Mac Attack: Rex Hoggard; Cam Controversy

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Friday, June 16th

U.S. Open talk with Rex Hoggard and people get after Cam for crashing Christian McCaffrey's mini camp presser 


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Final out of Mac attack were rolling along you guys is so awesome and on TV suggestions. We'll give back in soon wanna have a and a little bit of a conversation on the TV shows and which one I need to do and watch next I've got this window phone I've got this window for football gets going we're gonna get into bad. This weekend hundreds watching US open coverage I know that I know that's what I'm doing this weekend and brakes tires and the Golf Channel is joining us can abouts. Fifteen seconds are talking about this US open in its feel Good Friday brought to you by hunters though for exit 28 off I seventy sept. I let's go to the tech guy I guess I'm bring in Rex Hoggard Golf Channel who joins us to discuss the first round ever. On the US open and any major Erin hills and may and that didn't look like a US open it looked like a greater Hartford open or something that the dummies to CN. Boys put up scores like dead or US opens goers Rex what do you how you don't man. And I you know what it's gonna be scary. Can begin going forward yesterday Brett Becker or that's what this reminded about art not the golf course that first round similar scores under par. You kind of shrugged and he had a normal tour event which you know made everyone GAAP if you know. You are here has no interest in mavrinac the last. That slide they need a caveat out there and he said they're very clearly does not collapsed and agree what am I mean I think it did years GA wanted to start this week because this golf course or semi unknown. They weren't gonna push its Diaz right advocates but I think by the time we get the Sunday. What we you'll see as the normally US open golf course where par is good scored. If you make a couple birdies in your lap in the field. What some what what globally mobile what should we look for like what can and what will the US GA to Canada's US TA. Is like bill ballot check right like if you penetrate Bilbao sixty fans he is going to adjust with a fury and motivation to shut you down next time like. While the US GA like you said like day they don't want you doing this in their course so what do they do what's their next move to try to make it play tougher. Well it will be extinct because let's say we had a perfect forecast it was gonna dry out hard fast bouncy. That would media quick but in the dirt because look at their those greens I mean you look at the ninth green it's like trying to get on up about. A possible I mean it's so difficult even from a 135 yards to the Ole butt. It right now because the golf courses saw guys can be aggressive team he's the best players in the world you give them. A relatively short iron or anything they're gonna put it close a hole. If they can give brown a bouncy that would be a case. Forecast does not conducive to that as such your rain tonight there's quite a bit of rain tomorrow if rained earlier in the week about horses already wet. Now it is not being Stadler they played it it's having 800 yards yesterday at 7800. Yards they can play a close to 8100 yards. I'm not sure it's gonna make that big of a difference when you look at the scores yesterday so. Right now the only thing I'm thinking can really make a difference does it it starts you can. We're hoping to get a little bit today and then hopefully the window come out of that right now that's the courses on the defense. We're talking with Rex harder harder from the Golf Channel. Discussing US open their underway in round two Erin hills. I'm what do you think about Rickie Fowler's chances I think. I think most people feel like he's getting one eventually. Man that was one heck of a start. What are you how do you feel about his chances to make this the week that he gets that major. The Eminem crowd Phillips you get one eventually and I don't know why this would beat a week there there's so long ago. He said he person and that's senate at least 6 times yesterday morning spoke with the media I mean he's very Carter. Are the idea that it's just great opening round it was a record opening round character that about every kind of relationship are are tied for about our current course argue it's a mystery. But the next 54 holes are not gonna get any easier and they mean attention going khakis played his previous five around the US open and 27 or are. He knows is loading on how to beat off horses in stating you. Well look I think that the point in his career where he has won the big event he won the players eat out of the court and this year on a constant heat contended. And majors directly fourteen I mean he was probably the best player. The play a major championship I didn't actually win more Nazis and but all those things combined. Really don't add up terminator and can tell you can we particular and say oh don't get one eventually but until he does. The clock ticks are exactly US court