Mac Attack: Swin Cash & Mike Florio

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Wednesday, March 14th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Swin Cash & Mike Florio. 


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Results of Brad. Insane less morning pulls a rabbit out of hat again. We'll go bracket insane there's been a lot of Panthers tomorrow be a lot of brackets. We have Mike Florio for some more football bottom of the hour people are gone crazy over this whole brotherhood thing people agreeing to John cal Perry about what do that that's got to be like Carolina and states means the flight data with bank. I'd let's take a deep breath let's talk about some of these brackets what might happen and some of these matchups with our next guest she's doing an awesome job. A bomb on CBS sports as an analyst and for the men's and women's game she joins us here talk a little whoop swing cash joins us. On the Mac attacks when I was going on how you doing. And it Mac have don't love and strategy. Thanks for coming on you do a really good job we want to get she'll talk a little tubes here talk about some of the local teams with Shia. Let's start first all star whisk. The Virginia injury though DR Andre how honor this is probably their most athletic players you know sixth man of the year in the conference. He's real personal to a defensively. I feel like this is a big blow is this something you would look at and say. Should Tippett who maybe like I was debating Arizona Virginia announced thinking of going to Arizona to the final four or should I chill out about this DR Andre Carter injury. Well for me personally just. Beforehand I had already had Eric. Hacked urging access. But you're somebody that had a bridging Yankee always a port act checked checked eBay what are we get your bracket. At a no disrespect for the yanks get what you look at like that everything about. Dion you're and it went he invented that team. Yet but think about it it's way when a late game situation and that you look at people there are 46. Year. He'd been out gained them. And if you look at a number of what you think don't want it to get yet you're at it typically improved in every category. So saying that because somebody that the that thought people would mean going into hot seat and figure out my bat if they're. Typical the speaker outlook I think it came to not use it quite a lot of we're at that point there will be a come on. There's no doubt he's a bucket getter specially big shots like they were crazy ridiculous Louisville game they want easily won us throughout the the game winner there at the end to win that one. Let's move down as sort of their south side south region let's go down lower left. And talk about UNC we allowed tar heel fans listening here. I'm at the point where. I'm almost overlooking Xavier I don't know if you think it's a mistake and I'm kind of look at the heels saying if they can get past Michigan and then may begin Zagat. They can gets in a final four imam making a mistake overlook and Xavier who who do you like in this region. No you're not making a mistake at all. Invade your hat and getting all the wheat. DA BD before he knocked out by UNC and I'm like actually act like it okay this is racked. What is read it actually say out at a lot of fat and eat you look at a team like I don't think that they'll. We have to prepare they need to have a imports are. So Barry I think he needs to be at a complete rebel outboard them I think they have all the other piece is that we've been made their claim. Had been on oh and acting picking up on the right now they're out how by how bout. The scene but they need that little leadership. And that went carpet issue they need point to any reduction. And I think if they get that out of there should be your right baker outwit Oprah book that Nat. Or that's OK I think a lot of people did rack your local book. Can back up but you've ever aired opposite the apple. Co what. For yet you'll see you all are up to the final four. I'd let's let's see your swing cashed in with a CBS CBS sports net we're talking some brackets. On let's go to that lower right over there are armed that is duke. It and and I look at duke in that region was Kansas in the midwest. And man it's hard to meet a Michigan State matchups although duke I think it's for the coach case for one against Izzo Michigan State in the turning in their careers. But that matchups a tough one it. It's really tough for me didn't pass like looking past Kansas Michigan State or duke I had it's a power trio what do you think of that region. You have me neither you look at this region and it had. The cream of the crop. Our current job. Donald lots CNET talked about how at this eat at a vote for it. Because it think about it can't is like the brand and hurt he can beat duke and main movie if it's unbelievable to think about a possible. Michigan State and duke. People we think it's you know to this sweet sixteen but I don't like the fact and it read in the Michigan State back it is because there. Look we don't regret not that big and what they're battling all in debt but it's important not that big state it's