Mac Attack: Panthers 5 Most Important Players

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Friday, June 16th

We discussed who the Panthers 5 most important players are in 2017 (besides Cam and Luke) 


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7 o'clock Ers welcome aboard X Father's Day weekend coming up. Make sure you're good to pops and if you are dad. I hope you get that royal treatment to get to royal treatment. Hope to kids don't act don't Florio now. The depending on their raids the odds of that happening are not good bye kids try so hard to they'll start so good. A Sauna like helped make practice warming. And they'll become appointment today. Where they can't help themselves where they no longer can be good for daddy on Father's Day. And all hell breaks loose I'll be yelling and it'll be a normal day again at some point that Latin follows it will become just another normal day. I am looking forward to Sunday though hopefully just hunkering down. And watching the US open finish up I couldn't believe score stood up legally they were terror and act. We're sub especially early yesterday US GA he's got to respond this is not what I tune into the US open for. And I know some planning a big names struggle librarians. Jason Day and dusty and even speeds almost basins putting speech was all of these greens a chance to score. And for some reason one of the greatest players I've seen could make a conflict among afforded a week and US open. Hopefully not though not a blimp crashed a blimp. Crashed and caught on fire yesterday ball which is freaking freaking insane more fans use the answer markedly more fast you don't I want to ask you to be put can they overnight puts rescue in the middle of fairway until our life. Shooting kitten when he goes in that's Escude they are square root man Rory McIlroy was live and it. Umpires were against this cancer topic. I have a blog appears related blog wanna do on basically. Stealing the idea from SI and they're doing this it SI dot com for all NFL teams and agents for the Panthers. But I wanna have us like we a feeling we know the Kansas pattern an and then national writer so I want to do one that is represented the panther fans will get going here and second. Mack the Charlotte Comfort Systems temperature right now 69 degrees ten years of parts and labor coverage is available. For free at Charlotte cover systems also feel Good Friday brought to you by hunters go forward exits 48 off I seventy cents. All right good job boating good job I let's see here let's get insidious so I was I was ring around on the Internet last few days and I saw that Sports Illustrated. Did de list online date they polled a bunch of their writers are doing this for all NFL teams. It's the ten most important players on each to ten most important players on the Carolina Panthers. And they take quarterbacks out well. So quarterbacks aren't playing. Luke she weekly got like every first place votes and so I when I'm gonna do that and for our list is in this blog regulators. Have no we just take Tamiflu GAAP. Got there the obvious leaders on both sides of the ball. They're the most important panther players they are the franchise players in the state. But I think it's a real good discussion you take those two guys out. And we try to do I'll try to do a top five list after the show I'll type the couple put it up on the website WF and C dot com but this is where you guys comment. I could just simply do it myself but I wanna talk too much cancer rather I think he gives us say interest in conversation I had. As we daydream about 2017 season comes right now we're start six week hiatus when no cancer on field activities in this. I think it's a good way of kind of thinking about the season coming up. Bone other than cam or Luke. And I don't wanna sit here stump for every ourselves on one thing and see kind of hey you did mention this guy how about this should be and one of our five both supported. And the way I think that I would I would does define this is most important players for 2017. There if they succeed we succeed right. Legs they've got to play really well it's really important that they had a good season for us because that's going to make us have a good season. Who is take him in lieu got to the don't always the most important non camper lute player on this team this year. Mac O Leo yes actually open if he doesn't protect the franchise coming off an injury. Not only is this season in trouble but it can get her further in future seasons are troubles on Mac O Neal doesn't play at a relatively high level. On this franchise may take it all step backwards so we have that is so you guys do agree yeah I guess you guys at their first name McCain in my mind there's no doubt that's got to be out there right I think they put it is three behind cheaply and in shorts under our rules that we number two. On their list. There's no doubt is mentally or really struggles and doesn't take a dislike. And again I'm not asking for trouble out of the moment Jamie Dukes came on the show predicted a Pro Bowl from actually allows a mace. He said Camden it will make this guy look better when his mobility. I'm just looking for Michael or circa 2015 down right just a real solid year last tackle. Just