Mac Attack: Panthers-Eagles Talk; Jim Szoke In Studio

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Thursday, October 12th

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Hackensack yeah. W fans in zine. Talk can pay its thirst Eagles I love this were on on game day in your own opinions or talk all day on the station's ranking tile. Pro Saddam boys will be asked yet to Zito to go dog house that's where you need to be featured tailgate on pre game head down theirs early used to look and start pregame and so this bad boy if there's about a three point favorite it's just say it's basically this. Cancers are savored based on the home field as essentially comes down to Vegas sees them as two even teams. From let's see each year I don't be shocked but as Bowman people are bothered about what they're here and on our shelves. I don't X until May feel calm some people are meant to Phillies fans this dude says ever notice every time you meet someone from Philly they never lived there. The city stocks it seems so much of sands are lunatics us from band about a web barbecue I gotta tell you a barbecue. Better than your cheese steaks SNI center right here Don that letter I think it's pretty dot com and I got. I don't see stay pretty close I love recent cheese steaks consulted giro and I. I that's not the issue here I also love them but I just always say that right now has not because you assume we had you don't lay Golden Eagles fans. Don't want a battery strode through the studio windows today that instead of building standards actually. Possibilities keep the emails don't rely just felt the dog house drugs Philly fans are coming in. Let's see here okay so we'll get back to calls it a bunch of people call me and another thing too is panther fans upset. With me bony they're not happy with me he's facing down a little over the top they think I'm disrespect and silly we'll get into that I got us what are my seven I. I don't mean extreme disrespect I tried to talk people down and say it's going to be a blowout but I just had a serious question you point out to me the best team the Carson went his veto a road game. And I don't think that team is near as good as the Carolina Panthers that's when it comes down to he has never won a football game like to see just hasn't doesn't mean he never will but he's got to do it before I admit okay he's at that point in his career rekindle it plus Elaine Johnson sacked. There to altitudes everything gets a fluke they're nine ensue whittled. But it flew commander one of the best offensive lines in football but they rely on those bookends being together Peters and Johnson both. And there will be some people out there are maxed out lap at this point about the make your money Eagles fan to say. It has nothing to do the football game but I think you may play a factor tonight do you say that they're there to come out and why NA on a night that's dedicated to sandals. They're good they're gonna come out flat and not ready to go and ready for a football on a night that's Sandoz tribute to gather well that's gonna meet emotional emotional. Seen before the game I'm guessing. So you did figure him out there or not and not give it their all the digital T won't. I know it's it's one sticker on no doubt it. Better not do that would fit you want on a sticker helmet on our helmets or whatever on China set didn't want sticker on the helmet by the way you've got to DVR the sale mills also polite it is amazing and it's after the game in the post game tonight best time to make sure your DVR and get the whole thing is 9 o'clock tomorrow it's absolutely also kind of on our also other thing on Jake DelHomme wanted. About it I guess he's about Jake it is forty and train horses tonight six and I think it's our during the pregame yes I let's rock and roll we've got skull sell the bottom of the hour we go inside the film what does he think about the Panthers from last week. What does he think of the Eagles on film on offense and defense. That's coming up at 830 in the meantime we want to rock hero you guys pay the fans jumping and Eagles fans I guess I don't even need to invites you win you guys a barge in here analyze which is let's just think spirited 70457096. Stand eagle Eric has a problem with a tone of the show I did informed of eagle there. Okay I first saw it in your boys team that. Camp Randall account that would do that you know that dolphins are underlines is. Eyes a little bit about this earlier in the mornings sixty. I'm. You keep mentioning. Day you guys won in two way game and that means you don't win this week. But you know I think what the candidate last time they've played at all we do live tonight Gibson is Sarah you know. Exactly exactly. Totally different or better than the group you don't do sales beat the desert eagle decrypt Mac clean you know on the I'm not telling I don't wanna hear about lane got them bigger than tonight's game has passed Julius Peppers bedtime can you hold. So we should be good there. You know eagerly gonna win it's gonna be a tight game