Mac Attack: Seth Greenberg On The NBA Draft

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Monday, June 19th

This hour featured more NBA Draft talk and an interview with Seth Greenberg of ESPN about the prospects in the Hornets range 


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Mentioned stimulus. And observed this weekend quoted Atlanta saying the NCAA is out of its jurisdiction on this UNC saying they're breaking their own rules if they penalize you and say. So I don't you NCA haters hate to healing here that but it's hard deals lawyers believe might have themselves a case. As crazy and ridiculous is it seems that once they too could go unpunished Mac and W and Z dot com email address. In a lot of emails text please log passionate thoughts on. Colin cabernet his tweet this weekend and yes it was because. Of the police officer in Minnesota they got off charges for the shooting of hostile slander to steal. But it did compare badges of the slate runaway slave patrol right next to a bad joke police officer. And it says you can't ignore your history always remember who date far. Do you guys hear this ends and and agreed to a guy do that this is stuff that makes cabernet tough to employ. But it's not always said he's a victim a black ball he does stuff like this. And has done stuff like this routinely do you think it's a big deal indeed there's Mac at WF and Z dot com. Email address I let me get some calls a truss for a glimpse of emails and text we got Seth Greenburg in NBA draft talk for those users say hey we won or some draft so we didn't tournament today we'll look taller than all week. But Seth Greenburg from ESPN's coming up in about twelve minutes stay tuned for that let me go to Jackson to start assault Jackson how do you feel about just can't predict week. We are not tired they're so close call her or not you're not act. So he's. True true very very good hole all urged herbal or are all aware of all older but all we grew up. Only. Getting worse Bloomberg shell oil and met college covered with Rick do what are we billboard. You can't we don't do what they want some let's stop and noted once. Actually got quite. They apparently were treated about what they're black mayor of darker built Bulger the talk about it. You are pretty good at all or drink from war. In football over and. And I am I so but but Jackson your hear what you wanna hear Jackson ice and I applaud him if this clause is more important to him I said I applaud him and his career start and like he's being black but all and he doesn't play a role in the NFL teams not wanting him. If you ever came out here but it looks pretty good ball. Though he's not yet sent anything book why there are hopeful are you more forward. If you know your old girl if you give our all of their best. God Melissa yes a DS could cause he's not there when he athletes are afraid Jackson to speak out Michael Jordan himself said Republicans by Jews do. I appreciate so we're gonna cause but let's start relentless and. The common good. Ahead. Breaking away from your bite they've built for the grew at all. He's a partner at the bit about all the political. But we just could we keep do we Jackson do we not demonize cops and compare them the runways patrol. Was that. I he's doing okay so that's number one thing I'm asking here like how are we going to. How are we gonna dig how justified in this country gonna get any better bound if you have somebody a lot of young black folks think a lot of compared cops a slight petrol. And that's what he did and this week and that's all I'm saying is we have to stop acting like every cops a pig. All cops are evil on the flip side we can't have people act like that black person deserved a shot just does or black also like we got to stop well let's go home. That's all I'm trying to say is why can't we just admit this sometimes costs make horrible mistakes. And sometimes. Cubs need to pay the price for. But on the flip side that she we also not treat cops like they're all horrible human beings because that's dangerous man. Because then people get mobilizing your cabinet do this they start getting more anger towards all the police in general in Idaho. What was saying. Ivan I cap predict sides for the for the most part here in the last couple months but we did say when he announced that it. You protest was gonna end it right around NFL free agency time we said is he announcing that. So teams will inside him right. Or he hasn't been signed yet whoa and now all. He comes out and he says this on Twitter is this just and basically. Admitting that he's not biggest eyes he's given up forest also at what he had put that to weed out there in Seattle signed him. Couple weeks ago what do you said this that this past weekend. Now Obama you don't you don't remain a senior us policy we have here and and attacks and emails the scholars. Eight or just hang up on John's just hang up on this guy. Please change the topic is losing norm well now I think we have to have uncomfortable discussions. I think we I think we all get uncomfortable up I think we have to just talk about this sort of stuff. But I don't think when you're somebody that a lot of people look up to four having a stand and having a closet taking a stand. I don't think you irresponsibly tweet out a badge of runaway slave patrolled actual police officer I don't know if you're open. And I do appreciate all the stuff he does your chair I must say and he doesn't help our let me go to salt 704. 