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Wednesday, March 14th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Lee Sterling. 


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Verse now are pretty good job. All thick skinned baby Panthers. Can fill the wide receiver need at least I think some of you don't think they should be done with that would Torrey Smith. They have still dead Darryl Worley corner spot with a guy it's a better corner last year. You look at the advanced metrics and numbers from last year he had a real damn good year last year probably the best and he's had. So god it's probably young and improving 26 years old you pair him up when Brad very and it's not whirling and Brad very would you still have a young. Corner tandem. Will probably be there and grow with each other for good amount of years its three year deal 24 million Mardy was willing to spend eight million a year. Just wasn't it sheet move I think he was about the fourth or Fiske highest paid corner out there on this market so far bunch you know there about four guys. I think got more cash than Braylon and to do is firing. How many times have we said that we don't have the fire on this defense anymore because of Josh Norman were shot Braylon is gonna bring that fire. Now home. It's a little too keynesian times he says thirteen penalties on multiple years to this warriors yet thirteen penalties including last year. But man he can get up and play some press coverage gets physical with your there was a clip float around yesterday. Because he's really good run support a cancerous lump this in their corners guys that are physical and runs for just come up and hit Shia and help out the run defense he put on. Absolute smack on Alvin tomorrow be dead. And that highlights and float around out there are so. That was good to seek is there appear to be times we had guys could lay a finger on album Camara is do not team belt. So I love this move I really like to Torrey Smith move. Am trying to get a gauge of folks here and this is 7 o'clock hour. Hornets lose last night and that's probably at this point all for the best college what we want to have happen at this point and I won't point this out last slightly play in game. A saint Bonaventure from the gates and played their way in beating UCLA tonight. Syracuse trying to get nine. ACC teams into the actual term of 64. Against Bobby her lease. Arizona State team and so that's an update and north Carolina Central Command coach mode and and central play Texas southern united about 640. In a playing game this hour bony I wanted to talk football I wanna talk to panther fans. Panther fans get so uneasy during free agency says she usually the first couple days of free agency the morning went out there. Made a trade before free agency will free session starts back. The main trade before the legal tampering period for Torrey Smith. Went out on the in the middle of the legal tampering period before freeing C officials sort and got Lama Burr shot relent. Is this exciting can we actually get happy to answer fans. At the start of free agency for the first time bone and what we'll see alikes for amber. I think we should be happy about those two moves. That's sort what ever had to pay the same desire that I'm on your side you're icing Marty dirty people all dole. Do not want to admit this made the football team better so for this all season freeway an upgrade over Worley. Torrey Smith. Certainly is an upgrade over whatever was being thrown at the end of last season so you take a trade awful Torrey Smith Embree went over Worley and even death. Now there's still some war to be Don and there's got to be some creativity with. Maybe to safety spot in the you know you hope tempers comes back in the you've got he got nails are trapped expressing Marty Ernie has to on the right days. They weren't there was enough money to go science Sammy Watkins Alan Robinson. Even Paul Richardson or yes we brought up those names but they they were wave writer priced way out of the. It does what you probably what are Robinson gets fourteen million. You could remain yes you could have made a run at Robinson. But she you rule wouldn't have been able to get a corner like we went out and got a wide receiver in the corner for combined thirteen million dollars a year. Like I think that's pretty good use of your money right there. Darryl Worley would've been a cheap option the cheap point Adobe to stay with Darrell Worrell you would have hit it under a million dollars for the next couple of years. But no he. Morning I want to go out there and upgrade corner and I believe he did not record your talk about a guy bone then allowed 48% completions last jets' eighth in the league. Allow a 76 quarterback rating in since eighteenth in the lake. Like last year I'm not saying he's been like to solve all the way because he is or years have been bumpy and inconsistent there's no doubt about it. But you look at that last year man that was a stellar last year when you look at those numbers and the type of player years excites me a