disaster Sergio Garcia who as is now but it was a long way to get there. You Rex. Almost all about some of the guys a struggle yesterday. Rory McIlroy I could not believe the irony of the man that told everybody these fairways are so long if you can't keep it away for the best you. You ought to go home based on that Rory should be at home because he's missing fairways right left he was Livan in the fast skilled. Com I also watched judge Jason Day really struggle and an early in the day. When guys are put a real big number speeds could make a putt Dustin Johnson was struggling to make a putt what are you. I mean what do you think of those four guys in the struggles they had yesterday. A colleague of mine and Thailand are just treated this morning that there are many amateurs. Under our two as there were top ten players in the world rankings are part series that trek through which blows me away and hit it absolutely. Only. I think at one point the top six players in the world were combined 1415. Art and it would kind of expect that at an open but not this open because guys were going under our. It was interesting and look at I'd I'd loved Rory comments. About their rough I think it was a very well played. That these are from the white stairways that we've ever seen any US open and if you're warned about that throughout the shipyards where you're aiming. You're congress should start packing your bags and and you know yesterday I mean if you didn't drive the ball better today he will be packed his bags and I think a lot of guys proved that it. Even though he's a wide fairway you still have to execute the shot he still have to. Drive the ball well. It would kind of a mixed bag for all of them marina what they're one particular bank meet certain military base crowd seemed like everything crop with Dustin Johnson. Jordan speed I think it was primarily the utter and these are little bit different greens than most. US opens they're not rolling quite it's actually don't have quite as much movement thrown. And with Rory it was the driver so. All of those guys have a lot of work to do it if there even get a player weekend alone put themselves in contention. Who do you look at and say there. And you see him on the leaderboard they could be top five could be top ten to be top fifteen or twenty when you look at them and say you know they're gaming know the course. And you know where their position any kind of feel like that there's a run comes from guys or higher to the fifth set description for you. I thought safety for being guided me deal it could cut of that leaderboard simply because. You've been here so many times can you look at. Very district and it came in and look what he's playing well which he's playing well right now and at the final laps on it out of the blue. It drives the ball very very well it's not a great putter but again I'll go back to these greens are kind of greens early demand. That much data behind me and a glorious you seem to have some sort of feel. Are are distance control you can make and I mean there's nerd bird it's cutting services. And I think there's a competent. About I mean I think there yet missed cut a flap and start its 7UP 25. Is consistently grown up up there week in week out and this is an opportunity for him to do something you wanted to leave port carry on temporary replacement lights I would go. Now stands at desolate did payments on him calm as well what do you think about Sergio Sergio. Hung in there yesterday it was an up and down round but it's easy to wander and he can he make a run in. I don't know to get wind still in a row after never win and anybody can he make his staying interstate this weekend. Oh absolutely I mean you look at that. You know and it took off court during the week in China started club RG dot. Q can I mean that's the third here's name out there for no other reason and is this little ball struck off or second chuck of course. And you don't have to be the world's best Carter look Sergio or not the World Cup water you know a lot of things very very well that's not one of I think the confident that you got going that green jacket has been building over the last year after years were yet apiece. We got happy a topic off course and actually getting their major. And finally getting off the board it's gotten it doesn't have to answer those questions anymore you can't quantify how important matters and this goes beyond. The idea that talent you know it's so far. That's a good points a great point mentally it's got to be a whole different feeling for him now in this major mentally I'm look at sports studies only Fonda. We really appreciate you coming direction you guys an old Golf Channel and true do just an amazing job. With the coverage in a major cut coverage year round coverage of majors is just awesome I love it personally what's your Twitter handle for golf fans aren't following you yet. So I doubt it off its. Out our sovereignty seeing well between all nightmare or else. Our brother hey thanks so much for coming on what is your Charlotte we appreciate it. We are all right there you