just the best player in the country. And what he alleged that does not bode well for the tech twelve lost one and watched statehood people's. Sleep. And and Stanford so last deployed some of these guys so. All you know for the SE can be happy they played Stanford group they did because they really got extraction. And they really really look good other the only hope for the for the factual off is that USC somehow parlance it's mode Joseph again. And starts playing to a higher level because they go to they go to nonconference schedule it's appealing if they can suddenly get pot now up bits of line. Returns to Foreman and Sam Arnold plays like Sam Donald's Saudi debate to this point it's not done that but. But Notre Dame. That wins but the wins against Notre Dame looked good for Georgia now they look good a lot of teams play the but but I have rumbles suggest you to they're gonna fall flat so a year. Business is picking up Steve names you name set. It is TCU game on Saturday night. Armed Timmy they are let's do this let's go to the SEC. And I've gotten so tired of the fact of his dam on the damn mess I long for the days out of half of SEC football like let's say ten years ago when it was LSU you get a title and floral get one Alabama get one and I thought that was just an amazing run all forgot once for the conference. This year Georgia they clay Kirby smart's got to play and that's similar styles to bam with the run game and defense. Can Georgia gives him this year glory is currently not there yet what do you think how close are those two teams really. Well all go to get a bit doubting Thomas in Georgia I didn't thank you George Strait issue is not exciting or important audience gene long struggle lots of all season but clearly noted it was better that I. Originally got it but it. You know I still don't think they're going to be. Little better than certain level drops and likely before that much thought. But. How brutal it is to get out of and so Georgia. Is it well pleased to this stage of beneficiary of Notre Dame having closed well. So they're getting a proper as a result of that plus the prominence that they got their games recently they've looked really good all essential took over quarterback. They've had a toughness about him on both sides of the ball that earlier in the season we saw defense of lead but not not so much offensively. They single file out of our ability it because certainly aged. You know there are really gonna get challenged. Until they get to the championship game a little bit like Florida. All at the last couple years we knew going into the games with. Well drama that sort almost going to be dominated. I'm not sure that we know that about George because they have. They have really looked good on both sides of the ball in recent weeks. All the questions for me well is it'll chant chant they maintain. A level of success we're having beaten. You know applauded so I mean last week did anybody see Auburn. Losing a twenty point lead us there OS was relishing operators allay I didn't I didn't see that all over the George Celeste and play Auburn or Georgia Celeste. To play. In the game formal rules largest outdoor cocktail parties and that that could create depth respectively get desperate for a team that it's one. Georgia when they go into that game as true this has been such a crazy season. That. The team most certainly listen certainly 85 scholarship limit. The the idea that you can. He really motivated quota weak and not the next which seems to be whoever they're exceptional. What the millennial age and they were there athletes. Are I'm just sure but right now Bob Hope for the SEC I think. All is based so we ought to change. That Georgia continues to stay out. In that Alabama. On just what they always do what that's the case. There and the other leafs got a shot. Potentially getting to genius because workers other purchase. The fact that the pac twelve is basically done in my opinion they're after last I think they're done. The Big Ten has a chance of getting more intense state Ohio State. On the SEC has a chance of getting Julian. And if you love college football if you dearly loved college football not just working. Okay. Infusion and actually even the picture of the SEC at two grand. Because it's gonna (%expletive) off everybody else interprets commissioners of the other bleached look that geragos does safe things got to go to earlier this portfolio. It'll take just like 2011 or knowledge or an Alabama in large they got all of that money. Other titles until all sports but they were Porter street at dull on trying to figure out a way to get to college football players. After that. Well does actually the best way to get access. To more change and look this thing from 46. Or shall 48. Is Jerusalem either Georgia Alabama. Or change state Ohio State. To peace so okay. And everybody else all of Italy dropped off that they have to take to change well certainly. When that happens I'll be held. I'll say what are you meet your right to know there's still there's no back is that what you're doing then you're doing you're Lehman had at least two of the of the big power 5000 just to. Well at least two men and you know at least you you look at. It was until SEC had to win the Big Ten addictive could you imagine the screaming around it. A friendly country. I'll miles tough tasks already there's already enough RC CDs. That that's that's legitimate side happens but it is the Big Ten and an adult were also talking about the two weeks to make the most mobile television. I saw success. Will not be lost. Thought