Mac Attack: Should the Panthers keep Norwell

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Friday, February 23rd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about whether or not the Panthers should keep Andrew Norwell. 


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I'd send the. Friday made into the end of the week you've made it to the end of the week you gotta hornets W last night's. They go on the road to play Washington tonight and we got so much how special this weekend although the heels girl feels take a we get off and then they play Miami at home next week and the big one. Act camera next area our cannot wait for this freaking game. As far as duke duke Syracuse in Cameron and tomorrow. Dominant on Sunday a day in one state and Florida State is another one of these type games that state can win. But they can't lose you keep winning these games man you're seeds don't go up you know it'll be on the bubble anymore he keep winning these games we demand lately. We'd incidents Charlotte JD they've got two finalists. The AD circle talk about that we'll talk about the camera thing at all just sitting in an attempt to think as a keep reading more more from the Yahoo!'s. College basketball. You know slimy agent report so obligated to canvassing the amount of money to make it a Max deal ornery and L five years. 188 million dollars us 38 nearly a year for kemba. And he's making twelve and we couldn't put a roster around him. So given that at some point here on the show at 8 o'clock we give away the Justin Timberlake tickets he comes to Charlotte next January. So we will give the tickets away go to day. And that's a hot prize man in order to make guys work for rebels on at 8 o'clock they can you compete for these tickets. I wanna have C white buffalo discussion. This injured nor will thing is frustrated me. Calm I. It's it's seems like we talked about this about a month maybe six weeks ago. And I got a moderate support but since then I've noticed the same thing I noticed before that that show which is anytime I talk about pain nor well. Bomb any time I read other people on Twitter and social media talking about nor well. Everybody else media and fans included seams and either a concede that he's too much money we can't keep both. Or beat. Seemed to passionately say which campaign in dar that much money we ought to take trade turner eleven million. Now you wanna give nor well the highest paid deal for a guard ever which is like over twelve million. It's it's very odd and I don't know if this is because discuss a first team all pro one of the two best guards in football. The last year. This dude if you look at. Regular season of post season included. Armed easy a.'s best guard on average over the last three years like this tour has been building towards this moment where he's literally won the best guards in football. I honestly believe he's a better football player trade turner I know we had a better year last sure you know traced got a couple pro bowls and nor will never actually got the Pro Bowl nod. But HS is amazing to me. How many people just seem to sky also disliked yeah whatever. Like do you guys in panther nation really care about keeping injury nor well. And it's not why not. And maybe just comes down to the price take a T bone you've for example UN IR lockstep on a lot of things blog about a lot of things it was 5050 or so right. This one it seems like I try to bring up mom and the white buffalo gets paid and he made the highest paid guard. And it's almost like I'm talking about should I get a tuna sandwich this afternoon for lunch. And I feel that on Twitter to elect goes tweet now about. I granted a franchise tag which got a team like buffalo. And it just doesn't feel like it's moving the meter. Is it because he's a guarded and guard is not a sexy position is because our own fans don't realize how good injury nor will really miss. It's not just these metrics in the all pro voting like it's eyeball test this who's not getting beat for pressure's very often. That affect people's thirteen all year he's a Moeller in the run game here's what I don't want to lose a mile we're trying to play power running football. This dude is a nasty SOB you hear anybody talk about this guy he is a still see some of a gun in the trenches man. Borderline dirty. And that's what I want. He goes up to that line don't. He'll he's a nasty do when he plays and that's the kind of guy we need and here's the weird thing about it's here's where thing about a bone. When I here's another thing I know you know positive response on. Pay the sales also don't seem to be on board with cutting run until he'll. But if you keep trying to Leland pay him you're nine million dollar cap hit for this year let nor well walked in put another guard over the and right to lose its heart for the third straight season for the third straight season though he misses over half a year you're going to be sucked when known Orwell and no colonial why not. Save money save seven million like got to Lille