go Rex Hoggard all right let's do this. We come back and I all of Italy before it out here I mean nothing real notable the guys at the top I mean. Lisa wins under way Easter to even he's four under but everybody's top aboard valor Casey. Carmen Fleetwood kept all those guys have not teed off yet Tom OK it was total amount. Personnel from these shores ever put out as mark tracks. And he's sort cigar for the hordes we talked about what he brings up another neighbor in the right up. We have not mentioned one time during the draft process so really the talk about we come Xanadu you're it's always come back come back Alessio did well we also also looking shamelessly. Must just figure shameless shamelessly are looking for more TV binging suggestions I've got a six week window to training camp delegates who. A month window bonus of pre season football binging for me what is to show and he didn't watch right now and mow we come back I would got to deal with this. More people than I thought this a bigger deal with people that I thought Cam Newton quote unquote upstaging Christian McCaffery. Got an email I cannot believe that. This apparently a TV show fourth person panel and everybody believe cam was upstaging Christian McCaffery we'll talk about that was that really something wrong or jammed guessing we'll throw that ended mixed. That is the mom and dad is the latest camp traversing in Charlotte and disgusting act it doesn't take much for chance again people are split. I just hearing about some of the people that are Kirk is driving me crazy here much. And ally and no I just hold true here but to listen to this this is some (%expletive) up. He says he was watching the Fox News ads last night Morgan Fogerty. Thought cam was upstaging Christian. Ashley Anderson thought cam was upstaging Christian they're both huge campaigns. Thomas davis' wife to not think highly of it. And then here's the part where it's intersect the guy doesn't know the fourth person was Schwartz sports you see me. It looks so like I did CLU and so on I had it to probably okay. And I feel so I don't now is this an ISIS' a correct assessment of that show that a four person panel all thought cam was upstaging Christian McCaffery. Against C Nelson this guy Danny did says we finally found something Mac can't defend cam did not. Well upstaging Tricia McCaffery yes today was an embarrassment. Guy cannot allow the young rookie to have some stardom and a ten. Fifteen seconds he's haven't followed. Is mega the guys feel welcome what the what he got up there in held his own press or decide you know what now I'm gonna talk those fifteen set. That audio you heard what was the whole thing I was dead settle your ass is down play I don't digits in all I act I need to know. People listen this right now and we'll take a couple calls on this. Bottom of the hour which emails keep emails common Mac ads on the Athens he dot com TV we TV shows to binge watched every throw that into your caller email. But I need to know pay the fans honestly those journalists and right now 922 on Friday June whenever or June 16 2007 saint. But there are people listening to honestly can explain to me why this is a big deal like predicting emails. Forget the sweets snacks because we had a few of those the holy person Boehner tried to explain this to me was marked gas company. Any failed miserably about trying to explain this to me. The guy is busting chops what do you think goes on in a street in locker room dues bust each other's shots it was McCaffrey's first day. It was his first media session since he rejoined the team. Camp one to go over there make some follow the fact and everybody's phone and all over to rookie and rookies now the big deal. I didn't do it became his bothered by Ambien the big deal here's because here here's here's the fact is Christian McCaffery puts up numbers. It means cans footnote numbers it means the offences but not. I Trish McCaffrey Syria held cam why the hell would cameras at Christian McCaffrey both. There's there's it's it's the help they do we've been screened for camp again and they finally given a tour on this offseason with a line a McCaffrey and Samuel. He should love Christian freaking happy that's crazy to me man you really X. It does say this to bond and go get a couple of calls on this. And I told the guy earlier Dyson why are you making us a four hour topic as a man's been ten minutes of the show why apologize to you server NASA now beats wanna miss shelf because I just cannot believe. The people on TV are actually saying. I don't know maybe on the can't get the full truth about De'Angelo BioPharma Morgenthau is she's listening to listen to us from time to time I'll watch the show solid don't Twitter. But I just can't imagine people being angry really think it is if she did say. Rookie get out here in camp held up fifteen at a press conference and the and McCaffery watched that would be a problem. Legs that would be a problem. But he got up there said his piece made a joke for ten seconds and the calf restart distrust efforts. I don't know if it was everyone's excited for