Mac Attack: Tell The Truth Wednesday With Damione Lewis

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Wednesday, October 18th

Former Panthers DL joined us as he does each week for "Tell The Truth Wednesday " where he tells us the truth about the Panthers 


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Highest level. Afraid to push back in his place he's Damione Lewis change easier for tell the truth Wednesday. And you always become and its team of destiny Damien. Win these games late rosier making plays late and a little luck donut deflection fourth intend tasks that they don't you're are you got your little girl you market it is. Phyllis I. Don maybe you're just so you saw them out of I didn't say this while you were in studio last week. On the bus as the week went on that Georgia Tech to listen to keep at all. Why am I doing this yeah. Dolan that we don't we know where wagon the wagon this fall or you can keep Bradley gives you I thought I won't go search uses we are now on holidays. Well there are not allowed the most organic and or not. You're not well. I'll man I told the wall thing was gonna hurt and the Travis homer stepped right out tonight well there's there as we called for the mayor. Do hole was the man. You did you were talking about home. That was very confident in his Georgia Tech last week maybe I know what scenario I don't know try to get into what's on the travel days. You know the other one solution a monsoon flow hood army in his brain and uncontrollably. And you got a team at all it was wonderful ball. And we steal from we knew we needed tunnels emotionally and there's a dozen of us thought to you being a top to bottom emotionally I think they're learning how to win minimum navigated our despite the onside kick incident also have to tell you know Hello World. I don't know Jimmy's gonna colosio's visiting goes right now we have a girl says that was the worst own sidekick ever just settles it us cellular. It's another leg and it is. Clear. Ban on so I can't do. Do drugs it lets students and a tea there's zero detailed answers Wednesday Damione Lewis is here we got a lot of things jerseys be told that night. This silly game was ugly in Iran Lotta respects these silver lining is a bunt away. Right there they were nearly every chance of winning the road is a really good legal team here so there's a little bit of both kind of in a web deal about the game. Com and also some questions people brought up earlier on memorial with you you know we got to save them for us we want to truths aren't we just what are you comment I'll just let's start first with the run game and the run blocking. Like this that's just a mindset like his. Fletcher Cox first game back a couple weeks he's an amazing player Dana serials he makes trades her look like a bad garden we all go to curse not a bad guard. Wasn't hurts isn't Rome you know there's. Dan you anybody's only. The run game you're not going to single block a guy like such a crisis as we come and Brett oft injured his forces he wants to see you face dramatically we made a mistake you kind of really my trade can hold his own there are users I know that's a grown man up there partly used to in my opinion. He is it not really no one the number two Wednesdays it's definitely is right and you know I don't respect a guy like that as like what you can want so it won't not go into. Yeah no there's no doubt Jason that's part of it now. Elsewhere on the line though we saw Mac Leo get beaten a run by a rookie we keep reading this yeah they're at war or pentagon. How come and then Graham before he went out you know it was important to him out you I also saw Larson really get tossed around the Phillies got two good. An easy just beat caliber first of all Fletcher Cox won't ones. Then you throw in the caliber of lineman that Larson and Khalili are lazy dead simple zone because actually goes straight were the biggest problem and run day care. I mean in oil into the game you look humanity if you're fairly how to we beat the Panthers. You for gonzo for have to dominate this offer to run. They are not as good as there ever tell us and we're going to expose this out. So if you get a don't look for a week of mixing and pressures and we complete coverage if you guys go out Antonio for a we have this year's winners today. In yellow we're talking of you might talk about defense is not stopping the run. That's to me that's the biggest issue we scored twenty report to allow Frist against a very good a very good defense. We go Phillies got on top lesions and Lee is a good defense we scored 30. And we can't win a football to me that's the bigger problem cause of gold is everything if I often scores more than seventeen were supposed to win night at the seminoles football games. But I would say this this is a weird twist here because you're going after the detox your. You know I don't know what to do and I'm going to disable. Here's what I had said it's funny because that is what guys love elevating comes that is that maybe arguing a point Damien against like the whole city Charlotte right on their defense and then you come in and you say what they said it's like I guarantee you they're all out there loving this right now I think to defense deserves so a little bit of a break don't because 215 of those points. Were set up. By goofy turnovers the one reflection got sick and the other one where we throw wires your screen for some reason to Stew in it goes off his hands its interceptor is a C was a twelve yard drive and a seventeen yard drive. If you were on the defense they gave up 47 points. But