Mac Attack: Louisville, McCaffrey, And Cam

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Friday, June 16th

Discussions in this hour were had about the Louisville punishment, Christian McCaffrey returning for mini camp, and Cam "crashing" his presser yesterday 


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Actually amount play it's meant to Cintas sergeants radio show on says this is Louisville's new fight song it's. That's what he's saying. It is. The Mac attack happy Friday to you were here to entertain inform we got to inform of their adult way. On this radio show we've got cancer talk coming up on the show today mini camp in the books. We now got a six week hiatus without any cancer on field activity until Spartanburg in late July. We've got so multiple NBA draft our guests on the show today including Gary Parrish CBS. And Chris mechanics also stopped by. From the vertical web site he also does a lot of Bob boxing stuff as well NBA in boxing so we'll see what he thinks about you know wrote a piece just say on Yahoo!. A ballots com. The sham that is the ridiculously citi's. The Mayweather McGregor fight so we will love bring him in on that conversation as well. And much much more that's I think go ahead looks like a little TV question to ask you guys are looking for some TV summer TV assistance. From you all. And we've cattle we've got up dancers forests where else is on the docket a little bit US open day one recap. Those dudes are getting after it like it was a greater Hartford open or something the US open. I mean those scores 44 golfers under par in the first round an all time US open record. They were chair and I join it a apart but then you still had it. A good amount of big games and did struggled Dustin Johnson. Jordan speech data one of those guys get hit a putt and then late today. You had big time struggles from Jason Day who was my pick to win the tournament by the way so the Mac and curse may not be dead. It may we thought I might have killed off the Mac curse. You could might not be dead he he has are still a still low on the course. And I think Rick I think dumb Rory who was just brutal is still in this askew I think they lost Rory Indus Eskew and they're trying to sign it. In a search party right now trying to locate Rory McIlroy in this rescue. In time for today seats on. And a funny is saying about how much she was missing fairways and how much she was in that light foot and a half off Eskew grass. Is he was a do abound that said the other day about the people whining about it. He was indicted said these fairways are so why if you can't keep it in the fairway and it just go home. And he was and he was in mr. Eskew and down the fairway as much or more than anybody else yesterday. It is kind of funny. When you think about it but Rickie Fowler the leader at seven. Under Paul are you know he's getting a major at some point. Could just be the major that he gets a lot. We will watch stacks in the final three rounds as well I see adultery here bones ready to go. Osborne is here on the plaza more ready to go but Osborne is here. I'm ready unbearably ready at some point in his four hours I believe content. So anyway our rights we have answers to get soup. We've got so the eight we will talk a little bit of golf the Louisville situation has to be discussed. On as well they're getting hit with penalties from the NCAA and I can't really it's people are all over the board on this one bulk. They're going to get probation but it doesn't involve post season ban there will be a couple scholarship restrictions. They're going to probably have to say goodbye and all their records. In results from 20102014. And very well could end up being the 2013. Championship banner. Rick pitino's got a five game suspension that will serve when the ACC season starts even though it was not proven that he knew about it. It's it's what would be NCAA wants a hold these coaches more responsible loan. On the they have in the past where is it happens on your watch and this brings up the Roy Williams stuff because the whole Roy knew Roy didn't know. Thomas situation is involved as well so armed we're gonna see I guess Rick Pitino plans on appealing it. That suspension. And we'll see from here written in Louisville I guess testing goes through their records. And if anybody was ineligible if 45 days to do this if they played an ineligible player during the 2013 championship season they will have to take the battered. But people are all over the border on this some people don't seem to say this penalty the NCAA is weak. These penalties are lame and other people seem to think the NCAA didn't do enough. Rick Pitino is personally offended incredulous to these penalties. And I just I at least doesn't something have to happen to a school bone that brings in recruits buys them sex. In an effort to lure them to campus and better your basketball team like things have to happen to that school right. I'm solely and Rick Pitino being incredulous. Would you rather have wins I mean I guess of the title comes out now might be a huge issue but. Would you rather have wins vacated now or your program on probation for the policies. Back of that get a Bennett has a case here as well that would be the worst I notice that OK we'll keep your wins. What you're not going to be in determine for you know two or three seasons so right away. They do what do you want to see you know immediately he would get a sums got to give here and for you to say. That the reaction of casino yesterday in the appeals process