McCaffery to be here it's so was he death authorities said in the PC's my god I spread this. I may wet myself on fire this may be the worst GM I may not one W let me birds are blaze doubles I was the worst she controversy ever now there's a lot of bad wolf Jim put us out and innocent and I wanted once I get them out of bio. Was the name Berkman now brought up for the orchestra wanted to help that we know like a month ago he your he's North Carolina kid in a month ago he talked about how much he would like to play for the hornets. But then since then I've never seen him in a mock anywhere near the gravity and its creator and the Rick does is stuff that I would wanna party he's too wrong. He's to roll the big man you know for me to take him at number limit Zach Howell says way more skills and Banda we can't have damage can haters in the same data. Jim would present haven't abandoned town and he would show the bands first press stars and it's explode on bad to go before camp. Anybody woods Jesse would present having a man with a cane and people outside. You're scared out of and they defeated they can't name for a for a rob bad habit just one Ricky Ricky Bobby. Medalist and cam for any thing and the thing about Mac and is little henchmen don't don't act like worse. Don't like like we're stupid for our opinions I don't wanna act like Joan students here sometimes you are because listen I guess him but we all got these people are I think are crazy whenever. I just don't I didn't just steps from this at all and don't understand it'll. For people like tease him on TV people you know our camp fans to say that's what freaks me yeah like and here's the thing Ali is an example and we get calls a user example on this bounce. On the guy online Scott Bryant he's at the San nobody sees he is probably this is a problem with what cam does when he tries to take the football away from guys and be the one to give it to the jets. That I think you can say is kind of a new. Let everybody gives football way to guess right. But this one is nowhere near that level of what you can say is a knowing who's to say it was I guarantee McCaffery thought it was funny to have the leader of the team the for the it's you know. And DP a bust his chops he's got a welcome him to town that way it was fifteen seconds the same as a Rick Pitino would make ads are. I was all right just. Hello guys and also want to buy do you think the players at Louisville last longer coach just a question. I limit I don't want an ounce against. 7045709. Success. Here's Spencer as magical argued because he argues that everything Spencer did Cam Newton did some wrong. And no I mean thank you currently we bring. Meg you didn't TV showed a lot yet and I don't I. Don't think you need to be sure to watch would likely GE DT I don't know what street. They you know what I honestly answer any day criticism for Spencer getting anatomy are bound you should've gone John I was not suspend guys as disrespect towards me bone got to come in at. Like to potentially you are for me Gloria I'm telling the truth. Now man I don't graduate so proud to be henchmen I am proud to be your entry to go back to the silence here. The generals the general is up next general what's gone wrong. There that the general Eric. You know Carmela we are radio station all the time and thank. You know you are gonna all be able people they don't help. You know is one of the top offenders just erase I mean don't do it can't be any thing without people intro to Levy where. Should lose. I am used to it everything you need I mean it aside like earth but what do operating reduce the market. Albright called the administration source said anything it just decoder camp too good guy and people think overall brand bigger. A championship. And you know people still call eight salute guy. Said the best he's the best season any athlete has ever had here in Charlotte. The best seize on any athletes ever had right he's taken us is close to a titles we've ever ban it. And down under this banner I mean I listen to dog I. I mean they're gonna be what else could it be. No I think it's fair question that and listen you're gonna have fans out there you're gonna have white dudes out there they're gonna hear that get Matt Wise and always have to be a racial issue it does make you wonder. I just don't know the allow older big black man I don't know is at an angle there I just. He's got an outgoing personalities got a personality world do things it rubbed people the wrong way. But man he's our quarterback can't you overlook some of that stuff because he's our quarterback. And the stuff you're jumping to conclusions I don't know what it is I don't know I'm sure there was some people who plays a role and I go sit here and say that plays a role was everybody. If this guy in this particular incident I just don't understand and I'm waiting for someone poke her. Gray pat says it's talking essentially it is for her is not race it is cocky this weekend. This isn't cocky this is silly Jim does a very silly side to him and quite honestly he's had his bass like any Miller said