that would not be lost on job swap would on Larry Scott or bubbles that's true no doubt that lost on all three of those guys. And and all of a sudden. They'd be talking about well good you know I think we need you just saw her up. But if we go to search we can have all the conference champions have been warm while. Guarantee you that would be imperative if we get to gene Jones and let's appoint almost half but last year what that was Saturday. Now that's a great point it's gonna happen eventually is gonna have to be be ordered ma'am we'll talk to Deborah Bradley keep up the good work. You gotta grow bigger timber and watch them on that charity see you want receives ST women's. If they lose big twelve might be EL SO else by the way Boehner about to scenario though what if you read SEC would cereals. Notre Dame and some had a great and I agree with Santa schedule just to ross'. The rest of the way and and you had you know school Big Ten school or something back. Got in there all that would just that you would have three conferences on our side not getting any easier Alabama Georgia Ohio say no hurricane all of that would make so many people series got a good point to sing Izzo I don't know tiger it's him that eight is better for I was I don't I would do it at FBI and Jessica -- is ready after. That's result males are states early Tuesday because we got Mike Florio heated now. Move the Panthers and his power rankings why does he feel like the loss to Philly should not BA total negative talk I like the fact he feels like to have talked about that next. I go there. Really you know you can see a little. Well no emotions revolve was to provide you never know missiles and explodes that's when there's no Dizzy Dean believes. There's still and a good breaks. He's not a brief stay for a slay of saint. Strange strange and you might be his eyes went down right yeah in his gains so real you know domain. I strong for. Performance data and see us Mike Florio you know he's he'll give a strong performance NBC's pro football talk pro football talk dot dot of the ban NFL news and rumors side if you wanna hear. Samples of his radio show you the best stuff at NBC our Sports Radio radio show Sunday's. Seven to 9 AM Mike Florio joins us here on a Mac it's actually Florio I you feel it and I'm fine McLean Harry at least. Do you love what do you have a problem because somebody asked me why I call you Florie do you have a problem because you Florio I didn't until just now now you do to use its effort to earn out decision. Yeah I McLean. Ethics. I don't yes somebody asked Monty asked me before I call you out. So I just feel like your Alston called Florio I feel like I don't know like on the Internet stuff people were pretty as Florio. You know I've you know what sometimes our refer to myself that way and I don't mean to stay weekly call bad enough yeah. That's what's happened and he noted that the case I would be calling myself never yes there's other names like they could be worse I could tell you what your wife's a late we use and John it's not something as a whole. That's said that's O sync your head most. Yeah. All right Florio I know you lied you look will downplay your power execs are right now understand deadlier power rankings but the fact that you kept the answers right there and it's outside it leads me ask you questions like. Do you view that loss or shootout is an NFL announced today after a loss like last Friday we're lose and our minds and freaking out. The more I got removed from the loss of forests are taken while the Eagles try to best team in the NFC right now the Panthers executed very poorly. And still had chances to win late in the game the last I was bothered by the loss. It seems like usual instinct that loss to the Eagles like we should use them in a negative light I guess stating he. And yet a bit but here's the thing you have to consider the other teams to like state of the top ten teams lost last week so. Either there is a strong sense of parity in the NFL are I don't know what the hell I'm doing probably both. But should the Panthers lost to a team that's number twos so him. And they only lost by a few points and they are in position when the game I still would love to know who to blame I'm gonna assume that I blame Mike Shula for this until further notice. The idea you've got the ball first and ten at the 41 with more than three minutes ago when you're moving the ball down the field and all of a sudden you decide hey let's throw it deep. And I guess the philosophy is this well. We threw it deep on first down and almost intercepted that. They'll never expected to throw a deep again and then after you throw deep the second time you think we just threw deep twice in a row bell never expect to sit through. Time that's the only logic I can come up with to explain why victory deep three times as your data and destroyed what could have been a game winning drive I thought we were gonna have one of those moments where Cam Newton. Throws a touchdown pass sir. Or runs it in and wins the game and everybody goes crazy and and the Panthers are the team that would now be number two in the power. I thought so I had a ceiling to Connecticut. Get the ball back again house every lives seasonal reasons why I was mad even though it's not a terrible loss. Just the way it happened like how about the final series and Florio Tony Romo is screaming on third and one get up there and run the ball right to get the first down spiked it on first and move on. And they throw it two times I I didn't do you got Cam Newton is giant beast