good enough that we can function that Kim has time to throw. The camp isn't nervous about his blind side constantly. Cam isn't taken a savage beating with no calls in Dayton you know he's an all messed up. And and not focus in and stuff like that. I I think he's got to be on the top five somewhere is just a matter of using number one is he close to number one. But if he can't play then you're talking about probably swing and a rookie and Taylor mow know there. And I love Taylor moan but that's far from ideal not to mention bone if you just used all this cap money on him and he is literally garbage. That is a serious problem. In the way he could. You could argue Boehner I think you did argued as few weeks ago and our whole offseason hinges on naturally it looks really good now still a lot of holes but Magglio doesn't ball out how's the offseason. To the guy you just mentioned it could be rail a lot of things that mode and as a rookie has to go over there he got to slide in Daryl Williams were mode was going to be. All the sudden the offensive lines in slots much like it was last year he really haven't gone anywhere in regard absolutely LC doesn't play out of I say relatively high level I editor unlike you I'm not same Pro Bowl I'm not saying no we left tackle I'll say don't be its first. That's that's all I'm asking for protect camp albeit turnstile and give him a chance to work actor if he can't do that or season's going to be. A big drop down is gonna be a problem rocky is cheating Iraqi says put a low lying on the top five. You got to break it down individual players they'll rot you cheating although I agree with your principal offensive line. Because that's gonna make everything else go running game it's gonna be team's confidence going to the offensive line does their job. The guy I would put it number one and again we're talking about the most important panther players from this year they've got to play well for us. Arm and word she became Luke off the list because it's obvious. My number one non camera Luke would BKK short. KK short last year Bohn started off the season really slowly the first six weeks I was reading an article by pro football focus they said. He was their 53 ranked pass rusher through six weeks. He was clearly bone not the same players not having the same impact what happens to our team in the first six weeks of the season. We lit up like a damn Christmas tree was embarrassing Julio Jones embarrassing Drew Brees to cleaner and company embarrassing. Then they said the next ten weeks he surged any ended up as the number two overall interior guys pass rusher but it's on the star player buds on the season ended. As KK short our defense we always he goes. He wool draw attention he's got to beat to double teams got to draw double teams he's got a three guys up on the outside bone. He's gotta disrupt in the run game and pass game that's a thing a lobotomy was third. Quarter pro football focus third in the league last year against Iran for interior guys. Occasionally pass rush. He does them both we all focus on a sack number. But he plays the Ron well a lot of tackles for loss I think he was third bottle. In tackles for loss among interior guys. He just disrupts and makes plays but shootings forces June 2 thirteen by making a play then on certain thirteen makes a sack or pressure. He asked to do his staying bone because if he doesn't and we don't get debt interior push. Even if it happened Addison are doing their thing on the outside quarterback to step right up that interior bush is huge so to me I would argue. That mad Khalili your guy NKK short my guy should be one into on this list that's a Sports Illustrated cents a among the most valuable not most important non cam or or. Lute players for this year for the pan it was. Hurt your guy Ray Lewis how good he was when they loading not a got that push upfront how it's freed up the linebacker saw KK is doing this bad then be. Premier linebacker in football Luke legally and Thomas Davis out pro war as well are freed up to do what they do best so take it quite a while like he did it last year. It affects the other levels of the defense. True true our guy couldn't seem Els and could still closed 788. A boat generals baskets or something. He says Mac O Leo by far Taylor moat next says when cam is protected he plays his best you saw that EM BP c.'s it was just running. He was there he was a great pocket passer that year. It also was his best protection year he's ever had our soldiers and here's where we get to discussing going. We got three more spots we seemed all agreed to take a short and actually allowed to be on there. So who else it's been non GM and Luke list is that it too easy. Most important panther players I want to put a blog together on the website WFNC dot com later. But I want you to kind of sell me on different guys only make misrepresented what panther nation thinks doing not name yet that you think. Has to be considered one of our five most important players they have to play well for us to play well 70457096. And you wanna get in. By text same number. Email Mac at WFUZ dot com. Suites at meg WFAZ. Wanna make it safe font interesting cancer conversation let's talk this out and try to figure it's the crux of who