Mac Attack: NCAA Tournament Day 1

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Friday, March 16th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks about Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament. 


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Welcome to the American attack on 102 point five the plan with Mac obvious at general. Analysis sometimes with Tebow keep my hands yeah. Do yourself and Zack let's go drills now your host and conductor of chaos. Christmas clinging. A man yes sir it was a cool sports day I don't know about you all but I thought just say it was a pretty cool one arm not only did you have the madness going on you had some. Crazy experiences like buffalo routing errors in last night's. Who this thing out what went to Virginia over Arizona in their tough racket ball making Kentucky fans my bad you're not gonna lose to Arizona. You'll not your beat and neither was gonna lose to Arizona. We had a bunch of tight ball games we had loyalist goggle upset during the day. Unfortunately. We head. A few North Carolina teams lose we're now the word out down the suit were down from six to two teams in the state of North Carolina. Duke and UNC I had to do just saying there had to do this thing like they often have to do. For the state of North Carolina heels can go on today duke when an impressive win the yes today I mean they shot it well and they just bang it inside uses smaller I don't seem so they got Rhode Island tomorrow. And I got big strong feelings about duke tomorrow against Rhode Island bony. I'm feeling good about the doubles tomorrow. May I have big strong feelings about you right now for saying that because that's that's that's death. Hey they don't feel likes dogs seal samba run Terry Terrell like feel I'll dietary a lot of man. What they wanted to move by Marty man Marty tourney is pulling out some stops here he is aggressive he does realize. I've got to we got to have a season here. In order for this new owner look at me favorably. Don Terry post three year deal 27 million dollars foray guys that had a pretty darn good year in Atlanta last year on a one year deal. And was able to earn some cash this way I mean to me better player than starlets who lay away more disruptive. Om has the ability to disrupt or play that nose tackle tight you know occupy the blockers type game as well. And to give him for a little bit less than stock got I I still cannot believe starlet to allay that five years fifty million. But what team to Nissan when they can be very Smart to give starlet to lag a fifty million dollar deal go bill -- regular Zach was going. On that while the you know grossed through a little shade on Twitter I mean last night it really started me but he just throw it out there. He said it's about time a team from buffalo won a game in the post season. And then he has got to bring this up in the first segment that's just grateful for and against him on joining for star but I still like there's those select assigning these a player needed on the team. You do this we use weird thing where you rotate back and forth between Pittsburgh and buffalo teams really did just use I can't figure it out. I'll mob ball buffalo until they don't have a team for well I think what you need to do is switch from Pitt. Tim the buffalo bulls in college basketball because that team and a supporter got their team is legit they literally just beaten down Arizona. A there's nothing Saluki going on. They pummeled them fifteens three use. These dudes were on fire bone from the three they did a really good job inside too would not let me get a ton of touches I think you know it was fourteen. And thirteen and here's Arizona again. A ton of talent. Sean Miller on the bench and a disappointing and in March it is becoming an eight story. That is an annual tradition. Unlike any other I mean it's like you know it's masters time when Sean Miller seven at March Madness press conference talking about the disappointing loss. On the he's lost in the for a first round now to the last three sons and this one has sustained more than the mall because you didn't. Gives it a second round when it what are athletic freak like Peyton. And you'll also now have to go to deal with wiretaps. FBI and lord knows what else. They will be dealing with this all season but that game was crazy to watch. And you early game was really good bone I'm sure you're watching it. Was Virginia Tech Alabama game absolutely thank game was tight the whole way through and that Alabama CNET do petty. Was knocking down threes from deep blast site in the Cameron sexton worked great for Alabama last night. College sex. What I told Cameron sexton whose camera sex don't know Bud Collins the guys around them is just careless sex informer is a former UNC state quarterback Quincy UNC quarterback former UN Seattle are ready to play for Alvin and ask Al Assad. Our ma that was part of the ACC. The only a one and three yesterday off duke was the only winner in the ACC Miami went down to Loyola. Almost Chicago as we told you they would yesterday and we actually called out well in fact get off our backs about what I did dealt with Virginia's second vote so you got to seal on this product Alabama gave us