Mac Attack: Mike Florio From PFT/NBC Talks Panthers And NFL

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Thursday, December 14th

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Just like Montgomery are taking a beating in that match bode well you know it's coming he gets that look. Puts an end here for draft and he starts with its entail. Air Roger's not gonna let you intimidate me anymore not gonna do abound this segment is proactive. We're talking about beat their Rogers. Whiny crybaby. Nancy says a five Mac is dawn returned returned in the tables are what do you do when whole committee and that's what he storage got out of the I don't know the story porridge type call yeah it was created it went back it is I don't know probably seven its fight odds run while you. About this one Mac Darren Rogers is. Gonna create air and outer space he's gonna trade flying cars he's going to invent jet. Propulsion Duke's blah blah blah he's just one man. On a so so it seems that's only needs auto what are the other weakness is around him that will prevent him from being able to carry this team to victory. Armed and you know or the cancer so good is it seemed that one man cannot beat them it's an amazing man don't get me wrong. But the Panthers had advantages so many other areas so what's the formula for beating Aaron Rodgers and making my worries. Not come to fruition I would love to be able to want your money say don't I'm Alice was nervous. Added really need to. Like I said that's gonna happen most likely occur after it's happened before the break grievous incidents example shocking at that brightened every missed shot you know mag is tethered by trying to oust the I'll come on a Jewish people rely only bone to pick them up on trying to be proactive and don't worried I'm trying to be proactive and let's start talking about the way he's too silent yours turnaround in the way beneath our wings I was goes on 70 Fuller found an and I see. I CEO. Line looks on my head down state. Our Alessio let me go to the song is a limited our chicken wings yeah we got etc. Tim who's up next it was key to beat these guys. You know I hit the barrel bat and wearing wearing story you have a point. I've gained just by being on the deal. I think about that. There XP look bad but there are no doubt far greater. Now they're back up quarterback. All of that area well out body art of saying yeah I can't no doubt. They got a good backup but they're scattered but yet. Well. I was quick hits it oh did you sitting Anderson's backup. I was constantly until that know the point spread so long it's long like 44 and a half points. Just when they thought Rogers might play earlier in the week in and went back down announced kind of settled in three. Listen that's gonna kill joys phone call that wasn't really what I was looking to achieve your bone. But that's an honest phone call. I'd I don't disagree with any of that the hope is that it gives totally played bone is there any doubt your mind that we would blow their maps. A team that has struggled to meet the box and and the browns the last two weeks. But it would blow them out with Conley right yeah so I just hope is that towards that significantly better than the rest of the Green Bay team. That a guy that is that good he can be worth three points and some until they fight him about that I'm not really fighting him about that. This studio is one of the most valuable players in the history. Of the National Football League there in the playoffs every year bone but every year they never seem never running game and every year there defense isn't really that good. It's because of number twelfth but is the difference. Own so substantial between the rest of our team and the rest is seen that it doesn't matter is they're like glass as you play defense. Yes you see is he protecting it is Aaron Rodgers can protect Aaron Rodgers. It's yet to vault himself like Bugs Bunny because they the national media is actually Aaron Rodgers is did this whole problem with the team has a lot of monitors would Packers I'm not a great this year. And is great is it a great quarterback yes and that's the most dominant force in football it's still not like having LeBron James is on the floor all the time. And five guys on the floor like. You're right at some point territory sixth ranked defense bone has to vote against our running game has to try to stop him too which is not easy. 70457096. Standard. Your thoughts panther nation your thoughts on that call did you meet you even concede that he is. That's substantial in addition I do but I still think it's very possible that that these other things that are so weak. You know is he just can't he can't walk on water 70457. And ninety cent David's up next David what do you think. Are they brother what he said. That I am not worried about act at all I think you get a seat or when you bet I'm opposition. We gave the ball out of Italian. And pound the rock what we needed that we need to I don't Barack in any way awful that a good play action. But on top of that green white BP and that's not what manner and at last week. And we could have actually dropped it meant a I don't want people are really worried about it anyway on the bridge to act you have understand by. Eight is really he is in general are. He is human I believe we may have tested them and I believe he is human they're not super stamped Khamis is superhuman but Aaron Rodgers I believe his humor and here's the deal though. He's Q. You have some problems and we we pressured him to 45 