Mac Attack: Should Marty Hurney stay as Panthers GM?

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Tuesday, February 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about whether or not the Panthers should keep Marty Hurney. 


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Our back it's a Mac attack 12 point five WS NCA clockers welcomes at a party a lot of Tar Heels. Has really unimpressed and in their three games in five day stretch talk. So Steve Clifford com our discussion as well his comments that he's got his best team ever and he's not doing the job. Bet that was Jesse Garcia barely a great interview those guys did. Lot of you Steve Clifford critics are saying he's admitting it he's admitting he's got enough talent to do it what's he supposed to do say the talent stinks. Is that is that a good approach basically saying that your bosses aren't doing the job right to GM and the older you can't say that's. So I don't know this is what a lot of you Steve Clifford bashers are trying to make it out to be but it was one hell of an interview. We got we guess a damn good series coming up on the show the rest of the way. Vitality 9 o'clock on all these ACC teams whose teams we're talking about Matt Carroll get into the Steve cliff for comments with Matt Carroll at nine. Eighteen or Sosa stay tuned for that this 8 o'clock hours open I want to talk it's on a Panthers in this 8 o'clock hour. I'm Charlotte observers are reporting that loop Heatley had shoulder surgery remember when it. We found doubts you know the loop was gonna be in pro ball is because of an injury and we just never knew what the injury once. A bomb were being told now so observers come out what is scooped. But it is a shoulder injuries a second panther a shoulder surgery it is on his right shoulder which is a different shoulder than he had surgery on before. So I guess that's good news so that's what's going on with Luke. And we got to get into this morning Ernie Sicily were still on 80 waiting still awaiting patterns. On the GM's situation the NFL investigation they talk to Mardy. Be very nice it it's just compete racked up will be nice and how organizational stability at some point around here when calling this offseason well and that's the argument for Marty Bernie I think right there. Is that he gives you hire him he gives you some stability going into the new ownership along with Ron Rivera. Here's a question I want ask I was listening the other data crow show. And I heard from Luis Moreno on there from the panther Spanish language broadcast team great dude big painter guy. And he says he thinks Marty should get a second chance our Jason locker slower on the same show strokes he says other Marty Murray should get a second chance. I've got more more emails from people saying just give Marty the job already. Why do people want mourning her need to get a second chance as full time GM of the Carolina Panthers. And I have to say this all the time my disclaimer and I don't take any joy insane any negative stuff about Mardi Ernie but I'm keeping it 100 as the great Jamie Dukes said repeatedly left on his radio show. Why I'm just tell you how I honestly feel. You don't often see employees they get fired because of their performance and that's what that. Us is a performance of the franchise performance of the GM's firing in 2012. You don't often see them come back to their post. And get a brand new job. And let's face it there's what let's start with why Marty hernia is is even here even a possibility. Because he's very site when Jerry he didn't do anything to burn any bridges with Jerry Richardson. And when Jerry Richardson and I thought acted a little irresponsibly and fired a day Gelman right before can't. He needed an old friend who's right here in town not doing anything else. Because no other team wanted him by the way to be their personnel guy he was available. But that does not need to be hard late in Sioux Marty Ernie is a full size GM. In his last seven seasons. The Panthers made the playoffs won that time under Mardi Ernie. Dave Andelman made it three straight times in four out of five if you include just last roster is one that he put together which he pretty much dead. I don't understand why sands media. I don't understand that the movement to make morning Ernie the full time GM I don't understand why why he is to come to some of fan favorites it shocked. Talking to me is it because it's safe. In these sort of know what you're getting with Moriarty. Kinda know what he is already a comparable Moriarty these these other names weather's like Dawson. Or Jimmy ray or the other names that are out there are people don't know enough about these guys but they don't they know enough about Ernie. That he did a great job in the first round any sort of put this courting gatherer says he'll call for the Morey a waste being in charge for right now the what does this say it's a safe it's a safe hire. Describe it is that. I guess here's a thing like I'm OK with him being he's safer than me a note the unknown of white dolls in the a note of Jimmy Arabia note of the other guys. That are competing for the