struggled early offensively almost that that had just see a little scoring Eagles warmup for. You say to Eagles win by four okay so what do you think is the biggest pants or weakness what are going to exploit don't like what is the biggest. Problems are. Have visitors against you good defensive backs. Especially consider a couple of them Mbenga miss some practice. You are big on attention noted that third quarter. Have to Mara playing great as a third corner though Brett buries a tremendous young who would argue are an article you gotta be sure we. You know we regret aren't you guys might have Johnson Fletcher Cox she might not have Chris Long might have small would like I feel like your as Eagles I feel like your injury problems could conceivably be worse than ours is Cox doesn't play tonight's. And as your best player on defense by far. One of your most valuable guys on offense is lane Johnson at right tackle he's not playing and so I dissing. Demetrius Cox we also are salt and he's such kind of taxes around as field just beyond on the sidelines and actually come home and hurts. And com who's the other one we got out trying to leave. I see everybody else is all the injured list using were banged up really a bad guys questionable for tonight's game at Philly Eagles are more banged up in the paint if there's a I'd honestly. The eagles' injury OS is small Wisconsin Johnson's. Bones and it told a joke now twice you just could help yourself out. Had to go back well the 8 o'clock you know it's funny because I did it at six may be someone didn't hear at six I know we do year then you call me out for doing it makes also the point of it is required to. I don't know what does Joseph Betsy injury list I nobody's friend and an injury while they got to just funny how Madonna but Serbia beat a forty romantic you are that's a I'm 43 very close to be of 44 all right watch yourself just. Just see what Sheridan maybe it was they get a job Vieira all right C injury was very gig and I smiled and your best lawyers are your guy for the job jerks let's keep go to. Responding eagle urgency that he glared at her from having years of thing about legal marriages. He talks trash but he doesn't such a monotone fashion it makes me more man to someone that we yell at me it's just a weird thing. On 70457096. And Thomas is up next Thomas let's go wrong. Also look at traffic that side and the Eagles stand up and our party. Yeah I've been in the Charlotte area so why you know what my pop salute people stand under an inherited right. From what I am trying to pick and campers from a night out you are actually truck restrictions before. Postal take eight core. Public glitch Republican that I tracker so look at the matchups are gonna determine their belt came to compete claiming Graham. Which don't think you got received broad because then that Russia like him direct tackle if he gets hit Camden early. To be a spoiler on the flip side if you look at the effectiveness of the Eagles one game which are what determine. Of how well we can 13 down which would have guessed third Doc Rivers into the NFL. If we get a good also in that situation with the right game. Jason Carroll sources they want short explore. A party. Yeah I don't know at this point Chelsea is. Kelsey when it comes to be pass blocking game not many of struggle and Eagles line it seems like he has that was dare I say a likable legal same. That's a senior unicorn but I just hope like employee calls sand right here I didn't see in my men demo via the radio but it's. I mean he says Panthers wind he made points on both sides. Like what's going on Wasilla since his search kinder gentler skilling about their narrower and more bigfoot sightings and carting here is particularly eagle eyed and what's next we're gonna fight cowboys standards of Mensa member I mean is that over. By next couple of things is here I am his voice harsh. Right his points are real good stuff raining rams got to be concerned he will line up against Darryl Williams. Well I just played pretty well the last few weeks really the whole lines play well last two weeks of grand pass blocking. This is gonna be element task. Armies or big time pass rushing big time speed rusher on the other side as you likely aliens Vinny curry is it eight is an okay match up for us don't think he's spectacular. I think Fletcher Cox when replays are not a big factor to do to just wrecks stuff on the interior he really canned and Tyler Larson has struggled big time in pass pro lately. So. That's 140 candlelight I would like to see Fletcher Cox about homer game make jury so tags but it's not as far as the Eagles run the ball I think week I think they can stop bluntly Celtics small woods uncle playing. But only every player in this game that we say his name has a funny thanks blunt small ones like all these names that you could literally take in other media but I just sing I sing plugs a blunt scuttled slaughter. And he's averaged almost six yards carry a silly we can gang tackle him get solely gang tech least not going to get holes