Mac Attack: Playoff Friday, Crazy NC State Win, Trade Kemba?

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Friday, January 12th

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Welcome to another revision number American attack on 102 point five the thing. With Mac. T bone heal and let me because they lost me and i.'s board that. Did you detention now you're hosted caretaker of chaos. Charisma Coleen. When your team's attitude division opponents and arrivals are still end. You gotta get petty you gotta get Teddy Eddie gotta get sports hateful. That's right it's died eagle up and biking up on today's radio show who the hatch. Is the greater of the two evils. Who do you want to lose the most this weekend I'm very curious to hear your answer the saints and the falcons. I am predicting a all NFC south NFC title game which could mean they both bull make it. But I believe the NFC south has been the daddy this year and has the experience quarterbacks. And I believe that is gonna happen we'll get into that we our own team still sort through and talk about. On right now everybody and their brother is saying. He will be made official today Norv Turner will be. The offensive coordinator nobody's surprised by that. Just a black man has a network was first reported ESPN jumped on board at. Charlotte Observer Joseph person Jorge Rodriguez jumped on board they've also said yes Scott turner will be along with. He'll be introduced as well as the also as he quarterbacks coach so we've got to act on on. How about NC State's. Ever since ice question on this show a Sarah and he worst team in the ACC after the Notre Dame loss. They have beaten two ranked teams got to Clemson last night's. In crazy fashion they almost lost acted away not to lie to you they were up twelve put a minute and a half last. And had to hang on. For dear life at the end of this game is Clemson missed a free throw that could've tied it it was crazy we will talk about that one as well. Kevin Keats and a program deserve a little bit below us. They are improving there's no doubt about that. And all that immoral today showed an NFL news for your NFL play all talk of what's coming up this weekend. And welcome back to one Steve Clifford. Head coach at Charlotte hornets will be sad. Asked for practice next Tuesday and the game next Wednesday. So that is certainly good to see we've got all that we have a lot of things going on six workers get a chance to hear our interview with Ron Rivera from yesterday that was last hour of the show host the 6 o'clock or shall hear that about 630. Jim Zoete joins us in studio. Around 730 yourself. And we've got Damien Lewis and house tell the truth Friday. Usually tell teachers Wednesday indeed Lou was out of town on Wednesday so it is still a truce Friday for the entire. 8 o'clock hour his truce on Norv Turner. Phyllis what's going on over there bone what do you say man. What's up and first of all I was photos NC state last night not three big wins this year Arizona. Duke Clemson. But I've never seen a team in my allies try to give the game away more than thirty seconds then Cesar tried they've literally Matt did everything in the arm and their power. To try to cause wolfpack bleak last night and Kevin Keats as president said no there will not be wolf tags lead anymore it will not happen under my watch but it certainly tried last night and how the how the elite now. About Keats. Are so into any salad three point shooter three code into game yes they were doing some state you know what. So it was a bow right my man bill lived about yes that was a free throw line he hit the first two free throws. And he says I'm ice this dude NFL style. And he iced over we called time out. Then cheats started frantically motioning with his arms to urged the crowd to sue these very last. That's if they didn't do it themselves against Pete Carroll while the vote we're shooting a free throw and devote mr. freed current state held on this. But stayed it was a twelve point lead with a minute 34 last. And it was that close to being overtime and completely disappearing. It was a nice run by Clemson. But man state did some really good stuff throughout that game. Among mandate Turkey this is the player we heard about. Well it when he when he enrolled there. This is the players that we heard about the players the people said this guy to be a first round NBA draft tick. And we watched him last year's that would that help you tomba and done this to another 56 threes last night 1218 sort of sealed. Blocked four shots and a career high 29 points this is the multi dimensional inside outside the Euro big. That state fans were promised last year that is just shown up a year late Downey he's really getting dull he play good against duke two men he did and he states it. On NC state this year I'd there's a lot of it lot of help common and Keats first year expectations not very high frenzy state. They go out there aren't they up against duke as well duke duke every game they play there's always that pressure on Dave Wright. There's always that we bettered I'll lose this game pressure on at NC state Saturday against you gotta pressure right. Noticed us us to be dip in the I thought it played out that like the bad and you're gonna see that throughout this season what anti state plays good teams there's not a ton of pressure on state that in the put aside from. Outside as well now because everybody knows teach was hired for the future but if he can start can wins like this and the president it's gonna go a long way towards getting