GM does it just. Goes back to this this is like. Don't you want fresh voice in here don't you want a fresh mindset of running a franchise. Like we saw all the way Marty running a franchise went. It went pretty well for a while I felt like it didn't and really well particularly. Don't you want a different voice someone who has been involved in the modern game just because I can't lately dawson's 46 years old he's been in the league since 2001. So the only game that he knows is a personnel guy is the modern game what positions are valued in the modern game. Where to how to acquire talent and what position should be acquired with what's sort of resource is in the modern game. Marty hurt me has jeweler has to learn the modern game because his first go around the money you gave a running backs for view don't understand the modern game and how it works at that position. So I just have concerns about that and here's the deal to me ideally. Some people are emailed insanely Dawson I was a same Mardi Ernie to me there's a third choice after feels like those two guys rob receipts up two candidates right now. The third choice is just let Marty workers' contract out through June elect a new lower higher GM. What do you honestly thinking new owner would want Marty Ernie is is GM let's look to souls are right now okay the new owners gonna get brought up to speed on Marty turning. He's gonna hero and I just sent a couple minutes ago Batistuta was fire when he missed the playoffs six out of seven years. These last few draster U got GM and Luke when you look at the other takes around those last you address second third fourth round picks is last few dress were Ross. Those trades he may were irresponsible ridiculously Everette Brown one and the one was Armani Edwards. And then you all a sudden look at the owner asked well why Marla Martin back here. If he was fired years ago in 2012 wise you back here well there you know Jerry fired gentlemen because used to mean the players of the season started. But why why is mark a turning out the full time GM well well Jerry Richardson I guess want to make him the full time GM Ford sold the team. Like using a new owner and then and then the new owner as well what do Marty do in between. When he was a GM there was there was another team like what they need you don't just he could do a good job elsewhere and they brought a match. I'm so he was brother radio station. Like it did your assailant did using the new owners gonna think that sounds like the guy that he wants to run his brand new franchise. I just don't think so. I have an idea it's sure to backfire on the New York. What's so new right now Mac is the most stable person in the organization. If he had to say one guy that can't move right now because he's kept everything together is an Ericsson. Auto repair but the problem there is so highly thought of he's part of of these. Committee trying to hire his boss right is it crazy. To give Ron Rivera all the power. Yes. Crazy I don't know I think Steve Jobs he botched a means our guys the little Belichick obviously pulled a lot of birdies on her oil was thrown they had I don't know what does it once or throw unfortunately isn't there because there. It is always a part of the committee to hide the GM he still wants stable won it with a team right now. What this Ron Rivera had the power. Is to bring us out just suggest an attack author of that incident makes this guy ridge says you need stability Marty Enron have worked together keep it stable. But then what's the new owner gonna think when he hears the Marty her name's Trent story is this isn't the best he can you can get for him. Our listeners we come back out one I wanted a fancy chime in on this one it feels like Marty is getting more support now. Then he did when he was the interim GM and we all said watch this he's gonna become the full time sheet down. Everybody is like no I can't have it seems like people are starting to jump on a Marty wagon right now what do you guys want Marty Ernie get a second chance. Or do you say no we've got to do this another way 704. 57096. Status panther fans. Once the call on mourning second chance to talk about that in more on the Mac attack. Wow Tebow so this is dedicated to lake Dawson. Got a second interview last week and I don't know Joseph says Mac there are there's no second candidate is Marty turning your boss. It feels that way that they wanna force Maurice three mark attorney. Marty parity through before the new ownership but I don't know what's gonna come out this NFL investigation it seems like you wouldn't expect much concern the wife pulled back to complain quarks are out of it. But who knows and on the basis on the court thing Joseph says Mac it's unfair. To do this morning Ernie based off hearsay and an ex wife lying. I'm a basic anything off that whatsoever I'm kind of almost assuming that these that's gonna work itself out. I'm just talking about do you guys his fans really want Marty yearning to get a second chance to run the organization why don't vs sea worthy of a second chance because he told us he changed. Second chance to run an organization after he