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Friday, January 19th

In this hour of Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses where he thinks Steve Wilks may end up. 



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Welcome to another edition of the Mac attack on 102 point five the thing. With Mac. T bone he ought Palin because they lost me and i.'s board that. Did you detention now you're hosted caretaker of chaos Chris McLean. Like big guys. It is saying happy football Friday it is demand. It's accurate and offends they we a couple of championship game is talk about. Really the whole city this season boils down with three games left to football all right. This boils down to one thing can somebody knock off the patriots and somebody knocked them all I don't those funds falling. For the Tom Brady's hand injury trick I don't know I really believe it until I see it and it matters. But so we will see what happens with stats. I think the vikings and best hope I've got to not golf's the pats but this just and they got to go win the game in Philly so we'll get into that little bits can somebody not golf evil empire for us. On gotta give some love NC state date they guided dead game last night against Wake Forest. Close strong down the stretch in their game at rally they needed that one and now they got a chance. This weekend at home again. To be their fourth ranked team of the season the chance to take on Miami. Not on Sunday I believe that he was coming up on Sunday so we'll talk about state little bits. On today's radio show one have a conversation about this. Change in the transfer rules are good becoming a might might begin pushed off to 2019. Bucks us free transfers essentially where you will not have to sit out. Armed for transferring. And Danielle stayed AD is it Beirut meeting in Sibley was meeting about this yesterday is is one items and Hammond. Debbie Al got up and spoken just last to decide the talking about how would essentially be a while while west. With people recruiting players that are on people's rosters already transfer so. We'll talk about that a little bit got mad chick from ESPN coming on talk about that would get their columns always supported today's thirty day are also did the night. They've got Miami home tomorrow another big one if they're trying to get back into the mix. And Damione Lewis who can't quit Damione Lewis. Tell the truth Wednesday is also now until we start get you know more prominent cancer stuff going on. But we will do a one segment over the phone. Tell the truth Friday when Damien Lewis or won't be a full hour truce but at 9 AM today you will get a good solid ten minutes or so of truce. We've gotten a T bone here. We've got young sat here and it Osborne still snooze and right now he gets the 8 AM arrival. With the new schedules here I talented Osborne first of all sucks and how did and how did dolls mortgage such a gate here. Where you basically say you know I'm gonna make my own hours dynamic emanates now because I think Tony sound now that he was basically in a coma from six until late. I mean you remember submitted a whole deal we made a 6 o'clock Osborne. I don't know laughed at any jokes. But if you listen to 12 o'clock Gaza born frank Garcia turns into Chris Rock. You know and he's just getting in these last and everything. He needs some time for his energy drinks to kick can't I think is what mosque and a formal protest I'm not gonna talk and AM this morning out of it not toss gets here to talk to does that make eBay and earlier I talked to Zach about freaking bills. Will you call me young Zach a filly that will be in my rap name now if I restarted the rapper young exactly and any fifth. You don't have to and one thing I don't have children obviously. But release all the kids are back to school that I yeah him back dedicated route back out here wise right to normal for now this is so annoying seriously parents we need to remove all or are we need durable parents and we need to storm the schools today. Com how left path. In the words Joseph person to rebound. They got a day off for every inch of snow that we got after. What I'm sorry guys all three days outlook is that man my son's driving me crazed mob or daughters said. So she's going to be home anyway day. But my son is just getting ugly man it is just getting ugly it was. Studies board that he's era bullies why any armed man I love them though alumni. Think I think I don't I don't want some like an old man but I think it's a god saw me because back in my back in my day when men were men which was the late nineties early two thousands. We we get we have a sword toughness about us a gripped a willingness how a willingness to want. A wants a war we wanted to warn back in my day and they canceled school that back in 2002001. To thousands it would go anyway exactly so you'll not shut down our education. And these kids don't. That's a little I don't willingness and the wants a warrant when everything is tell the truth Friday's zero. We don't outdoors you don't answer this right they said no bosses are walker how dare you you air right although there was one time Bob right around the rams tight considerable time. We did miss nine days because one back Guerrero kept freezing over nine days I had this one back on every run we say what a Clorox. One of our school. From our guys this Coca water and erode earnings it was it goes out there war dead baby that was that