come at you don't wait. And I think that the rocket Eden Project had a plea well I expected to be wanna do that shining ball went there he is pat that the ability to go off. Born as part its I'm not gonna failed is sort because I think they butt or at our team in this year. But haven't attacked its game that the Euro would go the way though can't they pull it together can add belt because they can't beat younger guy. Be able to step up that right are in weather like this I write all the. It's going to be a big question we get a lot of NC state Tansu NC state so they're neo in that little area with Kansas. First of all the NBC and saw all teams got good guards Delgado is a big old you know these to deal with upfront. What do you think about NC state can they win that game contend they you know make life tough on Kansas sore or you not feel it would NC state. I have. Not accountable packing atoms are about the band out there. But it's art but that the why is not so much because that epic action because of a back up our act a lot of couch and T in hobby is pat there by your. Mean they're balanced across the board or diet. Epic thirteen point to read about it was is a lot right at pre people like. You Albert because they're that. They break right at the team and I think obviously. That but damn plane in the big east that's Bali. Our. LA you come out they. All right. A lot of people aren't you eat the plane bound air but it believe it or any action I think get the hot it is capital by. What is your final final four team of Villanova. It seems like the easiest region for one seed of them all to me do you agree would you got that region. Hey hey. Well again our own their reject it he didn't let that color the cut key beat yet but I like that. At best it is up you do that eat at you have. Don't account at a bat in about I think they're really expect that that they that they expect about 88 the picnic expand a little bit like that but they are running not be at. But until they get the possibly being the spot up for air to get eighteen or can't it very it is that it. Cards win before we let you go bomb I got to ask your question a guy and you can. You can agree with me he's not listen all right you know he's working right now to my coach REM you know he's working on his own stuff right now trying to win like a 700 national title to something and I think he seems like a jerk he was your coach you've done. Do you want agree with me and say Max I can't tell yelled desperately was a jerk or you want defendant. That's a lot being I think anybody. Had a might expect that they get back there if you look at our. Eat you know I went to really use that word there are. Birthday but that was and I you know yet he had this ability to. End. Especially player but a law that. Get the gatekeeper for the battle. I'm not out that look different but at the end of the day he had very humble coach oh became an action. What he had that activity like. Either love or hate. I think I'm on the inside. I think have got and don't you parties are you on what is basketball your parent and the haters wanna ask you this was there a moment in particular where you were playing and he was really hard on you and it was like. It was a remote you got Amanda stabbed him ever. Yeah I can't think Arabs were being. He we got that made everybody put people but there's an out anybody it would be able to handle it. He put out but so are not always be. More a out or get our outlook about this guy is a joke that great because their 100 well. I'm like how well won't quit at their out. It's that crede Oprah and X where you're back is well. Us use our tables on him like that. Did you push the button pushes buttons right back some drama unlike you I'm a UConn fan I apologize my friend here for college you. Collagen we've entered this all year after year after we will settle this one more time. I could accept that I don't does seem like Jesse got understood where it was coming from the glass will will talk about this once wins off here. All right well hey keep up the good work CVS breaking new stamp thanks for join us we appreciate it. I do you gotta we appreciate switch tax joined us here button pusher Bowden does the right buttons to push. Who does that remind you of both frank Garcia is coming into the hands off a little later on soon and I couldn't help yourself. She was doing a great job their he had to take a little dig at judo or MI multi agency did not really say no way you see not a jerk. She's always saying no way I think the only man. But oh you know what's happening right now. Dvd sales are going off on the brotherhood agreeing with John Taliban are a few of us strange bedfellows Carolina fans can't wait to say we're right on John cal Perry in this case so it's it's ABD years had these same players and they called the brother they wouldn't they would be all format. There will be a little bit a little bit jealous he's. We used LC because the brotherhood has been a pitch that is helped him get these great but there's got to be some of that old auto little bit a little bit of jealousy perhaps. God we saw that we come back we'll talk about just a little bit