a NCAA infractions person yesterday said they'd never seen a case like this before. So we talk about you know this happens everywhere would academic stop and this particular case in infractions person who deals of this stuff said. We've never seen just I was story before the cemeteries. The Rick pitino's. Have lost faith in the NCAA. Well I think have a loss they think you're in your program doing anything ethically correct because Ricky we we don't know about you and at fifteen seconds of fame you had an Italian restaurant. They've got this situation losers don't give a damn about Bobby Petrino yet we'll bring you back. Where Ontario woman run a hallway if you will bring you back again. You know. So the fact is Louisville just unfair just win us games. That's as I mean that's just typical sports on my game act like I'm shocked by that. But I have to be honest boundaries for growth or work read for grave on CBS sports wrote an article about how. Brutal the penalty taking down the Paris. It's never been done before college basketball NCAA has never taken a banner down. And reached for racing UNC derelict in this is to be change NCAA can come after your banner next. I have to be honest I feel like vacating championships. Means nothing. But everywhere during I don't understand why is that a big deal. We're all gonna think a Louisville's a national champs they got a recruiting boost based off winning a championship. That's still existed like you said bound the harshest penalty is you can't go to the NCAA tournament for the ACC tournament. That would be the harshest penalty taken away for a year or more they didn't do that. Who really cares if they take your banner down like I feel the same way about all these ABC years. There's freak out and say take down those banners in Chapel Hill they still are best team in Cal's basketball. Still had to be miserable while they were winning those championships what does it really do. I don't understand it do you think kids that are recruits now we're gonna say many took dead battered down. From four years ago in Louisville where UNC recruits would say it's a dead battered down from twelve years ago. I don't think so what recruits assay is on probation I ain't going there rights. Also I just don't understand why that's a big deal. Banner thing you can say it's never been done before tell me if I'm mistaken here if Mario Chalmers. Doesn't hit that shot to send to gain over time and that it's beats Kansas doesn't Cal's banner come down. Does he got those vacated right it probably wasn't that would have happened if that game would have played out differently for rent this out here yeah how would of lost one it probably would have happened Osborne your big college sports dude especially football we saw you USC had their title they updated and I still think of I still credit that is a championship. No I never ever does is no deal do you think now it's not a big deal to me listen in. I don't even think we've Rick Pitino still there and he's still doing his thing. Eight kids are still gonna go there you know I mean they're not gonna turn down Rick Pitino any chance to play new ACC in the best fastball clocked in America. It's still get it's still going to be a big deal for them. It is it a big deal for the fans to see their banner come down fans like Kentucky fans. It is a hate Louisville may be. But like you said it doesn't matter they serve at their ass kicked by that team next year. It's not like to give the championship to run around exactly you sound like somebody else actually gets the championship they just leave it would no champion yeah I'm sorry man there was a champion I watched. Jeremy I remember those moments you can't take them away for US seed Louisville UN c.'s O five team what ever oh no way every one argue. So that one's interest seeming like. And if you're a fan. Like do is it dead seems to be a big deal though do you like it here at NC state or duke saying you seem like if the batter goes down other him don't I don't think you really care of UNC's Saturday struck. But a lot of fans like that will be. A damn near. Dig those situation. Like that. It basically is wagon Boehner right and I and a yelled yeah big op boards situation or dig a big guy do you literally a have complete and total utter bliss the most Felicia could have the you know without the actual branching of MM gone on like there are some fans bound that would lose their minds to be the greatest in their life. It's UNC's banner came down and I just don't understand it I don't I think it's a garbage can only. And I read a column yesterday proclaiming his some huge deal. And huge deterrent and I just don't get and it's you nailed it bound take away postseason that's the way you get down to business and even the Rick Pitino five game suspension thing. I watched Jim daytime sit out nine games suspended nine ACC games I watched the team's struggle in what they did bone after that. Got a together once a final four. But the penalty was harsh Syracuse really stood there they really will never recover from that. I it's I saw somebody speculate bone will Louisville recover from this. Recover. They just brought it upon. Did Roland. They're having to vest evenly golfers thank your for all we know by the way to UNC better coming down would cause more boys than at Louisville are pretty important. And I like Reggie Bush Wausau Heisman and I saw Reggie Bush flight. Reggie Bush to me Heisman Trophy when he won the high. Arsenio is originally from all you want to I remember Reggie Bush