Mac Attack: Panthers-Eagles Day

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Thursday, October 12th

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So when you crank it up also fight song style. Great big Panthers are contests tonight two of the three best teams in the NC record wise it's four and one. Coming in our next guest probably is comparing that's on the fly Eagles fly right now on his mind and sealing Howard as he has been in Philly for years. TV I remember growing up in Pennsylvania get the TV stations. I don't wanna date and too much here but yeah I was lost how best to do sports I've heard a show for our years of de VIP in Philadelphia. He's on the Eagles radio network he'll be on the sidelines make him feel at home and throw batteries at them I don't know actually I'm joking and I could encourage anybody do that but Howard escape joins us. I'm the king of all median Philadelphia Howard you don't brother good to have you on the show man. No problem I've never had a bad day in my life even the batteries come at us. A as Cheryl I believe you are you you are you you can handle that you can handle those situations. Are I would hope there won't be battered tech note that we lights are I don't know maybe like Turkey leg bones or somebody obviously very slight what do you think I was listening sued you know the silly radio nobody yesterday on line trying to get a stealing drug and what's Palestinian steal out of the post sealed stuff like that and it seems like there is kind of the question going on about okay. The stay and they seems a little divided do we die in that this eagle steam as a legitimate and I know that the odds went up this week again for you guys are Super Bowl does. Some fans seem like combine in man Wentz is amazing this team to make a run at a super ball others seem a little more reserved where do you stand right now. On how you should feel about the Eagles are 41. Oh well I don't think defense on the defensive split I think are more awful forums on this team now than they've been in years because of the way they played. And they and they played well there's no question they've played well I beat you. They hope to talk about Super Bowl I think particularly. Worried about winning the division making the playoffs first I think Eagles. But at best team win their division on the second best team is Washington. I don't know but the giants obviously we know what they and the cowboys are mask. Because they have no defense it too many bad guys on the team that could they just can't. I don't think they can really. Has success so I think that's the first are concerned and now people really believe they can win the tradition. That they wouldn't division and get that. Playoff game and apply. If you never know what can have but I don't think if people want to talk Super Bowl I don't think there yet they are good teeth and the French notre great team. And that's the way they've looked at it now the way IPO I think the win the division as they say it. And I think they're a good football team. I thought they won't be good football team going in they might be a little bit better and the quarterbacks really done a good job. In the Arab friends done a good job I believe the Eagles. And achieve their monetary. The only team in the NFL domestically back LS season. In nine or ten games or scored twenty plus points you can. They're the only team that has consecutively. In the last year it might be up to Tenneco last week. They have scored twenty plus points in ten consecutive weeks. They really are good and the defense system doesn't make mistakes but they got to keep it together like it's a tough game is no question about it. You know I'm looking and looking for you know look at your roster and of course we looked at a for the fans were checked OK what are the holes they're on the roster and there's not necessarily a sign that. The pass defense always given up some yards how much of a concern from an eagle standpoint is that again scam if he continues to grow with the way he did the last couple weeks. I think yeah I think they've given up George the a lot of teams do but certainly assert there's such there's concern bit. I think if you will get I know you guys blocked and one we can do you know like in the mix we can do. Let me listen don't callers and what are. It on the day of the week. It'll be. By. If you give him a little disinterested. Is body language and this is me look at them outside I think your body languages. Terrorist. Big east just very you know only he can begin goes out. One himself wants seem. And that's what you try to do the obviously. Every team knows you've got to campaign and Paris sources are always important are the Eagles have done a good job. I would pass rush. Fletcher Cox. Is questionable I think you might play tonight that'll help. Their potential rush. They still have shouldn't injuries in the secondary but they get they're getting from people back. It's just pushed to if you keep Carolina under twenty points Saturday little extra games they have not scored on the other the last two games in my correct what they are the best. Tony three against the niners in the first game and they had to sorry where it was what nine and thirteen those the second oh yes. Aren't very good Ameristar or. We send them at a time as well maybe we should just send out. See what they say he got very few words top three teams in the pac twelve. I think. Obviously. Be able to score a lot of points. First play getting The Beatles usually. I would say there's no reason they shouldn't get this would score over one ports. I. It's really hard to say what Cam Newton comes out there that you see in night. But essentially yes they've given up what