and apply that towards twelve and a half million to give to nor well that's the guy you can trust and believe in that's the young player is Brian. Well I'm with you on the right we'll part of this it's time to go it's sad and we appreciate what rank will as Don. But only for this city before the Carolina Panthers but at some point you've got a doll for the sake of the franchise moves forward it's time to go. As far as moral goes your tally how great it is. And we get that I think we all realize that he's an all pro is a very talented guy I think part of the reason are getting support as best. When a guy like Joseph person comes on and says that he doesn't think he's coming back. In many people feel that way I think it's more about that acceptances for a sound that he's not coming back but we don't we stood. If he came back that's that's great it's more about. Let's not get her hopes up here when the giants made him so much money and the general thought amongst Buick over the team as this does not coming back. So his resignation yeah we're not gonna keep on let's move on that an excellent get your hopes up down cross from the sky goes and gets a large contract from the giants or somebody else. All we have to try to let our voices be heard. My fellow white buffalo aliens out there we've got so let our blood but meanwhile people from buffalo I was just and it's I know what buffalo and weather's all the let's just exist people in buffalo like jumpers or tape let's do an event where we jumps are tables for Andrew nor well if they bring back the white buffalo we go through a table. Yes and debris Scion injured Orwell I will dive on top of the table but now I want to back after we ought to back. But here here's what I'm saying but you might be right a lot of fans might cause I hear that too from all the media members. Visit to turn things bill why would you pay trying to Leo nine million dollars at a stage and not pay normal twelve million. You should save the seven million dollars by cut into Leo and bring a lineman back this guy good years ahead a money can be trusted to stay on the field. And it makes so much sense to me I don't understand why the rest of the media is not saying they really need to try to do this. I don't understand why fans are saying we really need judges like you're gonna run a lot of nonsense that is gonna require deeper drops for Cam Newton. And a longer time to throw the football. Like you better have that offensive line ready to play he is our best lineman he's one of our best football players. And I don't believe you can just say will we pay traits are so we automatically can't pay. Andrew nor well I don't think that's the way it works like and next year you've got another younger linemen coming up Darrell Williams next year. You know take Gerald Williams story here who's a guy that I don't think it is. Near as good as injury nor well what he does. I I it feels like it feels like to me like most of us are living in reality. Living in this world. Players to injury Ian around the bar reported last night that's the Panthers still wanna keep the well it's just that when it comes in franchise tag they're more likely applied to get now I know that they'd. So that's why just feel all that well why you're getting there will support that so that's annoying I'm going to voice my help it would still should do writes boy needs for a Sony what's what's campaign let's let's stay in voices be heard instead event like this guy Texan named Billy surtax on how much you Mac I just don't think it will happen. Well so freaked info on man and Sports Radio show where it's by panther fans for panther fans. I would like to seem to hear that a multitude of fans would like just do it back. Is he going to do any good I. I don't know but it's at least that's wild what to do Sports Radio all want to have failed voices heard the problem is the only voice I here's fence. Typing all ears typing to church now Mac not gonna happen let's move on here but yeah you're completely content we're trying to Leo making nine million next year but twelve million dollars for Andrew nor well is not a good investment that's just crazy talk to me man. We're trying to bring sexy back in the white bustle back and one radio. Timberlake tickets and god you all make sure Elisa for that try to win those babies are so here's a bit the big elaborate setup business. Am I on my MI on white buffalo island by myself. I did some people out there to save this is the right thing to do for the Panthers is to pay the white buffalo. Twelve and I have very here make him the highest paid guard in the NFL that's the market for Atlanta at this point in time turner got eleven. 