Times Square pro football focus we sack the lobby C six times. And it still bone was supervising making some place so I think the theory is I'm sorry to go back into. That is big announcement that it wasn't afraid anymore but it seems like you're not. Oh my god so you think I've reverted back to attending a from a straight you're gonna put a restraining Dora Aaron Rodgers before he came on Sunday. Can't even be sitting here when we get that done next and here's an idea a slick in the that I'm just saying he is a great supervising quarterback I've ever seen. You know so I just I worry about us beating their guys up front and him improvising. Armed but again it might not matter moaned. It's the running games control at Rogers only disc there's nothing about living Rogers possessions if there is Russell prod the early in the game. So Boehner is it possible we get to lead you're looking for because were unbeaten with a lead at halftime. And he only has a handful of possessions once the roster is gone because we're running the ball playing time possession making his shorter ball a last possession game and it's not like. There are great running team wire the Packers Soledad usually because of Aaron Rodgers to a solid lead ease his way back did it say running game Kerry makes. They're gonna win it's going to be all his back yes first game that's true they can't you know have a way beyond doubt that there are two points. As a good point man's history says Mac I'm afraid still come here hold you a whole wall holds again Alito together here and give each other through this. Rick says Mac is literally having an argument put himself. This guy could support our radio show presenting people it's why he's scared of Rogers put also thinks he's beating Rogers. I don't know man I'm torn because deep down inside I'm scared but I do think logically if I get past the fear I think logically there's some serious match up advantages like. Throwing on that secondary was five injured dudes and in defensive backfield is a big factory because element and a I let me go back just on 704570. NIC said Kenny is win us now dictating what's your take on this. Problem that I BJ Tom Belton yeah. Cafeteria employees shouldn't be shouldn't be scared first of all. Backers complain to stay in the playoff spot for what tops six weeks now. So there or out. The other part of that is we got a guy on our team on our defense that spent some time in Green Bay I think everybody overlooking Julius Peppers factor. I'm maybe not going to be a topic to his numbers of 2003. You know all that she practiced against it. Point basket going. And he won I guarantee he wants to make plays badly guesses guys you know I mean there's good data and little extra added 200 votes and I'll say this about Julius Peppers. If he plays like he did last week that is disruptive. I mean he should he. What is the Intel announced that he actually had two sacks a game a column did have sacked because I swear you got its call me up Monday incentives I watched and get us where is he was county a moment like. So in my opinion. That's had two sacks and tackles for loss in that game I mean if he makes an impact like stats. Betsy you cited by the way. They're right tackle sprigs Izzy weak link it's a week statistically weak offensive line cosell says that's because Hundley held in all the time. Rod it and I and I understand that but springs is a guy who is beatable and that's kept sky also leans leave December. Very bad grades and pro football focus in pass protection that's KK short right there lying if so maybe it short and pat. And you know blitzes are coming all the blitzing Rodgers is another that's another discussion might be worried about but anyway I will talk about does maybe. Tell me why we're being there Rogers what is. The best way to do it 70457096. And your calls and I have to tell you this story guy gets busted in the NFL would PDs. This is the greatest excuse you have ever heard for PD bust. I think you have to play your game and all of that image and the last Roy is as far as our due to the specifics that I yet you have to play your game couldn't if you look at third quarter of growth and reduced from services. As good as we've reported from her and on this circuit or this is an extremely good defense played very well know and I think like everything we talk about it deguzman's Bruno we've somewhat offensive line. They don't fears of units or physicians good deployed helpful on the play together review tweet. You're shooting Carolina NC that you Minnesota. Did that are their remember how level salt and that's really what we need to focus on and somebody candidate he needs to play his game. That's Mike McCarthy head coach of the Green Bay Packers he says Roger just played his game he will play his game. You're Raja says I'm not coming back if I can be myself move around improvise and that sort of saying it bomb. You got to make him pay for that you have to make him pay for that Joseph says it back. I love the way this conversation started usually you will actually being a positive influence human bone teaming up to come up with ways to beat the golden boy. The second segment of the conversation deviated to Mac crying like a little girl and asking for his mommy. That happened. I distorted it to be all about like cheers we're gonna do to beat them all right we can beat Aaron Rodgers we can keep the magic from getting us. And then somehow I don't know what happened I'll say this though. When he does scramble. Those corners have to be really