they've given up this big place. My daughters are really good against Iran but they've given up big plays or test place and not receive that can happen if people want when he came to disadvantaged. By any team that plays on the road on Thursday night it's a disadvantage it's. I think NFL it'll never change but won't be Thursday night games. But it's not it's not fair to the road teams when you play on the road on Thursday night and obviously actor Patrick Ferrell. And it shows in the stat 61%. Home seems over the course assertion that the ball once a bigger advantage than it is on a sunny we're talking with Howard ask and a VIPs. Also Eagles radio network to be here and she's. He shot today tonight game Howard feels like you're gonna hit on Campbell little bit there and I don't I don't get me wrong he's a very momentum based player right like when things go on really good. And he's you know celebrate and feeling good I mean look out your memory get hit by a freight train when things go badly there's no doubt he struggles. But a moderate it sounds like from an eagle standpoint are you not that you'd think it'd be easy to get tails off his game because. He wasn't healthy the first three weeks of the season since ceased our Salem better he's been lights out against two other at a Detroit defense is pretty good to the detour last week. Well it's not easy to get caucus game but if you do you feel you are he he can go saps really easy. And it's easy to do it if you do it you tend. Network. I thought they did not it's not easy to do it but if you do it. Well it changes the whole this whole mental approach. The walk from what I've seen to a football game might. I I would bet that Super Bowl and he was a disgrace I mean he was sitting you guys know they'll just solid suspended so much. Slack you know. I. Body language. Body language in its body language affects the whole scene. It body language was the joke it was terrible and it pregame and we know that that was Alice and I think there's. So but the body language and I see other quarterbacks of their body language and it just seemed Eagles. Have crimes in other very very differently fines if you have a quarterback has bad body language you get trying. It's so bad Carson once doesn't do that. Kim Newton. It's just figured it's when it's gonna happen not if it's gonna happen. Would lose their body language that we know you can. It will go off in eighty can have a really big game and again it's. It's talked to prepare. Into an F stakes there's really no real practice. For the Eagles. Anderson there's no real practice it's still study. Its spirit its light practice since you got to recover from the game before all the other team that they would do. But it's a little bit less when you have to travel. They hate us and I don't know what and who is coming up tonight and you guys saw it though camping is governor out tonight. But. He did he obviously. Can be really good when he reboot and he's he can. You're no doubt about it on what are one thing we can agree on though Howard even if you and I like you're gone I guess four point counterpoint Montana's. That shot you took it to cowboys was beautiful radio RI I a sudden it's one thing you and I did agree on is hatred for the a dastardly outfit down there in Texas hey man. Great a great job I appreciate a group of Pennsylvania watching on TV listening on the radio thanks for coming on and Don thanks so much and enjoy so enjoy Charlotte Georgia game tonight. Are everywhere. I. I was singing the same daily dose opposing it the same thing do you our brother because he's eager fans are there until now. How does it does that's what does that's what you get when you talk show responsibility he's gonna tiptoe into behind enemy love. Lots he'll throw grenades and run in there come a couple grenade examine the body language it's just. I just couldn't believe it and the funny thing was I was so excited to have more because I did truly like to listen to on the watch of levs growing up as a side emblem on its like I got to deal with him like I do at camp here and solo on it's your man. The oval city hopefully that would distort the game's very important there's no doubt be and that's one of the reasons why you get to south central UT Amaral a man look out for us and I can't call against Ottawa goalie what did you dogged. And also licensed under Santa is also like a little bit of you can't just fight to get seated now I got to stay. Campbell I need to act why do I did raise my voice at one point but I don't think he cares he was silly and I wonder why did body your chair and I need to take you back almost almost diplomats is I didn't realize it's we're getting into but some are just gonna be that lacks. Not a light up those skeletons in the secondary Howard be on the sideline and watch it and think how close. I'll camp as the first answer I get Howard and knows what is thinker I guess so that's articles come back you'll have to hear this man too nice. On NFL network after the game after the post game. The Sam mills football lights episode is gonna debut it's amazing. The producer won the producers of that show you're gonna hear next this thing's absolutely. Pair allowed a hand to stop taping golf swing crowd in this day and we call drove the ball. Pop and extend weekends slow can't answer good name go please don't go there beat. No circumstances. Can pick it can't bail out there. It's very that's how you rolled into primetime game what little can Woodley a panther hero panther nation hero. All right any real as I take the best as I take my time away from my cheeks. No real answer nation hero is Sam mills. Just a guy that's do you can literally had done Michigan literally talk to you young fans