Mac Attack: More Hornets Future Talk With Matt Carroll

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Friday, May 19th

We talked more Hornets and their future with the teams radio analyst Matt Carroll. Plus a certain southern product Mac, Bone, and Os have never had become a discussion point 


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I think I could came on the air today and said the hornets and Panthers. Our needs to worst organizations in pro sports I'm done with them I'm not ready for the many more and they will never win a championship either one of them. And I think I did say that boat to get less emails critical of me and my admission in the emissions from all of us that we have never tried shear wind. I just got my wife's friends or not drinking. I guess what I'm finally come the day man does get this done it. Thing is people are comparing it on Twitter boje angles and that's African institution right there are you seriously saying in this cherry soda. Is up there when that great chicken which cajun spice. Are you see it as a I just don't view it is. Yet North Carolina barbecuing shear wind like they're not in the same stratosphere institutions but if you go if you meet somebody said the move standing or somebody moves down here. They say hey what's good food drinks what I need to have. Are you throwing shear wind and barbecue or your first two things is shear wind down the list is all I'm saying bony. That's all my masters right and I agree both I think sun drop would be on that list before cheer us on sound odd but some drop was Ian similarly both are in a way of those together and got very little cherry lemon sun drop bonus could not rely deaths and yeah like cherry picked knows what's the -- citrus like I like to sit just so you turn cherry. Art anyway let's talk basketball Minnesota aficionados stuff mandate is not our thing. Obligated tea there's a deliberate to Bobby Hebert a 45 will join us. From the saints radio and Howard to tell us if there's some interim behemoth the way some people seem to thing I'm not buying that. Are we back to the calls. Oslo we still got people a check in and on which side they're on on should the hornet's blow it up or not Osborne wants. This team to start over and I am fighting them on that we bring in a Matt Carroll hornet's radio analyst former NBA player here in Charlotte on any joins us here on the Mac attack Mattie C I know you missed this man you better. Our eight I did misty got a village lute lute will be put a couple of weeks to. Our goal is still it and they went and hit you in a hum singer of a Osborne series our job the before that. Have you tried cheer why do you like cheer why do you move from Pennsylvania just like I did you like cheer one. Yes I try to I do like give. I'm not a big go to die each day and do a cute I think it's TEC church related. Like he did that I've ever heard that I never heard that well. You have very similar to uphold sorry while I'm. Cherokee red was actually to back up extra I don't act now. I'm and Travis Damian said he said the true gem of Charlotte is cherry gold choice for 79 cents but it's kind of like did not golf version shear line I think legged sheep don't turn of our lives students in a hornet's you know Oz and I had this debate off the air analysts and I gotta be honest I mean I. I feel frustrated again the lottery we don't get lucky we're picked eleventh and a draft for people think there's like what seven difference makers are so. And you know I do feel like our roster is kind of toxin without Al lot of wiggle room. But I still just the idea that does is presenting to us out just stared down start over start the process. Charlotte addition. I just feel like there's so few guarantees when you just try to rebuild from scratch like we did it once before god and KG and and so now let's go get big Allan give up on this what. I mean what do you think for all the fans out there and there's a lot of them that say let's just try to start to staying over what would you say to them. Nowhere. So where does the EPA is way too early for that are. Any kids what we have employees. Or did you know of moderate orbit pop artist here GA. We have a good core group is about look Phillies start go to or are she. That's brutal and if so I'll just say if you serve back. Side that maybe he's afraid aren't guided their body they drafted in the courtroom and it looked a little doubt they've been ravaged it potentially could go about potentially. At. We have if you don't want to have to deploy with this core group I think it'll wage lowly. I like or starting it or it could address the different needs and beat. What do you think does Sri Nizar. I didn't look we need for a particular our big break up the best forget the score it. You have frequent or somebody you could. Help frame dealt differently but also our entire for more illegal or replace a bit of that rule each productive. But at this stage for it to cut and that's down a little bit. Great to get hurt he got here. You've got to meet with. The recruit sort of a little bit older we're Cody data except that they typically tobacco. Usually someone accompany their health care but to provide or are you incredibly special like each