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Wednesday, March 14th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about the NFL Free Agency. 


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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac I'm just at general. Alice's sometimes with T boat there he might have to yeah. Do yourself exact. Let's go bills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas claim. Our kids are kids back in this battle voice I believe was back. Don't know my mind will ever be back though but so we will tried today man it got humming yes they did it. Free agency doesn't start until 4 o'clock today that's the funniest thing about it but legal tampering baby all kind of stuff happened and and a light following that yesterday especially like followed the Panthers finally did something in signing corner Borchard Braylon three year 24 million dollar deal from Washington. The killer bees may be Braylon and Brad Berry at corner. On seems pretty damn solid to me and and anybody that was lamenting losing Darryl Worley and trade last week. I would like here please come back to worsen reality I think we're okay I think we're matter. They were good bit better now corner still have plenty needs to move through. Have very little cap room probably when he gets down to it's almost talk about stats but we have a new wide receiver that I think can make plays. And a new defensive back I think to make plays you know he has the fourth most passes defensed. Of any DB since he's been the league's been in the league for years. And there is you know there's trees the Redskins in 1 am I mean he's been he is up and he's been up and down. He has a temperamental son of a gun I mean it's kind of funny that's. You know as fans we started Jones and on Josh Norman again is there a way we needed Josh Norman instead we got a emotional. Swaggering six. Physical. Temperamental DB from Washington saw salt and also I describe me as sometime as some points of grew up terribly Tivo digital and temperamental. He grew up in South Carolina I mean we did their very similar to each other John Jones a better quarter. But they're very similar each other but you put Brad Berrian and real announcer I don't think there's a guy wouldn't pick on me sign. Like Darryl Worley had a lot last year so we'll talk about that. I still I'll try for the second time to get Torrey Smith support people are very lukewarm on Monday. And when to fairness we talk mainly brackets on Monday I think it's going to be. Moat majority Panthers talked today what do we do next. A bomb won't get into all of that why didn't we go after this guy what are we go to guy all that stuff is coming up today on the Mac attack on SNC. Your breeze stayed in New Orleans not a shock but damn somebody drives I don't know who this mystery team as but I wanted to this year. Whoever tried to get Drew Brees away for sixty million dollars guaranteed thanks for trying. God bless you thanks and tries. AE ETS jets jets jets is that Schwarzenegger was brought will remember that we're gonna offer Kirk cousins guarantees. So I wouldn't be shocked if there was a judge it's a ninety million dollars in cap space of yesterday. Before they sign McCarron could they could literally say were gonna give you one year eighty million dollar guarantee a deal he would not play football I don't know the hey thank you take you know why don't why would I need I got. I've got to go off horrible Macau Bridgewater treading that timber on a breeze that is really breezes dot he has watched W will not be the same any more that. Shut down he looked at last year didn't he when he went 380 against us the Bruins on the case that baby boy now in case count greater than inside. Zhou brace he took 27 doing guaranteed. And another team is offering sixty million guaranteed Kirk cousins said sixty million guarantee we're gonna chump change is that. Have a disc that didn't 84 million over three years and every penny is guaranteed. Dude got an MBA contract played in the NFL and saying it is insane with sets. I kind of like him by the vikings gulf ports. You're clearly right here in a nice window for yourself you gotta help a lot of talent you get more talent next year when Dauman took comes back both for. And a lot of people are sable taste keenly Kirk cousins put up the same numbers but Kirk cousins is put up similar numbers routinely now for the last few years. Case came differ one year. Bumble Woolsey could backfire Kirk cousins gets hurt or something I wouldn't be as. Audits of vikings' biggest Super Bowl would deceive and with this group. The defense is they're the coach is there they've got a steady cornerback now they've got to receivers they've got Talbot talked like all the pieces are pretty much in place right they sort of took. To be one of the best teams in this league for awhile I. I know wouldn't shock me either man would not shock me either bombs civil talk a little bit about the round the league's somebody do some really dumb to somebody do something that your envious of we'll talk about that I know is a lot of fans ran you love Sammy Watkins. I am so perplexed. This Sammy Watkins is getting sixteen million dollars a year I just