Mac Attack: Randy Cross From CBS Talks College Football

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Friday, July 14th

This hour we discussed more on the circus that is Mayweather-McGregor and Randy Cross from CBS talked College Football as well 


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How can you smell the college football very. It is in the error SEC media space station up yesterday ACC media days finish up today over to Westin. In Charlotte we get Randy cross coming off from CBS stock college football at 730 has given up in 25 minutes. We talk Panthers college football in the first hour of the show Tim Tebow is a mace can start and it. I gave all. We we've we've got this there's this happening or 'cause people are betting on Connor McGregor to to win now. This week his odds. Are of winning had ever gone that. Up in terms of you know more more people are betting on him since the press conference is started and the third press numbers last night the forces today in London. I'm also hearing from more more people are saying match. I got to bide his fights. I mean you get this guy Tommy right here says Mac I gotta be honest I want no part of buying this fight. Three press conference it. Free press coverage is an idea 150 dollars for this fight. I must see what happens when these two finally duke it out. And that's the conversation I wanna have a little bit out here bone in the second we got audio too will play from last night. Last night was out of control and last night I thought stunk bound I think to run out of material. Artists feel Good Friday brought to you by Carter's goal for off exit 23. On I 77. In the Charlotte cover system's temperature right now 76 degrees of the 17100 dollars in rebates is available from one. Would this guy now Roy says I'm Mac mark me down as another guy that is fired up about this fight. I know it drives you crazy but the fact is these two are promotional geniuses. I is this is Floyd earlier a great discs. I don't like Floyd is is that great an entertaining when he gets on the Mike I think Connor ten me. But there's a problem even with Connor McGregor is developing here bone if you notice when they go out the ballots. The fans are completely supporting Connor writes Floyd Mayweather is the villain. And Connors learned a white hat and yes they Connor was wearing the white mink coat that had some sort of serpent on what the hell that was last night. But bonus as this process goes on. I'm starting to wonder if Connor McGregor to complete jerk as well. Do we have to people about a time the fights held will not be likable. Connor Gregor bone was told after the first one that you should probably stop saying dance bowing danced or slow. And I was willing to give him one he's from Ireland he doesn't understand what he's saying how to be perceived. But Denny did the second night bone and then the last night he's getting all this criticism for Collins boy oh boy. And last night he decides to address race. And then this is what this is what he says Bono on the stage. Well a segment. Audiences here a second. It. I'm again. That's not unduly. And Higgins today. Not all of the black. You. I've read that that it around. There you go he went on to say for all my black female fans out there I gotta present Fauria any starts to injury gyrating onstage I mean it's just. You're not making that any better and I realize why didn't have to cut don't know when out of order I apologize for. As my their friendly it's like. Rotted the work that knows me yesterday order here's how crazy does this situation is right now with McGraw are Mayweather McGregor. Here's it was a cuts I have make it rain number one half black below the waste is number two I guess. Just these are those weights and so on average as they did ridiculous so here's my question for everybody and I cannot I guess some running for Connor. But he does stuff like this and says stuff like this book signing an analyst likeable by the day. So now it's life. I mean do we really want to root whole heartily for one of these suits. Or is one guy selling a bigot the other guys a woman beater I mean so it's. I don't and the more the more Macgregor opened his trap the more I wonder is this guy complete jerk to know. Com Mayweather got involved bone he did make it rain at one point he broke out his backpack which he has at every press conference. And he starts making it rain and this is kind of how that whole thing went down. Mr. You don't want to. Guys there you know and then again he's calling tough economy Gregor a stripper a stripper trying money compliment I mean. I felt like bone. Last night is Little John Welbourn just what he has nothing to say just of this bottle. LG ally out guy here's my click here here's an end and die here's a duly senate tax Connors purposely using race to promote despite. Please mention the dancing monkeys club yes you know some another seize on Jimmy Kimmel was talking about in rocky rocky series at the one where monkeys were Danson or whatever. Am I dancing in the it kind of under the radar and you had it was a back again and it didn't get a whole lot of