and you can't ask him to get to your story aside I mean. Man it was frustrating yeah. I don't get it I don't understand it and they could've won. And and you know the difference between winning and losing in the NFL at times is very very small yes and you need when you have those gains were it feels like it's there for you for the taking you have to take it because. Yeah enough of those nights where it doesn't go your way and you eat you have to go on the road in the playoffs or you don't make the playoffs at all and and when you look at the division. The NFC south. The saints the stop the Panthers the Buccaneers I mean right now the Panthers are in first place but it. You've got some competitive teams are going to be some tough games and Courtney farmer on the Panthers have played well they played the saints won those teams in that division I think it's the Buccaneers. Have played none of the other. That's true roll out plus seven played a division game Panthers have played one saints have played one I don't think the falcons have played divisional game either. So yes that we're gonna see so many it's going to be settled here in those games. Cannibalization within the division and somebody's got to rise up is the best team in that division but you know what more can end we see that anything a lot of divisions look so Bal sort of a Mike Florio pro football talk Florio what do you think we had people calm earlier today we're talking about you know the ratings being down seven point 6% whereas the first six weeks and some people were saying there are no great scenes you know there's too much parity right now or the NFL's always looked at this parity is their friend. Do you think the fact that there are no standout teams even the chiefs now lost a game. Do you think gets a good thing or bad they could be a good thing as a lot of teams will be in the hunt Leahy. Is it a bad team look at advancing digital have the marquee team right now. No I don't I don't think that that's the issue the cowboys in the marquee team regardless of direct it can always. What eyeballs on screens like no other team it it's not that. There isn't a great team if anything it sets the stage for the ratings to hold late into the season because. We do have parity I mean right now there are thirty teams that are still alive and then their the 49ers and the browns so. Even six weeks in you can only write off two teams and end the giants will see that they won in Denver which is not an easy thing to do so. I I think that that may be the more teams that are alive the deeper we get into the regular season maybe. That means that there will be more excitement more interest and I say this all the time the the arm. You can your team is articulate this grand. Vision for success means winning the Super Bowl well if that's how you define success you going to be upset a lot. Success in the NFL is being relevant past Thanksgiving and the more teams that are relevant past Thanksgiving the more successfully NFL list. The more people show up when it's cold you know if your team isn't good and you got tickets for game December 16 screw that JUN Ireland the so that that's a key and also Christmas shopping season. You want Jimmy and Jane needed to want to jerseys for their favorite football team though to local teams to one well it's more Jersey gets older and you know as always are still alive there's still hope you can sell hope with the the visions of sugar plum you can still you know picture a Super Bowl trophy in there as well so that that's so I think it. That it's actually good for the NFL leave another down seven and a half percent and they should be concerned and they should figure out what it is and they should fix it. They should just accept it or try to spin it into something better than it is it is what it is and they have every incentive to fix it. So we'll see if they do. Hey Al what do you think in regards to the meeting that was held yesterday and kind of wears a go and I know they wanted to meet again I noted you know there's that debts social justice build a Doug Baldwin and Roger Goodell kind of co signer send that off to DC I mean they're trying to show support for the players the NFL insist they were not asking them to not it's. You know protests during the handsome are they going to at some point I mean this ratings news is not going to makes them feel any better about that like what is it is there an end game with these talks between the players and the owners. Right now there isn't an and I feel like last week there was a moment in time where there was an impression that the exasperation of the Oscars was going to result in a mandate that the players should stand and the NFL backed off of that dramatically. Right now I think they're just hoping to eventually convinced the players to stand and as many of them as possible choosing to stand by supporting their causes in a way that is real and meaningful now for every. Report. And and I I don't wanna say that it's an equal 5050 split but there are reports and everything want well Willie Cologne of SNY who played for the Steelers and the jets. He was on PF to live today he's heard from players who were there it was a waste of time to Roger Goodell was read the newspaper. First computer and they didn't seem to be serious state it just felt like they're going through the motions so we'll we'll see if it convinces players. To stand on their own you can't tell them to stand. The players have the right to kneel the NFL admits that but they want to persuade the players to stand and NATO that telling