got twelve seasons to run a team. And got fired after they made Lyles one year out of his last seven who gets that opportunity. I lose. What they the way dawson's made a name it's it's really a Marty already Alter ego. Thing don't ever seem like dolls and got some phones we got some audio lake Dawson and more eerie replay in those interviews that you want line though both those immortal lines with all the different GM candidates will do that this hour let's go to song 704 or 570960. Ensure that more to get a second chance is GMD Angelos gonna leave loss. DA is this is a williams'. Car it was. Meet soon I what do you think man. Or what can. We all. It is is a four person committee right now Tina backers on its obviously. I think Jerry Stiller ball don't know unofficially they're not really saying that at the Ron Rivera's part of this committee so. And it's interesting group. What are all. Monetary. Let's go your outlook or well. We all that it threw Florio. To these players debate irresponsible contract but you can't pick 200 wait they don't I don't. Quite. And gain the whole staff a new contract after one and they've been beaten. I don't spend. So they get a continent and cut the fat. People that we do need to go get away yet were at. But in it would it might well written it can be done got to do it right. That that article. But it. Suspect what is. We all Jordan hired its friends and they run it ordered into the ground. These people. Are paying and what impact that note then yeah it Jordan down but for. It. It is clear to me that he has become more popular. Marty mania. That's it Charlotte what's your gonna do brother when guarding grainy up runs wild audience for the second time does its part to. This dude is Erin says magnanimous shot. He is surely changed I believe it's I believe they'll be less loyal unbelievably more responsible with contracts and fairness those contracts after the two win season you know. A lot of people believe that was Jerry same locked down so overdose and Marty. But it is weird like Marty Ernie got a single a lot of mess is by his own admission with extreme loyalty well now appears on his way out the door Jerry Richardson showing extreme loyalty I just. And those things and when you have to put this hodgepodge of folks together to take the GM and includes the head coach helping pick the GM himself. And Tina Becker like. How about we just let the new guy get in. I just let Marty you have this job through the draft as the original interim contract was written I don't understand that at all man we weren't what is Marty. Supposed to say woody taste that goes he Sosa come found out why you now lack. I made a lot of mistakes last time I'm not gonna change it ought to probably get a mega center stage again. But what do you what do you want to say a change yes they know a brochure has each generally getting back with your wide Patel owner like an eight. I know we got divorced or we got separated I'm gonna do the same days I did before you're gonna say is a different to get regular house. Add the Australian anything you can't get back and it's true life mapped personal. Experience here but Mac OW have been Z dot com I'll win this this seems like a groundswell of Marty the sequel support and I just don't think it's a good idea I think we need some sort of fresh Damon boys and I think the new owner should be the one shoes and on where you guys that should Florida get a second chance 704. 57096. And I Matt is up next year on the Mac does that matter how do you feel about Dennis. Yeah I. No. Immediate halt reviews are prepared they're. Or repeat that they're. Coming nobody wanted our party herded DM no and it had tolerated he got a chance. Yet there. Yeah may that greatly called report these early the backup play anyone but Bill Walker got I agree let him. You know. They don't do the draft and a new GM you know I mean a new owners don't want a guy anyway. Britain really need to hole. Profit at doing EM interviews right now anyway. It's crazy it's yields are higher somebody out. The new owner Michael respect note I got into it and here's is that your golf Condit met. Our content are over at a weird Riordan a and it just kind of compete in the way they're doing it. No you're right this guy Marcus says Mac why don't you understand that Marty means continuity you don't want lake Dawson coming at the last minute have to get on the same page and all the scouts. Both for the combined in free agency now that I agree west that's why I am like Matt I don't even understand why we're doing this interview process is just kind of odd timing. And dumb basically is is what is Jerry Richardson literally right now. Handing the new owners money over to Marty Kearney. Because of the newer comes in and says I don't want disguise my GM and endorsed by Marty out like is that what's happening right now. Marty for the sale that could isn't quite as Eli well a DVR couple million off. I got Marty. Think it's like a sale it's just freaking out there was this out that's like my question if Marty or lake Dawson or whoever gets his gym job before there's new owner what kind of contrary to ask