can't and it was like oh it's a perfect place for me you know once a perfect place warm. Because. Teams love to worry about cream on the running game teams that were about Kelsey teams look to worry about. Hill on the other side that's why it's perfect place for him. There's so many other options he's don't blend in you know but like is he sixteen million dollar receiver like as much money is Antonio Brown. And I know it's all about timing when you come open I Felix Sammy Watkins may be the most overrated player in football. I can be proven to be an idiot bound. Is even a number one that we know of why he had to say is he number one wide receiver I don't know I don't. I guess that's hard as he could be but I wouldn't say is that it's just a number one wide receiver. To make that amount of money he's been injured he's been disappointing and he's still only 21 years old Arlo is insane. Say number eight that was contract expires 127 years old staff at eight and it was he twelve years old a constant flow. No doubt about. Like if it is is this is all about what he was coming out of college right and people are waiting for me to become that. Also his draft class has exploded when he got back home. You've got cooks need got Mike Evans. Benjamin is of the back in that draft we have. It was a great wide receiver class what is where does he stated that collapsed the associated best if you really know if he retracted those wide receivers and our class he's probably more. Towards the Benjamin part of things and the the above my Gavin and dubbed a computer Cox. Now there's no doubt about it I just I don't know that one struck me like you're gonna give him sixty million dollars go ahead. And down go ahead I'm sure makes some plays but again he's got a lot of things around him to distract. It's not likely they paid him a top wide receiver in the league money essential looking for a guy that just feels he's gonna go to its fifty balls and just be a part of salt. A look at this I saw it today who we seen in his brief time already is one of the best offensive minds in football if they don't show interest in bringing him back what does that say about the receiver. When Sean that they want that in the arsenal to have him back there he was that you are forced leading receiver so solid guys that I can make this work at all I don't need. Just crazy Alan Robinson goes to may Chicago's trying to get admits some what else can frisky big got Alan Robinson. They get it's Gabriel writes from a little falcons. And they got tight end Trey Burton from Philly they spent a ton. Of money on the offense just today in Chicago but it all comes down today QB I just don't know about Mitt. It's in the backs or their tips for them already Howard intolerance so there's something let's say you know. The NFC north can be read the bears are frisky competitive. The NFC north that divisions going to be that's a tough one Minnesota Green Day Detroit's always tossed. Not great but there you're tell the bears archived. Feel some here I sense you tell them there's like four months ago so you can't see what some Arab Joseph got away right now to deal I see a lot of huge rich guys. I'm not saying they're going to be a contender but I think that they're they're on you know the Jesus is pretty damn good though right in that coaches and offensive mind that it enact this just and pot is what the hot taker. Not a great offensive Martins and you know it's not good they've upgraded at it and there are things that dinosaurs appeared just a real quick here. Odd there's a lot of people sleep well your dog just added that while you're gone yesterday. Had their nation lost its collective minds between the hours of 6 AM. And probably knew yesterday but all the freedoms I don't. Understand why not all of what you're saying all the strange site links or guys were signed yet and Alan Robinson Sammy Watkins were signed in Norway last week's is that all it took yet it wasn't like those guys world realistically going to be your most likely Nstar. Iso in starlet yes don't look toward the end of the show anybody know star was still here last year. I gotta be honest with Nokia now we're talking healthier yesterday we think that's star's name is probably misplaced. He's more like above average we'll tool. Stars probably too strong a first name for him he's not really a star right it's probably like slightly. Above that I would take it slightly above also that I dumb just average average total lack. I don't matter like losing star it is like hitting a speed bump in your car you slowdown you move passing you forget you ever encountered a recent day Alex we knew that was gonna happen nor whale is we knew that was gonna happen. There again so many weeks ago he don't speak on Mac OK don't quite know what it takes more joy in telling you you're gonna lose something you like the daring dance they don't match did all he got. I megabit okay go home actually don't. They don't Twitter yes and it taught me again that's all Maggie doll I. It's like OK I got it man thank you for being exact died leases also robberies and I'm losing a player that I love hawk Harrelson can't. I say I think Leon we'll lose those two suggests that what really mad about boat