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Tuesday, March 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Jim Szoke talks with Joe Person. 


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Jim Cynthia for Mac today mental lift this phrase ever began in history under the weather what does that got to do with your voice now working your under the weather we're all under the weather and in some way sooner than the clouds in the hemisphere. You're asking me a deep question I wasn't prepared slap on the answer so that you'll have dollars. Officer in this league is soaring it out there is an actual violence really are there milestone incidents from the last segment I was unfortunate yeah. When I set I was dig down under from. That was not right if it dot. I was talking about like my sand dome in Australia is there is day and I sit on the down under and now it's great that you're trying to enjoy twelve acorda from from a. At and if you try to get in the OT sooners bounced back Mac is not here today. Clearly he is recruiting the biggest Metallica fans are joined his medal squad the staff at captaincy trying to recruit Metallica fans that will keep Mac from running on stage with a shirt off. That's would say it's at in the process this is bad accidents that it's obvious that test we buy free read that at all and all right tigers Ron Burgundy right here right now and I'll live or portent and reconnect there we start over again to show is on my 3321. Register now at W opens he dot com and you can join Max. Hopefully fully clothed. That Metallica October 22 as a spectrum center so the good news is Metallica's coming beyond that there seems to be a few questions as that may play out here with a. I had a contract and metal outing I'm gonna go and yes that's fine I can and well since it's still not him his voice for whatever their days because he's got an early and does it sounds like I just. I wanna be in the show but I'd rather be. Watching from a distance I don't wanna be doubt an arm and a Mac metal musket right I'll I'll be there are probably be safely located in a box somewhere and I Debbie downer. Enter the Tebow on that until the sandman. Kevin is next up we're talk in. NFL news free agency Andrew Norway also decided to Jacksonville Jaguars Kevin thanks for holding I don't. Especially my call what mistake about that you've got true Pro Bowl caliber. Guards and more urgent global problem or roster you have my uncle Leo all count speed that it ever was a decent bet that senator. You have okay tackle the running game but didn't let. Inability to have in production on the in the run game and running backed me. Stewart obvious somebody had ago. Jonathan Stewart opens borders something just wasn't. Well in large you can give more to report five or to carry out your right index the blocking like that. You group the placed in Rabat and in just a great what what are your dark spot on the. They're good call Kevin appreciate it I agree obviously just look at. But he eyeball test and the stats test instead it was not a traditional running game was not great I felt like when they got production. To improve on the overall rushing game a lot of time there was a reverser and and around and using a receiver to come around and they can play your your quarterback had Iran can do embody the traditional tailback running the ball things. Was not good last year. Some of that Tebow I think was probably predictability Teamsters were loading up the box early on especially Kim was coming off Steve not offseason with a shoulder surgery I think she predicted correctly that we were gonna run and they just loaded up the box and bless his heart Jonathan Stewart Manny gave you all at all he could they win their bid there's no cracks in the brick and mortar. They're neck and go very far and and they were there is a good team that is loaded up the box. And taken that away forcing the answers to throw and do other things. But and got an arrest season when all got better and overtimes but I think still Headley that one really big game has been that way last couple years you have one or two really big games in the rest of the time it's like 23 yards a carry so it was time to. Obvious by the deciding safer just tuning it out Robinson to the bears. Three years forty to right that was and yes 45 guarantee nor well 67 million dollars. These these thirty million guaranteed renewing your TDs or feasible. We talked a lot of our Robinson indoor while they're at a price. So I'm not gonna blame Marty said though there's no there's no way that I probably could've gotten article there be others that do those for you don't worry if that the because that's just it acts 67 million dollars or Orwell I mean the state about anybody Orwell's rise ago. On drastic. Gets playing time or just bought. In a couple of years later he makes 67 million dollars thirty guaranteed but it becomes restatements or yep you talk about or rise in out. Tip your hat to that guy and said that selected but there was. Yeah but it's gonna rain every afternoon at 330 as it gets in the morning is to be humid but that's the yet it's now or thirty