Mac Attack: Kevin Donnalley Recaps The Huge Panthers Win

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Tuesday, December 12th

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We're back it is a Mac could sag wants 2.5 WS and Jose by the way. This scenario the dream scenario for the dancers you win out you have the so Balkans beat the saints. You have the rams lose to the Seahawks this week in Seattle and you know Minnesota lose to green today. In a week and ask you get to TC baby to see that's the dream scenario. See it play out this Atlanta on the blitz on these things are sonics to think about. Arm all right let's go to the we by the way month's us commiserate. A lot of bitterness and anger on Minnesota Sports Radio while we'll play you the highlights that's coming up to about seven money. But right now let's bring in a friend of the show never there's never any bitterness or misery here. Charles de well maybe Charles Davis is that are invisible is gonna come all of us were always happy to have more on the show Charles Davis. NFL on fox say Charles what's going on how you doing. I'm doing great are you we're doing no more pumped up man the Panthers. It just felt man this is why we love it right you know the Panthers. Made a lot of mistakes and losses saints and we were bombed the and and they came back and they get a big win it against Minnesota Minnesota was the team make mistakes. Where you put the Panthers in the ascendancy mix it to crowded NFC mix where do you put the Panthers among contenders. Our problem right in there with the contenders that be when you look at what we're talking about this seated there right there in the Buick. Big in a lot of weight control their own own they obviously helped that to come war. Feeding. But in terms of getting into the playoffs you know they can take care bit of themselves they they they get a beat. You know obviously not real thrilled that they dropped to did they built that tiebreaker got a window out. But everything else it's right there and it'd depend on a given day and who you're playing Iowa that are. It's a day out of the running game seems to be in pretty good effect without. Stewart running in camp able to run it effectively more much more so like. We get used this big and not the new model that they wanted to do. About when camp broke the bulk by that not be beat by grow. He needs to be a big chopper or yet and that is starting app that they'll. When you when you put it all together with that he. They're right in airing it out at any given Sunday. There's good and which are going to be for the most part Indiana State and other it to her. People notably buildup is all COPEL Minnesota saw what happened at bats with Carolina to care that. Yep they're rated their when he talked about contenders. How do you handicap this NFC south race is saying it is a big bugaboo was what you just mentioned the saints beat the Panthers twice. They're tied now. But they finish that way obviously the saints win the division falcons are game back to those two how do you handicap this that breaks the rest of the way between these three teams. Well there that we are part of the season started they were clearly the fort keepsakes or you talked you know they want to needn't immediate gonna like OK try to figure out the other great. And the thing. I mean out of the conversation everywhere are still to people who might tell you different I'd be really direct banks that itself. Well you know looking at it now. Is distinct division to control course member they get Atlanta hole they get out of restraint that. Yes they get wet now the next spot and that's opportunity. And right now become schedule my crew is yet to do. So. That is there cart they're great but they get Drew Brees the quarterback. They look back to their game at Atlanta on Thursday night. The big thing that was much more the injury. May be more but more important to them in actual losing of the game. Because they've and it walked quip making him wonder at all. You know dead is there anything out that we is there a way out fortunate to win it. But that they won't stop any injury became mad at alma compare being beat the primary on. Well they have those guys helped in a billboard down the stretch in itself. And to meet its saint double all the trump card in their pocket. Can make it X you know. We're taught when Charles Davis and a fellow fox talking about the NFC race. Talking about the army NFC south race which is great I mean this and a cease fun man eight when I think it's ultimately it's more than enough I think it is. Ten winning teams of not mistaken in the NFC right now which is just amazing. Com what do you think about them like I'll ask you this about the Panthers. What do you think is that is the weakness whereas an analyst you look at it and say that might be what cost them in in a very competitive NFC. Welcome me. In its end is not anything to it can't you get them in a position. Were throwing a ball out front of the because they dictate like crazy they're running neck GAAP that it can't about the back to power run Stewart running it. And then there are able to dictate when they broke both law. A bit of for a number of years now on standby Mike Shula had much rub off there. Is anyone in the NFL and I think very few teams approach how much rub off that can't. All the different thing I'll way to becoming yeah. But accurate a position where you can jump out to lead. That it got to protect gathered the