year literary got you out. Somebody like that big Kemper quote. They're both it is when you could wing Likud wing political common good work. 3-D type guy go to regain that it would have to us. All right now we iMac Carol what do sorts radio network. I think everybody now just like we are close on the show the other day and he acknowledged that number two guy. So really backed up Campbell and you don't mean to be almost on the level with cameras a 12 punch is needed. But those guys don't grow on trees and were we don't have any cap room and board drafted eleventh. It is there a way to get somebody that's that big of a difference maker I know the ringer had that report about what we try to clear rumors trades and go after Blake Griffin if he opts out. I really think a guy like Okafor. Could be a number two option and you know in a post option kind of a young version of big now. I mean or any of these things worth trying or we kind of stuck with this roster we have what do you think. I don't think it's going to be simple you talk I do you think you don't we have some pretty heavy contracts so carpet do you like people are just going to be able to buy it will take bit. So I do you think we have to be creative but you know and ideally get Okafor you look I think this sport is Puyallup wouldn't have a player like go chipper and some. Throw it your QB Billy didn't score the low block but also create basically outside shooting up. Like that I be epic ever do you work we had a garlic it out so. I'll ball mortuary so polite if that work. You know simple you're the guy still let's go to and the bet bit bit. Carter so our hope we do it different idea but I think that we should be opened there's an opportune public cobra. Yeah and what now you mentioned a draft what do you think about the draft at number eleven I know it's really early in a process we just found out where they're picking and com do you have Americana like the thought of Justin Jackson. As a two way player I think she could be talked about Jeremy lamb. I think he can be better than lamb on the defense and and certainly and I think he can give you that punch on offense still. But I don't there's nothing there in the draft that right now I'm really in love with this or a player you're looking at your hear about do you think Manny really help the hornets. I think eleven stalking you look at it at seven at the top spot and those guys like while you don't go to that well but I don't Lebanon. Religious excites me but I just you know weight behave we gave it. He's gonna blow it around ready at eleven I'd like Felix Padilla struck back at the age did you joked that guilty he writes he goes well. You know a guy like Justin yuk it up if you would help us tremendously. You know like you didn't hole it and you need to cheat you know what he kind of figured out yet you are like so we like them off the bad so. So like doubted it would definitely still in the course and you know it's it's harder to purely bureaucratic early you know little regard your garlic you guys the person. You let it be different you see apology. Or actually keep it an actual draft work out with guards are very similar achieve their. I think that's important. Okay let me do this summer to be fair about it Timonen we had this debate the other day about Justin Jackson Alou canard. She don't likes the idea of Lou canard as the pick he's been mentioned in that area still. I just worry about his defense but heck he gives you an offensive skill set what we think about Luke canard and number eleven. Cool and you like better. Talk about that but I do like look at article what he's able to do. Had been given a big surprise a lot of people but. He can get pockets army you protect the guy he's cracked be elected there in particular he's been a white guy compete by. Today he's different the last beat. Are you a lot more craft beyond the issue or is it that the Little League and though they're there don't they all of a little. All of the tribunal does it take you all so I don't know holed a few book report but luckily we just. I mean listen we could pass both those that led to be the work out those two guys could be featured you know together during this same. During the same work out our rights let's see here so we've received by the way if anybody. Has credibility when it comes to talking about white guys they can still up the basket I believe that you believe you have Carol RI. Are presenting a little bit older couple in the FDA are critical. You actually that you actually did it menu you've lived to tell about it to this point your white dynasty hit baskets in the MBA barely there version that's out there you can compare what do fires that there. There have been done before never been done before our rights and it shall we here's a challenge next time we have you on. I would like you to sign it. A black guy can barely canard some good you know nobody can do it but nobody thinks they're allowed us and that's a challenge I got to find somebody Dell I got to work on that myself and China are two of our problem or alert all right have a chair line later today I think I'm an amateur wind later today after all this. I'm brother there you go I am just Justin Brown beat by