once you sign Torrey Smith walked in Robinson okay once you get Torrey Smith trade for Torrey Smith style. Did they still think we were and it's one of those top receivers while they think Jordy Nelson's gotta gotta gotta go after. That's a new dad got at least eight weeks last. And our Torino we have probably about ten and a half 1111 half million dollars a cap room six a bit which has to go to the rookies. Yet sassy I think we need more tampering cleared personally don't think it's clear enough cap room here but that's kind of the only thing I'm agitated about. But as far as bringing in Torrey Smith I'd like to focus on the guys we did bring in light is nobody happy about the guys we did bring him Torrey Smith who were shot Braylon. I feel like we made our wide receiver or better by bringing in Torrey Smith. And I feel like we definitely got better in defensive backfield by bringing him Braylon. What do you have on that bone with panther nation aren't letting anybody happy this is not going to be a popular today. The US as a trade off Torrey Smith and freeway and come in. Morally leaves. I think your football team got better. And people don't want to Debbie just Tories made it's not break in the got better at both spots yes it was I know what it was pretty good man he's a much. He's a much better player than there were early no doubt it's Torrey Smith. Is much better than some of the guys get him that's cause a number two receiver last year because I believe I said it would betray I think Torre's misdemeanor or number two receiver I'm fine with that. I think you'll see him have a similar impact Ted Ginn. Similar reclamation project although the duty including the playoffs and 49 catches last year so I think some people are overdoing it with how bad he's bad. A bomb and then they talk about his drops he had seven drops in 49 catches as a twelve point 5% drop right. Ted Ginn is set last two years here in Carolina 15% drop rate. Cheeks was our best receiver has 50% drop rates so it's like. Going out there we're getting a guy very similar to I guess I'm trying to figure out well what interface you said they were real angry I was pretty much in a coma. Or at the doctor ice there was one point Mon or I slept like fourteen of sixteen hours and only two hours I wasn't sleeping as well what's the doctor. It does sinus infection. Absolutely has hammered make. But just sounds good though so but the voice came back yet so that was all point out came in here and been a miserable human to be around what works really ailments. But the voice has lied Tony hit and had put me on the bench. But some like I'm trying to figure out though why were they man when I was in a coma I don't because they had the young Asians here a wide receiver grander right here's. Why because I don't think everyone always understands that. You can't spend money if you don't have. Like in baseball there's no restrictions over team wants to get a guy gathers. Luxury tax well you can discos that money if you really wanted to do right of the order once you'll get a player. You probably spend money goes that there's anybody knows that's the Yankees and audio I don't know there's no restrictions like you girls are. White yeah NFL there's restrictions. You can't spend money if you don't have people just think that. That money's there they they can't go get those guys for those not just because. We talked a lot about Watkins and Robinson but I felt like when we allocated five million dollars a cap from the Torrey Smith asset trade. I kind of felt like the only hope to derby you know the wide receiver being Mormon Paul Richardson. But they went and took an eight million dollars bone that would have gotten it would've got you Paul Richardson he had an eight million dollar year deal for five years in Washington. And we went and spent it on a corner MarShon Braylon. Now. I mean I was at which it was a major need after a whirlwind last exactly and and I thought maybe John Brown tide he went and got like a one year five million dollar deal good deal may be a good additive until. But we have other needs to do we have safety would've picked pat perks yep isn't saying is we're down to about eleven million dollars give or take with cap room 600 asked if they are rookies really F five million dollars in Capra last. We just take peppers. So I did my Sumi net peppers has backed my biggest I'm hoping we have to pay peppers yes I'm hoping that if we don't debate peppers though we probably have to look at the defense of analysts and pay another veteran come in so I. I feel like we got our receiver and I guess maybe fans are not okay with Torrey Smith being the one receiver in 38 he's not. The sexy and aimed at the other big time free agents work. By late breaking news here about the cancer. Still on the Ross Russell center solid. Experience I'll continue to buck they can't side Russell Shepard he's been hiding in the facility's upper doing so. I couldn't find them last year I know that Mac at WS NC dot com so be my one gripe is there's a lot of money you could have saved. You know but as far as wanting actually gone out and done. Like I'm pretty cool and pretty pumped about what they've actually gone around and so we'll talk a