70457096. And gadget support obtain the buffalo or do you look there and say you know look. Don't think we should do it it's the Mac attack 102 point five W at frenzy. Oh let this play. The bills make out. I don't you know apart this song was that a white Buffalo Bills start out here man come out to vote for the sorry yeah exactly we're not saluting your team here. So winning the white buffalo. My movement so far to get supporters of the pay the white buffalo foundation. Not doing well right now not. I'm doing well at all amber amber I thought she Wear one of our one of our top fans is a buckeye fan she says Jack here but I think you turn your back on your own crude. She says I realize it's time for my divided has gone. The time to get on the Clinton Nelson or delete price strength and those are two guys you could draft maybe late first round. And replace him more replaced a Lille one or the other and I've seen people's kind of try to get that movement going. I just here's the thing good teams invest in the offensive line. It's not like I'm telling you to invest in some unit of the football team it's not crucially Ron Rivera wants to play slot or soccer football. Casey you've got to invest in both Weinstein don't. You know Luke investor invest the most cap money in an offensive lines. The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Doesn't he dallas' Super Bowl also there are two Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles the most money five of the eight highest paid offensive line course were in the playoffs last year. It's a position. That is important you all and I just feel it is is not sexy Cassandra normal doesn't hardly do any interviews doesn't speak just does his job just grunts edges grounds is well. Life we want cash out. Even Dan gay married blog for Kara I think there's a lack of appreciation for what could you imagine don't any other first team all pro cancer in history but I sit here and say let's take a guy's gonna get some support and like nobody wants to support me on paying the guys. Bullet to his position it's outrageous man. Let me out let me give you one dobbs briefed Moeller supported -- got to like your jock strap. Mosier free when you damage your gives me on this one though doctor so under supporter that. What do you ES you have money invested in your last tackle but we know that he's not great. So. You may need to invest other areas of the offensive line to make doesn't say a white hot dogs are supporting you on your jock strap right there of that. Yeah one point Dell makes you so bad for Virginia federal he has been a blowout I'm gonna volunteer the second. But he is a guy how many times did you all notice last year Mack Helio got beat and injured nor will bail them out. Happened soaks. That guy over there on the left side next to Cleo is very important you guys wanna bring in a rookie you guys won a remote in there when I don't even believe go artist Taylor mode is best positioned. Arms come on May create some appreciation for white buffalo and a man get. And I at least give five fellow paid a white buffalo saints five. Levels skinny guys do makes media want I don't know if I guess and physical as we. Why you're no appreciation for a whole Molly's man you know who does appreciate almost gentlemen eagle statue away free agency. I was go to the phone 7045709. Success are you with real paying nor well it's not. Tell me where's the reservation is coming from why you don't wanna do it. We go to Adam who will start to solve Adam do you want paying Weller or not. But they're out we can't do not want to do very that a lot of code is the app but now added that the agent. And we desperately need to eat that out there you how the you've got. You've got this big guys you've got the you'd cut Khalil we got apparently he'd got the we don't see. Big gap they would be good at. But next year. If we run it we don't get there an hour mark and again with no well we did have a contract with turner. But barely don't have been it's like that that they connect your hands aren't back the white element and it. Next year that actually we are indeed that would snack attack there next year. So being worked out there want it in the future with tributes that power up that right back. And we look out because about the Bob Hope that help. No doubt no doubt that Adam is my mandate he didn't go well we got just what buffalo trainer move in now. We got him a move and that's what's good destroy at a total loss of a reason right now why did a phone lines did you provide improper benefits and I don't know. Though is to people calling and agree with me Delhi to beat people calling in the same Mac it's irresponsible. To pay to Garza so that's mono got the Yahoo! com Joseph Joseph since his back. I'm you can't pay two guards a total 23 million you know who else did that the browns. Browns and raiders are the only two teams are paid two guards big time guard money and it didn't work out last year so some people are using that as an example what if you're about to lose or if you should be about to lose your stud center. Maybe you've got to make sure both your guards are really really good. I let me go back to zones Mac at WS and Z dot com Panthers fans do you listen to me and say you know look. I gotta get Max back he's right on a pit their sales are women or do you listen and say I gotta tell Mac why he's