extremely quick we feel really till a couple of his runs. Last week armed when he caught guys out of position in the gaps and still on the blocks. Actually they shut down the run game and Carson went has longer third down situations. And users of the amount Carson wets on third down 36 or less perfect quarterback rating 158 point three. Carson went on third and seven or more won fourteen quarterback rating I hot. Actually he's damn good. Situations but you wanted him in a long at all don't have exhausted he's not free to perfection and I know he's got you journalism and there's been great on third down we've got to find a way to stop and I can't deny our let's keep the dollar debt of risking your response. We are one smug Eagles fan when no one actually nice Eagles fan jump in here reclaim your turf 70457096. Stand it is the Mac attack what happens tonight Greg cosell some breaks down the film and 830 stay with us and that. Bringing about a client are win tonight man how special that he could be winning team's three straight weeks to get to five and one would be absolutely huge it would create there's no doubt about it I'm also look at sports this because these these late night games yum every home game but he's late night games with the early morning show. Lot of times those watching on TV so. It's really rare home games I get to watch on TV bone and I'm looking for here in Tony Romo did you can't just get I think romo's to a really good job. And I wanna hear his takes on Tammany nonsense I think he's pretty good I know that's going to divides us a little bit just some out there if they think Ramos a bomb. But it is still still pretty good start is broadcasting takes a look at sports that tonight Giuliano called plays in advance which is which is cool to say what competitors running game may not take much job calling in advance their first downs stewards got to get this up the middle jam but he's got to run record. My fantastic. And by the way that brings something up here one of the keys throw the ball on first down. Cam Newton this year is complete 75% on first down regular cells coming up I'd ten minutes did a piece on this last week Kim's first down passing he did a piece on NFL match up 206 quarterback rating on first down. They're actually throwing it all jokes aside about Stewart get the ball got on first down their throat at thirteen times a game on first down. They've got to keep an up man that swing used rolled the football the other team is certainly with the cancer is sit on the run on first down. Kim could have some success against these quarters in a letter was talking about our quarters. A look at guys like Jalen mills that rookie that you guys play. Even the Robinson kid who's played well but that wasn't good at New Orleans like I think those corners are being able to wait for. Wide receivers played so I think McCaffery has a play tonight thirty yards or more area whether or I receiving running I think McCaffery I feel a deep down that idea as a white. Well thirty yards from. If you look at the stats bound football outsiders set has to could blend drink it is and I referenced when he's analytic sites is Diane drink clean drinking age of six football outsiders has them nineteen to deficiency is running backs out the back field. Guys like Nigel Brennan some of these well some of these linebackers. Hasn't been great coverage may be just a game where McCaffery gets going a little bit more. Can skewer prediction on the thirty yard run TV now your moral talk we talk all about tomorrow love this to dance a reaction shows in one week. Oh I love it if we wins titles keep going to cosell bottom of the hour your thoughts but it's a nation are you with us this is a winnable game and are we disrespect him silly on 70457096. Cents. All right let's go to. Spencer but wait why don't give him in Spencer what do you say a man. More Emanuel you normally do and do you feel about just gang boss. God I've diagonal vehicle get a leg out all right when you've caught me you got you're the baby got a whole got a bit. Still don't need to booed us. What you mean here's the show. And I usually don't. That would have you read. Compared to legs you can and that then go to the game go to other way but I was. Yeah so thanks a big issue we have much more actual questioning ended it was well he's. And are you you know you would all Christian look at the Turbo dog about what he what this morning. You provided this old Al but we don't rattle Christian can't you let go side. Maybe I should have slowed down a McCaffery they've got to think that maybe I should slowly rolling calls this morning that he's more months James Harden already like and doesn't say we didn't want mail it's easy argument I don't know what I failed to go to hundreds of miles. Giuliani employee and I saw that clearly yankees don't advance there's no that's the Yankees and the Broncos Spencer. Grayson lost its until your would sue yankees fans of the day like this they got the dancers are playing the night. Yeah loads LaMont thing was this