doing guaranteed. Here's the thing to air smells funny sort. Has got that little via access yesterday that at that paper mill in the air trust no but I tell you this mean the ideal situation would be. Tyler Larson is kind of track and I say he's the next great Pro Bowl guard but very. Serviceable dependable guy so far Taylor mode you're drafted you are the ideal thing would be you got your years out of nor well. Had a great discount rate she goes on some was gonna overpay the wall and Donna could see one him and lingo he's too expensive for guarded two years and release them in the panthers' hopefully. Have guys like Larsson MO neck to step up and be very good players in India both Dylan because again you'd. If you talk bug guard your not to let out on an island shut down corner left tackle here it's guard so you can just doubled down on the two highest paid guards in the league needed. Return offensive linemen are on the team still a traitor murder Darryl Williams played well last L Williams greater a greater interest in Mecca wheels up and down but he does make pretty good money so. You can't play every spot of the offensive line at some point. So he's gonna go you know it's early while you drive and got Teresa probably to prepare so that's just so there yet. Now I agree with this so I like what they're do and I think it's Smart I wouldn't I would lent. These other teams do what they're doing right now early in the morning and paying big bucks to some of these guys and then just settle in and guys who were near that ability or project to have a ceiling that is similar. Furthermore discount rate otherwise you just you just do what the dolphins are doing. Which is you go all in and then two years later you go all out because you just can't sustain. That budget because you have other holes constantly. Popping up on your roster Joseph person at 745 from the Charlotte Observer we'll talk some nor well we'll talk starlet to allay well that's gonna look like Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report. I'm now all that's happening in the NFL at 830 Jimmy dykes talking NCAA tournament and I'm from ESPN and and ordered troops would Matt Carroll coming up at 920. Just one stands out where you go what does that what is this guy do one year and what the hell's. I don't know where is Scott came from guiding Jack's. Thank our act I gotta get out was designed to handle them more say to yourself I kind of miss our Mac attack WS NC which is showing handle. What's your devil's in the tournament. So that's all good right don't it doesn't seem weird very close and occasionally aren't most of yourself academies Mac good luck to your devil's in the tournament so world sent aged. Next sentence. Never met this guy you don't know this guy Brett will you be glad when I got. A thought let's let's. So what do I deal with all that's. It was the answer to that I'd I'd I'd sir I don't Jeff I euros into the show you what you need to block while I want you to die at this is the which I don't know what to do with this. Was there a past interaction that would have led to him saying that you forgotten that he remembers I don't think so. I don't I don't I'm not aware of anything. While I while I do what I want anyone to dot why do a whole list I don't I don't want this guided I would be curious about what has just done to me in the past that made him say that should die out and I investigate and we come back during the next break try to figure out what's wrong this guy I think you should like look. Like I hope that's a common I would let go like I would probably tweet back at him wide how do you mean that or why would you say let's sit at my first it's a Barbie Essen. It's too early to dialed I say yes right. There I'm responsible for this guy's future what if it happens. And then you feel guilty forever like some accidental thing happened I wouldn't I wouldn't say yes. Are. I don't know how many guys out now I feel like they'll disguised Richard governor LT is restarted its on the zone. All these rich judge's okay knuckle voting here right now sports torturers and it was I was really thinks he has guys on the latch. We call 911 I don't know I don't know a light area off. More right now they're back to jet to make sure he's OK or do we need it and we need to go to bright light it'll be easy to send Zack two down I mean I don't wanna say. I mean we've got to stay Muzak we'd like to have a stable if needed we concerns act out these days don't have one matches here no one reaches out for help went back this year. Now we're just here discover how does where you have to take a break we have a contest coming up more coming up here's Tokyo on the Mac attack on 125 W a frenzy I want to die. Thousand dollars. All right every hour. We got money to give CU and insert text to win contest if you can text the word to credits credit. A credit card credit CR ED I teach you the numbers seven Q8 81 you get in the win a thousand dollars have until top of the hour to text in this is the national contest messaging data rates applied full contest you'll available at W dot Lindsay dot com the word to text his