Mac Attack: Jonathan Jones From SI On The Panthers Off Season

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Friday, January 12th

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Man we got old Josh Gordon fan club Charlotte chapter rather listen to us on not just and that's what poll. Building senate sex gone crazy over son Josh Gordon mark marte is Bryan Price. Our secondary but. Especially fans are the right thing is once you go so they just go does still make a risky hire. It's part of the reason why so many fans have looked into Norv Turner potential hire. Arm as round really. You know this guy Ron one to five years ago. You know just it's easy Iran makes one song called undo any worked you know it's this really does we're gonna do we're at 216. Votes 86% say yes there. This is the most lopsided pollster today ask is are more bad got a I don't like 93% it's crazy usually can't get our audiences agree on anything except of course is Osborne a bad guy and calm but it's this one apparently is the same stance want to hear and want us to take gambles we also see not an avenue. Jerry Richardson is gone he was the one who. Really characters like that were off limits because of Jerry Rich's and so as a call to send the 7 o'clock hour the question is what do new ownership change W new ownership will not be yen. While this deal was made I would imagine right debts to quit. Arms Susan B a Marty hurry thanks so. How bored attorneys you Josh quarter mark Davies Bryant leaves you at night. Well I gotta get I gadget is jamming hassling the defense is a meg big news is that I get into wanted to keep me around all our Susan Marty saint desk. Now I don't honor my comment and not want jazz guard Sammy and guys mug a lot of urban. How about seventeen chances in Cleveland you don't meet which side is more negative view because of the new owner does it create the impetus to gamble or Z because I think lauded by nature is a safe guy I think that's why Jerry Nikko insisted so well you know you asked I think though that if you ask Cam Newton this question was he think it. He's probably it is these writings for a guy like Josh court he would love it man he would love also other jobs is the argument for the ownership group connect has really. First grade and I think that if it's finally coming up at nine Lonnie. Jonathan Jones us saleable sled 91790 Tina so Johnson Jones. You guys know while Charlotte Observer writers Don good gone national SI. Wrote a piece about how the Panthers are animal wild and crazy offseason we talked to him about that coming up here in about ten minutes. Couple of things lets us one more call on this whole rivalry thing Damione Lewis really start people I thought the question bone that was live today was. Are you rooting for to lose the most this weekend. Do you want to certainly if only one team can go down from our division you want to Eagles even with nick full story to beat the falcons. Do you want the vikings to sink it's his saints. I thought that was the question and I and I and I say falcons to me it's a deeper hatred although Sean Payton is trying to come up on the outside the way he acts after that win. Last week calm when the groom. But the falcons styles I can't have them back in the Super Bowl I'd I'd. The stuff I said about them Boehner of the last eleven months I I would look like a total fool if it's a minority look bad because are in the trial's past us. But all this is a Super Bowl hang or stuff like to I cannot have them back in the Super Bowl again. So I can't either I'm gonna have an opinion here and their people may get mad and say how can you say that but I don't think your too far off Mac. I east. I hate Matt Ryan I hate to south and I don't like 99% of what the saints are about are like Sean Payton. I don't major brace. No tour. So I object bruises here I respect to measure birdies likable and Ryan Ryan should go to. Roger breeze as he ever had a misstep but his career all this or has he ever act you're a battle warn about Drew Brees now. So I'm sorry it happened I don't I mean the birth marks a little different but I'd like I can't pick your iPod and outsiders thought I can't say he's he's pick back up there. I can't say anything bad about demand Sean Payton you do and disrespectful. Arrogant bomb gone for fourth and two. We should make him pay for an absolute assault on a dog don't get me wrong I can't say a shot I just. I don't have a deep hatred at all at any merger brings us to all the falcons are worse to name and just because the same institute or more the stands around here we got to deal with him do you happen. 