at. Definitely I just I take Virginia Tech just 'cause he was some golf I don't look at what trust I trust romance and then of course I realize your man does so knowing you could literally beat like those top four or five teams in the ACC. And then you go and lose to Alabama in the opening round of the tournament on us and Alabama's damn bad team. But Virginia Tech is capable of so much more than that Robinson was in foul trouble he spelled out. A bomb and then what was the other game that we lost the ACC loss well. See stay out. And I was trying to push that out I've already forgotten their name I was trying to push set out in my mind that was frustrating and and and it was a frustrating end. To say really really the good season really good over achieving ahead of schedule season for NC state. Very excited to see what sheets does moving forward. But the way they close against Boston College in the ACC tournament. And then against Seton Hall last night in the NCAA tournament was the early disappointing. It was a game just like Boston College where he Selig you're chasing the whole time. They were just chase the whole time and this defense it will it will improve when the personnel. It's handpicked by Kevin Keats but man that defense bone it happen again 57%. Two point percentage they can't control the dribble drive. And I don't criticize cheats off to end but a so maybe at some point. At some point down the stretch this season may be his own to limit the dribble penetration could you can't do demand. An old more years seven looked like would look like we went back. Into the time machine bone and that last year's your said that they are that was brutal. They left your seven in Raleigh and I know he was in Wichita yesterday macd Charlotte Roberts as the temperature right now 52 degrees. First or eighty seats you know it's available for 89 dollars with Charlotte comforts us. I'm Manson gets good hoops to talk about if you guys want to jump to any of the Davis in Kentucky game was great. Davis and a half time I kind of thought. This is saying go to work out because Davidson could not finish inside against Kentucky's athletic schism at all. And they weren't shooting well for three dangerous real fourteen the first half from three. And they were really struggle and then on the other side you talk about dribble drive penetration before they were in zone could argue was driver right up the middle. And I thought man this is just this is this is not go work out Davidson. Should have underestimated they made a valiant run they tied it one point. Could not ever get over the hump and the end of blues and they could not get a basket must been a last six possessions bone. Or Kentucky really deed of Davidson couldn't get a bath a little say this. Davidson had a couple open looks from three regal and the ball on the side the back more once and the next possession Peyton Aldridge had a good looks from three. Bomb Dade Dade they need more from all bridging in Grady last night they used it. There really gold are re dole sequence was the biggest of the game that that ended in the chancellor Davis and regal it's a side of the backboard as you mentioned that he commits a silo in the bonus. So they're down to under three minutes ago we go misses a shot Kentucky gets the ball that he fouls not a great foul the bonus. It's our he comes down it's two foul shots missing you know goes from a you know potentially Dave's having the lead. Or tie in the game to down four and once they got doubts for and that situation now without Morgan Aldridge secrets on the press serial what. Russ he reveals a guy that maxed out everything he couldn't college basketball. And I'm marketers to your route to cable that sequence right there yesterday to me although it did to get. Although Aldridge it's an open three the next possession is back to one. You know all they Aldridge had a really good look patent Aldridge cannot go one of nine and have you B two from three and had to be Kentucky. A chance and then Brady went one of five so those two players together worked sue. Of fifteen Aldridge all told was for a seventy. It's a pretty damn good accomplishment to be in the game late when your stud paid Aldridge is four of seventeen against Kentucky. Right things considered an axle commitments and brought tried tried he had all that's the reason like inaccurate Manny at six threes all I think you're all the cigarettes they use 06 on the floor bona first that every point what's in second half staff so he hit six of ghosts all six trays in the second half. They saw a man and the game was they're sort of taken the they didn't make their shots Kentucky did they had trouble with that baseline screen golf ball to Iran and for Knox. You know they're a little bit of trouble with that Knox got a couple big buckets are much. But again at that point Alice like OK let it I'd rather have them shoot a sixteen footer and attacked the basket Davidson played better defense the second half though I thought. The protect obtain a little bit veterans against Kentucky had a streak absence don't know how long streak was bound. But they're streak of games with a three pointer ended they were 06 from three last night 1988. Although it's like thirty years