was the rumor could have a bad debt and may have been Billy Cooper Ed in the no one ever found out I was. And Billy Superman all his hijinks Baghdad's calm what was gonna say oh my wife did come up with a an idea though because it's an optional teacher workday out Union County. So. My clock is just going to go take Dayton there and see if his teacher was there and seek and I had to have do some work. Chicago the glass window. Guess I ever did and he wants to learn today. My candidate if they cancel school one more day to your great father not saying now but there's a chance I know you very well. You may drop your kids off on a fire that. I was gonna ask today does anybody or watch my kids although little interview anybody wanna watch my kids I'll pay I mean odds I set up some radio babies babysitting Rahal. I now want to direct attack there's one guy that's furry and will and do anything mat gas in the day it was. I'll Marshall guess anyone wants my dad's could you imagine though the look at my Weis face. When I explained to her that elastic kids were there as G in just kind of went out to a bar had a couple of drinks and hasn't silenced what they can't what do all three on the couch you're trying to figure out was your daughter. Was it. Any game or was it more aid to played out again it's one of U three it played out that it wasn't me. Homeland or was it odd man. Exxon. We can do as parents we could do just got one more day were only three more days out runs right next weekend. All right let's do our maps will solve let's talk about state last Snider did the win overweight too late day they should win that game. At home and if they're going to be a factor I actually saw one of the brackets how exists. Have them before the Virginia loss Alabama per cent had them in the tournament as like the last team in the seal that don't minority does not. But teams are going to make a run at this thing and make dissenter staying. They they've got to win a game like that they've got to get some more big win still. But we've seen NC state over the years lose games are supposed to to win. So last night when he made a charge at number of state got to win the emergence. A big Turkey Amir you're seven is just remarkable. At this Judy is such a skilled basketball player that jumper is money. The pick and pop game with him to pick and roll game with him and they were big cleaves a big problem for lake because woods. You know they don't wanna send woods all the way out there on the floor take him away from rim protected. And it's hard for him to go out there and cover your seven he so damn versatile so he is a match up problem for fives. He is a health vessel Lara tell you also made some plays last night is Martell Johnson. She it is it was his second game back he had those charges filed against him then Debian BS essentially and dropped. Army stood for them to have that kid back plane point guard in Beverly he's not the most talent dude he made some big plays last night so state gets the win over wake last night we'll see Miami's a big chancellor and his. They can Tebow they can beat Miami at home on Sunday I really believe I think Miami on the road it as is everybody but Miami on the road has looked like dig a very different team than the one you saw compete against duke at home the other night. Yeah I doubt right now NC state is 67 to ten car. 67 let's go to amber Reza may wise you know when they put up. We are going to comparing teams have put a bad losses death they have northern Iowa's only 109 right now and also have UNC jazz dropped to less reliable liberal osu losses. They might be enough in the sixties or forties in Kampala they got some big wins on the Reza mag but those two losses right there. There there are also we get hurt him down the stretch they need to get some more big wins to make up so that's. They do some games like minded easy these ranked teams you beat Carolina went on to what god NC state or you're always get up for duke all the time you always up for it whether it's in Cameron. Whether it's in in Raleigh how about one. I mean your lives. You actually perform well against North Carolina is our games coming up budget 120 Saturday next week weeks and more isn't that weird though I was talking about this Aussie Aron I'm not trying to bag on duke tear bound cargo but isn't it weird that state really get some for duke and has started them multiple times recently but Carolina you would figure there also that game. And they just get slapped around like crazy. I bit the dust a story you did it. From observers of this is that ol' Roy hates NC state so much that he just contagious he'd sensed he lights a fire. Guys just know if I were on the Roy team that loses NC state. I don't know what he will do too it's high 38 state more than did best some say you're right so people think maybe that plays a role in just a much he emphasizes that game. I don't carry his odd that they can't get up for Carolina ever coach KTDs are Haiti stable and a more poised to picked at at this point you aids day. Because I don't I don't. Oh man I want again no law my water again one more walk more chops saying this every year this is sad sack every year at duke fan is consumed by getting a rematch against NC state in the ACC tournament this is what this is comes into the consumer but I'm obsessed with. Feel like you don't see. Is that Dennis Smith junior Dante and the game Marie Cox of back and throws it down as