everybody on all the forms of the social media and communication gap. Just getting browbeat mark says bite your tongue tier ones and institutions same stratosphere is boje angles and barbecue. I just things like death. Stephen says is absolute travesty I want you off the air Boehner and us can go play in traffic on 485 so at least all he wants. I'd I was actually for me plus doesn't want me to leave he just wants me to lose my job. Guys he would like to essentially get killed. So I feel like dads he was nicer to me an honest I didn't sign a more bought eight volumes might have I but here's my temple on a lower gaelic sucked at temple down police building to last somewhere else I. When we come back okay so we have that I did a terrible towel we have this I don't care which is is this really a huge state of North Carolina sin for us to be here this long. And I drink cheer on the other polarizing topic of the day and Matt Carroll said absolutely not ask. It's too early. In the process of building up this team to Terry down is anybody else with me and Matt Carroll why does this seem like most fans when Osborne blow this team up what do you all think about that. Bobby married 45 and remember you can listen today Garcia and Bailey their lives from the Charlotte touchdown club. Where Jan Reid speaking as a part of their legends of the game series today so ought to be entertaining we'll get a chance to chat. When Dan Ares I we come back. Polarizing debates do the hornets blow it up. Should we be blown up for cheer why he cut trips here lined neglect it's all coming up it is the Mac it's at one of two side Debbie and I think. It is an racquets at 845 Bobby gave air New Orleans Saints radio network he joins us. To give the scenes perspective we checked in Atlanta we checked in Tampa. One more know your enemy post draft segment and it's coming up at 845. Bobby Hebert fresh off a trip to Europe I can only imagine that occasion some of the not mention the cajun accent and some of the European accents conversing over their mount. Why I can't imagine what does our nation rose to VM they're saying. Our rights. Let's see here on what we've taken our cheer why would I do Twitter Poland has just see how much of the public totally believes we're committing a North Carolina sand. But I wanna get back into this conversation about the hornets and blown it up and start over bony. It's just it just feels like you're throwing a hail Mary pass. Now. Let me just say this is my first thought was bonus walk into the bathroom and I was thinking to myself I was thinking. Why the heck is Osborne the man of the people today because he said blow up the hornets but why is that 70% of the people I'm hearing from saint. And I think the reason why is Osborne selling hope. And hope is a popular purchase rights. I mean Barack Obama got elected president he sold hope you know he sold it very successfully. In sports where the same way. We want to have a reason for hope and reason to believe. And right now the hornets organization. We've lost hope then we've lost total price to situation we're in feels like purgatory and MBA quicksand in the NBA. No man's land whatever phrase you wanna put on the we're not man enough to draft early. Not good enough to really compete. So because of that the guy that comes on and says blow it up is probably going to right now bones fresh off a disappointing season beat the most popular guy. What I am asking the 8 o'clock or stint. OK I when I'm asked him do bone that the 7 o'clock support you but yet that's part of what I'm asking did you expect. It's inserted it sets a non shear line on drinker beating them China Fund some people that would dreamy on something. Matt Carroll agreement may but Fordyce said Carl Mack Terrell what does he have to say he's he's a hornets announced or whatever. I don't know I think he he's not saying let's shut the franchise damn let's fire every human being in the building. Arm I don't know if he would be that evil of the take IC which all are saying. I just wanna hear from more people on this subject to sour. And why you believe what she wore I still think Monique I'd like to see just try to add more more got a core Okafor is a guy you and I talked about constantly. Is there a way I don't know silly what I wanna take on any of these contracts we have they're doing the young guys thing. But eventually Phillies got to get some veterans who did what those guys BM gauging Cody. I just probably not. But there's got to be somebody in the league I believe it or want either of those guys do you make separate trades get them off bring back salary premium guys you can don't bring back nice you. But don't cost as much freeway trait or possibly as somewhat better three way trade just clear there and Okafor by the way doesn't even close a lot of cap money. Right now so that one's easy to do the Blake Griffin free agent signing has reported an array here. You would have to clear a bunch of cap room get rid of maybe calmly and Cody your Cody and MKG or something like. Guy on Twitter wants and Abbas more re prepared to go through seven and 59. Tight season's over a you know and it over and over again. But yeah in 71 you can actually OK without out and then the next three