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Friday, February 23rd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks NFL Draft with Luke Easterling. 


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Are different substantive person and some. NFL draft I just I had just for a quick second. He don't just read the statements him because of course they've got to get a statement from mark hammered in charge and I use in charge very loosely of the NCAA. On over this job to report because this is huge this is day. And mark Cameron says quote it's a systematic failure. You are walking systematic cooperative six lag listen these slimy agents are huge problem us. But don't act like you're just not a part assault problem it's ridiculous all right anyway more on that was there like college football so great college football's not slimy and all puzzles glaring clean and pure. Look at girls basket only happens in the SEC west. The east's. I sense even the FBI doesn't wanna Moscow's football from our listeners are soft some NFL draft always promises you'll never talked. And a young man with an outside the box panther first round maneuver. Armed and I wanna talk about two Luke Easter length he is the editor of the draft liar USA today dot comedy joins us here it's draft wired dot. USA today dot Downey joins us talk a little draft what's up Luke you don't have. I'm doing good our two you have the tea thirst. Because I would love the Panthers to get disc player you have them giving Calvin Ridley but I think your realistic about it you have them trading up mid first round to about sixteen herself. What what they have to trade up to get to that spots. And I mean how good is he he seems like a guy that is. This wide receivers lately of not really been ready to play right away he seems like a guy that would be close to it if not ready completely to play right away. Yeah he is and I think he's he's a rare bird and that enact Peyton and people who panic out in the spectrum can save it. You know he's going to be 24 at an NFL rookie gonna be you know too old and it. That that's only a problem if you still all you're still developing you're not a polished at the dialect Ripley if you. I mean out of the box ready to be an NFL starter policies well Obama. Very reliable witness stand and and didn't didn't take a short route but there's been broken in the a couple of the defense neat so. He'd get the complete player. I think he's the only receiver in this class but I would say right now is that they don't lock to go in the first round at all. When that happens back and I tend to get. Valued at the top fifteen pick and I just think he's the type receiver. At the campus have some some talented kept interest but not a guy like him. They can be that reliable number one target they can do all of those things got out of water to drink well so. I think considering the pet to have that extra third round pick. Maybe it took their second round pick developing it and they beat it took one to a those bird may be up and out. I just think that they're in a position to make that move. Get ahead of a team like Baltimore in the situation that could in my mock draft both what did that leave the player like that and we know how did you look at Alabama you wanted to get and that's kind of a spot where it felt like they had yet to an Arizona if he. Missing out on some of the top quarterback about that was kind of a natural that the turret. OK okay here's here's a here's there's the natural next question is okay let's talk about the other receivers that would be available. Where the Panthers take a twenty floor. And why so obviously you're not sold that those guys are difference makers right guys it would still be on the border 24. It's not a must but I'm not sold on him being different maker of the budget that they're two similar. To what I think that the tip authority cabinet on Iraq to the next guy probably courtroom but Matta has spent you know but he more of a big physical guy. I think they can't have that bat already needs somebody like Ridley is more explosive or complete as a receiver. And I just think he's that he's the better value in the first round acrylic if you get it decor and button. At 24. You might as well wait until the second round get a guy like maybe or mutate out of order date. Under a bunch of guys in that rain the day to value beavers. It is going to be ridiculous like that that Ripley elect act and it it is the first round lot after that the second third there's going to be starting caliber receivers belt or fourth round. OK so there is so the more value per movie is if you don't do the Ridley saying you can't get him. It's too late may be in to those rounds in a position that I look at that as a big wanted to interstate young pass rusher even if we get peppers back. I mean he's not getting any younger Charles Johnson could be capped casually he's not getting any younger. We need to next young pass rusher but it feels like when the Panthers are picked 124. I don't know if