the gay men's like in history here's the problem without went to people kept setting that to me. All at all for the last. You hear the up I want to rant this for the duped stay gimmick a week before I said would you souls. Get over yourself and stop sending me that doggy your guys are regular season game is that your best the whenever you want to win reserves. Then a week later ops they'd be due to guess at. That's a good attitude I can't edit them photo. About again another moment to like same photo differ moment do you I just realize there's an opportunity this weekend for you guys to make a bat. Tebow is a die hard do sales to end Zach is a Pittsburgh basketball fan China to drive off the road as you laugh at this poor guy. Would you eat at some point Zach at least with some points would you Betsy my parents. I mean maybe we're like the browns right now of the NFL but of college basketball in this country is definitely Korda you know you wouldn't put him against lake Norman high school out I mean I don't know how many points would you need to see Don I really don't want to let you talk a single line is they went straight out I'm on the board about it also disseminate. They'd that's a very bad judgment on the new guy. Don't even do guy is here not Syria okay twelve and a half. Twelve narrowly beat us by 25 plus times a silly threats and bring him between this is in Cameron this time around yeah I know that's why we're coming now it's almost as strong yes I want to twelve and outside of your twenties I think that's true I would ask that 36 personally incredibly nice hairdo Erica I really we got smacked on the mouth last. We're mad about it. How about this school at third loses the bet casts of bring breakfast in one day next week on Monday. Not a good one day next week it's one they next week the losers that has sue. Bring him breakfast as there's a Dunkin' Donuts about you know 200 no blared as I live close as well I just tried to make your order now. Bomb and a house twelve and half it's on its and how bad luck actually might beat Pittsburgh by tall and have. Oh I thought this was the Bagley vs that's nor do I thought that was it unsavory decimal Harbaugh might yet did you just stuff your days that 1 1 o'clock what else do we have we have Carolina Georgia Tech tomorrow. And and arms and Notre Dame tomorrow so dame Maher started to sink and tonight wanna give a shout out to coach Mitchell looks Joey dealer and those guys often Davidson tonight. Because saint Bonaventure and what they're doing a big blacked out up there it's sold out and they're on ESPN two tonight Davidson's in second place in the gates and they did have a great non conference. But man they are drilling people I think if one bone by an average of almost thirty points or last three games out and they are rare people right now can be serious or under seeded since March. From Estonia joined the staff joined the program they have and have almost you know out of doors this is the so anyway so that's going on tonight watch Julius DN 00 win tickets up there and Belk. Some are we come back we have to pay at the change in the coaching staffs we gotta talk about that. We have a pants thirst fired assistant. Who's getting any coaching interview in the division so we have some pay at the news to get sued it's a Mac it's actually both tribal talks to play Alston to the patriots free can lose already given all that. Not until we're on track. There are teams that they've just grabbed. And read you know. Meant Tebow and the leasing you do is play a song for Zack Zack Zack McGee's man is that I'm out here on. Not because Zach just literally agreed to buy Tebow abraxis on month and expand their practices for all of us try to. Based on a multimillion. I Powell are my friends a lot enjoys breakfast might buy got a guy from made in its friend in my you're a friend Mack is a London. Editorialized this I've got the best part of his deal whatever happens it is game yellow bringing him brag presided included so much like we made a bad Zach who made the deal the bedlam that did that so what he'll do breakfast on Monday in a baguette bread is not what I. He's always thinking about himself I can't lose. I angle pretty well now what did not realize that for us salvaged many are well played by may well slam that's genius. We get outsmarted by a by the Brody over here is how the how about. This cancer. Moves. This is uninteresting to me. Armed tea stirs. Promotes. Chase Blackburn. To special teams coach special teams coordinator. On they will not renew the contract to Thomas McGahee. Who was a special teams coordinator for last two years. This is odd to me because I honestly feel like special teams had the best year that they've had it ain't long time for this franchise. Arms so I don't know if this was kind of the plan all along he got Chase Blackburn has got to beyond up and comer in coaching. You know they had him here at the end of his career I think this kind of viewed it you know may be him you know as as moving up eventually. But it's I was just look at last night at some of the stuff that is special teams accomplished this year first ball and putter you kick a were Pro Bowl alternates. Both Laurie and it you know had very good years skit that was number one of field goal percentage. The lord he was fits in net yards ace in yards per returns that's not just Florida that's the whole coverage unit. Coverage units not too long ago was a weakness