straight clergy or 988 weeks. So that ended John cal Perry after the game. And we only took six shots we took twelve threes would have been six of twelve from for half a step back. Well a little more and here's the thing man to buffalo beat them because I was counting on that it's not Davidson pulling off the upset it would demoralize cal Perry. I was counting on Arizona doing it and now might had to be Virginia in my NB Virginia takes that. Everything came you have ideal asset they get their win and an Arizona loses everything came up for cal last night it is all right talk tonight are held Virginia just frustrates our animals out there. So Virginia frustrate some crap out of them at playtime helps Virginia holds an eighteen points down winds forty to eighteen and levels I I did see. I could see Virginia are frustrated them and cal Perry bitching after game. Didn't you just say yesterday you thought Davidson is gonna frustrate them yet in Virginia little buddy defense is a different level Virginia Lula. Did you know yeah. A little bit higher level than David since. But Zell the year for Davis in man they got really hot afternoons on constantly are brutal nonconference but we had a great 810 season one the gates and championship. And done that would have been really cool though they made that run and tied it I was just begging to sports gods. Give us this win I wanna watch John cal Perry's press conference after losing to Davidson but I never got that moment bound. And it's well they lose one of their best players ever obtained Aldridge but. I think they're next great superstar Kellen Brady's gonna be done the face of this program the next couple years up to god Goodman synagogue radius the backcourt go forward pretty good. I don't know what they have. Coming in oral who's next replaced they know a bridge by got a pretty damn good recruit coming in house read in McAllen Brady's going to be the next the next got to carry this thing to the next the next level I. I know what they have coming in mound they have some guys coming from overseas. But tonight can guarantee you Bob public kill plus at running on the sidelines multiple Matilda is fired up he was skipping at one point he was getting arrested again basket in solo album and they said he was down people that were renting game we're tweeting about how animated he was last night. At one point they said he was down a bomb crouching and he was slapped and our ask like he's a bar in there like is that a play goal or is he losing his mind a fact but it was good to see I was running was plays last year did you want a top of the screen he saw the moving the killed us how does running with a plaque. Mean I have never seen them before it was fun to watch he was having some fun last night man his guys are competing his guys fought back. And I think he was really proud of them but ultimately the talent one ounce of Kentucky won I Gamertag game was drilling the NC state game not thrilling NC state I mean. It was just again I just I hated that game. It was like oh here we go to a get back in this game and any kind of disarray in the end. Seen all pushes it back to eleven this is that was a frustrating game if your state fan again it's got to be a frustrating end to a season that we all have to look at and keep in perspective. And now you got DNC state haters. Jumping on board and that's what's annoying. Where does NC state stands at today Matt won these guys say it. Not a guy says so little brother got put back into their place so. A tennis stuffs annoying I can see how NC state fans wanna strangled and tar heel or or forty you know I mean he's. Florida argued I I didn't see how that just you deal that all the time it must drive you freaking crazy arm but it's not our. Out of Reno stays fans remember this so even though they went other way last night to tell you lost. You're not their arrival. Right Tebow. Not at all. It's ridiculous and I care enough about someone to say earlier that they're not riled them IB arrived and it's a good point that's a good boy Boehner. He'll skit go in they are the Tobacco Road team a guy going to the final four see how they start tonight against lipscomb who plays a very fast pace. But he's a very bad three point shooting saint. That is a horrendous combination for today what time what's come one time kid tables try to run with a Beatles but they can't make the race I mean that's just what I. I don't ask him what I did complete tire marks are the employees. Regular Carl begging you with all that's in my soul what's got one shot did one no chance right. Now I don't think so I don't think Serena you want Roy to have that blemish so bad because Roy wonder why not have that first round loss that you can go to no coach Gary. We got to go to break here but coach Kate's got a couple up temples on a tiny. Bikes and some ugly marks on a tiny Roy's got very CU. That Heidi marks in this rant though he doesn't he doesn't I think you've got to just hours agent or deter or am I wrong to say you gotta go all the way back to Weaver state in herald the show arson notifying me first round exit you can mock for the heels. Am I wrong got a steal it gets the last word BMW Freddie you're back there and and clear eyed let's sell