national run but that one right there. That's not good obviously not an outlaw win on this whole spectacle but the race angle here in McGregor sometimes mortal on comparable some of the stuff. Some say last I was completely uncomfortable it's not fun man I saw a fun place to take this and died so hits me obviously as you're rooting for racist. Well children for Floyd you're for a woman beater. So what do you start to getting into discussion of which is worse I mean the question I wanna ask you guys is really twofold one is. I mean I are you really buying this fight like is this process really making you buy this fight. Because McGregor on star no like less and less the way he sounds. Floyd I can't stand out all affect I have not they'll stand him for years. So what I just who are you rooting for the whole economy Greg is a good guy thing is not working anymore is it both. The hype is garbage I said this yesterday bone why are people here's another one this trash dog is an epic you bet I'm buying in the fight. But I don't understand like you being conned into believing Connor McGregor is a chance just because he talks trash. Like there's no way bone in sports is some 120 point underdog in football we talked good trash no one's betting on the because of that so why in this YM boxing. Did the odds go up for McGregor to win. Was he started talking trash like why are people fall in for just abandon the tailpipe trick why is this fight going to set the all time record I just don't see it as that. Liable personal ads for as good as Wednesday night was without breasts are yesterday was just as bad I waited two hours and exact thought we'd get something similar. Q Wednesday night. Mayweather pretty much did the same thing he's done the previous two nights it did seem like McGregor was as into it last ninety down was playing moreover Turk her. It needed to previous nights and back. When he said dance boy dance I'm not absolving him of if he had a racial. Meaning behind act but with kids but that your we don't know he says. Boy to a lot of people would just in general Michael did what he thought but the but the monkey's comment and then let us know there are no trouble last night there are no dancing monkeys in rocky the rate low so closely you can't yeah. You can't make his views on that Ali's series. That's not saying it's getting to where kids I don't even though I feel good about rodents got to McGregor anymore. Com this student abilities and it's acts Mac I'm a black man I don't see any problem what he's saying it's all hype the fight. I think Floyd's downplayed it still open against Floyd is. Play like screen. Right Floyd likes money. I mean is Floyd go to allowed us to delegate he talked his way to him on the street bow. When Floyd McGregor feel differently Oz any. About work promoting a fight gas Floyd at one point turns to Connor and says keep talking and keep talking and trash you put money in my pockets. Yeah well so does he tolerate what. Sounds like bigotry. For money is that what's gonna which again is another reason to say that's an unlikable things Floyd's and I just. I don't know man I'm not in love with just slightly now watch these two guys go at it Nebraska or just. I'm not in lobe when despite like you guys are gonna rest of America it's I just I units out why are you also into this fight it's not even a level competition. And it's obvious to me I don't know if it's the job the pro wrestling have watched my whole life of a word this is going. It's escalating each press conference last say towards the end guys had to separate balled up security gets involved. As we watch boxing. Presser is in wrestling our whole lives we know that today the fourth one is gonna end at some sort of scuffle with security you're an error being thrown he could just see. Torricelli we saw you saw what happened last night Floyd goes Floyd Norris. Got ya guys bold job. Couples are dead here listen he says bolts not and then all his guys surrounds kind of McGregor and they don't get squirrelly is just so weird like junior rude and this this student says quit trying to spin this is bigotry and say building surtax. So he already knows he said boy twice. And how that can be taken and many comes snagged some black from the waist down hey Ahmad black ladies. Fans I guess some for like I just don't think that's cold like those uncomfortable watching that so so two questions here one is. Are you guys into this fight why are you so why are people so desperate that you didn't want to pay five dollars for fan fest. But she desperately guys wanna throw a hundred knows what on this fight like why is this fight so appealing. Number two is always the person you're rooting for and do you passionate belief root for them because. Now find a hard time refer you Durham I would just die and I don't read into that said he did to a scrum on on on the air just yellow bowl trotted out more and I'll come it's not get them. Did you did you know they are boys aren't. 70457096. Stand do you like either of these guys that much. And why are you fallen for this fight is anybody's out there like me it feels like this