57096. Stand is the number to get on board. Let's go to let's go Spencer who wants a waiter Spencer was going on man. Until that I'm glad you actually do debate correctly indoor payable. Like lips. You wouldn't put our. How good luck in the world believe me racial or we. Could debate you would cabinet. And history. He can be cruel. I. Kennedy. Been there and hello to our Would hit first. World Cup what kind of you know. OK. Do you know. Why did you try to made it cost it about you got one man. Who don't know and did two year old. Yeah yeah and then if you met the I really think you clearly you don't do it did not know what what what you do. No there's no doubt it stands there and I did you ever look well kind of old but you don't get it live didn't shut the but Mitch and the little. Cup I couldn't dubbed ribbon don't quit don't. It's you know I there's no doubt I understand the anger Spencer I think does you're trying to tell me say Maclin just think of this. And there's no doubt doesn't have so many incidents around the country house run and our guys runaway get shot back. You know there's there's so many incidents across the country where you look at you like that is just not right that is completely unfair there is no justice so. I I shouldn't be. I have to say I'm sympathetic towards the anger and that's why sent us he stands for something good to me. I think is a noble cause but the way you've done it has brought on. I just did it and I'm sure he chose that because he wanted to bring on the attention he wanted to bring on the controversy. Because I think he thought that would make it more effective all the protests let's get people talking and but the problem is this NFL league. Is so damn conservative in this NFL league does not want distractions so much. That he turns out hurting you unless you are a great quarterback it turns out making you less employable I think this. In the eyes of NFL teams that are look at and say this is why we were staying away from him stuff like this. Com Mac and W a frenzy that Tommy's email address but there's by no means should not take it as. I am not understanding of the anger you know at least having sympathy if I if I'm not relent embassy. At least having sympathy I can only you know I do understand the anger I just don't think it's a responsible way to go about it just like I didn't like the big Sox either. I mean it won't call liberal bring incest Cramer let me go to Keith who's up next on a fan eighteenth what's going wrong. Let me let me got a couple quick port that offer saying it a little bit release of people Blackwell black white Latino agent. But we know that bad problem that the group NYC what you'll never understand what black people go through with it goes ahead of personal when we speak I'm on the buckets of Seinfeld the did you got the fact that I almost guilt the soccer. I know bike while the body good cops. Why can't sound good but wouldn't go there and don't put the ballot cops. Then I'll bet if you Ichiro like every day neighbor milk and they've never say not only just been guilty need. That much had thought god job and good luck. They you know I'm gonna look at the negative name already bad cops. The fan pretty damn it got a good and that does that caught like you can't let him tell the good cop. Call people out there and they just don't get beat them pickups maxed out. That's such a stir statement to make their I think that's a fair statement is just say this I don't feel like that like I completely safe I don't know how you feel. You know I do feel the same emotions you guys do if you're if you're a black guy out there listen or woman. But by the same token bound here's my problem to duty called up like you can't tell me just someone I can have an opinion you should not compare aux cops a slight real social media. And I got to be honestly I'm shocked it's not a bigger deal than it once. I don't feel like a lot of people maybe were afraid to criticize. May be a lot of white meat was afraid I just I don't call it I even on all sizable try to look at it even on also. I'm trying to do and as we said when this started if Cameron doesn't wanna play football anymore and this is what he wants to do you know and I and I'm not. Our route everything that he's done or said but this is what he wants to do and this is just cause and he knows the balls on. Then more power told the navy's got to go make a difference to people's lives are. Did he already has made a difference or go to charity work he's absolutely and I think it's the whole thing about black bonus like her. Let's not act like some of this stuff he is doing does not make NFL front offices grange. Is all I am saying it did shouldn't even be choosing sides everybody should want people to dole certainly get shot I deserved a shot. And the everywhere and everybody should push everybody should have recognized it. The majority tops our Greg and I understand the points or less dormant. Are we come back. We're gonna get it back to NBA draft territory we talked a bunch of it