picture when you run the ball. I'll come on you know me I'll get upping your face will play press coverage and I'll hurt Hsu at the line teach you lost your timing itself like that like for Sean Braylon also will be apt. Like this is a type of guy don't listen it could go too far there's a lot of talk again. I'm offering Chris Russell works in radio and T say image Josh Norman not the best bodies there are those personalities clashed. But we don't have anybody like dad and his secondary I think we need at placing this back and Torrey Smith thing bone. We did mostly brackets on Monday so maybe I'll get to the fans but instead is out we didn't do a lot of Torrey Smith talks. But what I did I was not exactly garnering a lot of enthusiasts. I believe we got our next head again and I believe Ted gets a big part of what we're missing last year. I don't feel like we need to Purcell finally getting Sammy Watkins is regular I think that is the he's one of the most overpaid overrated football players currently in the day. I just the fact that he gets double what Paul Richardson got its crazy to me. But. The fact is. I think we spent thirteen million dollars really well I think we improved a quarter improved at wide receiver and my hope right now risks. I guess your skeptical of that hope I hope right now is at panther fans ring us up. And we can talk about what the Panthers have done and we can talk about it in that fashion warmer given praise to Mardy and that were actually happy and not. Act did it you know. Angry on the first day of free agency. I quite good dismissing and everyone knows that the one that I didn't like was the good moment. We talk about that the last hour that's the one right go probably could've I'm trying to move off and yet we're move Robert. Debris went. Well like I. I'm glad there's a great job why would people not like exact you'll are you're not it cancer homer were in China can virtue out of your ability I. Tennessee team would yield I will say debt what do you think about only ever once he's on. I really liked the Borchard Braylon movie I was looking up highlights from them earlier earlier and once he got to mention is. In the NFC east there are a lot of good receivers he's covered Kyodo Beckham so he can cover the holier joneses the Dez Bryant's everything like that inside his own division there was many pilots were he was on. Our son Jeffrey last year on the Eagles so you could line him up on the number one receiver on the other team between him and Brad very I think it's kind of a toss who's going to be the number. Well Warner just placed sides may exactly whoever as a number one as a number one they also we're about just for the shows that you don't have a guidance obviously pickle yeah I just felt like Darryl Worley stuck Gallagher is due to pick on. But this guy Braylon like can only say 67. Passes last year in fifteen games and that was with Josh Norman on the other side. The year before he got picked on a lot opposite Josh and he had a rough year. So there has been sober up and ups and downs but he has the talent he's just got to do more consistently. But I'm excited about it and Torrey Smith is the exact type receiver looking for. Take to top off I know we only averaged twelve yards. Attach last year but it's about how this team is going to use him they so desperately want someone to be that next headgear and I think that's the way they're going to use him and he actually last year. Had a what was it about 12% drop rate. That is less of what Ted Ginn had his last two years in Carolina's second sit Carolina so it's not. I keep hearing this year's worst hands in ten again. Look at last Cheryl few clues playoff catches last year and units are. The big play out also brings playoff experienced bone he knows what it takes to win Super Bowl oyster twice. In Baltimore and Philly. So he's going to be a great influence in that locker room as well and I think if he ends up being the number two receiver. I feel good about it. But it brings the experience at the receiver position that's needed and what debris lumbering attitude. In a in a swagger that's been desperately missing from the secondary says Josh Norman. Oh definitely answered a Michael thank you I guess I don't my voice one again I realize I'm just at the Mike turned up and so here's what I wanna hear panther fans do you feel like we do. That if you take those first two moves before freeing see even opens the boarding or he's got to his bad boy off to a pretty good start. Ordeal wanna throw a challenge like donuts are gonna say not so fast back. I don't brown would do is move I got a problem with that moves and we certainly wanna start talking about what the next move is. Somebody just said they think they're free to be about three million dollars because of you know the protest stuff being a deterrent to. Got that would be a great move to give it to a player of that caliber three million that's possible. 