good. Cosell used the term plaster you don't mean you got to stay plastered those dues when they start moving around no one plastered fund just don't. And we can't start improvising back it up for just got open so. Worley grabber you got to cover longer than usual it's a guy like Rogers you can't let him get any deep balls you are you gotta limit to deep balls. Armed. And we'll see how does he throw the deep ball come back I mean he's Roland for a few weeks now like. On the cider before gains they are like that there SA. I would throw for five or six weeks by now you've lost your way this week about evil lawsuit he wore you boss right Denny and person you've got about. You know it's 41 hours or so or try to figure out who you are. I exam tomorrow we'd did you backed an adult does that I don't trust us I don't like this it's funny I've become what I hate. Like when I listen to all the national guys' height bluntly shine and all these other guys hyped up. Aaron Rodgers it makes me angry I come on geared on doing the same sense of life I become what I hate this week's. Or Adam Schein I was. Let's equivalent that's the precedent. Adjourn so there's a good is now works you wanna hear the real. Very Laura are jar wanna hear the real I'm a cancer it Charest Aaron Rodgers signed that I want to get around that antibody and a day until you Jonathan Stewart don't. Johnson Stewart read this piece by Jauron read the other day. December and January this dude turns introduced Superman. He is he's got nine of his top rushing games in December January. His five best rushing totals in December and January and they asked why it happens he says when it's cold out dudes don't wanna get hit. Ly H. Elisa Steele. Let's go let's go hit some guys are still doesn't store bone almost one dogs. Ireland to go to an assault so I'd like I'm worried about Rogers but until you follow these steps to answer simple and also go to song see you guys say how to beat Aaron Rodgers should we be scared 704. 57096. And I captain is up next captain was going wrong. This is more Caribbean with the when he. Have a straight U attacks happen cue ball brother. You know all of my country and will take them but you just have them just. You're going on its and let that waning really. Doubt you've got a scare you to believe it acted so we got to put Marcello anybody. Yeah I know this is he Friday's good show though bound. This guy emails and Steve says Tebow and all is not lost if I did pay if you're not match for four hours on Friday it make something this horrendous performance during the week. The Friday show is the fourth quarter of your broadcast week. Come to play in the fourth quarter Matt Abbott yes it he hasn't played well for the first three quarters is that gonna make up for what he's on the first record gadget goalie Russell Wilson Russell Wilson looks like. Our Jimmy Claussen for three quarters of the fourth glory turns and Joseph Montana. It works most of the time I wanna see your PC your shoes for Saget. See your choosing your dad you what do you mean much she's easily Russell Wilson added I can't take anybody else I just always a new genes and Russell dress alike if you make fun of these scenes of my wife just bought me so I'm not I'm gonna go Steve Smith to I don't I'm not bad so let me see your genes. I'm limited to your Mac to Debian and Xeon Tom. Your thoughts on beating Aaron Rodgers what is the key for all the high. Hi from me in the national media about Rogers and the fear factor of what in your opinion is a key if we do this we gave them and we beat the Packers who were also be playing by the lack. Not just errant 704. 570960. And we got our boys Spencer up next Spencer what you don't know man they archived. I don't have been very. Yellow due to separate the bad neck. Thank you know I'll kill you by the key there. A parent and it about it that. You read in the long. Yeah I can't blow out there and they're so true you don't. I hope you're right now almost as you claim to be the official swami in the Mac attack. On the how your text doing lately like he when you say you're gonna do were blown out when you even don't go to your picks are now. Onyx to kind of omens I hope you're right you're right I give you all. Ma am and and abroad yeah. Probably not appropriate. Remember go to my respect that they. Because he has a shot at what he's been out there he's not evasion not shoot a welder needed to freezing garbage time last night he's. If you claim a point guard over Michael. Although I gotta be honest their points or Michael's old car Williams's frustrate me and recent layoffs not finishing inside he didn't finish couple times inside last night. I just months all around game is not ready and then when you have that one skill you'll be independent only shooting unionized shoot it well I just. I understand why he's not playing it's frustrating because we want him to be ready to play right away we are so excited about the draft pick an embryo watch Donovan Mitchell do what he's doing. I just I've been a little else. I am I kind of understandable you don't mean I don't like yeah I wish monk was more ready but I understand it Mac OWS Lindsay dot com. Is the email addresses to incest keeping scare Rogers and pick the Packers hash tag Mac curse is real. That's true for people want me to pick the other team they should enjoy me being frightened like Darryl Rogers Freddy Krueger right. That's a good thing. Can't it can't hurt right maybe I'll just come back tomorrow and feel like the Packers are gonna win the game I'll