literally fifteen of them were set up. By steel of twelve yards and a steel seventeen yards would you not be saved to your guys a man they put us in dance Boston teen of those points were on men like yeah. You're going to be cinnamon at the end of the day when you're also has turned the ball whether they goal in my hold them to three yes make him kick a field goal. In that was not the case they really drove in score took steps you know even dare you have one awful. If you are gonna kick a field goal or don't. If you don't you'll two point conversion where steel. Win in the U game technically if you hold a moment time where they didn't go for two you're in a tie football game originally we need is a field goal you don't need a touchdown pass a move so well. As I see what you're saying and this act and over the years when this defense is at its best that's sudden change what they call it's and you got a real reasons are really good in those situations they were not good as best we got there faster it's almost like you played the game or something. It's crazy man 704 or 57096. Stand if you don't wanna jump in here Damien who's still answers Wednesday you've got things about the Panthers. On the issue wanna bring up how that. Well T. A decent supply warriors say but the defense of why you seem to think those guys deserve a little bit of a. You see right there are Pickens sounding pretty really well but outside our Gaza miss him and got to show up no defense Avaya we gotta give cursor we gotta be it can't we don't have. Have to blitz so much you know you talk about a team is blitz and you know old 60% of Thompson center. Blitz and when I give me personally orbit you don't have solely wrestle Gaza miles we got to have a pass for a short at the defense of imposition. The date they list and I went back watching him I counted it and again you know my eyes not strangers would be. But I counted 21 blitz since a lot of it out of what 36 drawbacks near the close to 60% and our nets and listen you can see Wilkes once the blitz more. But McDermott does. But I don't know if he wants to get up into that neighborhood and feel like he has so with that said though may and some of these blitz packages are successful not so terrible. Of your bonuses are getting home. And then you heard in the Covert you don't mess plus a 43 defense and we have to get off to make a quarter makes doubled in a pocket yardage got to be internal inside the collapse and make the guys that what we ought to win only his horses and it's just not a aren't happening right now house out of the bottle. Only about this is really doing anything good to visit. This amounts of good point has been the standout but for our let's let's keep this man this is we bring Damione Lewis and we get to player's perspective. This may ask don't tell the truth what do you wanna hear about pain at the fans call in here it is an NFL discussion too if you wanna go there in terms of drop the rating 78% over last year was first. Six games 20% going back to 2015704. Or 5796. Stan if you all want to jump in here the full question must be asked to Damione Lewis right lethal backlash in and non aluminum and will to blitz a lot we'll talk about all that and Luke weekly won't get all that in Lewis and an animal Mac it's. We'll definitely do some cortisol later on men at 9 o'clock hours could go on tonight in Detroit while it has to be a playoffs the edges in this east. With the policies you had it has to be a play all season we'll talk about it later right now man everybody's get into somebody built XXX or go to some callers. On Damione Lewis rights of people coming after both Abbas and attacks aimed it which is right. So legacy is stability calm let's see don't you dare talk about Max steel card to pay their defense or is going maccast. So that he thinks I'm too sensitive when it comes to defense. Some people though it's an eight cents Damien they think you rely too harsh disguises. Eagles ran for three point seven yards a carry and scored most of their points. On short fields. They lost Lou typically need to mention that this dude says Damien defense gets a pass it was two turnovers on the offense no turnovers and we win. It and then you got. To get a stop you gotta make you could feel OK Goran give a dozen of the women's league doesn't matter if it's internal or not. You gotta stay in the present defense who prides itself on being the great defense defense in his league. Big great defense stands up and makes our missions are trim at Philadelphia Eagles kick a field. I see what you're saying if you do it 10 to do besides he got a hold one out. Who don't feel most recent afternoon before this we are now will say this the book the color about loop to our email whatever was text actually -- Those sorts of communication of Luke went out in the middle of that first drive off the turn over. And that was one more look like we make it stop and then they got us. First and goal the one on fourth down run. Her candidates are certainly get to the seventh place to go twelve yards you know and looted go out in the middle of that and then Luke wasn't there for the last one I mean are slow to sort of nasty wrestlers and football gods got somebody good excuse to write to. You got a great beef is next man up and as we aren't as good a defense is take as well as they lulls guys what you got to step up and Italy's total to a field goal all laurels journals is like Damien Lewis is your toiletries nineties here in. And is now. I know is not sharing you know we wanna put this golf resort is what the score 23 ports let me as you just