or rock hero and who saw about if you don't want to talk about the games your school are one year's club lost. Jumping in here we've got done Terry total talk about. Marty very deserves credit and love does he not. Thousand dollars. I cash buzzer time everybody this hour's word is roofs all or oh no I ask. The ceiling. Is the Roos ladies and gentlemen died 72881. Is where you text it to extort groups the 72881. Sure shot to win a thousand dollars in cash Muster you have until top of the hour to text and to national contests messaging data rates do apply. Full contest rules available at WS and Z dot com are real get right back. To the college basketball on the madness there's a couple conferences in addition to one and three. I ACC. We need to talk about from yesterday. From one conference in particular stage hands will not stop texting so we have to talk about them. But before we get all of that's. I gotta do dietary collier in the first half hour of the show he had to do this some justice team around. This signing was surprising I thought they were content. To rule. You know I mean let her Butler take an increased role. How low to an increased role find no defense to tackle somewhere else for the rotation when stark the Tulane last. Marty had other plans he goes out there and it's commentary though a do dad I fell in love with all the way back it to come by in 2012. I have never seen. 350 pound man move like Don Terry Pau move that day he is an absolute. Freak of nature he's been a bit up and down in the pros. That's why he had to take that one you're hasn't really Goodyear's Pro Bowl years in Kansas City. But he's last year was not a great when there's contract year's red Steagall one year kind of prove it deal. Atlanta and I'll be damned if he didn't prove it being Grady Jarrett. Rex shock in the middle of that line for the Atlanta Falcons and I am just envisioning. Don cherry clos NKK short giving guards and senators absolute headaches giving them physical ailments as well. I mean that's the thing is he can play. You know the nose tackle type stuff where he occupies blockers and he certainly going to help. Lute he glee in TD in Shaq in the linebackers this is great news for those job sure they were doing. You know I mean cart wheels yesterday but solitary Pope brings you more disruption. In starlet to Lagos. The fifty million dollar man starlets who does not bring a disruption like if you look at just last year and again. I know you go roll your eyes is pro football focus numbers take a drink in the Mac it's a drinking GigaOM reference in pro football focus. Well it's on turtle last year 37 total pressures to say axis Sally he's going to be Thomas sacks although I have seen seasons. Or he has had six and for the task in his career. But he had forty tackles 37 total pressures 23 stops which means the play it was a positive place for the defense. You know a mom. Star on the other hand three sacks but only nineteen pressure so about half the pressures. Have to tackles when he tackles and have to stop swelled stops. It's a dude that can stuffing and occupy blockers but he also has a little quickness off that ball because he's so much more freakish. There are some explosion their bone and he NKK next each other imagine how easier life is for peppers and Addison too on the outside now not just a linebackers for the outside guys. Who are you going to double at the Madison will get left alone locks. I think it's an unbelievable move by Marty hurry unexpected because we did not talk about the uh oh now being the option year. Definitely much more exciting than the night before when we're monitoring what Thomas Rawls is eating had a big lead diner. Or where Luke Wilson the tide and this match so what's weed out yesterday the panthers' depth chart. This has to excite you. Because all were more sixteenth in all but one spot it's basically still right now did you got that first short poet Addison a fraud. She act TD. And Lucas the linebackers you've got a break when. And Brad Barry as the corners he got Mike Adams at a safety spot so outside of one safety spot. We sit here more sixteenth. Every note ten of the eleven players on defense already that's impressive that's a good job by Marty Murray to get worked on initial period I've got a ticker at Altamont mad money earning its. We Alter ego Marty areas of the big spender this is money. Irony here is tied up Mardy is brother Marty and he has gone to work and here's the deal. I don't rewarded chat rooms Cummins from ask questions I would just contract last night weren't twelve point two million dollars a cap room and that is before the peppers or Pau deals come off. We're going to me depending on how those are structured pretty close to resist the but it's that is a sign to me did you need six million at least to sign your draft picks that Mardy is gonna do some restructuring and a little Soviet cut a leg of some money. But restructuring there's going to be some cat gymnastics. That's what we talked about yesterday if you wanted to go aftermath you can do it but it would take some cab gymnastics restructure this restructuring that cut this guy. Clearly he has in his mind to do it and why stop now bolt if Marty surely is look at this