years you win an average of seventy but the sixers for the last four years and averaged nineteen wins. And I still think they've got a ways to go in the process. Well I'll put a deal like this and here's our look at yes I would because. For the potential road did a superstar like how we ever gonna get big name free agents to come to Charlotte. The same way Golden State got ten direct they drafted out of their damn mind they built their team through the draft they had an a phenomenal team. He had to draft. And then a big name created a huge superstar the league said I'm gonna go play either. Not correct me if I'm wrong that's not the biggest NBA market right. I don't know bears pretty big and toss it Francisco and Oakland I don't panic but it's not it's not a traditional power. It's it's not it's not LA it's not Boston here's how thank god go here's the thing those guys were dressed a 7-Eleven 35 understand what you did you clay Thompson at eleven a player that he could get a guy like clay Thompson electronics where dream on greens available in the second Iran but people are able until the draft for second or third to get those. So people make do you. The assumption that this is just like a one thing fixes all of our problems no they have to clear the front office out. Did you go get a GM. Who is losing good GM was not just financial guy who's gonna make sure they get great scalps. There I think Clifford is a great coach I think he's a great coach I think he's part of the solution for the spring. You'd build around play I would on the ground clown tell me why you're on my side because we are not the most popular opinion Osborne's opinion here's one right here Mac we're doing nothing. We're sitting there and running on a treadmill and going nowhere where this franchise is right now. How do you counter that because that's the popular stand stinking first day gold. Stay here on everything. Doesn't always have and has not always guarantee I know there's a number nine pick in the draft becomes a two time MVP. That coin toss it probably was number 1111 yeah located at and his second round guy becomes the may be defensive player of the year. I'm not saying that's a lucky. That they'd they'd they did the right stuff but they hit on everything possible that's not guaranteed number two when you do boy everything up. As I just mentioned there are no guarantees. In what draft Blake Griffin went one James Harden went three staff curry went nine and DeMar DeRozan went and it but it seems to beat guy here. What number two so you could blow up. Had doubled it seems to beat while someone else gets one of those all NBA hears closing ceremony you could give you can get. I started at disburse. Although most of those guys just first time where they picked on that not at the tippy top obviously right on and Duncan. But Leonard was why. Around in nineteen Justine 600 what's fifty and it was our George was and Isiah Thomas was the last pick of the draft briefly got fifteen Jimmy bookseller was elastic on the first rap stars come from everywhere in the NBA about him what about Tony Parker we're about Ginobili. Did you know I mean anchor so how about this is Jason what we need to do is just. Get a new GM in here and Michael Jordan let that guy run the team get the right GM hire. And Michael Jordan listen I love Michael Jordan Manning it's awesome heaven MS and owner full year Steve Clifford talk about the process of getting players. And Michael comes in he's got finals saying. Over guys have been watching tape all yearlong like that's just. I just don't know about that banned imports one thing but. Dave get omens costs kind of sank and the Panthers. RC Buford Scott final say what did it with the you know spurs I mean if we just get a strong GM that's it turns out to be one of the best in the league and hire the right Jia. And Michael does that that's huge task. And that guy pulls the strings bone can we not improve that way. Instead of doing something where you run the risk of being the kings drafting eighth or better eight out of nine years and stinking every one of those years. Not getting any better at all man. I was reading an article that said draft position bone is really only worth about five only a 5% predictor of how good you're going to be in the league. But RC Buford on the other hand is worse. 23 plus wins each year doesn't mr. Allen just was a U analytics types you know study but so they've their point was in the article. Who's doing the drafting is more important and where are you doing to drafting can actually sell anybody bone you and I on this on this from. Theory in Gaza in terms of blowing it up yeah that means he wanna gear and everything right including Kemba Walker you have to fight teams that would take on the contract of the doom. And formally on knowing what does not guaranteed a unit out and broke out over here will take on those terrible contacts yet we ratified taker or you're just not where you can even blow it up like or will it not detonate. Because it's not we've got glumly Riyadh Matsui got all these other deals. I think it's a fascinating discussion I don't think you guys are wrong. I'm just ask again. And it piazza is right maybe I'm asking if you agree with