ball a lot more that's not as much their style and need that were where where you're trying to get the job because. You're plant apparently he's been game and the campers can rub off they brought Koppel with the heat that the campers out. And you get checked about a lot about that but one thing that I would you're gonna and out can't be very tight. On the book ball very effective way I'd make him play our. You know great goal to be an odd that help you again you're you're you're now you're right equipment positioned where all questions that be at. But it they're able to run out Mac yeah. You're you're in Europe for your perspective Bennett did you get more. No you're right and that's why any proof of that is no they're nine you know when they leave the past you know army when they're in their comfort zone when they don't have to abandon the running game and and try to come back they're in good shape you mentioned the wind's injury we were talking about this earlier. I had a rather opinion dated a guys sincerely constantly San call up and disagree with me I'd really shocked by that Charles Stuckey early and it was amazing runner but I Tennessee you'll like it. Losing your quarterback yet they've been able to handle lose their middle linebacker losing Peters left tackle. But when you lose a guy is playing MVP type caliber football at the most important position sports. Like I just think you can't runs through the NFC gauntlet get to the Super Bowl would you disagree with me. No I don't disagree but I didn't think he did it out call at first but that's speed it's really really I. And yet they have a better record. It up and give them credit for that. But that doesn't mean. Even with cart in wed she did go OK so that it runs through that a candidate they get these are by all of blemishes. Immediate playoff spot all one bad day you can not Q out pepper at all bout that. You know you can away yep that's record Dolan and it play out what happened here well so it can happen and you also incumbent like the giants. From its new Super Bowl Jared Dejuan would Eli Manning your crew I'd definitely right. And they hit it in the playoff and outright in value of that now here we got it well yeah. Eagles with a glance. Yes they deserve to be the cops heeded it look like they were headed to they deserve everything they're getting in Napoli. But having thankful that not not yet out of that being discussion. You change a little bit about which you'll walk off that all the all book out there at our potential big party or back yet now. Well are you kidding me if you red peppers this go you don't you don't think EPA had a heated up. It up its trip for crop well we could go to a number plate but they can say yeah I probably people. So there are you know they're not playing with you quarterback who's this week probable for Depp reportedly gotten into that adults are into the pro ball. Note that when game. So I don't count you'd go out just because that law went. I think Huckabee but the help they adjust and adapt. Pick it up a job right now well I did major stroke of genius doesn't it yeah are you talking about 23 running back. That they did you play between blogs and the Corey climate yet to create what you get a place. Outshot jeopardy the contract is way bigger than attic out. That the signal from the Eagles are shot jeopardy we like which you know it and not care who you are at the human being when you get caught it about patience which tend to do. You can do more about the I think he's going to be a real Wear down the stretch dug around in the form yet he got beat up there at all. With it like that out the vote of all. Of course they've but it doesn't mean debate all that that they'll all be. And I great stuff Charles bomb where you got on Twitter every tiger short three wood to darn Twitter. Address is losing handle a Twitter. Yet that the F he wanna do it you know be a Twitter we have sporadic relationships. Or or were brought it Roddick yeah offbeat yet I try to do a good job with it but there's I checked out mobile wap and a cup back to. I don't blame because I'm on there like every minute of every day and I don't think it's healthy for me Charles I think your living healthier social media lifestyle. Well you can hear hoping anyway recently I don't know everything people back. Thought that it well. That's because always I didn't tell people were saying debate specially our brother be good keep up to go work go Sox then we always appreciate your time. I appreciate you taking yourself happy topic he you're out there are good at B article which begin the not a button that they care. You sued Charles we appreciate appreciate so much our rights are and solve so much time Charles there and ask you don't have a locked in and like I got a lot. Aguirre the song's talk. I was forest user right there I spent so much time which Charles Davis because he's the voice of Matt. So I status sure spent many hours are spending very child it's I was CD very true Mac and WS Lindsay nine Thomas. It's the Minnesota montage of misery you know they're still ten and three so I don't think they are completely angry. But man this guy this talk ghost Paul Allen it's also voice of the vikings is bought her dissolved it out over Cam Newton in general it's. Mac do you judge my question is this. Why why your fears the like Stewart disc in your hand the ball can you extended as briefly as possible and that's a touchdown so so they're basically saying. Possession. But if I catch a ball I have to have possession beyond for. Know beyond that there's just no question that's what I don't get. It was not good. Okay are on the run whatever I mean watch your back. Major holding Michael Lamar format run never takes place today though could have done a better job loses angle but honestly it's good it should not. It's a battle level and good campfire 37. It's nearly into the game where they almost lost any short hops Jonathan Stewart or they're passing where I was shocked they were passing. That was not great jam only thirteen pass completions the entire day so I'm not yeah I'm not gonna jump here on GeMS jock and be like 2015 MVP Paul might. Good cam got us screw that good camp didn't need anybody. 