Mac Attack: Panthers Off-Season

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Friday, January 19th

In this hour of Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Panthers off-season needs. 


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It's Friday here on a Mac attack. Still not over to Panthers not flying and that's I'm on a mission a motivation for Thomas Patrick Edward raided a third to lose. Arm and we'll talk about that is to show goes on can Jacksonville doing. Can Minnesota silly to can somebody doing your opinion or should we all just resign ourselves. To us that the fact that the pats are winning another one we will get into that. Conversation how humble work free and clear here on this hour free clear won't keep the Panthers are gone anything you guys wanna do awards conversation. A bomb if you wanna do a talent troops state beat wake last night's Tom Davidson's got a big ESPN two game tonight at Belk. Arena against saint Bonaventure and they're sold out he had a blackout crowd and we got a full we can't tell troops coming up as well. But I wanna get into this turning conversation I believe it's hassles and what was the other place bone baby dolls. I believe there. Role on the show may have ended badly we may move they tell us and they take it as far as they can get that's sort you can as you can ride that out. I. You brought to so to me. When we were hanging out off the air this week. We have this ongoing for people who don't know and I realize a lot of you might have missed days. You know this week because of the snow we were on every day you might miss I know a lot of you tell somebody might still be missing today based on exactly kids are still. Off home from school by its you know we have this on going thing where I am. You know all a bit excited and optimistic about the off season. And Tebow basically feels like K this team's not necessarily has been an upward direction. And you've brought this up to me this thing continue to course off the air because it's not just is gone it's it's it's all over us we catch it get rid of this. To get rid of skeptical Tebow you've got to Mardi Ernie factor to me you think dad's. Marty attorneys are raising each. I guess I was eight years to bed dying you're basically saying you know well as solid sans Le Mardi hurting how can fans be optimistic moving or bored attorneys and GM my guess is what you're sank. Paula good dire the bad governor take on the right Geist. The bad debts are they very rarely did you this is a very important offseason for the parents. It's a very important time in their history. To try to keep up the momentum most four playoffs in five years. To get that championship and the guy in charge. Is more he hurt me a guy that a lot of safety cooling costs wanted out here at the end of tenure number want. So on this very important time to enter history we're now going back to Marty Murray in we're gonna trust. That he can put this team in position. To win a championship do you really why are more fans talking about morning already being in charged in us putting our trusted him. To write that you appear not right to ship but continue to progress the government start. It is listen it is an interesting thing that it is not really been talked about that much. Maybe once we get to free agency and the draft may be will be heavier I would and he's in charge of us because Marty Ernie when he left back in 2012 season. I mean they're natives were restless. It felt like she did some really good things for us but the last few years it got away from him I mean they didn't quit we have a winning season the last four years. Arm under Marty Ernie some of those trades he may bode late in his first stint here. I mean we're just ridiculous when you talk about the Everette Brown trade where he traded next year earned the following year's first round pick and be. Our current second round pick to move up in the second round you never brand. You essentially wasted your second round pick that year and your first round next year on spin cycle. Everett around the then and he's a nice guy about a meat completely demeanor due to worries you really nice days and he's the nicest guys and anyway and I just got a job to do and I'm sorry ever but anyway then the other one arm Monty again nice kid and Armani Edwards bound trades the current trade next years to know. To take our money in the second round. You wasted a two and a three letter. And so did it was ridiculous guy you're projecting. From you know at state. The Southern Conference at quarterback also could be an NFL receiver so. There's things like that and I thought were so freak and reckless and yeah I turned on Marty I think it's really your deathly talking to me you're like Mac utilized Marty YC don't be good enough. Do I trust him I will say this. I don't know if I trust them and I don't want Marty here long term sort part of this question is do you guys want Marty Kearney to guide his team moving forward I put myself in the no category. Again more is another nice guy that interest right now for the now guys ever meet real class