tell you this though loan. This is a promise to panther nation. When I do my official prediction tomorrow at 930 will be Green Bay Packers a tank yet does matter what I say for the first three and a half hours. That is my picks were put in the curse on Karen Ryan deal restaurant owner of the messing around here. Worked last week bone anymore but he does this can work this week we're trying to get where are on the same game plan out there I know who I am now. I don't lawyer and I'm Amanda curses football teams somebody use that super power to help the home team finally after fourteen seasons have been in Charlotte. Are we come back it's Mike Florio pro football talk dot com NBC will ask you about dissent SE racist things fun to talk about the we have so many other issues on and also sealed. And as Mike Florio. An error on my heart that is say complete that's a player Aaron have our. I had to say I've pulled up the wrong thing that's not Sunday that ablaze and I want. Then I was born song did not know the right do you wanna play to realize more source used it to Mike Florio is I don't Beisel and let's get disorienting. Oh boy Mike. How with the rats won't play and how we dress up I pulled up they hostile to call Florida on I think it was an eight year. As there was an actual interview and allows more socks are right now but clumsy. Oh man our next guest has not been done justice and I. That's my potential jobless Florio of our next guest has not been done just just my clumsy interview Pedro like that he is thinking of all NFL media pro football talk dot com this website out there. Arm not NBC. NBC Sports Radio which you the best on his radio show Sunday 7:9 AM right here on on on understand. And Mike Florio is with us Florio we humbly apologize on behalf of team owners a dummy. You know I have no idea what even happened I've I've I was paying attention so you know I'm fine. Nothing I'm just glad we're able to do this through the magic of the technology that makes people that I know in Charlotte I think I'm actually in Charlotte and then upset because I didn't. You know call. Yeah I was in town now we got yeah. You're right here next to us right now let's put it sounds like I'm part of me ask you question Florio you usually will say yes when ask your question like this. And might know me and my. I thought I. And my being an overly sensitive cancers and other stands communicate without the fans on this are we being too sensitive when we say that we see here. Aaron Rodgers comes back media loves the story media is almost rooting for him to run the table. That he would win the Panthers hit him and it's close but he may get the benefit of some calls on Sunday MI. Hope god now that's crazy crazy that's crazy that they wanna protect golden boy when he comes back trying to listen. Yeah. Are okay now. That's a different. That's a different proposition that's made in Islam and yet it has on me yet yet. But I'll put it to the I mean. It's Aaron Rodgers and he's back from broken collarbone so maybe they'll watch a little more carefully it doesn't matter whether in the playoff race where they've got a spot. Confirm whether they're done whatever. I think that that's a risk no matter what that the going to be looking to protect the guy a guy should circumstances don't match I should let the fact that the Packers wanna run the table and try to get the closet as a matter is Aaron Rodgers coming back. Do they watch a little more carefully although the hit that injured him. I don't think was a violation I I've no idea it was a clean hit he deliberately held on the football. A little bit longer. Knowing he was gonna take the hit he was trying to look Martellus Bennett pop a little more free so he could run with the ball of course promise you drop that. But if you are Condit he would gain like fifty yards so yeah I I think that's a real concern but. You know it. I think hit eight raises again the question of whether or not they take care of Cam Newton if you're gonna take care on the U Dicker about. And I'll say this as a guy that wind a lot last season about it and not take care can't in my opinion this year he did the last few weeks he's been getting a ton of those calls I won't. I baby is old enough now they became got to be it's where he is allowed to get those calls. Armed what do you think about the dynamics of what happened in Jacksonville and there's a lot to talk about here there's the incident itself and should there about a suspension. For Clinton Jefferson should Durban suspension for what Michael Bennet did and then there's a general issue loves. Sales right and how you handle sands and act like jerks like this what what what was your take on that whole spectacle. Well Ali first evolved. I believe that if that game had happened in a prime time window there would have been suspensions. And because the NFL tends to react to the bigger gains in the bigger spots look at what happened would you usually Shuster George I look after a Monday night game out of the need a guy gets suspended. On a Sunday at 1 PM eastern. But you put that game a big spot it's a bigger deal people react to throw on the right she's here injury and there's a greater sense unifil need to do something so they did something. I think fit first of all to get ejected in garbage time you should be gone for sixty minutes of football time and regardless of when your jacket. Let's interject in garbage time was suspended for the next game or. If you're rejected with five minutes left in the first quarter you're eligible to