away Wheeler on the outside which is no. Prove yourself to your new boss. Don't get players to be aggressive and let's try to keep this job when a new boss comes and he's already got he had Luke Wilson and earlier in the week. Erick Aybar on. Former tar heel side an endless and let's make no bones about it I people grumble and on what are you really want this guy he's a bus as a backup BS you can't deny he's a bust as a high for you know as a first round pick wary respect and then the guys used victims front else. But what was the Liz Zack you said yesterday guys is back in front of there's a bad omen or Donald. This crazy. The one the one that was right after almost two along Pro Bowl lineman and then it went Odom back gum. Sack Maarten was behind I don't know Ryan should easier Kyle Fuller I don't know exactly older I know wrote a Beckham was two picks behind MM. And Arnold was there so I mean so I give you look at that context and I'm in Detroit they probably couldn't get past that right way to pass all these dudes up to this guy. He's dropping footballs and he's just not consistent. But Boehner become seniors achieved back up tight end Greg Olsen. All the sudden this guy I think you look at a little differently right like you said as a back up or not you winning and we're not asking him to be some sort of game changer. And match up nightmare. That but the way they were in Detroit. Are you can do allow more slither back up tight end and an air he brought certainly Mac Torrey Smith an upgrade over what the other number twos or last year right towards it up great. Oh yeah we so over Worley a great desolate on towered over star upgrade there. To tip your hat to Marty. You know we rip them off from various things but I think he's had a tremendous. Our weeks here as Jim to support this zoo says when. All of this is true. When you talk in her dog man is working. He is I mean I know that we bit our our Marty and I've tried debt you know given credit for what he deserves and and and blame them for what are users blame for. He deserves credit right now. We get to 7 o'clock hour and start talking about it again I hope this pile moved bone combined with Braylon. I hope this has Panthers fans more pumped up and more willing to give him kudos then we found two days ago. Found two days ago is there will ridicule those. Hopefully this home of Chris like you say came undone work we were not thinking dead defensive tackle was a spot they were going to go after. In free agency we did not Terry says Julius Peppers and Ontario Don Teri polo come rushing issue what should you do. Pull a Brett Favre and salts are the grounds. And you not even mentioning KK short I mean and I love it too because this is the way this team is built from the front to the back. Stop the run up front he's gonna help the run defense they get after the quarterback don't second third and long he's gonna help them pass rush. He's a guy you can feel better about Leven in there on third down passing situations installer. I love you man and it becomes cheaper in store when you find that out that is well played it. My Mardi earnings at your dad back up tight end in as a safety. And then will really be talking man really be talking iMac it WF concede our dog poop if you can jump in here we also need to work on the herding cats race. Is it money you know what's hurting hash tag what he's doing work we got another one we got another one here we come that we don't talk and no one could just sales man and I love to steal the turned. Bonus total money earnings someone last night is this the one you're going to get a vote. Want the ones from last night there was a different amber waited and hash tag carded for you okay I I do. I'll give you don't want the one from last night might be the funniest ones or give our area and out and vote we need to come up with what is the official. Mac tech tourney hash tag when he Q when he does work as he's getting after way more aggressive than we seem to pass from him or get a many free agency and act like you know a lot I do I took him talk about that. So comforts as one off to a great start one should be worse star I have ever seen our five conference have determined we had talked about it. Do. All we got a weekend coming up parties don't make about six or lose your all right. Forget the salary cap real leaders thinking cap. And then we're gonna watch tons and tons of basketball. A lot of you guys abroad be headed over to the arena to see he'll see you clues. And see all the action over there and if you don't have tickets but she'd like to get out of working go. 8 o'clock hour today we have a pair of tickets to giveaway to the afternoon session which includes the Tar Heels also includes at Providence saint end game which could be maybe the most competitive. Although all the games. So stay tuned stay tuned 8 o'clock hour today we will give those babies away. They wish you given way to the best Marty Kearney slogan although I think we might have used it 90% of the mop. At this point already Tebow a little deeper and we go yeah we tried 60000 during the commercial break her. And so have the listeners a textures are also getting after it to question this. What should what's decent lead hash tags DC