spirit but bone is far as one year. Kenny put together good all season for one year cautiously optimistic he is he says he's a changed man when it comes to the loyalty to basically wasting of money because you're being the loyal to people like he was would Jake DelHomme and that contract. If you look at what more he's done as the interim GM I would argue. Then there's been some good stuff done a tree turner deal I thought was a good one. Almost. That was out already in place but I haven't really quick after he got here doubt that he. Was out already set in motion he does happen be named to GM and got done right what we give him credit so that when he signed it really finish the deal always generate pretty much orient flight. I have a feeling again that was talking and not being as nice Marty got to deal on day gentlemen they were probably a pissing match rights. Com not pick my deploy audio overly that's saved money in Florida was amazing this year. The bunt to move wasn't good but KB trade I think was good it's a wide receiver start to get hurt KB trade a first six games into KB trade we're scored 31 point two days. So I think that was in hindsight I don't like it to time but a good trade so. I don't know man I'm hopeful that Marty can do the job for a year. But it you're talking long term I would agree I don't think we should trust him long term I just feel it more than eleven years to run this franchise. It's almost half of our 23 years I just want a different GM a different guy different way of thinking. Many here are we winning seasons in the eleven years. Three winning so easily in eleven years also you can't I don't care if your Marty Nader data or whatever. He didn't really good out in the first round for the most price is for a draft choices where excellent. It's beyond the source brown Rihanna Koppel at Charles Johnson and Josh Norman there were some hits in there. But the second round picks were pretty much in rural and also. What do Marty do his free agency it is time here how many big time free agents can you name that he brought here. He wasn't. He was an extremely active he didn't go after big big time guys I want you all season he brought a Ken Lucas and Mike wall I thought Lukas who has good wall start to get her to keep. He's on Lewis I appreciate that he brought any I got I'm struggling without at least created to bring in now can they DJ Hackett can't hack it canoneers to work out I mean I can't I can't remember I don't know. And he missed on Colbert Jarrett the second round. You know his ability to bring in receivers was obviously a problem Bruce Nelson a soaked. First Nelson Johnny got really hurt nobody that was just his second round there's no I had an up today he was three of ten in the second round essentially does that likes it or seven legit boss in the second round very best thing was nine of ten in the first round. Mean it in the only wanna miss dawn is no top and that was a big injury problem with Jeff Otah but he just nailed first rounder right or left. Always seemed good teams in the indebted there are really good the NFC right now they don't just hit our first round nurse they hit on Darius did players in various little rabbits he went came for. If you mean like Michael Thomas was not a first rounder. Camaro was not a source router is DC you're hitting I got all the play yeah I Marty has not showed and stay number one. The ability to really nail things pass round number. I don't want a long term I'm hopeful though that for one draft just one all season one draft. He can't hack because he has had good drafts Boehner wouldn't shock does get a good draft I just don't want an extended period necessarily. From Marty Ernie. Joseph says Mac the Mardy are behaving in this town has always bothered me. The guy did a solid job. Mom out Mitchell says hey Mack we can win would Marty hurting we want to look forward into a Super Bowl Mardi Arnie but the multiple NFC championships. Boehner is a free can hater this offseason. So the first two emails coming in support of Marty. He's Smart he's more he's listening I. The outage you know I sent as emails and a tejada out you know that. All right I think it's. It's legit question to ask doesn't do it do you guys just pay at their fans doesn't hurt sure your enthusiasm moving forward do you have any trust him Marty journey. One year I feel like we could pull something off extended it I'm hoping a new owner comes in quite frankly and gives us a difference. You know a different guy with a different you know mindset and general manager 7045709610. Joseph says tables trying to kill our football enthusiasm and I'm. Not having it. Sad thing is I agree Marty carries a bump so there you or everybody's all over the place I want to hear from panther fans on this. Tom do you guys trust Mardy Ernie or do you truly is we haven't heard from you guys out or what the heck you guys are thinking about Marty do you believe he can do this or you would see moan that just is a cause for us. Having you know lack of football sly do. You know moving slow or does this worry 70457096. Stand it is the Mac