of San child. And explain. When bad things happen lives this is a do you need acolytes in this is a dude you just keep pounding. Whether it's his career get off to a slow start because of his height. Whether it is his battle with cancer you just keep on pounding and DI NFL network titled debut a new football lights episode it's with Sam mills. An hour long chronicles his whole career struggled to get into league into oral engineers. And there's a lot of good stuff in there about the Panthers his battle with cancer the inspiration he was disorganization. And keep pounding Montrae and you're gonna hear all that in your home and husky is a producer of that show when he joined us talk a little bit about this about just great project. That is prepared myself for it to about co produced tour directors on the swan and everybody sees the keep pounding in the field all to keep having Amendola got statues so the biggest thing to do we do that fans knew what Tim mills was and who he was. But I know people knew why. He was so important and we really were trying to do and that why and actually try to accomplish this stuff. Well and I think you do there's no doubt about it alone does the family ties she got to see him as a man you got seem as a player. I like kind of in the paper fans are gonna loves you know once he gets to the panther part reason parent when he's a coach and then. You know obviously he's battling the cancer but to keep pounding message it's come out of that like panther fans you know that's that that's what they're going to be chance at every home game right. But I also don't panel don't draw blood makes Arnold's old football sailor myself settled don't throw line backing core they were so underrated man if they had. Offense to go dagger like they could've been an amazing to me. They were great to anybody who grew up planned you know to protect mobile knew how great dome patrol was and those guys are great and they were great players and all four of them had a role. And the fact that spam was in the middle of that he didn't get to the NFL in Chile was 27 years old. You know he was teaching. Photography and to my school in New Jersey. For the US simple sort of so the fact that he was just in the NFL and a part of this great line backing core. Was amazing and they're footage was great and I had a 100% and reduced they had any sort of offense they were in the end up there have been really more well known that. You know they made a Pro Bowl committees and candidates all pros most guys in general prose poetry. They would had a better offense I think a lot more people were known to. I'm backers are great there's no doubt about it now the early portion shows that Sam mills long before he he ended up using the phrase keep pounding and cleaning it. That was during his cancer fight he was living it run it like that battling you just explain the fact that he had regular jobs teaching photography whatever. And he didn't get in the near delta is 27 and he had to go through the UUSA it's on the CFL didn't even want them. Won that battle right there are usual. That he lives that thing his whole life and I got to be honest. Well thinking watching that part back I cannot believe that the there was such a struggle for him to get in Italy and I guess it was a simple site. That was it everything was five foot nine even all the way back I assume he was a great Playskool play in New Jersey to. And no big time colleges wanted to give him anything to get him and he looked. Because of this site and it was something that he was looked. Upon part of sponsor. This whole entire career. Even when he got to the saints and that people thought he was too short so that Marcia this keep pounding. Feeling if you believe that Tenet and that's what we try to show throughout the own are so. Yeah he gets about a we're told Coleman does he's one of the two producers on this. Sam mills a football lights it debuts tonight after the game answer post game on FL network but also you can see it. Friday 9 o'clock and sent to DVR she knows them exactly what time it's coming on 9 o'clock on Friday and you all love it if you're panther fan. Now here's the thing to do then he gets a case of he has his great career. In New Orleans he's than 36 years old and he comes here to the Panthers it's with an expansion team. And people are now doubting him it's not as tight anymore he proved okay that's not a factor. Now it's the age questions and then people are asking him why you don't do expansion team you're not gonna win. And then he just keeps playing this absurd level at that age. And mixing you know two years and there in the NFC title and I love the fact that he came here and a Guinea was proven doubters wrong. Yes you know one thing you know we only have an hour to add to try to get everything into there's a lot of things at all by the wayside and people tell your whole life like be careful we talked to any connection attempt. And just be good person on the way up and and that was saying it was a good person called off everywhere he went. Well Dom Capers was on that stance that the USFL. And became view was on the staff for the USFL. And these two guys that were assistants for the Panthers in 95 so one of the big reasons why. Ford says it again has got to come on here the resort's talk aides say you know you're out of here you got gaunt. Can do that's our digital I did rational man I didn't know he likes to stir up and I didn't relate to you know and other cities and serve and guy's opinions in advance all the time RIT he didn't rip the cowboys so you also that we should be gracefully get a nice shot into cowboys even went further and I would think it's a bad guys and Betsy let me think I'd go there. By