is a couple things going on here. McCaffery I still believe he has all those skills and I thought he had reached just and by the way the covers on pace for every catches. Do we really need to be acting like he's having some sort horrible season. These are running back is on pace for already catches as a rookie. I guess that's pretty darn good secondly the Montauk is out of control one guy said he's going he's got he's only James Harden. Another guy said he is the best hornets player since the original lord squads. And another deuce ad in three years. Kemba Walker broke his caddie essentially the so come on people were overdue minimally monster self defense of things to work on it I think he's still he's bulk up a little bit but does most kids can slash Al light it up in quick doses and I'm excited about this I was excited to some of the east and he's got he's got. Point guard skills are showing off of us has good CA I should point guards being injured and that's only what nineteen years old. Somewhat compared to CJ McCollum argued that lead and somebody sent dead in attacks I think especially Eric I sell more solid combo got size and stuff like that my buddy texted in. Eighty catches. Eighty yards but get out of here talking about eighty yards just a hassle I don't know how do we know that he hasn't you know he's at the fifth most yards per route runner many running back to Italy but I am rookie straight got island drink I was an analytic stat right there. I don't want. You know I come aren't my stats are sort of resort because all you do is is just bounced off balance your saddle now with nothing to back it up. So I coming your arm was stats site in fact check dot org your tiny scratch. That's why many here like I have a pro football focus that three Marseille was sent the Dallas Cowboys are two British. Against dad brother Ari cannot close friend or not those funny Brandon was a jump in here Brandon how you feel about tonight. I don't got I don't know who's good and that's why do you see you about dean. Both get our word about understated not vomit made a good point but can't barely into a big point big robocalls of Israeli right now I love you guys but they. Aren't but let bring Graham has got to not a big satellite problem I didn't I don't really help a lot about our second area haven't seen many. Did talk and hard to keep track of them during the game but not. I think we're gonna do it is very beavers and now and you think Jerry spare Colleen Dolan to get more played and I got it. Sounds should Rivera like to playing us to do it he did the other day which is. On predictable run down astounds that they would team run downs Colin Jones as a safety. On 'cause he can come up in Haiti made plays or tackles for loss of one point in the game that's that's his stressed. The coverage not necessarily his stress that's more of yours birds and it seems like that's the way they're gonna split it. I will admit bagels Zach Turks he gets matched up against Gerris birdie Colin Jones I wonder about that match up a little bit. Arm although went well the other day. Arm I don't think Zachary just don't drop the balls like to Cherokee tribe did to help out. It's far as but as far as the corners I like bread bury a leg motherland. I worry a little bit about Darryl Worley but to be honest after Detroit attacked him earlier he got that PI gave up the underneath pass on third down. He'll give a couple more pass rest of the game. So I say I think whirling with sneaky good to wrestle away let's face it. It's a cancers pass rush gets after it and with that backed up right tackle by died in there and tempers lineup a lot of times right over there right tackle. I think there's a chance to disrupt. And therefore you know healthier secondary that way umpire will keep talking about it or hear from you guys we come back though we've got to get Greg cosell in here what is the films say about Panthers vs Eagles will go home. Max spends on the couch and that's a long time. Pierce spent over thirty years breaking down for fall for NFL films and he is here every Thursday to share that expertise with the queen city. I'm missing with the INS guys is about your Panthers with a grade goes yellow of NFL films on the Mac attack brought. Brought to you by garage door guru and go garage door guru dot. Are you're not getting your better breakdown of this game and how both these teams look on Selma how they match up but you're gonna hear from Greg cosell and SL films every Thursday at 830 but today it's game day. Greg Little extra pep in my step this week maybe it's game day how you do it. I'm doing great now take McIlroy called queen city. I'm going. So that's why does our youngest and as the largest city in the state does not that I had no we won't go to I have to know I made an exclusive deleted analog that's why there's multiple clean cities in OK now I got Cincinnati yeah. We city I guess Cincinnati was steal and are are are saying okay are now a guy city to stage when it's not declaring what did you do that art college grad. I