28 to three was so much on you really so stupid bullets for 283 if they don't win the Super Bowl. This time. But it just I don't know I need. I need falcons held this weekend and it's Fletcher Cox and engram and those boys don't dominate upfront I don't know swing Gil and I did this has to be running in a defense game. First Phillies. But I want both to win Goodell my kimbo is among about the Eagles and I can still put up this weekend all right which team needs to lose the most to make you happy. Saints or south. You know I haven't seen Eagles win. In turn Thomas calls. Oh yeah yeah we're finally teaming up with them. At Bentley got a talked into recently. Got him on guillotine to give him in the final segment we do emails stuff I didn't a couple of calls here come by the way the update from Steve green Associated Press. Is that the three reports that say it's a done deal when north Turkey thinks of premature Steve Breen says Norv Turner. Honest and some sort of snagging north turned up the plane went back to California so if you're out they're saying in Maine. I don't want Norton really coordinator you have that that that has some life right now so we'll follow that there's dueling reports going on right now. SNL is up next on the Mac attack infidelity sex. Don't go off and we sent. Hey now. All look the April wary of people look they're what their imam there a lot of what all of that both the RI. It's been eight he is well well I would do about our trainer did so yeah not there was out if the port. You know is our whole Muppet are the proper now and it broke all of that the animal impact your open though. If they even met my eagle might act to be more. Are able to. If not we are not poker at the local and move up very you know in a it's a bishop in Canada is well. Didn't know that appear to put it up at the bit. Why why but how does it take it doesn't help like what does this recruiting and college show on conference is correlated the SEC wins it becomes a more desirable conference play and I'll get that. What it out there all up and it felt it all the better eat food. They are they have embarked beautiful but the visit but we like to open it up but mark. How does it help them though how does that help like the Redskins have to giants win a Super Bowl. Well the a and MB ER. Well. Are what we expect that it will look the all all of the open it up but I really doubt it. You know a lot of them didn't. I mean you'll get more high but don't get me wrong Indiana cease gets so much hype it's nauseating you know their Bristol they love that division. But it doesn't do any good to me like Oz I could see if you have a committee when you have a playoff committee that we need our conference still. You know show well since a playoff committee next year looks at us well because we play in the NFC south. There may we don't. It's you know do recruiting where you're like hey you wanna come play in the NFC south ever or best division around you know the invisible hand principal. Now okay. I'm scared to even ask you know it's an economic from what is a JC you're saying this would counter what I'm saying yes are so what is not a threat I'm all ears what does it. It is wind you essentially. It's a golf Friday it's not quite the same result of previous football Friday as we got to sit here and root against Sal squads. But it is football is football on right now our focus on campus football Jonathan Jones one to get his perspective on this because. He lives series Charlie works and observers covered this team but he also is you know weren't right for SI he wrote you know he's got a Jana mixes and national local perspective so one gets that kind of feeling. On some of these cancer issues. And I he wrote a piece about how this don't you wild and crazy offseason for the Panthers. And I talked to JJ USA first thing awards and those who Johnson Jones was area and obviously we're still in limbo on this more tiring. But if norm is the man how does he feel about us and I was kind of in the middle on. Yeah I think being in the middle of the bowel or Eiffel. On this flick you know orbit the guy who had. An amazing run of success. In the nineties strike at an offensive coordinator. With the cowboys you know obviously EU is he did pretty well there with Washington. And things worked out for him to a point in San Diego. The issue that I have is there hasn't had a lot of success. I don't know 201140. Well with his opposite. Did you look at what happened in Minnesota and how you know he resigned from his position he'd be capped out that you know right out and I'm not and I get the job done. And that was obviously they're Minnesota. And so it's come I feel that you yesterday kind of like not my philosophy on a Jon Gruden. You know had he been around the game for a 10 absolutely. Go for very long time. Absolutely but you know again like gruden I think collection nine years get a wanna play a game at fifteen years so do our ability eco integrators to produce but. I do not when you look at it or turner that we have eight fantastic resonate is Ron Rivera know and I trust him very well. Absolutely but you know the past few years have not laid out that well for Norv Turner is often to themselves. Now you you bring him into this situation maybe need. The change or experience but can he get the quarterback like Kim Newton a quarterback that he has never had before and truthfully a quarterback that not a lot of options to court or for pat before. And so how is he going to. A loaded offense for Cam Newton and that they Taylor for Camden and not necessarily headed out there or not but in the north turner doppler. Because after watching that we just saw. At perpetrator tried to have all been transitioned their operatives well cannon gonna be Cam Newton right we were all saying they can't look at them. It is gonna run last he gonna take fewer hit and then of course is what it seventeen hero of the more times and only art than ever and a fees and in his career so I'm saying that. Al Gore Gordon Hayward has offered for it and not a typical bitter court. Era and he's gotten he's got a catered to Kansas special do no doubt about