tech lose 2.5 WAS NZ talk of football. Sorry we're back it is the Mac exact 102 point five WF Lindsay don't get into these playoffs. Com at some point. You can chime in now if you want to give me somebody of these remaining three teams and quarterbacks that can beat the patriots. And our people buying these hand injury for Tom Brady I'm not buying that man I don't. I don't buy any of this stuff that is needed to make New England look bad. But the whole story and ESP NSA or destroyed this I only know by buy that anymore. But anyway I won't it it's that Mac at WFUZ dot com getting some interesting feedback on Mardy Ernie do you trust more hurting or do you look at it like. Man we are doomed as long as he is the GM Ramo what I want your thoughts on that how you feel about Marty moving forward. Mac at WS and Z dot com are let's go two zones on this jump in here will re summit text and emails. Spencer was a John what's up Spencer. I don't appreciate it out there are about barker debate thank you I. I mean I'm sure he's learned some things yeah I think he's learned some things that. So are there any. Country you know. He redeemed a couple of do you all the time we saw there I don't know. If you can't. Do all. I'm grown all the time but he did put me here but it's. That's that's due. I. Don't do that to home on start fights but this guy this guy same some similar. Jeremiah Mac on here telling us he's the optimistic one and any shred Marty Ernie. Talk about two guys on the radio trying to kill our dreams in Charlotte and the other guy Marty you yeah. More areas learns his lesson you idiots. You have five years away from a job and you have a chance to reflect on what she did wrong and you don't come back and be a better person a bad job that doesn't happens okay Moala has learned did all Marty's back this from Jeremiah. They Jeremiah how Smart guy that if they brought George seats are back five years later after he was gone from here these day George C percent two would have gotten better than still want. Old now nobody and its it would it would be incrementally 91. They be better off. Some guys just maybe aren't that good at what they do you say Marty is as bad as those guys adult and did exist well. In that category of failures in this is in short order outside with the jets he's not well. But what I some good years man won't put my point is that time away doesn't necessarily make you better than you were before. As a trying to set now if you if you you still yeah exactly it's just that I mean does uses as examples of guys I would go I think that's there I think that's fair let's see here she Evan says some Marty's better drafting over the course of his life seven also said he is worried about Marty approaching seventy here's what I don't get to I generally just seventy's they had kids in high school three years ago he might be sixty eras it's just Jesus. I'll turn it on Joseph says this radio shows a free can buzz kill. I miss a show for two days because of the weather I was missing badly I come back to this and Tebow over at today's snowstorm as charm. Back into a negative mini come. I'm just just keep it real not be a negative negative knitting here's a thing. Now we're all trying to say is Marty Murray does not being the GM though I'm saying hey let's be honest we really trust him if he were to do this for years. But I'm also saying that I Selig didn't you won't probably want his own guy in that spot and that morning Ernie can have a good draft one good year. So I. Kind of in the middle on this thing I let's go back to hear from the stands on a 7045709. Season do you view Marty Ernie being the acting GM a as a negative T bone is trying to tell everybody is saying negative but what I'm saying it if he somehow got a long term deal. Then I'd be on the radio probably lose in my current do we remember. We got Greg Olsen to digger girls never ever that he didn't even route that would death he. The sorts of obscenity mail and said this any buddy walk Greg Olsen. And Mardy as far as I thought my my email my daughter Zahara because if Marty was like you know. Marty was negative for some that are not buys email lord would have Greg Olsen here he'd make them so late I know it's a funny scenario I would genetic index but he's got to get a clue what a big that's an armada why did we get Greg Olsen sorry I had some I've ever -- also watched miss did you sense that burrito and a game back in that is the amount. Are 70457096. And affection should we trust smarting hurting here in this second stands. Com or is it some sort of gloom and doom as it appears Tebow and his suggesting we've got John who is up next John how you feel about Mardi. Not a pretty good about what the collective or you want your all party. Part two bit what was his first career start Giambi well. It was 20022001. You had the one win season. And then he start with peppers as his first draft pick. Our guys you know. Struck audience as strap duplicate. Today. Court pepper. Beat that Stewart. Yeah I'd love now. Lou we didn't have or wrap wrap up here and it caught in the fact round not ready ever