return five minutes left in the first quarter the next game it's a full sixty minute ejection because you get. The the latter stages of the game it's our decided who cares if he did reject. And with quick Jefferson. You know these players need to understand now look the fans shouldn't be throwing things and they have the technology in place to identify who it is. And banned them from the stadium and they should yet there's no excuse for throwing things but. If you are baited by a fan in any way verbally or physically. The challenge for the player is keep your head down and get the hell out and quit Jefferson was in a tunnel. Any stopped and took his helmet off which is always a Smart thing to do and people were throwing things I UK's and then he won. After he was gonna climb it but the fact that he's too big to climb up. Deciding what to climb down. And then who knows what happens to liability nightmare for the NFL so it's wrong for the players to have things thrown at them but the players need to understand. Especially your jacket get off the field. And get into and do not engage anyway no matter what anyone is saying or doing you get into the locker room period and I think that. That a suspension would have definitely sent that message as loudly in his clearly is it needs to be sent. There are no doubt I and I agree without a Mike Florio pro football talk dot com. And NBC. Florio this NFL network you know lawsuit but the woman used to be a wardrobe specialist there are DN FL network immediate names. I think six former NFL network analyst personalities well known. What what's I mean what can we make this right it's hard to match sort of know what to make of this right now but. If the NFL network is run the way like they had a working in the men's bathroom allegedly at one point according early. If these things really happen the NFL network was run in just a ridiculous absurd way era. He wants. Well I mean there's a bunch of different ways we can go with this and when I practice law are provided training at companies to supervisors and employees on. Sexual harassment how to prevent it how to spot it how to deal with that I did seminars for prospective clients of the firm that I worked for just to make sure people understand what the issues are. I've defended sexual harassment cases I've followed them on the half of people who were the victims of sexual harassment. And you know that the problem here is. Apparently apparently. There was a complete lack of training or sensitivity FL network went Warren Sapp goes on radio yesterday and he doesn't know. That's potentially sexual harassment to be giving sex toy is a little coworkers great he's never been told what sexual harassment is now maybe in this. Era of Harvey Weinstein. People think it's only sexual harassment when the someone in a position of power is pursuing sexual favors from a subordinate employee of the old. Dabney Coleman chasing dollar partner on the desk in nine to five which. Is a very old movie but it it's on it seems like it's on TV every time our eternal one of these old stations it's on. I mean that's the traditional sexual harassment model where the boss is. Either promising some benefit to the subordinate employee or threatening a detriment if there isn't some sort of relationship that's that's permitted. But the other type it's called hostile work environment where. You have this sexual material and jokes and photographs and videos and and and text messages and offensive. Sexual contents. That's what happened here based upon these allegations. And the best defense for the NFL and look. It's by no means ideal. The best defense is to say that this person was willing participant. In what was essentially a frat house environment she never complained she wasn't offended she said things far worse. Then what they said to her back kinda stuff because here's why it's good for the NFL because it shows a person not offended there can't be a hostile work environment but the problem is. That for the NFL there admitting that they've got this toxic poisonous atmosphere. In their workplace. And that's not good for anybody so you know and and there's another angle I wanna mention that again is a lot of different things I can say here the commissioner on Wednesday. Created the impression that. An investigation has quickly and immediately commence now that they know about this right because the the big names came out on Monday. But that was in an amended complaint that means there was a prior complaint that was filed on October 6 and that mention sexual harassment in general terms doesn't name names. But it put the F on notice and I want an owner trying to find out what investigation did they do that. And and it has I think what happened here is. That the original lawsuit was filed and the allegations were kept vague in the hopes of settling the case because holding back those names and having the ability release those names. And make those accusations that's a powerful bargaining chip. For a potential settlement and I just can't help but wonder if the case have been settled. What we've ever known anything about any of this would there ever been any punishment a Marshall Faulk Heath Evans or Taylor or would involve him brushed under the rug if it'd been. Part of a confidential settlement so that there's a lot to unpack here. And we're gonna deal with a lot of PFT and let me tell you it goes right back to 345 park avenue what kind of procedures are you putting in place to ensure. Especially at a remote location. Like NFL