but a football player he was not the start and I just another case you don't even give it to the runner up. He's just leave it out there where there's no Heisman I'm not playing that one. You know like there's that there's a Heisman winner every year. And I know who it is so I don't know you'll everybody's thoughts on this Louisville saying. Arm but there's got to be a penalty right there has to be some sort of significant penalty and I'm not saying design know what's gonna happen. You know fans like when a better be penalties on UNC so. That one is the only way UNC's get now as potential loophole situation because what was going on there is just not right. It's shots ethically not right. But so they're going to treat their lawyer and up and they're gonna try to loot all the way out of this one iMac at W Athens he got done email address. Hit us up on Twitter at Mac WS NC text line same as the on call in number we'll get in some cancer styles immediately after this. Lama as well here so get ready answer nations that it's our last on field activities don't we get to talk about until. Almost all these late July. These Charlotte Comfort Systems amateur this more reproduce waking up seventy degrees 17100 dollars in rebates is available from what makes it has always. Feel Good Friday brought he brought brought to you by. Hunter's bill for exit 48 off I seventies are very cold bony Mac into BF NZ dot com email address sports last nice. I mean a less bonus size three to baseball scores are needed a couple of days ago on a sarcastic. Move. I would we don't really have any results or its reports from last night now. I agree every standpoint of the sports calendar where it's baseball or bust. We have reached a point other than the US so I should say that we touched on it to toppled get into a little bit more to philly's philly's one Red Sox nothing. Spoke on eight Yankee six and heartbreaking fashion. He woke up in the middle of the night and watched the end of the Yankee game. Oh man you're dedicated fan bony you are dedicated fans went to bed anger and meanwhile went back to bed angry meanwhile right now the Orioles. My team is they were playing in my back yard. I would close the shapes. And I just they disgust me I tried to tune in last night Iran one game winning streak for James. Chris Tillman was actually starting well and that things fell apart I ask god this season's dime they penetrate a bunch of people the Orioles. Bunch of the Yankees are two outs and number and the odd mob the tenth inning two outs rookie on the mound try to close it out there he's put answers. They opt Oakland loads the bases. It's a blue pick to win the game and the Yankees lose Erin hicks and Gary Sanchez the injuries during the game so I'm not a not a good night to wake up watching it. I am bound passenger yankees update Magid an exam on a Friday did you have nightmares when you try to go back to when you got legislate did you wake up screaming dollar toward the assays gravel got hobbled back up again I went. That really happened so that detect a score but I might be driven now it was a nightmare you saw you actually were sleeping during our Mac it's W doesn't he got down email address will be supported strapped on or inside a week. A couple of draft yesterday Gary Parrish Chris manic stoop to talk hornets when we come back to though. You know I feel feel Ron Rivera strain on this one what's he supposed to say about Michael Oher with concussions what can you really say this thing is so up in the air. With that said we will still play the awkward. Question and answer it didn't take long is about three questions in three short answers. GE just you could just hear how awkward it is for Ron Rivera to try to talk about this. We're gonna play that clip for you coming back we'll talk some Panthers it is the Mac it's 102 side WS Danzig. Oreo and training camp for the guys that we have you know we want an idea on our roster won't really know those guys. Did you talk to Michael and all. You know and again that's you know that's what's going houses does it take care. Okay here they're taking care. I doubt it's a serious situation so the first thing I'll say is man Michael Lawrence Soviet healthy I'll be live a healthy life and I hope. You don't have long term affects seats he god forbid and things we've seen happen to former football exists and it's the first thing to say. The next thing to say about that Q&A there are back in forge a person involved. With Ron Rivera is I'm just amused by Iran trying to handle this this is like. It's it's. It's like I don't even know what the right now genius is just a topic what he just doesn't wanna be talking about it. And the way he handles a bone is so amusing to me. They're handling it they're handling it. They're handling wise. Hurdle and it. I think. It's like well was just hilarious to me man and by the way who is very. We that's another question do they go to Faldo went OK they're handling yet who is today. Was he talked in front office doctors. I mean this situation is just such a mystery. It really does. He's so uncomfortable with Fiat did medical questions and it's been going on for wants almost like got a husband getting accused of something by his wife and just doesn't wanna talk about. That's the point is that right now like. There's a woman that war that sports what doc. They're that a woman sorting with you and your wife is not happy about it. Questioning new and you just try to deflect that's what you did you're uncomfortable all that I think Iran is the satellite