on this squad armed they had kick and punt return touchdowns Tebow both of them. This year. On if you look at if you subscribe to the you know stat geek sites like I deal. You look at football outsiders and their force in waited special teams performance this year based on their opponent's the stuff like Zach how many return touchdowns and give up this year. I don't think they gave up anyhow I don't not dagger call I don't feel like a dead are much. So Graham both first of all the punt return I just told you know that they were great in that area punt coverage I mean and then kick golf's grand Leno was number one touchback percentage as well. So this is kind of odd timing you don't renewal conjured up a guy who oversaw all the best special teams we've had. I would say any sizable amount of years at this point. It's kind of it's kind of interesting to me this is a pretty quick rise for Chase Blackburn was endlessly like that he was like one of the summer interns are your one saint. Was he one of these like training camp in turn guys now lapsed. All yelled season or two ago now he's a special teams coach and such as a very are white chased Barbara at a on the show numerous side that's a very quick rise to. Being in charge of specialty now that what's got this one's not as easy to understand as Dorsey and shall. So it's not quite as easy to understand so Syrian ally and a site is back. From the quarterback coach that's obvious he's an Apollo all right he's slated to break solves Oregon beats I teased you let it out may not sorry I didn't Elliott I didn't Roger tees and I'm just off deal achieves it I know looked it over to you when you finish the way you tease me like a dancer at castles and Indian trail. Did they release he's inside Agile and I'd. I don't like I. I just don't see the women being very delectable inside das as any of our listeners ever read attacks that's a great question 6 o'clock Ers. We really get deeper into you know football a ransom and braves. I just as simple survey question that everybody lives out my way you've. Establishing called task is matter of fact they have a place are really wanna go to right next orders as little small burger joint disposable dollar basics are amazing but I've never gone there either. But like anybody experienced passes and just got to carry just a just got pictures I'd I've had this weird desire to go in there but it just kind of see what's seems like on a high rollers and Aaron it is anybody let me know what's going on there fewer high you don't even need to use your real name and changed his name to protect the guilty a tag textile 704 or 57096. Stand. Emails Mac heads WAS NZ dot com -- who said maybe Blackburn had a lot to do with the success. I'm sure there's I'm sure is yardage good I'm sure that's very possible I just you look at guys that deserve to lose their jobs and I would never said McGahee matter of fact out of told you that he might had a bash you're coaching his unit of anybody on that coaching staff this year and that includes Steve Wilkes. On this student says Bo it's it's three seconds to get somebody to Texas period gallon gas adds agrees that is there's a book. This guy had Cassel right now what they graciously bit right now I think he's it's closed up our mess that we got a call drew a number of listeners know we've tiger gracious you guy. I zero devils you on this dudes is let's see here this dude says hassles is a blast the local boys call it these. Some things that Jane say the word I just hot chicks say Doris is currently on the radio I and learn to agree or disagree when you read there. Let's see here this dude says did you special teams coach opted out of his contract let me see it says us they did not reduce the number in the observer saying that. The Panthers did not renew. This there's contracts special teams coach Thomas McGahee. So I mean I did I'm sure they look at Jason 62 spaghetti. I'm sure they look at chaste black person upcoming coach and you wanted to play football's it's not a shock that dad duties thought of as a coach. You know so maybe just one of those deals where it's time to give him more from prominent role mom lets see you now hold on nobody here says Courtney Associated Press. It says it McGahee opted not to sign a contract roll over last offseason. And I had begun exploring other opportunities. So this is an award for a year according today PR yes so I guess they had. He'll Blackburn earmarked. Arms for that position it's weird if you were right within the same observer saying Bohn. Joseph person observer says they opted not to renew his contract and then next under the picture. Of of Thomas of the day he. Instead has a little AP note that says he opted not to sign a contract rollover last season has been looking a routes quick connect the dots here. He's got a joint Steve Wilkes. Where regardless do we know Steve Wilkes is getting head coaching job. I haven't connected all the dots or whatever Steve post gets the job he I don't I don't know the relationship the year I would guess if he wants at a year. Maybe got stories quite and I don't you know that's another downside Steve will hit a job not only do we need a new coordinator but who does he take whistle how many guys does he take with them you know it doesn't does that become a steak or shall play does this should look. I don't I don't think candy bars I have to see it's weird to me I would. I would've thought shall we get a