the way that is the most angry and can't. And I know your enemy guest. Has made to understand base since my buddy Chris Russell in DC one side and how that worked out for him. 4416. The skins lost he had to come on the air on Monday was at a handsome and maybe it'll work out the same way here is nonetheless let's talk dictating Chris Ross is necessarily that's true I let's go to other tech town gas line I do admire the sax I admire I admire the SaaS of this. Young man who is now back to Baylor doing a radio show called don't seem to mayors are sorry and when he returned to Baylor at the beginning and the summer. Baylor had zero when's right yes now we are aware October 12. Helping a little Villa zero unbelievable man nothing so associate a little exchange still wondering wants to come on the radio talk Eagles football but here he has he talked all kind of trash about the Panthers. About this match up and now we got to make a bet we need to he's gonna put some on the line it turned Thomas is back with a Sony or what's up Thomas. Now the most this week out of there this summer and all I heard was backing needle that's needle. And here we are born and why are you ready to iMac I am so ready for tonight and I'm glad to deal. Lol you wind this false sense of security I'd be the bunch a winless teams and now you think you have a shot it's gonna make it that much sweeter when you guys taken ill I love this. Sent a security Jimmy Carter that Ogden yet Al. Eagles are flying high they're the hottest team in the NC right now and I don't mean we're gonna learn the easy and okay and I totally New England the dense but overall listen to that senior DNC play tonight. Wildcat oil Packers my as some say we don't waste your man I'm excited about his game these are two of the best. Here's the thing though this I don't understand you already or can you got a chance to sand down here if you don't wanna battle Matthew Eagles gives us all you do is tell me. But I don't understand Corson Wentz has never won a road game against a winning team he's always size. He's three and eight in general on the road like he's sort of type of games at Wentz has won in these young tenure yet. Basically young tenured yet he didn't protecting here it's really different they want last year you know he made huge strides he's ready for prime time lights. After that I Gainey played home against the giants Gerald. What about just acted to Eagles are to date when Elaine Johnson doesn't play the last two years. Let's listen no no lane darkened the big deal there are navy how Pul EE I I know everything is named Douglas Carter right tackle. I figure that started out about it and yet here illegally used actual Raleigh should be able to hold our I don't know Wall Street. All right let's it's not repeat that enable more Tom I didn't quite hear first. I called cold cold DIC right outside in the near the format. That was close I didn't try and I just columns I titled are today are much as possible why you over there like like I don't even know you did this guy so much crap and he is so good at what he doesn't there's no it does he control pitcher Santos are already I don't present there's no respect for him and he's a truth teller he did Sonny tells so it is so from one truth teller to another Thomas mad respect mad props you find Mac you. I mean you I I really do I do you do it yet then Miramax every day earlier this week you're there every day. How unbelievable what he's done a lot of these sirens do exempt bond and I think somebody donated ecologists now gaudy I did talk I was born so are you saying you think he's right to do Eagles went is that we are saying no I don't think Eagles went I think is in a dare I say right what does this free solace sunny skies. He's willing to go toe to toe with. And he doesn't he's got down from his stupid little standup I got to know us as a money he really don't have much ammo Augusta I. Well he does have a say in offensive line is long name as they see when he came to Michelle with your dad but I do respect you Tomas there are many college kids that are gonna jump in here go back and forth talk trash I just stayed. I just really wanna blow out because I would like you have a miserable night and I'd like your 9% to be a microcosm of your whole Baylor football seasons and. I'm I am going in my girlfriend how the night so that's why are their parents but in very intimate whenever I watch Eagles games I don't see any outrage on the regular. You know it's my. Relationships. Oh but did tonight they're gonna be ordering her break up with you go we so right now there's your and I are worried yet nobody wants to what are Mary neagle thing and my lower armed OK so let's let's set dishonesty don's idea for a bad here. And now I ask you did in order with some if you wanna support so much have you support more that's about it. Guess here's a deal gives Eagles win I must have a single digit back on the air more win or lose. If the Eagles are and I'll sing fly Eagles slide on the radio man yeah and if he gets the Panthers win you've got to sing stand and cheer on the radio. Do you deal done you're done but you'll want an honest Lesnar up. And it's I'd I don't know what I have to do dispensing standing here tonight I was talking to her right. He's our guy not great giant price is rather try not match yeah Thomas Meehan Thomas brought me I'll let me gonna. OK so he's not joy how. Kansas and just that against us on me. I was that he bet against bankers. Oh my lord I. All right anyway you sure a bad combination you're a bad you know sometimes. You know people like I don't want you hanging out you pairs a sandwich saying you know the guys have been an influence on you you sort bad influences on each