that right now each test. I don't have that personal problem in my life bombs and that's the analogy I have. He might as well just say I've got no answers on Michael or guys don't even ask me about him. And I just had no answers right now I mean that might be the best approach to ask me again ambler refer back to this one. My answer is I have no earthly idea what's going on. And it's just so mysterious injuries are always mysterious in this league don't like CA CIA intelligence secrets. But even more so with a concussion and Ron and a pass got burned when he said the danced and keep linking tough first concussion. Well Lucas Lucas that looks like themselves and many didn't play so let it for the next 34 weeks. So I mean he doesn't wanna get involve itself so sense of I don't blame but it just is off to word it. It's so awkward it is kind of amusing TT hear him have to do a song and dance. Source practice yesterday Jerry Richardson made an appearance CN even a big cat wants to see. Christian McCaffrey out there even the big cat went out to get his run CMC fix on bony. And what did you see with McCaffery well you saw him at two and a little bit of everything as expected he was even involved in kickoff coverage drills yesterday. Other things the wild amid task formation mode. Christian McCaffery in the wildcat happened yesterday your reaction to the twins are I was with you after the show. When you solve alive tweet so what McCaffrey was doing a mini camp your reaction was like. Jimmy V in 1983 when they won the national championship but you'll run in the hallway trying to hug people people like. What's wrong with that guy Mike McCaffery that mini camp no quarterback. It's just cold as you start to envision you start taking your mind will start thinking about the things they're going to do with him. They had another player apparently bone and this one was the one that really got me revved up. Where they faked an end around to McCaffery handed this do up to gut boom touchdown wrote. It's just you've got to look channel four's this kid. Even if he's not touching a ball he will affect the game. That's what I love about his draft picks you've got to spend practice time on all this stuff we're gonna do with him and Samuel. Whether we use it or not you just used practice time. Then in the game you've got to allocate defenders don't you gonna change what you do. Because of players like McCaffrey and Samuel you don't even need it touched a football alone to have an effect. That's what's so freaking cool about this draft how about shoeless play calling him mini camp about that. Get it done already well did you hear who was called a place just Chambliss columns like Cam Newton. Cam Newton was called a place. I expected announce it later today and it shall will be fired camp that I wanted to first cornerback slash OC since Peyton Manning if I'm. But it's yeah him got to get on the microphone they called plays out on my can minicamp and he gets it on there and do that that was what kept him in the flow. And die as one of the reporters pointed out to Rivera kept him from yelling at the defensive players for your series at the woods is pretty damn funny. Al Ross Dotel Ross Tucker woody is doing yesterday. Russell yeah Ross doctor web Russert I liked is better than yelling at people yeah you try to like this matter is just press conversely aroused farm and I'll tell Ross Tucker we have named guy in a gated added to win got an idea yet there's another thing people are mad I feel like we did just 24 hours ago exactly. So if you loses Six Flags out you lie is this free day Groundhog Day on the Mac attack there is another thing to do it seems to me it is absurd. But people are disappointed and angry with camp. But welcome to cam Newton's life the guys freak in two weeks and half of Charlotte is angry about is gas issues. I mean it's just it's it's it's and the guys are too seriously over scrutinized. Aysu what else went to sucked when Els on to see us like no other I got tagged kids succeed I respect that suit is a word she used very Austin and in our house all we have a four year old a seven year old. As a very common war and it's also kind of funny or even still 43. It kind of amuses me how Watson and I say it again it's kind of funny marries or some attitude that exhibited by text funny ads I think it's prudent I don't know I don't want to also say it's a good representative and all of us if you just use the word suit. So anyone else happened practice Curtis Samuels got his hand the issue of flared up again yesterday I just got back on the field flared up yesterday he had to leave practice. Com with the above with that said the only guy who is supposed to. Not be there should not be ready to go to the SARS can't. And this includes cam is Ryan Blair Randall are trying to come back to the knee injury from last year. He is the only dude that is. They're thinking might miss the start of training tips so other than that. They're pretty healthy. And you'll also notice to bone cancers are a couple scouts yesterday that was that was in the news. I also noticed something like wanna go pro football saw teams are still busy signing draft picks. The Panthers had that thing wrapped up. The Friday after the draft. You. And other teams are still signing their draft picks right now I mean. That is something we haven't talked about enough and I know it's a lot easier to get these guys signed now there's a rookie pay scale they're slotting it goes on it's a lot easier to diss guys sign it was in the past. But