being shortsighted any. Make the call let me know call me. Do you think I do like to hear that today we don't have clarified Simpson could put up for 5796. Stand. I'm gonna go to fund manager wants to jump in here enjoy argue with me on this or should I do is shut up on this cause. And I didn't and we say. And our air negate a little bit of perspective from a a different Rampage that in the dark. I'm mama is not a but it ran and I want to let Kevin Butler walked ten. And it just walked off I want probable. Running game struggled pat it is struggled and he thought that the big step back they would will. But it would get off with wanna be deployed. While it's been about internal data that you've really got to protect the quarterback. Often the ones like you know build don't know. Not two point you guys may you guys in double jokes you guys let whitworth go and Andy Seidler go to whole left side and it still them. So okay bone here's an am up to now the host. One of their fans has my side on paying Orwell given twelve and half million make him the highest paid guard of football and won Cincinnati Bengals fan hasn't. Or you want. Got like I love hearing him talk about the importance of a line from experience. But it's. It's kinda like makes it look even worse because now getting support from other families want to go on for here I'm trying to make paints a nation won a nation's strong in support. Of the white buffalo that's what I'm trying to do by the way don't we had more wanna know I want raise the white buffalo flag here at some point it's considered. That's why baker buffalo flag and waved like I won't tell you right now how we clear Mo we come back it's really easy morning ask you would you rather have white buffalo or three guys I'm gonna say to cut. And if you don't say white buffalo you're kidding yourself man what's wrong as a nation don't resign yourself to lose in his big goal beast. All right seriously all of this big sweaty fat dare I love this man all right when we come back. We've we've had requests for the white buffaloes a song by Ted Nugent bounce. Steve you've got dad in your archives and we're 33 minutes away from doing a contest so we'll have you guys competing for the right to win a pair of tickets to see Justin Timberlake in Charlotte. It's all coming up on the Mac it's at 12 point five WS NC. That's right back regret led buffalo and journal are well. Am trying to step Nugent. Blair now London their lead song existed but thank you to multiple Nugent fans for the heads up on that want to what are jam and I guess we heard outlet we heard out. I guess we heard last time on that the there is a story from Ohio State but that song was playing in the weight room in Norway I was just getting after Atlanta but he missed and he is. And I guess the strength coach so we just talk Craig white buffalo. And that became his nickname still is to this day is a low key dude doesn't really wanna do many interviews doesn't really want to spotlight is once again in the trenches. And physically man handle your ass. And I'd like no may have U holes cellphone or idea I don't phrase don't look at me like I am mean whatever whatever whatever managers doing I can't even speak its work and amusing little did they can't speak to in football terms Manuel moment levels meg talking about a there are so. College guy can do is see if we driven group of fans. Two street Gupta to answer strewn these airwaves Mardi right now taking notes right now in his office. Much they can you know I can we get some more voices to say keep the why buffalo in Charlotte this guy says a sign Orwell would trade trade turner. You get a second and third round pick use that to trade up can get sake Lombardi is Barkley thing is taking on a life of its own. I think there's more chance they trade up for Charles Barkley isn't that why aren't that. Richard says Mac is the most irresponsible cap guy sits well sadly morning early next crack up my. If you want Marty to be fiscally responsible you can't play two guards are totaled 23 million dollars get out of here and bite me yet to be so nasty about the worst in the nastiness there Marty Saturday I never I remember those days and bad Sundays we're crazy happened Marty. On the show because from what. What like two months now on this is the first time that people are actually agreeing was seven anything that he says there's little more and so this band not taste shouting comes it was sick while bargain Traber remote you know what happened so there are gushing into exact bottlers now. People took seven so seriously they were tweeting Garcia and Bailey the same were overhead what do you think about desk is a rumor so they Garcia's best that we can address as we come back like seven completely star. There's Charlotte draft trade rumor out of thin air and people actually like the idea what the heck. The lawyer and as I did a rumor this strong terminator SN rumored to Siri it's his own personal theory that now stands are saying yeah we should do it's it is so why it is. Dream