confidence for the people in the program schedule long way towards getting wolfpack nation fired up. Really engaged. And mankind you know he was like he was my guy last year bound I want to be higher authorities are great named. And one of the reasons why was at press. There's not a lot of teams are Louisville on they don't do it as much right now with Padgett run Michelle. They don't full court press on you like that relentless. And you saw it last night Clemson had ten turnovers in the first half seventeen turnovers a game that you boulevard bats is a menace in the press. A 100%. Complete and total menace to his credit he's just a freshman. And that was a big part of the win as well and on the other side of the ball. State only turned it over four times state also got some great news during the day yesterday as a point guard. The real true point guard on this team mark Joseph Johnson. Is coming back he was stations and felony assault charges back in his hometown of Cleveland. And that those charges were dropped yesterday he's been gone for a while so he's back with a program. The news on Thursday that they got this four star point guard transport and Blake terrorists that was at Missouri from Chapel Hill I believes. Our he'll be eligible halfway through next season so indicates our. I came to keep track thematic guys Keyes has come and Richard is whether B recruits are transfers they got it's getting hold of a basketball team next season but. Was Keats they're they're going to be pretty good he's gonna do it does stay claim loss cut most state fans he's going to do a hell of a job their man he is well we don't do this before state fans I want to again. We don't play the regular season again by we I mean do I want to again in the ACC term it. Last time this happened out last year but two years ago are three years ago I sat I want to again duke beat him by thirty. I want to again we're last year I want to get these are said he wanted to last year to William clay general guiding vision I doubt we'll play again though it is a loss lights and eleven game and about the time before that. Few years back so luckily I thought Boise teams are just getting did you used more times here recently I toss this one I talked twice that he would do quarter loss and I want to against senator territorial waters off. They're Dubya by thirty in the AC term I want you call it a man I want to again you call it a math I think there's only one way Osborne that we can celebrate his friends he say fans right. Okay Steve Steve Steve Steve did so I'll take. But either way I'm already getting annoying for you say excited NC state and emailed me last night Mac what happened to the worst team in the ACC one lady going where there Pittsburgh. All right yeah. They lost won best players but what I was saying last week is it just seem to teach is a good hire for future but the way this team played against Clemson a Clemson. Lose my sixteenth a losing by thirty to Notre Dame out their two best players. I thought man this team could compete with pit for a worst team in the ACC I am very happy to be wrong most vaccines very happy to be wrong and I hope state stands. Get excited about what's going on here man three ranked wins two in a row so is that a source I even brought it when he eighteen era. Verlander drawn in Austin man and having that much you know nonsense not to weird thing but Tom in this instance it occurred. What was I gonna say about how this week David chance for their third ranked win in a row. This weekend against Virginia on the route. Don't know about that one man do not know about gone in the Virginia that is a day am house of horrors in there are trying to play against that defense went to trap it cranked up. So anyway met and I also this week and Carolina and Notre Dame Notre Dame hobbled without Colson and Farrell and let's see duke Wake Forest tomorrow at noon on the notable triangle. ACC games but man it was a big win for state last night very cool. Hornets get Steve Clifford back you were talking yesterday about about how you heard Jeff say it van Gundy on ESP and very good friend coach let's say he's doing better. And I'll be damned if later that day we didn't find out last night he's gonna come back and coach it's cycle be till Tuesday so these games this weekend. You know you saw tonight Oklahoma City morrow will still be with coach Silas. Welcome back Steve Clifford certainly good to see that he got his health and order and also welcome back to the ops stayed close for detractors had to deal with on Twitter get medical for his back so now when they we gotta gotta be all this all I had a break I'm glad that dead those guys are back does that means a clippers back. You know that's gonna happen mandated stats again happened and how about this Campbell thing about this trade kemba saying it's taste it you know began as a talk radio subject. Just spit ball and we talk about I'm sure the other shows and talked about it weeks ago. This thing is becoming a full blown national story line. I ourselves all a Little League now that this is a story line with or its struggling. You know should they trade Kemba Walker I know pro stock to coach sounds about yesterday and of course what's he gonna say. But he was insanity that that's you know not to sort of move he wants to be involved in right now. Because what coach wants to wave the white flag. You now try Michael for came back he's like he subtle trap and hit it I mean really their jobs are on the line aren't done yet. I mean is this team ends up drafts and