70457096. Stands you'll want to jump in. Mac it WF since he got company at their fans look at for excitement from my fellow Czech rather him. Do you like these moves ordeal wanna slow our roll little bit it's the Mac it's act talk and ball 102 point five WS NC. Thousand dollars and. I was doing work. Jail early hour and a catcher buster is painless and our guys. Use of the sentence the hornets gave up 78 points in the paint last night and true story that's a truce are right. PA INC text it to 72881. An attempt to win a thousand dollars. You have until the top of the hour texting and it's a national contest message data rates apply full contest rules available at WS and Z. Dot com. By the way Torrey Smith thirteen catches in their Super Bowl run in the playoffs last year picked up his game. In the playoffs he's a big game player as a guy used to root for the ravens. I remember in 2012 get a bunch of big catches in eleven catches an average 41 yards a catch he's a guy would playoff experience big game experience. He's another man of the year can't remember he is battling Greg Olsen for man of the year couple anyway. In women a year old couple years back I'm sorry I was listening. Yesterday vast and I think my dogs I don't want to you know he was right there in a mix of man years and other real Wally dude in the locker room as well. All right let's do it I'm I'm excited I'm an Allen honest about it I was it was a really eerie you know it does end. Availability get cute if you may be maybe someone out there didn't hear what he said he'd be repeated it at it would help the people out there I didn't hear what you sell the rest of the class guy you're losing if somebody else in the class young team out there besides us is moving on. I got caught here's what we're donating a motive for excited fans are fans alike Braylon I like kiss wag. I liked his tenacity. A mom and Torrey Smith I think is a speed guy that is what we need you know what he's just a cheaper version writes like Paul Richardson was eight million or east. Five million now John Browne would have been close to sell it for about 56 million dollars. I let me go to the phones. NC early returns to you know that's not not a lot of people outside our stamp banter is slab for nineteen hours just had tried to tell you to stand restless. You try to go out each edit and yet debris and I thought that would makes a nice RE I thought that would change it a little bit but apparently. Has had so. Maybe if you asked are people that are miserable even one of the don't tell you why you're not excited that because I'm absolutely on cloud nine ready to go and I know we don't have much more cap money. Would he sign path. You do some that would Ryan collegiate there's still some hope to free up some more cap room and do something. Safety would be nice pretty Ernie hasn't signed jordin Alan Robinson watched the show how could the primary target of the offseason we go to Steve only Steve's excited about what's all Steve was Illinois is great. Blowing military email this. Well I'm excited relate. Peace then I'm Al RG but overall we are are at big part of our. Thirty pence or seven has pretty sure all see what the future oh. Our he spent depend I think we get that back like that but you bring it here later this morning Mac into next Ortiz. There that Jerry Ritter had it your way there's Libya question late doing this I've green I Eric Eric I'm oral. Always say. I say that's that's all I said. Well it was well. You'd you'd suggested that we don't know app Kirk is where they're really because that is. Connection with cabinet at the end that we've done pretty well are here. Is that a character concern now that that Masada is that a character concern. Well I mean it brings up questions. Do we want this kind of trouble seeing. And yep brother Richard and have been there. Well time is just what you guys out there that are character concerns I didn't far worse things. Eric Reid has done their character concerns every locker room to the air agreed to be categorized as a character and. I I created parent and I. You are right then market has riot at the drug users that we're not gonna go after. And I would and I would argue we should go after some of those guys to like I didn't. I just think you can't win in the NFL wants acquire bois like so. They are all about we have a new ownership minute we've been pretty good that we deal about how much. Doormat that we do want eerie way. Well I don't know geragos Jerry I'm sure still has sagged so I'm not sure we can do any what your Colin doormat step in. I is couple things going on here first of all and I know there is plenty of people ensure that listened today show. And I love you guys solicitor show but we just disagree on a guy like him or create. If you get a guy like Eric Green for three million dollars like bush is make a prudent football does such. A tank and to call him a questionable character I would just disagree wit. I as somebody to stay stands up for there you know for their race and has a cause like if you might think it's questionable the way they go to church you know. Showing that belief right if he's kneeled and stuff like that the past. I just don't want that