has the most important. To our our success this year name somebody has been mentioned we went JK we went mentally ill. Who else needs to be a top five most important cancer player if we throw came in Luke golf the list and don't put them on the list jumping your bid to fans what do you from you guys on that. Keeping emails and text gone and we've got that stuff come and as well and at some point this hour. The Durant LeBron back and forth must be explored that was rather a music right now drain on LeBron back and forth. Was rather cheesy but also rather amusing yes they want to panthers' most important player we have not named to. I've disagreed Father's Day gift right here right to 2017. Golf season pass a WF Lindsay dot com enjoy one round of golf in six Charlotte premier golf courses for just 95 box. Energy code mobile seventeen to check out get an extra 10% all tasty. I download to get my purse mobile labs or visit WFNCAA. Dot com that's not a bad Father's Day gifts. If you're dad loves golf and or if you love golf and spread that word around. To your loved ones I did get a lot of great sex lot of great emails I'm trying to figure out who the most popular choices are from we all like to read a lot emails about. Chime in here and speak up for a guy you think is not to mention yet. We're thrown out Luke thrown out cam. I'm doing a list some steel industry Sports Illustrated the most important Panthers for 2017. We all agree in studio. That in some way collegial NKK short have to be on the list. Who are the other three spots most important fans or players not named Cameron looks this season they have to have a good year I was get some calls in total dancers 704. 57096. And art and in is batting lead off Evan what's going wrong. Without dramatic mortar radar today we sank. Good dog. So created don't want it it's really had that shut down corner adjustable. But this year I think at Colby Brad very. I think we called back to where brave brave guys shut down half the field date not gonna have anything to worry about I'm in LA Kurt Coleman and the other. Corner deliberate maybe drink a lot of other side. And we're gonna get back to being released I mean I'm more excited about this defense and I am about this topic was here and it's saying a lot and would break bill McCaffrey. And Curtis Samuels so I think give we have all three levels KK and of course salute competing in the middle and then Brad bass shut down that side. They would all be all. Now you're all over I liked in Brad buried a lot of emailers named him to. If he can hold his own against number one receivers and a guy against Julio you're not gonna shut them down I don't think any. I don't think reverend see anybody do a better job and Josh Norman and on and the union Josh Norman would even give up placed a Julio he's just a freak. But some money ejecting covered at number one receiver bone. And hold his own against him I think to be huge in terms of what you can do and other parts of the secondary where you can. You know land helped to install and other parts of the secondary and I love the way he comes up and hit Shia I think Brad Barry is about ready to burst. And you know what Eliot great rookie year he was number one me. Among quarterbacks and I know pro football focus isn't the end on the deal but number one coverage ahead Josh Norman even in pro football focus last year. Kyle all title on Twitter also names out player in the offensive back field. Mike Adams. Because of the lack of depth behind Amos on the order out of Mike Adams forced performance wasn't good how might that might be older this year. Yeah that's interesting point I mean I I do not put Adams down a road and I wrote my notes about fifteen different guys I didn't put Adams down. I get your point dial likes his presidency needs to be the player he's been the last few years in remote he would choose only to pro bowls in fourteen and fifteen. He is not that far removed from being a Pro Bowl player I know he's old. But he's not just far removed from that he's got to just at least be the next Roman Harper I think you'd be a little bit better Roman wants to bony. But yet if she something happens to him he's not good enough you gotta replace him. That's why would they got rid of trade moss and I would at least like to go into training camp would trade Boston. And see where the depth is at that position might Marleau though had some good OTAs umpteen more are on him. Mike Adams troubles came at 32 to 33 years old and it is not common in the NFL I think there's a fairly obvious one. That no one's met yet I don't wanna give it away no what a caller do it but to me there's a guy is probably way up on this like yeah we need more guys we have here if you listen this conversation. 