me. Yeah I just ask you is there anybody out there. That's sees it delay Boehner and I do why he's so popular just blown up just blow it up right now does anybody saying to the right personnel guy in here. And may be trying to add a player trade a couple guys off add a player that we've been drafting right yeah change is the waited till I will make this concession. If that tomorrow is the word is keep. Not revert show party GM who you know based off what you're saying has final say. I would I would go into a holding pattern on blowing it up I think. Let me and now I'm very little. Please see what your opinion on over a year are similar our wait time let me go listen this week come back one runs at a phones jump on here if you're court -- Horowitz fan. I know you and your buddies at the same conversation what side are you on on news stay. Blow it up or just change GM and try to stay the course try to acquire Okafor Griffin where are you all add on is blowing up. Not low enough 7045709. C extent our poorest nation speak. When we come back Bobby Hebert on his beloved saints in fifteen minutes are born bowler Bob. We're not blow it up Charlotte hornets fans if you were making the calls if you were called the shots over. At the time are you going to quit Osborne's blow it up plans start all over again. I would like to say the march from Estonia said he likes Osborne's plan that's a reason to come over bone and let's just call one and escudos. I cave bear coming up in about eleven minutes. It's talks the talk saints football. Did they really improve the defense I know they went after guys in the draft did they really improved defense for year one of those players that's where I'm skeptical we'll get into that. Jersey frank wants to jump to any Jersey frank. Jersey frank. And a New Jersey frank us. I Jersey frank is not there man call us back Jersey let's go to the phones Charles is up next Charles. Outgoing garbled composition as more they thank Tom. What you are only as well and build the problem is if you sample a hobby blinders on. Not look at how they drafted in the past hip all up. Would occur foreign office employees dole it out. I'm just like drain away a franchise quarterbacks are gonna kill yourself for 1015 years if you order now. So hold on all gradually get chill out here and then do deride what. Yeah and I think that's what Gaza saying Gaza saying hey I would blow it out and show would not really got to start to rebuild and so I think us and I think we're all on the same page there. You do have BMJ factor so yup I'm hitting it you know how many of these takes Kaminsky satellite was a big engine don't come ladies takes and personnel decisions. Com it you know or big MJ staying so if you bring another GM. Is he don't get more ropes in show dude or is MJ Silgan overrule him and that. That's that's a factor here too with disorganization. I get an email from Jeffrey says small market MBA has point oh low low low low 1% chance of a ring. The NBA is broken Green Bay vs Pittsburgh is a common Super Bowl Sacramento Versa Charlayne happen. That's another part of this too where I honestly feel like if you could make a change and if it doesn't get you championship but it gets us home court advantage couple years in the NB day. It's just a win a couple of playoff series. You know I feel like is that better than. Going for broke blowing it up annual goals to win a championship and eight years later you're still just stuck. Yeah you know certainly I just I think the odds are building a championship team in this market in the NBA are just so against us. But it San Antonio can win five championships. Mean they're there is hope you better have Malkovich and RC Buford suggest hey I'm one of the top seven or eight players of all time in ten food and they'll all drafted David Robinson who'd they drafted look at all the guys who they've got what they hit Alomar the soldiers was like yeah did he exhibit you wanna talk about big money free agents going to places that is small market teams LaMarcus Aldridge went to the dispersed why. Because they drafted so little ten year after year after year. Ers are not a small market team and you know our enemy changes spurs are small market seen. The lord there is you don't get to play for dispersed and had a chance at winning a ring. Like it's it's either market size or ring opportunity right down that's what guys are chasing sometimes both. But sometimes a devoted to San Antonio plays wanna greatest coaches of all time and a chance to get array about a way he was coming from a small market to in Portland. So I edged. Think he's got there because the meeting with the lakers went so bad. They try to do it again did make up for the pour meeting that he said woman yelled. We go to this first that supports Hezbollah's port he went to a team that's won five championships he wanted to ring and that's it to sound like you went to Sacramento Asia or the grizzlies or something and it's. Standard build my point is is that if you draft will you build something you can Alou or could you clarify Jeffrey yeah well in five television LC and that's not a draft Al. Five titles you go against wrapped around you drag an all time great anyways five championship he you can