there's value theirs or any pass rusher comes to mind for you in and in that area. Yeah that's a bad spot in the up after a threat and the bad year. That guy and it's a great year I think they need all the deployment and Greg the last election of the board by terrible. I think it is the Panthers don't go receiver there I think often apply whether order apple. Probably the better pick there to make it weighed on a receiver. This just packed trust class up Brett which up North Carolina State who I think the top five player in the buyout. After that Cheryl Landry from Boston College sees it more urban underside of a report out by linebacker type that don't he can. But it came in the third full time I didn't incident at a port three. But after that I I just don't see anybody that I feel really confident and in the first round or keep the relish you. Really boomer but I really athletic be kept in very concerned maybe the law but feel concerns. I'm market Davenport kind of the hot name right now at a tech Antonio. Really really raw athletic director of the doubt about they like too much of development project to take in and that top 25 range so. I think that often applied like he did in that being the best value for the department. I was a lose lose he's easterly in the USA today draft liars for round mock draft up draft wired I USA today. Dot com okay. So we covered a little bit aligned their pass rusher wide receiver. This running back class smarting Ernie our own GM here in Carolina has raved about just running back class. If the Panthers I think that I think the thing for them to do would be too old now do first round back to back years. But I do think there's a chance Johnson Stewart to cap casualty or even if he isn't he wanna find his eventual replacement. Physical running backs in rounds two through four. Who fits that bill. I tell you what would you like to be nick child from George it's not off oh yeah Christian McCaffery oh Mort. I mean that that's the guy that you see a horrific knee injury like that we just don't see guys bounce back. The way he has the rest of his career after that and great at just been in that bet that the bank to watch after that. Guy like invaded or fourth round could beat it here's burden of Korean hunt ignited at a forty year career production. Now Royce Freeman at Oregon that the bad 511245. I got there at the side the B a all time that he got experience and spread system I think you really well. On the would replace a guy who played at Oregon and got a short. Were shot and he from India the state of I don't understand how he still he. Declined at the radar grossed her out our back on LO three years ago and was returning kicks. This year he budget for 2000 yards another died it's. Dig at you looking carried a full load I can get the ball out of the back field propagate the you know and prevent the pass protector but those guys if you look at that more brooding tactic and it in the Balkan area to it to match with the skills that. Other they already have on that offense those type that that really well. I did you have Durban James going to warning wanting your mock the safety out of Florida State. Arm and I seen him in that range on other mosques is there a feeling that teams aren't that high on him because I would've thought going in the last year. This dude is a sure fire south ten taken maybe even top five. You know what what are they what are people balking at in terms of scouts and an evaluate yours in the NFL including possibly drop to 24 or is that too crazy. I definitely agree that he's the top ten player in this draft. You go back. Two is 26 teams don't I think there's. But what will probably go gonna be one of the most impressive athlete that become buddies is gonna crushes because he's such a ridiculous. Athletic player for its side especially I think the problem or what. After that leg injury but it took him awhile to get back the whole straight to feel completely confident in that way. And it to beat a player needs to be so. I think we saw a completely different player to the last maybe quarter of the point seventy cedar. And I also think that I think Florida it was kinda trying to find that spot deploy it meant. I don't think he ever got really comfortable in India a different way try a huge step so I I think this team they that it. See the potential in him if they can find a spot that that fits what he does well and and and not gonna move the ball over the plate and do what to different bank. I think they're gonna end up getting a cup and where and I think it be in that point hearing if that was possible because they eat that kind of dropped a little bit. Especially if you were withdrawn bait he did in the box. I just keep that kinda guy may be slipping down you know people trying to take those apps structures of those off at the tackle that more premium positions. He might interrupt scenic it's just as a raw power a prop and talent but in terms of position will be expecting to get pushed on the Portland. No good stuff good