for five years how much guaranteed money because you know. In the back your mind the new owner might want somebody new so what kind of concert are you asking for the like Gary it. And here's the thing you're gonna get it from Jerry who is cruel. So can you ask for more plot years ago yes or whatever because then if the new owner doesn't like it just pays you to go sit on a beach somewhere exactly and then Jerry gets his money back in the Salem. Might kill me like this because it's so weird we are dysfunction on his town and sports are way. Again I still got it yesterday I get a team from a man yesterday Crist that still wants Ron Rivera fired Kristobal oldest daughter going all out attack. Focus on raw the most stable one they're right now Serb current rules era or the most stable things right now in the organization. If you want one of those guys remove. You're not I'd be on the search committee that. Did you have Rivera earned an extension that I believe I don't think Marty has earned an extension necessarily at this point in time I just. And if he wants to be the president a lot of people are saying what about president. Mobile people bring up Dan Morgan is he a possibility of surprise we haven't given Dan a little look see man he's really been elevate himself looked at Seattle's front office. So I'm surprised he's not a guy and it's got to look doubles is about lake Dawson we interviewed in the first time when gentleman got the job at thirteen he said interviews bone was like five NFL organizations for a GM I mean he's been considered a for over five years now sounds like a better as a are rods and have you had come and Muslim people might say well what's he nods and those interviews. Ron Rivera the same way Rivera what was it like his ninth interview was with the Panthers some black death. So you wanna talk about Marty should we get Marty terror 2.0 we go to their Mac it WS and he got down 70457096. Standard we've also got to get into this we get it back into this Steve Clifford discussion. You've got to Giroux played the first hour of the show us two hours don't want you to clockers to hear it. What he said Garcia in Bailey people are claiming this is an indictment on his own coaching we had to deal with that conversation smacked attack. Frankly listen. Great fit bodies. Has more responsibility. For you know how you choose system we play tonight do arm I've had a lot to do what it. Almost everyone of these guys come here and then on my central Seoul. There's nobody else that there has as big hearted machine side you and I obstacles they've by the fact that. I think this year is in terms of just hours. Below or potential I think this is the best team. There that we track you know but we don't play well. Our eyes we're back it is the Mac it's one or 2.5 WS and C com are you coming up at 9 o'clock take my towel talk about the surging heels. Duke making lineup adjustments with the Duvol benching at least for the other night. Are more gain to NC State's term chances. And all that stuff the national picture dig sites out coming up at 9 o'clock so make sure you listen for that one. We also have they we are a bunch of cool rock concert tickets give away old school rock concert tickets give away this week. A foreigner take its sewer and give those away. Sometime in the next I would say ourselves to stay to keep it here arms and that's that was Steve Clifford coming in with Garcia Bailey yesterday. I want to get into this conversation about clips. I should get a bounce it around on a medical front and I am critical of him Marty journey to a guy that I defended people said to send you much. In in Steve Clifford. There's a lot of fans better sack Brian right now. Why can Steve Clifford committee's doing a terrible job in Mac in my own can't. Mom there's a lot of people that believe Steve Clifford is doing a a bad job. And I just think listen I'm sure he's that there's a new Bay's best work on shore. But I just think it's very far from our list of things with the hornets that are the biggest problems with the hornets I think the acquisition of the players in the process that is scale of acquiring the right players and then signing players to contracts has been the biggest problem. What went cliff who's willing to say though is hey man it's on me I'm responsible for this it's my fault. Randy pack just emailing you right now known as we speak. Hendrick GB emails and says he just admitted it's his fault. I have this conversation did clockers I feel like we had it is 7 o'clock 6 o'clock hour over the last couple of weeks. How much do you guys out there honestly and get if you disagree of those that's fine that's that's how this thing works. How much do you honestly believe it is Steve Clifford salt. Idol I believe I'm sure deep down inside Tebow he feels like I'm not get the most out these guys I'm not doing my job he said that last year took. So I'm sure is it coaches accountable and honest I'm sure there's part of him that did believes man I'm just failing to do it is much out of his team as I assure us. But by the same token. He can't sit there and say I don't have the players when frank