them to do is gonna happen and the one. The one irony. Then I realized today. Yesterday you've got in New York City. You've got the owners' meeting with the players and the owners trying to show a commitment to fairness in society. At the same time well on the same day not at the exact same time later that day in a courtroom. In federal court New York City you get the NFL's lawyers saying where are required to be fair or players in disciplinary hearings. And if I was a player I'd be upset about that point you can't just be fair when it suture interest you're either fair or you're not fair. And and that bugs me and I think the fact it happened the same day. Really provides a contrast the players who were trying to decide what do we make of this new effort by the league here's what you make up. The only concerned about the bottom line and they understand that this protest issues a threat to the bottom line so they're going to be all for fairness. When it suits their interest and they're not going to be in support of fairness when a potentially undermines your ability do whatever they wanna do when it comes to suspending a player so. And I just thought it was it was a delicious irony to all play out the exact same. Now that is rather interesting there's no doubt about why I think it was essential that is rather interest and where you sound educated all the same. I have to say I'm through after considering your thesis on that specific you know some time must have I must say that's rather interest I guess I guess he's just I guess a dig us. But I got one in all the easier slur I got one I sound educated are so. I'll I darn easy like I like here in laughter in the background even if it is courtesy laughter I still like to Osbourne last point Osborne's best courtesy laugh for a business and even wake up till 730 usually the better the last two and a half hours you courtesy lamb like crazy I would never Kersey laughter. You are you generally funny person two people accuse me of courtesy letting you know Florio they say it's not a real laugh and I'm trying to tell me it's a real laugh on the currency last need to give Osbourne and open might. For the whole show yeah really it's gonna have to really well Osborne the book when I take over your time slot and I. And with me I want the audience but not so I am is on and off again to relax. You do that. When you get in here is that he knows you're laughs I was a Larry David all you Larry David laughing in the background Hillard David sang about what a series studio he enjoyed that enjoy their humor their cup. I can't. I anyway I. But it's not only in the segment yeah already timers are threatening your job for summaries and all the sudden this segment is like a court it's like what would hello is set when they brought up telecast. Get admitted that they also we got to take a bathroom break again I don't want a oh come on at eleven old white men in suits just ran into the bathroom in unison. The last thing they're gonna do is talk about the guy who has a grievance against them for collusion and I think there's a talk about it so let's talk about why isn't on iTunes didn't have my lapel pollution. My goodness are slower to. Tortured I'd feel shut out Larry David. That's on Larry Davis somebody else who's that I don't know now that's another fake laugh I have put him director I think I'm Meyer doing. It's the same artist Laurie will sergeant Leo Mike Florio is today the hostile to the hostile takeovers not occur it's just not going to occur when we come back. Our here's he'd have to do see is that we have not talked about is entering a half hours had that we do this skip Bayless he has added again you'll hear the stories you don't know it annual think he is a Jack you'll hear it yes I'm. We're coming down the homestretch get ready handed off to Garcia and daily as they get re do their thing for four hours groves and boys after that the horse pregame show the first one half hour pregame every game in the first one airs tonight at 630 and then it's Warner's Detroit we'll talk definitely more towards the -- are you a chance to see this squad play albeit without the soon and and KG still centers who have personal matter and then you still looked like Carter Williams who won't play so be some pieces not to ever severe first chance. In real action cedes more squad talk about it tomorrow you know we're gonna talk tons of football tomorrow. Can't dial up so there which are gonna tell ya gotta give some love to Jack box man abroad and he's breakfast sandwiches. I grant Martin and and Max over your dig into the bag like a little squirrel confers no. What are you looking for America you know I'm looking for the specifics. Breakfast sandwiches it was always going to bring this breakfast wrap bright is celebrated at a breakfast fragile I want to hand over sauces are both great and I was feeling handy today you know yeah. I went for him I was a little ahead. I over sausage usually yeah so they do go over everything out I probably am usually sausage Abraham for some reason I want him at a lot of I'm not a exhaust your did not analyze just yeah. Personally myself personally you know yeah yeah I don't. So desperately I don't know I stopped smiling. Really more I. I'm all AM. No sauce is totally lost its I got an all they did I go sausage day I got the odd big Ronde sausage grinder we saw George several the most O the most underrated breakfast sandwich in America is what does that. It is the the the hardee's Frisco sandwich. A never had ever and I highly recommend what is on publicity it was