is the biggest sham ever. And you're you're not you're saying no to them to spend and a money we'll talk about it. Your calls coming up we come back. We're back bottling deals may join us at 830 to talk Tar Heels there's a lot on knows this offense especially. We have talked to deems that sets a thirty coming up at seven thirst also deserves a third to herself. Combat ten minutes Randy cross CBS talk counselor Paul are you guys are all over the phone lines emails suites tax. Let's do this are always get a different opinion about the fight whether it's compelling what do you have a problem with the way Connors talk in some of you guys don't. I'm so you just think it's kinda gets the pass pleasure hyping your hyping up a fight it's not. Real feelings but it's I don't know could you do it with out that race sort stuff solemn task. Let me go to Joseph two to phones and bring in New York Jed York Dave how you feel about disliked. So called magnetic. One I was I was like ashamed employees even talked receptor was always joke up and so did it became something real. And gentlemen meet my new flight got Carlos Slim and none and slim just left panel slowed the oil behind the so you see the same way I usually won't be competitive at all and it's he so no we didn't even make big cult like that may go on WW re partially and I opened the fact deploy taking that I can't say what you will or won't do what is no way. The same way they were born MMA employees decide to fight. The remains out of the prime McGregor and give the wheel will probably don't know it this this shouldn't even be bothering. Now you're right I could here's here's here's the way I could I could tolerate more. Is if they did to slice one in the octagon and wanted to boxing ring. It was New York Dave Wright I did you that it was your day like yeah if Ozzie Mayweather had a dislike it in the octagon. I did you might get me. Danica does it work trigger would be different because they do because then you at least seed but it's Lloyd it is all in the it's it's the balls all of his court right now at the sort of sit there and say. Oh he's it's he's a quitter he quit three times as he tapped out three times this MMA career. So there's a Floyd you get in there and have some by police submission holds on UNC which you do like just ridiculous I this challenge anyone out there who doesn't a jujitsu it's hearsay. To go just to. I'd tell you what. Just going there are some experience and just do three minutes. That's all it's three minutes that's all you. You see you come Marian tell me how you feel an assumption that they're gonna get Democrat so it's easy for him jab this condescending attitude towards a vastly McGregor but if this was in his Danube is tables will be turned completely. We get that and MA fighter in studio awhile back in our people be in a headlock for white and second centuries he thought Ozzie and adopt. A couple of hours I saw her decision raiders and I my Wi-Fi but well I. And I heard sort of that he was out I would go back to the stones and there's one guy says he ain't buying it. Mac Kenzie says this reminds me of the election and I'm not rooting for either one but I'm rooting against Floyd attack it and I guess we're just. I guess first voiced support to senators I did you tell yourself it but I guess we're forced choose between between two different people's account feels like you're. 70457096. Stand up. Are you in on this fight how have they gotten you wrote did let's go back to the phones and bringing John it was a neck say John what do you think it about despite. Everybody always demented stuff. Press media can tore out a tactic he visited being created. If you got be a little bit sort courageous step. LP Ali and all these other guys. In their press stop oh yeah a year ago in there I mean they. You know this is there were dropped more than just voice in Monte game in any Ali. You know Ali is. No it was stripped all exit hole high but it all army opt out got what this fight so they'd already been stated in. Immediate quick Dana Dana I would everything Y yeah her out McGregor. You know IT Blogspot being you know about pop being. He hit that they've talked about this fight out of Macgregor and I are orchestrated really and he's got he got a giant. But he shyness so looks like to know Dana white's trying to he makes money off despite so everybody is talking about distinct is in is it on its rights right. You're they did AME he got here they got to be got million to 900 no other candidate. Some say just don't fall for you guys like hey here's the thing people want to believe they won two in their mind. Not much going on in sports a federal pre season but. Stands want to believe that there's a chance they want to have this night they wanna get together with the bros. They won drinks and cold wasn't wanna watch this so sales are falling for this like of course they don't Weis does say he should get a day is going to be the greatest fight of all time. Really thriller Manila vs us want. And Dana White who does don't talk about boxing history is got honestly tell you are a polygraph this is gonna be a better