we got a couple panther nuggets on this on the guys that they brought in a couple Braylon nuggets on toss out they're still. Mike Florio at 930 we come back. I've got to deal with this people bothered by the brotherhood Agrium John cal Perry think it's kind of look. BSE thing is that the case why so men will talk about 704570916. And kind of bothers me. Thousand dollars. Good studios David as soon as are your last chance our show you get it out early on the other shows obviously to win a grand is up by texting the word stage. ST AGP. To seven to eight they want this is your shot to win a thousand dollars. Yeah until top of the hour Texan in. A national contests message and data rates apply full contest rules available WFNC dot com let me just answer this question about Greenland because a lot of people are asking. The same question to desist dude play it way back off the line of scrimmage. One guy says that he played 25 yards back like Braylon. This dude wants to trash. How did and it's up to the scheme of the coaching staff to tell you hey I want you opened their face. I want you back here but he is comfortable press coverage he's physical he's a damn dog man he really is. He's kind of a you know lesser version Josh Norman lights he's not the player Josh Norman is but last year he had his best year fewest pass targets. Fewest pass catches allowed. Of 48% completions as best number there. Armed quarterback rating again 76 I mean he said a couple of rough years to there's no doubt about it. But it's you look at this cat last year man that will get it done he's got swagger and nastiness. I mean the word is seen Josh or not exactly buddies. But they're both the same sort of got. You know I think there was a clash there so Brad berries mild mannered I think it might be good. Is the union Yang bones asset or yin and Yang. Eating in Yang Yang Yang tells us I think could be goodwill complimentary. Situation. That was the one question about brie learn let's see here iso us governors brotherhood sank in analysts say can get here from a couple of fans on it. Tebow on the sing it bothers me and you've heard I said it the last segment is just that. You're saying you're the brotherhood. But yet and I guess. They treat Sam ways since the the class of 82. And they are not the only ones is an issue further territorial family everybody out here 4016 a name was tacked yet didn't and yet they tagged brotherhood name and they really kind of are using that as coming recruiting thing is the saints this season message with a name attached. It just seems like when you're going after one in Dunn's and they only play they're for a year. It seems a little cheesy called the brotherhood we don't say you don't sing but what. You're looking at just from one and done point of you know. You'll take a mile Jefferson's views it doesn't as the brotherhood I think they'd think about it's it's the only years I went to school I don't think racing Vizio as a brother begged not every single players one and done Matt Jones has not won in dark. Quick Google is not one and done so you. Where what you gotta from the prism of one and done players don't they did three and four your guys. Viewer l.s brother also but when just prior to the viewers. Exile Williamson says I wanna be a part of the brother that's why I came here that's what's frustrating cal Perry by the way that's not how he wanted us he's frustrated eating get. There's some saying that's that's what he was frustrated does that guy went there and then set about the brother brother that ticked him off. Don't you think you DC nine point delight when and what our distributor for one year talks about brother and it's like you're going to be there for one year. You know. I just it's a little he's selling its cell I don't see easy of a nickname is all I'm saying play it but you don't think cal Perry cells thanks. He's the ultimate sales mantle he is what says sales message over the air. So there's a name attached to the message forget that's a difference the name attached it's a name and I'm like you know president came appropriate there was a name attached to it is an idea. Same message no name attached. No it was a matter I think television day today brother it's so I don't named nicknamed it now is there poverty but with that said whatever works in recruiting rice. You're an adult brother and if it is it. Struck a nerve of these young guys that is working and ultimately right his generals people's loaded as Joseph says Mac UNC family greater than the brotherhood. Well then you look at UNC family it was or mockery made of that because the family. You know instead let me tell the downed by Sheikh for decades. So like I don't know like I'll just I'll give you one from my for the Carolina way as saying that I don't wait till now one look let one looks you like punchline everyone's got the things they Sal when their terms and their phrases. Every schools got some differ. There's just what this is the brother sorrow. I don't I don't seem to be I don't seed of the vitriol tourists it is it is cheesy went coach case says. Will be here for your whole life when literally you cited data will be there