budget ham egg milk that she's on like some some melted there are slightly sexist yes I'm sure that's what Jack in the Box really wants to hear right now. We're promoting these breakfast sandwich is from Jack Nevada's walked him right. Has ordered me everything runs on Dunkin. I mean terrible and I. Good afternoon I had maple sugar breakfast sandwich bode well bacon sandwich out how to tell you notice I got the perfect solution for all of us what. Put it all on there. I am yet bacon and sausage and call it dream and all the made there are some I don't know we call it but that's the solution to all this as of the meat lover's pizza except the breakfast sandwich Aslan is an. By the way as everybody is holding up their bread for sale is just the boss is standing yeah. They're hoping. Oh man I don't talk you sausage yeah. Alison hey guys Lovie knew he loves to gigolo needn't drink is so women mostly are. We get on a tax laws and we talk about her real barbecue last week giving blow up dudes love it to argued Astaro is one of the two and a half. All right I want sent out to skip Bayless sides because I teasing you I saw this last night let's get down Gloria I mean it was like what's 1415 minutes literally after Hayward goes down what's what's his gruesome injury and skip Bayless takes its a LeBron meeting between south that. Now the path for LeBron is going to be even easier in the Eastern Conference with Hayward out a little boxes that the path is easier for LeBron out to lose his sixth final all of us strive for evidence of losing six bucks so. Are you insulted is that you just doctors to go on the injury it was summit to take this opportunity is what patrol brought Mo. He's losing anyway but now as fast even easier to get there and lose its wireless news there is there's a dirt back you gotta wait no doubt you gotta wait wait do wait till the morning show you get you're on the values that line and I know world. A reactionary usually you know it's came along and BA play him NBA season start now these guys couldn't hit the broadside remark yesterday it was sloppy basketball for the most part in Houston beats Golden State. I.'s use of the team in the west now there's going to overtake gold standard are we not talking enough about Houston and or their performance last night one point 31 warranties so yeah I'm. You know I think the Celtics are still to be a good team. Mom but they're not going to be done Cleveland it was there was. Yeah. There without him warriors last loss last year opened the season like 900 no I was already five this part I'm still I'm still sick it was Golden State I believe as everybody other. Other remarks from Estonia as anybody jumping off buildings stood up ice and ornery I have a theory on skip Bayless I'm working on Kyle. Okay he may say stuff just retention. I don't know him personally but he may do things for the sake of getting attention a lot of data to characterize mamet apple and a never remember it all seems like you might be to kegs and I need to look at that. Isn't it punches on him. It might do the same thing does it. Man doing this morning by the way first of all I just walked down a hallway and he left he turns out this door. Looks back at me and didn't and keeps walking without saying words like good morning Reuters handout nothing got to stop and I was like really dude you're mad at me because it's in the I don't play for is really it's in the you don't play for is a comedy hour dot org is Toyota's. Hello. Good morning I'm gonna you guys plus I saw him and his brother. We're tag team and everybody take everybody at a particular. All commerce is that right is broad tag team of all time Joseph does jock mode goes for both wrote on Twitter don't let. It's like the flying the job the most tag team wrestling champions it's okay. Morgue I jump dale was here instead go to dodger. So here I Falwell was just got blood Jane Geddes said Doug. Yeah so your customers. What does family hasn't comment. They're old old act real young all right. Wanna talk about seeing you on how all of drug go to sleep and Bertuzzi put on the team's way too early to. Are there forty yard dash. I did so quitting isn't that gene. And so is she Jamie did Colombian old and acting like the size of the funniest thing about it is. Hit man I believe results could probably talk to all of us about this is the way you treat everybody on social beat. Listeners there. Respect and I don't have why wouldn't I. At that point it's all just you just go crazy you got to see the guy said Doug doctor Simmons historian at you keyboard tough guy Chris good. It if I didn't I didn't realize it how does go to the bears got broken the jockey Alex you guys are. Courage is substance system mess with with it man we just have to gators don't Everett works every time it does it's easier breaks good dad and hit man falls for a sensible people saying he's if there's I don't get. Well it is a choice like that just get to check off the Twitter. Like seriously do they get caught Orioles were loses personally have to be in the name playoffs but you know saying like I would not want to hear any ash talk and you know told his. There'll Boortz Joseph is the one. Or this or zero dollar. It jumps okay. Like the subject numbers you know what he's not concerned there's no pressure nothing to worry about. Our detractors always Lisa and here I know we gotta we gotta raptors got the gradual threaten our guys. Don't say don't yankees Garcia had barely coming up everybody enjoy it scored the go see if we're in trouble was hit managed to that last few minutes.