fight. That's ridiculous I will say this one thing now Lee did but I just never liked was the way he treated Joseph Frazier. You uncle Tom you gorilla like the way he says he did they use race back then. To self like yeah right I think my gum and I just don't think that's cool just to make money you're allowed to bring in. You know did the race angle clearly the way you do like McGregor find something else do your eloquent you're great you're entertaining. Bust on him for the other stuff the taxes stuff you know go on their use other material that you asked how. Yeah I think you know Warren I don't like it but to add the elders element of fighting. It is psychological warfare. You wanted it in their head and when you do this type stuff. It it will what does it do it gets us talking it's everybody talking it's people who draw lines and they're gonna buy the fight because they wanna see the other guy did is Colby yeah. Yes and is so even though I don't like the tactics. I say you understand I understand Dan to a degree in debt. It's a spectacle. You know and they're trying to incite people and get these this rule of emotions going. Where they're gonna say you know what screw that got mobbed by that I don't care about the hundred dollars and was an honor does amber watched Floyd Campbell wants a wants and I'm watching get his ass. Besides your bodily Greg says Mac you must not watch much MMA if you're just now discovering Connor McGregor is a giant journey cap Connor tock so I don't know we toss a lot of analysts but does the talking straight. Yeah isn't the greatest entertainers and trash talkers I've ever seen. But when you drop boy twice monkeys once and then that one last night like I'm sorry it is a pattern there like I just add that I'm getting. A little tired of that and some of you all don't really seem to care and that I am going to make up their mind on. Let me go real quick to get our guys got Korean real quick court what do you think it just like. Yeah don't judge all the what you said about. Did just flew in the art that two different fights were allowed to go to the range I'll think it would make it orange chicken we all look forward to be just a guy that not knocking anybody out. I think they should go well this boxing and it's actually got a lot McGregor out there we're wrestle I have to be it in anyway. I don't practice and you would make exploit be more aggressive than usual what would be wouldn't just due to aids around. I'm Lindsay genius he's a promotional genius the problem is Floyd wouldn't go that the site would be off. Let's start to Floyd looks they tell us is that this is the only way to fight was gonna happen yes the only way it was gonna happen is if Floyd was in his comfort zone in the rink. And Tom McGregor makes three million Oxley does this every night makes three million dollar payday is only in this world is a three million dollar payday it in salt when you're gonna there's three million al-Qaeda. I didn't know what else would be an insult. But so anyway McGregor is you know wants to make his big cash hundred million dollars is new world for him so take it on but Floyd was not gonna do this if he had to do anything in the octagon. I probably knows just called the way it is. Our Mac and WFNC. Dot com is email address if you wanna jump in here we come back Randy cross talk a little bit of college football Randy from CBS it is a Mac attack until the FNC. Do it's not a college football on the same day Randy cross over to get him on his second CDS. Charles. Former. Those about a what most former UCLA Bruins Randy cross and Charles. Former tar heel deems may is gonna join us and a thirty talk about the heels. And we're going to we're gonna rally the ACC fans today amend this conference is off the hook. We gotta just fans' excitement here from some excited ACC fans later on today so we get into that is well I'm sure it's much more on this fight the craziest would McGregor Mayweather. Let's go let's talk college football though the the SEC wraps up media day the ACC wraps up today. Big swells coming up next week it's on the smell of football is out there. Randy cross is a great dude to talk cows the ball whereas I cannot wait to see the boys. Back on at CBS college football show on CBS sports net and Randy support that and he joins us on the Mac attack brandy how you doing. Under. Ran epic yet is there it's third. I guess they're pretty wet your appetite kind of time of the year adultery is no one of the best in the country go to. The coaches are injured tendons themselves are trying to keep a low profile pop the bowl alert. Or strike on like peak. Are there were certain data and Jim both Fisher were struck yesterday down here in. You know right now the ACC has the spoils right now. Do you expect the ACC continues this year to be as good as they were last year or did you feel like there's a little drop off. Cool didn't appear very telling year. For dabble in Clemson did it is go to vote for the big fans of what he's doing better. RY. He's basically. Sort of reproduce some of pipeline ala Alabama index a good. And and he's got talent that comes in from