to be a deterrent for signing a football player now with that said in this league will a lot of old white owners. It seems to be a deterrent for a lot of own worst I haven't heard one or agreed rumor yet. But it's I just. I believe we have to be a little more daring in who we go after I'm not seeing you keep Greg party around racing like that spring break party backed. I'm just saying I think we need to be a little less restrictive and take a gamble might backfire. Marte is Brian. Josh Gordon you try for a guy like dumb ass and those guys both their teams have said they don't tend to try to my reaction which comes at a player like that might backfire. But a player like that also might help you win as well I just. You're you're trying to win in the NFL we're not trying to win Little League Baseball here you know this is big money sports. And I knew it wouldn't say character doesn't listen I'd add I think it's I think it's ironic to find out what Jerry Richardson was really doing. But yet he holds his players a certain standard and the way you approach it is sounds like you retrieve your female employees are so. There's a problem when I'm ready to move on to a new owner I really am and I hope we do things a little bit differently personally. The term character are concerned to be means that you're implying that air agreed to back purse. Or that yeah it was a bad person character concerns means at their stuff with the personality are you as a human being that's wrong I don't think Eric Reed. Standing up for what he believes in should be categorized as a character concern now I agree it's not a percent come on your side. There's a lot of character concerns and walker there's a lot of guys too and a lot of bad things out there so far worse. Then anything here so he's. Protests Lucious hits the road a bit it's a peaceful protest. Most parents would be really proud of their sons for doing peaceful protests for a call us it's just the bugaboo especially in this region of the country. You have folks and they just look at and they can't get past the way he's protests and I respect that I respect that. It's why my first reaction would cap they did this protest was that's gonna get lost. The message will never even be discussed. Because of the way he's doing it. I'm let me let me can go only about 70457096. Steps to get my man buddy I'm trying to get some enthusiasm going here we hung up there on an air agreed deal. Buddies up. I would like to be in there is you know but it act can't throw in saying it would better yet. I mean I've I'm still hopeful. You know. Running back up for the Barbie and that armor and any where any better or we're gonna need a better receiver but I mean you're ready to go away a little bit. Political power expert in you know. How we are not can he. Well not better yet. He used to how good you'd think because a loss of nor well you think that outweighs the additions we made is what your sect. Yeah and start. Yeah I'm telling I'm so I don't know what you guys and so on stage by star. Like I feel liquid plug in Vernon Butler we get more rest Kyle Love we signed it but I don't think storm was disrupting penalties making plays and I know a lot of times. This story at all I don't think Jonathan Stewart went about me. I'm not block comprehend at the beginning of the year and everybody and drop and there has not yet out what they have all the music part of blocking he's got. But the guy the guy everybody tells me can't run average point three yards for carry more than Johnson Stewart Christian McCaffery. Everybody so mean he can't run a full abolish his beer receiver and he had a better year round. And he left it open holes later I mean he's going to be our that I thought it would have been dropped instead or. Outweighs. Getting at Torrey Smith then. You don't think if they get a knicks' job they're gonna get their running back in my opinion in the draft it's a great draft a running back she'll think that they had a Knick job. He can be better than a thirty year old Jon Stewart. Like I said I'm I'm holding off. You know it is evident and so you know I uninstall all the. God but I like to thank you came in here. Buddy I like to thank you came an important stuff out hey man I can't say we're better because of this and that there's no doubt lose and Orwell does suck. And that's the reason why it stings is now you're stuck with trying to Leo if he can't stay healthy you're stunned when it's ten million now tapped in for a player they can't stay healthy. Is this guy turn to Meet the Press about him is he turned me around to be angry side I Mac OWS Lindsay dot com is the email address. I think a Lavelle mode to plug and play in south ash I just worry about the Ryan Khalili injuries we come back. Anybody else excited about the additions at Torrey Smith of Borchard Braylon 70 floor. 