stuff they did a great job he killed an old news interviewer does it talks you. As a process unfolds. On Twitter at Luke easterly it'll follow and again draft wired dot usaid dot dot com check out these fourteen earth for round mock. That is up right now a great job Lou we'll talk to down the road man's. There. You go Luke he's a great job got a gone through that round who might be available late it's still real early in the process. But if you're not thinking about yourself already you are not a painter saying if you're not going crazy already over the scenarios are when we come back. My. Yeah Zach did something that just drives me crazy I need to know like I think Zach did something and socially inappropriate. And ask people to weigh in on that. Zack says it's not so sure. Appropriate it's not less than maxis over a dump people be the judges did that and pitchers stressed to. So what is the position right now that you feel like is the biggest need to get a started a dreadful talk about Santa. I think thank you in order. To all of you for listen signal a daily basis we love you guys man we appreciated even Daly who ripped us and so we weren't talking a sports. This is before we did the Justin Timberlake tickets contest. Bucs are also get a senate a big thank you tour guy Larry Harrelson big listeners of the show in the station it was Carolina foods. And he said in a bunch don't just accept what is snacks pastries doughnuts all got a good stuff highly bonds of love he's good on the bonds man's. Well so that's exciting that is very exciting development. I was just walking down the hallway. In the one working out front said hey Larry's here with a honey buckets specs so I said he sees it. She said Larry says sir I don't know Larry but he's got honey buns oil mollid and then churn up in the big fan of the show very Kohler is to August that's just say what are also wanted me in as a Larry I'm not. As a matter appreciate this next everything but he got the latest act look at me I'm not big sparks long zawahiri tomorrow matters covered. Whose only member of the show has me Danielle yet. During the interview on the hasn't seen any bogeys sterling is doing a tremendous interview with the I bring these in here and you are just not even paying attention to what young Lucas and you're still doubted us all. Still. Melissa this is the parent and a hundred on this could seriously but anyway Tom I'm. I'm semi would lead to years of woods thanks kind of problem. Liz you guys aren't helped Larry to see you don't you're not out to say that as I'm eating my silly but chocolate doughnuts right now they are but boy these things are delicious here's the deal bottom of the hour. Com we will let you hear something from Russell Wilson that's just makes them even more knowing to make even more annoying and yarder to say you lesser known but I don't know CN Russell and a whole new Bozo Lindsay you hear that at 930. We'll do email sex keep the common. Look it was social look draft sought an outlet also gonna bitch about that at some point he's doing something socially unacceptable in the studio darned socks truce is socially or civil you I don't know why here's the deal though we will settle that we celebrity here's the deal bone. What position is it most important that the Panthers get a style that in the draft this year wide receiver in the draft yes. What about free agency. Wide receiver so you want to begin a cup okay see you want them to get a big time player in in the draft and a good reliable bet in freeing. I went mad at a defensive and saw a young defensive ends also way up on the west. If they drafted a young defensive end in the first round and that about who. It would last year. They went. Would you be upset they went draft or free to see it wide receivers so wide receiver. No I'm Laura can we might hear the Olympics and we haven't seen a lot from courtesy NODX Marty may not be its annual. You don't mean we don't know what Marty feels by email while Bowman say this guy's got started trading tell them Benjamin get him on the C I understand what was easy on the seal I understand we don't know ultimately if he's going to be won't turn do we got to see you do on the field I Cilic he's got Rachel trading again this year museum does either -- this year. I don't really trust him yet man. Well he does have that head injury saying you worry about I look at this I would give Samuel and Ernest as young projects right now. Young encouraging prospects with talent. I'm not I. Diets for them to get a good guy in the draft if they do a lot I'm not mad that I deathly don't really see the need the first round as much. I just wanna make sure you get a veteran can be plugged and played right away. You know whether it's trade whether it's free agency. I just want dead Don but when you talk in the draft in an ideal world the position to me that they got a young stud that would be pass rusher. Because. Yeah you'd be ideal let tempers got ever come back socially and groom young first round pass rusher to