network in Los Angeles that the executives there know how to properly run the the building. Florio I got to ask you on this I was getting into what a couple of Eagles fans they're everywhere not quite as ever wears like cowboys fans would take you signed a urine Eagles and I you're ravens fan yeah I'd like to re running up conferred for much of the answer to yet ravens were to team that allows for years this show desk but it should exist if I. I anywhere you you are employed. Does not what it is he's wearing all purple that's exactly what he knows we like guys you'd like that. Tencent devils fans management obvious Panthers fan if it gets me the 69 slot as indicated no there's not a guy you can give me a good lie detector test right now Florio you could cross examined right now Florio I would call I am I went on winning the I just it is just curious question. What do you change your life right now would you enjoyed so much more now being the guy you are. In sports media then than being an attorney or is it just completely different like you were fulfilled by but by both bush is different. How what's have to do with the Eagles fans now I'm not them trying to change conversation about China that I'm trying to Escude I I just curious I thought of us have a sister forgot the connection. The question lies it is still coming up you'd you'd have derailed the Eagles question temporarily. I have this curiosity you bring you but we brought across tonight a blood returns like I. I don't like totally talking about myself but since you invited me to myself I'm my wife and I were talking about this yesterday I went when I practiced law and I I I was in I was in Pittsburgh assays have brought back a lot of memories because I started my law practice. With a firm in Pittsburg and there was a summer. That I worked in Pittsburgh before my last her law school when I worked at a firm that had a really really strong work ethic it was shocking to me right. And any it was debt it to its ribbon and work in work it was almost unhealthy. But and then that the firm that I worked at after that it was it was the same way work and work and work and work and work in an if you wanna be successful at anything you have to commit. And I learned that at an age where Irwin inclined to work all the time it's like you know what you wanna get ahead here you have to work all the time. Ultimately now I'm doing what I do now and I work all the time like I'm glad I learned that ethic because if you're gonna work all the time. Every day you may as well work all the time every day on something the true enjoy so yeah this life is a lot better and also if I make a mistake now. It's not like I'm I've got someone's interest writing on my mistakes say sorry Jim I had a horrible closing argument we'll see intend to fifteen years. Yeah called no doubt by the way senate did vote gives us a lesson right did you get someone talking about themselves instead of like cross examining new in the storms in line. I still want I still the FT Lauderdale on the magnolia who we definitely in Miami after apparently we ought to avoid her friend added that he alone. I think he's just sucking up now as we try to do you have to live let Mike Florio and team blown an Osbourne the gentlemen Kansas and Florida apparently right that's all it isn't about. Armed let me ask you I hate all teams equally cannot cede a second larger apparently right there's got to be way to Bob let me ask you this question finally. The Eagles fans jump me because I said I'm sorry you can't win the NFC this conference is loaded top. And competitive you can't win it with how a guy who's an MVP candidate at the best at the most important position sports. They fired back and say the rest of our team is good enough where you stand on the. It's tough what you should say is we're gonna find out right that's. Ultimately this is going to be the great litmus test can you remove a franchise quarterback an MVP candidate from a team. In December. And and and actually. Believe that that team is going to be as good right now see here's the problem were influenced by how good the Eagles have been all year and more influenced by the fact they beat the rams. With out Carson once on the field. But I think we need to be realistic here right. At curry can make it to the Super Bowl. Now hold that advantage is critical they need to find a way to win enough games the next three weeks so they will be playing their home games. In Philadelphia so I have that by the gonna get a bye week. But they need both home games in Philadelphia don't wanna be going to Minnesota or anywhere else for the NFC championship game with nick pulls playing quarterback coming up. Nick calls. Was dumped by the Eagles for Sam Bradford a couple of years ago that didn't just happen spontaneously. They fell out of love with nick falls he had a 27 touchdown to interception near 2013 Tony fourteen a change dramatically he was gone and behind him who they have Nate such felt. Why don't they bring in a veteran quarterback in this isn't a Colin Capra take. Bring in Robert Griffin the third bring it anybody who has any regular season experience because Seinfeld. Has none. So it's a weird situation. And I I think Pitt and had a look nick falls yet comets as we commit could be confident that man is ally and we across over and delusions of yards on Jun a gunslinger I've always been a gunslinger. Well okay then why did the rams dump you white the chief stumped you want the Eagles starters and yeah exactly so it's luck. It's not end