other you'll be a nice kid I want for Osborne's influence. Very upset. You got Imus. There aren't that matter no Darlington is a song heal Irwin deny it every now into an American and why people like Hillary weight and it showed. On to our eyes aren't as you said your watch and game with your girlfriends that what I was also ordinary. Hello I. I hear is treated reply and then I was gonna see that our brother bad luck to you we will see you we will look talks tomorrow win or lose. I don't I got a dead aren't there you go huh. Skulls flat bad songs. Is a song worst stand here. The place my heart for standing cheer but I have a ceiling if you polled the sands of of other teams they would say fly -- flies to Los Angeles and he's here he's his assault remarks are what are the words besides flight you'll slide alerts like little slide on the way to victory to your read how does he closet listening does stupid draft was in Philadelphia and they salary caps and add not by Eagles fly for a touchdown 123 yes of the hit a low hit a high wants these Eagles flies fly Eagles fly on now on the road to victory and this song right there the whole song. Yeah I think I don't know I drove to Pennsylvania so you how many Eagles fans sang this song and a school yard or Eagles had a big win Coughlin wasn't Alexander in the Correll Buckhalter. I'd say hey I. I all right let's do this we gotta hand it off next Garcia bail be similar thoughts on the match up against the Eagles. Most unbelievable man an eagle presents between Howard as candidates are out his horrible like air. This town is consumed. The Panthers and Eagles. And see regardless of play Brandon this song S senator years he went and yankees are scary. Day moving forward the Yankees are scary man. There's a lot of Youngstown on an organization this is a rare. Your city where they're having a playoff run and there's not like title pressure on the right. But usually it's like that must win they're gonna fire ever wonder they're gonna go side to the other three ages pitchers actually year when I don't have to what do cheered each of us fans are happy for the Yankees. I ask you read the word Coughlin a ball. I'm sorry various sizes are. Hang his office and I didn't have enough time to fix our cal barely squeeze us sort of handle right now right Yankee great data very passionate from the heart yeah. Larry David home regular data gets annoyed by the littlest things he consumes and I they stopped listening you would Osborne coffee just bother me that he did what Larry I learned a but I have. And I lost my point was the Yankees don't have a lot of title pressure on them really don't over everyday of the week so it's all gravy format and authoring man Paul maggot target fourteen seconds only gonna talk yankees are multiple people take your shots and in turn thomas' voice. Of the unborn baby ducks at me and my sacks against the Eagles the higher pitched his voice got. Someplace Tennessee she did he can't make a bad until they drop son alternatives. Concert alternative saddles all right. All gets feisty reminds me a young me but man that whole thing when you come opening in the kitchen here in Charlotte search on a content now silly T say you know little little are young you sound like you now. It's. Honey I will say this I tell us this during the break my mom Melissa the racing every day sometimes she doesn't know when it's me or you and I make sunny your voice so what is an open. As I did it. Our bullpen yeah were all not the grey Kyle Bailey are we're blessed we don't want to. We'll reveal plight now I just don't have those pipes and oil now and I would only my dreams cal Bailey got an economics is the tax dollars actually cobbled I don't always I got a kick editor Thomas and I think because they never debit you got to work done because we years we do and. I knew I was gonna go it's excited ten guys I don't like about this you just tell what was happening and felt like by the end of the conversation Minnie Mouse was argued on behalf of the eagle. And I do the same thing have been there look at us know we're tiger some bigger segment you're doing your crow is doing first all of my third the first Obama and his. 01 with the buildings and attacks I know. Other so great talent and should. I don't really wrong and I don't mind I guess my bubble the third don't senator I have lived in Charlotte. For almost thirteen has years Kyle got put on the spot by Greg terror cell like shows a clean city. Couldn't come up with the answer about queen Charlotte actually answer so I got little pretty bad that we saw. A moment Kyle and what he doesn't know. Where the word Pennsylvania I don't know it was William Penn and you call me a moral one think you know did you know a non union and I did tell you that you can have your. Sophomores that you got your pro actually like frank Garcia right well you use your border guys. The and it's very good. Yes I. Our doors and watch a television show before we have that if we don't ever had on about our there's nothing interesting until this bear what do you think about his game and I know you're going into Atlanta obviously but. What are your thoughts Panthers are favored by three does that sound about right you liked how do you envision this game I. It does sound exactly how would've you know handicapped escape because it's 222 good teams on short rest on Thursday in the games in Carolina you get tough. If reports that permitting every don't go advantage is exactly right profound. You know I I like the Panthers tonight but the one thing it does scare me is an old defense on the short rest if it does worry me a little bit the other and that's I'm not a word about how. I worry a little bit about cam shoulder on the