it we're talk we're Johnson Jones Sports Illustrated. JJ under you actually wrote a piece with with Conner or this week arm so I know you know well you work with them there SI. We animal when he religious he just mentioned question about the Panthers have won his pieces right after the saints game. Have VP of thirst you know on under achieved with with cam there. And you know kind of in and and we had a morneau we can ask the questions you know like. And I think the questions are if you think they've under achieved and have done enough that I can blow is that on Mike Shula present on Ron Rivera. Is that on the personnel side of things or is it on cam himself. Do you think the real meaning didn't forethought playoffs and a Super Bowl do you think that you can make an argument they haven't got enough out of the can't marry yet and if so do you blame for it. Well you know I think you could make the argument but I you know you gotta take it step back and look at their friends and vote here in Charlotte. At a metro wanna take that back because they're right in the middle of the killer who think one quick step back let's look at the totality of things like you know first of all. Am I and we have to beyond the dark and you've consistently inconsistent. And you don't know really which Sunday which can't they're going to get. There was a stretch there earlier this is her current New England gave the Detroit airport Tampa plant whatever you're saying they beat her you speak headquarters people are like an MVP and that you know goes into it acquired for two were triggered that's just the camp that we know. It's been seven years that's who he is not okay. And so but what we're we're also not going to do is pretend that you could greatest quarterback that's ever walked the face of the Europeans so. You know people political older a year they're wasting your prime. You know to appoint right I mean it felt like a Panthers haven't tried to build around him Buick has suffered the client and what state government and Marty Kearney they'll. You know for the five offensive linemen were very very talented you know try turner and her grow up about to break the bank. And Oprah putter right quill who had that shorter back Icrc and he got payroll Carol Williams there on the right side. You know group who played like an all pro that he's so. You know they are protecting camp that was important to them they went out and a first round or Kelvin Benjamin a village figured out until and then. What are going to be the answer. You know they had a lot of injuries there with there's speed options all that says you're not going to get a than polio grounds. Basically you can't. I you know the Steelers have they've they've pitched very well with a wide receivers. I won't independent have gotten so really outside a disputed you want if you want to draft. Market after what you're up to what receiver I understand that the Hendrick has not done it as well I think a lot of people like though it says there there are issues would. The coaching because. Yeah okay and shouldn't have to think footwork issues between mechanical problem seven years in its career I think a lot of that all of Camelot that all. All the quarterbacks coach on the opposite corner to fix can't do a little bit they're. It's a collective effort all say this too I mean I kind of feel like. They make the playoffs four times in five years here with cam only only for the teams have done that in football mean like. I think if the fifth most wins the last five years and 51 I mean it's. It's hard for me to say were underachieving when you look at it under those guidelines are one of the best it is the best five teams in football over last five years. Started you also consider that the previous what nineteen see them both kept us all the that was mired in mediocrity in fact even less. It mediocre race. Unaware of 500 record. It's since camp got it down when they were nowhere close to a 500 record before they get a couple of twelve elevenths. Fifteen win season and those are judging at sixteenth and that has finally. You know kind of shifted the scale and in touch you balance. And in terms of overall when Lawson so what do you know I know the Pentagon to get there that they got it no one really wants to remember back it's Wade Henderson and. Like that but this was not a franchise and it really ever had sustained success understand they haven't had back back when XP and yet which are. Mind boggling yes but the fact is they've been in the twelfth four out of five times and really go with our New England Patriots the greatest sons either the end of a stream yet that's that's pretty impressive. It is especially concerning concert settlement someplace else for years and those previous nineteen before this. I'm more talk when Johnson Jones morsels should read his piece on check out here's. Twitter timeline check out SI dot com read the piece this week about the crazy offseason for the Panthers. I want to ask you about that whereas you question about does Jerry Richardson situation. Army again I like to perspective that you have won this being a guy that India has banned here in Charlotte are right. Armed a lot of national folks have taken shots at them. Taken shots at camp for some his comments about Jerry talk about him is a father figure and kind of standing up formal little bits. A blue cheek least on this