you'll be in just terrible all season long. Chose contracts up. What's to stop MJ from just start over GM and coaching staff. You know well I think it. I feel bad for coach cliff because he missed a couple of months here in L think couldn't couldn't really do much about what they've been doing over the last couple of months. But what anybody blame. And Gerri at that point assess what he wanted to do you know. I'm not saying that you mustering kemba today or tomorrow or the next month but what I'm saying is at some point you have to explore the possibilities of what. A trade for Campbell I can do for your franchise you have to figure out is kemba your long term does he fit what you wanna do want term does he wanna be here want to are. You have to and an even call teams around us and what would you give up for Kemba Walker that's what the good GMs do in advance of it becoming a free agent here you've got to do your due diligence aways it explore the ox. It's for the option. Here's the problem. In less we're getting high draft picks back potential high draft picks back. What are we gonna get for kemba he's on this bargained contracts with a contracts have to match up gaffe or twelve million dollars worse. Of other players is probably not gonna be Kemba Walker. So can you trade and us and here's the thing can you trade until that's going to want him. Let's also drafting really highlight is that possible or teams are dressing really I would they rather just keep to draft pick mound. It's kind of like okay it's kind of a catch 22 because you may not. You may not get the value that you desire back for Campbell that you also can't wait too long in the process. Because god forbid I I'm not saying happened what if Campbell or just leaves you got nothing back. It's a disaster it's sort of like a little bit different but it's kind of like Orioles and Manny Machado situation right you could at least have to sign and trade option now. I'll see any sign and trades going on amazingly I should know you don't see you don't want a way to get to the point when he's gonna be gaudy and other forms so. You've got you've got to you've got only six for what even get back and maybe maybe maybe it's not then maybe you. Seed there's nothing therefore right now that a guy who rule I would bet that would be perfect to trade and everybody knows this is NIC Batum. 'cause you can get 24 million dollars worth a player back. The problem is who wants to give up dessert 44 million dollar toward the player for this 24 million dollars worth of player we'll CBS and I was the other data saying Iraq. They thought may be Mirotic. For Batum was a possibility is Mirotic wants out Ozzy got punch in the face by porous they're just pretty good player though that that's a source I'm actually saw someone. Speculate that the team could be moved from the companies aren't even take your form. And I thought it out. He can't be making anywhere near wanted to say right now there was more there was more to the trade does gender and much else going on there from but anyway kemba is a one that would garner something but again. It's it is the money's got to match up but we can't take on added salary by our right of his luxury tax so it's got to be something that matches. Draft picks to be the best thing we can get. You know is a very high lottery pick to somebody wanna do that or they wanna keep their chances very high lottery picks up I don't know but I agree Tebow and it's got to be talked about all options need to be explored the way were free to play in man. It was actually that the contract of Chicago Bulls a contract of Robin Lopez orbit to Mort strayed out. Bulls hold and that Mirotic ports would have to add someone like Jeremy lamb to the X so was not just straight up what Robin Lopez's deal. Would equal platoons and I'd come back how much are these Robin Lopez they don't know. It's always sisal 65 million with the next couple years ago so I don't know what he has left on got a. There's a lot of love -- guy soon anyway Mirotic the guiding got punched in the face of come here Batum the guy we all wanna punch in the face would go there aren't as straight down on what we come back we got to Talking Heads to a talk nor is day 69 of door and looks like it's all but a done deal we got cancer talked it is the Mac attack on SNC. And I were back here on the Mac attack to vote he had a great job there is that we're talking about north replace the NFL music. And then during the breaks we talked about this. You know like media proposed. Nixon camp betray. I like disarray I gotta be honest with you does is make me a bad a hornet a bad Campbell sand and bad human being. Armor you would get so this is a proposed by eight. What's his name Tim bon Temps right yes who is a national NBA writer of their Washington Post. He is he has star right couple pieces about the possibly training camp disorder talk about the phenomenon where they're staying at. As goal line you know mainstream MBA median national media. Kemba is a Bronx New York Canadian Friday he would get to play with four Zynga so maybe they have it would feel like hey we got a chance of resigning him. We would give us. French franc was lasting nearly eighteen. I'm Filipino we might delay I've watched about every one of his games this year for the most part take imply cast a look at the numbers because it's not gonna wow you yet breeze nineteen years old. His defense is already really guy he's got a seven foot wingspan. Bob and he's he's come along but as I can be very long before decade is. Very