asked him great question you have the talent. He can't say don't let the players now was surprised bone that he went to Valencia did when he said this is about most out the best team of Iraq. Does that just looks so not rights. Like if you compare this team that won two years ago it doesn't mean feel close to me at CNET live Courtney Lee and Al Jefferson. They were so much deeper. It comes out any Indy says they are doing great job any blames the players. Well that's going to be a major issue for Clinton itself because number one he blamed the players which is a problem. Number Chile be blaming rich shell. For picket those players. And number three is Michael Jordan has the impact on the roster we think he has he's his own boss so you're Clifford got a gal you know allowed coach mass off here. These players just aren't very gut. All that well what coach says that valley college some coaches that roster players more than professionals professional coaches but it but in the NBA the NFL. It merger locker room wiped out there because the mutiny that there and only the end result of that is you losing your jobs. When the locker room is divided and you lose the locker room you'll run is over includes not gonna do. Now I easy can't do that a he's smarter than that you can't rip your boss it's what did you sense I was on the players here. Yeah Michael Jordan's age that once he does still works terrorist show even if we kind of feel like they'll show might be kind of being slid towards the door here pretty soon he does still works for him. How about the actual question now. Is how how many of you feel deep down inside the Steve Clifford is a big part of the problem. Because we see it on social media we've discussed in another hour's show always see what's what's on the 8 o'clock hour say about this all right. How much do you truly feel like I know the monk's thing I've already got an email about that odds entertainment figure us out plainly not what it. The reason I say plainly monk is because I wanna give up on the season I wanna just conceded and season's over I'll tell nick to zoom to take a hiatus and rest his elbow. Like I just I I I believe it's best and his team to lose a lot of games in continue to lose a lot of games. Coach Clifford is not at that point Chia a tag and he could very well be fighting for his job. So his perspective is how to lie win the most games you know. Crow sweet about last night the efficiency numbers on when when monks on the floor when he's off the floor and it's astronomical. This team is like minus a hundred and some I. Was it a minus 187 in 400 something minutes legally Markel slow. Any good could cook it adds that a minus won me over a 48 minute game. So holy month has been it's going to be so easy young kid he's twenty years old I don't mean this as an indictment on. Molly among going forward but for 407028. Team we Mardy is a terrible. When he's out there outside of a couple games a couple of burst at what he made a lot of shots against the Nick Diaz some points against the bucks early. He had a nice game outside of a couple of games when he's out there. He's a terrible. The people clamored for a guy that clearly is not ready to play major minutes in the league. Now now publicity just aren't what he's a nineteen year old cable we drafted and it sucks we got to watch Donovan Mitchell do his thing Donovan is a little bit older Donovan is very command. It sucks we can get. And that's part of it right there like I don't understand why people get somatic coach Clifford when it's just so easy to see mistake after mistake we've made when it comes to drafting. Or when it comes to it contracts it when you try to give away when you try to trade away your whole starting lineup. And you can't get any damn takers. I mean it's and the only way you can dig get rid of one of the bad contracts might be to get away your all star player who makes twelve million a year. Ice is just. Can't we all see that the roster is the problem and coach Clifford is a good coach he's the same guy Timonen coach into the playoffs two of his first three seasons he's the same guy wielding NBA are not to say we had an NBA yard sale I would put all the stuff about the sprite yard running whoever wants to come by on the Shia we will give anything from our garage. It's the Ers. After a couple hours we had to break all those items back to the garage because no one wanted to I'd. That's equivalent what capital or now that is no one wanted our garage sale items and here's my thing what wire Timonen I literally the only two people it feels like Dick coax those cool birds back and his wholesale and makes. But user anybody else out there it looks a just lot of says. Coach cliff if you gave him a horse is good coach because that's the way I totally feel now could we bring in new GM and new GM wants is near guys. I definitely could see that happening but I don't look at coach Clifford and feel like to add dudes from matter of fact I say an all time. The two biggest assets on this team if you ask people around the league they're going to tell you Campbell and closer. But why is the sand base so. Not