you tell me of the pair. There's our fiscal 23 cameras in they don't win a football game is not a problem. With the defense that we have. It's hard for me just because fifteen of those free can only seven points were literally does. Senator doesn't matter just or when are you only get a three and out what's the difference between Jamal. Over toward regulatory and old office and the ball over only thirty your. Morning and entering and you've got to give him three and a you've got to go out there make you feel go. And a similar but nice little one's gonna say you are just gonna say this is that we want his listeners and it. If you were playing defense. And that having your defense. And some tips squeak radio hosts can sleep Prado was a big old guy for some reason right the fact and and worst mistake church right if he's on the air Damian and he say it had to do this guy gonna stop bad they got a hold a mile balls at twelve and you listen to regular jail Mike got off day here when you're lucky man. At an early break no. Oh come mr. guesswork. They may be listening earlier this for me when I guarantee they won't let mediate on. Today that's what I must say we just gotta hit the softness and I was the guy. Prayer we got to get to stop. I would turn that guy all you right here. I listen to. Croats like this just didn't see here not there yet it still cheers Wednesday Damione Lewis India I think once talked Osborne now for some reason and he was gone wrong. Eddie and DR us is ready to go discussing this guy want to argue. Would posit that you wins interest in this scandal. Us is ready to fight 'cause look like Mike Tyson don't fight nano and their man you have a look at your odds are. Andre you can. I really like take you don't love you so rarely. The holidays and Honda for Texas punch out how we gonna lose I'm a good. Okay Joseph I don't like did you allow. I'm born out of his take anybody out Andy's here to mosque or giving us an enormously and I want peace in this crazy. I got rabbit hole right now those balls get rabbit let's see here's a little solar sun sentinel against the 96 cents to close notice of more colors of dogs Damione Lewis I just love 40 AME if you wanted to many years pan and out what Haas Max is up next week Damione Lewis go ahead Matt. All right good good good morning outlook. I'm not a big Miami candidate and my worst day there drunken go river dog and wanna fight Damione Lewis obviously there alone. I yeah. I don't know. Give other people on both club and just listen Dylan protest but that part are saying they're not washes and stuff. I do my background not a white police officer. And the first time. We covet no commentary combat bird. You know pop thought about it too you know Tom imposing what I think that means based on how mile mark Richards has been not necessarily exist. And dom. And I don't quit watching football BR. I'm proud of my team and and ask. We can't just ignore as police solved or that there's a problem and would you feel like you're part of that. We got to have some kind of discussions on the back here at home. I'm don't understand what it feels like to be approached a cult walking down the street can put thousands Saturday. It followed this is how we should be treating people. And that's our defensive places store as far as you know other than a percent and more and raise controller. We don't have a quarterback sit arrests occurred or or. You know failed drug test are doing it and in Costa is a man unit that you won't hear someone can be so I'm probably gonna want to an awful ball. If dip you know we need to hear the messaging you may not like it had a grandfather bought more wardrobe never met. Absolutely what I mean I can imagine me not stand and yes that doesn't know what project that on the other people talk I think a small part of us. This corporation is so it is. Younger people don't subscribe around the table and don't subscribe so blog anymore and inability to take a step forward as far as. Make and screaming more available called vessel help lower portion of the population is growing. What really nailed it man I think you get a lot of points that was a great call Mac call any time I thought that was a great call. The way he looked at it and his first access grandfather. Died in battle. He is a police officer white police officer. You would think if you worry and his wife can generalize right or anything asserts that you think OK that might be a guy that has bothered by the handsome though he makes the same choice. Just like a lot of veterans do they Boyer a matter of fact you don't hit it big green beret are densely used along Sampras Agassi also longer in the league. But he's one that suggested. Two tapper next to move to me. Where he said because he would like to sitting a sitting really kind of bothered him so they got together to their credit they both talked about and he suggested that knee when he thought that would be a better way to do it so. It's you can't it's not like every veteran or every police officer sees it the same way. Writes I mean I think that's what's interesting to. Asked Sarah hanging desk this is who we are as a country you know. We're us army likes something or how many are looking to us about something that differs with somebody else but. Had to make in my opinion Rome I mean that's what makes this great you know the difference in opinion. In being able comes at a table together to figure out a solution. Well cause just cause you don't see the small doesn't mean it's not a far this person you young people scream hey it's a five year old daughter. So you know