that is a remarkable how far ahead of the game the answers were getting the rookie side it really weighs in May is there's McCaffrey on the TV right they're going to do drew always talking but. Don't durden we could just. We just watched reading your radio mad just by watching McCaffery all they want Gary went hog bothered about renteria has all of Baghdad area slug thought they had done it. Hugs understands we're not pulled out they were pulled up only to about two inches below is an apples I guess back. What happened there haunt you go to slightly new look sagging is painting a terrific Mac and WS EC dot com you also had a do's and do either of you know the name of the guy that that is swung at blue cheek. There's a dude that will never sniffed this Rossiter tried to punch look deeply yesterday he should be canned immediately as far as I'm concerned yet the kid off Frazier. Right what's his last night as a threat that is his last analysis first Allen that his last name is this Moses. Moses Frazier fir Frasier mode Alice Frazier most Frasor and I was goes Frazier and now MO SE is is legendary backwards Fraser most exact. If there's a guy that we can't. And we don't know his name but tries to punch Saluki billion ahead by the way. Tell us up to discussion issues in China hit a limit their head down brandy buys a monologue but did I have a role. If I don't know we are and you try to punch Luka camp you should be fired immediately you seriously real time insist that you should be put it pays Charlotte jails self. Instead Ron Rivera had to deregulate receive a fight out and had kids you know come on man million adults. Seriously do not touched the merchandise. When it comes to lose equally for God's sakes says that it is most Frazier wrote I screwed up he's got the name back up how. Out of sync if there's a guy whose name I get back words Monique. That that. Do you need to be done immediately because I swear that I saw yesterday as they most most Frasier than you had a different played at Memphis okay and those Frazier let me correct that for later on in the show when I take Britain's got I can't even ripped his guys correctly and Oscar it is damn name. Hell's wrong with me you coming to but do an act he should actually most you should be allowed come down and punch me Ned to screw in your name up. As seriously if you're gonna do some ad dumbed practice I should BO did you name right. I thank god I need this weekend it's coming up greatly man and a half hours of his week I feel vindicated by this so many years emailed and it's those Frazier. Let's see your Mac and WS Lindsay dot com somebody else in a text line once chapel cheat. To get at their worst double G to get a ten year minimum post season ban across all sports. Ten years is that let's fact it happened there. Decades of fake glasses helped him win those titles when those guys the old jewel basketball anyway. We're really gonna be ineligible no one's ever ineligible. What was the last time you saw a team bone in the NCAA tournament not Elam won their best players because he didn't get good grades previous semester. Ask your question if you don't like it never happens have a football to us like. If it happens it's so extremely rare yet every once a while you'll see somebody get a poll like he'll lose a bowl appearance. I actually no I am here here's your fifteen cities in Nebraska football Nate Gary. I'm now so I always thought did I get a damn you're a very different ball game because. Most treasure and a demo way I go ahead and let us you're trying to contribute go ahead. Doug let us an adult against any Suzy this time we're really running up front on and it's none of the magnitude of the game you don't get here meet certain daycare is this was a safety for Nebraska he missed a bowl game does a great teachers yes. A guy essentially did not go to class the entire semester and making around for him to be eligible he was not to release of the draft Fred Esther yes so he didn't really care any out and he sixteen due the bowl game we're going to is not going to be any good. I'm going for Al so I don't need classes this fall is basically probably wouldn't think it gives appear not obsessed with the UNC punishment I gave you that. It would on for a long time and it's a little more extreme in some cases but academic stuff happens in a lot of places stuff cabinet Louisville. And the suburbs Baylor. And knows full well that stuff doesn't I don't happen all over the quite delivery Novak the Louisville saying the daily thing is absolutely disgusting insulting and should have been nowhere on earth. The Louisville saying Bohn you already know about the hostesses right yeah we all heard about the recruiting hostesses what do you think does hostesses are doing. Posting made the cut hair that you think they're just blame Tina go with the fellas. Yes I'm not exactly call I don't know I don't know data are they going to ask you what there. It's a card game you saw this dusty selling beavis and butt heads. Like each. I just I gotta be honest don't I have a feeling Louisville's not the first school to do this. But you still do have to analyze it I don't laughed too when I go back to what the infractions person said yesterday when she said she's never seen a case like this. I'm sure she's seen academic cases before she she said she adds you know we go one might Louisville will no one's gotten caught flat out buying hookers before. Ladies of the night. Aren't any here anyway Mac you don't get that done is email address. John says Mac you'll