brought that round but right. But he don't first got back what oh he did an opportunity here the first round. He nailed the first round picks I have got it at nine of ten I think anybody would put it not upset would I didn't lose the match so tough because I think you have to I didn't literally every other day it was a slam dunked. And so he had to back years actually every year he was Giambi basically saying here on a first I don't release it always want every year here's the thing he made the trade they'll throw Todd gave way to first round pick to next year. And then he also made the Everette Brown trade Roy gave Roy a first round picks when Marty traded in the draft it was not good. It was just not good like Armani. Botox and brown the three guys he gave up a lot up for a matter of fact gave up you know first or second round is in the next year. Those trades bone all backfired that was not one of his stressed but just flat out drafting a guy the first round no deal. And he killed in that aspect but the problem is a vote when you ghosts when you go to night after the first round that's amazing. But when you ghost 3% which he did the way I would rate in the second round. Doesn't that kind of take away some of your first round damage does that second round pick is premium pick two in and fairness to Marty Alice questioning free agents. How dare we forget Jane doe. And that's boys so it's my voice and Stephen Davis he did bring it take a while which is that I won't most important society's history of the franchise he's allergic to woman Stephen Davis came on the world. That huge signings absolutely are they on links are your thoughts on Mardy Ernie Tebow says how can pay their fans feel good wood floor because Mardy is in charge. Arm I'm kind of in the middle on this one I don't want a long term but I don't think she was it I don't think he was a total income group is what I'm trying to set. On 70457096. Are at Sean who is up next Sean how you feel about Marty. Then outbreak we got to get another jam band are up big you better address the legitimate. I think you bit about double all in yet to Brady he you know these government that all of a couple of America being what they are well I think your mail order. I mean how many here and say it all got in our well being like being. I mean if you're great I'm all for all the way it all I was like you know it certainly appeal people are. Only draft. And as are given no contracts to law goes on the back there you go about they go all you got. Thought we need to give creek a tip or a court where the. Well that's an interesting point out what I thought ownership played a role in loans from what I have heard people whisper and from just observing. I thought ownership played a role after it was a year that we stuck again be more specific on. That's every other year so what was that years who knows a locked out here right. Lockout year 2010 yeah terrible aren't locked out a year we come off blocked out here we hand them over 2000002 million dollars out of a contract after the lockout is ended. Bombs and why did you do that why did you want to keep so many people from the corps but to win team I think he overspent for that core. Arm and I think that's a problem with dad seems like that was probably Jerry Richardson like okay. We had a freeze on spending essentially. Before the lock that was a potential lockout back camera go out there and spend. The running back seeing so don't I think that was Mardy I think that was Mardy believing you gotta keep stress strong. Believing your stress need to be your running game. But not understanding that the courage when you don't value of running backs at that point in the game. Had dropped to where you can find them elsewhere for cheaper and you don't have to give to running backs second contract that is on hurdles it's wanting to get one running back a second contract but to simultaneously. Was ridiculous so those kind of things make me not trust him long term. I'm hoping he can have one good all season. Matthew says as soon as the new owner comes in the wanna hire their own guy anyway. That's one of the blessings of the Jerry Richardson sales ugly the situation as it was that led to it. Is and I do think will get a fresh face in there I just hope they don't do anything with Rivera though. I don't want to do and it's possible it's a new owner comes in depending on how the season goes. And messes with Ron Rivera that's it I don't wanna lose Stallone it's still some modest is that figure diverted to TV commercials and it's true that he's. Really awkward one day not as mayor Ron Rivera I just went out I thought it either have a Felix I he's got a great car but he did have a job anymore. It is buy out there we gave him who will allow him to. What is he wasn't out payments would you let the dogs are good TV commercial products after he became a place it is thank Joseph says Hart is better than your lover gentlemen Max. I'm Brian Dave gentlemen is the bomb GM. Marty Ernie did a solid job and is a class act and is actually accountable unlike dad sat stooge so now people don't