27 you. Ashley Walters. MacKey and judge. Here's the deal feelings pitches the more he goes to the ground. Give it elbow caused. The ball good job holes you're currently doesn't hit the ground he should be scared she's the rules sergeant should be different. He gets loose because Anthony Barr is held by Matt oil and dismissed for five yards. And as the kids would say regarding Twitter don't. Exciting and are you would feel about penalties and yes I do know. Lights I understand that and nine new specifically yours truly so infrequently bitches about penalties no matter which way they go. Oh there's a lot of stuff missed during gags fly this was a massive play in a game that wasn't winnable for the team. Massive massive life and call will hold on March Jersey for five yards. ESPN radio in. Minnesota case fan in Minnesota asked. Men they've got there everyone is let's show go MacKey and just yet the MacKey a judge show. Really they're really not. Not not my favorite MacKey and I god they got a dummy day makeover they do Minnesota's welcome bad guy has not figured out why you could just great to play with Iran except the jets as the dumbest thing I think you ever heard these. You've got to complete attention the end zone once you break the plane and you Laura runner the play is free and over I don't act I don't understand what's so hard to figure out there other. Eyes Paul Allen and their got complain about chemist Paul Allen the voice of the vikings that's liked each free sat during games that's why when's found some old. Clips of him was and is marbles to try to our existing work our montage of misery is so much of it is the other city complaining about teens they are so bothered by Cam Newton wanted to discredit him. Or they just get mad about hats and other stuff celebrations. Like when the other cities lose to CM Newton it bothers them so deeply and I just love it. I love the fact we have this guy bone but the rest of the league can't stand it all those fans and media members have a problem went. I just think it's free category and it makes winning even better because you know they lose to Tampa and he comes that would says on. You know it's just tell and that's saying basin media the other cities but that's great now one who thinks they did here in this about a weight kudos hornets. They lift that up since three last night that third quarter at seven Teresa forty points at that was an explosion. I didn't see come about love it we'll talk about that as the show goes on we have Matt Carroll coming on in the 9 o'clock hour as usual Tuesday spot. But one thing they can't do and don't give her a little bit of a dare the montage of misery from Paul Allen. One thing I got from fans and media in Minnesota when I was listening to their radio shows is that they are bad headaches they are but that's one they're bothered by the referees. On the couple Obama renewed that they'd be complaining about the ceiling catch no catch which I didn't. I thought he clearly was gobbling it. Would have been ruled a catch back in the old days before replied yeah you couldn't see but now the fact we have replay we have HD you can see it die clearly I think you have to call it no catch. They also were bothered which I was surprised by a little more by the case team and fumble. Lot of the guys in Minnesota bones thought it was an incomplete pass. I thought it was clearly. One political deal to payroll right we edited this just literally did you don't need to delve into it added immediately apologize and at the Joseph bit about our stores open and bucks if you get the ball comes out of hand at solar holy get even if your hand and ends up pushing the ball. It's a formal lesson I thought happened on that play. I thought boasts I thought both calls were cracked up buddy did Bobble now you can argue. They're the rule itself play based all the rules on on the fuel plight he bubbled. There was about a touchdown and that was easy right away that the empty and rule was gonna come at a plant fossil skulls were Addison knocked loose he'd been pushed it would his hand great play by Mario great play by Adams to have the wherewithal to go get it. Now here's the one that they complained about where they have a point. The Mac to Leo hold when I did he show yesterday I had no idea of mentally ill held I had no idea was a controversy anywhere. On the difference in the TM 262 yard run. I went and watched it last night after I realized how but hurt the whole city of Minneapolis was about desk. And I realized. 