earlier when he's being silly. We go to Ron who's up next is there anybody did you explain to me better marks from guess Sony it did. If he didn't do well and I guarantee that this is a big deal why would he didn't McCaffrey is wrong I just don't understand some of the people complaining probably are tar heel fans that laugh what the offense and I can't deal didn't camp does it came up on Roy and US let's go to Ron Ron what do you make people actually criticizing cancerous one. I think it absolutely ridiculous. It would have been fine it was a few seconds long I'm almost afraid that the same people criticize and are the ones that don't like the monitor kids under coaching hands are the second one is that a little but do not want you to play dodge ball. Is known it's getting ridiculous point it to nobody can have fun anymore. So you're saying it's overly sensitive PC liberal mindset where you're like yeah how are you being mean to pull her Christian McCaffery. I don't think of it that way are a the united Hughes being overly PC sometimes in my opinion I just. I don't know I mean I didn't think companies like some dude said. Some do literally mailed ended saying that that I think you'll hurt his feelings why would you not want to embrace a guy and welcome them in. Don't shoot no world guys here we have SRC about this when he comes in how ruthless dudes are in a locker room by Al. But don't should know that if they're not busting your balls something's wrong but if it's guys in the locker room don't bust your balls that means they don't like keep it. Right they just ignore you that was cams way of sand welcome young buck. You're now the one that's getting all the attention you know enjoying it right now if Chris McCaffrey's etc. we got a problem are now that's again it's an issue. I think we have Ron Christie isn't a sense of it as a problem right there this is football maybe. There's no crime for your first round draft pick and football. Our Jersey frank I think is riled up I know you're shocked by that. As cars medics last call of the day Jersey what do you say. Just think of 1 march Chicago PD it is the attitude of the batted that its television. Shell on TV ever at are the police show an exploit. In only two deep ball the first episode Mac you'll sit there with your mouth hanging open even like the doctor cabin so yep port significant jump on. A totally addicted shall overcome other illicit. The call or we like it. Right. I think cant let great look at black dude that's a dud. And it it all the while fly it it didn't we could say black white you know it Qaeda it operated at. The bottom line is can't get the ball broke. The matter what I got to go back I would agree with you and also. Getting your bolt broke you know wanted to got older guys and it colonel. Let all of our bigger wallet what we do. Oh can't defeat instead you get everyday everything. Don't know what what out and a PG OP a good look at god black guy yeah well. Now and I did player. It's great outlook did not say anything about Barack. There's so many layers are so many layers to this cam. Just lack of acceptance a candidate taken there are so many layers and I think it's a combination of a lot of things I just. But clearly bone I asked Greg Olsen did this if Luke weekly did the same thing to Christine McCaffrey. Would we have a conversation on the radio about it. No right. It would not be a thing. Now in front cap resorts crashing cam threats Robertson and he saw him and try to get back to the community I don't know if I'd advise and is a regular when rates a year say that DiCaprio and his first day craft its Cannes France are appropriate behavior right out how what's McCaffery attitude going to be the guy John says this is not a racial thing. If Greg Olsen did it to McCaffery I have a problem with a Olson. Who the hell would sit here and make a new game and honestly spend their tough first I don't know why do most of their time complain about Camden into the Africa there is no way we have a controversy if Olson did that. There is no I just believe that in my heart it's just something about cam. Whether it's race whether it is the attitude in the swaggering has spent a lot of people just don't like lot of older generation people probably. Maybe don't like so messed up until I thought that was good old. You know and do on dude you know law ball lost a gradual I thought that was. I when we come back bone well it emails didn't come on Mac it WFNC dot com keeps tweets come and that meant WF Lindsay. Techsters you're always Killen a 70457096. Stand Hendrick dodge emails text weeks they're all coming up next time. And we got our boss is backing it's all we need though Matt O'Hanlon market manager here GM the sayings Entercom Charlotte Gray hair says he touched it yet senator good Internet they've got very good hands high quality are very good and here's the thing though about. He says it was great bullet. You saw the veteran saw the young but haven't some fun like that I thought it was a cool interact. I honestly. So these camps are seizing surprise me like some you can seek common