just being able to come together and come out. Our respective owners sit there. And have a civil conversation about what's hormone you know with these guys are talking. What these guys approach as we get is nothing new you know. A lot of was globally and you don't very you don't uncomfortable situations in we understand is also well. So there is truth to what they're saying it artist saying you know people feeling that is disrespectful to the flat get that you don't want. Military background trim as well you don't understand that I remember my grandfather Doug Daria you know them bring in a flag out and doing not what one. Those who are remembered so. I held a special place tomorrow or for the military because of what my family members that are in the military there or doing and out serve so yes it is but also. Totally understand what these players are trying to accomplish what their platform costs so he has to stay in the for a week in this country somebody else instead of putting problems so we always a lot better we can just come up. Get to a place of infantry would normally. And lo. And yeah six was cool. And you know everybody get their respective corners and you know while not watching the game because we're Gaza Miller on the watch the game calls cleverly done that would how about we don't unite. Should got a way to come. Miguel there's no doubt dressed prop eight people would talk it out more. But I think so much these conversations are not like people a lot of people don't want to have these Tom Jones cult. And it's very comfortable I just try to listen to him a little like you know there are having different experiences trust me. We know whenever it's Jose's water army she's got you know they have their own issue in our community so everybody has this goal. You know indiscernible for Galloway hello we are gone to a common ways of love and respect one another in this country. Alike I got Damien no doubt about it if you just would listen hey what's your experience like your last feel this way you know this is learning why it. It just makes a great deal a lot of different expresses this because you more. I was out of work don't that mean you're not here in raiser in America. I we come back yet so to say about me you know this all ties into ratings being down oh how did your recent protests might be why the we certainly want to get back didn't answer football questions as well Damione Lewis on television is on a Mac tech. Rides tell the truth what is Damian Lewis is and how some leading to a little Fortis and a 9 o'clock hour to get it going tonight Tim Brando to talk college football and about nine sixteenths. Mike Florio a soft NFL at 930 Damian here we have to heavy hitters today man heavy hitters com our listeners among some cancer related stuff six so these are questions from earlier today asset we're saving it for Damian were going to be two truths drug. Their regular who'll back do we need to work docile back to ins in their mortgage is running game going. Don't you have aged bag that's what he's been accused the goals last full American is also asking you were run and I mean you guys were looking at you know college football in Nashville sound that. You know we have a spread offense and a shirt. Well and things from just a little. Lives among the cinema and how much is our friends were not won't get any trademarks fool Rex what is also as a manager or Eagles weren't the only amateur college anymore. Which you were you would not play the kid Alex arm up. They got him on the roster he's just John he started Rawls who literally. When I mean as it Vick has grown as these guys holder come to an indoor and editor either or type in on them over and over today's bad position and it creates matchup problems. You know when you're when you're looking at personnel groups so that's the reason why we're announcing in a fullback position so called B a traditional fullback anymore. Here's what I don't get Damien about the running game and a lot of people have been saying even Iran senate yesterday Tom that 89 guys in the box itself. I think when I go back to watch these games are trying to watch a little closer in almost on prime watch you when you're either a child watch look closer. So I started tried to tell the guys in the box well so many times we're coming out even on first down in a spread formation where you have three wide receivers lied and you have a tight end that you're kind of put in that slot area around the sides. She does for why you got one guy in the back field. He says is half hour chase for defensive backs to cover those guys for a linebacker in three defense actually ever this. So I swear the box Alston is six or seven guys in these situations are when you spread the field Damien you're supposed to get it to where you get a six man box sometimes and you can run the football because you took guys out the box vice president that's not working for us and calls it as simple as. Guys have to beat their man out front and it's somebody on that line is losing that individual match up we're constantly noted. It is and that's what it is and also when you are similar Gaza -- sometimes you move your are you sling guys you just in bringing armored loaded up and he's just doing these different things a color Corel fumbled football to go where you wanted to go in make inserted one of those guys that say don't got is small Austral is responsible for Cam Newton and not allowed him to get to Israel to run games sold all his stuff kind of works together I mean these defense is even looking at these offenses last group for years