quarterback coach interview. Before Dorsey. And like you said Dorsey isn't reportedly interviewing for the quarterback coach position in Atlanta. Surely can do their job man like I agree stared at 100% they're getting essay on the shelf. Said Mike Schulze quarterbacks coach just got broad ruler a spot too far. And I agree with that Tim Dorsey I still think the jury's out dude this is literally is only coaching job Shull has been in football for years to meet him do that job. You know but they wanna do Hillary and yet his dad steak house. They may be due and all fallback option may be manned that night time shift manager and chula steak house in Miami coordinate the schedules could. Joseph also has a task is Experian. Joseph was a brother. I'm Nancy you Denny and they're tassel side everytime I drive past I've got curiosity what's going on inside dead. Well you can go by this one guy out there come from outside. Like. People like run that kind of establishment. That placed the look what you don't you go there or Friday afternoon and our private box for clunkers well. You go to the border hit it. Well it it had to order burger bigger and yeah worker there are filtered. It's so what happened that the girl the what he called the don't help from the door you know capsule comes so it can't and don't try and get dinner before they go to work ma are pretty view. You know what you guys all talk and act and have a partner birther. Carter heard a shout at. Let me ask you this what is the level of the talent inside hassles is it like Cleveland Browns. Is it more like to be I don't know Tim may Buccaneers is it like to pay answers what's the talent likening. Well if Beverly Cleveland Browns and it's about drove all bark if you'll probably see some of the girl. And ultimate. Illicit tryst it's probably like there's probably like baby dolls in concorde I've been their before I got my speedway. Probably like that why got to sort of about what. They're like I like that. Give the baby dolls it concorde back know what it was antacid Audrey struck testicles and extract all the that was like a lottery twice three scratch off ticket sales dabbled dragon that day jobs. What in their wants are so I don't know things us. For Catholics who are put in my books. I'd bet that plays baby dolls used to be going on though during race are unbelievable guys leave and its strategy is headed over to reject a summit of baby dolls I think it was open all day long to I don't think it ever really close eye on the way to close and guys are Tass souls or maybe don't get any experiences. Don't really know how that became a topic material or 704570916. Actually dig up some more votes exhibit two got a different sources saying different things about the McGahee situation. Marked contrast unconnected dots on that one. It is the Mac attack we get a lot of things to do. There's particular pay as a player that one of the snow days I've got to get his due credit he won snow days as far as. Father and his kids guy I thought I won saudis by sledding and playing tackle football but now. I'm gonna tell you that we come back it's a Mac it's at 102 point five WS NC. Got even money odds that this one will be played tonight at hassles on a Friday nights and Rosie Jensen added over there. Joseph says match just better he can't ever get out on a Friday or Saturday night's. I'm yeah as part of it ought to go anywhere man anywhere ages ago now and have a cold beer and have some sanity people they've. Only what happened that baby dolls are outside that that lower than one that when I was younger that would in the area never been there before wanted to see the spectacle. And did they don't we'll have a poll a baby doll stand IDs like the beams above this guy says hassles does that they use the ceiling they don't have a strip club saves saying in the stripper. Problem. Jumps up there in she came down with a beam. Part of the being broke it she came down with a result of the ground and everyone's like helper of all of us not forget about the rap that the team was in her had part of the B was there and the deemed so what's. You're just loud crowd and it went to stripper and that was tells lies fear is that baby doll there's horrible horrible just a permanent roads around to get off the ground battles there you have quite a show this. It says I wanted to hassles when it was a palace lounge I don't even I at that scene that's gonna go back before a little doubt they're not after twelve years now living out there. Bezos little dip low class here that are on there is a very classy Baghdad out there and Indian trail whether parked car for. I kids W aunts and Z dot com got Doolittle Wilkes watched Joseph person doesn't deter Joe's Twitter those sort of trying to figure out something about the McGahee why oh why he's leaving you know because again the AP bowler said something about. You know last year he kind of opted out of his role over contracts he'd be kind of been looking around. I'm Joseph person said the Panthers didn't you know pick up the options are trying to find some element. I did find this from Joseph personal Twitter though the observer on Steve will saddest titans interview yesterday and the next steps for him is his second interview with the cardinals so. He is deep it on in the mix and there is no alarm bells about that what so ever. Right now. You are just guys feel he think he's gonna take one of those seem to not take you think he's