2007 Seymour not including K we're not include Luke. Who do you look at and say this guy is one of the most important answers they have to play well they have to be out they're forced to when they're saying. Or we are screwed arm though which players were not named 70457096. Stand to emails and text come into its week children a good job with that. I only go magnet back to the phones earmarks from Estonia Marky Mark what's going on there. I know man I don't know deployment. Most important cancer that we did not name Markey who is it. What are her. And tell you we cannot say McCaffery drama McCaffery loves as we did not name him now is C. He's still gonna play a role where he I don't think he's don't get as many carries just too easy still but man he's going to be the key to the evolution this whole offset stuff you know. Matt and he would could take the spotlight from where we learning. I I'd I think he's gonna get a share there's no doubt about it. I guess you could argue don't you wanna run a match up based offense right you want to run an offense today as short passes and you know yet yards after catch joins the balls. He's a key soup plus you saw him practice yesterday. He runs say I read about in practice but some sort of we're out there saw. You run an end around stake examine Iran's stored on the gun goes for touchdown like just the threat of Tim's going to be cheap so I think certainly you can make a case that maybe he's won a top five most important. Yeah make OK okay look I'm not doing an interview and I. Mark mark mark you let me ask you this I don't think you need to phrase it that way now. Only need to phrase that let why let them study rebound from that moment. Let me ask you this question here why are you on Twitter site and every day they're saying you can sign over Cam Newton. Hey OK am I didn't play that hey good morning captain immediately to bag them go postal Matt Millen hey boot. It's just I hate kill their rookie moment. It was he was there for ten seconds he's and I reported considerably got to get to me it was just me and silly he was Boston rookies chops is being a good teammate. Can you tell you again I'm tired in the end of the globe got to make it clear they don't fool and backstop magic. And couldn't and he turned back and give it. I know my dad poor dad it all down. Quarterbacks bust his balls Germany rookies wanna go to can't have a quarterback. I'm bond with Sam might you have guys are we bust balls we bust your chops all the time markets a sign of laughs. I'm really tell them how they McCain claiming he's. They better get six innings in an NFL locker room I just. Why more TF to do it is of all your takes this is the worst one yet trying to get on Cam Newton over d'estaing is the worst one marquee. Yes ma'am I don't know a lot of the poor dad and two putted again you can't bring it up they know. I Darius he's got. It's a little more was locked in on the phone line bone and lunch I don't know that did not try to do that added jobless force were descended at the end when a good start free market it was not a good start I just this'll camp think there's a thing. Terrelle I agree would mark can't courts Cam Newton does not like the rookie steel in this under. What is there to stall for ten seconds it was hey welcome to town rookie on the quarterback that's what. I don't get it man I did again you figure hugging jumpsuit wearing years seven. Of Cam Newton nitpicking you figure I would just shut shut the heck out but I can't fault for every time it's one thing if Campbell wanted to do an artist presser and took the took the time away from. Talking to McCaffery well you can't sell all right. Let's talk about my injury now and use up their for fifteen minutes McCaffrey had to wait. That's what they don't think fifteen seconds. A tie game. It was a joke everyone he stuck settled down. Relax it's going to be all right it's going to be all right out there a job don't know how many times I've had my chops busted. And Reynolds he's young enough around here at any job I've worked debt. Any job lows when I was laying brick when I worked you know I plant nursery. I got my top busted all the time by all groups of people are really all art of the deal which is they're just people on the plane of all they are gonna be they can be ruthless and I went out there is your. Right yeah it has worked out why aren't gonna go actually stopped sooner. Magic had W anchor and is similar at the time it. All trying to do is just deal with these totals over your body get off my back now we see. Robert got his toughness Charlie did he did I let's go back to solve asset. 7045709. C said Elise he didn't say was working at a nursery school and they were bused in this counseling I'm nurseries and this guy. I've done that those people get tired of business and again I. Let me bounce back from that mark moment no now people agree with mark that's even more annoying let me go to Justin. Who wants to contribute to the five most important Panthers excluding came and lived Justin. We know neighmond. Aren't aren't just similar car summit it's been better not at Graham you know. Yeah a couple people or email that in and I and let me put it this way I would do it this way because I I. I am seriously thinking it may be top five because how many close games are we losing lost 63 pointer last games. How many involves kicking snafus but I would throw in bunkers well because I think from what Rivera says this they're from what Joseph persons are on the air the other day. It sounds like it's a split 5050 competition but I agree with you whoever the ticker is has to be better last year right. There just chastity and I think that's a good call or dorm and I think it's a damn good call them problem is again. A blown