make it an apology call to mid 88 your twice deity including get his name right. Not only guy's first name but I had the first name in the last same spot the last fame and a first name spot again it's a really bad screw up. Our rights iMac it W a to Z nine town do we do it again bone do we do it 24 hours literally after the last time we did it why the hell not. When we come back where to play the audio the moment I thought it was a fun moment. And a funny moment from cam involving McCaffery after yesterday's practice that is apparently annoyed people. Make it is Kim it is cancer mercy number seven Brazilian right now and you will hear that audio next it is the Mac attack. OK whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah. It's. Easier Cuomo New England upstate go to homeowner hello Madonna not mom out of wafers but I'm not way in my hand oaks Christian account no we ought to wait and isn't even even including myself but. Okay I'm having a questionable pictures. Hopeful stands. Sorry I've done it to be funny dancers put on their website picked it up couple other national web sites picked it up. It was Cam Newton Chris McCaffrey's get ready to do the much awaited media session rides. And the Cam Newton kind of barges can't and you heard. Go low low low low. Let me get my data way I'm not weight behind McCaffrey and die he does intend to talk to the media he has not talked cinemedia during the whole spring here except at his kick ball game. And apparently someone tried to ask about his health and he was they were denied the question. And so he's not gonna talk about his injury your name is W and once. He just wanted to get out there plus I think a bus Christian McCaffrey's chops hardy Har and move all along his way. But bony it couldn't just be harmless fun Maldonado Arafat because it was Cam Newton and nothing can just be harmless and fun with cam. So what's going on now bony. People are saying that Cam Newton. That is look at him trying to steal the rookies moment. He's so selfish she needs only to you can't stand the attention BR Immelt. Listen I'd be an idiot to sit here and tell you the Cam Newton doesn't love him some attention like that I'm not here to fight that fight. Clearly he does a guy said he wants to be and I got an entertainer. Before even played in the NFL cheers bugs to look at this bone and to have a problem with this one. It just feels like one of those situations where. Mat Cam Newton. It's just. Can breeze and make somebody angry that he took a breath. Said this the other day when I'm starting to realize that no matter what camel dies people may river for something. Are you getting that sense Symantec and mentally or other might be to get a here's the thing if Kim has oppressor and he touts. Then people get mad at. If cam has fun with some think they get mad at him so can really can't win I thought it was funny. It was a genuine moment my my first take was not oh no look at camp I thought it was funny it was kind of like a welcome the Charlotte moment. A Christian McCaffery that we've all been waiting I don't. Cam did a camp saying those funny I had I had no issue with I thought it was a tricky job. Boston mayor might think she is star out here all meg web from gum in your first you know I'd just that's what the world by the way how long did the last fifteen seconds always somebody stepped away he didn't take over the entire. Media session or to settle down Abraham enough too long and outlets so but here's the thing now I. I'm not gonna make it seem like everybody. Although I may have called their only guys' names on Twitter last night but they're intelligent. Normal panther fans don't that are are are kind of saying this and this is not just. Although Marshall gas don't you did say but it's not just your market Estonia is at a world but they're ridiculous take sizzling takes. Tom let's see like for example you called them morons idiots and dummies dorks I know I grew burst do we Eads assays. And morons again am I done that I may have beyond that writes I'm telling you people have a legit liked. Problem with him any attention thing and first O'Leary doubled emails of people that are on our side. Com some dude says it attacks rather he says building center attacks I knew some Jack would have an issue would cam got a steal the spotlight is juggle his teammate. Mom lets see here Tim was just having sort of people are pissed about that they need to go somewhere. And then you've Scots are run The Who says Mac do you think cams gonna hit house candidate panel McCaffery Meehan it's all content. McCaffrey is taking over you do know that right. Obama of people think this is legitimate thing like Christian McCaffery gets so much attention here's the thing I would say they'll vote if McCaffery plays well. And gets a lot of attention it's only gonna help can't write. DeLeon helped GM's performance. It's only gonna get helped him win football games so McCaffery doing well getting attention is gonna get attention. And I think to two things are linked is selling the campers can get all this attention cams not. If McCaffrey's ball around make him plays the offense played well you know who's gonna throw a lot of those passes to Olmert makes big plays is going to be can. Do people really think. McCaffrey was offended by that. The Caffrey by the way not really detention seeking god he did McCaffrey caught his dad yesterday and said it never guess what happened. Can't crash my media session yesterday. No way he had fun with it too he's part of a new football team