gonna get one of those two jobs. At this point the process. And moral will CB backpack I started thinking he wasn't gonna get a job. And ever since the situation is munchak where he was earmarks for that job in Arizona bailed out. L start to think he might it might get a job ad surging he might get the Arizona job Saudi Mike did Tennessee to drilling there. I was Tennessee I would hire an offensive mind to work with Mariel. I wouldn't consider anything else man I get ashore. Offensive mind and let him let dead teen try to ride merry old man trying to get the most out of Marcus marionette. I guess you obviously is still higher. As a in my shall I actually goes all what this looks it's the Tennessee job. This is very possible by the way is I think just threw in my head. You see I guess that's where where you think something is really your head want to throw in my head injuries are about his furniture didn't even need to make an appearance and Oval Office. It still has a try to think to think it was well if he gets the Tennessee job. Don't you think is a very good chance that he turns to shall look and says Ron the zone read running similar offense to what you ran in Carolina was cam. But not I don't think there are a threat and it's possible I don't think that's the greatest idea in the world I don't think that's far fetched I think any coordinator can do that nowadays though I don't think you're an issue for the what I mean here's the thing tool but what all coaches want to do that. Sure he's and it's also have such a fear. Of their quarterbacks you know remained in careers being cut short so. I don't know I feel like Wilks would it be more likely to embrace it you know and hire a guy that's got experience plus he knows Mike Shula as well obviously. Coaches especially first timers Gergen of gravitate towards guys they know Carlos is then here for a long time how many league wide connections as Steve lost track. He's been this organization for awhile so he would say dad he's probably get a higher fuel that he knows LB from year. There have been discussed a team's go to my shall look he's got guys that all around the league for a for decades and it was all these different people. He's gonna gravitate toward what he knows and I'll be my usual although he still has guys he has worked with a long way on staff Jeremy Chappell he's a guy as good a one organization for a long time false yes no I think I'd I think it's very good chance that ends up happening if he gets that job. But at the same time Marietta might be faster than Campbell is he the physical freak Dick Cam Newton is though I don't know that same type of offense where you do is chock a staff to cam and he runs straight up the middle. You know narrowed a yeah right you can't run power with you can't use him as his goal line decently I would be different the zone reads and still be a part of the death. So that's the thing very canny. Dude out there there's not a another mere mortal out there. The ten run that damn office I haven't seen him yet and that's why it makes me mad when people don't get how cam is special and different types of things you can do with him to create a running game. And then set up the passing game also that and people just don't freaking get that and that's a good point not just some people do make a mistake to think anybody can Ron is like getting got a can run. It's not very and that's a whole because remember what they tried doing RG trade show in enhanced pentagon RG three all kind of brokered the first physically and then let. Italy to do broke they actually got him killed on the field. I mean seriously. Is about race snapping to by the way there's video RG three practicing throwing footballs side amount like three yards somewhere it's. But all's I do it was so sad though there was so Zandt former number one draft pick up plan to David catch in a yard somewhere. A guy that always nearly or about me you know he was in the discussion west. At a time Russell Wilson in camp manager like has a vascular and become a core parts and only and so it was that added this is happening and it's one thing it's like he may be. Wasn't as good as he was right away. But to fall to face the girls. Really shocking to me is cabernet was in that makes it dead down now tell. Wise cabinet should be playing somewhere and if he's not star Neil back up I'm not saying you know. TD you know at that level but yeah that's a thing NSA thing that bothers me too well there's a lot of things that bother me when it comes to guys doubting Tammy eating candy I want to do it next segment on there's a theory now people are there's a new series Acxiom doubters and haters are clinging to right now I'll go and I'll tell you this one in the thing is like it's an interesting discussion who has. But they're coming from it from a place of how do I get rid of Cam Newton which is just. Series is European their stand and you're number one goal is how are replaced bad guys. It lets a hacker you smoke Emanuel guess it would beam into hassles or baby dolls or something that I. I don't count how do you other files are all you get rid other guys on his team ready watched that playoff game and your take away is why this. This can't guy really needs to go out I don't yeah I played his ass off he tried he would be the best chance to wait that's your biggest takeaway that I can be Sigalet that then you're just a hater no matter what he does. You're gonna be upset