57096. Stand and what this city get behind their agreed on this football team succinct Washington. Kyra back and as a magnet set 102 point five WF and Zaid looking to see Ken I gets. Did you want opening of free agency today at 4 o'clock. And we did happy panther fans about the start of free agency can at least that never happens. Or are always waiting we're not delays saying we get restless all of us. I'd feel like when you look at the fact they've added Torrey Smith and now you see the other shoe to drop right you we lost a starting corners and okay. Now Marty you've opened up another spot but did you feel that we're better football player in Rashad Braylon. And I think kind of a mini version of Josh Norman. You know act. I like what they've done here man I think this is a good start to free agency. I'm looking for folks that once hoot you know celebrate start Moore he's off to a good start last caller raises some questions about the offensive line. I just got resigned in fact nor well was leaving I didn't want to do that I try to fight for weeks. But eventually I got resigned to the fact that injury nor well was move at all. You know win in any any any didn't move on and thirteen million Harris let's get pretty damn rich. It's on the show say was they'll mode did not Taylor mown on the dolphins a lot. And I'm getting I got to read about all the top induction I say we don't load my. They have at some point this morning said the number matter how you get Lavelle mode Matta Taylor I let the voters I got it Lavelle mode as the coach of north Carolina central. He's got to blame game tonight Taylor mode is our offensive line that. I'm so it shows you what ID catchy their house I was sitting here Saturday. I think what's going on I think what they're planning a DiLeo is moving the basketball coach into the offensive line is a money saving. Nephew is exerted if you listen more smoke and former Syracuse standout on the offense of wanna give it a problem. As you said that guy had some good points but we're not we're just getting started the off season here I'm asking the question do you guys not think we got better at two very important positions. Wide receiver and offensive line the Torrey Smith wanna is really a hard sell for summaries and you guys are completely like to Torrey Smith thing against. Has done nothing for you and I feel like it's probably because partly because guys like us on the radio mental let down Robinson and Sammy Watkins. Which you've got him for eleven million dollars last Sammy Watkins if you talk about who made a better business decision. The Kansas City Chiefs where a Carolina Panthers I would argue morning Ernie in all in a landslide. To get him for a third of the price of Sammy Watkins is anybody I think there's a chance stories Vista which is more balls. Then then watched conspirator got 49 last year made the semi end up with. Feel I think he's frightened person for crying out loud he's a he's a pretty accomplished wide receiver is he. Tier one tier two in the league probably not but as your number two assuming that he's a number two and clutches is actually the one terrible cinema tax rate. In other people on the roster. India also got the weapon of Camden and an older team as I have some of the worst thing in the world are you a pretty good job. What a powerful link to some of the charter UT deal to her does our fields just aren't right now no one is really you sir you did just run of forty gives notable muscle. I feel like people are not seal on the turns out and I I'd Wear what I need to find individuals who the Hearn is is being felt. As a ladies' free all right now. It's her. Five cents a no 960 and do you look at Torrey Smith number Sean a brief summary let me get excited about those moves. Or do you not idols go to Teresa who's up next Teresa you feel. All right I got he who do thank you. Opera. We have paid. There are there I didn't Alabama just days. While we are. They had the game it was immediately. They have it would that we don't they don't meet. And it sounds that I now I don't like this thread what gone now. So what do you Amanda value mad about losing nor well is that. I'm not mad at no nobody out are badly needed it'll find it pop but the Latin. Three is being bad it. I do. God bless the minds me of the years I used to yell for Galvin take a tackle he never took the darn tackle I lose my mind over it but I also this Teresa I do think there's a chance. All the guy in the offense. Oh in the draft at some interior offensive line and I appreciate your call appreciate your fire cement. Like a look at a guy liked. Well Billy price I wonder what round you get him in now because I was thinking to pay at this could take the senator out of Ohio State center guard Billy price. Armed in the first round. And now wonder does he still had. Had to be taken in the first round can you wait around or two on him now answer that injury while doing the bench press and you know guy like rag now. From. Guy like Greg Knauss from Arkansas. Or guy like Willie Hernandez was interior lineman from you except to people love to two Senior Bowl just a big nasty son of a gun so I am wondering. When you look at its. The draft I would think there's a good chance and offensive line mistake early but what I would like to Panthers to