very good yes I can see what's idiots watch W looks certain guys are watching Miguel all this guy doesn't this guy or this guy who just watching him. But that even he just looks the part he looks like he's going to be apply. Yes that's a feeling I get I think it's suing people are on the NBA have pride do you get to knicks draft picks this year. Which Whittle what could be in there twelve right now to be dressed in twelve right now we would still have our own first round pick worst late in the draft tense as of now obviously that will change. But she would have to lottery picks potentially nearly Tina was a lottery pick last year. That's an that she is a potentially young influx of talent or you feel like. Maybe you're you're getting something for Campbell moved forward that is a very interesting trade we've got to take on Palo plan. And former duke great and jewelry lover Lance Thomas. We would we close ties to record his proposal outright title quest quite scary wells' backups that are keys. He's he's got some toughness he's got some slight like do you. Did you allow Orson that viewed as well he's not bad ideas I feel like he's looked good against the hornets a judge he's done so many guys dealer dead say he's doing that good against us. And so it was that's interesting trade and N you know I don't have some socialists talked about it we still got you know a lot of pain at the things sort out the door looks like he will be officially hired today along with his son Scott Cameron as quarterbacks coach. A we've got to you know figure out ways that the Eagles and the vikings can beat the enemies Nancy south. We a lot of football related stuff to do that's a conversation bone I think we have to really have. I'm on the most open to trading cam I've ever bet I will say that. Just because it just feels like we're at our head against the wall going nowhere like this. In now and it is easy. Gives kemba huge money by bike method. Look at this like but the contracts of drew holiday and Mike Conley got us figured cam was probably get a gets somewhere in that range right. 12550. Million dollars would you compare Cameron Mike calmly but they're not that far apart are I don't own idol your holiday acting the camera deserves more than draw that I I think I would say that. So you could get locked in the camera and Batum for a long time death and what are we doing with those guys knack. If you want to sign up ball those guys together for a long time it was a huge money in and where we don't. The problem is you'd love to take money from Batum and given to Campbell Batum is locked in turn us three years ass have to this that's the problem. Are you are your north center update your body weight coach Rivera. For the 6 o'clock or he joined us at 9 o'clock guessing you'll hear coach Rivera that's coming up in just couple minutes but I want to just get this out there so the north saying like I said observer ESP NFL network all reporting that its they've they've reached an agreement it'll be announced today. But this is this is kind of the details of the NFL network report from Tiffany Blackmon. Who's around this team a lot chance of covering this seem a lot on she says. Net they want north because of his work with quarterbacks in the past. Now the problem is when you say that you say eight men and rivers. And then you go okay who else. You know bridge glory isn't good things would get breeze but not for long bomb also distancing tilted her source within the dancers organization says. There's a lot of interest still because of what he did when Darren Sproles. Christian McCaffery they see as a similar skill set. So their interest in and add the ability to use a guy out of the backfield has been proven by nor evil with failed CNN and other guys still. And of course Scott turner come on board and the Newton turner overdrive offense will have four Turner's actions five Turner's if you include trader. We also ahead this last arts. Most he saw the photos Norv Turner was dining yet Azteca Mexican restaurant last night I didn't know that yes there are photos of norv enjoying a meal last night wow back diva has done. The high price meal I mean I've gone today joined. It's pretty good it's true about white gloves makes he says pretty good sued. But that's not exactly like day hey we're celebrate the higher the dancers are taking yet and Paul are sometimes. Right Azteca. Maybe I mean who donated enters into your nominee he went on his own they may be good at assembly generated a whole back room. All nineteen -- on staff went over there ready to join a real by the way I'm working on a story when the time you heard this news story about her family I have not worked on this I got some really good sources on this clones are apparently has five grandkids grandsons could be. The wide receiving corps like they could get rid of every receiver and it could be the sides are great kids. Som I'll let you know about that they hire you know said he hired great grandpa Earl garner as he quality control how easy is this a 101 years old it's going to be over there these are guys give back Al Mansour everybody don't Azteca tonight to celebrate knoller is. Hiring in Charlotte I will say this. Since football guys in the media praised higher yesterday two guys we're talking about inducing stuff so we'll talk about that as the show goes on we come back you got to hear from coach Rivera on the show yesterday in the final hour we want to early birds to get the warm Ron Rivera coming up. All right 6 o'clock turns you know you guys don't really