today three days away from the draft Seth Greenberg ESP -- tell us what he thinks of the guys. But we're talking about with the hornets a number left. Hi kids are coming up at 93 the we get a little bit doubled their lead a little bit lighter here with the basketball talk with Seth Greenberg in a minute 930 we'll get even lighter. I have a bad drive a men's bathroom etiquette questions from the sweet and I experienced something. I wanna know is -- how people feel about this if you have my back or not on this one was was men's bathroom etiquette brace serve I just simply overload really sense in my just simply. Overly sensitive about banter Medicare that's coming up emails coming up keep them coming up Matt W as Lindsay on Twitter Mac at WS Lindsay did text Cummins same number. As you call in number building sent a text. Let's go to the take to come guests on right now let's bring in that. A guy whose dads. So much expertise and all these players we've been bickering back and forth on what comes to draft let's get some inside. Seth Greenberg ESPN college in San Jose says tell you bad. Good morning are pro life where it's going good more work we're intrigued by this draft I mean it's. I don't know what do you think in a statement sets is a statement. Is it is it correct or is it is a little over the top I keep your from different folks. Well distress about nine players deeper does she got about ten good players in this draft and of course it ticks us off because we're sitting here in Charlotte we're picking elevenths. Do you do it isn't clear airlines dropped balls you know right before the hornets were or is that not say. I think it's direct interest and dignity because I'm not sure how to lose good people thank you as you've got into the deficit strapped into where the value. Of the value is actually. In the middle of the air I think it's usually deep threat that. You can get good fighters. Arab strict guidance and let's face the trek to the futures market or Horry scratch audio players come back. But I think the acute distress they assures that that we. Yeah I there's. And that's just he sent us a little more encouraging I think the hornets fans that are and. He can academic arms say. Thank Iraq helped a lot tactic we've art staff writer actor dispute that we talked about first refresh the first the yet. Wolf first from basically put try report took Jack I want to start now it is true or go to duke freshman will we weren't talked about. Now it's true is credited as much recovered refresh policy. You know. It is considered and prepared decision could baker first book or as good as people. Dorktones accommodating and take legal were elevated to keep. No you're right about that what do you think Zach town's one in Gaza is gonna bring up to yet who's in that mix right around number eleven. How does he translates what type players see in the NBA. I think we're really good player he's got great so what are terrific chance she can step out shoot the ball but our around the basket very good balance legitimate lines. He's a really interest in prospect laden is found serving Kaminsky. Get away with that kind of versatility. But better around the basket and quicker quicker twitch fibers I think EE EQB he can actually on the block where the chase each speak with you they don't shouldn't jump hook he. He's got a chance that you really special receipt instead athletic bouncy. Six love receptor. Yeah Dionte is do you think he is is he a center that can also step out or C a stretch for what you think years in the NBA. You know physically right now he maturities and center Brett can actually do general step out. Particular palladium vehicle right now and you know we'll be launched a special action suit it's a big guys that do what I do now. They always come up with these catchy phrases like either duke player. You get a fine it's far from you can't trust. Lucky just accept and shorter strip club playing football streak decked out he can score on the block she runs the floor and be alert distributor that block shots that you. You want to call the senator Paul the second oracle foul or call title for the a basketball player on the court can help you. Very a very good we're talking recess dreamer from ESPN it. Seth Luke and large been a polarizing prospects here as you can only imagine how will be annoyed C North Carolina debating a duke player. Some folks love the offensive game I worry about the other side of the of the ball you know on defense. Is he worse when he did good picks for the hornets and allows us. I think that's a little hard for him to be honest with I think people usually already I'm a quick look at our chat about sure if he courts the better part in the NBA. I'm not sure he can shoot the ball he's talked kids. The people what is it poor man's just probably I don't know product that the next she's easy. We got comparison. I see that toughness. So Adam he can drive that he can shoot the ball are sure they can the Fed. Are really good coming off screens I think you should Geiger tests being you know until it's just. Well now let's go to Donna Mitchell I like him because I do feel like she's a two way player to a shooting got better Louisville. But on defense he is a bold dog Anderson did the athletic