for a one year and then make millions and never need him again what year but I get a hat both. Yes there are other players and being so ultimately it's work there are other players in the program aren't their for a one year I discuss it always talk and those guys as much as he talked to some players shirtless dude some people Tebow and see what they say I feel like I. I'm still quite some time. I 796. Them. Mac NW a to -- not done I think there's still mad at me exactly the total does warn you right now I could I could be set off fears technically got a pastor he was silent brotherhood and I agree got to go off on May be is on your side. What you're going to do on the ball I didn't know that somebody that Pia anal cavity beetle like you like Connecticut which you know great Obama. Now you like church K. I think it would be a correctly as well you know yeah I thought. Get to the point your call it get to deploy to your phone call this. Well I'm up all call his brother who don't want to ask what can I agree about whether Israel. Well I am a crude are about brother has barely there about well. Eleven happened probably discouraged K well I don't Jeter Oklahoma. And L. Or UA UN or all autos that get our UN UNC's Dan talking about CD right now. Are you serious are you serious. You're you let's see they had talking about seat in a way that's rich. Is that a rich state that you're a UNC's Dan talking about cheating. It does it mean. Didn't happen Q school. Clap given that your cinematic art I can't dog is an added I don't operate to Don well he's rant I can't take it seriously is gonna I can't take it seriously. How good a technical serious. You know I'm not I'm not normally a team debris of op. UNC cheating is awesome and only goatee because they I got tired or does well. They are right there I can't take it seriously what do guys talk about cheating technically. It was an under NCAA tourist expect. But it's we all know there was some that was ridiculous totally completes our tech guy you don't ever call on the show ever get into the next can't call again you can't accept that and he's now. I told John I was ticked off but it was entertaining style like she's allowed to have his opinion you fired back with urging that the final. I just aren't tee chapter next IKEA I can't sit to the source city go to we're talking about the term brotherhood go to cheating your UNC I only go to sorry I can't take it seriously guys have a problem like coach cal does with the brotherhood and coach K San worldview there. Forty for life do you have a problem with that or is that harmless. Tags is that Arnold's catch phrase to recruit. So I think that is remotely it seems a little like it doesn't sit. What they're doing right now as a program bugs its recruitment its work in and you all would allow. It if it was helping you bring in the stunts 70457096. Cent showtime is slightly calmer than Patrick what's up showtime. I'm mad I got so quick point polity you know we hear here at the date. And UNC fan I'm not like the collar hit I'm not Redick chipped out of brotherhood are near a lot. We both contracting last year we don't do this year to one dollar and outlook the year what. It's. I have a problem what do Mac part of of the charge OK we attribute and it. We don't care which he don't want you are not well we always have back but it would make I. And that's what I abilities. Are out there you go I have no problem when it cannot be from bank did get a paternity. No I don't have all across this country Yugo when you come back big lead but there may. I'm gonna always have your back and approach and up Billy goat. If you can't. People that are indeed I bought two point aunt that cannot picket OK we have affiliates that are being asked at a lot of. Let's go point UNC fans got your back there's one fraternity there's no doubt they feel Obama ivory Irving I'm sure she'll support that he only went there for one year because he's a lot to it slightly but they bought with each other within the league staff can they do it doesn't matter if it's one gamer eighty game and he went there's a connection that's a fair point I thought I had my point is all schools have this all these players of these big bet did you know what. Duke has found a way to market it. All right ray gets thirty seconds real quick on his debut rag what brotherhood and yet they are today what you said. Bad brother and a good in the hallway let their column did today and took a look at. In particular charity that by. I like in and a girl. You're could it be a player like pick out there are bent on our commentator we should we re back in help dual dock. About it the day and I thank the entire day. They're pegged at a what are your whip this unique co chair and there are all come. This they're all there Staubach and game did not. There. Now that's. There's no doubt there's no doubt that coach cal play date they found her intense that is getting these guys and I'm like getting is bad news there's no doubt that's going on. I need to dig deep do you think deep down even when they're going to take it is about as part. Yes he's saying how when they're gone kickers yeah yeah. Kinda yeah. He's curious to see them egos and their as he goes in narrative drafting you know why he goes to the idea of the drain you know why he goes I durability good show the rebel Rodrigo is practice Max is double knows she'll appear Charlotte watching game owes us and we chose dad still sir Charles but. Travel around the league wants his players which yeah I think coach K is more genuine. And coach cap I'll certainly say that aren't we come back does not but that brotherhood man we come back. Mike Florio what does he think it pay at their lives. And Kirk cousins. 