too we broke down crying you know the other day. Tom when Ron Rivera broke two team down and so 123 mr. Richardson team repeat a lot of national people jump on them. Do you feel like the Panthers have kinda deserved heat for the way they've talked about Jerry Richardson or do you understand it. The way they feel about because you've been around here and seen what's your perspective on that. He if it's a typical Lance really complex right and it's it's tough because I understand and it hasn't happened to meet personally and I know it as this reckoning is going on. Around the country. Ever happen to me personally yet where there's a lawyer that I love that actor about that you're confronted with some portion ugly truth right now and and it. You take the SI article and I think the writers of that at some articles were fantastic you take it. At her for what it was. Those are the ugly truth with which you have to record. Oh against demands that you. Hasn't really no idea about that stuff if if you have no idea about that's step two that's really typical you know people are complicated not to get super cook are clear the people are complicated but you're working through that. Which are also hoping to do is you have a job to do and hope to make the playoffs and you know he can't. It's typical process that stuff you know I wrote about that and I thought I come a couple of weeks ago. What I don't like is Jerry Richardson not coming out and responding. Whatsoever and it is not response. What is it that is a bunch of guys having to. Having his forehand when they don't talk about just what they have to when he does say a word I greet the and so why don't prepare I don't like that because you know you have to include people who are going to be critics are you can lift their interests between the cameras are all governor sorting and have a knack. And serve very typical question. They go Johnson Jones. Slowly Charlotte Observer currently a Sports Illustrated. I rookie does stink don't we come back we got to check your emails text between cellular killer today you're killing me man and then the I team up with a formerly formerly evil intern Thomas from the summer. And we jump on board that fly eagle fly legged. It's a few minutes by the way at first they are squeezing an NC state stands. LT TE ST ATT's Kevin cheats is doing to yell. Two straight wins against ranked teams how dare I doubt she'd some believe I did say last week NC state into the two worst weeks in the companies you promise me last Friday that duke had no chancellor said Tuesday that tiger words I'm telling you man struggle is not just on here think he will tell you to your face some great all Syrians wanted to hours later you get your guts ripped a stroke on big Turkey yards seven man what a game with five threes it this is C. You know from all around you inside out big man that we thought we did last year he's finally starting gate console arrived and exceeds pressure force seventeen terrorist gonna say distaste I ask that last minute and 34 you would show that two young kids as what not to do delete the basketball game. What you I thought that I based. I thought that was one of the Georgia schools the way they play down the stretch with deadly amounts cold blooded as him. But it Georgia Bulldogs play hoops but you helped me I did everything he. A basketball team could write do the right to get a wanted NC state good to happen so badly aircraft thank you said. Not a monologue now he not anymore high stick ice the other two ticker ice. The courage or shear and bell did devote money and devote wrist is free throw crazy game crazy ending good stuff last night. A bomb staples Omega three straight ranked wins against Virginia on Sunday. You've got to duke and wake tomorrow Carolina Notre Dame are let's get some of these do we serve texts and tweets and then we bring in a kid that. It's such a got to join forces with them you know I mean he was one of our arch Nemeth cease Boehner had a senate. My tennis and assesses. Our stems genocide he was one of our. Music tallied in the life. Or call you but here a couple minutes we gotta get this eagle pep rally going is I need the falcons out maybe but let's recently senator Dodd's. You know like emails. Building senate tax and of course each leads that need a sponsor of the you can contact us if you wanna be the sponsor of our Twitter account. I would see here they Mac it's nor desire to brings in his kids I believe the stadium will should also be named Turner Field and Ted Turner should by the team. There are no beach there what's he joked about mr. says Josh Gordon in the Charlotte Trent pierce seen Eagles guaranteed suspension. But the problem fans then that's true I guess he has trouble turning down an idea and that's. What else we have here I got. This guy says what's up what's your commercial writers this I've got a problem with this. The announcer says I've got to word stories Ellis the uptown cabaret last time I checked that's a great works while they're not the stock castle work. I believe does a word right and actually it doesn't count yeah assembly. What does not resign or decide the fantastic. Let's see here what else we have going on here Obama came back to be fair to judge Jordan if I lived in Cleveland led a DelHomme played football for that team I'd start smoking weed against him. I think you gotta consider that when Marty is you know joint take a risk I think you gotta consider an update the poll on. Despite the risk we take a chance would Josh Cornell and I happen. 