75 got away respond now I'm excited to be humorous some bias on the band they're saying that. If that happened to me you hear butter radio probably too he got a good piece of bars Jersey and I wanna say it's bar was not held. It probably would have abandoned. Fifteen yard gain some may be able bar mighty god am instead of sixty yard run. So I did it on that one. But I'm not going to. Terror alert I get attorney thing over to the NFL we're gonna take that goes next tee box kind of like Minnesota bone drops five balls on Sunday. The only jobs five passes the whole season before Sunday they're Rudolph and have 10 and the whole season and he John does seem rather good and sort of like I'm just going to say thank you. Football gods just gonna thank if football does looks like Mac Lucy I don't believe America we'll he's too good to hold out how. I don't believe for a sack he wanted to get to face mask putting theories out there are now there is brand New Jersey instead I'm getting to Leo you did held a job man both Khalilzad held a job deal today Max and WAS NZ dot com I don't wanna end up on the colonials medalists like Jeff Schwartz guns offensive. I don't wanna do that com we'll talk about that later as well Mac OW doesn't he ducked down when we come back. Those victories formula works so well last week known it works so well against the vikings. I've got another formula that we need to put together or how do the Panthers do. We'll talk about do something we'll talk about it when we come back. Got anybody also to share an office space would sue happy Yankee fans today stood at this time you ask someone come down they're ticked me in their hands I would rather have Santa Clara you don't have to listen to too heavy negative about Bob Malik you are about to strike out so they don't we're about to strike us a little bit out of nobody bats and the gathering the lineups use our. This lists and you don't understand what we Ventura. Last a lawyer. And he can't relate to your sound and editorials here and I gel good I've possibly relate to that. I does get a new let's get a bit of Panthers here more of a common bond. I rights of last week's. Last week we did it. These victory formula for the vikings he I feel like we nailed it I feel it everything we said was crucial ended up playing a roll up our act. Packers victory formula that are doing all packers' victory for I don't know there's I want to do Buccaneers there's that I wanted to Panthers beat the vikings they of two wins against teams with ten wins or more. If there's tests are 53 against winning teams. We just need to vikings were the number one seed. Number one seed now Philadelphia has lost their MVP quarterback. Here's my question. I want to dream big on the show today but agreement Mac what is the formula for this team to get back to a super car. Honest question T bone. What is the formula for us to get through this NFC's Tennessee race is going to be crazy we're still my guaranteed a playoff spot but out of whack my first thing on the formula would be make the playoffs. Like you've got to get in winning your division and getting a more favorable draw home games held to receive would be beautiful. We're just getting some place else first of all because that in this conference with ten teams with a winning records is not a guarantee safe. But what I won't pay at the fans out there to to dream big with me what do you look at which is squad it. And say if we do this we got a shot to represented the NFC because some sealant frisky bone about our chances in the NFC today I really am. I would say part of the formal has to be playing sold LC on the white. In the playoffs well that's a divisional round game or. The top percentage I feel comfortable employee told Althea I do not feel as comfortable and traveling to Minnesota or oral it's. I did those are tough spots and that and those environments especially Minnesota. They're going to be going nuts up there that's a tough team in that zone yes I do not want the dentist played at Minnesota that really don't want it they're just playing nor once is there a way to avoid playing. In no stadium's tunnel to date I don't think they're gonna win in the states. In the oil. Best way to do it does have that perfect scenario I gave at the top of the hour and where you get to TC come to fruition. You win out in Atlanta beats New Orleans rams lose a game probably Seattle. And then Minnesota lose a game I Green Bay is really looks like they're only lose a bowl games and then you begin to see. Armed if we had to play the whole way through this guy John says. Get to two seed and home field advantage for the first couple of for the first rounds of older you'll play in. Arms but can we go the other route like what if we got one of window when a wildcard Bohn played the ramps in the opening round. Selig gets a game we could win tossed a doable very what if you end up against the Eagles in that next game. You're silly no Carson whence. I Selig back. That is they do route to could teach you win the NFC title game obviously. Byes and home field are better and if we can find a way to win this division which we winning out. And having the falcons beat the saints looks like the way he would do that it would be beneficial to Lusk but I do think Dallas Philly being weekends. Was Carson and Lance and all the sudden that game becomes more winnable it's not as scary going into silly I grew. Q I think I think they'll formula in the route is to what can we do to avoid playing in Minnesota. And that no because it's so let's say the copper cities of setting where they're one game away from playing in the Super Bowl in their own building. As could be a motivating factor among all