don't think just Siegel is here to say makes I don't really sound dim witted enough punch odds aren't good enough numbering just don't intimate knowledge about any different mark out. Lord now to get rid humidity Judy emails and tax ripping match I. And I thought our rights you know like you haven't studied stats and his game that's why are. I don't got equity guy I really matters I'd let's talk about just its a game it was focus more on this game specifically and we'll talk about the tape you know I am from both of these teams. But it's all right let's start with this one's. When Elaine Johnson doesn't play the Eagles are two and Kate when he does play in the last two years or nine and sue that's the stat. Now you tell me this film I know he's a really good player. Is there a huge drop all from him to the back up and tempers really exploit this or is that a stat that really. Doesn't you know it is is is that kind of coincidental no inkling Johnson's the big difference mega what do you think the. Well there's a that it dropped off early Elaine Johnson has some good player and I don't think he's played. Played as great as some might think this year based on on film but he's a good player. The site to site will play right tackle he sees god dinner last year's rookie his first start he got schooled by Wright and Eric and he improved as the year progressed. Just he throws a lot of quick team meeting three step drop passes and quick side stepped up fascist. And then minimizing the impact your tackles haven't blocked for a long period of time and but there are always third and long plays in every game in which you last year tackle have to pass protect one on one. And to delete the plays were you hoped that peppers. Oh by the way played very very well last year. Which is pretty remarkable. But. You know those in the please you hope that you can get pressure on course to expect and you also have to be careful woodlands because he's very very good getting out of the pocket. And making plays and dislikes. All right let's talk about Carson and Lance and yet that's another factor in this too is that he can get out of pocket he can purchase that way you improvise and stuff like that. What how what do you think of the match up of the wind's against this panthers' defense how much damage can he do he's playing absolutely amazing he really years. He has been very advanced for a quarterback who's made when he wanted to telstar. It's easy now controlling the game at the line of scrimmage or making calls to boost toward us is put the ball which is. When you were you start or restart higher level of quarterback play. There was no better example of that in the Tories in the 59 yard touchdown in which he changed the play at the line of scrimmage and then actually. Also I didn't couldn't either read after the snap so he he's getting to the point where mentally he's very very good. He's very aggressive player so the there's always search instead tell trying to make a play and be a little reckless but he's sort of channeling and all more this year the second year and as a rookie. I it took cash scheme that is as I say that's a lot of quick team element but definitely exterior shots with more don't feel route concepts. What we call three double stretches were we called dagger things that are meant to attack deep intermediate level of the defense. By the way both of those concepts work very effectively against the dominant in his own coverage that the Panthers play. We're talking to Greg cosell we're talking right now about that silly off cents. Against the Panthers defense Greg within itself tells a 37 years but it was our show for years in this role breaking down the sales for us. All right so we got another week of cam Newton's throwing the football what are we get there all the bread very situation and I hit a driver's good to go easy it spread Barry's gonna play war release okay ever ever looks everybody's okay except collegial. Coleman and toxins or three that around literally no one else is even questionable on. On the injury report and all America what us OK so then he nearly you know that. I'm TM. Another good week to throw the football. Are really good we what did you see from him last week I know some people that are a tape watchers. Raven said they might they think this might have been the best they see him throw the football how did you feel about that effort from him. I thought he threw the ball extremely well just first early game you know and you could oppose him can make you were so far ahead Steve got to find just. Fifteen yards throw oil he could not stepped into the absolute classics you know power stroke. And what he's accurate and we know that he's had issues would that hurt his career. But when he's that security makes throws and he made big time go to touchdown to eventually end. It was you couldn't throw drop drop in the bucket candidates to Benjamin any better than that. And then and that was very good coverage by Darius play. I like the way they want to middle field he works the middle of