lot of Panthers today will Jordy Nelson tweets while we're talk yet do address is some talk about Jodie Nelson is this really good because it is the no questions can be what's the next move to make. And again she icing Jordy Nelson he's visiting Oakland and the patriots and Jordan are making goo goo eyes at each other. I wanna white blood receiver in the patriots look at each other that is a loving way those two look at each other so little clout. The wide receiver quota and it always gone to Miami's not need to fill up at our place him. It's some sort of reverse affirmative wide receiver action than they have gone on and in New England it's Don Beebe year old is not a Rudy Roloson dot BB are we have to talk about this new owner. That is in the bidding new potential owner young forty something years old younger at least 43 years old. Dude is. Billionaire three times over many sounds sharp he's got a business partner at its worst ten billion. Joseph LNB loves them because this guy is the minority owner of the sixers in the players love this guy. And he apparently might be bringing giddy. And Seth Curry along for the ride we gotta talk about that guys wells Mac exact 102 point five WF Danzig. Thousand dollars and. I hear as there are no limit salaries plus there's. Close C Thomas and close which is going otherwise close CL. SE. Text that word right now a 7288. On that. And get him to win thousand dollars you have until the top of the hour attacks. It's a national contest messaging data rates apply. We'll contest rules and WFAZ dot com so I get I get back okay and I am the voice is better and that's the key thing battles are all the other stuff just. Tebow and Zach has to deal me being like Wayne more annoyed than usual. Because I'm I'm ill enough feeling good. But so the first thing had to deal went are all these twists. On the dam building center text line just hit me up all at once trolling me trying to make me angry trying to trigger me. Man this is that says if you ever come back to work and you're still kind of sick. And you have to deal right away with the most annoying part of your job because let's face it I tick claim that there's much about this job it's annoying it would just. I can be insincere and you guys are doing how's that job knowing Mac sitting their talking answers talking hoops and all that stuff. But Bo would you not agree so these do exist literally make it their goal. Who tried to make us angry and annoyed us. Think all of them got together like three or four and got together today and said I don't text Mac right. When he gets back to test his metal. Seems to get scandalous maybe use it job minimize the tax line for a few minutes ago and try to collect her thoughts doesn't. Once here or some other guys here are just attacks why didn't. It was at its line is can be poison when the wrong people get their hands on it's a great thing poison it's a great saying we appreciate it to an attack saying tweed and buy it. Sometimes a concerted the doubles flagrant. Where things things are happening that does make you want a losing ball yes that is right in this guy right here troll house cookie we named Jill Scott you are the biggest. True roller and I seriously our mind lower our guard anyway let me move on here was mine last week the trolls who you know their names I won't even say I'm right now I'm just trying to ruin my returned to action. There should be one day won't we're we take today off the neutral limits or John we go to their job did you tell us where you were you spoke live video yes here's the problem I don't think they work. Like how did you work and send this many messages to every host at the radios to IY at some point in my career go to someone's work controlled Amano Colorado don't think you got those GPS. It's very blessed. That's well and that's a typo or. I have a that would be fun wouldn't it be fun summer down Jerry says McEnroe you chose this line of work you see a cease. L zero ultimately we did. Kind of fighting about the job. Report about UT people like you Gerri nice to read it's like it's couple individuals in there just firing simultaneously. By the way. Johnson Steward assigned what sounds like a two year nine million dollar deal with the giants so well stocked. Goes up there too but to buffalo Carolina norsk. On days gentlemen might start a little second. Carolina north he has brought in John a sand tonight I can't do it very well. How does three gentlemen speak on John isn't how we say he say Stewart right now Jan. Jonathan. How does he say Johnson and an accident Jonathan's dad there. God it's still like I just had a very badly zionists say Stuart finder and sound like Stewart he says he said Saudi tee right kids is don't let Stewart. I just do. Do but I just got Donovan still I can hear him saying Jonathan. I can't replicate him saying Jai I holds down I hope that story is there it's a mentor sake one barker that's right that's. Chris and I really wants equal Margaret the giants. Al's mind tells my goal and home blame this is not a quarterback does I don't know I don't know I don't know how much sold tasty as the last. But the offensive line that doesn't crumble very well at all either now I wouldn't wanna stay importing