get to lodge guests at the other day cards do what we got love for you folks that are up earlier want to hear some of the key stuff yesterday. Coach Rivera was always us at 9 o'clock in the first thing you're gonna hear of trying to pry information out about nor dvd it was not. A done deal to this point I just wanted to know why is nor even a candidate why have you traced Norris offensive acumen so much. Drew a lot of do the success she's had coaching I mean if you go back a look at what he started this well well allison's. You know working with Troy Aikman and they have instructions Darren. You know developing players don't work you're quarterback. You know and premiere party must regionally haven't worked with Eric and in San Diego working with the reverse and just seeing that. And then again that's I think it's one of the things that that that's really motivating me and in terms of going to storage. We're always. Rivera had coached the Carolina Panthers and N. Right now Iran the only announcement he made us and he's on the matches and that's where a jury went with the announcers and see what happens with this process. Coach. You know this isn't this discussion started you don't get this question you know may be every day airlines from somebody. Money sand media members somebody. As we look forward to next year I really love the way the offense got going there once camps are to run. On the football more. Last year you guys really thought his well being in one in the season kind of think we might have to run him lasts. Armed is that going to be up to the new coordinator or you can. Having your mind that hey we've still got to use Campbell and designed runs in zone green runs to get the most out of them. And about part about it is that our our people mr. got you by a that we have to run demand or are gonna run a judiciously. Have to think that will continue to do well look at way to use him judiciously. Make those decisions the big part of something that he does he does on his own position because you know I talked about. The only office and we knew Bob would change we get that we did some things differently. One thing that we wanted to do was list which we'll find that back that we need to bond to his hands early. A letter to make my. Moves to make things happen we saw that we thought adage began swirling and the other day when we're Christian McAfee right through the metal the the defense. The payment took for the touchdown. Prototypes they that you were looking to continue to develop and grow with our system. You know one they don't nor have would you isn't in San Diego and and he's still playing today. Darren Sproles and you turn to the visibility. You know and again this is one. Those things that somebody that we we we we wanted to do. You know I've seen 200%. I wanna work for norm incendiary. Like coach can hear you talk about McCaffery and McCaffrey also excited when we drafted him and it just kinda yet that we had to deal you don't want a segment of people out there listen to our show we love them. Listen him and I just couldn't disagree more color McCaffrey a bust story hey he's a disappointment but can trying to run the ball how. How would you grade out his first year light each lady which I'm pretty sure Boston would be a word you would use but how would you assess what he did in the task game four yes. You know a solid game again I think until I understand there's a there are a lot of elements doesn't think that happened the football team this year well you know we had to deal with. Com and and I think that really plays into the development are tired of all things not just our running back not just our quarterback our entire football team. When your your starting quarterback doesn't get the newspaper he need to do during OJ to many camps. Though the team they come in trying to get continue to develop the team and the team developed as the season goes on. What we accomplished I think we did some pretty good team because of that I think our. Quarterback an accurate job in terms of trying to get himself into position where he can practice every day and have a have a happy practice where we don't well. Decreases because you need an office to be successful. You know we want eleven gentlemen that. I mean it's pretty doggone good I'm especially coming from where we do it. So again I think what everybody needs to do take a look and look at the things that we do it probably did him. I'll buy it by no means what I what I do everything gate that we did always by this year can we do something better absolutely. But the disappearance and say that based on on on what are so for me I don't go to the entire sheet and our look at the entire offseason and training camp. And great on that I don't give a letter great I'm good because again I don't wanna put myself in the position right there or did you guys. Pretty good about what we've done an end and I like our team like to direction we're headed. I'm Wilson did there's still a lot of work to be done. Yeah I didn't no doubt but don't play all four of the last five years there's some good work being done to an address that has to be acknowledged. Q you don't we got wind of the playoffs that's more a very active. You know I think we have to do I mean. It did get to plus it is good 200 that you have to win in the playoffs and and and again. You know that that was one thing that really disappointed me about this year I think this team was good enough to win in the part of fortune winning it departs we needed. We didn't make the brakes were