gimme right there ago. Comments and problems up here had some issues kinda like brand you know taking a late games in 20170. We are trying to work this phone bank. Comes down to here's the thing now some people would argue bound that you're kicker cannot be one of your five most important players. Outside like even if we took Tamiflu the way. So it essentially data kicker or do you want your seven most important players would you argue against that. Or George Ford based on the fact it has been noted his job better last year we could've won 89 football games. Though. The way it works its he's only on the west when he misses kicks. He becomes our most important guys when he's not heading. And he's just doing what he's supposed to do eat proper brand we take for granted so they know last year became a big story does he miss skeptics if he makes those cakes and have a better season because he makes those were not really discussed. And now we don't go on import less like Stephen Gostkowski who even himself missed some last year when he would never going patriots most important player list probably right. Personal they don't have as many close games is us that's another thing the way we're gonna play mound I think the offense is gonna take a little while to get going early I think you were in place in defense of football games. I think we're going to be a lot more close games you've got to at least win half of those babies here and those 63 point games. You've got at least get three of them if you lose all six. You eat you're done right there bone you've got to win close games in the NFL's elite just designed by nature to give it to have a lot of close games. My other guy Al is gonna match earlier is Greg Olsen. Because of the lack of depth behind Greg Olsen they've been trying forever to try to get someone that to replace or Dixon back there. And what he needs a receiving corps we have questions about what just in Kelvin Benjamin in the wide receivers Olson has the play at a high level mr. SEC gulf war and endless just put it this way Olson sort of top five most important players just raises this way about if he gets hurt what do we have a site it. Like heat he feels like you know every training camp we did a stinging you guys say Mac. Don't do it you're gonna jinx us. But every trading can we talk about who can we not have getting injured who are you just begging the football does not Deb get injured and Greg Olsen skewed towards a top of that list so. There's no doubt he is in the mix here fur for top five. But it doesn't have to be your best players right bone it's guys that you really need to play well this year so other cam and Luke. Always a guy that you want to nominate for this list on the put together as a show but I want to be panther nation inclusive. Are the most important players in this team who are we not mention for this season 70457096. Sand. Lawyer calls and people agreeing in the emails would mark from Estonia do I need to storm out of this dude. I we're back dragon role in my. Let's see easier it is a Friday on a Mac attack US open round two. It's underway in about ten minutes while some updates of that along the way. Rickie Fowler tore it up to seven under yes they will see what happens here in de Su sports talk in some Panthers com I think it's an interesting conversation if we did. If I do put this list together put up online after the showed last that in their most important players for 2017. Guys we need to see play well are met and came in Luke's. Are not not allowed to be listeners are clearly once they're they're clearly going to be one to soak. Things and it seemed conversation there's still bunch of dudes and have not been named that I would say are pretty into staying. Are more pretty important to those football teams or forgot about serve purr ported to get hop on a fumble again or whatever what. Every did against Pittsburgh back to today. Mac at W Athens he does count and promise. Did you frame on LeBron James few rundown they would back and forth on instead Graham yesterday on social media. And dream I got the Mike at the parade in rippled brand like this was rather amusing. On sold its and that's and in about ten minutes or so we'll get you more calls and your people wanna keep talking painters which is. In beautiful thing. Go to Jake big Jake what do you think. I heard her TV. Thomas Davis you jinx still up. Still top five got the only reason I kind of thought about this normally it's TDs don't be honest listening SI did admit number five by the way. Delisting of sync and is. He's gonna lose some is wraps Shaq Thompson some of those nickel stance is gonna lose like is he going to be. Is this a year where Shaq emerges and is TD not quite as important. I that's the only reason I I would've thought maybe not top five. Go to my next guy outlandish was sacked six. It's going to be interesting to see the way it works out though between those two guys and don't get me wrong. I think there's be plenty stance I appreciate Jay but away. I just need plenty sandstone where shacks on the field and tedium and drawn a field because that's when Shaq will be in a buffalo nickel spot whenever a match up where they want his size in there. And his versatility. Armed but I'm telling