that is how. Understand and start a movement overnight goofy thing and I can't even get a pay one of our best football players it's homegrown that was an undrafted free agent we just won't let his ass walking everybody's okay lit by the way people keep bringing up comp picks you would probably end up. A year down the road we just around that he is that good little player you're sorry to have that much money this party does Marty want that there's just. I limits its in its own 700 we also didn't get a noticing you grab sports reporting about the franchise tag deals know being a very strong possibility. Does that one. Did you guys worked out in panther nation Imus goes on 70457096. Cents. Should we pay Andrew nor well twelve plus million housekeeping there that's what it's gonna take nice big guard Chris is up next Chris how you see this one. Are you. Orwell in their under pressure. To god bless you your beautiful man Chris let me tell you. Basic not claim about hunger out what they are broken or. There are allowed not so great when I didn't I need to bring up the penalty point a street got a clean sheets. I mean what a way of putting or the governor of Spain and you know it will boycott whatever it is twenty some odd billion between the guard I mean. Our running game crap last year. For the most part I think everybody talking about you know don't Stewart. Immigration issue current camera are pretty I mean I would come because Iraq theatrics I mean yeah I think they're true or not the dark. I'll get a grade average five yards here's a problem with paint is. At times they've given the ball. Any hasn't held on sort of like go back to have to deal due to the was at Seattle the playoffs. Or he dropped the ball got to carry and we never saw him again after that. Go back to a New Jersey new pre season game or drop the ball. And then go back to the falcons game this year right we're played for played all seating laid our chance to win a division potentially is on the line. And camera artist paint drops a pitch and drops a handles. And I know that he entail morning's action on the same page on match point all that stuff but just. These things happen is for a small sample size he sings seem to have an awful lot. Which Cameron artist pain I think there's a lack of lack of trust there but I do think he's got to be involved in a planned on Ford and you know like I brought up going to what I want to break. A similar to give you an option. Would you rather have these three players orient journal well because if you cut these three players you'll save enough money to pay Nora wells first year of his salary. And dom they are crying clearly say seven million. Russell Shepard you save three million and Charles Johnson you save three million that's over thirteen million dollars right there. And I would argue that two guys did very little last year and I and I don't like saying this LLC Jana CJ's been a warrior for his team. But bony you the other guy is run mentally ill and he often is not healthy enough to do any force so when I put it in that term. Why do you guys say you still don't wanna do it when I say we can save the thirteen million of cap money so this year right there why you're not willing to go with more well and spend twelve and has thirteen on him. And maybe it's so simple may be it's like I still want those guys cut but I want to thirteen million used elsewhere but I think both you shave off enough money. You get us up over thirty million Gaza cap room does that I I want. Franchise wide receiver to a lot of people are bringing out I think you can have your white buffalo in your in your wide receivers well. I think he can do that eight million or so to a wide receiver the second tier and twelve and a pass to white buffalo. I think you can pull off. I think I say that yes I don't know if you don't know you're making great points I think you peoples minds though they. Bishop the sender says you don't like or the pitcher's going to do what you're talking about and I think from what they see your. From the media members there's probably not so that way they're going you know what probably not gonna have your strategy. I'd also probably take. You know massive positive god which is a good cinema and are ready for that. What is Mac is Matt just trying to look at this from his is that the glass is his home or lied but it's not really you know however you know what I mean they. I know what you're saying heavily on the table are they opt but it picking up what you put net. I'd pay the fans under god baby let's try to do. Do this together and keep the white but look I just think they wanna spend that money on something else or like we paid a great guards but my point is worst case scenario white buffaloes on the wheels out her and that's two thirds of the interior line the guy that is the dam help her for them from actually a bit like. That's that would be terrible I was given the order just called me the title Buffalo's. Ball and they just so a lot of family. I don't wanna say Tebow