take over for. Here's the problem just talked about loosed blue tees are like where are free to pass rush X. In our neighborhood there's nobody that's why when somebody says something about trading up. Did you ramp Bradley jobs it would take a lot but a source they Germany that because he'd be un freaking unbelievable on this team is built. On pass rush and built on playing well up front. What's more valuable in a note that the draft does not just one year's team which just in terms of next season. It up scum that peppers comes back. Which we feel like you probably years that alleviates some of the pressure on drafting a guy for this particular season yes a long term it's a problem but a tablet sports a relief. Then you've got even bigger defensive end but I. I feel defensive and is a position it's like wide receiver lately it's not easy to make an immediate impact. Like where there are Barnett down there Barnett may be playing a Super Bowl Dirk Barnett sporadic glee made plays and getting good Lyman this frontal. But he came in and he was learning you know and I just feel like each. That's a position where being nice to have him. You know be an apprentice to tap. For one year that would be ideal but yesterday there's no value at 24 I don't know what you can do it tort reform of the hardest Davenport false you know. We were talking about the draft they say government had that beat either may not be here very long or gone already what's stark could be gone. Benjamin Gaon Jack tosses contract is up relatively soon. Cody was another one also. There are some teenager again and kill us again when god and are hearing now there are a lot of guys that could be factors right now like Tony. Where he was connected the expectation on this team. And I'm when he got to get rid of on this thing right there a lot of parts that would be really nice to those guys actually progressively the national alzheimer's what should do OK so get a shot and but that's what giants GM now so I got be careful here you also got us out of cap pal and let while we did it leave once a plan also went to a super heated there's there's. There's a lot of there's are more positive government a negative there's a lot of good weather is something you three go. What happened here this guy this guy. Well there's no draft says he uses a draft. There's no doubt as the years go on you are sort of raise an eyebrow about picks like Benjamin gone. Stars probably going to be dark star I don't really know if he played to the level of where he was drafted we still are now we Sony to see more from boredom Boller. Yeah although he's easy comment I noble heated words a common maybe I really do for a big bird is in the house the other position is is running back. Especially because Stewart. Because then you're left with McCaffery camera -- pain as veteran status although also yes Carlos Hyde I don't like to use backs. But Carlos Hyde's intriguing and powerful because sixty some balls and Shanahan offense last year and he still missed warnings. But running backs in position don't worry it would be really nice to get to next. Cinema Caffrey Yang. Let me give John Rupp put don't take a breather here John when it is thought job one isn't positioning your dye into two and hit a home run at the draft. Well you guys just beat the state language and I am looking at a wedding back or he'd. He'd go to bed and doing let's say that it if you look at those two positions and the feeding back. Players say they they're both physical positions. That you know those guys they're clear Florida August quarterbacks are some wide receivers. And I think we've got to do it beyond quit either one of those. I wouldn't deep I wouldn't be. Upset one bit at the Panthers up. Traded up to go did a really good eat there and in the first round I think I think that's what we need to do. And later my pink. Here's here's I gotta do to start the next break I have used during the next break I was trying to research whether or not what Zach is doing off the air is truly a social. Like. Is is it something to socially unacceptable or not would have to put that project on the back burner because now I got to figure out. What would it take to trade up to get Bradley jump this and next thing you need to figure out because it's not a great pass rusher draft is Yzerman told us. And that dude is a flat out bowler he is an Animal Man I love that dude too fun guy to Basel I. I also Mac we come back I have an idea where are the cooking up here that you'll probably get issued their own but it's a draft idea that I need to release presented. Name out there that I am intrigued by this guy not necessarily like. I got some night I don't know is what it is eerily like going all of we'll see if we saw this sin all right so laughter. Russell Wilson annoying sound also end Zach just us just say social rule breaker man it's the Mac attack 12 point five WFANC. Hey New York City I'm here I got the Yankees had on headed to spring training on Monday killing to see you guys. February 26 