he's been embraced by the star quarterback. If you're camps that eight everyone's waiting for McCaffery including myself. There's no way he's offended by that. This way mr. gives us props as I love you guys defending your QB go bills as writers Tyrod Taylor gets called out you're gonna outlaw I don't know if you decide Tyrod say about your kids intelligence tone that unified somebody though bills fans I know that. Let's see I'd do it well here's an email to Jerry says is. Jerry says hey Mack. You let's look at his last two days one incident is where he just scream so much in talks trash everybody decides on the sidelines he's not playing him. That's a look at me moment then you fast forward to yesterday. It's mostly McCaffrey's press conference came intervenes it's a look at me moments can't you guys at least admit he is an annoying. Look at me selfish player if he was up there and he was doing a spirit. It can't crashed in was taken serious questions for the first time and in awhile. Then I'd be like okay why is cam now moving that guy at the way he literally it's a Garland for online yeah he's having fun you want to do what does it. Cam was an up their due to serious presser when he moved. McCaffery out of the way settled down quit over analyzing every little thing need guidance does cam like the attention of course seat us. Does he do some of this stuff because he likes to be out there and get the attention I'm sure he does but. Like dirt Soo good results bone to each of those things. His his trash talking on the sidelines produced one intense June minicamp practice but the best out of both sides finally tell the Benjamin apparently just ball out yes. We need more that he dad consistently. On June Carter says no offense for the people of an issue with doc and doing this or loser. They not been miserable wizards owe and are also dumb I'm gonna say that's a year without no disrespect to you would all forget about it. Pom sodas so that was evident yesterday the positive news cam that's bonding with a working team that's it's not rookie hazing percent of its rookie John bust. You know and that happens all replace a BC what our guide beyoncé thinks here on a Mac attack Dion day was what he said. I would admit AM canyon demand really go Priscilla bow and about a time. Frankincense thank you Steve and I thought somebody is committed to come in our camp put my heart and soul into the can't discuss about. Heart and soul into a June minicamp TM discussion. And I thought I had some the narrow band legitimate feedback incensed and second Preakness Stakes quick buildings that are text poll would you rather were. Hear from ten seconds Steve. Or tablets talk about 52 wreck he's. Who's more annoying as a caller. Just to listeners ten seconds Steve. Or martian guess Sony. At least sensitive Steve's going ten seconds Martin guests don't you know makes us last. Wiley price sometimes he does so I don't know who's more annoying question I don't know the answer to god it's not it's gotta be ten seconds Steve because he's been doing this for a decade and finally I still finds it funny I got thirteen year old located right talk radio get a little here's the problem during the breaks us. As I guess he's funny allied Colleen Gaza. During cahoots with them all the guys most of the earliest and second he did a musty air instead you like I going to it is Tanzanian Davis and the Sonics. I love and I told you I said Tencent is it is on alive but the most shame stainless. Slash Jane bulk all yet. Can we tell the listeners it to the two guys you said you liked during the break yeah I love pamper Carlyle intensity is Steve I think those guys earlier those two guys were Chinatown. I don't police cheaply and friends would have to close one adrenaline you love that god has been banned like five times from the shop you are supposed to be put the smack down on these guys are girls these funny did I just laugh every got eight RI we got more panthers' zone and gag order strands stuck who's involved in the hornet's workouts today if you have not heard. There's a first round product there's multiple Tobacco Road products coming to town today for work out we'll tell you that bit of info if you haven't heard. And I can't wait any longer bound I tried to be humble and try to keep this in strive. Once bomb. TV Hadi. It's following me on Twitter now I can't hold back any longer bound. Oh what a woman from TV though are. Is more Stevie lore is follow me on Twitter I've got it I doubt explain I can't wait any longer amount that's coming up next right here. 1025 WFNC more authority. I would guess amount reports coming in here. And miles. C on ten seconds Steve Bauer trying to get a consensus he is usually a 6 and 7 o'clock or so early listeners viewers guys the ones had to deal with them the most. Tencent is texture says ten seconds Steve the surtax line by the way the same numbers call in a 704570. Nice extent. Ten seconds seem a little funny at last sometimes especially when you serve multiple times don't encourage them don't encourage into the double dip. That's what it really gets me know what it's like okay disrupted twice now. He says cancer Carl not funny. So he does not support dance the Karl. Com let's see here Steve blows hate a guy Steve cook so he's steak and I don't know moderate support right now and best. Let's see when camera's attention seeking this another building senate tax and messing around that's the best camp. If he was shy and timid this offseason I'd be concerned he's gonna have a big year if you