is pale but even Kyle Singler look to Tebow wants is a broken attain and it seriously I mean like is bad bad. Kyle Singler op play by the rules was not allowed to go to tanning beds why do the pats and that's a benefit you can't have that. Ireland as it sounds but we'll get into that later there's am just blockbuster Yahoo! article that involves players from past and present state Carolina and duke. Getting money from an agent saw Xeon article sums and so while worsen the other doesn't identical one did end up forty shows out Justin Timberlake ticket giveaway day. IOC were started a little white buffalo movement here maybe Bob is up next Bob how you feel about us. Hey guys sorry you need to keep them because I am only has so much of the wind yes you have to keep the the best offensive lineman Eric keep them in you want save more money back. Don't rent fat but eat steak yeah no it. Did just get somebody else we're back in a statement you save two dollar you can you could say two to three million if you just got a ticker that was sweatsuit half million or so a year instead of franchise tag and you know. Exactly and then you get your wac favorite that we knee. He got to keep the guy got to protect camp. Just need to do a camel has what spawned from act 34 years where. If he's taken shots like dish you do you do wonder I mean I don't wanna. Put an actual number only I don't want us and our negative about W your being realistic which is always think Bob is asking me and everybody didn't know. You've got to feel a sense of urgency to do it right now in camps prime. And here's the thing Tim Tebow owned this is what kills me about stumping for for offensive linemen to get paid. It's the same thing now when I tried to stop for offensive tackles to be taken in the draft of course we never did. Com and those same fans don't double argue with me and say we have bigger needs there's other things we have to do with this money will be the same guys week one when Nora wells replacement gets dusted in camp gets hit hard. And potentially hurt rebels say how. How religious offensive line get like this it's because we didn't appreciate. A guy like Orwell Kelly first team all pros are allowed to walk after the first team all pro year like that their home grown until. That's hard to accept from me a lot of fans don't seem to care they just got Bobby says. It was a nice fireman Dan gay all that. I wouldn't pay a six million yearly annual market for guards hustled search site blurs the highest paid guard Tony went from since seeded Cleveland last year he's never been a Pro Bowl ban on all pro team once. This is what the. Marcus or this is crazy I have a tweet right now Mac from September 2018. I got a tweet it and take it here it says why don't we bring nor well backfire Rivera. This is just anticipate that happened lord dear look Joseph says Mac we have. If you don't think tagging you know at about five million dollars is Smart move. And you don't know football near as much as you claim this that's asinine do you you can go find a ticker just about anywhere. You really can't fire and all pro guard just hang out anywhere dude you can draft a guy bunker and paid a lesson million dollars a year is Mardy would have kept him had the stones to commit to the young guy. Over the old guy. So why did you just drastic guy again there's a great free agent market for kicker Sigalet Cody parking bone is going to make a couple million dollars a year. You can't go okay Cody park you let him compete with a guy you drafts. But now all the sudden we actually had people supporting the idea almost five million are sort point eight really tags to the ticker a ticker there's proven to be up and down. I just don't I'd. We live and we're all pro guard I got a scratch and claw for support what the franchise tag ticker ideas get support Adam Vinatieri went undrafted in bulls played in the in the world so Paul was the worldly. For the patriots brought leave just like acres kickers. Did it deep history of acres of where they come from all over the place where to Jake Elliott come from just one Super Bowls the Eagles. Yes he needs a rookie Jordy dump truck he was unclaimed all the practice squad in the bank CS just like bunker dead two rookies that were great last you know I don't fight it all pro on the practice squad. Dark and you're right where we do know come from come on your side Iguodala sorry you don't have your nose cut we picked him up so. I don't know I don't think just kicked her important staying when you're trying to. Make important truth cap decisions. Is nears important is that one dude meant but we'll get into what you got was cannot get no good no wasn't thought of as a major signing we came here he was a god had been around a little bit but. His original time. I was real affordable and then get a man I was surprised by this game at four million dollar a year contract and now pickers or didn't. Don't you have to get array easily you can't signed to long term deal have to put a franchise tag anonymous four