with on Soledad Scalia and that's. Syria very eloquently put so that's the thing to me it's like okay. We were at one point looking at RG three and cap as pierce to jam and styles and now look at them it's like but yet people want tells a disappointing camps then. You know that that's just what don't take for granted what you have I was looking at Twitter yesterday and daily die you know used to work here what does bony pom he was on that Justine staffs. Above former interns here on the Mac attack these opinions they're not easily the great Twitter follow Danny guy and he he loves it knows it stops and he says he has finally resigned himself to the fact that. Everybody is not going to understand what jam Antilles. And I think that's a fair way of looking at now it's hard for me that's a healthier way to do it right. Just kind of some people are gonna get some people are gonna know to remove all that next quarterback and then you're missing deal. I didn't make an impact did he. But that would be healthier way to do it is just wait for them to learn but it's our own money or twenty hours. I get emotional domain sometimes are not sleeping at night and gone to bed late you know burly is a lot of factors that lead in the exploding I explained that during the season has some of these can haters what he's done he's retired they're gonna go and I cow's pretty special no doubt are guaranteed that's gonna happen no doubt about it all right Tom Mack did WS NZ dot com is it email address. So all look good now we come back and they're trying to come in like it's a thinking man's theory but I'm telling you they're just doing it for one reason only these deed new theory. Underlie getting rid of him that was the right blank it was god gives him a straight face you'll hear that when we come back. Why at least one person only show is buying into the sack to Tom Brady's hand injury is going to be. Terrible for the patriots will talk about that it's a Mac attack 102 point five WS and zinc. All right this club emails keep role Lindsay mound number one topic we've got all week you know would decide that we get here which. That's right it was my fault what did you say. I don't remember how sorry about some about tassel on our. And then you might dislike it I just liked it subject to a strip club sorry I don't know are we got the Arabs are thought that there were some news we did just do that today we covered the NC state win over wake. And the emergence. Of Islam you're seven as a legitimate star big man I mean a guy that could be. One of the first two teams all ACC to keep some police claimed he wasn't playing like this in a nonconference conference games head and he's been huge for this NC state team gets to the point where he's not on the court and you noticed. Huge drop also we did cover that we covered effectively gay he's out a special teams coordinator and that Chase Blackburn sin or not conversation about forty Kerney. Tebow continues to find ways to try to temper. And and hurt my enthusiasm for the Carolina Panthers moving forward the latest 1 is that morning Ernie. How to like trust more to attorneys who get into that coming up in a little bit as well we gotta get into some of these playoff matchups can some money not golf. The patriots are him. Before we get to act. Our what do you remember how this is all costs vary that's a question about that. Patriots not able to convert it into that later ran our sole call somebody around here thinks Brady's hand is gonna falloff in the middle of the game on Sunday. I'm all right let's let us so let's get to this cam theory. And I and I got a couple of emails it was right after her. Blows a right of Florio was almost and I ask Florio that some people are now. Discussing this you know what about the NFL. Is there a different way alternative way to win in the NFL. That's being shown by eight morals. Souls and Keenan. That you can have a game manager. Journeyman type quarterback. And you can have the right pieces around him. And make it very far and compete for championships some people are tossing that out there. And so I ask Florio about that Florio completely shut it down he said who's going to win the Super Bowl. The team with the French cuffs toward racism that happens. That's series going to be dead in the water armed it's also such a rarity it is usually those guys those those upper tier quarterbacks. They're in the playoffs that's how they became upper tier quarterbacks doing it over and over again the Rogers even a guy like Russell Wilson big band that I mean the AFC's been dominated both by about four quarterbacks right. Over the last what fifteen years Peyton Manning Tom Brady then rials Virgil slack off. Did you unique so you don't think you need. A stud quarterback I think you're crazy. But as far as the emailers they saw this question I asked Florio I guess is a way. To try to use some sort of Syria Iran cam out here may be sound slightly smarter as you disc camp. John says Mac you brought a great point was Florio why don't you admit that that's the way the Panthers need to go. Trade can get draft picks and you also then get rid of twenty plus million dollars a salary cap room to spend elsewhere. Teach yourself the right veteran quarterback. Armed. Do you see behind that guy also delegates and it's all about the system and circumstance like if we would have signed case keep him in the off season. Would case in a year probably last all citizens