credit. Seven to. 881 more to come as we continue on the American tech Jim joking would you today in for Mac we opened think that's an action to back tomorrow little voice issue due soon the show yesterday you're well aware that T bone and Zachary here too lots of. A breaking NFL free agency news we've been covered in talking about all morning so far today and it's now come to. Andrew Norwood to the Jacksonville Jaguars. As Moby per year. The highest paid contract in the league for regarded thirteen point three million dollar slightly more than what. Russell con got him we talk this way that would play out in terms of that Norwood in fact become the highest paid guard in the league at least for the moment subject to change is free agency really gets going tomorrow but this legal tampering period. There's been a lot of legal tampering going on and put it that way. That was what I don't always lead to 4 o'clock Wednesday not illegal tampering but legal legal tampering. Crazy. Joseph person coming up 745 we'll delve more into that and it is talked about. But one thing happened com before we went to a tiebreak there's Oki. When when we're on the show him or reacting to tweets. I don't have time to really we're busting chops shock. So sometimes it's hard to read I don't know ever won personally so if you are actually in a spot where you. May need some help I suggest that. You you seek professional help professional help there and we can't look at all profiles and we don't know whatever one's going through them we already outlet for people. In their daily lives we don't know everyone's story. But it's honestly need help in any way out there we can connect Q real reach out there's Okie you might connect to your bitten and there's a lot of people we care about. Is deeply that so if you need help out there do not hesitate ever to reach out and say guys on the in this spot in my life I need something so. It's where a series regular 34 US entertainers also human being so he needs some help from. You know that's just directly you know because when you miss it just that way during a show on the air sometime it's gonna greeted as. Passports got a normal more than that so please. Soliloquy about it rich real free at Tebow and media frenzy at Jim's okay. And and today obviously for Mac so we're talking free agency and Morgan talk more as we said later come up soon Joseph person Jason colts but also it's NCAA bracket and I think it's gonna show you six or more can she bounce I've been you have not done these the reveal you waited till Thursday morning for your everything final four before you talk about what you've done I don't turn my diplomat -- it is and to go to college. Politician here. It's difficult suit because like you're tonight you got terrible Levin is playing the elevens to make some noise they can go to a sweet sixteen amuse really is kind of difficulty your bracket now because depending on how one of these elevens looked tonight you might wanna. Put them into a rounder Jews oppose it just. Knock it off immediately say in the fives and automatically win that game and I think we all agree whoever wins Radford. Reverses Long Island is is not likely hasn't happened yet to be and no one may do you think they could there's not likely so we'll stay. Once final fourteen that I'd more down already now Mac is still figured out the side of the bracket I think this is Virginia's a year. I think this is it seems I demand my final two just has that feel so it goes back select the Louisville game. You know in sports sometimes you look back at certain moments in the season when he got you know that was just meant to be financed through an intimate wins like that. I just think that we would he break down every element of every team what's the most consistent thing in this term Virginia's defense. I know Arizona's there exact given up seventy points this year I know Arizona's there and their pass. I'd I'd I'd just are still confident in marking heiress out of Virginia down to the finals. I'm not a Max curse I don't believe because I've been right I've been wrong through the years I do have duke in my final four and Estonia I got duke in my final four. And I picked mission should. And a lot of to a Purdue Michigan I was sick in Michigan the last couple weeks and the reason is has nothing to do with necessarily sound thinking. Every time I turn on my TV in the weekend I happened upon a Michigan game. And they're always beaten the snot out of somebody. And are on the bench and their loose coach Beilein and the players are happy. And they're just they're just kick in but I like them even better the Michigan State so I. This he's a top five coach in America not you know I don't mean to resume why is why YouTube. Right the top five I just mean x.s and those getting the most out of his team John Beilein is. Is it's obvious he's got like Mike Wright in that regard I think in their it's easier look at the resonating got to not top five but just actual what's your. I don't know what's out there he's up there's a yeah I would while Mike right in my in markets is nick. Com Don don't want wind in my out in my