well for the Eagles that's an incandescent I think they lose this weekend the giants. The last are now that really wake them up additives are you about the other teams in the and I see you've got Cam Newton who's got an MVP award and symbolic spears you've got. Matt Ryan who's got an MVP award that's really Drew Brees Drew Brees he's never been the NFL MVP but he's been the Super Bowl MVP which between the two awards. That's the one I'd prefer because it means you've won the Super Bowl so you've got Aaron Rodgers is back in the mix now the cowboys getting Ezekiel Elliott back if they make a late run but it nick falls and company. It's amazing to me. And I think with the benefit of time and also football games being played. Will realize how wrong this take is this assumption that you just remove Carson once and you plug in nick falls and everything's gonna be fine. It's not going to be fine and let me tell you it's gonna be the opposite a fine if falls gets injured because the only other option is made such fell and the Eagles aren't going to be bring in anyone else sent. Oh my brother a good stuff other than that now rabble rousing gotcha journalism you did their first second I can't sleep. My tentative that was a great segment Florio you ought to make even a brother we'll talk to next week. Labor harder to get things are written as like lightning looking into this. There's Osborne's wrapped by the way it's gonna say they're sorry to take the steam and you wrap Baas. That was gotcha journalism and it was safe to say produce salmon in the sand and I'll take a polygraph don't you sign a polygraph levels take you to ravens. I don't see them anymore answers I don't see the ravens anymore barely spent time with the many more all right anybody embedded and he's good enough. Gracie so it's a nose bleed out of Florio's. With a backhand off brought you by garage door doer of good old garage door there were Dutch I'll tell you from experience. We we had another gladly garage door do. Scott feels good deals could get that in there. On the better about myself from experience they came out took care in my garage door I mean literally in about 45 minutes it was that serious awesome job. Kyle Bailey joins us in the handoff peers are all do you is being so I'll tell you got to get in here on headphones I do little sense. I ask again there's like zen stone dead on Jack we're gonna stereo guy asks a question as he would ask quite often worse frank. It is a game awareness Franken is actually for Fred just a very legitimate reason to be late today come as opposed to all the other times but his daughter's having surgery I'll ask our ministers saw. So he'll retire every time we delve into our frank did he gets worse for us cellular field resume golf site but no that's not the wrong assumption until the end. And on this particular occasion dollars in zionist dogs are good athletes CSU earnings should Dorman has been so resilient dressed. There's I hope it turns out and I tell funny frank story francs listing site he's gonna get me for this what's the other day I'm I'm here I'm working on walking around it's like 3 o'clock Tony. So offices opener francs in there and I think OK Frank's you know talking to Tony Tony's not in there. And so it's just frank talk and himself know up playing Eagles game on his own. I mean they're just drive it away with his index fingers as she opinion gluttony. Exactly as they'd thrash style. They scratch our way it smells like Brussels sprouts and hear these Taliban is responsible must. Think he has to ever let our kids healthy though you guys are introduced to some healthy food around that's just whereas stroke but I. It smells like that celebrated Rios and donuts in the early morning dirt deal he's also very major readers of the greatest to redesign ever had a easy don't need to read those because. I have some issues victory does but he's also very vague I dearly gee it smells like died earlier the back for a second digress. So soon. Originally did it's either like when your for a way to kind of stinker like when you first know the mistake mineralized agreement when you first open a bag like a fresh Turkey like sandwich meat smells like a sore. But when you know if it is to do when you get into it it's delicious and very nervous. Well there goes my Turkey sandwich on Thursday. I've never knows about hurting your suit and it's no lightweight worsen just fart like I'm back that was at least a sharp right there. I want to look at Santa. And I I we got to tell you this story dale we did t.s in this and it's got to go down right now. Jeremy curly mom gets a C or game it appeared Pete he's coming back from his four game PD suspension. Annie's asked. What happened right now he could have done a Charles Johnson thing it's a well respected on CJC flat out said. Here's what I was doing on them all back surgery my age I'm trying to find an edge to get back and I took something like I love that honesty and no one else does that hardly. Germany currently says I don't know man a lot of ghosts around here I think included as you know the guy I just. Don't blame big dose that's. That's our men and putting TDs and assist them Olivetti a more than Charles Johnson's honestly because he's destroying our voting. I hope the NFL has put out a statement that says we investigated there was no goes. Yeah I generally I was pleased because here's a thing do they suspend the ghosts do they try to investigate finding goes density and those hunters special investigation is. I'm gonna say Julian at