83% to 10% say yes they take its handle about that doesn't he because we don't care like Mardy is trying to impress a new owner resented risky we don't care brands Murray wrote a dozen cats that's. Let's see and last but not least gone have you answered yes. What happened I was listening in you guys went to break so fast I wanted to hear what Osborne side of the argument was very unfortunate was at my radio what happened. Now there's a new I'll probably try to explain this well. Osborne so does demand that he do fought a new law was the world markets for your new mandate. That were close to break even over break unfortunately that if Osborne's talking. And it's really boring has got a bright. And now she's and I. Our side when you break you know what's happening on your nerves changing make your nerd shaming me that's what's happening can you people you do pill called. You'd tilts the fastest guy you're adults they could how. As it's just that we don't feel like hearing any more from you soon Tebow and just get a lot of shots AS and I think makes you there's not one person out there outside of your father that would say mean. What was our organization to put you so you can just yeah. One listener said he wanted to hear at any thoughts were thrown his right after the show Oslo don't podcast you know explaining what he was get a second seed visible hampers us. Everybody's got this this guy said Tony's a god I don't wanna hear Osborne sorry theories are the only stole from his dad anyway I sure did still have right now. Macroeconomics. Taking a I got a little stronger. Are closely tied let's do this but it looks Ramirez Manny was about as annoying is Osborne this summer your original listen during the summer you remember this. Inserts Thomas came in most interns come in their very I don't know. This dude came in here's a little whimper snapper intern was talking trash had the nerve to say is Eagles are going to be better are Panthers. I've put him in his place. Conan I'd so resilient. I called him a moron. Ambassadors that he was right that it once was still healthy they drive you better not only. But this week guess I've put my petty hatred for for Philadelphia sports fans aside and I joined forces. With the eagle nation. Because he hated falcons need to lose insert Thomas down there in Texas at Baylor China actually do schoolwork were bodied and can turn Thomas were on the same page this weekend maybe. Well actually I'm not and Baylor right now and in New York City our intern ship and at night clap so. Little bit about oh wait oh early but do it to where you and adding New York City. Orchard anymore until Kirk then are we epic 4 AM. Well you see what he did all he went from of these local locals here and he just went national I tell nick right dates on the can't support their yeah yeah. Repair repair work then tell us how Carter days or doesn't or can't. Between you and me right now there or go out. Obviously ignored that crap coming gonna crash because this is about joining forces. We are all legal sands in Charlotte grow vikings dance to I just don't have a former internal likes the viking so we called you instead. But come out we needed this week and here's what I want to ask you. Do you think. She's just you called the Eagles drop IG did I gotta give you credit. Armed can they do this let's bulls man like a defensive fronts got to dominate right what do you say. I think the problem right now is that no one is taking the eagle and early Eagles and so. Are really aren't a bit on the cells are what they die and I didn't read along as they have put out all right all throughout the locker room. I think that they are underdogs. But underdogs right now and always seem to happen without bulking. If you pick against them and you all are either all the other Cupertino really go to the Eagles are big and win. I think that great big area gonna get eagle propeller well but what I like to light on the knees bent and now aren't that old what I meant. And nick all cannot now on a per series. I know Reno and the ability and you would be bought Julio and and are young and enough the only lady will grab a shot. Did it get a lead early. Seven nothing arena thing and then pounder rewriting the G-8 climate no doubt and and blog. And a guy got like early harder and quite moderate or yards or they know. Until you Fletcher Cox can do damage against those guards and you can run the ball on them I really think so so. We'll see what happens by the way do you argue with nick right he's a big candidate to host a first things first on fox and morning. He's big can't support like bone said do you like did you go abdomen star argue what's it like you would do us or do you you don't do that retained. My birth date Monday morning when Antioch that the only thing that everybody bought my first thing we Monday morning. I think he's a burst on the air like you did with us just burst on the TV sets are argue with them you know bring Chris Carter the wrong call so he's gonna say come home. Could go to the best assets. Two or three are always NCAA a normal week on that shelf. I gotta tell you breakdown and Eagles who's gonna do you think you're making in this business deal what's gonna happen. I'm gonna