willing to get coach Clifford back he took it to playoffs in three years no coach. In the second installment of NBA basketball here. As taking us to Tuesday good lineups I know it's a very low bar descent but unfortunately that's how sticky we have been here lately managed just yeah let's go. Back to the days of Sam Vincent in Mike Dunlap and let's go back to that era those great coaches are you kidding me. That's early stuff like we've had read our backs coach doesn't need a good Virgo don't forget MJ is the one that hired a couple of those coaches who's to say Clifford goes. They don't embrace someone else and here that's say amid sin or Mike Dunlap that's terrible we trust the front office to bring the right diet or know. They have the right guy in here he's got to bring in the right horse and I got to work. And how do we 'cause we're stuck it all goes back to the franchise fee in stock Aysu here's what I wanna hear a little nervous towards fans or talk to us once threw a lot of you guys. Had been vicious this coach Clifford. Social media emails all that stuff. Does anybody else think it's still believe in this dude. And particularly Oreo on this side where you're saying Steve clippers part of the problem where you guys and on this. Arms he himself is lowering their met Hank doing the job but really when you get down to the truth. Steve Clifford the problem is he a big prom how do you all feel about a 70 floor. 57096. And if you all want to jump in wanna talk about this with hornets nation. And wanna see can we get people that aren't related to Steve Clifford bound to join our side so yeah. Because this is the worst one on its Letterman's I just say something nice about coach Clifford you would think I called Kathy Bates attractive like I mean cats. Are just angry at me on Twitter this is part of it and go this is harder than sighted and Osborne a Valentine's Day. All right so let's work on that mailers are going to do anybody got our back about coach Clifford or do you want to simply say magnate Baghdad near put the senate 704. 57096. They'll talk about that. My towel top of the hour at 9 o'clock here on the Mac attack. It will take you back to your pay day. Some of you. Which sort their tickets it's coming up did my talent 9 o'clock to stay tuned we'll tell you how to win the starter tickets right now I'm gonna delaying. How to get into an unlocked car. My wife's is stuck at the house and her keys are locked in her car. And she's trying to figure it out she's leaning on me I'm not very good at any things. Other than yapping on the radio mounts boards and that's debatable. So switching teams I don't know what to do here if anybody has any suggestion I'm now on a web site use a coat hanger. It's a lot like to do that tonight Peta ease our audience her driver counties use a slim Jim we don't have a slim Jim except for beef jerky my son likes those yeah I got Estrada. And obviously. Is anybody have any sort of tips or do who'd like Paula cook who is slim Jim lowered house like calling a locksmith or some back and ask anyone who can bring a slim Jim you're. Don't forget our balance Joseph I just get Elisa do my life's like now don't want strange men come and so unlike what how can I get someone on official business over there right there's got to be some way to do that is about this man right here diesels in distress and all I'm doing his rip and Marty Ernie brazen Steve Clifford what is this. I do right now what is our gyms lady uptick on New Year's blows it tractor room Maine and John you. Yeah. I don't look at how does it lock Smith who do you pay to come over and just unlock my wife's car door so she can get a battered day. And take -- kids or not it seems almost to take my daughter's daycare stuff like that anyway Travis and their does Turk 'cause I'm Bob. Yeah so did order now yeah. I don't know how. My wise man is of no help plus a frank gotta be honest I don't not do any thing I would get doubled calls in your coach Joseph wants to China and on Clifford coach still sealed up to Clifford backlash to see deserve that stuff. Yes so now that first. There's a way to get into Karl I messed it up as to call a locksmith yet Google I'm locked out of our car so. All of Suzanne let's do that went numb and our coach Clifford lemon Soviets. I think he's being completely honest when what he says in the interview. Over the years I've had there's two names or their talent. I've got a lot of success and sometimes I have had that six. It really comes down to your ability to relate to players. Carriage. Is going to be a girl like every player's. Coach rip a chaplain who you talk about chemistry. And encouraged ships Q Terry you've got to have chemistry. And that's special leadership function it comes out of it coached. Now will tell you the older. Players get the better account gets harder it is to have that chemistry the harder it is to get. Everything you won't have a player. And yet what I what I've never really understood out of the special athlete it's not a game job. And some kind of courage don't step back insight chemistry in underhill what chemistry you get paid to do the job go