needed and we didn't play into the arts building on our outside and that's obvious that I coached those who think that you know that will be corrected we don't fall. What's the next league what's missing though coach could you guys are getting there are a lot of C a bigger 15 teams to get her for last five years. But that attitude is one you have to have we gotta win the big one we got close the week like what's missing putting. Mine right now do you feel like man this is what is separating us. Well one big thing is you know a tough and time and again you know to reinterpret changes is if someone bringing new sides and do you can't. Arm and I think in new way of working with summit and that would. No we need to improve upon. I think we can be better all respect I really don't mean we're very inconsistent I think we did a really good. States in return upon returning to return trip upper cut out we didn't give up pretty. Three touchdowns but things. Kicker pat has been your strategically and usually are under really stepped up our return men were inconsistent and part of that is are blocking. Our part we got to get better blocker and and again you know I think we can be better there. These Bentley you know on quirky there's one thing we look at that hurt us this question is why in Cuba because. We just can't do and expect to win games as we wish Iran now. Pomp but we gave up declines so that's something we've got to get corrected as well do better on third down. Offensively we've got to we've got to continue to work to protect people well better be better in the red zone we pretty good we can be better in the red zone. On some that we were really good with on defense. Arm and demo we got to be more consistent on the hot shot. You know. I'm more songs on. Honorary coach York Carolina Panthers. I mean a lot of fans obviously have an aids and aids it's in scalable slide when you see up Ted Ginn are so wide receiver. Make a huge play all play against us it's like man that's you know we we lost him we need to get more speed in the wide receiving corps did you look. Didn't sit and think to yourself. Guys like Curtis Sammy when bird like it's easy can be that speed guy are you look at it and say someone's got to be added to that wide receiver row. Hassle skills. Did not go to most certainly we kind of got forced you know we saw the mayor's ability we saw that there are also in personal started developing many gets hurt. And and same thing for demeanor so. You know both those guys and they have an opportunity to go to numerous stop looking at players I mean we most certainly are. You know there's going to be good looks a target amount create you'd have been good looking guys coming out the draft we're gonna gigabyte hard look at that position. And again not because we don't think we have the tighter but we got there that weren't helped. We've got to have healthy box sure we really do Rihanna finally got to help compliment take a lot of the pressure. You know often DeVon but is there are a lot of pressure want cal we made the move with Calvin DeVon would automatically step up there and don't forget about you know DeVon still developing young player to quit on him to attack but. Again we don't find it compliment you know getting Greg Olsen back on the field you know showed a flash. You know we we saw that against Green Day we saw that against New Orleans when a guy with his ability can mean for our opera that was what was exciting. We've got to get we've got to make sure we could sort out our running game we we we've we've we've got to we've got to give. Continue to get back to their ground and pound users and sixty cent this year that in in in in thirteen games that we played that we out rushed our opponent. And and retro hundred yards we are eleven and two so again I just tell you how important for restaurant to poke ball running successfully. Out it's our. Are we. We around a fairway as I had this conversation would Greg cosell and Chelsea home Scott Dohmann. Minutes before you came on and you know there's so much emphasis on teams mechanics and you know. I asked him about north or he knows north pretty well he's friendly would norsk. And I asked him you know do you sink. You know would nor is how would that work you know would north Communist he's he's he was the coordinator and what are you trying to change cams mechanics who can deal to do now. Do you Tim's mechanics need to be changed or are we making too much of that what Syrians and a question like do you want a new coordinator norm or someone else a new quarterbacks coach Scott turner so do you want. Tim to try to change it worked on campus mechanics or is that does that do more harm than good disappointed some. Career I think what we've editors just continue to refine the we've sharpened up are not obvious about changing fast are. I'll call you ask our initial football coach. Don't find guys quickly rebuild your your golf swing when you're in your forties sort thirties or twenties what you do try to go to work we do to make it better and I think really with Cameron. Just about refining what he'd done to continue to get better and I again if we are doing everything inspirational lead on this year. I think it's very unfair picture a look at what he's what is it what he's done. If you've got to take him from the picture take a look at 2050 you know look at what happened there. I don't just think right now there are you know there's there's a lot of people wanting to redo them and without really take a look at the speaker shall I have to. But