event hasn't closed that week. Hey Aaron Judd and you look for simple passes so this does push the ball and we'll see we'll have a little blood every two. Did not come for you you have employment policy guy I was going the World Series planet. It was possible for a little Schumacher Russell Wilson to get more annoying. But when he was traded for some reason city yankees got done here and play baseball gets traded to the Yankees. That made him an even more annoying individual especially. When he sends out videos like that to the Seahawks. Seriously let's go win a world championship what are you don't do let's go Steve let's go out there and even if the Yankees win a world championship what will you be doing at that time to be running for your life on your crappy offensive line NCA I. I don't question verbal yes and I'll be in I'm not a great baseball bats and Russell Wilson be the missing piece for these yankees like to have a second base and our NASA may ask that the flight at some point there. I will say I've already explained CU on and off the air why they did this. Makes sense if you actually break it down. They use Russell Wilson every spring training as an example of the younger players but play a video presentation. On Russell Wilson and how he handles themselves the media I want you know he's their example of how to get their cars are immoral eggs he's GSE that we really easy example of how to be a professional. So this year they said why not get the actual guy or very young team what are we get the actual guy in the year. To be the example in person instead of doing the video presentation. That's why they did it. Settle down Mac that's saddle yourself you can give up to get ahold of this cat I got out mail washing machine yeah. No right to Josh McCown is just annoying success and I had and it's a little goody goody schmuck he didn't say it isn't helping younger employers how to warn about when today and it's show with the media that that that this is it to kids the players is this how you handle media. Today I include his lie easily sold to the media things he did that he never did did include that kind of par I don't know. That's right that's right Ari B 93400. I heard the stories he told the that we wish people traced it back they never happened. He's stores this does bears all day since he states that he told you some speech and we never forget that every great story has a little hyperbole unit match this was a little hundreds complete lie. I what do you dog do you really think also made it is do you really think Paul bunnies 120 years away that's the right guys ask them. That's for van winkle and you look at this a little crawl or whoever the guy who had the docs well. All under public in their hearts and they didn't do at all score I don't need to go down this passage is a dangerous 1 here I am I believe that. Mac might be a little jealous that they can do has been brought it on how to handle press congress has put out here. Arizona. That's good business but we brought Kevin your attic and the media. I gotta get the tweets and emails Don says why don't we care about Russell Wilson so much were you a bat. But I care at all about this guy because I can't stand this little goody goody state it squeak. I cannot stand alone man he's a freak and fraud bonus you don't care she she had to compares says the Yankees to like a boat a large boat. Well would you be would it be maybe like that guard T chewing like that we've gone this guy Carlos laid saw the Titanic hasn't. This guy never tee and told us the Titanic must go on by the way I don't dis Bradley says I can hear Osborne. This to us does Hornaday on our show about a way too much of course. Couple of things here we gotta get emails and text. I gotta tell about Arlington Tebow knows what young zags did in the studio that I find to be that they should not be done in public. It's that second first I looked it up on a trade value chart. Did Bradley sub I think you might look like three. So your first choice for three need to give up about 14116. Dressed points. You be looking at next year's first round there. A second round there. And you might even have to give up a third or fourth rounder is well. CD given up a bunch but Bradley shove it is a freak in Banesto reasoning is. At a Tyson Moriarty is that is that all that's. They can do I have given you permission to trade away next year's first rounder for the first time. The only time to wait another Texan Marty says wait a minute what's this trade chargers figured out right now Marty's cancer off right now he's so excited the thought of strength last year's first round are all right let me magic educates went into the new water. I doubt Marty that's GM I just traded our first rounder for next year. Canada our rights army here's the deal Zach you know what happened both. Oddity deeper again now. I would part and like does a good dude thing did you know remained a no I don't Henneberg. But most guys can pull which isn't which is the weirdest thing ever. The other