you know that we use when Marty attorney keeps knock in some of these signings Celtic get us excited. You have to keep the master whiz kids is there's so many coming three or he got mark these down Shane has said the one that we also got from someone last night hash tag he's still learning the my turn around. And up the volume. Earn around since very narrow ansari statistical settled out of that seal the turn as the one salesman Reza that's that is I. That's been odd bit on top fuel for a while so it if we can't go what bed decidedly better and that and we got to just stay with fielder got as I got a lot of components for you. Come on baby make it hurt so good. You're an infirmary in Europe and stir up Erden lacked. First degree turn I don't know what I heard it even it sixty degree turn. And doesn't sound sounds painful. You know Kernen the whales she got a there's act. Turn rubber. We have a lot of Mario galaxy the other yellow rope turn right now slash and turned. Crashing learn a lot of them let's see here turn bridges get a controlled turn right now that's at the pin there's a controlled her. Are are you com coming over these on your eye and tell your idol he's a notice nurse. I knew exactly literally is brainstorming like twenty by himself over and over I got to wrestle a good one that can send money to her right now. Oh man I'm telling you we got to be right up against the cap I think more resistant case that until someone says he can't anymore. Economy whether it's Jerry whether it's tea Bagger whether it's the NFL themselves saying you've just gone over the caps are. I got a big he's just got to keep silent which keep running today by the way they also. Had a draft is it and I guess today Chad Thomas defensive end out of Miami guy that we talked about back end around Senior Bowl time and stuff. And I remember watching him at Miami season due to. That's is an interesting guy because you know we need to it's great to have pat back. And that's another part of we did he mention though we're done and all these things we did getting pat Mac is like a signing in in itself obviously. I'm all right let's do this match it W a since he got on got to get back to Luke's a little bit John in Hickory wants to chat his heels get ray player today what's up John. You outscored and the reason of all the more I beer and eat it Turk speaker ordered in order. All right that up there in air oh. Who are apt at you know I did it to try to create. And today. You know water where. Just not good to me I just get married with sometime. And cut open shocked or from. You know anybody. The fact check just the Middle East were more now in in any church where he's got oh yeah he prop up our. Don't forget Leonard Hamilton coaches today so he's gonna say year old my beer watch this press that. Managed. It may need to be watched but it ain't. And now. Report that speaker all the better and Internet or air go at it jerk or are they play harder. It clearly. Warned. The best approach to war. And air and it just it just may have happened that year out what just one quick thing about. Or how about recurrent just been or how ya. That's that is pretty strong it's shot I guess you're gonna result I left him on hold so long had a lot of time to come up with a one -- heard a spender let's not bad mom you're right the better team did win obviously a woman one woman even when it was like a six point game it just felt like. This is not Saluki all. Buffalo is just beating them I mean buffaloes got some bowlers these two kids. Am. Clark and Harris. Six threes between and 48 points between them and then you look over to the other side of the ball and get eight was held in check to fourteen. Com Trier was four of fifteen from the floor. And two of eighteen from three for Arizona I mean they've just gotten beat down they lose by 21 so. That sounds you hear many bat brackets being ripped up right now as we speak to one thing's always bothered me about Sean Miller. I don't think we need to worry about this anymore Tebow after wiretapping situation. But he's always been the name that was mentioned. For whatever reason as its or he'll coach after role. People of all the national figures. You'll hear Brad Stevens tossed in there and stuff he got the god is adorable I he'd want he was Amos and heated heated wanna take any other job because he wanted that job and I always kind of thought we did she editorials really want him. And you know now I think these shenanigans when the wiretapping and recruiting him even his assistants get busted known I think that might do away with bats. But this is a do there's no doubt he deserves that label of under achievement and this is only gonna add to. So I appreciate you saying no one so trader's name right because. Our old friend Charles Barkley I did not say it right astronaut Lisa he said all the talk about Trier and so that's right there's an Iowa boy. He has those moments first though you know we has been watching cows has always been in the NBA studio and idol doesn't watch the NBA you know back to doing whatever it is he does is that it tells you doesn't watch CN BI. What does he do when he's at the studio I guess he watches the games he has to watch but it tells you are ranked I don't