testing was great to come by and how do you view Donovan Mitchell is eleven a good spot for him. Hey it what the missiles they won't question. Actually he's high character K that's just our he's got a tough this about a half a little undersized but stick to six very. Our can really guard the basketball. Style explosive and quick. So we'll shoot better in the NBA picks that's gonna be job and that's going to be huge in the apple is responsibility to improve the matter. Are. I think Courtney Lee what I think both our founder Mitchell a lot of ways copied to bleach. If you if you get ticket eleven okay you've got a complete its what you're deep chill what's the most important for aid. Or needy true that the traditional Portuguese that are they need gesture you. Take it step forward what is it. I think well I think financially backup point guard. I think they need they need to get better on defense perimeter defense I think was a weakness last updated backed up data mayor to be a threat. So if you got a state you've got that ritual over our asset. But accepts. It still couldn't contact Brad being you know can they Larry Parker didn't you know be furcal credit score to let you know here's our fingers. Output is for Kamensky. Is he usually wrong turn and hit an end game in college future turning into battle long term play. Yeah. You know I mean that that's that's a question because that's gonna impact. You know what you do Margaret should cool beverage they do you bastard discs what are you got a ticket they're aren't as many the guards. But it disappear are okay. Yes then you've got a later. What I think of their undervalued. Players to want Everett street local state out of jail if you're looking for eighth point or. Who can guard is its possible to get going to want Evans is a guy like. That you guys don't have that second equity the first round. You know it's different in ways but. And you know who knows you know he's going to be a little later but the larger group oral and that is that this massacre. Obsolete you know. Did you outside actionable only Tamoxifen a goal early although I think mob could slip down to. About these entrusting decision. I think can be held sit there. Sing is your problem mark mark is they want position player. He's a little bit undersized. Issue wire kissed for. Our armed and I think could be pretty good defender. By he's yeah he's got to play off the ball he's not a guy that actually can initiate. There we have a small backcourt to it and this kemba small and and then you bring amongst you mentioned more and incest. And you went right to Franken that's right where I'd say when they time they were brings up Larry market and I go right since frank Kaminsky. Or they liked. Let's let's just this is he would be upgrade decent just again it. Enough from frank to mark in where where you would take Kimmel would you kind of feel like we have that sort of player already that might be. Close to as good as market and so let's go somewhere else what it is it that much but critics are. Stock market got such harsh occurred friction that ups and they give credit where frank is right now and I love frank a lot of skill level all that mark. Sure. I mean mark marketed need straddle this addition is cattle you know he's got a little bit Gretzky at least nineteen year old copy text ball. You know an east east you know for a very tough matchup because it just village to score at this you regard as well you want so. Is not gonna scored on the block. I mean he is saying she's safe face opt for. And so look forward but it. You know it is it big time scorer and he's gonna get better got a really good. So streamer where there's not a minute or two here as we talked draft draft coming up on Thursday. Justin Jackson is guy says it right after the season riots and national title Ron which he was defendant on a perimeter so well. He was its Viennese claim both ways and I kind of got you know incident talk a little bit and more I thought about it. I just don't knows Indian the F lettuce isn't doesn't seem to believe he doesn't really create his own shot the shooting kind of dipped down late season. If deported so Justin Jackson eleven and they had enough for workout yesterday like would you kind of would you say that's too early for Justin. I think couture like dress Jack's I think that's too early yet to prove that long term could make shots which is obviously conserve. Well I think it'll be out of that shop and I do think he's got good energy yet to keep this you're at times. This body is frail right now although it's improved to. Expect bout that warden. Step further to be up to be 83 point shooter in fact the NBA level it is. It say big difference. And he should so flat ball which changed or eat much trouble that. But I did I do like just I think he's going to be good defender if you run support to the gate is up about six years chance still. Took the good player resourceful players at bureaucratic whether I'd be a little bit I. You know you know to me Lackey you can't pass our tolerance. And take advantage suggest that you just can't you can do. That our rights are what do you think before we owed thirty seconds spam and bio was inferring work out. It feels to me like she's so role Levin feels