you Steven Wilks says some of the snaps from CD you're gonna British Akron or try to keep sees fresh well that means Nichols snaps. And nickel linebacker stance you know Shaq I could you argue that this year Shaq Thompson is a more important players and TV. His role could his role be even greater than TDs this year about I think there is a chance. Snow I think that is a a very good question that's one of the reasons why didn't name Thomas Davis I think. As you stated normally you'd name and it's one that's how best to 34 guys on the roster. But with the Shaq Thompson emergence in point our situation. We've been out we may not see him out there as much or as we normally. Although let me say it has succeeded very important argue let me say this for CD was leadership to what degree down and say let's take into account new leader it's Thomas Davis has to do his staying he is important. Here's another thing too about CA. Is he came out well and just balled out like it was four years ago. And just made a point where they can't take his snaps away. But it really shocked a sealer. Thank you Ian I'm not saying that that definitely happens seems to what Wilson wants to do know. I personally shacks ready take a really big leap in his third year. But if TD came out. Or is gone off because he wants those snaps played his tiny office. He is such a freak of nature after the knee problems at his age I. I do stuff I gotta be floored by either and in our votes for Andy Lee AK and Phillippe and easily Nadia last year is there Hamburg MD did the first seven games. He's done get ready love right now Jersey Mike on Twitter at Mac WF Lindsay says puts operated rookie cornerback shut down James Brown bear on your list. A pro football focus to weed out yesterday. They're top rookie corners. And up Brad there is number one and I think Jalen Ramsey soon you're talking about a guy Jalen Ramsey was drafted what taken into dressed. 234 somewhere and they rose five probably top five or Louis were re yeah and he's a top five pick. And Brad Barry according to Renaissance gospel look what outplay them according to Lisa metric aides shot seers are just good guys dirty my nice easy trap and it doesn't stop him from annoying us on social media about that he is that guy that wants to keep talking about his team no matter how bad the alarm how little you care and news Baghdad Al west Vegas three teams in the vials and tiger to know no doubt I'd let's go back to some smack into BF NZ dot com Jon wants to jump in a on most important players in 2017 from banter to a we not mention John. John very. I John has bailed on us man he has bailed on our lets us continue on the phone lines just go to John in Hickory John was going on. Brother. Was fighting back how it's pretty over John Albert yellow back. I'm right here. And that is pretty damn only once I can't I let it. Up our camp they get an element so ultimately has some. You're rookie coming in and can't go later. Each sound in there and just how to deploy each every saying that that did all right steps they need you don't know where you see it here you know how you're going to be taking a allegory. I would still wouldn't get some more enemy you know first we're going to be written this year we got some sort jab step dummy I heard it before but we're going to be good at it why Al. Or other kind of angered sewage just shot Boston managed just. Yeah I don't I don't think it was a big deal on deck of all how are such an individual and on the list. Kelvin bedridden most important this is this is interesting suggestion because I'm trying to figure out bone. CBS site lists that were basically Il emulating here I think we're gonna do better but we're emulating it. They put telling Benjamin eight. Okay no they didn't put quarterbacks ownership cams not on there so really it's night. Although they'll hold on their laurels load event. Seven. Now yes seven does Luke's not allowed on our list Kim's not allow hasn't so really would be so messed up right now my brain is slower than usual that's not a good sign. That is not a good sign flat out the first hour when he when he got the you got the guy's name backwards and up until gig I tell what and I told Frazier most of the data had nerves on bonds and grass made of what the name was I said. Mode most Frasier he said no and are now that is Ager about a I. I know I'm not clothes I've met some dumb moments hopefully you guys hear me Indian dominated can make you feel better about yourself hopefully we get something good out of it. Mud but anyway Benjamin OK so they have him where was that came in loops SI would say he's a seven's most important player we just outside the top five. Does he deserve to be top five bones you can make a case for Benjamin that if he does ball else. He's gonna get probably less attention from the defense with a McCaffrey and Samuel sect tried those type of players you have to pay attention to. Com. If he kills a one on one coverage you can be huge this football team if he plays to his potential every week it could really be a big Bruce's team. I didn't have him up there on my own what let my little you know initial rankings just because I'll almost I just don't want him to form I'm almost not. Even banking on it. What do you