watch much it is leader to. So he doesn't watch the NBA that much you know we they want he tells you how it all. Are you. Ollie there's some of these moments it slides he doesn't even he can't even Heidi was some of these Mosul our guard Clark Kellogg state who puts his wife and address to their somebody's rights and no doubt there and so if you're out there elicited and you add a bracket major magic. Mac Masood and actually has Mel salons are named OSHA did you teach your bracket malfunctioned because of Arizona. Give us a call or here for you know pac and I and I. I went some. Virginia when it came down to it over them but here's the thing though and I got to explain this at some point total they would come back. I'm so mad about just presented pretty good brackets are but I have no money on the line Siegel. I couldn't figure out how to do some USA and a damn computer so now I'm not even in watches have been a year that I do great squirted our basic office pull ago I don't know man Ahmed Ahmed a bracket he right now. We're the winner gets like twenty bucks. What is what is the point accused of point of that. I'm a good I'll just pull I don't know just a part in the paper we I don't tape around our I don't get a bit office for four people right now so all that's about that at some point I'm such an idiot with passwords and prevented me from getting my bracket and sacks bracket we will and that we will pronounce that dead here in a couple of minutes CS zoning and final game yikes and we got to give a loved one conference. Another conference needs to be shredded if you'll want to talk tournament or Marty Ernie spend in 7045709. Success Mac attack. Tech's game steel wrong today staying crawl. Mac and WA AF can see the outcome gives the email address. Once again I again see state might be arrival of yours do if you're sending a two part texted me and bound it goes like this. When I saw him on Sean Miller and UNC so hiring so appreciate your turning history isn't good. And I responded with maybe if he delivered in crunch time you know we're looking a little bit but this dude is a dagger. And he responds with his tax was just sent to set this up a like Kevin seats. This Kevin Keats was at Louisville when some of that stuff went down haven't heard his name implicated the data was implicated was implicated. I will not work again as a coach. Then head coach will not work yet. I haven't got a simple man Sean Miller might had a wiretap all that's just that's assuming. We don't know we don't know what can we keys would even responsibility then why would you go after Kevin Keats in that fashion if you weren't case threatened by him or if they weren't at least Jerod. Rice come on man I just need honest tar heel fan to admit I'm a little leery of peaks. Indeed there are arrives as all I need man. Iraq good luck with that driver is you'll be good move forward Odyssey your Mac and WFMC dot com. Yes so anyway my I don't. And so horrible passwords apparently I have a password for And multiple passwords and different email accounts. I couldn't remember either of them so yes today for some reason we're using ESPN for this year is bracket challenge contest that we're doing here to station. I was frantically bone trying to get an email returned. Said to me when my password information I could not do what I had to go to this meeting to hit man scheduled yesterday probably just ended Simon. So I never got in their brackets and now have a great bracket this time and not our idea and I hope this is a year you just go off. How do you what do I want I want to ask how just how. And so streets in angry man's soda and buy your way. My bracket pools or those twenty dollar Saab that I can win and I'm gonna make it rain up in here and I'll be throwing that way dollar bill around like Amara. I come on the night he's grass. Since. The you know not one anyone's guess I don't know I said Benard he's wrapped in the more notice for an artist or. Your uncle Leo our romance that's what's gonna happen by the way OK SEC fans want pat on the back mound. SEC fans are tax insane you talk multi ACC struggle and about given the SEC some love SEC one's four and oh yes today. Kentucky held off Davidson. The Tennessee game that was one of the most impressive performances of the day Tennessee put the smack down all right stay. On the U and Alabama. And that backcourt sexton and Teddy doing it up against Virginia Tech. And then you had one other SEC school Florida Florida winning last night's bomb fairly convincingly as well. And I think Florida's got a chance and I think. You see your I think at least three of them have a chance to advance Jeff sort of an elite eight remember Ressa that was going to be they're gonna make them they're going to be Texas Tech I got a battery sixteenth I'm not a huge Texas to expand. And I night they kind of validated not been a huge family who knows maybe they survived and and now move on from here here's. Think SEC fans so I what you what four other escalates. How many true. Final four national title contenders are in the SEC. What are some good doesn't good teams like Tennessee conduct when we noticed teams are pretty good but how many great teams like one at all or your conference gas. I