half million dollars and I was looking you know while what are my favorite NFL writer is bill Barnwell. Writes for ESPN and magazines. On. He did a grade of every free agent signing or that are in the major street in signings yesterday he gave him Braylon signing a B plus I did give us trading for Torrey Smith a city. So he didn't love that one as much as I like that one but he gave Johnson Stewart to the giants and he. That was the worst Grady and get its aging backs man and he's still got four and a half million dollars. You know as an aging back now star stop. I'm still trying to figure out what he got I have not seen anywhere any of the numbers and Orwell got 500 zillion trillion billion. It's 66 million over five years thirteen million dollar deal that was even hotter than I thought I was saying he just go to about twelve and a half million and get them. And maybe the Panthers could. Although actually would euros analysis is agent they probably. This is probably going to the open market regardless. And I like to move for Jacksonville I was talking to one of my buddies in Jacksonville yesterday who does radio there and he said it was open nor well in the so love this dude he's real quiet off the field but he is just nasty on the field and I mean he shows an angry beast on a mission right. So anyway he. What he did was what is so he said okay but here's the deal fans are mad because we chose nor well guarded over resigning Alan Robinson. And I just said I think nor wells' perfect for the way they wanna play football but they wanna run it straight ahead of a letter Ford that's gonna run right behind a white buffalo. I just think that's a good parent and a thirteen million allow for our guards but I just think that is a damn. Good parent. I really do match at WS Lindsay dot com is email address I was just a second quick bright people got. Reset will start shorting Elson fans it's just you've got your own issues right now. For some reason right now I'm on that come on and off the Jordy Nelson beat over here right now. So you don't want Jordy Nelson no no source father's money problems with the printers when you have. Red peppers back insider draft next we'll talk about it when we come that will give more to get a good break on cluster. I I. I just don't think who else is gonna be a good remorse 33 averaged nine yards a catch last year Darnell Rodgers was gone for good bit of that. I'm still like we have our wide receiver a completely comfortable I am Smith. And a rookie guys get healthy on the wide receiving or maybe that's Internet validation how good really is Jordy Nelson without Aaron Rodgers. You talk about major wide receivers. Is he is right is he really I think if you went back in time and Jordy Nelson went to play somewhere else I think to be a bad man. And the saddest doodle it's pigmentation soul you are not had to do his game was again needed right at this point though I don't know how much he has at this point I don't you know. At this point I would probably not do anything I would rather see them at a safety. Or sign Julius Peppers like dads I've kind of moved on from my wide receiver coming. But that's going to be part of our conversation what do you guys want the next Booth debate at some point again explain this owner Michael Rubin. And his history man this. Guy distant what he's done a 43 years a look at this stupid more before in sixteen and we've all done and all of us. Our Michael Rubin potential new owner of the Carolina Panthers will not be oh my Peewee Herman bound. 704 or 57096. Since we got a lot of good banter stuff to get into on the Mac attack. Guy right here my guy says back. I'm your biggest fan and I'll listen all all the way to work Lawrence all the way home to the station love you all you suck that's got to troll we like I thank you also say some nice still can't use that as a kid residential area in the latter day when you're on a Mac it WAS NZ dot com is email address. I would need to hit the phones here a little bit and need to explain this Michael Rubin ownership group Michael Rubens ownership group is up there with the temper ownership group tempers got a as a breast balls on his wall. This Rubin guys and American been called Mark Cuban likes. This guy's band says the players love music he has a bomb minority owner of the doubles and hockey and the six Ers in the NFL. And he owns fanatics which I have spent a lot of money. Saying you know with the wind gear that's right get all my stuff from and trust me that is a lot of team gear again Mac so he's solemn and put his story you know when he was young he was like twelve years old and opened up went to ski shop. Ran a business when he was like twelve. It's crazy bought a Porsche before it could drive. Just sat there and waited until I was sixteen years old to drive it like we've all done that he's been dubbed it I mean I don't really think you had lemonade stands when your kid. But if you had a lemonade stand when your kid your considered enterprising. And this kid was out there ski shops in risky repair shop and they had a ski retail shop when he was in his teens. He went off to Villanova for one year and is an end after four months is like why am I here I just wanna do