short dress and I mean like does it take all the way to Sunday to have that may be the way it's been the last couple weeks or not we just don't know. I do like it's just a stat though and they even not Howard asking for Philly radio who also led to a lot of building senate tax with his attitude armed. Even he conceded. The advantage for the home team in the stats show that out not. Not this year I think don't you don't want once on Thursday this year but over the course of Thursday night football they win 61% of the time which is a bit more than the traditional Sunday home team and it makes sense right Talladega that day there. That extra day were silly was trapped. She acknowledged that makes perfect sense to me too and again not I think there are some reasons to be concerns about if you're Panthers spam but all in all your just a matchup itself would I do think still favors. The Panthers and I'll I think there's a lot to be taken advantage of it you were tweeting about this last night in Philadelphia secondary. I think there's logically take advantage does a pretty good against the run a stingy old elitists around you know what I again I think there's going to be opportunities out there on the field and really I think it boils down to it if the Panthers can make Carson went uncomfortable tonight there when the day. Carson and Lance because these are the only two stats -- news from Montrose and also just someone's -- Adobe Lebanon Emma thrown in there Carson wins under pressure this year 21 among quarterbacks are going to be a fast daily rain assault under pressure now you got to get pressure on and I know this without Blaine Johnson at right tackle spot a pet lines up opposite that looks like one you can attack right they're so do you check profile targets before you go out to restaurants and stuff does usually was insanity or donating eggs they should you try restaurant took us how good is that you take everything you know life. I'd just like your card check up of above what is what was agreed on Asus Morgan hasn't really lent itself chiles still letting him into. Analytic stuff because it's a sport to just until recently had a really lent itself does the baseball there it's been such an analytic stat games for years strife football had. Hadn't been lights out until recently was sites like principal focus Ethel files are just like trying to quantify though it's not it's obviously not a science. And I do like it like to go early football study hall go Collie and those guys eligible stuff and some of the other of the indexes they put together for our deferred for the fences and things like that there that are a bit more in depth and say you know total defense total yards rushing yardage. Every week I like that stuff took it really is still difficult to tell what's agreed to indicator of other good defense or great offense resort but it's coming along and Alec got a lot. No I think that's cool the students just. Does not not make it bad when your says Carson let's reminds me a big bend as anyone else see that I got to feel the same way the way he can shake a tackler Ross. And keep moving as. I mean I think that's I don't think that's a bad cold it'll I think is for Watson because that's not a good sign the tax day on that does business actually not make it a bad point out. Everybody else just Rivet our former interns voice which also serves a purpose it definitely does come you know what does he get good Boy Scouts. There's a guy I think we're both sweep it was this couple days ago. Thursday night football. I used to be all about it because it's more football right now I just think it slowly so bad I think you're over saturating but I don't think it's necessary particulate. But the guy made a good point if you're gonna do it detects your tweets to us. Why not play makes it teams off byes are always playing on Thursday night and that I said that before. A sea blockage in ides of me that's a no brainer but maybe that's why the NFL's not doing it makes too much dams that maybe. That I don't know I I don't know how other math works out well majestically works out of it and then a seventeen week regular C I don't know I'd like to think you can do that and I do think it makes a lot more sense if for no other reason than. You know it stops with the lip service from the NFL about safety you know and and about one particular the players because the fact of the matter is is a violent violent day. Gay Internet site total hypocrite when you do that you just do and and they are some ways because they're gonna receive handouts are money Augusta they don't we Terri about safety always present it was safety vs money third one while they're drawn money and so that's still hasn't -- artist theory the other day not not Thursday night related but the one in games situation right. That they continue to do won't because eventually want to sell a TV package to one networks that they'll do a game over there. Literally to death. I've added that we're talking about last week subtlety I don't think you're ever going to see it's a full time and assault team in London but you're gonna see a full eight game home schedule. And lawns and I believe that at some point though. Assets and possible all right let's see you're stressed his baby Alex Garcia daily coming up next everybody there got they got you covered this Eagles Panthers game good work Adam cause over there are ma also thinks he did tonight so thank you did really good bony couldn't ever get played chilly day be good enough and Smart enough and gosh darn people like you lost both Iran brought a strong dollar is really you have a good game today Manny deftly did Garcia Bailey coming up we got cancer reaction all day tomorrow on SNC.