turn a mom saying gentlemen. I still wish him and it was a GM personally I just believe he handled business like he was business not like it's like you're taking care your body's. But once your thoughts on this whole thing I mean do you look at it like we're a better handle Maarty Leunen gentlemen I don't see it that way and do you trust Marty or do you worry about Mardi run in the team 70457096. Stand Tebow thinks or all gonna die as it. I we're back on the Mac attack on FNC Marty Ortiz contract runs through the draft two to June so he's gonna run this offseason so once again we sirens do right now health he's got to run this offseason the owners of situation will be established and then you'll see want to next owner wants to still I would think there's a good chance. You know that he would be replaced any owner would want somebody that you know. Would be his guy or whatever but we don't know but we don't know who's going to be it's going to be into sync to see that whole thing play out that's so does he all season goes on more more we need to talk about we welcome you back if you are back listen to this couple days because of the snow we did two more months houses of misery they ask are shameless is on get out. We did the falcons want to go with the saints one and then it. People requests of the steeler montage of ms. resort played out for you so it was a week of making fun of teams that had better seasons and I went further than us I guess what does that we rolled it if it tastes are pretty patriots always on Sunday while only do next week patriots montage of mentally or declaring he'll do that. It's the patriots lose me when they would lose. When they lose one. Results on we're going into the country you have a choice to have to do that about a jags montage of Israel and seven play the same he's playing with house money manner that's. Pressure on the jags I don't know why old bones he likes Jacksonville as he gets that sixth by the way we did that the 8 o'clock hour can the patriots lose who the heck of these quarterbacks can be great got a ten point clients but of the Brady injury though seems to be affecting folks in Vegas. NEC who is I love him he's a degenerate gamblers there's no doubt about it Casey says the line is down from ten to eight. So there's got to be people that believe all of its religious more info there's going to be people put money down believing that the hand injuries going to affect is gained some app every team loses a drop pointed out in the scratch if he loses art let's jump in zoo are we Tea Party thing don't if you want to do you trust and you worry about a moving forward we get a too much trapped for his tenure which was it to me there was good and bad it was it but I thought it got. I thought at the end it was time there's no doubt on the also tossed just wanted. Injuring Orwell. I made a comment on Twitter yesterday because what I've been seeing some people whether it's Darren dance. I mean exactly true roaring right senate the other day Billy Marshall on Twitter is a good answer follow he's a big deal still not an all three of those guys were saying yesterday you can't resigning injured Orwell you can't do it. It's just gonna cost too much money. And I asked a question on Twitter yesterday and I the only person out here that wants to resigning and journal well I did get some support. I want to existing city airwaves here I want to take it sitting airwaves. And this is the second of three discussions were to have more Tebow and disagrees with make. I don't know like you're trying to fill in for our Osborne the first two hours of the show lately about his eligibility are now on I'll give you my honest opinion it's you argue your on the opposite side of these I'm KIQ I mean it just turned out that way at these three issues we're kind of butting heads on. I would sign nor well I'm curious what if the fans think on this one. I readily admits and we talked to Joseph Torre he's kind of an expert on this former agent CBS sports got a business little business got. And he agreed schedules don't meet high state guard wouldn't sober. Whether it's in Carolina weather somewhere else a lot of people speculated again went to try to do you get that offensive line led offensive line's got to kill him. When he watches film that when he gets the clicker gaunt as he would say on those hogs now he's got to be taken a mosque. Armed I. Twelve million dollars is a high right now that was designed blur in Cleveland. Treater just got to eleven million. The arguments from people matter of fact it's already sort of bone I mean really set up the topic and a guy says you wanna pay guards 25 million dollars total that is stupid. That's why wanna have this conversation. I feel like when you have said we wanna run a power running game offense. Right we all know you need to protect Cam Newton we've seen cam when he takes hits the pocket that's when he ends up getting hurt the most recent associates and a pocket doesn't seem common. We know the TM Newton's throwing the ball under arrest vs getting protection. It's completely night and day