for example. Case keep them here or would he be the same as he was in Minnesota. Would. Rick I Rick also chimed in and said Max why don't you use your own words against him. Why don't we try getting a journeyman solid game manager instead of Cam Newton. Would save you a lot of money to spend elsewhere here's the deal first of all let's just say this let's say we make his move to amount and we trade Cam Newton get draft picks. And then we go out and get our journeyman quarterback. I don't want to name would be bound whenever the name would be a case Tina tight rights going into this year guys on our Tom savage should you do something like that could you imagine this town the way we lose our mind. Come on man like I. I I appreciate the sector being creative. You're trying to seized the opportunity of current events in the NFL playoffs and try to use it to twist around and get into a major anti TM argument worked. Butts but what are the odds bone of that happening over and over and first of all all kind of different circumstances. Nick souls. Nichols would not still be in the playoffs if it wasn't for Carson once you add a day at a big time quarterback that for most the season as a quarterback and put them in the position though where they got a box. And where they got home field advantage so without those things with Dick Fuld was at quarterback the whole season we think an Eagles are still playing. I would say hell no. The key I'm saying is short case study if you have this theory that we can go out and get. Journeyman and plug Amanda and can be great or weren't like tastier my guess is that he is the case study played portals is a dude it's still spurring his way there. We've seen it before Brad Johnson Trent Dilfer but those are the only two like to think Kelsey bone every other quarterback is a guy eat you know that when he wins a Super Bowl. Is a guy that is seen as a franchise quarterback so if you wanna take two out of the last ten years is that. Eighteen years till like 11% in all I'm right with 89% we get a franchise QB don't mess. That's all goes further back I went back to 1990. Just lost the last 28 years or try to figure out how many gay men here's what Super Bowls hot seller came in for Phil Sam's death probably gave manager. Still sore Brad Johnson as you mentioned game managers. Also. Well quarterbacking teams that had to the best defense is a vault are exactly that's a big factor that would suggest people make those guys you may say this is crazy Tom Brady's first championship. That was not Tom Brady we saw in in the next couple super as Tom Brady's first championship he was more game manager Tom Brady. He was not a top rated that we know to become the best of all time. Thought it four times in that particular years I think fort r.s 28 years. You could say game managers once liberals the Brady was an all time great the first Ireland beat directs. No I mean he was managing the game a lot more they rely more on the run game defense that would adopted appeared to Super Bowl actually release RS boys ages they realize what they had and this dude she is going off. Eight it's it's an interesting conversation the NFL I saw my guy Chris Russell in DC wrote a blog about this I guess people were trying to use this argument as redskins' chance. Hey let Kirk cousins walk. Mom and and let's just get a quarterback on the case King Tut. Level analysts try to build that way so. It's not like it's only being said here it is kind of interesting I think it's one of those fluke he thinks the way this happen and I gonna be our she brought this up yesterday I don't think it's very good for the NFL bound. To have these guys in the playoffs and as much as I hate Tom Brady of the patriots and I do want them to lose Sunday there's no doubt about it. But I think we all can emit the Super Bowl would feel very lackluster it's it was blade morals against foals are seen. You were crit I hit it really would feel that way. I just think you can try this but quarterback is the number one commodity. I wouldn't take a couple of rare examples that are proving to be the exception and say that's the way I'm gonna build my team and I don't think anybody's gonna tried Scalia please don't see it on the decorum. Acts Russell ratings this is not on the NFL wants they don't want. Three of the four quarterbacks a championship games too deep morals holes thinking jumped does that means one's going to a Super Bowl so now you've got. Potentially we'll see what happens but Tom Brady could take on. Polls or genome that that could be one he's blow us suitable sky and it couldn't we could just want those Super Bowls they get that in early if it's a patriots first. Those teams they could it. What do definitely could be and it it's already hurting the NFL even a display it's hurting the NFL who thinks the patriots could lose. I like one person and he's in this studio right now. That meets again controlled as opposed. Anybody let's take a breather here Matt held by the way Larry says I dated a dancer from baby dolls are you sending your pain I don't investigate this is see if this is on air proved is the gist of this email from a man Larry 90 lord so much stripper talks or to make us more chore. You know just ran. Family friendly show here in the next hour we gotta talk about Marty hurt me. Does Marty earning limit your ability to be pumped about the Panthers all season and feel good about them moving formal get into that.