pretty every in this bread and you know wouldn't they won't put in a broad interest to catch up to what you try to do in the spring and also it's so now. Oh yeah oh yeah comfortable W Ottawa. I know he's going to be somebody you don't there's no more trickle. The spread offense has been figured out allegiance out of the ball so now you have to. I'm up you have to knock guys off the ball and we're right back to old school fundamental football you know fundamentally sound you're not normal tomorrow in this league and right now a four and we're not good enough to you reconsider. To be formally sail your blog I'll call. And this is a team whose whole being it's all identity on offense is based off rocker and we are. Humble but I think it is clearly we got to give credit workers who really has got a bank in these trips there for people to do it at a front as it is corners all of great matzo shrug they got big toe corners. And they have a great defense of Iran and that is a real problem for Carla dribbles offensively it. What do you think about cam and his usage in the run game it feels to me like shall. And he almost tipped his hand on this this past weekend when he said well it's nice to have cam it's a luxury to have him as a runner because if things aren't all well scheme wise you've kind of lean on him. My whole thing is Damian how we come up from the jump. And lean on him and run some zone read here and getting him involved early and then maybe people respected he's cheapen it and it'll open things up for backs you look. The whole point you don't want to lead out the game one and zone reboot can't you want a leader of the game running the football with your running. Makes you wanna be looked at show as we get to know what's not. No it's not especially gives a defense like surely didn't work but is it not go to work every week you know they've been pretty successful the last couple weeks with a today. And then all of a sudden you got some guys that really solid before and it doesn't work so bad these the Camby neighbor rushed Sydney won yours you know you think about it camera. Really good day that's out of holes and full page he had you don't with stole it you know the one pledge regards its they would just free agency. That happens you take those two turnovers way we're not talking about our troops and how important they played were complaining about the running game but at the end of the day they still give it to win it. Could I just think it's the last two weeks and they'll run the football at all went right running backs last two weeks Damien. Are averaging less than a yard a carry number Kim who's tuning in the gap this would be easier for bush can't we just don't buy it seems like we do as a last resort how about we don't need to gain a lot of. We need to go to who writes we need to put two tight ends up when we need to put. As a permanent three point stance and we need to run the football is this trick or are you not tricking anybody DI got sick of defense has gone up. There's no trick and if you're not not. I drove the ball it creating dark holes were doesn't want through your not running the football anymore he's not gonna you don't think they should do miss direction snow. Let's go to school well you know this one downer but doesn't. So it doesn't have to look at the team that can't go power does not capable of doing so they can't do because they've sold did they could put Cameron center in front of our. Hourly so they would care under center and unaccountably with our with our terms of school they showed a list so make indoor it is just a matter of yeah. No do we want or do what is your fifteen points of the game always more comfortable in the pistols that point guards and that's what we've been didn't notice the difference between a conventional Austria it's gonna spread workflow between its own but it seems that we're leaning way you more towards bread and we all. Most of the conventional and relegated in a direction it's not back ports I don't care what are. Is on his. O'Neal was that was a lot of members are you think about it you put too exciting. Our scrimmage and you're doubly exciting UW. An old garden center and you don't know breed sickly the guards are you gotta crawl and driving and blocking them we're creating scenes in there we're getting close but. One other direction was gives our processing at all would argue he had three or did you guys. You say just go palace go. Or anything else all right let's if you all have opinions on that you have questions for Damian Lewis Ramon 704 or 5709. C stand Damian said south enduring wanna breaks about McCaffery. That's going to lead to a back and force. I don't need to devote but let's get our got more men are got to him to root out. I'm John tell electric margin thing your true sort of just saying let's go to mark to respond X mark what do you say. Good morning I. Can't you could not be more right on the nose. There's a veteran old school guy right there talks about what all this is all about change one bit in 45 years. The more I drove for six we committed treason and defense would have had time to watch film and they have caught up with what we're going. Pros do that that's why they get paid. Number two we can't block we've got thumbs mediocre average slide at best. We haven't drafted an offer to climate in the first 2 rounds. Sense why am totally or and that support is tips here. We'll mode this year results clay yet. You know they were using them yet Clark the general pointers at dodger point two points. I think we've we've we've got a ten years I've got to fit are