do. Is try to fill a couple more needs whether it is restructuring legal. Cutting shephard whatever they need to do restructure some deals. You know just to kind of free up cap relief for example Eagles just they re did lane Johnson's deal. And dom just so they would have to cap room to start make it some more moves it does the same day as well so the restructuring and had to be a bad thing it could be handled give you a little more money up front. Where you stand the contract were to make your cap hit less but can they do that sort of thing because if they could get a starting safety. And I wonder if they were considerable Carl you know for a guy like Morgan Burnett. You know from. Our Green Day award tickets are guys like a disease get better and safety bone yard got a veterans corner and freelance. Then all of a sudden maybe you may continue to pat back. And you can make a draft day a little easier for yourself for you don't feel like I desperately need to fill this one position shouldn't the paper's decision decision come down pretty quickly I know freedom like I don't want. You don't wanna hold this thing hostage would tear your situation I wouldn't think he would wanna do that either is such a good team guy he'll mean it loves you organization. I would say Canada until personhood same thing today that he would expect something soon because of what you're just saying. Ireland to go back to song 7045709610. Tough crowd mounting tough crowd and come back China had make people happy. It's not or can do more to make you happy at all Sean is up next what's up Sean. It's appropriate and we thank you. I would have liked to know who these people ought to have a problem with what mortar and is doubtful all the go to neat. Is move seen very calculated very Smart and patient yeah I mean of course you gonna do more. Well it is if he had went out and spent all morning yesterday on a big create it would all be able work so we see people do. You have other people complain move likely to get air pollutants but I spent will be going out very calculated I think he's doing is particularly good decision. And we really can't comment on how weird is that everything bowler. Until after the draft. Cause you know he's he's gonna do it a lot of spot in in the draft and Wales so I'm I'm probably not but don't break. And I think the key is like what he's done so far. Like Teresa and then the other guy the guy the brought the offensive line like they're not wrong noun to sit there look at that line meal again. I don't feel great about that line I guess what I'm trying to say is let's wait and see. You could add some depth in free agency I would not mind if that was your first pick in the draft as we discuss like. Let's just let's look this whole off season play out but as far as. Both for free C even starts to get a guy that I think's a number two receiver as some of you don't maybe that's surges our disagreement. And yet Braylon drew. It's probably become number one corner. You know with Brad very. It's it's it's a good start Dave gentlemen we would still what they've got to be doing on the star free agency bound high cannabis pants and white. They would still be in a chill mode at this point in time. I'm Marty's it's got to be really creative ways on the move there in the draft. And we'll see how creative peak in May but this is eight. The cap situation where teams like dead the jets and the browns and the teams have. 9000 million dollars not to be decorated they can go side where they really want size and overworked staff that you do that week we can't do that. He just says camp excitable the wide outs bro if you take them on the Panthers receivers on any other team what number receiver would they be. I feel like fun just says it too legit Su. And Tori Spelling disarray so they're probably. In danger of being asked to play a position up. But I feel like we've done that before actually we've won twelve gains of four we won fifteen days a foregone to a Super Bowl that lack I just feel like. Unfortunately that's kind of the way we've operated with receivers with subs that. We have some breaking news on a free agent signing your kind of a guy that we talk a little bit and it is not. Our Carlos Hyde three years fifteen million dollars to the browns guy so I was just thinking maybe like five million dollars a year is that what you expected for him or is that like maybe a little less as little more than a Saudi born again. There's a veteran running back mark it's not real good housing you might go get them for under four. Do we know the numbers are well for the jets haven't seen Elin and our present our neighborhood so I like tied as a possible freeagent bone but a five million a year. Out of dumb Mardy did let's just go get a guy in the draft it's a really good running back draft but you've got to hit it might be a second round or Marty you've got to bow out. Maybe it might be a second round need hip check in now realistically going to be high draft. I'm Max Ed WFAZ dot com is the email address. We come back we got to bring in. Show