now even that's exactly you know that's not what I'm saying you know exactly what I'm saying. You exactly what I'm saying don't try to I know I know the point is not well made. But the no you're not then just out there and wholesale and go to my next point is true but you guys knows what I'm saying if you draft well and you build something you can bring in big money free to not say yet to win five teach you got to build on this. I got this very well odds are getting bad now I call on me it causes angry I don't gone whoever I wanna golf. On yourself they but my point wasn't discouraged most of stratex other than Duncan and Robinson were not high pecks I just understand what they draft did well all year outer layer so let's just get a dad's gonna draft well we don't need to draft second reading we did that we dad's gonna draft as well where every draft and you can't beat the patriots -- get a head coach of the greatest of all -- Arafat agree on Iraq yes irregular beat the patriots as well might not going to stay Mike what do you say Doris need to deal. Jerry top person is about to show. Just he organizes started. Diplomacy team can't and then could very well there you understand your spell it I guess they got a lot of kids from that. From that it can be edited it he mullah arts and can they did it could be some help but a lot. But it got eight great and they sure are peak is. The other. What are some impressive that he was the assistant to Sam prestige so I mean he was there. When they build a great team it's kind of like dame gentleman Dave gentleman was rare but he wasn't the actual GM went to giants when they won two Super Bowls. Get out Internet and better I guess quickly act. But look they know coordinates. Oh commissioner accurate retain the company where it got out at me and saying and what will they also. It was go we're going to the results out of the last roundup ready MBA. The eastern Chad conference. So they could not hold at a skating that is lately outweigh her. Hasn't got a championship so he's center and tablet it is about black people immediately be so incredibly. At some since it adds an insert comment I don't know though and I guess maybe a Kamal on before he connected the dots. But I didn't really know what that was going to have to do puts puts on all discourage Ornstein hey listen. But only I'm the dude just sat here and a salad show business before right bestselling showtime showtime destined show all these stupid puns. I may when I was excited about rich show I thought okay learn from Sam prestige they did a great job their small market they drafted well and we heard about the Joseph 3000 computer. We thought man this guy's advanced. Analytics computer or you know it's just. I don't think it's worked out again and his defense we don't know how much of the stuff freely as him how much of the south is MJ it just feels like it's got to be a new. Process just got to be a different group of guys. And best in show. How are you feeling you yes you heard me say hello before you would hit it would be a car trash sound effect long before now. I was go to Jersey frank Jersey. They would tap or listen brother you dance. They have great two quick things guys number one Jeff Burton I'm a big fan base if you're wrong to stop one of the economy was bad people we lost. An icon in our sport dale Dale Earnhardt senior. And no one has been able to take up the slack then that's what this sport is in the bill voted since we lost the we just when you took Taylor her but think about what we've colossal wolf we are Iraq series. We lost theirs. We tracked particular stand away from their act that's about a guy number two I've been in Charlotte, North Carolina would absolutely love this 19191. And let me play something I would put shear wind in my worst enemies go. It's vote jangled college barbecue at Salisbury and by god we take you keep that. CNET and that's fair and here's a pink in Jersey frank will be ripped as a game in Yankee probably any email in about five seconds probably like it's gonna happen bust. Jersey frank said when I was asking I haven't ever tried shear wind and I know that right there and neither is Boehner Ras I know that's gonna make people angry at us. My point was that my guess it's your one just does he Minnesota would appeal to me amount and a doctor pepper the doctors in the mistress I don't need my life on the peppers and it was. I don't need doused and I just think that's your lines is another one almost nine Lewis can make some people mad but did take it to Jersey frank has this kind of in my mind like. Barbecue hell yeah I need in my life boje angles I need my life even sun drop. But Waffle House I need in my life but shear wind a feeling that's really the best. It's really the top of these you know cuisine things food and drink things we did so that's kind of the way I view it and feel free to written before that. There's only one member of the pepper salmon we need here in Charlotte dry when he Julius only on only a doctor my life bony I do not all right let's do this week come back. Bobby Hebert joins us fresh off his European vacation he's back in Collins we'll talk to him about the saints this year. They get rid of branding cooks that's