84 guaranteed is this a sign of things to come in the NFL guaranty contracts. I've got to get ready jacket it's a chat with Florio here in the second. I do what do mentioned this the final four the final four mile or is it cool man. That is they seem to run it takes just for mental four miles throughout uptown its final four Saturday it's march 31. You'll run outside. You and you'll start I think outside at corner so arena. Meat dress up pink color is your favorite squads for your favorite team there's a costume contest to support your favorite team. Due to details at WS kinsey dot com under events. But this one sounds like a pretty cool rod and if I can only make it asks if I could only make it that far running. I would be right there maybe I'd be right they're slow and I'm back to be a problem at this current time in my life on so anyway WS MC dot com you wanna find out the information. Of ballots the final four mile or cool little uptown run. On that morning of the big games on March 31. Mac at WS Lindsay dot com got a cool event to. Coming up that I want to tell folks about I'm on the big Metallica not our daughter my favorite bands I say Pearl Jam first Metallica number two and knows a lot of dudes listen to show. That love Metallica or right now. We put together a little group I convinced Tony to hit man. To give us a lot minnows a handful of tickets to where we can do colleague guys' night out to Metallica show where I get to hang out with you guys get to meet some dudes listen to show. And they were Conan Max metal squad trying to get an MAT shirts for us where to hang out to show get together may be drink or two before we're wanna do just saying. 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Pop music extravaganza next year and she will take you to the Justin Timberlake should lobby at Sam's minutes in July say buddy and I do bodies. Summer of San voting saw Sam get away. Islands and that's to do that it's Earth's. I'd anyway Mac it W a frenzied asked how are hoping to get to Florio here in a second also sought to whom about not only because and steal. The Panthers news. But how about Richard Sherman in the deal he signed. He's getting ripped Joseph Thomas Winamp drummer said Zito got the way you know she served as his own agent. And folks are all over about the deal he got so. Let's get an all these topics man it was a crazy day yesterday a pro football talk and I'm Sonya it's days like yesterday were you do on that web site you hit refresh. And what else do you need the world knew that computers that website and pro football talk dot com they are the best to follow. All the time but certainly during big happenings like the legal tampering period for agency officially starts a sore today let's talk about a Mike Florio. Pro football talk dot com NBC. And remember listen best of his weekly or his dearly radio show. Sunday morning 7 AM the nine right here on this stations Florio how you doing brother another had to be a busy day for yesterday. Illegal tampering. Also the term that would apply in my efforts to get my show we stayed put your times. It is just like you say you're committing any sort of crime. And you certainly are tampering but yeah I would say that's on now. Now now about the stroke I don't think getting drives are being committed. What do you think before it's a kind of the bigger national news on talk about cousins the only Sherman deal stuff like that. When you look at the Panthers and make a trade. Ford Torrey Smith. He's two years tender ten million dollars five million apiece last and they get rid of Darryl Worley a young core but I think to get a better corner and freelance for eight million a year for three years. Do you think does a kind of nice you know not headliners signings they feel like I feel like we got better at those two positions. Yeah I mean you're treading water a little bit right I think it's gonna make anybody say hey is he gets to. To go to the Super Bowl where they let the free agent moves ever saw in a Super Bowl championship team just doesn't happen. Now now you're right it's and we we get so fired up bad because it's football it's news and we love this sport. But I don't you. Right what are we gonna talk about do we get. I felt used up over the prospect that the team is currently zero though it dramatically better than that are from now because there's not an ouster really do it this. I know you're right it's and it's fun to hear your name your team's name and you know also the Panthers fans awaits her you know good week or so. And sometimes that's a Smart way to play it is wait until the crazy