thing I guess comes out the other way Bono does it ever comes Zach was cracking his knuckles really loud. Now Osborne's doing it. Is that right not socially I don't. It is a socially unacceptable to noise it makes me cringe I would rather have somebody put their fingernails on chalkboard or run them down the chalkboard thing crack knuckles I find that is that just sounds I cringe when I hear crack knuckles. You said the deal and I pop my knuckles all the time got. It was just like that isn't exactly help though that this guy glossy act on them. O'Neal listening upon my neck did your negative I don't put it in my Arafat and I tonight. I might want to wants as we hear her and nervous tick off where the crash problem do you vote. Does it just did you have a problem. Are blown deal the problem with guys cracking their knuckles I hate that sound to hear your daily outlines don't rat me sometimes a crack on their own but I don't really. And I go about my everyday car I have a big toe to cracks all the time or even move my ankles pot yeah I gotta tell down. You can't help but that's fine. But sit there all up in my grill we do knuckles cracked it and stuff like that's just I I thought that was something that bothered people I thought it was a good nails on the chalkboard tight saying there's only molecules are what makes me instilling more elusive feel like tight and you crack them and it's like feels good you know gives us some blues head. We're trying to sell me the show I had no idea Vasquez were all were family here across Ford's been in the studio for years. That's been here for months. Should Mac be the one talking about. Social etiquette in a room writers know what role do right by you pretty much soiled your pants and there were in the studio what is your guess there's nothing to do about it got to literate man. Tales of toxic fumes is probably your hands we are dudes. And were we any bowl game. In the open air. I had no problem with it does do you think we're a closed room it's like let. Twenty by 1020 by sixty S and people people what do you do I gotta be on the radio I can't take a bath term blip break that somebody has an office people you mean I can't. I can hear our territories I might pushing it on occasion people walked in here and they hit the deck by day just got shot nobody wants. A child or my dot org source Sherrod story so I figured the rewards for sure doors when she got blasted out here and day to. Academic sense to get a dividend a year mad people by the way are all over me saying that I need to man up and Thompson cracking a knuckles is no big deal. I've always thought that that was like something that's in the morning. I did I did thought we'd blog cracked about me why crack. We watch crack. Joseph says let me get this straight Max thinks it's socially acceptable. To rip tail between get a studio for four hours with no remorse. But if a guy cracks a knuckle king it's all bets are off season and attended his. You know that is kind of what I believe is that not a little as the name Eddie Miller. One name gum and eliminate okay under Joseph Johns Joseph Wilson brother. Yeah pointed out I don't know I thought I get more support love. Didn't gas thing but I thought to get more support on the knuckle cracking this Yahoo! each visited the small holes are now small room the other day I was caught at a benefit in your view EU. The last Sydney two feet away from me I was gagging while calling other. That's why you Golda. Who say we carbon monoxide this it says do you need a hug Mac guys pop bones dude get over it. On this guy says stop being so much gas he threw we don't want you dying on certain how seriously and your identity and and let's see what went on the building center text line by the way somebody says they read the Yahoo! document and Sean May got an 870 fort I'll launch was to abide pages you know whats sad. First of all we love shot by and the show is trying to shut the problem is what I saw that tweak. I had to go lock. CQ has grown. It was true or not do well Merced can duke hired UNC's legal stance of defendant in the ethnic I'd throw does seem that big a deal right on this one Islam with to its. When a caller doesn't seem like this big of a deal mr. nice save it 200 dollars. Doesn't bother this was seventy dollars seventy dollars and gets on are we talking about starting your. Fans and later about arguing about Malcolm broad gains seventy dollars verses 11 got 641 that's the decision at Disney are which we have now. Is about seventy dollar meals horse like a 120 dollar meals. I mean hoops AMR Cameron made what one point seven million U sent an Gary T he's going to a seventy dollar dinner at least one and he thinks seventy dollar lunch guests are okay how what do you call a bold. A systematic Australia via in out here amor units he's ordered his alliance by the way how about this one give us a break UNC does have to worry about crap and duke neither. If your NC state you probably got to be worried because they can have postseason bans for