the things out just today of what don't data nor was again. I was the third time this year you can say candidacies beat him three times in the year that can be done. That could be a reason to want to play that seed going up to Minnesota though I want that war is Milan. I'm more scared of New Orleans and Minnesota. Case teams played really well I'm scared about what taste even an NFC title game against our I team in the Panthers who have a big number of players from their core of an already of one NFC title game. The Drew Brees and that running game saying is what scares maim and I was running backs scare me it sounds like tomorrow is going to be healthy this week. As far as other things the Panthers need to do about Greg Olsen getting back to its not his complete all sell T bone. I close facsimile of his complete sell slow mortal world I just feel like he needs to be. You know I feel he needs to be close to being Greg Olsen. I'm we've got to get more out of the I don't think we have enough firepower in the receiving corps with out him we were able to win the game the other day Byrd stepped up running game stepped up. I think we're gonna need plays from Greg Olsen. Greg Olsen type place I try to watch a game back look at it Greg facility was open a little bit. In order to play a clip of what Ron Rivera said about it's kind of interesting run seems to Greg was open to. So Canon also need to get to chemistry back I never thought bone that would be a chemistry problem but they've got to get back going on the same page so that's something I would suggest. I TV rights oil healthy down the stretch I don't quite the you saw the difference he made when he played Casey. Any play week after week at that level we will mean we are we assume that he can't or that neck injury you just worry. We too we can do is going to be all right it's a legit it's legit thing it does it. I'm Ron said yesterday. That these whole offense just gains confidence when trying to realism there and I feel like the whole offensive line Iran and pass game played a really good game and you feel like you can't vehicle where incidents. That their leader Brian Cooley was back it's just can't be. Any coincidence as they IR Tyler Larson the mine Sager saying that no nosy he's still on the he's not IRL he still gets an active the other day you just an active DOJ but I'll be a major problems are today it's a bad one either John says there is no chance of the Panthers to go to the super ball. That now says is garbage if they can't run the ball. But lately they've been running the football a hundred no I'd last five games it's a 194 yards a game. It's the best running game of football over the last five weeks that's rating the running game of football over the last six weeks let's extended periods are loaded in the rust best running team Italy I don't disagree with you. And if we end up losing bone you're gonna look and say we couldn't run the ball Charles Davis said we couldn't run the ball we got behind. And little Shula was like I got what I like to discuss every down like that's what happens bone when we lose that and us turn the football over. But we cannot I don't sounds cliche the week chant kill ourselves the other team has to be the one make the mistakes Ross when we're not I don't think we're good enough to overcome a bunch of. Stakes you probably have the stats he got 45 pages a stats over their what's the number we can look it up two year. The number of turnovers in the wins compared to the north turnovers in the losses and it feels like. The form was pretty simple they don't turn it over this year the whistle audience. They don't make mental Ayers the winds football here's let's turn it over there make a mental mistakes or lose the deficit is really pretty simple to figure out. The cheetah is Girardi and every game they kill themselves a listen a lot of teams comprised say this in all the days we've lost we've heard ourselves. I think other teams have more fire power bow my deal to overcome mistakes better than panting as we just need to play more exact we need afford it really don't like formula got to use that word again like we need to have victory formula stay in front we're not nowhere believe. Turnover battle worth five and no we wouldn't turn over bat I just think maybe because we're does explosive. We can't overcome that stuff. This dude just say the same stuff Casey was trying to tell me yesterday on text message does that race from a phone 20 lord the wall. Others guy says three long runs does that mean it's fixed. Casey to cowboys fans next to me yesterday and said Mack-Cali I don't think you're running game is back yet you had two big runs what did you do other than that. Have you guys do you have too much waxing your ears. Over the last six games the Panthers average 282 yards a game this is not to play sent over the last five games of Panthers averaged a 194 yards a game. They've run for 200 yards or more three of the last five games I'm not saying in the running game is going to work every play off games we get in there I'm not saying that. But what I'm saying is it is turned itself into one of the best running games and football I don't see why. I say it's perfect I'm not say we're on runs through everybody in the playoffs bone. But I don't understand why it's not okay to say the running game is now working tremendously AC wanted to give us your cowboys' playoff formula decided balls. Expanding it out to twenties. I'd go to manage your