shopping done. And then you can get some good deals bomb now to Kirk cousins that was a big money deal right there all 84 million of the is guaranteed. Hey do you like what the vikings did the in this aggressive in doing in this way. And then. SMU Florio. But is this does this start a trend of some players getting the guaranty contracts or is this not a trend setter that some people are making it out today. While it appears disabled public talk about your contract yet so we have to acknowledge that every year won yours so incoming rookies yet fully guarantee. Fortier contracts. Via the rookie wage scale and even though the numbers are big debate used to be. Those contracts are fully guarantee for the first twenty or so got what you think he negotiated. And that trend has been the top twenty guy. It is fully guaranteed contract. Now what perk content or for significant if he had gotten up by ear or he cheerfully guaranteed contract. But to get three years fully guaranteed. That something that only economic and sued the previous week. And be cheaper confidence. Is that there are no not guaranteed years because that's what can you actually want okay out there see you all year but I don't want to have. 45. Year's total where I can this guy. Each year whether or not continue this relationship an app development apple app like today they have not near each year on the back yet. Where they decide what your time wanted to continue. The vikings are gonna pay 84 million over pretty and they get no perfection on the back yet that's where it is a new development it's fully guaranteed. With only three years it came to do short term deal will be your tee without it being bought Europe or at 28 million. Your 529. Million. You are sick of thirty million at a time when our debate being near forty million back. Keep those back and Albert are gone. So cut it back a market for years at age thirty till I start are hurting their daughter in his career. You know unit play this thing to perfection. Will more OK here's another question too maybe this one's more apropos will more players bet on themselves. In the style that he did it or. Is that too scary for some of these cats. Well look I don't think it was. Kirk cousins Chris plant to do what he yet I think you're watching and it got picked Arab. What they've very good quarterback contract offer not top of the art expect. Seventeen million a year back in what are their team in the middle seat where he had at Bert has. They've got you know during the Bible we say hello time. He's the guy they're done authority three elect extent Kirk cousins and paid him good money to be our quarterback for the next five years. I think he would it daughter because if you put a number like that on the table where a guy injury rip. And you never know what's gonna happen. So it's hard to walk away from that money at it there but in Canada they let it play out a contract he had no further regret. So that they are now discredit became very simple nineteen point not but but the franchise tag or a property like it in new year ornament. Import Akbar. And if you attack me again next year it's 1% right. Go here to hear this you're not giving me any other alternative deploy eerie ear most of the other guys whether you know a year a year. Setting thirteen don't want to keep them is that copper it's basically to emulate what they can make each of the next two years back out. He literally cap the actual Washington port that actually upon him so he didn't really. You know you need to target out. When there's no work that may I get that aren't there yet at any other alternative because Washington that is strange yet they're a lot toward him over the last. We're sorry Mike Florio pro football talk dot com the site yet you gotta have a window up on that bad boy every day here these next couple days. With the free agency stuff hot and heavy. This Richard sure Everett there are. District unless I do I literally. I got a window up every day all year long I was trying to stress the importance of these days he's got to be some your biggest day right. It better that day when you refresh. Every single day you'd hit that spot every it would want to usually is that there is that the what happened albeit here I don't what that perhaps they thought they try. I expect it to attend an extraordinary Europe pop but every expect the unexpected I think that the tag line. It really help market yeah. To not to be accused of my usual BR he considered it. We caught all ball talk I don't know what happened. With all the you know birdie and it could be done. Statistically. There's a chance one of them has been a crater animated epic they have cracked it was generated heat what do you know the order what happened there. What happened that Alan Roberts and bill is typical Chicago yet toward you know last year there's still think it happened at. Players make your early after 4 PM it would not currently expect you know we know so it'd be gone. Our other well not think you know lord because other trade that we don't know not regret 83 years ago you know our culture all Jimmy grant got traded to Seattle. And loading not a got traded the