want Jim Belushi want him having fun. Now the real question is easier to keep having fun and that persona when the season starts. Because when things go bad he has a hard time staying loose. He really does and and most of us listings are already been a worker at home. I mean it's harder to prove false. Now this texture is different take maybe cams antics would be considered shooter funny if we weren't six intent. As it is his act is getting old fast will gym once a playoffs three previous seasons including the Super Bowl when they won seventeen to. If they were only six in ten every year bound I. I can understand what you're saying I'd like to still think of this as the aberration in the last four years we will find out that he's got a Lumpur. Yeah what's out what's that can't ignore the rookie and Andy mead do that that was over while it's. Right let's have typically nor the guy not talk dorm species embrace and got by the way got a tweet your Mac. They want people wanna debate between Ted's against Steve in Carolina met the shores debate in radio history. This Carolina Minnesota. There's so you see pop god from that. Sitting oh yeah he says I don't star tailback and had not done yet there wouldn't be much going on there there really would not be. This this is grainy pat stop about Tammy show boats all the time he needs to settle down. One day you'll seen that the team is sick of his way race. I don't notice some of it annoy some teammates some short Dulles but the bottom line is though grainy is Cam Newton goes out there and balls out who cares about this stuff. His teammates really won't care. It is you know we're not going to care. I mean that's the key he's got to go back and bounced back on the field I think he wills also shoulders ready to go about my training camp. I think what surrounds him is gonna help him play there and I think he's gonna have a bounce back disease. Theo Vinson did this story Williams in the NCAA tournament last year all the talent CO does that was funny too I think it's hilarious what he does that it's genuine. Guys like mark from Estonia yesterday. Were telling they had no prob with the au prince and well data problems came nude and I didn't see the depth. Some people large just I don't don't show a loss like you guys are college some people just are. Silly rights and they wanted to entertain they wanna be goof balls and that's what's in camp falls into multiple people are guessing that's the our sports TV hobby that guy's following me on Twitter today is Caitlin Janet. You guys are sick and you don't with Qaeda globally your own way I thought about Erica Estrada. Lisa Guerrero bound former Monday Night Football reporter is following me on Twitter or about that maybe. At 537 our time whose 37 heard time and LA she star follow me lacerations up late at night. 2:30 in the morning and she stink animal MacKey like many women have over the next that's a big time poll right there I am facing. Buss issued Faldo about zero SEC got busy maybe it's it's a Mac attacks and namely. Check it out so I've got now last fall's Marc Tyler Kyle Scott Jack. And ten seconds he had a party that they're all excuse I eighty does I don't have a lot of females followed me there. And I know what's going on there that she'd heard Joseph Thomas and Jose Batiste are my three famous famous followers found very exciting for me. Wolf pack. Well that is a true isn't it real quick I didn't wanna say this the work out today for the hornets. John Collins is one guy on the list that is a first round prospect. I loved him intelligently is amazing last year it was the best player in the ACC. Don't really know Bono if I want then go hornets did. To use eleven pick on impersonating her better options more upside Wiener here's some interesting names JA that you're snitching name's Tony Bradley. Fewer army on the board of 41 I think they'll be a great. Young rim protector type picked Tyler divorce he's got to be employed at 41 to bony. Vienna got it could be dead backup guard you're looking for. While both guys I was tweet about Tyler Dorsey got two days ago. How media are great date adding he's got tremendous upside as a backup point guard at 41 is it you said 41 hour forty to up 41. While Tony Bradley Tim didn't get Tony Bradley. A nineteen year old kid with a 75 wingspan. At pick number forty wind that's and that's a no doubt about it because you have the GA league work it out Tony Bradley does not become it'd be. Immediate impact guy sentence of the geely. And let them develop better what I already fallen out loans they Gatorade league now some people called G list the G such as Gatorade is just shows Adams Digi league let him develop a what he's ready bring about so. Nineteen year old kid what that size and ability affordable and we need him to about it wearing protection is a need on this basketball team. By the way bone and the I called PJ links. Thanks that is. Garrison permanently resides in a developmental league right now there. I Mac and W opens a dot com is the email address if you guys wanna jump in here when we come back I've got another cancer discussion. I wanna get into based off a list of Sports Illustrated put together on line. They had a vote of all there they're different NFL writers. I want to do a blonde very similar blog I want your help a lot to be represented and helped answer nation feels. We'll explain that we come back next gives some cancer talk going it is the Mac attack on a Friday as we sit here. And daydream about football right here 1025 to the F Danzig.