be like north turn your Ron Rivera at some point down the lines I will be begging. Did the artist formerly known as intern Thomas to let you work on is like Eagles talk show stoppers that's gonna end up happening at some point. It will be here your I did seem sincere all yeah I that's even a lie even I don't know. So yeah. Like I saw exports is like Americans certainly love. Those guys are on we know you're Janelle your blow smoke up our salutes but that's all right and you do it again and that's all right on the hi Thomas who UN demands and work with you baby I just here's your single. Don't between now facing the bank got a Mac curse like if we lose this game just to someone your Sino Iranian that we know it's our Eagles loses yeah. We argue all summer back and or would you Courtney nauert or gather it you'll like eight. A beautiful combination an eagle but. Can't stop us maybe they cannot stop us at all guard a good luck to you burst Lebanese internship man. Aren't there you go intern Thomas Manny so much more likable when you are rooting for the team that he likes like when I need his team to beat the dreaded falcons and so much more likable he was a condescending little bombed. You know Garnett internships they don't answer stink about does the progress he's making a mark from destiny can be targeted a building here. That's that's that's. Man's internal and national within interrogation like man how about that our rights Osborne's likes thinking how I get away from the east you know so why do interest Arnold you're thinking that's good. Do you really want here for true scholar about intelligent and Cam Newton is what they say they be better off Cam Newton is holding the Panthers franchise he said that cam is as is it equal to avoid portals and us while likes your mouth Carter you want that's dossier and are you use and again Carter hard anyway actually get a take a breather we come back. We bringing Garcia and Bailey will see their thoughts. On the playoff games come in this of this week's their thoughts on the latest Norv Turner drama and if you just joined us and not heard the latest Norv Turner dropped a drama. You don't wanna hear this is saying is far from sealed up at least according to one. I'm coming down the homestretch money football Friday on the Mac attack Montana fans seeing. This is very Garcia like you know we got just Marcella near cylinder and doing a good thing pitches for Kyle Bailey who's out of town it. And frank is not even in here with just it and off fresh. I don't even know until you know because I just sat in this chair and apparently I've gained a little weight because I know little about anything in there. But you are you friends and I have been told every share that's broken in years because of a friend outside the national trust us I think you've got one of frank used at one point sounds. I have to question. The experts don't know what Franklin you have got to drive is the real question but what good piece I don't know how the ninety we have for. I gotta tell the latest in north turner updates he just as this is a damn soap opera around like Melrose Place around here is come up. Yeah of the three reports last night from ESP and NFL network in the observer that we're saying it's been agreed upon principle that north will be. The offensive coordinator. Steve really Associated Press who covers you know banter here locally says not so fast essentially. That Norv Turner there was a snag Norv Turner got back on a plane and is flying back to California. So now we wonder is it going to be nor does it not going to be north. So anyway what what do you think it is cold nor things you've been kind of watch him play out like my whole thing Josh was this. Why Iran is so dead set on his guy normally get a relationship he trusts them. Well why not here out some other guys around the league in some different ideas and. Yummy like talking to other schools could not hurt him you know Campbell norm obviously has been a pretty successful died at several stops so I think I would have been a fine hire to me. This is all about Cam Newton right miss the nuggets got us out of it as Heidi so kick in my mind and an endless and a little bit you're gonna show the last couple days. Maybe we talk about consistency was KM and that's what we want it to meet Kim is do we it is at this point I know I know we wanna try and find the guy who can tap into that whatever it is it's missing from Kansas game and wet weather that's consistency whether that's more accuracy. Eight years in your career would really gonna find a guy who's gonna unleash this next level of candidates on this question too is there a guy out there I don't know that there Ed. As turner would be fine if if Norv Turner gets back on a plane flies in California and they have to start and find another got this other opposite corners out there are fine but to me. I don't know that there's a guy who's gonna have some secret saw last. Using an attorney Jim knew him into a guy who we get a week gal is gonna play like he did that one season and everybody wants appoint back til death and try and maybe Josh McDaniels plus a possible but maybe I'll be a guy you'd think that can maybe. And so umbilical I don't know this story about navy. Doctor dale is great over the corner. I don't know that there is a human being on the planet it's gonna turn Cam Newton into something