business. And Johnson he's an interesting do now and he's going to attach themselves. Because three million dollars you're not all you're not so rich enough to buy the team yourself your enemy you know be like all your money. So he's attached a sky Joseph's. Sides of the group. Who is a minority owner in the NHL I think themselves are are now with the nets with the Nazis minority owner. And then I guess that's curry would have a little bit of a stake in this group stick busier and egg ditty would have a little bit of mistakes in this group is well. So I'm sure somebody's going to anger because if he would be on the group but he don't you know a small percentage but does this good seems like a fun group just Ruben dudes 43 years old the only east. It's new wave new way of thinking which means maybe he'll white guys won't wanna manor club I don't know if that led he's introducing guy and then tepper. Which C. So don't you know it. I would give my instructor Rosa rerelease of Silicon Valley these dudes are are are dangerous staying at different sort of owners they're not your typical all kind of crusty owner. So it's kind of interesting to me able to ask you just are locked out we've bag for step curry to come home to Charlotte he will but when the Panthers. Nothing of the hornets I get it's I I think you'll stories he play on the hornets shell. You'll play a hornet's I I there's but I am almost a 100% certain he will play a hornet's you'll be like forty years old you're gonna get the other just like you really think. But I feel like she will come home and Platt. Or really did that old version of steps curry I think we're gonna get a Chris Paul stepped Corey backcourt. And like when they're like 43 in America whatever their age difference as I feel like our almost bet that staff will be here at the end of his career but I don't think that's over talk about it anyway staff you know staff is big dance or not this would be. Like a dream come true for him you know have a little piece of it seemed. My Mac it WS and Xeon tells go to Kevin from Bristol was talk about free agency what's up cavs. They are a man what do you say to. Home. You know I like there aren't teams signed Eric Reed. Or a formula 49ers. I think he's a top global straight deep bit. You know he get model looks normal life well. And ended it would be it would be court. Trusted practiced brother John Street address. No that would and I think I've heard us kind of tied in to his brother in the draft as a possibility. Stories Eric. I don't know man. It's a type of player the Jerry Richardson would not want. Right because he was scampered knicks got a right hand man in terms of kneeling in protest sing out there at San Francisco he was one of the most. You know bombs passionate and persistent protesters. When he came to me the protest are not of the Assam during means I should say. So I don't know man it's that we give Jerry a heck out of there I don't know if guys like that are possible but there is no doubt that his market value. Seems like it might be diminish bone. Because of that stuff while these owners. Might not want to bring him in because of that you might be able to get a bargain someone might very well get a bar exact Geisel football player and it really is. He is as a I was gonna bring him up a double spaced out the Blake fought and like I said at a set asset Al's gonna break out. I was about to bring up Eric Reed because and he tweets about it as we were talking. It would be nice signing man what would voice his number going to be can you get him on a really cheap deal I have no idea how I had heard one rumor was that right now I got this BBC is all right and to a spot they need he would be perfect he really wouldn't be able to get I don't know how the roles work over there now. I don't know does Jerry get to continue to say guys that protests that can come play. Does he not. You know I don't know works over the I have what I feel like that's a lame way to do business but that's the way apparently Jerry was doing I have a great idea. So I don't football player that's really good on the cheap contract asks in detail that's you and handle that stuff later whatever happens happens you get the best football player possible. At the best rate and that could care that's the flight. Guess Florio about his market value you know what Florio is on later today and see kind of what he's thinking about that but if you had him in Greenland. And you replaced. Coleman has down nearly a check kind of silica bounce back in New Orleans. But if you replace those two guys would really and Eric Reid imagine that Wally that's a good idea. I just don't know if it can be exe cute here. Jim says it's everybody's worried about the recent signings which I like but no one's address and how bad our O line gets. Right wheels injury prone Matt sucks and who else is there. Trade turner and general Williams a pretty good at the subtle Roy damn I would guess your moving mode until last guard. I would assess what you're going to do. And it's starting to look like Rangel Ailes playing for nine point nine million dollar cap hit this kind of angers me I don't understand how the very least she didn't try to. Ask him to take a little bit of a