W at least release a statement saying that you commissioned an independent investigation that Bill Murray and then back Kreuter and call them you know everything that's been checks out you know until it's got about a dozen owners is while they're there they can fix your plummet. Here's the problem. How does that become a public group Texas. Is it sets up the. I'm as Goodell would say I don't need any ghost hunters ghost busters I'll just do it all I do it must. I should do that Sewell on my 00 man what some are what do you think about this. Hornets. Laws that it's you saw my anger is not really about the last ice loss accuse is on fire yeah playing literally. The most efficient vessels that are deployed if it holds up the sides are friends of Jersey rating ever. That said though Goodell my 26 again for the second straight national TV game in the second and I still not over things like. Chicago. It's got a games I don't know any game. And we're supposed to be I would just seem counters are. The usual guide it just gives up and says I want my team to lose I certainly don't like doing that with a we're fifty games last half but Justine just makes you daydream about ways to change it. For the future right leg work. Yes it does and we're talking to Stephanie ready yesterday night I asked her in mid August is I would I was kind of hinting that what I said this as it looked six of the next eight home they have ten games I think are does not now between now in the year. Depending on how the stretch goes I think will determine what you do the rest of the way. And I am inching closer and closer to the blow the hell up and start over death scenario. Bomb it. And I was watching the media credential assumption you got some of those on history and where you know you had sought to build those guys say get a seems really disappointed shouldn't be this bad right now it's not about losing to Houston like you said they're there historically good offensively right now this blue Houston doesn't bother me now it's embarrassing yourself and homered and Chicago and LA that's the stuff the bothers me. It's when Chicago makes it ten loss sandwich and were the bread on each side of the deadly serious. But that's embarrassing to lose our schools look we just went to at least generally going to be does link is just things like that has some said the first soured debt. There's too many bad losses that are piling up. And man what Chris Hope we'll say this though when Chris Paul and admitted she's. Houston did our bench unit like what are luxury they have where they can take poll out this first set amount arrests in the first and then you bring in another all star point guard to run the second unit it's Sar. Heard an embarrassment of riches. Where is the hornets backup point guard struggles lay ups you know I don't discuss that he that's kind of where he's at right NASA considers this door to hall same aren't I don't did you leave it right or at some point that there are possible right like where that second unit came on last night is just version had your hands you like gods and diseases hopes something like that field it's not too bad because you know it's not a. Good vote I'm not so sure that if MCW doesn't miss couple more lamps he could be in the list await a Lithuanian least. Playing basketball and selling meat out of the trunk of his car is a sign docile. Right episodes all that happens in Lithuania it's amazing. Has that story isn't good so I'd also I was so we got to the back in my car it was a good side hustle I saw a great somebody sent had a great response on Twitter said. Actually coaching Lithuania's aside us. It's. Selling the media is not the thought is makes it less of a sudden it's probably true while I was a little way me. Blame the media better get out until that is crazy the luck on the look beautiful baskets ball and let it didn't beautiful strong meat sale. There's a chance tomorrow to be a bit on our show about the Lithuanian league pass coming to Europe. Got to stand over a display some noted that Lithuanian leader and and zoom high school kids make. More Muslim side jobs and these kids are mega bass durable and play basketball women's soccer. The more I don't JUCL I client 500 dollars and Lithuania is why you 83800. Square foot house what's. Ten ox. Fifteen dogs. And 25 sheet and unlike X you can buy the whole thing. Well you get out here was. When you started saying sorry I thought you were being truthful when he started talking about I was into it first I thought you had some. I bottom up take up from UCLA I. RH. We got to get out of here bomb John Garcia know what's coming up I don't know laws and don't it is yours it. I've got dear team got Peter team that's 1030. 11 and 11 o'clock we have our USC fire's gonna come in studio is their front is a Jonas a couple of point one mean he's huge checked. 1145 is not such Howard and moves into Friday because they you know these people don't care really we don't care about wants a little of note I secular it's. 1230. John how open and 1 o'clock we're just gonna go we're going to be easy it's a good idea yeah. I can't take those eight as far as our guest when he go to the bathroom to you you can tell me about it. I just about after three times show I'm tired of glad to know that cannot let that Rhonda tomorrow we'll do the tough talk for children is there's now talk McCain got jet that was gonna do to pep talk to Wright doubled that to do so pep talk Friday and tomorrow ladies and gentlemen if I stand up to my fear. Of air Roger Moore.