the field really really well that's where I think he wrote two best overall. On stage at some part of matchup in this game due to their side. To be very interesting to see what people do on the outside jail and noticed a feisty aggressive quarter but the smaller. Armed I think they're gonna play recital Douglas at the other corner in this team pretty much the entire team to the size of course is almost six period about 1015 to twenty. And I've nanometer big big kid but he's a rookie so you know. He and and Dick Cheney you know look people forget because great goals and so good do you want our favorite guys. But you can bargains are receiving the carried and he was a split attached player in college he's still got a pretty good athleticism we saw last week. No doubt no doubt but here's here's the thing do you see alike. Did you silly game kind of be like last week where the Panthers struggled running consistently run defense is really good they may get Fletcher Cox back. What concerns skeleton concerning they didn't do a lot of their run game stuff last week I'm anxious to do what they do this week. But so they ran the ball very conventionally last week and things really had a hard time running the football. So we'll see if they pull out. You know I Eagles looked absolutely can to going back a position to addiction rather many Kendrick sit there and their base 43. So this might be a week where they do a lot more of their their multiple. You know the run game to mention. Which it is always their playbook systematically executed do I get to give an opponent. No absolutely and I'm glad to UC sometimes I do some stuff earlier when you ask me that queen city class I ended up not feeling very bright but this one like sometimes I'll say so during the week and although his son Greg. Mack amateur film viewing they use or go back. I don't do your brain the hey it's either I watched the game back to third time or my wife says did you project and house sides in this is good for me but dump no I noticed that to the lack of in this direction in the run game and I say this all the time. I just don't even think it's worth trying to run conventionally from what ever reason. It doesn't work I don't know the line just not if we don't have enough good run blockers but it seems like we need deception and it feels like against Philadelphia. They're aggressive up front if feels like deception might need a way to run against some some kind of I'm kind of glad to hear well. You have a good front seven and antitrust act this week from what I understand I guess they're putting guessing game Benjamin I think he practiced everyday so I mean he's maybe not quite heavy and he snapped but I think it'll be out there. You know unless there's just kept actor you know in pre game which we've seen before by. But yet made eight. I was kind of surprised and I think the lions have a pretty good front and I think our drug data is there a lot rookie linebacker is going to be a great great player. But they'd really struggle to run the ball out of he'd you know conventional traditional run here is normal conventional running game concept I didn't think you'll find it very good job. Do you think cam is playing differently this year because again I go to see things like advanced stats Greg them you know that I did and I swear by the you know average yards in the air and a of his passes or down like two and a half yards. On the DC McCaffrey has won seven catches Stewart seems like you schedule is it doesn't look when they talked about it the ball off dancing can get it out quick and thrown it shorter how much do you actually see of that. I think much of that is from Africa back I think they clearly want him involved in the afternoon and that's really what he is right now does not run the ball very much differently when he does try this in the successful. So we did they're clearly using him receiver bowed out of the back killed off so bad and wouldn't you know. And those were lowest so we can spread during the term McCaffery being attractive to some throws are going to be shorter and excuses. The statistics. Bound. But I still think overall this team throws the ball to intermediate level find that sort of the foundation of how they play. You know I and I think there's a misconception about him probably a lot of people he's really a pocket quarterback doesn't have the ability to get in the pocket and he. Yes but he's not a guy that looks tough to leave the pocket. You know we tell one of those quarterbacks. And I put this week in particular he was very controlled in the pocket. He played primarily from the pocket and he threw the ball would accuracy. So that's really what he does his best in need what he is does he does she doesn't have the ability trying to stick to. Great Q with a nice run you know on certain percentage surely does but he's not a runner percent eight. Example that by the way of him waiting in the pocket patient leaks was Assange is touchdown right. And ended up looking all over the steel mills forty finally mercenary who