bone. Some you did video you I am receive a prominent video but so you can't seem common this one honestly both. This got me I just thought everybody was deliberate IC cam busting Christian shops that's Roddick is out there with the gum chewing. The gum chewing not going to guess what dad gum chewing bother people and that bothers towel on the handed. We got a good that's got to be a topic one day the silliest release a blog idea. The silliest Kim traverse these amber I let's try 100 bad. Press that I'll say this these radio gold he did you topic in the middle of June that really shouldn't exist believe cam does exist that's. And you end up talking about a get too emotional and you know almost on the radio I think is good. Are let's see what we have here bony. Everybody did a good job TV show of feedback was good to. Let's see here Mac and W dozens and I don't have a disguised as a mom and Henry dodger proud email spousal recent sex and tweets to attacks. Are brought you die of building senate seat this dude says Bono and Mack need therapy. You guys are in such denial about cam he's barely above average quarterback but the ultimate narcissistic. Ball was chop buster. Why are we make it to Tom Brady from where guns are yet Tom Brady could come out in nothing but a cop and always will say a word about it. Right seriously. And I feel like listen I'm not saying cams Brady but we should feel that way about our quarterback. Simmered down Tebow and Campbell we know cam was upstaging him. The rock. If you and your doubt you're that guy that knows. Congratulations. Your people's minds let's them spot to be an Joseph says this is sad I love Tricia McCaffery but people are protected him like he's a little newborn baby. There there is an element of that going on too isn't there more from guys just it's a little lob and everybody you can't mess that little guy. It is CME was scared of pork got a what a guy I was scared that something you're trying guy just 'cause he's small he's got a toddler you treating him like he's my four year old daughter feelings got hurt us. I was I mean it just seems holidays that are dedicated summer came away from his parents are the most popular show named in the emails and texts and tweets was a shameless. Shameless on showtime billions on showtime get a lot of love here. Let's see here I can't could delete gold bricks out and someone would have a problem with it get a life people didn't bring about quick enough. It's a steady quicker on the boy. So it wasn't enough gold brick city got out there clean of the south someone says you need to watch your that is both I do not queen of the south my wife. How well I am right there was shameless I tell you yeah. That's how you do it right there bony that is how you do it I would see here I do want to mention of a couple of things here thank you have to go out bone to Laura I guess today Gary Parrish Chris manic stock on NBA draft and order it's. And are ranked soccer and Golf Channel. By the way a look at the leaderboard right now bone will show you relief dollars and deals till 136 Paul Casey's one under her 600 determined even through one today. And the biggest hype scandal leaderboard tee offs. Adam has had had when he is still four under grease two all he's even through two and William my daughter. There are dark dark red dirt is doing a baby is three under one under through four today. In my seven brought to you by garage door guru never trip charge go garage door guru dot com. Police in Salisbury North Carolina had to use a bucket truck. They get a 300 pound man dressed in a kilt and tactical gear offer rooftop after witnesses say he threatened to shoot people. Officers at a citizen called police after 2 AM claiming that a man was that Nashville nights a popular bar. Threatening to shoot anyone to talk to him witnesses said he got into a political argument and started quote growling you act customers. Up just. I mean this is weird Freeman Salisbury I got to be on assault carries out lower Rocco if it is it is I believe we have today in north and to the south we've got some crazy there's no doubt about it what this was what I haven't seen before the manic it'll. Threatened to shoot people over a political argument and he started growling. At custom until you just don't know what the argument was about in this politics makes people crazy nowadays man and all seriously she saw what happened the other day I mean issues. Man it's is is that it's just sad political climate I can leave the house on my lap anger run not laughing at the threatening to shoot people part but the man as an adult. At Nashville night he's growing our customers that's a point or not they're threatening to shoot people oh as a guide to order to kill her roof almighty god by the way in a bucket truck for the guy what do you think about this is a good email from Jersey Mikey says Jersey frank was right cams getting hit because he's a good look in black guy. I have the same problems. Good yeah. New Jersey you can put yourself in Don cams class a good looks pretty index what are you next Denzel we could