this guy needs protection we have receiving corps right now doesn't get open very quick we need signed. And it's your going to have routes bone that are going to be long developing like Norv Turner does. You need your offensive line to be good and turned Orwell gave up a quarter pro football focus zero sacks last season. Not one sack he gave up the pressure one time every 44 drop backs. Injured girls the best lineman on this team. We can't let him go win our offense is gonna be so dependent on lineman. I also have a belief that Ryan Khalil disappoint his career no fault of his coma because of the injuries just you can't trust him. Like you could bring him back for over nine million dollars at his cap hit. And you can get three games out of the we just don't know physically. So I would cut him I'd say seven million dollars and I would use that as some of my money you pay nor focus I don't think we can afford. Do not have to Leo and not have nor well in the middle that line what we're trying to go power running game and we we are gonna throw these deep passes down field. It's makes sense to me I don't went so a lot of money for regarding the most money. Even over Oakland terms of what we invest in our guards but is it key important what we're trying to do what would what is your color to that. Tebow also how how's a working out the Oakland guards are now out there. You know so he's on a way that there was one sees junkies on the way here's the here's the deal I'm not discounting. How good nor lawyers I understand is of course I understand. How good of a gorge PX. But I think your being shortsighted because yet in the moment I understand lawyers say and but look to three years down the road. What he wants some financial slots ability. Would you want some cap space in it's all tied up in the guards he can't do anything because of pain in two guards that amount of money. So I think you've got to look further down the road. In evaluated that way or rather than just 42018. Season what about 201922. Point 221. Which you wanna make some moves and you can't because your pay indoors a boatload of money. Feel like he NFL hostility got to bust your ultra right album and you don't mean like I think we need to we better play president Societe are now looking ahead to may be what you can do down the road I. One other contracts or come out I don't think emergency housing boom could soon though like I don't hinder nor was gonna continue to be one of the best guards in football principal focus on mr. best pass blocker in the NFL this year. Third best guard the NFL I just lose a legit. This would not be in it but to ask waste of money involved for god for god forbid one of your. What are your early players gets hurt the next couple years are my dad did say in light of Heatley went down or some happen with camp if you need some financial. Room to bring in other players and is tied up in guards that you breath nausea Clausen in the draft saying you're eating you need to get those players cheap in the draft but it's got to be you need to do he's got that goes back to Marty Bernie. If he's the GM and he's trying to find value in the draft. As I necessarily Marty strong point isn't. Marty most likely don't get one year now when choosing a new owners go look at more his career to be like I gotta keep that guy. I just I just I kind of agree Gmail or does it just feels like one year for more here even though I know we want more than that I know he does. Com Brian says Tebow right on this one Max he was a pain but on the previous conversation but that is dumb GM and why you keep your when your best football players on the team around. You know I mean listen in hindsight the year trader at the year nor well that's I think I'd rather play they know well I like trail other the federal pay nor well. But I just think you've got to keep your offensive line strong because they're gonna be so important to what we're doing in L. That is that is all that is a lot of money in the offensive line and I'm not discounting any importance of the dolphins and why will dread be Seattle had just paid their eye anymore I don't weather animation a lot of money you've got. I'm paying Daryle Williams still cost a little less than nor well he would would. Because he's a right guards I think the right guard boats market bone is not going to be obviously is crazies or less left guard market. I would keep Orwell I'd save you save five point six million might technically a next year. I would sign Daryle Williams was on that money. I would try to sign norm Daryl Williams I think the offensive line known it is the most important thing on this team other than Cam Newton. And I think what you sound like bone is a fancy football player but doesn't respect the importance of all legitimate offensive line no women in the moment now looking ahead and also. At Morton back to wheel goes who's the left tackle. I would I hope we don't is virtually over here leave for five years he felt like Taylor mode. I proselytize my hope is it's an element. Is we lose mode this year mode abroad he left guard for us I would