got to her they bring in Adrian Peterson. The bulk up on different defense and needs in the draft. Does that result in a winning season for the first time in four years of the saints' Bobby a variance is that next. I was trying to locate Bobby Hebert somewhere in the French Quarter right now as we speak I want to scoop on the same saying sorry AJ can add saint Samir last in the division. Com we'll see what he says too that he's a feisty individual email you made an issue with that I'm by the way football outsiders. And football outsiders did their annual you know this time of year post draft. Predictions and it's based salon on you know formulas and stuff like that's a lot of factors she'll get plugged into a computer and kind of stated out. They had the Panthers winning the division at nine and seven they had them winning a tiebreaker over the falcons who they also say will be 97 so. They don't see this division the way I knew where I think we could have two teams with ten plus wins and I think it would be painters and box personally. Armed they then have the Bucs and saints football outsiders does with seven wins each. Obama they see the Bucs defense regressing thinks they forced lately both turnovers last year on defense and see that you know one of those things is bound they did this with the Panthers last year. Tina force a lot of turnovers can bank on that happening again they think turnovers is more of a random stat. But doesn't have continuity the reason they backed the Panthers. To win the division is because bone they believe there's a bounce back coming. There is an and I think a lot of us believe sets is that hey things went fairly be lost six close games have so many injuries on the offensive line the position was a catastrophe Iran's words. But things are going to be better on both sides of the ball this year. And so that was they're feeling about the Kansas they think there's a little bit of a bounce back in a negative way for the falcons which I agree US. So I thought that was interesting man we will see I don't be surprised of nine wins won the division must get their shots on. From football outsiders. Shots and her shot so I say his name wrong scary stuff its current basis standalone courses let's say that until I will say don't get their shots on talk about this is. I would think united sevens on a gaudy record book for football outsiders in their league wide predictions guided seven is pretty high they didn't go. Very high and a lot of win totals pretty devils are fourth in the conference and more esteemed accomplished here's the I think they're in says that we comes on us or shots of the house there's every year comes on says. But he usually works out this way teams are more jumbled. In his predictions and they really end up. But I'd love to get him on talk about that story get out here at 9 o'clock hour we gonna talk some Panthers are gonna talk about this article. From my two near Bleacher Report where he says the Panthers can essentially let me get the headline here. I'd be Herbert Bobby Herbert is not answer and we'll talk again was I get a model tried to round them up. The article headline is the Panthers have the weapons to conquer the NFL with option football. Any details all the different types of option plays they can run it was Samuel McCaffrey was still work at one point they had Stewart fullback in the whipped wishbone. And the Kathleen Samuel side by side bulk. Run in the wishbone oh my god damn thing Izzo I think this is also I think it's great. But the question this panther nation do you want camera on any option at all or is option a dirty word you want to completely out. Bomb so we'll talk about that at 9 o'clock hour let's go to the phones talking about does to tanker and are not really tank well enough to blow it up not to blow it up. Four your Charlotte hornets Osborne is on the ropes institutions to more people agree with us Osborne will be knocked out he will be knocked out. I'm you're losing in my early morning you'll want to be immature adults were immature dogs because you're not know why because we're not wish him like little kids on how to solve our our homeland and wish upon a star. Have to do something you'd give yourself but she I would love to it would be amazing I wonder where free agents are honest it would be amazing if we don't need the process south of someone says we have to be the process south. We the team that's four years in has averaged nineteen wins. And still is a team that was nowhere near the playoffs you know why does the most important part of the process got hurt yet again. Like that is far from a daring see they gotta wasting go down there or so are you does not act like that's what we wanna be within the it's a netbook is not done yet I have more I'm not rained out during the commercial. My god I can't get out of the car let's go to phone 70457096. And get the right person to do the drafting. And it doesn't matter where you draft that's what. I'm trying to say let's let's bring in some callers here we've guy it's. Rattay who once Julio ranger also on a size I would see must have been an Osborne supporter he realized he was wrong. Aren't they wanted to talk about Tom Brady let me go to James remained