bound he already was angry at me now he's gonna get mad it's you. Mac Ed WA AF Lindsay dot com is the email address. Joseph says Mac good trial the big word but something can't be a close facsimile if it's a facsimile it's the exact same allows thinking I don't know you met felt all right you know and that's. I'm born probably knew that can like wanted to tell me it was like and Max on a roll of the Delaware before facsimile I don't accept what a dust axis. You know when you stacks up to somebody. Short for facsimile. All right so connect but it's like a duplicate. And I said it closed duplicate which you can't happen but seriously grammar police don't blame and a leg grammar police if you could make 700 arrests on the shelf for God's sakes Bremer your your alerts are all right that's the other and we come. I wanna hear compared to nation on this one you guys are up next. What are you seal super balls formula. What what what does it take for the Panthers if they do lives. We can get ourselves in a big game do we need buys do we need don't steal we need to division what do we have to do on the field I say Greg Olson's got to be just be better. 70457096. And how do we make a run for the second time in three years where. It was great getting home. Well he was soon I think a big part of it was. Just cornerback freaks. Are really don't think that was apartment. Community really Rosemary no we rolled his ankle one point oh but father he was back out there he's getting opened just so I think it's about your quarterback finding him and they're. Here's part of his initial resource for Russian. A bit about him. Gregory W Ulsan come on May be Greg's got a getting gone Chan's got to look for him until you this there was a crucial play. It was a possession did he go to talking about yesterday where we got the ball back also Z interception right to Brad very interception we went three and out. We scroll wheel route to Fuzzy Whitaker. Greg Olsen was standing there right front cam open on third down conversion that I agree also what Tebow on suggesting Greg Olsen didn't appear to be moving as well as he normally was. But some of those chain movers on third down. I think team confined limiting your what Bronson Iran's said he thought Greg was open at times. And it just quarterback reads took him other places I'd love to see those two guys connect that's one of my suggestions. Sorry formula. To get through. Two to make a run since Super Bowl I believe we can do what I am recharged by the Minnesota wind. I think the wind's injury I'm not senior dance that dance and dance about the injury. But I do think when you look at that gives you a little bit of hope now we're silly look pretty damn dominant at home before that. What are your thoughts stay at their fans what do we need to do. To make a run at the Super Bowl or not playing my game Joseph says I'm not playing your reindeer games back. I'm not even sure we can get into the playoffs what are you doing. I don't know on feels frisky deadly week original formula for how to get in the playoffs. I don't I don't why else they can get to the playoffs W colossal failure. I mean to pass his right there to get to the plan as a matter of two to meet. What can they do once they get their but I think they're gonna get to how they got sequestered if they don't get there there is a doomsday scenario Russell's tackle Charles tweeted about yesterday. Where if the Panthers win Whitney to win two games and then lose sort of falcons. And the Panthers could and then the Seahawks could win out. And then the saints bony could. BT LC here and then saints lose out. We could end up on its own on the outside looking into why else like it is there's a doomsday scenario out there the saints lose out and it's that knows each witness explicit books the wind and arms saints win now and we end up in a tiebreaker Seattle and the falcons we lose the tiebreaker it's what Seattle's schedule they have the rams this week what are the other Seattle games. Tom my head of the day of the cardinals again on our member Seattle has Dallas in the mixed rams this week and and the cardinals sacks after that I at least it will make the playoffs I think we're on your freaking out about they have good conferences this year and his socks. And then beat we're freaking out that we screwed up but didn't make it didn't do enough to make the play guy is right does sort nor does not make sense and don't make the play now. So that's good to suitable to be dumbed down was made to what else to say things guys chill a dream with because Barack comes along on this sleigh ride with MacKey and dream everybody what do we have to do to make it Super Bowl running dip ice states possible man last week I didn't think it was possible honestly. 