tell me your Denzel twin herself and come on now Jersey let's not get crazy. I it's let's see here we've got to wrapped his puppy up we got to get to look Garcia and Bailey we come back we will do that. Mac and W Athens he got John Q do emails coming. All times of day are we come back we'll bring Garcia Bailey and and I got to ask Garcia first honest opinion on this thing. He's been in locker rooms. Is that not just simply rookie chop busted in a locker room type atmosphere we'll deal with that we come back it is a Mac attack demo stretch of eight Friday. Mac its act one of Tucson W at a fancy. I just one guy has been dedicated my sources tell me Cam Newton wanted to dedicate that to Christian McCaffery they could not find a better man and a draft he would like to patch things up. Since he hurting young Fella ceilings apparently. But is right if that hurt his feelings what's gonna happen when a linebacker stark contrast to home all day. Absolutely Jack and Amanda what the heck is gonna happen then I let's see here I didn't wanna read this email bound because this guy are taxed. Billy senate sexist guys up and our kitchen he says Jake DelHomme was say it is well when he came minutes away from bringing us a championship so about inconsistency. It's a love hate relationship. It's because he wins it NDD one year looks like a back up the next. If he won like Brady no one would have an issue. Can't push his button sometimes by the way he acts or what he sets. Lou can all send don'ts so you're right people wouldn't have a problem within V did that's from Daniel here's the thing though judge each action on itself. Don't just judge says they're gonna scam again be in a jerk because if you would not say the same thing if Luke and Olson did it. Why are you saying that this is just judge it on each action. Can we stop just saying they're gonna scam that must be Indian narcissistic and want all the attention and let us just. People just put every GM action into a different box than they would that individual action. Is another player did it that's all I'm trying to say what year is just for camp coming up seven year savage. We just except camp earliest. Got too much that has nothing to mask the base of the basic request we just do that at some point he's one heck of a quarterback meaning is a loud mouth or whatever her selfish draw I mean like that's. And that's that's who you think he is buddies are freaking quarterback. Is quarterback Brad. Our eyes are bona lost Chris second. I did CO moment there for a second I did on our rights US opens. The feature attraction this weekend everybody enjoy we'll talk about it on shore. On Monday and you and LCS start go on down Monday need to opt. The hornets draft intensity bones sore on Monday we will do that on the show. All right let's check in and author of the wonders of technology the boys around touchdown club Garcia and Bailey. In a ready for their show let's check and see what they've got going on fellas let's don't own voice. I've about Matt Howard awkward doing good we're now when you say hanging out easy juju and frank is somewhere else is he roaming around right now what's going on. No friend sexy big difference was the early bird today frank I feel like an hour ago and I just rolled in about five minutes ago I was actually there at the station doing some work and so I've walked didn't literally about five minutes go inside out. Luggage you Garcia Garcia soul down this I'm not five minutes earlier Hamlet Mac that's where our role frank Coughlin frank time when America but what do you Garcia I. Now I'd I don't know I could be wrong you could say something totally different but I. I've been saying today and wanna bring UN because you know what it's like any NFL locker rooms this whole thing was cam. Where he gets up and says no media don't talk to kids are from camp before you talked to me in that whole thing. Like do you view that as a veteran Boston to rookies chops. A locker room stuff or like people are trying to read into this like cam is bothered by it McCaffrey or something what what did you read into it I don't know. Camp is bothered by anybody in Kansas beat cam and you know what Bonnie said he's actually right I mean that's who is either like it or you don't but. You know that the point the year make and Mac is that you know we don't have these discussions about Tom Brady your Luke key clear Thomas Davis you know why because they don't do it. That that you can't miss camp. In and he's the center of attention and you are just some guys are like that yeah he's narcissistic and are you there if you don't like that than you know I don't like cam if you do then it's not gonna bother you messed is what it comes down to. Yeah it I don't know if where Christian McCaffrey said that bothered him more worry was insulted by that. Out of that I didn't get that vibe cite other people are saying they're insult to Bob Pearson things George grosso made grits don't count what I want to be traded for it. Jordan drugs used to go open but and endure when cam was junkie get out there at a press conference show up