not top tennis however out here yes. Yeah. Another thing is to beat you wanna talk about college football the spread out there blowing from. Professional footballer DK whole college football responsible but two different games. If you torture got two blocked a new teacher draft how to block. This just such a couple words like Trojan. In Canada so let me yeah that's missing comment to finish on you and I appreciate your call do you okay how do you feel about that do you think to spread. I don't know I don't they're not ready to run pro style offense or. I know in the is not just college is high school as well known you for our heritage as Eudora pro or you go. When you go around Louisiana. Les hunting grounds for young talent it everybody is one industry and also it's. And did you take the college so there you spent art school years in college your run and spread offense which is also just embrace. And then you bring your got a leak who knows how to block out of the tube plus they're sold so you say. What has no idea how to play you know give them a group or stay as an old golf ball so now. Oh you're taken aug 22 year old. And it's on to teach him how to be a professional football player so Mary you're not only does give the guy he's a book and it's Ellen. Now he's wrong he's telling bush that you gotta teach them how to play the pro game is that a you have been so it'll. It'll stools when he gets there in Nazi case important real quick and see what I was doing the coaching internship. We look at it on non non Digital Storm or you say okay now to give me your best Astros whose first two days of practice eluding you know we got to. Lot of grass roots. Yeah why don't know how to dress as can be and then Carl so now we have to fire. And two small do we think he won't do whale and you don't hold him to do those tools when an extra forty's. India was so we're gonna kill off them and kept a Little League he's the guy ought to pass rush not this 663. Resident Tim Grasso big. It is but we are we had to break this guy they are in so we don't how to pass rushing is no different offers of work. And not being taught at the same rate there been so you don't fifteen years in order on its own just a formidable football. Tar Heels answered I'm cringing at their coaches and the aussies in the middle. Not the brief teaser rate he has freeways and bring you would make plays without that date lets things are legitimate ways. We play without the mechanics are we come back people wanna know about the play calling and game on Thursday and then Damian Lewis tonight it'll be better. Number like any Christian attack of my lower vertebrae Tebow let's just our latest OJ news is always good so that might have been a parole violation already. Object possibly. Come on Jack how often during our during your mascara news. They're seek a cheerful way that's. I'm real ideas she got a great ads and how. Oh my lower all right anyway love so much. He must injury to somebody wrote a damned book. I let some of students who got to say just our personal play calling in the thick of the latest McCaffery. And is good it's good to list. On the play calling to me and I know it's easy to just sit there is a sand and just rip my actual already up and scored air for her whoever you team there's I totally get that. But when I look at situation rules situation in the way they handled things like let's take to end the half and the end of the game terrible like the end of the half was a complete debacle what are you doing there as he didn't attempt to draw an out pattern auto third down to try to make the field goal shorten try. Chinese and they didn't even take to 58 yard Google that they don't enjoy hail marry just click over the middle class what are you are down the field arm but then the end of the game. Talk about a just. Masters series the last two series you next door to more carefree to get a first there are indeed take three shots you don't see what's sad is that you all you're 41 you'll. Are you can you break him there by order of arrest. It's things that holds everybody else was gonna ask you is how much blame for the three deep throws and now there's nobody. He's had they not at least try and I guess you do I did see having the option to take shots I don't know the place along the northern AV. Other times is absurd isn't as it is is stuff the stuff now the last series a Texan last series of the game. There's also problem US third and one and fourth and one and you don't run the ball once Tony Romo is screaming to you Tony. So there goes our offense Cornell went one again because everything he yelled was right I swear was. Armed why you're not just get the first down wind tunnel as he was hurt after the. Died not you should go what are you out they didn't have come a supermodel but at the end of the day many games are. One of similar schools you don't get it menus and you know Linda Goss is are you tell us senate semis tomorrow and we your former dwell for if you. I don't 31 you definitely gonna give don't force one at least yet you don't you got to take your I mean this is the chance you got to take. But you know they decided not to do without all understand it see only on totally we polio is not think the whole city of Shawmut agrees on that. It it's it's its own little seat they handle. Sometimes the and the pass. And indeed at times two and a half I've noticed that. A lot of money it's getting into you Wear a transmit we don't have that guy anymore you know. I can't just sit back Kansas fleeing the order he can't in the he's going to add more abundant getting in all