all over the country when he loses guys people just step right here. He's got assistance to do it. And and you are you is this and we expect it was Florida State Florida State's favorite color purple people looking at a to win that side of the ACC. How much purpose for any other reason other than. Well club and has six guys drafted so they've got to be just a little bit worse or not if you're doing it right and I am not if you're doing it like next. And my impression of that place in my personal those players. And those coaches is you know to have those doing it right so I'm gonna expect clumps in the be right there and start playing conference championship games personal. Lal dad and that's that's I mean heck. Last year look what last year they brought back so much inexperience on both of those lines and they and they go out there when the national title mean. He has made that program Randy into one of these programs. It just simply reload it's amazing what he's done. There what will I get a bigger tact is gonna see is going to be your place condition I'll watch them and what he means. To data offense. And not instability of other coaching staff and they've had a lot of stability but you know how some how some new position that worked out with the Mets staff. And how they handle air and allow for that quarterback now. It is a new guy going to be just like to shop Watson I think you smoke and so if you just yet you know did that the young man going to be dirt beneath any young man's gonna. He's there be highlighted in them when you know you've got a good coaching staff as what you get from player. Hollow like last year we Alabama and Taylor and hurts. That can still Wear and as they're learning and then by the end of the year you're actually able the old part of the offense around what he does well. Boom year you're crude variety and Kansas that you're doing. No doubt we're always ready crossing CBS discussing college football ACC media days in Charlotte here wrap up. Later today. Randi what do you think about Miami I usually don't buy into the Miami's back stuff. But it's you can see Marc Rich bring in in Salant he's a heck of a coach. I kind of feel like he's gonna get Miami back to where there is not this year in the south channel. Pretty soon they're back in the top ten would you agree or would you say hold your horses on that. Group. Radiate it glad I did it come back. It did ahead of him. You know old go. And here he comes in one more you all that stuff. I I will like your chances. Are. I think Rick's got things going in the right direction. You know everyone always says when you visit your urges it to George it was works hard place to put so pleased. Well put two or three good years together by remarks. Measures. You know ten games is a good year. They've got a shot to be in that territory this year. And if you can do that as a hurricane epic data what school they're. I think it's dangerous for the rest of the ACC. From a competition standpoint but from a you know who's got the best conference. Tech if you start. Being able to match that SEC west. With teams like Miami. And Florida State and Clemson and then you get had a few others in there. Use suddenly slide right in there or the SEC and you get the Big Ten the Big Ten looking around going hey wait a bit out it's. It's exactly noted the big ten's improved to the ACC and Big Ten you've seen them to make strides. Recently there's no doubt about it and is good for the overall game of college football. Do you think the SEC hurts because they are taken a bit of a beating nationally. In regards to root your Alabama and everybody else did they deserve that beating their taken. I don't necessarily think so I think the best guy to ask about better rebbe a month. And ten mile loans. And you know some of those guys that are on the bottom side of that last. Ask them how easy it is certain pop on up past the Amazon LSUs and now what I'll contact going on at that and Auburn. If you are and yet the C you'd definitely especially Europe younger program and younger coach. Didn't things don't you wanna be at me. So it needs is that some teams this year I think with Florida. And George and the here and you know the dead are going to be somewhere and prove it area. But the reality is if you're an aid the SEC west. And you're great good team. That's gonna make you seven and five and I mean you you finish right there at the bottom. Of that side of the SE CI. I think especially those of the west's that's what law that side is good as anywhere else. In the country is clearly the best right now probably not but I think for the people that really watched. You know you can look at it and it got the potential. You know again potentials of French word about workaday yet good. You know it's got a potentially right there with the Florida State clubs inside an ace in the ACC. And you know whatever comes out anywhere else in the country outside of what we're talking about the age. CC. And and they ACC and ACC and SEC. You might have a Big Ten team by the end of the year and really stretch and it. Maybe a pac twelve team comes Arabia tenacity