them. They still they cheated and they still soft so there you go serious punish its gonna be mark Godfrey asked rhetorically what. And Paul is angry that we didn't pick him a little and little and so are my heart said Paul but my brain Sid 20 I'm sorry dude I think highly today we just like a joke because he's reference is showing an external rarely lets you down dude but always a but he is is. His performance was boy band ask RYUCRTC. To eat sand I didn't win I tried any chance so I could settle for the Nicklaus say tickets. You said you need to take joys to tell if we had a crush her. Outlook for some fat Joseph is that once a distress he binding about forty case apologized that was that some. Seventy dollar watches and is that there's an excess of seventy dollar appetizers I believe are right when we come back we bringing Garcia and Bailey we get him up with some of the news of the day he would they got planned on their show. And we discuss the arrival of sugar doughnuts cycle donors and holy month's. As a gift to the studio. And we just problems with your dad this and they don't they're not the ones on here and you did. This island because I just can't ignore the things he's there and Arnold movie. Closers do. It is okay. He's down. He's down doors of the mill. You're doing yourself. Trolls win by just because it just isn't doing. You're just a little fish inside and. Worse nights I'd never had my. Voice my dad. About that there's our guy Redman behind the actress could get just her. We never ask for a pro. Let's get a little always sunny in there whether it's this is the first time in the history of this radio station. Someone did work just because they wanted to announce an exam. And they weren't threatened to do so the lady actually just said I wanna sing live he made a problem now if you tell Tony you made a promo. Are gonna want to be mega city don't week yeah. Are nothing for nothing backlash and I shouldn't say the mad because one time hit man. Made something just a formula that was those that. But does totally fit in advance for sun low in the station you know I mean even one that's playing when he walks and instead what it's television stand Norfleet and that is I think that's bad that's the audio version of Red Bull and vodka. It's. We get the studio lot. Repairman who is allowed to smoke blowing so by the fall out of him so what do you do what's yours is what is sure liked how much time he's been in Atlanta almost everything you. Every week some. At least three days and eleven quarters or Charlotte the numbness tennis these cells south. Still isn't in India the ice we'll see we all know have you had a good. Have you had to watch it wineries only with Andy Miller sports agent. The ball tonight. Are backed by Brendan Haywood and assays are send Norfolk kebab but this money between men and tonight's. If it was a problem. Over bones from yesteryear. I'm gonna say they stand for and it really has a room where I read this Yahoo! report I mean you've got players from Carolina duke stayed involved and it's from Enron. It was this gem Friday was involved and it was this agent Andy Miller who now is losses license and should never be able to do this again. Working at a restaurant now but if you wanna take me like somebody's lunches with the players for seventy dollars to take me out first for a large stand he relies eligibility since. That is out there and there's certainly a relaxed with the kids don't know I know specifically. What. You recruiting cycle look. No because I. I had a couple people on Powell to you on this when your big golf sports not guys were ripped the players aged players got to know better man these players are selfish I'll get that. How we make the player to bad guy in this scenario it's an agent training upon a player right leg right Johnson went to call rob us our hundred dollar credit to senior you don't get man of Bryce just easy sister Lisa price doesn't go make him take a better know first look putting on a championship team but secondly I. I don't mean this is similar insulting emily's but everybody just stop for a second and think about how dumb you were seventeen years old think about how little you knew with seventy mile dumb as the wrong word but how ignorant you work to the world as seventeen years old. And here you warn you know there are some rules you can't break you know there's some things you can't do but you got an influential powerful guys are gonna let me just say total eligible sit down and talk about your schedule right. And then the bill comes. And you're seventy -- teams don't have a job and you never ever maybe just you're just about to play college basketball somewhere you're not paying the bill somebody else has duke it's not something that you're thinking about it I just don't understand like you said. How we're gonna turn these guys and the victims I don't get it doesn't make Lisa Simeone. It was like why don't Carter's mama also what did Wendell order that was okay and he wasn't even a college athlete yeah he