70457096. Stand Jersey frank is an house what's a Jersey. You don't number wanna party here in the crime and they came in Minnesota get over those lovable for word about to eat tack penalties the lack of really. Does China Japan now. Do you what we have to do is what I felt like I think curled everything they'll they'll work we need to play we need to stay darling what does that mean we need to play aunt there. Well all we need to tackle better we need to stop missing tackle and back that they don't want point where we're even loop peak we met to tackle. You know well like. That's just stop and purple ball we depth we have a wonderful ball we weep that we have to be we have to eliminate the public etiquette about the game to develop. We don't have that fire power to come back. What it will do we do know what what does that mean that we get that they are lane in late good ol' ball. Mistake free ball ball well a couple pop out people wrote we can't control what other people are gonna do that we have to control what we do. Nope these you know drop pat is no turnovers no you're that bully. And I don't say this frank. Butler. And I'd I'd still like it's Christmas season let's dream like our children are dreaming about what Santa might bring them right why can't we dream. In this NFC this field's wide open but feels competitive. What do we have to do to get there now here's the thing I would say to piggyback off frank frank piggybacked off mammal piggyback off him now. In 2015. T bone there was more room for error itself lies and and we can make a lot of mistakes and play also super ball. But it felt like there's more room for error like as bad as we played the super ball we were still in that football game. This year it doesn't feel feels like there's an exact kind of find finite way we have to play to win these games so that's negatives but it doesn't mean it's not possible that we don't. Impose our will play that way against everybody Minnesota's a damn good team team in the trenches we beat him up on both sides of the ball in the trenches that's supposed to be cancer football. I'm not gonna take you back because I think two grown man piggyback each other is probably DOS lobbyists are bandied to piggyback. Out of bad the only Saturday. A piggyback demonize Saddam there's a very odd I don't wanna be part of our buildings at Texas says it was a great call from Lamar bowl oh yeah when he's a stay in your lane a Stucco in her box above should you be backing for Lithuania you and your jeering your kiddies is one of his kids they Mussolini and my mistake and I thought it was a way to Yahoo! and I understand that you know credited his family I was even gone on its own jurors saw us. All I know how the cancers make a Super Bowl run how to weed gets. To Minnesota not to Minnesota flight you know seats out of they had we get therefore the Super Bowl 70457096. Cents here's Amanda believed. When I was weak bounty tried to pick me up. Darius he also trying to get us to come out the base for road to a drop also money in the bat what's up Darius. Yeah yeah Mac don't you don't know Bartlett if there and maybe I believe you know I believe you now Darius her. What sorting out our army nuclear quote in my heart and Aleks Maric. What are they scared I didn't actually made the bad they were too scared to go to bass hook road to make the best. Houses scared I scheduled and allowed me to come out. I look at about Iraq compact outbreak of debt well to put it back it got put out of out on out while we go back there. Like her to. Come out. Darius you've got some good looks like going on base or drug and colleagues Friday debut becoming one of the motivational. Forces on transportation you gotta call it Friday our act. You're on main street do dares call he could flat pass a Mac you scared of Minnesota's is garbage even tried to make a bet with us which didn't go over well no one wants to take the bad. From the so why would we wanna bet against the Panthers. Like we all even Osborne I think once the pants are still win even Oden salads sometimes. Like why would we want to read that's the thing while wanna make of that so wasn't everybody was scared me he's more road it's a tough dudes up and he gets something here Matt about her good base for road. The other senate I'm. There Max and WFANC. Our lives our area on media debates if they would have shared each Obama of their previous. How does he says what's in the Panthers have to do to get a home game and play Elsa stuck completely out the pictures the dream scenario to get a credit my man and maybe this is part of your Super Bowl run formula. Is ABC like hey we've got to get. A home game here's the deal you can get a home game without biting at the thrill for seeding you just win the division. You have to win out you have said Atlanta beat the saints that we should division championship and it would you choose at least one home game which you might not get a box. A body in the home game. And I'm managing clung on Twitter is the one that alerted me to this scenario is playing games they've got a little playoffs like. Things you can do on NASA and JR you plug in like your team does this and that and what happens. And he had this scenario. Where's the Panthers win outs. The Seahawks. Win doubts. The ER falcons. Knock off the sinks. And that could put us and Minnesota has to lose to green vegetables as the most losing game that could put us at the two seat belt. So there is a dream scenario. Other to see my head hurts from trying to figure this junk out by the way it's not easy I stop listening to your you've got an edit green if we if somehow we in the sea hawks and falcons like Green Bay in Dallas back embolden the next. It's really going to complex that we gotta keep those teams out of this thing and another media once those darlings to make Iran we got to keep them out of picture. I we come back we're gonna keep to hear from you guys on this pay at the nation. Dream with me here. How does this team make a road to Super Bowl stuff conference so they do what's your what goes in formula 70457096. Stand out about this one Carson once his heart out for the season. Who should be the favorite in the NFC.