or somebody like that. I don't expect any rhetoric about the national championship talk out of the the big twelve right now of course don't tell you that the next two days. But we are really don't I think the next national champion come out of use ACC. Industry. I let's talk about I don't want to take you let's go as we focus so much on the ACC and SEC here let me ask you the question. Who are the best teams from those other three power conferences the names I hear the most are USC and Ohio State is it just is it that simple put those towards a resounding. Candidates for the play off in the in the other conferences. Yeah it's almost like we have a great group of hurry. In the conference's period that you create PC and big pan. And then you've got the other days. Yeah SE could be. You know pretty want blows smoke about our older men and how good they are they got some good skill. Players they're also a lot from there that's additional line of scrimmage epic epic conference based out. I'll. I think this year has started just like the last few. You say who were the best teams in the country you got to start with teams like hammer Ohio State Florida State and Clemson and whatnot. But you know you're Strachan. When you look at the big twelve that to a team that didn't have the intestinal fortitude. Andy. And the ability sir go through the ups and downs of regular season finish under cedar door. Well law. Can be impressive but and the you know mid December rolls around. And in a packed well it doesn't exist I don't think outsider. Outside of at sea at the possibility. You know the overall anywhere from two to three loss teams that are popping that that stack. No doubt I've Randy cross great stuff is always. Love Chad are you love the fact to college football now is is on the brains for all of us. Thanks for coming all talk she was against you don't Randy but what what did you know when you guys are starting you know a date for your first show it is the first week. Of the regular season when you guys gave no one was feeling inside college football show. I think we start children around the middle of August tag cool and then our first weekend games whose the August 26 LB I'll be out was self Florida at San Jose state on that night. Good deal I brother we'll talk to got a road Dexter coming on. There you go by the way that is one the most underrated studio shows out there every game taser the hype there's no doubt about it. But they show on I think they put on Wednesday night's Tony site college football CBS sports there's a great record on DVR and if you ordaining L song watching during the week. The previous week he recaps of previous week. Brian Jones Neuheisel cross these guys are good very good it's anti underrated shelf are when we come back I know people are still sweet email in. Calling us about slowly in and Connor we talk about that bomb bonds I also have to drop this what on news coming into feature on the show we need a sponsor. The Luna six SEC sand moment of the day I've got another one from yesterday we had one USA on the show. We've got a another one that is Shoney's lunacy will explain that to. And Charles are bought the combined talks and ACC to top of the hour it's all coming up on the Mac it's a 1025 WF Lindsay. Back better. We are back duke fans there's your fight song Daniel Jones Gosling that rock around. I'm telling you man TJ ramming two had seven catches as a freshman is don't put up the big season. There's a lot I don't know about duke on the rest of the squad like the defense bone. With those two dudes Kim ball I firmly believe that and die for his talk a lot ACC football Charles. We've got teams made it talks heels at 830. And after that I wanna really crank up the ACC. Stance I wanna try to hear from as many different ACC fans we can. This conference has never been this high I hadn't. I don't think. There's ever been a reason feel this cranked up about ACC football so hopefully it's spreading to all of you guys out there is ACC fans. Tom I listeners true quake the SEC. The lunatic fan of the de boned yesterday. The SEC lunatic fan today was the LSU fan that tried to sneak into the stadium. With a hooker and I was with were rooting got arrested. Year it would Rudy don't need revenue guidance called Wednesday I. I take a look at match yet Stella a I think they do but you're also Mumbai take a look into your house Stella all right he's got a little little not just fuel despite it's not pick that up. Have a all right so anyway let me know that's a no scoring zone and stadium all right they do not score there whether crappy quarterback like arm and one of those trying to go to banks is now and you'll starter Bronson creek there is talk easily about that. But that's the lunatic sale the day today is from yesterday and SEC media days the Auburn sand that pain in his all the would like a tiger a BC last. I. All I am always open arms. Does that it'll only way I see Derek pulled by about was having none of it you dude spray painted his dog it SO that he looked like outsiders and big Auburn fans. Aziz. Yellow crazy hello I did but ya are free kids crazy drama