got wrapped it didn't eat out there running mood move to grow yeah yeah I'm blasting I got to ask you about is. That sleigh and the odds are near need his cigarette after that play Greg I was so excited do you want to shovel the McCaffery where they had so many different looks at how to they have this jets just we action and it's triple option looking and he tells McCaffrey. How much did you enjoy it up. Did you like that one hole I try to take notes on all the things they did you leave a calling card is. Yeah it was a quarterback power and the speed that can happen in the shuttle pad that was for different things going O and time. That man and that's what was it feels like they have diverse a group of players with cam in the end. And some of the other skill guys that they can do a lot of things like that would multiple looks aren't. On those kind of things so we I mean you can go back to paint scheme on their first possession what Stewart seventeen yard run which a lot of I think times have. They just talked to distort on this idea options and he ran for seventeen yards so they do a lot of these things that that's all of their playbook that's why did you wonder in the made. Elbow with a lot more that's dugout against you know cash flow line backing core. And see no community that expects to deemed specific thing. You know like it ensures that I can give an opinion but I you know I'm not a game planning so and they have far more detail and I. You know so. But I think we will see a little more of that tonight. I love the way you just broke down that plane describe that's like man that's just add Derek gets me fired up to Greg by the way you have creature I've met so ready seminar connect. I've. The chiefs ball when it's happening in here on our showed that should let me say this does I lied here's the last question it's about how about. McCaffery I got this about McCaffery is this a game the last couple weeks have been a little more pedestrian for him I actually like to thank they're not forced into almost feels like the last couple weeks. It's just a match up against those linebackers were seeking gay dole nor is it not a good matchup for him what he said. I mean I think he's good matchup dandelion dust and quite honestly it just depends on and how they see a given week they look the fact he's a matchup on our continuing bacterial people if you want to pick your 220 times obviously after its total work like that you know I would. But but I think that. It is Eagles play a lot of zone between mormons and last week I think that was a function which they play it I think you can go back to playing a dominant own concept now that can. Not a 100% match coming up late may and but I think you'll see much more easily and I told my kids are still get asked specifically one on one matchup strapped predominately let's put that white. And did a good deal or add Greg cosell on Twitter and make sure you watch the NFL matchup show regular nice breakdown of GM's first down passing so now after I see that brag I look at our. So bombed because he mixed Dixon on similar to a play nice so yeah I don't check in Dallas. This is not a that's telcos. I can tell us look at the numbers because once you do dad he's SL I now he's not really tough first round he's really good on second as well it's it's those early downs thing you have to throw that football when other. We'll run first team since when you're running to first team with a lot of front options you very often are going to get. You know single high you can get opportunities and a task. He's got to do that tonight a bunch and by the way I also learned that from your guy jolts Charles always preaches writes that first album best out of throw the football on. You can get a book has just yes it's a student at night or Greg aren't armed you're demand Greg Accra to sell magazine when the show's on again actually do that NFL match up is on Saturday ESPN two at 830. Sunday ESPN at 630 make sure he DVR that bad boy Greg you're a member of the will talk to next week. Our guys right there you go Greg cosell and I will say this Gregg Chris sells sort of firestorm in the building senate's tax. Because queen Sofia of Mecklenburg is the reason why Charlotte is the queen city but it is not. The reason could you can drain on what eighties are called queen city when it's the biggest these decisions Ascap but that's not like Cincinnati is also the queen city but it would but that there is an actual reason why Bob's your first tour as the clear and so I multiple cities had that I think you must read about clean. I just say this because I'm now reading on the taxed when we come back we'll focus more on football as you can say that may be a better idea to talk about motivational Katie coach Katie is still in those are motivational speaker and our lead in the big names she's got to jump in here we'll try to get another caller Su and done 9 o'clock hour bunch of great guests including. The producer of the Sam mills. Football lights and airs tonight you're not go wanna miss as a