Tom Brady locked him up the lock him up. Luck hit seriously this concussion during mound there's something there. There is something there which is Zell Bundchen talking about concussions and you know what's gonna happen they're just gonna say she misspoke and nothing's gonna happen until. On the night there's something there I believe let's go to James from maiden who is back after his post due Ky eight us what's on James. The more human ideal mode and he's. Broker in the draft assay take. Crate considered doing certain things earlier in the stick different results until the front office changes are seeing a lot note taking stronger in the us a lot call to trap we know gotten now because the ball. The big top topic in this year's draft is coming out Carter territory doubt. Alan Ball market talk about later concerns. That got port usually go why do the job applicants it sure took you won't see. Yup O'Connell and Tucker. Didn't and glory day on the wing topic received from the warrior took probably before this small close look it's so yeah Dell's. It's. So there are trying to save breakers. Students here of course which a particular cookie its okay got their tank to get it next great to Wear Los. Coincidentally it do you see so it's scary to bar is that you James was he still on the lines JS I still asleep I don't. Don't see are different so IE I don't how do we ask to go down due to deep chart in basketball I just point I don't know. I don't know I'll bet although you irrigate a so forty and standing up for the listeners who wants to hear that I'm guessing they're duke fan basketball fans around wanna hear these designs and Johnson roster there's new players. Our I don't think that the point guarded brought up though. That the new guy he's Farid I can play a whole lot now I thought Arnold did not evolve big guided culture meets or Kentucky he probably won't see it appears similar recent Kentucky do you think coach k's a trust him on the floor seriously coach K doesn't trust five stars on the floor. Come on that's not gonna happen I don't sorry for my it's my job might. Quote unquote friends here and I was there and nobody gets. James agreement Osborne a lot of people agreement Osbourne army and emails Brian says what Mackie is trying to do. Is absolutely insane. We have seen the results of being mediocre ditch you know where. Please start over hornets I beg you start over Joseph says it Sistine doesn't start over my season tickets are going. I'm not sitting around and rooting for mediocrity two years ago they were mediocre that tied for the third best record in the Eastern Conference because of the cat they just couldn't keep. Everybody around. But maybe gives them a chance to finally replace some of those guys they lost try to shake it up and make a move make a couple of trades and get aggressive. Try fern Okafor Blake Griffin something like that. We have a billing center text here got it says well there's new stream that is creepy Max bases on my phone all morning. Spencer and good battled against an Arizona. Sorry about that we're trying to find a way to get my face off your phone all morning long where John do that how do you think we feel sick I. Yeah I Spencer is gonna weigh in on this hornets blow in and out series from Osborne never go get into some Panthers at 9 o'clock case. I saw. What are met Emma and they'll tell I'll omit Puget. I I think your future don't let up a little bit old apple. But god and man. I've got a new dawn for much less than that now. I. Am I don't agree with. I'll. Argue that blew open it up a bit like what are you know we don't look at it it can't. Can't let you go get Michael Michael Q do you create people what they eat at the. Don't put it they need to drag better doesn't matter where they draft well. In some of these same dress or rewritten Jim Gilchrist and is Mac we never got to get the full benefits of hearings go on before developed. Boni in those dressed guys like Klay Thompson were available Bradley deal were available collide letter were available in those very drafts. Mom I got to admit I find don't find Bernhard. I beds are gonna have to and I sat on and ask somebody if they packer Soledad I'm so. Forget the day some Saigon is some fat man I don't know what to tell you used to be so strict and skinny. Announced tat I mean there's Atlanta hey aside topic and hypnotic like cowards the other problem Macs based on the Max Minnesota what does it look like can you do better than sat on an air pump. Umpire. Master its cubs who have been sick because Spencer I can laugh at myself you better be glad I don't know what I would do gym every glance. I will we come back we had to get some cancers that are life we're also trying to feverishly. Trying to deal now Lansing is Spencer LMA knows Spencer Spencer Wednesday. I was pretty funny I always come back. We gotta give campers analyze why don't look continued effort to track down the cajun cannon Bobby a bear on the show. On the we wanna talk a little Carolina Panthers Bleacher Report articles by Mike to near says he Panthers could. Basically conquered the NFL would option football. Should we do that or should we Cilic with Cam Newton run and options it is the Mac attack has danced a chance.