was this Dennis Smith was a guy that a lot of people went after said apparently he owes 43000 dollars. I don't know about tennis this background I'm gonna sit here stand and rip a guy and not know Hank Stanley really need that money and stuff you know like when you hear that at that age. And you sort here and as an agent pitched clearly was they we give you this loan. You come on my side and Eddie if I don't stay back if we don't come on man you gotta get back to me something like that it's it's it's trying to woo the clients I was there is how you're 1718 years old though stand like a man. I'm really needs money or some tumultuous two jobs like we also think that we would say no to that when you know you're in the NBA the year and you could pay it back in a year. Bank. On just what I never date him minister global Mr. President. What high school coach drum players offering a summer after work hours and there's not a soul pop similar to smooth like well you know kids. In today's fit like. Why don't. Kids going to launch his mom is there and these are isolated one term occurrences or immigration during the stretch. He knows what circumstance materials. Provision in the Kremlin. Got laid off whatever circumstances are. We gotta get down into the the reason we're talking about a dozen models for the workout today is to follow the moment I want these are isolated individual circumstances where real people into a situation. It's also partially even though I guess of a duke simply as a fan of college athletics. Knowing what goes on that's actually worsen these things to the Baylor situation in Latin America. Like those are the things where you go wow what does that that is a systematic failure to pay more in this right here mark Ameren are ever call this a systematic failure to do is a walking breathing systematic failure. Yeah Carter should have been fired three years ago we are now beyond the margin or should've fired three years ago and I don't even know how we still has Giles a humble way about. Al neither man seriously it is far so I don't you guys gonna talk a bunch about this. I iams I don't know that I had it's it's hard for immediate outrage over this either Dennis Smith thank and then I've got people saying well and see stay going to be put on probation for this. What do they have to do with this this was a major reaching out to him. I don't sit and listen school has some looks like the schools should be punished when you getting inked in cahoots with a indeed a sort Nike. And say hey let's find out what this could come here like now I get it. I don't get why people are pitchforks out for NC state is legion and Dennis writes. A look to me were sitting in the news or die and innocent boy what are you gonna do. You know Dennis Smith got paid. It is any NBA now what was the recourse or you know nothing that can stay and there is not so there you go backer and and punish kids who had nothing to do with that is that the players. I can go across the coast there may not have all every single. You that it is why is recruiting I guess I just thought he's a law that wasn't even their Stanley Dennis clay Wright is decent disastrous. Disarm reach even this person named Jeff catch him in a says the NCAA has had its actually sexually assaulted raped by other NCAA athletes would no comment from our am. The watch stuff comes up today in the money situation I was mark or got a statement within an hour. You're our very desolate whatever common in the Baylor stuff. And the sexual assaults. I don't know daily follies is I don't know reverend is no remembrance on Iowa and. Sure there was some sort of incidental is stable middle zone along those lines but I mean did it. Again did to your point the fact that the so he's so quick to rush a statement that they are aware it's a systemic systematic failure we don't condone this stuff. Finally on your in laws are getting a low shot is ridiculous and here's some wind to die eventually got to show them what you although. This guys is explained Dennis has background which I was kind of importing sealed. Says with a single bad no mother bad area say it's no he's like who cares of the nation blown engines is money Lessig came from state. And that's what I'm saying like this does not seem like other than age Indians old dude you lose your license and you can't do this again. Residual stiffness of its audience like that sitting in my business Norman I did you. We are demos they did it like another individual loans and that money I don't feel like this even that this. There's no way to win over a Beijing. So you're shopping they're taking Dennis Smith out of the picture where he's dunking on oh million dollars yesterday. Into his store basis but they don't. I just thought I'd. So Matt Matt you brought it out of Virginia are back on defense a solid. I was wasn't high school when this happened a lot of these kids were high school when the south avatar or out of here you've got Garcia and Bailey would nor sleet and Bailey it's coming up next everybody.