think it has to be Norwalk whose nor if we lose Norway this year mode would probably be left guard. I'm not Georgia Roni says Tebow shows being annoying today. You've got to pay the white buffalo. Those six Eagles being annoying on this one I think his previous this week answer on the negativity was Welling was. Frankly I annoying discussions I that's outside I wanna throw him out from a snowplow earlier in the week am I gonna lie to you but I feel like this once he don't you're not a peak bone annoyance. Because what you're saying is what I think quite. I'm asking the question in this way we come back we'll talk to you guys on but just as a question this way like is anybody whisked me on this because I feel like I'm probably the unconventional ones paying guards this much no one but the raiders and browns. Pay guards this much money and how is that working out for the brow you don't wanna do releasing usually like to browse I listen this is what really went originating in the white ball slower as the music paper cup we thought I'd never why is that I don't think have noted a white buffalo but I don't know -- so my nickname mad castle's once that happens yeah I don't late eighties I don't remember why the hell at least the white buffalo does somebody know what regular roles like buffalo are we come back let's run through all your calls on this morning here you're out jumping here if you wanna be a part of it is anybody does anybody appreciate called Molly's in this world other than me gentlemen if frank Garcia. I need designs on Molly appreciate your 70457096. Stand do you pay nor well the most of any guard league can you do. Hi we're back Tebow does apparently got the scoop on why injured Orwell is the white buffalo. On my Joseph told me because he's bigger and wider looks like a buffalo. Don't think that's the answer among what is being. Sergey I guess is it's all white ball slow is also tell a new agents on a plane right there that is why bustle soar like a unicorn it's a rare saying. Like you sound a wide bustle media sound something a rare to be treated now. Is championship brief from Ohio State. He has tagged at the white buffalo deaths of his nickname goes back to the Buckeyes are summaries yeah I guess what also means that something rare championship ring is a rare thing he tweeted out white. That's that's interpretation I got that means like he got the championship bring it's a rare thing it's the white buffalo but he found. And they told us that stuff went on I guess I'll know I'll tell you this it better is a big hairy man knows I don't like bustle. You talk about rare to find in this is why get a magic is a thing you all we're trying to bash gentlemen a few minutes ago but that it was undrafted free agent. The gentleman picks and look at a man. First team all pro this season. And how about Darryl Williams fourth round pick gentlemen picked. Second team all pro this season on Terry says our offensive line was garbage this year Weiler wanna keep it together we certainly don't want illusion best player. Offensive line right Leo I don't know how that's gonna turn out you'll lose to people in the middle of your lie like this but I will say this. Gordon pro football focus away and take a drink if you plan to deliver the Mac principal focus drinking game with the armed. Do you believe lowest pressure percentage for cam and his career this year 33%. And the sacks allowed to worthy. Second lowest of his career as a matter of fact the last ten games. This team at a reduced or sacks in the first seven games kind of an half. So I feel I. Some solid players on this line and I don't wanna start losing them and specially guided placed next a magical deal. The oil let the guy go it probably is responsible for helping Matt Khalil a lot on stunts and stuff. How many times has he saved Matt Khalil rear end. You won't let that guy no no I'm paying and that dude and he's doing a job and a half over there sometimes someone just called me the available slowest quarter. I lost about golf economic data. Just like I don't need Democrats and I got away Graham you know wins critical wins the snow days actress stomach on the snow days I don't know what you all do you kiddies or so days and yes they're still home on more on that later but some much. I dread to know any is kids. Build a snowman that I swear seventy tall. Is Britney goes like six to himself in this thing was way over to knows that is the largest free to snowman I've ever seen dude you got to draw a walk try to knit unit to bring along I think it you know because I saw what a melting at that they had our I'd -- lawsuit is not everywhere could that thing was amazing I let's printers and call Cyril we'll start to get into playoff games and 48 o'clock hour. I would start with Lucas was up next Lucas what do you say brother. There are doing good what do you think about all this. Well outlook to keep nor well. Think. Part of it you know you got a bit then your first term there are crucial to draft. And you got to give them every chance to be successful. Now I know it's there were written back there and