great conversation. And and James court here. Tebow tells me this is your produced by Scott LaMont and love that Jones credit to those chants of act be LB DC yet blowback jumped ZLBCC. Jones accounts at odds are rarely times they've got some credits and those cells are just you know I requests and look at Woodley I still had to get do you get some Ted Woodley pretty shows are about to get me fired up more I think about Beckett when we saw dries peanuts are London I didn't fire in recent stand and cheer and some can't Woodley before we get out here we have. I had would lead Gallup both of those and why can't probably back I guess we cranked up that was nice little. But make good things are happening in 2015. We're gonna put on a poll the one pick admirably solid are let's see here I. Kevin says Mac I'm pretty sure I caught a silly radio host be able to tell me why. Horse my city of Philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love Elaine moment for you and Tebow. I was give you like why cities are called the queen sitting to my knowledge are you aren't the specifics saying I don't know about queen Dorsey every talked about bullying is green and I. Clean Charlotte's what does it queen Charlotte. Clean hands clean so see I. I don't drink and no man I feel it's embarrassing to be rosenbergs who lived there thirteen years I should know that by now go with that said why are you all called the city of brotherly love 'cause you got nothing but hate that city I've never understood that is the worst nickname for those and there's no. Levin a town doesn't also it does NAFTA isn't it in the name of the city it's Greek. There's there's not a good there's my Macedonia additional else I got that I just simply making an observation that city umbrella Lowe isn't a lot more full of hate and maybe any city in America got the kind of ironic that got developed a crack governor Tim and thought out. Let's liberty bell and alerted now and then they got our. Rocky statue maybe over eight feet directors to answer your every was so successful the only place Philadelphia zeros. Successful when Jimmy jet is when they arise when they write you know movies rocky. A single handedly brought down the Soviet Union you saw it as if he can change we all can tell all revived concerns that does it. We don't have a cultural statue here I. All right by the way yeah us exist. There's a silly standard said counted championships Chile vs Charlotte I know it was just delighted just aligned to make fun of you all I I don't let's I don't let's tax the way of my jokes are I don't and then I was only championships in my life are always gonna launch idol hero it's dreary marked their rule out we optical Google's got Eagles are still you have Phillies in your lifetime Bryant's about it. That is our I just go and all exactly boss in the last thirty years on dust is settled down I let's go to the zones and bring in the motivational speaker she's taken over the Melvin roll were to know coach Katie ladies and gentlemen coach K Cyrus up. I went up there have been eight netbook can't take it back again I've not meant to give you another weekly motivational speech. And I can't get go against the Eagles. Eager as the birds I look at ITT part is we're going to be Jack it dictionary and it gave the city don't we have got to put out giggled back. Coming in danger to speak English and I. Oh and it is gonna stop bird a little. A lot of before he did a bit too late at night. And I had to keep pounding kite Bob get old for all. All sort court we have to do what other won't we do know what it before it opened joked so ball. And Arab. You go coach K fired us up every day 88 K eighty Kennedy Katie doesn't wanna run through a brick wall after coach Katie breaks it down for you like dat. Seriously and is like Newt Katie until you kinda. Allegedly Johnson did that how bout them cowboys beat the great blockers because the tightening Haiti's right up there are to be done I think Haiti's motivational speeches are even better than the end speech from Al Pacino in any given Sunday earlier exam you're gonna and it's our rights let's see here. She's just gonna tell us Melvin someone asks. This man I don't know if you find Melvin let us know right now Katie is unbeaten Melvin didn't have a thousand winning percent our. Melvin do. Ms. Melvin we don't know Needham who needs belt and helmet off an eight dollar lawsuit against the bill considered sex about ADR Larry she's motivational speaker all right and next week. Just for cam I'll have a talk some rounds actually. Your motivational speech I kid everybody I tip our nights when we come back I'm gonna study the history of sharks at Charlotte and Philadelphia so I don't sound so I'm dumb but we also got to give you some some good stuff in your 92918. Yourself you're gonna hear from the producer of sandals football like many shows also muscle on this copy of it coming up next let's get to know our enemy. Howard asking is not shy he's got opinions galore is on the radio and TV for years and silly he joins us next.