early for him would you disagree with that. Yep but I kept my Beck bench I like damn I like to count so I like they have because people want things. That that you know is that there is a remarkable he can really run the war. She improved ball screen defense. But he knows who he is he's going to be a specialist and he could be Italy great rocket could be trusted option. Type a leak or rebounder in the NBA and junk all you declare or sourced. Who could score. And his personal offensively as cigar much Bart. As a chance I like they're Latin might be a little pop art I like damn I think every well undervalued. Stripped. Well all right I had set don't do so on Twitter right. Or you are assets on hoops Obama says Kramer ESP NA we appreciate you coming on when you do during the season and certainly during the draft as well thank you so much brother. My pleasure thank you there you go Seth Greenberg ESPN I when we come back to. Osborne's behavior during the interview what he was dosing Dylan a's he's got holly Saunders put enough boat over here. Aids it crazies you know I just I don't even it. You guys settled and you start today abscess and how we Summers there and then today a sense of how we Saunders I think that's I don't understand how such and I'll only wrong dog still not telling tales about me bone was donating. All right let's just imagine you mention her bunkers on the irony of your new let's take a break Chad take a deep breath here we come back. One us did somebody broached bathroom etiquette I was we went to fire birds anniversary dinner out what's in a bathroom afterwards I believe it. Men's bathroom etiquette was broached. I wanna know what jolting to battle to you that story we have did you do some emails to it is the Mac attack 1025 WFNC. We are back it is the back at sag what no suicide Debbie FNC hanging out. On a Monday. Hope you join got a lot of good order soft in there in the 7 o'clock hour of the show to Greg gas Spencer Percy cleansing hoops. And our Seth Greenberg to great NBA NBA draft guess hawks and hornets will do it throughout the week award it's gonna be heats up saying this week. The a golf is well. Kept it was amazing there's no doubt about it the man. These tosses at the top rankings need the ball around better and he's golf tournaments and he's majors day. Rory speeds Johnson all these guys need to pick their game up. On this golf is gonna be healthy and don't mention it during the birds are one of the breaks. Would you say bound second lowest final round US open ratings. Yeah ever. The ever the lowest was 2014. At Pinehurst when Martin driver ran away would be of that basically from about day one on. Yeah but this was the second lowest final ride ever since 2000 seat as 2014. This stuff is making me look like an idiot bone because remember when ice ice that we via the golf rubio came out tiger it's exciting yet young guys you have rivalries among these young guys for years. Well done these young guys are hard they're going to come says today. All majors lately. Even squeezed his last five majors NT Phillip Clark who. Had had a gust in the final round I shouldn't say don't caught the east. Momentarily fell apart again again and back into it couldn't couldn't get there ever since then both I think his average finish is somewhere in the twelve weeks you know even thirties. All three sons his last five major is how many times have the the quote unquote elite guys gone head to head. Like we seen any of you guys to it and now it's true I'm sure at all I don't I don't remember though it's never happening it's never happening and that's what I thought was gonna happen not easily I thought you would get gave her speech one. Major next major beef staller verses. Dustin the next major would be. Com Rory vs beast and that is not happening and all it's kept Gus Fowler was there but Al what brick. Al was up to the test yesterday as well. And instead all of my boys out to talk about in studio ads at a golf tournament is how we Saunders. Let us not abandoning Amos Osborne is in love Ozzie retired numbers is on first time you've seen war. Yeah I don't so I just met Ali this weekend yeah I'm now Ali Ahmad Ali I can see I could see your first impression of being marks flu now Bob Newman that you know I could see out would be. I would see this kid to emails. Obama see what we have here any master got to bring up. I guess I'll do here instead of duties my late. Do bathroom etiquette thing is my letter yet. I outlets seem multiple people trying to break down the shore speed stats for me because I said I'm more into watching Michael Phelps against a great white shark on Discovery Channel. In July Diane and watching Mayweather and McGregor Kyl says. I do you we all do realize that Michael Phelps tops Wednesday six miles an hour a short story five miles an hour your polar beat a poll is not needed. Here's the thing first of all I would still say OK so he is four times better ports are successor Michael Phelps a shark. I would argue that Floyd Mayweather is. Wait more than an hour times better boxer now economy drag it needs to humans going against Utah that is in some high waisted perform Bayer so hold on but if I put you in in the ring with Floyd Mayweather let me stare you're human also