handicap released early Paramount sports he's gonna help you win some money. On the east tournament games in before and can't afford too long we backed into the Panthers 8 o'clock hour let's start looking forward what should be the next. Marty move it's the Mac it's. Put the right to decide yesterday and easy to ever do working in my bracket all week and then I put so much time in that dilutes. Right and some woman around the opposite take based on colors beat me beat my butt. But no this some I put this bracket side yesterday there was so much happier with free agency that wants a Panthers country Linda got so psyched up good data to dig up everything occurred on relief so my brackets empty right now so I think all of us you know could use. Oh boy skeletal so it just so voice release sterling. Resonate with us and it may be makes some sense to us is we're trying to put our brackets together or for life you guys that are best single games during the tournament so much of that is going on sue. Our next guest can help you with those what might be a nice little. Upset pick early on and determine a first round bargains. And you know take seal the final fours well Stewart all at least early Paramount sports are handicapped are all football season along. Joins us every march on Wednesday before they tipped it off fatally what's going on how you doing. I don't agree. But the chief chipped in the last 24 hours a particular. Looted Dirk there's an ops six million the counter errors so it. Democratic victory dictated prior tourniquet want to injury. Now was singing about debt so like I don't know what you're seeing it with Virginia but I hit a point in where I'm like OK I'll probably do Arizona Virginia in the sweet sixteen. And I didn't know what to do there or something like DR Dre Hummer I wonder if that makes a decision for because a kid is special he really years. He's he's one of those kids you know he can he can which halted on all divisions. But not many of those guys in and college basketball so. Pick her more tentative. And it won't be alternative Vento. Yeah it fit to drink table I've only appropriate that deterred in my bracket. Tumbled due to a prom so. I might keep perjury and one of them right there are contagious for sure they can do it on the prevailed ahead or tunnel the only. Do you okay what do you think about scores I know you always do you like to I those upsets and pass them along to us you know before the tournament. What do you eat it when you look at the south a region is Davidson you know we are local interest in Davidson nears Davidson over Kentucky consideration for your you signed another upset you like more. I wonder why I think particularly the first round I think David can try to play the approach give our team to play their best game. Or order a couple games to write opinion that the proper department I'd discount a little bit up to get back up. And the plate that level might perk somewhat like Michigan not up for Trout look at Georgia State he won. Do you want very irritating that you know Michael way down to the end picnic at a real high. School weren't you know tour to state rotator applied to cut import stamina it's certain that people aren't. Typically ideology 68% reproach and that that could cost and so. That country or speech. We want war are out polio check cargo. We can't mine I think it belongs to dial play to beat Miami to Miami will probably lose to Tennessee. The next game by. Don't go you don't they bought. Bill lucrative he's Talking Heads on TV should really their long. Are you wanna want torture around maybe there might upset its stake I'll play. I think we'll take care great great not real big and duck. You have to rely on now our church shooting in compound that problem there interpret. Why is source of cells of truth you're trying to take if you look at their bracken say OK I don't wanna put Virginia in their wanna try to go a little different. Sounds like Arizona using the same as me Arizona's or anybody else you would you would of course. Eight trickier to look at Tennessee and Kentucky. Can canary committee until they do it took the picture this if they're you know they're bigger begin to study history not to be able. To do with the Turkey soaked by the ninth in kind of paratroops. Up from a coach McCormick so. I'm a little electric stoke Virginia to Arizona. Watching some people ordered down. Tennessee Kentucky Nevada. Don't don't back that they lost all of their key players Monty troop one delegate torn Achilles got what they never been tricked. We're song release are in Paramount's sports are much. He is I didn't give you winners so determined so so you do that here before the end of this call or go on through the bracket Winamp. Down here to the west man I think North Carolina gets it got into a good spot. Xavier really feels like to weakness you know of of those one seeds by far. What do you think about Xavier I gotta be honest I heard I was listening to a podcast and they were breaking down the brackets. They went through Westwood now mention Xavier I've never