I I think it's about refining I think he does. Make sure that were were were emphasized in PP does well intentioned improved on most. And again I don't forget rubles things that he does that that we asked them to do that. We don't see just how the visibility so again you know this that to be seen you know we go through this process and you know we get record here employees are our quarterback coach employed. You don't know Waldo Florida and a bull work on a specific things that we believe need to be cracked. There you go around her head coach of your Carolina Panthers with a just stay on the Mac it's actually see full interview with what about seventeen minutes. The full interview WS Lindsay dad come when we come back. How do you make this calls how do we decide this week and do we want to lose. More badly this week I don't know wouldn't try as it was of correcting this on the us. Really want to lose mowers and also say that. Atlanta or New Orleans I wanna bowed to go to Campbell which one we need out of the playoffs the most 38 worst. They're so fresh it's it's not as easy as it was last year to go completely lie. Got on the control mode with passion you know what our season was done so or early last year I came to terms when it. This year it's where it's it's a little more difficult for me to eagle mountain biking up this week I'm still the point where I'm pissed off worn out client. But with that said don't have to do it anyway because I hate to astute man teams. And the only thing I can make the fact that we lost to the saints' worst. Is seeing both the saints and the falcons play next week for the NFC title and home though that one of those teams is going to Super Bowl. So here's a question and ask you'll get a handle it right back to some more cancer orient itself. Coming up in the 7 o'clock hour James O'Keefe joins a 730 as well and remember Damien Lewis in studio the whole 8 o'clock hour he was that he was he'd miss soldiers Wednesday. We're doing tell the truce Friday would deal little. Writes distance there's no question I hate the falcons the question is which team do you need a loss from more in Atlanta or New Orleans this weekend. Take Doug says it's again and we need Atlanta loose. I'm not a big fan of New Orleans but between Atlanta and New Orleans it's Atlanta all day here's a thing for me was Atlanta I hate him more. I like Drew Brees. I guess kind of like Drew Brees is an individual and I really respect him and stuff but grinds his bugs me is just gentlemen going to make. But here's another thing to. I I already look like gospel because I talked about the Super Bowl hangover for the whole first half of the year I was sure we are seeing a Super Bowl hangover and then you look at the standings at the end of the year and the south ends. Basically had a very similar season Panthers beat us once treated hair the hair of the dog track and it won't let it recover for that hangover fast man. I need that remedy whatever yelled at I needed a bag in college. But it's on here we are so I do not want his team that I was so convinced bone that was going to be a non factor was saarc without seeing any. Going to the Super Bowl so I most need the falcons to lose to the Eagles here's the problem. I feel like it's way more likely the saints would loosen the vikings the in the south teams losing to the Eagles the nick. Full staying gives me he'd be GB is just stunts. Boy it's gonna be tough deciding tie in the NFC championship game between our Eagles and our vikings as a hairdresser and this is the first ever Mac attacked Eddie expressed bottle. We've pitched a Teddy expressed a guy's name nick falls in case keen on what could really go wrong for a trip I think that the falcons will win. Against the Eagles but I do think that I think were selling Minnesota bitch forty or some of us. I think that that's tough place to polite Minnesota's really go I notice it's a really good too I think gonna get out land off. At Minnesota. For the NFC championship that's our predictions and I think it's falcons saints and that's what the racism on here just trying to get eagle on the vikings wagons Dolan so much because express I. I really believe all along has said is sort of play else bonuses Duvalier bear ice as said I feel like this is like when a conference. Dominates a postseason college football. Like I feel like NFC south is gonna dominate DNC playoffs and the reason why is. The like I thought safe standards when Arizona goes Super Bowl. The reason why is because of the quarterbacks that they pass. They all have playoff experience is why does this caps. Is darn do we can't stand Matt Ryan has the second highest playoff quarterback rating of all time. Remember the good old days when he was joking Matt Ryan. Now also look at his numbers are set by Kurt Warner the second best playoff quarterback rating of all time so I just think that's a huge advantage when you go into a hostile environment against nick falls. Now will say this. All is not lost certainly. Minnesota was at defense and if Tina plays the way he did during the season at saints defense is get double we all know that. Yeah desired that is higher it's also why I've taken the fight he's up plates is going to be. So incredible and I'm not mistaken this is their first playoff game and I knew joint projects that place is going to be I know the saints played a loud environment normally. What are on the road in Minnesota that place is going to go on barker. They will armed Eagles. Johnny is a big Eagles fans says Mac wiggle lets you down. Eagles