I think Ferrer. Did I Charlotte would not personally there appears they soup the parameters if you read up on the short Michael Phelps race the programmers and race don't have not been announced yet. They're probably gonna give Michael Phelps and start. Two factory in the speed difference there. I thought I would they're going to be so it but it's boxing they're not getting gifts Connor McGregor 33 shots bone to open the out. There's no way to handicap that by unless you make Floyd's two gloves like heavier or something there's no. I'm gonna fight. A lot of McGregor has no chance ads on China's ever doubt by producing skills the shark may join us on the show tomorrow that's gonna be impaired because there's rumors that this is just a pure money grab for the shark. I think we needed adding we need to get down and it got a dirty and Baum and I as soon else we have here and emails and sex AC the wolf back sand maverick relative to second round we'll be hello Becky says here's the problem that buoyant. Matter growing to drop out of the draft lastly what does he know what is he doing recycled back to Saito is not that I'm aware of so he'd he'd he'd rather go play in Bangladesh then I might study stay humble man cheats is there may be what do you do in Roland. Let's see here holiday. I understand why outright understand why you gotta holly sun isn't obsession which do you definitely have once. Let's see what else has gone on there I would keep the limbs from holly Sundar stylus how well does some Marcus got weird. Easy is it an obsession or is it a healthy monetary. Yeah yeah I don't yeah on getting disordered dive into that. The difference all sand sand is nice person Sam says how come people want no more big white guys in the hornet's what does that mean we need more players like diablo Hibbert and bottle I. Com item whatever we're doing to acquire big guys we need to do it differently are I believe is what we need to I think dance. And here's the thing to throw finally and that mix bound. There's a similar sort of player that we've drafted a lot even if you drove finally in the demand big guys there is a search for the stretch for. We've been holding like an American Idol type reality show mound trying to find a starting stretched full. So excuse me if Lori marketing feels like and you know army like Adam we have we seen them move people tonight are stretched for idol it's. And it feels like seriously enough already in the stretch floors of all stretched out here. All right what do you have over their bar. These Charlotte cover system's temperature 76 degrees. Ten years of parts and labor coverage is available for free at Charlotte cover systems as always my sent abroad do you buy garage door guru never trip charge go. Garage door blue room. Dot com real quick knack I said this picture yesterday to about ten people including Osborne. I thought hilarious and I thought to myself I'm sure medical like this as well. Nine people responded with. I hop that's wonderful the only person that didn't respond it was Mac. I need to know why you didn't find a horse. Wearing a three piece suit was funny I didn't see it for summaries on allies are now my that is tremendous horse word of Sudan act. Saw a Twitter lets it dominate and that's gonna like it says you don't want I liked and I like to I think that's good company vote I really do. I'm by the way seawater responded to me don't be alarmed that one disturbing email the bone disturbing email from Tommy. You could put bones face on holly Saunders body and she's still getting past. Why do I can't yeah. You got out of my face probably spot it and I gonna go and happily married man golly that is unbelievable. Yeah you watch yourself over there I. Let's face it this I think is here I am envisioning that right now I'm very weird kid I want to Photoshop and that's what I'll like to see me with some you'd that was some creative guys Twitter guy do that Photoshop bone stays on holly Saunders I'm Bonnie. They get white dress pictures from this weekend it's doing so well I would love to see it and those city is is she really still and hates us very. It layup put it. Are we better have just don't be doubled during in frank we'll bring in Kyle. Our ports handle see what's coming up on their show coming up next. I'll ask those guys give bill bans dramatic it was breach this'll do the last we'll give you a sample. From three and four other news was a male dancer Medicaid breached the other night at firebird it is a Mac I. All Goran you know Larry yes Joe Buck messing up which girlfriends. Trucks can't go. It was actually there to give him the big hug accidents are meant I gotta be honest bone. I answer he said that I researched the other one Becky Edwards and no matter which one of those is hugging and after a golf term he's doing okay. It's doing fly either way Paula Sanders wins the week recount Molly's owner friend I'm divvied also we do and very easy Mac well back in the day of Joe Buck had a call Tiger Woods when trying to figure out which growth and Alice. DC here the way B yeah man that's doing to me want to show Minnesota's. East let's see is that from Perkins Demi is I don't know about you he would have to correct the big drags him a 120 times more men around Tiger