heard that before where he goes or regional brands in the one seed maybe it's fitting because I look at it seems like Inzaghi Carolina and Michigan like I kind of I'm not even considering Xavier how do you feel about that. I actually the same way opting not wanna prototypes they they're you know a month ago they didn't they're probably hadn't and number two chief choke. I'm disputed the cheek quote a 50% from the field and a lot of balance. I think they're going to be a tough out EB. Even used to compute and and really good ball right now so. Top. The problem he would North Carolina and it just so approach upbeat out like there are we there supporter too late nick individual very. It'll come up with the heat play. Luke day you know don't discount and Peter. And it real tough. On the board so our. Get in a different look up this is my upper bracket the ticket out. Some common go shark you're electing target come a couple of. And I got dom I. I've actually considered that there's no doubt over I released early will also spoke so I gotta get don't hear two victory. We particular knock bigger. Orders speak I got deputy people inside their program. Eighty when they what per account per starting bid to complete guide that Granger Eric Schmidt and a reporter pop tart and had a toe injury. And they were like about technical I'd be 80%. Went through demotion. Look at them to knock off Missouri pretty equally in the first game ticket to a couple on dictator dictator could be gone after to get. All right on the on the right side it is brackets east noble seals to me like they got the easiest passages or anybody in their way is it that you want us. Speak up forged it feels like a pretty good path to make. Particularly keep it probably Texas Tech and Purdue. I'm looking they can go to check around Arkansas Arkansas. Well like an up tempo game how real quick hardcourt and then. Recruit hard court it is just not been just blow forehead and then that problem in the tournament choked. Texas Tech is it team. It's 4 o'clock doesn't talk Kamal I think they'll do in number show up I like Villanova a lot but Q embarking have to play almost welfare. Prevent to win it used to will Graham and he's done it through the court should receive them by. I'm gonna pick a shocker here heart protection direct connect to the product or. Wow wow that is a bit at that takes some guts activity on that one. Our midwest we had duke and there's a two would Michigan say isn't three cans is a little one like. And that's a tough one to three and A brackets what are your feelings what are your feelings about this size thanks. No coming back I don't really have a bracket except one out of Syria. I don't like keep it feature for our lineup like it district can be do you condition in state. A month earlier this cheap state to number award I don't think the duke played up to the potential. To do the most talented team in the country. Other starting lineup but that big etiquette better. Point guard play. I'm shocked some people pick Michigan State here. Three teams do not the longest current event North Carolina State played no defense. Sometimes guys called by them uncontested layups bill in the wave Adam. Oklahoma had to put it could be a while eleven of our laps fifteen games and also Arizona State. Are you want first round. Play all the points spread Pennsylvania get Kantor predicted would it be well paid double digit pulpit. The answer for sixty because they are usually I usually better to sixteen house kind of surprised to see them in there on any upsets to sort lets you go like any. Notable upsets you like it either eastern midwest they're on the right side. I'll be easy I I would pray on the deadly heat our particular addicted produced gonna go down partly. In particular third game. And couple games so like the port traffic gets to spread either prolong teams favored or Qatar all bowl Butler. Also like our. First round game will likely to win big game but I think broke cover packaged bread because. That particular real hard core Alex Steve couple Austrian. Up to keep this game close. It's eleven support such a lot of points thirteen Tibetans score a lot Cheryl. Which there's even apple often there are a tough first round out. I we gotta run but tell us how everybody get to Paramount sports dot com has or ligature picks sort of madness. Oil hit one losing march mad at the last ten years you want to get involved go to promote sport but cup but that. Usually 247. Belt should be it tire part of it. True Monday April 2 if you could poker table under just a 147. Dollars shall I executive told server. Just go term multiple truck come upon coats see what number. Coulter go off at eight under 400. Not interpret for don't want to protect. Our great stuff league good luck we'll talk to down the road man thanks as always stick. But I do they go release sterling I had a lovely outlook overlooked a shot to wolfpack a lovely man overlooked that want when we come back we talk tubes if you want but we gotta get back into the Panthers what should Marty's next move be.