behind him make some jump cinemedia and then roll out like. Isn't daddy Zander and the amid pokes some fun at the young guys saying. Yeah I mean you can look at it that way and again immunities to it depends on your narrative you know when it comes to go to these guys are mean. You know why do we look at it differently with Jordan because it came across his play full and why do we do with cam because it comes across as. You know see me first NCAA Doug did toward a close lot of oil you know for a lot of people that don't like cam that's that's where it's gonna come across right now and that's the point I'm making is that. Depends what your narrative when it comes to cam if you don't like him if you think he's narcissistic that's the way it's gonna come across with Jordan nobody thought that. Are you wise it's a reputation saying yeah you probably had this reputation in each action be interpreted differently that's right when you go would you go to practice. You know it's just the feeling you get sometimes with the way the guys the people come across it can be seen in the same thing but one person come across differently Emmy show you dealt with that. In relationships with your wife for you don't sing things of that nature and the same thing applies when cams out there at the field yell and scream and and he's not it participating. If people don't think we'll look at look at cam it's all about cam when the lights come on campaign handles it a certain way. And other people are gonna interpret that as you know what that's just him being canned this Hui is he's a big kid out there like to have fun. Just it just depends on you know what you'll know the way you interpret that you know I know in the way if you're narrative is towards camp so. You know Barney's right assists if you either accepted or you don't I really don't give a damn as long as he goes out there complete 60% of his passes and. In wins against you when it's ultimately all this stuff doesn't matter that if that happens daily LSU like I give you an example to grind collegial. Puts this video together on his iPhone that is that is making fun of cams video right to me. That's good team Dave Ball Boston you know like let me do a -- Davis -- camps video they made fun amid. Like that's chop busting my do you. What are how do you view this they would you think there's anything there like when you saw all this go down I honestly no it didn't think we had a radio topical enhanced how when I solace. No no I didn't hear it just looked at incidents candor and he likes attention and he's looking for some more attention like this kind of an attention junkie whatever looked like Tommy Franks said it best if you already hate the guy and you're still donate to that is even more ammo for you if you love Indonesia's gonna say all of us distortion we can Ambien play Poland. You know of Boston the balls of the rookie limited there's not much else they're innovative and died does have an ego he is a narcissistic and NFL quarterback and a really good looking dude like. What do you what do you expect I'm not sure what people are surprised by us. Yeah and frank brought up maybe the best point of them all who cares what his personality is if he goes and wins games not likely or less all this other stuff no one's going to care about. I tell us what EO have coming up on the shelf. I'll reloaded today actually on your third of the touchdown clover and it kicked things off with a 1115 which aboard chuck Howard. He's gonna pop by the set for a little while we got up Troy Vincent big can of narcissism longshot past. So it is a good half half half upshot is gonna have so many issues are jammed up yesterday so may I refuse. Well we're off on the on the capita Ghali that yesterday's shall try to divert him to that conversation it's that we got. Troy Vincent analyses suggest the water today the executive VP he'll I don't know where those. We we've got Steve Wilkes practice defensive coordinator today Corey seeker Dodgers shortstop Annapolis native. Cruised until we get a loaded showed him a look forward to it. Our man I'd have a good sign everybody make sure you tune in Garcia Bailey right not coming up right now here on dance and zig did work at a us. Good work got a bone as well. And we appreciate that our brother Dave Mac based on the same do you brush same team I don't think somebody got to have you done your Donnie Fowler talked did you something's growing feeling in Libya daddy just doesn't nobody. Your legs. I athletics I think you know a different Tebow on that I do Garcia I think I may have to get out there are no matter if you guys they don't just match henchmen I got called my attention Internet this. It's familiar backs into the you do that well you just just way too devious. Thanks Igor I think you might eagle and I think you are are Garcia Bailey coming up everybody happy follows date all the dads out there. Mom hopefully you treat Iraq body kids and family and also. Make sure he chatted up with your dad if you have that opportunity. To do so by willow will be back on Monday Garcia Bailey coming up.