piracy easier to match it W a to Z dot com. But when all five people tell me why are why you Amanda Conner Macgregor he basically said that black men are well and now there's gotta compliment. Some form of that email but was said to be buy five games. I don't gets you drop the word boy twice and Connor McGregor you you were informed that it's not right here American did you do that. He then it drops monkeys vile. On Jimmy Kimmel no one seems to care about that and then you come back wins this one and a half flag and a lot of man number how to tip of this that's a very that I call low low. Yeah it was a very an Irish accent and I was only about them. Do you how do an Irish accent now Irish American I even go Keith Jackson Hole looks I don't know my incentive I don't know McGregor. Idea in mind just just a nice job to do that on the fly had to run practice standpoint and I needs two Murphy. And I'm well and album in the zone below the belt there you go. Just went straight he's Jackson out of nowhere I just think he's got to get the right so does not do I think he's very fun very talented. Not a boxing but it just trash talking I just I don't see why you need to keep going back there I let's at least double call here are buckle at 8 o'clock. H one I have audio from Christian McCaffery you must hear banter stance and if you don't get cranked up a bat like I do. Com I would sector Paulson I would it panther nation but right now Spencer wants to weigh in on boxing stuff Spence RUN satisfy everybody in this staying. I'm thinking oh no probably gotten. Izzy as she hears my fear my fear would be down 300 dollars a desk and Floyd's fight just like to be like all Floyd's size he dances around. And it's it goes the distance and it's boring as all hell like to Pacquiao so I. I open your bet I would about what you re okay what. Could go we got a whole lot of help. And Jordan should go and let the mother and I've got about sort. You really true you wanna be. Any echo what people you don't know that awaited public I think they indicated they didn't give you a note in their bad. We talked about dad hey man put his but they blow moon and that should make. Number I mean it. Certainly is a woman multiple times he has beaten women multiple times he's been there are multiple owners I find it disgusting. And honestly until he's got a passport because he played in the NFL he might not have another damn job. And in boxing people did continue lined his pockets and agents tapped his mail. I do a Tiger Woods. And I don't 100. Troop reduction everybody each night. I don't know Sharon and they're they let me. If I was Tiger Woods you're so I can you run me I would hope I wouldn't buy goalies do not do that every marriage Tiger Woods slightly more options to me. When I go to Perkins I did bacon and eggs are getting phone numbers when it. You mean like when I go to my car mount the Perkins waitress is not follow me so I mean there are things going wrong with tiger don't go on with may. But 120 or whatever was a tiger why are we talking about tiger's answers to king of trying to tie some demanded that they thing to do tiger saw them say tiger or the Grand Slam quite a few times. Atlanta just. To understand that it hurts the Zandi is he got his days yeah I go to candlelight he was so why what are its. And it wasn't a man Rubin says Conner keeps going to lead back to erase stuff because he is a racist. David says watch anything with Connor he calls everybody boy okay what about the monkeys dancing talking about Apollo creed. And I just there's a lack of sensitivity come McGregor is such a talent do contrast to offer her a half hour today in London without. And into play this angle. And is your probably right if he says this he creates that emotion you can't you know just he's just more emotion more impulse to modify it. Guys are sitting they're saying I want to race is bomb knocked and a well also don't put my whole thing is. Should you be using the race and race baiting to try to profit that's that's all a man. No no but. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn't. You know I hate to say this because I you know me I'm like the most like inclusive person in the world I'll I wonder if it doesn't work. You know I wonder if it doesn't always just motivate people like hell god damn by this fight so they can see Floyd. Knocked out white boy out and tell you know I'd say and if trying I think there's an element of that going O line. Because McGregor knows. Hey I gotta sell this fight is my biggest pay him. But we we talked about Ali he played a game with just Frazier yeah he wanted it. Black fans tuned to. Hate Joseph I believe he's an uncle Thomas stuff like you did that it was use way back then sold five I'd here's deal lets you back to football match at WF and he got down. I hate it's it's fascinating to me just how many of you all RD up about a fight that is honestly. Like some directional school it's Alabama I guess what it is aren't we come back. It's football talk Charles. To break down ACC. And are we folder and get a lot of SEC fans say were over hyping this label Astros are buckle next.