other than what you we've already seen him BCI. Our decision then I. I think personnel can tell. What exactly does does it that person now yes scented bigger deal than our neighbors Chris Anderson a 100% yeah I. There's an element of chance going to have a lot of mitnick. You know some of the police scatter shot accuracy things can't miss gives everybody pinpoint ride it does feel that way. But I feel it to personal the most important thing right let's give him play makers. Let it almost always it's like what team has been coast to a championship I didn't really have the players to what like him you what is it really awaiting a waste one of the two or three best rosters in the NFL what do you think god is frank Garcia joins what do you think more important the offensive coordinator that is hired frank. Orange or warm beefing up to help getting another wide receiver that's a player what's more important to cam taking another step. It depends what level football you're talking about but it's the highest level I think it's going to be more of these two guys the players of the play makers. The most coordinators and at that level are pretty successful because they're able to adapt and adjust. I and Tuesday at the strengths of the talents of the players that they have around him they believe what they're doing. But they have the ability to get the most out of their players within their system and how they want to operate and I think that's the reason why it. If this changes taken place you get to a point where it gets stale you know not really changed much in trying to just may be into motion and those types of things but not in the most out your number one piece let's be honest it's a quarterback in. No you have to grow and if you're not growing you're staying the same you're getting worst he's ever built is coming catching is so. That's word and I believe norv Turner's commitment to good job. Because I think he has experience he's made mistakes. He's never had a guy like cam we can talk well we do Bridgewater what he did with Philip Rivers but don't cheer for this team I think that. He's gonna have the ability to utilizing dad he has all sorts of you know abilities to go out there and and. And flourish what do you think about this latest plot twist where Steve reed says again these are dueling reports I don't you know we don't know exactly what's going on. But Steve reed says no the agreement has been recent Norv Turner is flown got our plane go on back to California. Resistance do you think Iran wants him so badly that it's just like us he's not gonna move on issues like Ron is dead set on Norman Norris probably knows that. You don't make up what this reminds me. I think he wants his fifth and six kids also to us. Hundreds of benefit. Is guaranteed contract he did not just five grandsons beat receiving corps of all the receivers and it's all those kids what do you think about this movie isn't say. It was into stimulus interest in his when you don't if you know that voice and that voice be in the owner. That makes these ultimate decisions who's making those decisions as in America this and in these meetings in coming up with a term. Arms and nor negotiating those types of things is that Marty her knee is it. Those are the things that tell you kind of have to ask yourself in May be why there's a little bit more leverage on. On the person coming then the person that's going to be doing. Hiring because. You know where's the standard this guy's making Max I'm you know I have this worse this is what I want and you know I'm willing to walk because some pretty confident that. You need somebody. You fire a guy without having a guy employees and bomb you know this is the way I'm dilemma geez so I don't I'm I don't know if it's about money. I knew that to be you possibly one of the things that could be just you know Clinton ducks in a row backward he needs to go the reason why he gets back from playing a lot of different explanations but. At the end of the day I think that you know they vehemently as a consultant I don't know maybe using insulting to the next they're gonna hire are you know little things that are possible. You know when it comes to you know find that new coordinator but. And if faster guys didn't see you decide to choose then I think that everything we do symbol ply this it's not in the next they'll have to. You know maybe you know make the same application with you know Campbell you have put a guy. Guy that has. A lot of qualities he's he's a utility vehicle can be a lot of different things and I you have to figure out who's going to be the best guy. That you put in that position is going to conform you know the score two informants you know how that structure and discipline. And then also even be able to. Don't you let him use his ability. Dallas got a daughter Stephanie another son named drew so maybe he was mad they were involved. Should I don't know at least seven drills are easy to just ourselves frank coming up its north like its back on another plane comes back east they lavish forty they don't have. I'll see updates for you know just we thought it was over our rates on good work got us in bone. These boys gonna tear it up for next four hours ago approach if to ban on a football Friday. I don't care what dealer says I say we're against a day of saints and falcons enjoy your weekend and we'll talk she month.