point eight game home. Much less than four point eight. You know he's gonna place the four point eight I will talk about that soon we come back the white paper white buffalo campaign is in full swing. But I also want to know what you think about these are reports from Ian Rapoport NFL network about. Franchise tagging Graham to know. Does that not just seem ridiculous to you all or my crazy why the crazy wants 70457096. Stand regular football Friday they were talking Panthers. And we got a chance for you to win Justin Timberlake tickets at 8 o'clock stay tuned for that. I was fresh out of Buffalo's songs right now so we got preventing the barrel this is all we had injured nor well that's all we had three. Along decent sanitation story Casey case of style. Must see people are sending in funny tweets about the Yahoo!. Reports they did come up with federal documents by the way about. This agent slimy agent. And all these players. That he apparently pay some Internet bagels and then the 8 o'clock hour at 8 o'clock we'll do the Timberlake ticket contest he's coming to Charlotte in January. And may have is is not something to allow your woman west tell you one ticket city JT show. So we're gonna make you guys competing and gals if you wanna do it. We're gonna make you do you know just say this. You better brush up on your lyrics to a Timberlake song. Are you better just brush up on your lyrics to Justin Timberlake or in sync songs we will except N'sync is well mama let's see what we have here bounced or Mac to WS and Ziad got people are angry at the caller Bob did sit cam has like three years left. Users as Candice seminary years left let's set idiot talking about Brian says. Does that do bumped his head and think cam Newton's 38 years old Tom Brady's playing the game over forty. And we think cams don't we Donna 32. Oldest camera now 28 right. These tornado meats running on May eleventh but does this guy really think they can employs the same ways Tom Brady huh. And not answer that's why not a script done exactly one you can't compare the style and the man Agassi takes he makes three years last two as the cam that we know team that's. My style of play that's my fear right here ordered back to calls on on Norway on the you know saying too but like. That's my fear T bones is. I wanted to keep running don't get me wrong and I'll be curious to see how much nor does allow him to run the ball designed runs because last year. You know with Al Amara running game's top five running game in league with him. Without them it would have been brutal. A mom that we need him to run he needs to run to be the best player he can be the problem measure cutting down on the years he can physically do the same guy. And that's what I'm worried about how many years we have until 2 AM is forced to just strolled from the pocket. Because you all know I love jailed. But camp as chills the pocket passer is not the same type of quarterback as cam what he's doing at all. So I don't think we worry about GM like truly having to retire in three years but it's like. If he's just a pocket passer quarterback and I'm sure north and more weapons would help. And keeping Andrew and Orwell by the way is also is on to helped him all the while you only get. But it's. Is a Super Bowl caliber Campbell winning a larger rolling testing I honestly worries I had. I let's let's hear from a failure to dole will do the Justin Timberlake concert ticket giveaway. We'll talk about this big mega reports from Yahoo! about college hoops so money being paid players by an agent and includes. Carolina duke estate players. And at some point I've got to get into this US figure skater. That completely seem to not care at all what she did poorly in the Olympics. These quotes are unbelievable but let's keep to calls coming right maps and wait for a while Matt how do you feel about nor well all this other stuff. Guys have a Bordeaux are all trade I think they're gonna. It'll hold draft yet to get Brett pitcher not a right you about it right about anywhere in coming if it'd be partly good but I. I had that great to trade old. You're just used a top ten take on a running back you're gonna do it again. Like I just don't it feel like you need to do that lake McCaffery and a guy like nick show more Royce Freeman like McCaffery the third round pick this year should be good enough to run the football if you picked the right running back it's such a deep class. Yes I mean you get it deep in there and I doubt grab it and say you know here's a repeat. Don't know do we. Now that it's interesting that now you bring that up Brothers now now we might have a thought like if you're talking about trade enough to get Bradley Chubb. I might listen to you like when shipments as trade to get a running back I do the old saying why covered my ears that I. And I yummy like out on here because Jeff and all you're trying to do is get a running back and get McCaffery and the picture like I start to see sir you man all right. But as far as Bradley job. You give us some