area so you do can UNC. Potentially very itself Bob Big Ten opponents and it's now now the Big Ten is going to be weird here as a weekend as the turn to begins. What does this odd Big Ten tournament scheduled due for. The top teams in the Big Ten how does Michigan Michigan State Purdue Ohio State how do they react to this weird time off then do they don't they refreshed. Or they rusty at one of those teams get upset because they're not ready to go right away a whole aura they could be. A great saying in the Big Ten does say a work WR we don't know but. This could be interesting to see a Big Ten teams I think it could be. Difficult for them and I give him an excuse out of the gate but this is not best of seven this is forty minutes and use we you know you come out of the gate sluggish heard 1015 minutes. And I can really cost you so. Oh god it's a match up basting totally Ohio State a team that you know well you've got South Dakota State but one of these teams is a run and gun team he seems are planned. In their and their legs are quite there yet. You know and and his seed teams wanna run with these teams oral then I can be that can be a problem some these first round games the Big Ten. In South Dakota State's one of those teams I've never seen play in my life though another coach or front sound ask about the state of South Dakota. So there now South Dakota university but the Celtics go to stay yes I don't as the difference as scares me because. What else are they have to do besides go in the gym issued basketball's all day so they might be really good that they're the most seems it's been. By the national pundits who pay attention to this stuff but as far as a smaller schools go this could be upset alert so I'm a little concerned that's part Illini Michigan. Mean putting them in my finals for work is even more amazing too because I don't like Michigan electric collars. I doing here and I exactly don't read it office person I don't like they're scholar I don't I don't like what I see the color is a diskette does this is the vitriol is just like I just opened etiquette but it's hard for either. Do you don't push that button says Michigan like four times implement the final fours it's almost like here I was safe and some that's five point laws are you know I mean it when I say I'm really impressed by Michigan because. You know usually use you like it for you know when you're doing your final four. Could you ever pushed North Carolina all the way in sheer championship winner. I think I Don I think I had it last year. So close to every recent last year I think I've done it before I don't surprise and why should I did have a don't Sorkin marvelous championship surprise and even if it's your head vs heart that you could even still being way into duke. Being able to put North Carolina major championship winner pre bracket. Well that's a difference right now and on the automotive wanna see your between duke and Carolina a little bit recently Carolina fans can nor god duke in the first round just because they do it's a budget actually worked. Roddick did they can markedly higher Mercer down those that are just that a satellite networks Carolina and Roy Williams they don't really. But lose those gates and the first track you know remain so now I can't write down with lipscomb. And and get away with because Carolina's gonna win that game so it's hard to its or even a Kansas he had some salters in the tournament but. None of them were really too early in term itself. You know we're lipscomb is located geographically it's near Nashville right I didn't know I'd look it up to a six I was just like. Recently was when Belmont a Belmont right down the road is a proud to have scope or whips scum we had this discussion as I heard Joseph tiller we'll take you to do it's I wanted to know for sure if it's lipscomb. Look at like Lambeau but don't marketing analyst so much a guy has sounded like. The person who said it on the YouTube video salaries that lipscomb. When Jeremy lamb both. A two syllables but three in this case I don't know I think you're right though materials there Wendell we're not to say it preview and then. After they lose to north so I'll say it again but it's your national hero and you know that until this because rescuers had. Believe we may have some breaking NFL news and we come back here I think a free agent has signed in the NFL will walk. Not be up there is we'll tell you a little above who signed we come back but that's not this piece radio TCU don't know what is he thirty. Don't be some problems are viewed as something new prominence freeagent also board in a way to a team I don't think that was discussed a lot. Auto market were duly alive no Khyber Todd Richards show here stuff going Todd Todd Todd Todd. Dot TJT bone thugs Nokia law. With the Tebow owned does that cheer Mac attack on a Tuesday morning on what I choose by WS frenzy. So Mac attack on a Tuesday my boy's tumor program. Max is working on mine only worsen the microphones. And in along with Shimon and Zach and it's been it's been a free agency frenzy this morning. Joseph person Charlotte Observer all over though