a lot of people being they've been her. Book then you know in the farm game and there were that the darker. And through turn turn traitor yet and they're put into a solar and Martin. Yeah that's the thing I wonder I still light mode I like coming out to draft a lot of people like to come out dress so I'm not going to lose states just based off of that. That's a valid point don't he clearly is not at the point of his career where a lot of people thought he'd be in your wallet. I never amateur draft gurus would tell us right after the draft this gets ready to play right away. Peaceably right tackle you need tournament somehow go RIT's regular right away and that's a good point clearly he was not at least a debt right guard spot. On this dude says. Billy senate tax. I think we got a franchise tag given by ourselves another year and see what happens in the draft and free agency. Arm this dude says Mac what shore doing his GM malpractice to quote Jamie Dukes. 24 million dollars tied up in the guards give me a break this team that has five gazillion meets. You have the draft here's what my plan no bone is not just pain or well my plan is caught trying to we'll say seven million cut Stewart. Say three and a half or three point seven cut CJ 63 point five got Russell Shepard saves three what about canal you free up a lot of money you know is a free agent and have a bad feeling he could be gone but. Exact and I know we had a tremendous year. Why can you get it cheaper kicker right Republican I was gonna commander how about that way as well. I don't know you'd get one that led the NFL and in field goal percentage useless as a touch backs are to root canals while Terrence this is why the bunker move letting you know not she's choosing the young guy sucks the other bunker has three more years cheap right now and who made that move that was. Our our humpback that again our household net Magid WS Lindsay dad cannot Joseph says all of that guy Mac guy said it is duke. I used to play offensive line I was the most valuable guy on the team. People don't get what we hope volleys are all about us like this student high school was so we're supposed idol got about it because of that you gotta pay Norwest. In my grasping. My grasping to a group that point. I'm we go back to its own 7045709. Success. Injured or what will probably get thirteen million dollars a year to be nice big guard is anybody with me on paying them or is that thing taboo to a lot of you panther fans. We go back to zones and bring in JJ what do you make it this conversation. Our man I agree I don't believe Brent as you may edit out beat the out of hand out you know wooden door. So I have a big iron and it proved to be no bit it's been official what I want to talk about Marty and Marty you know he he's been the cornerstone. For our organization and wonders you know who brought topical will post these new. The end. Erodes us Steve was a year most for more. Well it that there Rick Down there but can't move comet. Agree just Ryan you know it almost on merit and no well. Would willow well may have the white book well we are welcome we are it will he'll be in both look what happened was. That's true that's another candidate to see any chance that it can be gone that is any candidate. I'm very candid you gotta watch McDermott and Zacks Buffalo Bills man I mean big committee were to ski mask trying to steal our name players. Arms we like to want to come you don't want a New York. If Philly we cinema and the triple A buffalo don't miss the playoffs out of here with a well struck about little brother anymore well ideally your little brother little brother. You don't want to I'm gonna get a call Linear won't get into play also can patriots beat beats me give thirty sec is mom and Eric. It went our big morning meritorious pay when he's sixty do you have the time nor rockets how many years do you think cam has what to window of opportunity really three years. Right so much. If you keep using him this way. I kind of seal like three or four years where he can be the same guy. Right so we'll put that in mind you need to keep offensive line over what if it's how prepared but then that it is in com. Where else can you stack upright sorted keep camp which I think is the important thing right now at the opposite the life. Yeah no that's a good way toward earth does a good way to put a bone was saying about the future well. How long do we think cams. You know prime is going to laxity can ski in taking hits and running which I'm a proponent of is it only three or four years we have to make sure we protect him and were good in the east three or four years. I think it's a valid question to ask. I were to keep distinct rocket can anybody beat the patriots like I need help anybody is there any of these street pedestrian should be easy to beat the patriots. And I asked a question when we come back right away we come back what are you young folks doing. I know mold as hell at this point I sound like the barrel man but there's a phenomenon among young people in this country that is just idiotic I have I have to ask about this.