lines all wrap. Oh who knows what worked it we're talking about about the law. It is true how last week's you know while bonanza of like 78 brown straits you know I mean it's like. We didn't see that come as soon as stuff is fun it really is. What do you think about Richard Sherman. But for example Joseph Thomas kind of weird you don't usually hear players comment on guys deals. But he says his ego got in the way he lost money on this deal because he was his own agent. Is that the case that he did albums vastly worse deal because he represented himself for now. He called Peter King in the aftermath of doing this deal that there's no way that got the better yield on what I got our self. I don't want about acting with respect all that back you know here's is don't really match and the reality is there. All the the 49ers group police. Richard Sherman is appropriate want to it will never admit it. Too stubborn to say. I sure they've done you know we don't have that outlook. Human nature when you do something you order your vote is so I heard that somebody told me up but competent agent. I mean about it it is better or worse rather than no way to put a good agent is always better represented yourself. In it it just like yet how well he could've gotten better you what you had a dated US patent war money in the pocket at the end of the best and what happened is this. They get so caught up in the checked the State Capitol right for eight at eat they lose that are site of the value. And the magnitude the checked it it's from their teens they hate rating at check or somebody I think they're smarter not to do it themselves. It they think it looks CE and that's the mistake at. And not a puppet now why anybody here here's why buyers need to terror outfit. Richard Sherman. We're happy is waiting remembered and help the executive committee you're also welcome what pat is where he also remember and a Pope the expected that it. Every player would represented so agent would have no it's if it's whatsoever and it beat it down there that. Every player that sort or worse he openly courted. So that more money the owners get off the top they don't spend another cap because they don't have to do is dump it into their pocket his well profit. And the players collectively lose. That's why it's important. All part is that there aren't trying to operate the order I have and also try to fire. It's not a dual. The agents to get the players more and the agent he hop and beta four and it is in because Trent. The players all collectively lose because what they thought we are billionaires who have seen. The billionaires on law and not war is not not four not percent of the cases. But an end up paying a lack of what they otherwise would have paid the guy that they. OK interest and stuff buried yourself are Florio you're a man we appreciate you coming on. Pro football talk dot com and keep a window open to a refresh every day of the year not just the next couple days they civil daisy and refresh it every five seconds. Now argue are eager are. Europe dropped order motorcade computer chair now did not do that and all our brother we'll talk to you next week man. They are there you go Mike Florio principles talk dot com with. And NBC are we come back Garcia and Bailey commanded. They joined afraid we're gonna start dig in on these Jack in the Box breakfast platters these things are amazing man bacon sausage eggs. Beautiful thing. We thank them so that every Wednesday each week we come back Kyl barely got to tell you what Kyle daily strata Tebow for a lot of Tebow prays and he's always today. Guys thanks to Ali sterling. I can't read my writing Kevin Donnelly. That's when cash if I ask you Mike Florio so does it does catch me much chicken scratch. You know we're now and then immediately I also could just use my memory that they that's what we had on the Democrats worked too hard. I'll Mumbai style organ right man what is messed up sinus infection but it's. I got a voice was able to come into that we talked a ton of cancers on the show I'm sure you guys will as well over Sean Braylon move. What do you think it'll get its due though he's props here a second when Kyle Bailey comes ally prop bets prop. Mean estimate gives a look doesn't could his lizards afraid for your well being physically took. Got to deal with that a second. But it's. I'm frank what do you think about the Braylon sunny and how will admit he had an up and down career last year so far for years but last year look like the best one he's had. I like the fact that he is feisty and physical I think we've been missing a guy sit back there since Josh Norman that's like. Yeah yeah it may be more of the Iran Iran guys you know something you're looking forward you know with that Italian brings a little bit more of swagger into that secondary that just. Know what you had with Mike Mitchell need to talk about when Josh Norman. Yeah that's great but I rather see you got to play an inning and turn his hips and in the right position and unfortunately that's what the world he wasn't doing and that's why is no longer here what do fast guy either. Are you go back to come Barnes in forty just like