got this they are angry about being the underdog. There's no doubt to take a spin that into motivation easy right yours three point underdog it's been like I think they said like almost fifty years. Since there's an 800 dog as the favorite as the number one seed in the playoffs. Arms so there's so does he get cranked up. There's a way to win but it's got to me. Fletcher Cox dominating up front air Donald dominate last week but wouldn't be enough to win the game. Fletcher Cox needs to go berserk on them up front branding Graham needs to go crazy they need to stuff the run get after Matt Ryan the debt that's silly fronts good. Arm on the flip side Eagles need to run the ball bound number two I think running offense in football this year so Thursday's formula if you will for the Eagles to win I just. I just think quarterbacks the most important position in sports. And you know we got Drew Brees last week. Matt Ryan played well last week acts I just think that's the difference in these games but the question I'm curious to hear your thoughts on golf is. Falcons and saints both playing this week and I have this nightmare of them playing for the NFC title. Which one of them do you desperately want to lose the most this weekend Guinness up our call cortex a number 7045709. Success since 1970 side when the NFL began basic home to an advantage on teams. Regular season winning percentage. No number one seed has ever been an underdog in its first playoff get no they said on sports center it was back in like to assist but Tyson was always it's your same boat they were back way back. Currently they mention the day on sport center what are the current format yeah they have this is 97. He's finally know my daddy men's Super Bowl era with the stewards are bad because of our back might not be Super Bowl Lara. Michael Ayala is also lies in Michael what do you say. I got that it got a good what's. I had a question about Ron just kind of following your interview yet there were about it did and well what they're about in this weird trying to handoff between the new regime new ownership. In British rule if you look dark maybe not. Rather than this contract that and to me. It's seemed to be a little less. Of that point sixteen point fourteen point fifteen Robert kind of made it didn't really direct. And like he wanted to. Take responsibility for the result but feel like normally after a lot. The way that we had northern about what would have heard a missed opportunity spiel at what to start back. Doing things the way that we did. Assert our ownership and he fired sure he targeted toward the end it was really direct your job secure if you build a bit. Now that's that's interesting observation because he basically he stopped me I gave him accolades on another play all year right four out of five miso or on a second Mac. That's not what we're trying to do around here we gonna win more playoff and so I thought. That was a real accountable moment 'cause you know I catalogs appraiser I think something has a chance at a prom with me lobbing that race that are unhappy with the result of the season. Bomb but he said no I don't want that price we gotta win in the playoffs I think Michael's right on the call there's an urgency you see you there with sensual moves. 88. Just some of the burden generally just got a contract extension bone and he's he's locked in for the next three years. Would you think some of that urgency would take with oh seemed moves indeed that a new owners coming in. Because if that's the owner comes in this year upcoming will be the first year he observes this news new investment. And they have a bad year. Given Mike Shula lies. But new owner might have a a died he loves right like I always won this got to coach your miso I think he feels a little bit of heat even though he got the three year extension. When there's new management or owners have been anything whether it's football or just your regular lights. In your jobs. New ownership changes or collateral you can build up for a long time when Jerry Richardson you you feel safe new ownership comes in. Also and that collateral you built up for the last seven years it's thought. It is not coming opposite team once c.s or this was two years ago. Any probably feel really sorry but. Coming off the last two years it probably feels they are act I don't know how safe are truly Ameren. If you get a new owner who's like a sand boy with a certain coach or something and is always wanted to hire him or you know remain origin we don't know what kind of person we're gonna get as a new owner so. I think he feels like man we got put on our -- best foot forward in Norton is better than Shula and I agree that north better than shall I just don't know. If he sees huge gap some of you all think Shula might be better norm which is weird just weird to me the way everybody talks shall. The last couple years I mean shows an offensive cares anchorman. When when coaches want the authors of Cordero not to screw it up for his defense. Tony Dungy Ron Rivera called Mike shall that's all he has ever been Norv Turner is a guy that at least in this league in Dallas San Diego. As at least been a guy where it's like our offense is gonna be an asset. Problem is hadn't done that in awhile disaster does have not been an asset allow Mac it W doesn't he got Thomas you believe all the reports of course we don't. Observer EST NFL network it will become official today about Norv Turner are we come back we'll talk Panthers will talk about enemies in the playoffs it's the Mac attack.