pay cut. Matter of fact I sold each week you saw too fragile Corey salary cap expert yesterday. I'm from CBS. And he seemed mapped out a way you can do it takes his base salary turned that it was signing bonus. And dummy years at the end of the contract you see as you say four million dollars by doing it now the only problem as you would go to four million dollar hit next year when he's gonna. You know dead money. I personally wouldn't. A colleague just what do condom or at least look to reduce that money because. It's here's a plane and what he's averaged the last two years I just don't trust the injuries with him it's awesome person he's great dude and it's been one of our best players ever. But if he has a plane seven million or seven games next year and your pain and ten million dollar cap hit. That's gonna look really bad that's gonna look like a big time mistake he made. If we see how we see how tight money is right now and it and the numbers are other players and other teams have gotten do we now do people now sort of CY. We said the cheaper kicker might be the best option to save as much money as possible we're seeing now what this franchise and the cap situation. Every dollar seems to matter so he didn't know that much money you're seeing the impact obtain your kicker that much money last week. Yeah I said yesterday on Twitter if you cut Khalil didn't sign you know. And cut Russell Shepard. Now be thirteen extra million dollars and cents a huge amounts of Justine instead of being around eleven million you would be open 24 million dollars a cap room I just. I feel like some of the money is being given to folks that we just. We don't need to we're not properly allocating the money. Agreement though does it need to be paid like the second highest paid kicker here when you're an capt crunch I do find it ironic that ghetto men took the team over. In cap pal and has given Marty back not as bad but not a great cap situation do you must you must it almost always a lot that could hook. The idea for a waiver and why why when I alas I'm back at WS AZ dot com email address are to Jordy Nelson fans are now email or Mary. We gotta talk about it she goes like angry at people don't want Jordy Nelson. We get out what's the volume it's the volume of the Jordy Nelson I am just I've got a lot of we got a got to discuss this man do we need dead Jordy Nelson are re okay we're just Torrey Smith is a wide receiver we get into. Zap them also good going at same time trying to figure out if cam Newton's girlfriend is pregnant again. It looks like based on what we saw all on what was that does CN see your gasoline that's. Girlfriend baby and young mother of his children she is pregnant with a third child for the two of them her fourth overall. She just gave birth to the second one. Bomb their daughter. Mom that was last. February. So. I can't this kid's body image client has given into the end zone is his minutes into can't do a lot of I was off fifty S and it allowed the public is Ali's analogy Cerrato are knocking out dad he's probably not appropriate I don't know what they'll go into. Our or Chad is someone tweeted yesterday that I should give this guy credit I forget that did twittering and on the able dispersant. He said that Kim has more children than receiving options. And maybe shined late Bailey's feels like an outside enough receivers or rebel porters some. Island for tourism and hang around. And we said we we thought cam might be slowing down it's not an up or down no definitely not Mac at WFNC does count. Now getting people that are there's both extremes on Jordy Nelson. Brian says if Marty or doesn't go after Jordy Nelson mommy he's dumb bird and I thought. But history says I get a car near Max say do we need to go majority why Mac why we don't have the money don't do this to me. Well I think Timonen ire on the side of JP who says don't do this to me we don't have the money. I just feel like you spent your money on a lot on a wide receivers four million dollar five million dollars on Torrey Smith. You're down zero point where you could probably signed perhaps in your rookie east right now. I feel like there might need to be some more trimming. To get some more cap room when he restructured deals what do you do so with Khalil steal stuff that we had already talked about. But it's. It's far is doubling up at receiver. I think what we went out and got Sean Braylon I think that's your sign they're not doubling up bone in a free agent market a wide receivers. You know they spent eight Leo Braylon I think that was a big expenditure. In out. The guys the guys aim was O will be battling with the cam are the key and tweaked. But the receivers and kids wanted to not OK nice nice job. There there's a tunnels Jordy Nelson people contacting me because I'm not in the camp. There I want Jordy Nelson is that he's got a number of injuries. He story three years old if you look at the teams in arrests in Torre Nelson the theaters and Nora now list. There's like six or seven teams out there are so intimidating morsel is a bidding war for the price might go up higher than we can afford and also I don't know I like Jordy Nelson. I think he's a really good receiver how much is Jordy Nelson