Woods girlfriend. It's funny bonuses didn't aggregates all allowance a year thanks to Spencer person to join us queasy neutron region its office of golf. And Seth Greenberg talked in I'd dress did you miss any news interviews check amount maggots and back at ten Mack attack 61010 it's not Thomas. After the show I would bring it barely Garcia there get ready their back in the studio after a couple days hiatus last week unfortunately I was sitting here with us now for these few minutes. What do you all think okay a gold were out to dinner on Saturday night for anniversary at northern remaining in the situations of these gets into turn make your romantic setting here Latin I don't know understands there candlelight understood he's like my wife still occasionally I would be able to get lucky. And I little I don't know I don't know how. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Are there anyway but here's a trying to get to. Do you guys think this is a breach of a male that dramatic get above their abuse in the journal there's an earlier right now he's standing there Suzanne the exact sitting in the early wasn't Wimbledon area saga socks different clothes. Yeah. I was standing there are some details of the Euronext in this guy says. I looked over some big I've got to know this guy rightly too would talk to me mom doing I know I knew the guy and I'm excited is it in hand you don't do what your stop yeah. Or live in your Jason fingers. Let's see what. Charities Imus middle school humor that is just a little more highbrow like you kind of science so what I guess I'm gonna do my thing he's getting in there and he's is high and they'll look over. And I realized I don't lose guys I literally don't say a word and it has a volatile and I would do was ideally I and I thought. It was an in route and say things nobody took me back like that is a little bit of a male bathroom but you do you don't know doing this thing like all right so there is a drama began talking. The flight data got violate the buffer rule before speaking to a didn't give he says he didn't give you the buffer to he had the option to give you the Euro buffer. Like you would be the only to sue their only two days Soledad so I thought this is like a super grit. There's not endorse Kyle I agree with you when their life for open and outcomes and there's like I guess that's it that's horrible that's got to I was gonna say whether he violated that and then spoke to that it should be really should call the police. Voice so I checked and it would bone that neinsager got a unedited text of the stooges volleyball Kellyanne you do both said he doesn't like dudes he knows salt until after doing well now consciously I finally did all the time I'll sit there and linger in the basket medal conversation when you're you don't design and I feel like they were tight enough but apparently I'll never be time. And yeah. What's he looking down into the corner and I'm sorry. Please don't I don't I don't think one guy who do you look at I don't know if you don't want that in. There's always tastes on the side of his hit series as well. A hundred subtle. The neutral doctor Arnold's the only argument the ball started out that's the only time action and I think it's almost acceptable because it's so all readers try to break the guys everybody just feels so comfortable but you know a drug guys talking to each other candidates one guy walked with me once obvious course water's cold and NASA. That's going on and I think it is a segment Bailey back frank I think we should all have one challenge per week when someone says something we throw the challenge flag I don't see proof frank on the guy sit keep it here and still not ever did tomorrow. Another millionaires and young guys that there are really really drunk guys who form a man or demand when he has the preference right must. Don't look I mean here's the only thing worse than that American I have to ask this question because of the proximity in the closeness of this is that. Did you guys cross streams now. Illinois so I looks. Same here right it was like the other night. I guess that we heard that song in the car about a whenever I guess. Arch enemy number right there and you are the only station is this song coming on in 2007 we saw enough so I should say those things are. Is the scores in Tuesday's 1047. Is one of our stations when they go music they play a variety and he played ripped us late summer desktop take another bombing Sherry down an affidavit he doesn't have enough time. The guy approach and say hey Matt Ortiz and says hey you know I'm a little Fella doesn't skies and attacks. This guys did he say hey there little Fella gonna put abandonment problem are we didn't wrap there we accomplished a lot to say and I feel like didn't wait for the art talent coming up. It's gonna yell into other for four hours I was so we tried that before just incidentally is gonna work no play on us are good the United States are sorely yell and each other on get ready it'll be a better fight than Mayweather McGregor I'm feeling. Good work out above all as a bona. I just got home a Google holly Saunders all right just enjoy yourself enjoy ourselves and our will be back tomorrow more NBA draft a more stuff going on tomorrow.