they're doing that a new law is there on and on that anymore. And I can tell you I missed had to get more oil we definitely is the home Thursday 40 yeah Samuel has the speed immediate threat but he lives are ready ready Harry Vietnam the McCaffrey thanks so you. Out believe. That we would be better off taking someone other for Schmidt hasn't got sort of called the defense of. And period. And I know a lot of guys you know a lot of think in you know armed you know some additional one of wrestler coming out you don't like Florida what they were. Or you know and we asked him to have a good performance are also winning gives for it we need to grab mourn it. From a Tennessee always stall at a dollar a defense of me and I did not want it would have been much better suited trusting. But I would argue that the defense doesn't need to help this much is the office right like we're started a league in sacks zero Obama minerals comes from because of emphasis to position us out of rivers and whose push in essence yeah. Three from Madison. Email we got we got home. Yeah guys you know doesn't change is over the next couple years who we were coming to replace those guys all they need somebody might be your friend so yeah and coming to a man. And then in the mean I would cover trying to get to learn stuff like that's what I'm saying may you can have a present our ally debt is hitting knock on McCaffrey or is it just you know tennis now. You know he returned defensive end as the need for defense of in you know you look at whichever you want and these generally ramp earlier release that we are you know something your installation OK everybody says well you don't know it'll certainly it was always. Oh sure you don't know that I'm sure isn't a game means so much or not. No that's for sure there's no way got some. I don't you don't turn your answer and they're looking at McCaffrey in your starting infield you. No did this guy cannot run the Marlins between the tackles while would you draft a receiver. And more than Baghdad early in the travel. No he can't note only are these another Reggie Bush. When he. Other Reggie Bush how is still got to tell you can't run between the tackles when he tackles his whole career and if you're. Look at it as a match is different now when you. You watch him the ball how many got its business in the box when he's coming down there either and god it's amazing no and there's no doubt the you can six yours before you as a slap the hand over alarm. I'll forewarned don't choose either. I've given you another. Big reasons why don't you think that is not realistic in this league you are going to get here in the hole. Almost every only the real wanna bags break tackles but he does not do that. Still she's thinks things you'd like trying to examine why Damien right now once it's gone I cannot hold at the point of attack. I usually ask yourself do you not. Think that McCaffrey was picked because he was a sort of player. That was the key to what they wanted to do for cam which is given an outlet for the shorter stuff so and everything did that to be forced I don't feel right and let us 37 days. Yeah CN peace is that a tough team pictured it was the reason was a draft not hold it would guys like Jack. That's the question did you spin did you waste your. Are you break. Only got that you go to guy late first router etc. there is a totally got. Out of college football ticket feel bad boy if you look if log out it is a ball team in the league towns which short route you know would bubble screens you don't Wear dog quick Charles is all. Our lead it was a good job. Notably does like to low. Absolutely loaded but you can't fire a guy big what is there in the dirt in raising a and if this did not easy to France now occasionally notice that a lot of photo. He right now I greet you and I saw that you. You look at aged really well waste opaque only got did you find in late first early second where I can only there's an argument here and. Shall I was better than Camara better things companies that are. Amezaga got to cheating don't play defense experiment they don't play defense out there which are obamacare we did is that a bird netting. Doing exact same. The only definitely does yeah illiterate losers segment and I wound down man down angry I have noticed although Mike McCaffery supporter. But the new running back out there has thirteen hundred yards and a priceless and Canada was going to be and he got out front slow scandals have stated. Think you know they wonder I was saying to us as a nozzle and I were watching football but no I got to ask you this first do you know. I think though that six games in the someone's career it is unfair someone came six games this as soon as. She's like you'd say grow jobs in some argument here on. Medarex and look carefully at what he's doing drifters. Moderates and if you didn't have toys they ran a big old guy like that. Causes the drive was full loaf that's what I say that these are we got cameras all over the league right now. Understand we sound the same as six games and how did we can say what he's going to be first I carry this he got here between the tackles. Here you are obviously there's a chance to go back to my corner for alternatives look on the next may. I speak beating a latest edition of McCaffery debates aren't Davey unit and our producers and like you demand are Damione Lewis easier zealots should let. I like it or not on the still undecided on that conversation I don't around the track and 796. Did find some more does play all believers still would Tim Brando and Mike Florio coming up later.