noticed a couple of the ACC more than a couple of new ACC they could see cutting down the nets I don't see that the SEC yeah that's different. Just I had Tennessee Jonas who took a lead eight I doubt he was well although now you got to look at Kentucky's series so although I still think Virginia is going to be dead and but I see you know most say buffalo they make fifteen threes again pound buffalo good legitimately. Give Kentucky some fit so let's go bulls. You've got to make the change can you drop pitch today and become a buffalo bulls fan place. I don't know I don't the three stray retirements now what are your Dick Panthers got exactly there are about to get shot well. No just let us down that's fun though this decision NC fans going after state because of all the conspiracy. Crap. On that we've listened soup for several years it's fun to poke. Bombs put us on saying you're urinary arrival could you wouldn't care about pocono they weren't your rival. That's all trying to say I I love bribery trash talk and is what Carolina fans be big enough to admit they are arrival back to Angel Barry on the bomb the other guy bone in the guy was gone after Keats is now gone after your guy I give you another example. The future coach said Duke's Jeff Capel. So now he's trying to say to people's seat and then another gonna hire him to our men could take yeah. I'd hire him. And I won't really probably say a word about it Mac and WS Lindsay dot com is email address. If you guys wanna jump it and now the pac twelve needs to be shredded up SEC fans would give your day one threat it's a conference of champions. How bad does Bill Walton even though he's probably in some smoke. Induced haze right now are easy even know it comes champions is no longer in the NCAA tournament that is observed. He is out there right now tell someone when they tell you about. They're greatness. Of the conference of champions we have Arizona. UCLA. Arizona State. One of these tremendous teams will certainly miss the cut down the nets. They were cut down in their first game all three of these teams student even make it took around the 64. And then your big dog Arizona goes out in their first game I don't want to bracket championship why did you says tax wealth. Also added to says parents well. We circles conference of champions around. How mom so anyway glad Tebow he said this is a few words this is the first time a power five conference. Has never made it out of the round 64 yes god that's embarrassing this is just all time sucking each and and then your big dog gets beat by 21 Bob buffalo. That conference is so brutal man and the coach of buffalo looks they oats so does say yes it's yet he was votes votes votes votes 200 amazing she's done an amazing job after Hurley left there. And die he was talking afterwards and he says to mixing stuff he says. I'll watch enough pac twelve games last me five years on tape get ready for Arizona. He says I noticed no one. Really pressures are guards no one really goes after their guards he said we're gonna do this in their guards are going to be in shock and ask are what happened last night. Their backcourt severely. Outplayed the Arizona back court found they were unable to get the ball inside because of the pressure. And I think this is the latest indicator team owners have we needed more of the Arizona lost 121 as the latest indicator that conference was just hot garbage terrorism was not tested out there. In his cell loss quickly in the New York has organ made a final four last year played UNC. You seal I was really good last year Arizona was good coming into this season. Southern cal had top five talent remember we look to southern Cal's top flight team in the country. So it it unraveled rather quickly for the tact while the season. By the way you want more Kerney hash tags though we're trying to find the best Ernie hash tag is sure you started out why not that we can use. Most see what hurricane tourney he'll like Dell model. Let's see what else we have here. The most recent owners that are Hearn down for one. Are down for one hash tag turned down for one told he has our current mania has studied her mania. Once you've got to do for a daughter and her Khamenei Iran's wild card you I I don't like she'll meet Ernie. Return of the Mac turning down the house the if you wanna win let's turn barrels. We had beauty you can't go too many one on these Mardy has turned in his Jeep a caddies are too many rings the return of did you and I. Man died getting ready to stop now. I'd police and ingredients although I do like great participation yell but I think we're getting over saturate. You Uggla. I do like that one. I do like Romania. Vernon mania and pretty wild on you Claudia what they get it down flat iron and any act comes very damp noted there's little zionism thought he had some delight. Hi Matt we're sort of south some part of maybe if he sought to Mac at W hasn't seen downtown. For the second day this week we got a lukewarm Sosa OK results couple days ago. But now Don cherry pose in the soul they upgrade they lose started upgrade. And this defensive line's going to be nasty. I ask you Carolina Panthers fans. Are you sealing her are you jacked up about the work Mardy or he's doing.