truly have wept in willow beat when you get overpaid. For what he actually is and asked not to pay for Jordy Nelson thirty this is the only three year old sorting else. Ellis unit different last year's not the same receiver although there wasn't Rodgers there but it. Your team doesn't you know other teams don't have Rodgers either. Jeremy tweets and I he's a job on boards for forty Nelson. He says you guys seem to have more safe and Greg Olsen who was up their coming off injuries in my wrong to have faith in Olsen. I think goals and yet you might not be. What he was five years ago but I think Greg Olsen is still a major factor for the support the honoring rattles off. I'd easily good he does he told us he don't need a second surgery. Should be fine. Arm so I think I think it'll be good I think he had some good games don't immediately off the Israeli and won in Atlanta it was just mystifying link add it in a camera way off on hearing we heard. Lives I think he's gonna be good I'm not saying he's gonna have eighty catches but if you. Piece of all we like I think Torre said here's the difference may be I think Torrey Smith gonna sixty catch us. 5050 to sixty catch I think he's gonna how. Have the Ted Ginn type season that Ted Ginn had here a couple years back so. Is he does that. You got staunchest I think another key will be their third receiver is it Samuel to see finally step up his demeanor bird. Bucks. And I think I think we can do this man I think the offense and it thank you draft a receiver bringing in young receiver took a mix. I think Belinda do you find their receiving McCaffery I got back all new. Every catches a lot of balls a lot of access through and we wanna be a run first power running game team is only so many balls are gonna be a better yet there's only so many balls to spread around iMac adds up these are very easy to add Darryl McCraw is an email its asset. I don't that was hours but. I don't say it's got its days I've done a spot on your light double entendre Kim do guardian and you double entendre Cam Newton done tweets and textures sending end. It's hold those I don't wanna be temp tag I don't be tempted to go I don't. On yesterday I didn't mean to say this I was talking about how popular I am and Australia I was obviously being sarcastic unit holds Okie I'm huge down under. I didn't even assassin and I didn't meet towards come across that way ahead I had to apologize that is funny man does this so. I would go to many who wants to chime in on NFL stuff let's abandon. Rivera to a well they say Gmail what do you say thank you. Well are they your great great there. Back there we got art yeah thanks Robert Reid then yes start chemical or are how are you they don't program we can do it. And we are so great I bet we are we're. This Brooke army apartment record is but what particular. Well there are a lot of random but out of a bank and are open but what do your bit smaller. Well I hurt my hand and I umbrella like you can't pay go away now but what that our guard paper but there but accurate Chopra. I heels got their own injury Kym Johnson you'll remember in the Virginia game your legs are bothering it bother him and stuff so. Roy said yesterday is a standard game on Tuesday he wouldn't play. Good news is they don't have a game on twos matter of fact ailing play till Friday so. We'll see how that goes but at some point today though we got to settle in and have at least a little discussion about. For Virginia who is out for the tournaments because that's I'm stuck on Arizona Virginia what do I do with this game. So I'm wondering is that my is that is that what tips to meet taking Arizona aura might get a regret doing that I didn't. And when we talk about it I think there's there's two different ways to look at that you know there's. Virginia system. Did they just keep on rolling out of the hundreds really good but does a system in place or Zach is or not enough tie in. To kind of get used to playing without my this didn't happen in early February there was some of the basketball leading us a list so what's gone over the years ago I. Once you guys and now that I am not laughing at your buildings that are tax and your football analogy you are to Cam Newton is you are producing a concern and pregnancy and his girlfriend I am not that's not me laugh and they clearly don't aren't your football and Alex is because I know federal sergeant laugh over here I want Odinga and I'm just like I don't know I should arena but they're clever but yet there I don't doubt icy to our Internet Mac and W Jensen he doesn't come have a dispute stacks. Grace and Allen also has a hip problem going into the tournament. I'm Lil thing get out there again. Grabbed it by the way didn't she get hit bumps and all the sport by somebody. Boehner is now implementing grace and Allen tactics we John won't pass him and all it's unbelievable. I we come back I got a request Mac let's talk about the guy we got yesterday. This guy's feisty man I got he's bringing a lot of Josh Norman qualities there's not judge Norman for the Redskins. But he brings a lot of Norman's close lagging qualities stuff like that let's talk about it really enjoying story Smith's. Has more done good so far I think self.