think you'd. Could make the case if we don't put Benjamin on the air. Where do you put functions. To the Benjamin is not gonna perform at a high level. You need someone to step up and what fought dispute actor. The staunchest if the whistle they sped it may be beyond what word do one year. This once just have a spot on the sling who's the more important player I would still say Benjamin's more importantly I think he's got dead (%expletive) I side every potential him in. Investment has a season like last year. We're gonna need someone to catch the football besides Greg Olsen. Might have to be DeVon Futch. One of those who do it's gonna have to play right you can almost put him on there is a ten don't put one kid he's guy let's just slash Bengie and one of those dudes is going to have to play better than they did last year. They have to Benjamin. Apparently had a huge practice yesterday and it. I think it. Multiple people Sweden you know media members seem to think that he took it personal bond the way the defense shut them down last beyond the day before a judicial dolphins and the way the defense a jab at. So that's good that's itchy vendors got to put a chip on his shoulder. Like all the jerks like me that it made fat jokes. But why do you have citizenship is on I don't know do you put into partisan rhetoric only is it still Andre doesn't feel alone he did put a ruffles and why. Lucy and Johnny don't show. Up. Why would be a serious this is a flight data that should make him mad he should just not take it anymore and he should wanna shut you know Roger cronies like Mia and the stands up. And that that's that's one season and I don't know a 100% like him believe he's gonna play with that ship with that anger I just don't know. I only go back to phones and acted WS and Z dot com. Officer Jim is back in the mix talk Panthers would you love to do with him they Jim what do you say. Our man I tell you what I'm Ahmad legal wanted to urged a lot for storage and I only know which step well but something. I want you look what he was right. Yes. No doubt and that was the one the Timonen Osborne named first I think she. I can be on the show I think easing tensions are number one on this list I guess we say Luke and Cam Ward allowed in there. Source supply and if it alarm input always. And everything else Allstate. No there's no doubt and he plays the most important position on the line details blind side the money we gave until. Likes it's that's monies completely blown. You know he's he's got up his game and he passed it. So that means he's got to come back. To where he was when he was a rookie what's what went over and of course is broader. All right this city's east speech got lucky they're even better. Am not Entrust our and I ought to you know he he's started quite a state. I think two things I just have to trust what you probably say it would have been quite good work. Where the war are now we are. Present because here's the thing if he just doesn't play well and you. He's got to be better Bremer was last year on the left side. He's got two base better than Byron bell was. Wendy natural left hander vote as we were told was slip over total tackles I still can't believe that one alum I thought I love you man a national standard thing did not work out. He's now cowboy Donahoe BS get in the game for the cowboys this year. But anyway. He's got to play better that he's got to play at least like Michael lord did you know his rookie year Mac O Leo was a pro bowler. I'm not even saying Jim says they have to play like that that be awesome. Amani Husseini display like standalone. But he's got to play at least like or did in 2015. That will get the job done for Tammy did on the left side in the Super Bowl season. More we allowed to put my shall on the west Mike Shula if you didn't. People aren't just players I don't think about that mean and he's pretty damn important visiting. When you talk about just. His job of getting all these guys in signing out a way to make this offensive ball but still you know works cam. Lot of stuff on shoeless play on our battle a couple of things coming up takes more at the calls don't wanna jump in. Who are we not name and so for other camera Luke. I'm sort of blog gets to Michelle I'm trying to take into account every day at the fans' opinion out there most important cancer player for this year other. Then camera Luke 70457096. And we're gonna give away a pair of tickets is he government mule that's coming up we'll do that the next fifteen minutes. We've got to all update to feud yesterday between drain model LeBron. And at 8 o'clock will shift focus of hornets in the draft which Gary Parrish and CBS saw a lot coming up stay here fourth. Which bears a. Our drain on plan to chuckle hut out there in the Bay Area. That was the parade yesterday no that was the end. Of all the back and forth between LeBron and drain mind it there's so much had happened before we got to that point. By the way next Lama five or seven minutes is so I'll tell you what Chad did John when these government you'll take its not pair of home. We will also get to your repair stopping our income more cantor calls in here to fund topics on discussion makes you think two -- we need to play well who's. Who can we rely on it to be what did you think about this team. But as far as -- my LeBron should start but let me try to get the chronology straight on this. It starts when drag on green wearing a quickie teacher right it has the big CU logo. You know like it does forward it to Q. Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. But it's as quickly as the big giants Q did he says quickie afterwards and drain mine of course said it mandates. You the series was a quickie it's it's the way you described it afterward he got the mating Cleveland. He got a mating Cleveland asks somebody sold out the sands of the prophet. Yes that's very so they're in a little the series he's getting these teachers and somebody that we're in America profited slightly to tear free can sells the enemy states. I don't annoys the hell out of me but anyway I digress. Meant so we that was the first thing. LeBron James sitting around doing nothing right now apparently bound so she goes on to. Instead Graham. Puts up the picture. Of drain money to quit T shirt and says that's what she said. Just. That is so stupid it's fun. Drives that his audience laughing here this is from 2007. We were doing that's what she said jokes in the ninety's I guess we were that was a big that that was a big part of our humor. I not to not to lie also break one out from time to time. But that's what the Brohm went with that's what she's a quickie I'd accident right in line came back on instead grandmotherly Russell Westbrook lights. That's what she said it's re impose a LeBron. So blessed from god involved in this thing if they go abroad slid up in his private message and said. Well sawgrass which he got going on excellent on the Cleveland very. That we were you won't really be a super team when you. So anyway Ben Graham on responded because apparently LeBron put on social media a video or picture of him bound with shaved head. He completely shaved his head he went home so drained nine. Sends an instant message with that picture and said. The dubs finally made LeBron dough ball. And then we've got similarly you know blood drive on talking trash defray censure I think. It's a very 2070 NBA feud like where you just feeling the old days guys would find each other out back in just this site. But that's less likely to happen now so they'll fight on social media we had to Google we can get I kind of like the field. In this thing at the difference here between like the lakers and Celtics that was H but those players hated each other dream on and abroad James are friends. The barber shop peace thread once said to go to state reporter yesterday. Well broaden my guy he spam why he knows I love home. So many does that stuff so satellite tongue in cheek. And then the ball bras friends with a rant even though they yap in the finals there's still friends I don't think McCalebb Rambus were killed when. I don't Aussie and Macedonia but Isiah and magic made it gets close to each other on the cheek before the finals are such good bodies. And they damn near got into us just like in the finals got like it's very possible to compete. Against your body and hate him with in the competition in western and Ron Cass had its common form what but could a 31 cookies last year. The Halloween party stuff they had going on like this was coming in Udrih money's gonna respond Od is short very creative drain model wins this one of all abroad had. Let's that's what she said. You're probably not get a window of the back like how all and that's what she said jokes. I'd Italy they re started during the office because that's what Michael Scott that character a guy that all the time so the last decade or so. They came from there I'm sure previously from here Eric came from somewhere at least high school or college that's who she had. And find out Eddie can I find it early that's what she said Joseph user light MI correct to say. 9390. To support a neighborhood. Let's come from in living color back and that I don't know what it did from modest noses stupid we just said it. I'm gonna get a colleague here real quick and didn't do chicken giveaway or no we don't look it let me squeeze in. Our guy Carolina man real quick Carolina man what's going wrong. On. Top candidate they aren't. And nobody died I get an up. I don't Carolina man. What I'm so that was it all we just yelled at each other back and forth to call it yup did that just happens alright guy who's the most important. You're gonna die I lose students and ideas to better call my ultimate sensitive data one of the other call simply sought cold there. I must use our rip Greg Tony. Right now. The fourth female right now. Is gonna get territory to sees it sees government meal here in Charlotte coming up Ford's email alert right now at Max. At WS and Z dot com if you wanna see government meal that's a band that's not like a politician you hate. Government meals and actual band Max. At W Athens he dot com when we come back to holders of more enters as the show goes on. Also got a fun topic I Eddie TV advice will do that got to be a fun topic ended. When we come back it's got to be aborted talks to hornet's NBA draft interviews coming up this hour Chris Mann exit 830. Often the vertical web site Jerry Hirsch is CBS to talk hornets draft he's.