stuff to get Bradley each other now about to foul play or I am all about the job I'm glad you're so secure enough to announce that a library he was sure that the guys last name. I gotta be good short you've never done that today. You never. I was. Today I'm giving you a bit of medicine ugly earlier this guy says the tummies tubby search out this guy says the cam that we know is inconsistent. And uninterested in protecting his craft how well do you know him makes elements are taxed there but he did extort ever known as well. Love everybody knows mentally look jams all about our daily doesn't wanna work on what's. Last month of his life have you been monitoring and outside his home is ridiculous I let me go to Billy who's up next. Billy how you feel about does Orwell thing. Are you won't spend about oil. To a police but talk about dumping their political or radios also don't care. We can't do that day because we're given where it's not always thought how about just terrible I Gaza or didn't like take its man. Cooper and previewing his next song here a leg up elderly Siebel would gladly do that sort you probably saw a pivotal once he's not talk to Ted talks talks talks I want. All I wanna ask you about this. There are some backlash just giving away Timberlake tickets people are angry that on Sports Radio guy radio we give away Timberlake tickets. But Boehner is assured me there's tons of our dudes wanna win Justin Timberlake tickets so what is it bone. Two points here number one. We did not take one tall. Last week we did contest marks do you give it away Rod Stewart tickets were Bon Jovi whatever day that wants net don't want complain about Rod Stewart tickets. All of a sudden Timberlake comes to sports Tito won that we're gonna talk sports right now on his radio show you're gonna talk triggers a school bus let's talk about. Cincinnati 77 you constituted jets atop the Wall Street garnered a terrible. Gives Agha 77 San Diego 72. Purdue 93 Illinois. I did you turn to point about I think you've proved your point all the spectators are so Edwards and do went off like forty suck present as is always Purdue 93 Illinois eighty cent a guy here's what. Thank you gonna try to regularly have to thank you that is your emails in one on your dog sports the funny thing is all we were doing is mentioning a realistic it's like this guy really isn't gonna like the next segment when we do give the tickets away by having a competition. This guy really is gonna be unhappy here's today's free trading schedule that's he's never may have also deployed to improve your bowling team bounced by the way here's the way hey here's what here's the thing with Timberlake. I find it you'd like I kind of agree if you don't. I think it's a great prize but if you're young dude out there you're in yer. Youngest and your different entity yield but you're a guy thirty sides 25 to 35. And you're married or you've got a steady girlfriend or you just simply. Would like to have a date in January of next year if a flight that Justin Timberlake take it is gold owning gold. In a bubble I did the colors it was Billy Wright yes definitely believed the contest yet. Even nor do we need. It's gonna be entertaining it's gonna change the landscape of Sports Radio maybe forever you don't even know what we're about to do here soon before you complain you ask why don't actually was said and the judge lowered oil minister says that his wife probably cheats on him. I'm that was well. That's always felt I call on third Lehman to search but I think you made a little team they would jump there. It was so we got a woman. Does Euro hasn't actually gotten a life jag he says get me some slayer tickets maybe. Well you're at some point we well but here's the deal unload Timberlake thing and either. But like I would love to win tickets because I'd take my wife and doing it awesome gifts for her. You know I mean same with you you're license you might call it try to win the damn demons are not eligible to another. He's actually eligible so think of it that way don't any of you men won a major women happy in their lives for once. I. Do you know how many went on a stage today. How many women would throw their undergarments apps at the the power that we have success. I listen I say we want them don't doesn't everybody take a break and you know what happened aspect callers an assault on such an absurd tangent we had real members of the pay the white buffalo club did you get to voice their opinion to be her destroy us completely out of whack. All right so here's the deal when we come. We want you to try to win these Justin Timberlake tickets Billy I don't think you'll be calling what everybody else can try to win these babies is off. Hot chicken shot hacked I don't want to you know have a kid any shady activities. But you could sell these AB still makes some good money anyway. Valuable tickets Justin Timberlake you better know some lyrics to one of his song about a freshen up maybe engage your voice ready we'll tell you how to win the tickets next.