do yeah Odyssey Odyssey a couple of laps oh. Because there's still people so you don't mean it's like every move you make how you hit. I don't coach shows coach at a different level than deal will probably just is a whole other animal like bones at. How critical can you be without losing the team I feel like the players swear my close so I still like when their asked about him I feel like Dave rave about him you could also say though what you expect him same public. But I kind of feel like it's a genuine love like ten and cliff that's a genuine bond a genuine love between player and coach. Tom Mack did WF and Xeon Tom Ricky Bobby says Mac I coaches boast of free can develop talents. Other things Gemma which players been developed on this team that's kind of Boehner and I got into this so on Twitter with guys like. These are they bad draft picks like I don't believe them KG Cody Moore or frank would be much more anywhere else is what I'm sent right so I don't see is a development issue. Think about some of the veterans though that got paid org got a rebirth based also playing underclass couple years ago corny way. He tore away it is time your Mac into custody five million dollar contract with the knicks right Jeremy went that on himself came your played for cliff for one year. And have gained 36 million dollars or whoever was what the Brooklyn next they've got a guy like Josh Roberts. There's there's a lot of the Chris Douglas Roberts for awhile there there there are guys along the way that a sort of revive themselves for awhile undersea clouds. That's true that's a good point that's what he did early in those early runs he did a lot of that I look yeah I remember only when the whole. Boldly about Clinton and show is the reclamation projects the limbs and try to with a we try to delay ever lacked it hasn't worked since then we haven't sent a guy like that since the Linn run with that seem a little. I still think that a pretty good job with flammable sank. Getting more out of him than previous coaches radeon grams of helping under close for Clinton on I love it when Obama manor downs gets all excited tour Adrian Beltre you're. Good answer are and what about C three auto market. Stories bouncy you know what else is threes or balance I do like it when Eric Collins says blanked fiery guy he's got dot. Got to the catbird RS ago enough chemists and I got some cat Perez gets island again throws us a sets a good side Tommy your favorite Eric Collins lines and saying. 70457096. Standard Steve Clifford need to be somebody said Steve liberties be shredded the way you guys shreds arrests in the organization. I just view him in Campbell is guys that don't deserve the shredding personally. Patrick is up next Patrick can you see this thing. Well cowboy yeah what do you say. So I think the idea that were like anyone would blame Clifford is just ridiculous the political worse constructed. Rot there. I have ever been. It'd probably be stop gap between the order it right out being. Attend though crop in the audit having that are the repay. Any rock that had a good you market earlier attempt AG guarding. I don't Cairo where you do like I think pop its security in what they prop there. You know I mean that's an and a lot of people bring that up is what went public to do well first of all. I'd be willing to concede published probably have us better. But I don't think it would be substantial like those same Steve clippers invesco tin game Greg hobbies like your best coaching basketball history battle I'm going Steve Clifford his peer. I guess what I'm saying is though I don't think she would do anything dramatic with this roster either. This game is all about having multiple studs why is the Big Three is saying and right now before it's had a big one room. And a house if he gives delight to have based all the way he's playing. I'm Max at WS and Z dot com is email address immediate Scottie in here us got a thirty seconds real quick before we get to dig TV what do you say. I think it prepared guerrilla equipped with fire and today you got out our at our side lacked a bit that they. And they need to stick with coach clip. He doubled what their rotation but he prove it. He's shown a player Perot well. You look at the operative like a lamp and got nobody to point out they eat but it showed it he's worth that I think it showed the ability to play deep and and quite enough that it didn't know they are equipped well no number rock but yeah it's I thought it would. Now Joseph Sanjay I think too often people don't say you're dressed affected MJ is involved in this process and Jay is a guy that apparently. So now once frank Kaminsky I will not offer this boat load from Boston in terms of trade so I mean he's. You know those guys are involved too but yeah I agree Clifford would find other head coaching job would rich Shelby and demand how would he be viewed I'm not so sure I'm on that. I've met terabyte level sort all this stuff with Clinton blamed with Matt Carroll and about 98 scene when we come back the legend himself. Dick by tablet talk about the surging heels. And do invention do bubble talk about that next.