before six guys or a couple times and that's about what he was so. You know he he got beat deep a couple of times almost double moves 'cause he was forced to those who may be. Take a little gamble on those things in you are positioned quite a bit so. You know as we all seeing a you know you view that the rotations that they had you know last year you know that was going on there with him in his back up you know that they brought over. I was names escape me right now but to zero C Nemo see more before three guys so CO SM AR UC. You can't seem less of him not merely a lot less of him and you know now that and you know our kids from. Mile Washington's common and so really is I think going to be you know a pretty good it's an upgrade its it's an upgrade. You know if you know I like I like to put grades are numbers on these things you know to kind of equates you know are we better are we worse yeah as if you're gonna give World League a five. It really is probably a six and a half. He he probably has potential to be seven and a half I didn't hire. That's so I feel like there's a potential layer can get more can use a computer that's right you're not more often not the player but this absurd situation. When when Antonio Marty was playing across from Revis. According with a really good player and but obviously he was artery was is liable but everything was thrown his wife. But he had so many balls aren't so we went fly across from Norman is going to get so many more ball. Weird he killed in the first your first your Norman went there which by the way Bree land apparently according to friend demise in radio and DC. Apparently Braylon just hated to Josh Norman came their thought he should have been a number uncle Terry there's an attitude that's I mean you like what's he do that's all part of the semi. And boil order has to have a certain point when he the first shear both got thrown all over right they threw away from Norman. Last year he only faced four plus passes a game it was almost just read a much better job last year and an. Here's the counterpoint to what you said you know Barney and and Mac I don't know she dirtier lead lead lead into whether or not but. If you're born to you don't say this guy's gonna be on his island where there was Revis and Marty yeah you're gonna swing the defense over to the other side to have a lot more help to say if he's gonna save you. You know you could look at that two ways is that there is more balls actually which are also gonna have a lot more help so glad to garner as much spare us so. No I think you know what you said right there MacKey is. Easy showed that by as many balls and we're being thrown over there he can do pretty good job and not as many were coming his direction this year getting blocked an up you know he's a hands a guy he uses them well. You know some kind of gonna get called that's OK let me. It was a blessed part of the game he had thirteen penalties last year and thirteen and other years prayers as part of the game. If you're gonna need you can patent if you're going to be a physical football player there's gonna get a holding call every now on that energy you're gonna get an illegal use of the hands of the face you're gonna get. A holding call you know and you know you're forcing the referee to make those decisions and government. Don't advocating for cheating. And going out there and doing those consistently but you're gonna be you know in those positions a lot more and ultimately. It's gonna pay dividends down the stretch when things tighten up the referees hold onto their slash I. Something giddy over year but it was designed so there's Patrick the color but I just target myself there's a text or tiled that is afraid that since bone called Patrick a full that it Patrick may be says you'll a lot of crazy listeners. What does this guy wants to come fight so much. This is our personal. Got the kind of guy that usually meant we met Patrick Patrick and much more of our our remote sits up catcher got actually a little dust up several months ago but supervised guys at least in person of but all I heard that or I I heard a thing this morning. And I was laughing my ass off drive and on the road a cheerleader for truck he's. It's fantastic so taxing the if you wanna some salons and got a text like you did he go back in Florida wide this isn't this isn't my first rodeo I'm not afraid of crazy listeners are right it's my first time. When this aren't. OK okay now I was dark hole. Crazy listeners and crazy women. I like our. Listen I don't how much to what do they mean to you Patrick his base blows my son. He does runway while Kobe does not. Or at least craziest Lister is here as long as you used to show an event that Garcia is that the facts aren't my bodyguard ours I. You know you just please. My body guard. Hardware is a Dale Junior sliders you know. Are we wrap it up a good work out of bone over there. Mode good work out exactly as well. Com that the boys do not Garcia barely coming out in joy of your place the ball plenty of groups it's not clear manner that would free agency in the brackets go on all talk to you tomorrow. On terms Thursday on the Mac it's.