got the Andrew Noel to Jacksonville story their jokes what time did your phone start going off this morning because I thought free agency was 4 o'clock tomorrow but this there's illegal tampering thing has changed everything. He had no it is not that that kind of wonder why did you don't start create the L Monday quite frankly. But it is kind of ability. But that was interesting because that was not the C a quicker so much. Do you know we've done. Directed back to uncle Dave got a limited a Denton happened. Now I know and there is talk about alliance with the what we knew he was big market I mean it. Well everybody. Police. At an all pro beat it beat the they want like you were bad for three seed and Peter if I don't work up to it and and and good printer go well. That the Panthers kind of made their that is in your not talk about that or they've made their that there are some of what they create great terror. Have known about the year they're just that's just not a position that my routine again dispute that and paid to guard enact that that twenty million dollar. And of course you've written about all this in advance that he would end up somewhere else Taylor mode and next man up you think of the Tyler Larson more than back to drying glue leased out of the gate and we'll see what they do obviously free agency draft wise but as we sit here today is that ten outlooks at the moment. I've been all. I had bad do you think it is gonna there it is not a dark. Undercard guys. I'd you know I don't obvious appeal let me not and as we biztalk reliable people without fairly. Nor well that's where. But there's one of up spoke out for that might as well. You know out of the wind when will we do on their. Often talked about position for civility. Marty Ernie big believer that too so. You get a guy that you can maybe play guard one here and and whether Taylor Lautner not be 60 etiquette get a first crack. Depending on who they've done but but you know we use is the candidate I think about rightfully future Jew. And you know may have a guy that may be quite guard one here that that for the better would be the. So at wide receiver and you know I've thought about just before that that's the number one priority this off season although they've done some addressing and that was Torrey Smith as we see this morning. Alan Robinson to the bears for 42 million over three years Sammy Watkins to Kansas City for 48 million dollars over three years do you like for lack of an ovaries termed it a little bit more money ball approach at the Panthers are taking at the moment a deposition turns out being that the biggest buyer for the biggest contracts that are going out there receiver now. On a play that I think I do. With this it's. Particular. Bob Hebert quite frankly I think it was you know other than a couple that you just matchup. I think it was a bit underwhelming. I have talked about it. Now signing it slot receiver and and and frankly that's not. Big you know head turning class either. When you talk about guys like bill or Gabriel who really had one good speed in Atlanta. But you know it does feel that he hit the kind of guy. I think that you know if if I've Marty Ernie a threat in locker Weaver with 24 bit. Because it is very deep. Receiver draft. You know you got a guy like tech is they have their discretion Kirk who might be their DJ Moore from Maryland. Boat would look really good in my opinion in the slot. In many it and then we would talk about surrounding camp new look web. You sit back and look what he dad and they figure they're gonna find another item out so it's not that they. And you get poll in yeah well with their competitiveness. You got a question happily. When you get quote you've got them on it and first round perhaps fit that biography that that the upper and I think that it's good way to go. It and they got to the mousetrap for the running back you would think somewhere in one of the higher rounds not just a seventh round pick right because it's a good deep running back draft but it McCaffery something of a specialist Julie should be used as something of a special strike Fuzzy Whitaker is for sure and we don't know what Cameron artist pain is it to make the team Murtha become a great player this year soaks that's got to be a big part of the draft plan is obviously one of these running backs right. Agreed and it. We have very it is it is. You know right on. Well let that we made it seem like act development that a big black it would create the bad years there about why you're at it. But you know I did it feel like Yale yet there are a lot of and ranking among after they have. Sure you're in an on Twitter we deal. His body what Marty or is that we could that we owe us. They are a lot of moderate. You know I at went on the toll may feel of it you're gonna get a seat app though but so it's not like last year. Word ghetto and had a good bit of money and a one out you sit and you know you go backwards in fact Leo at wonderland and right on that might get out. You know they will side is guy is not you know it it doesn't feel like if it would be in this first wave about it. But but there's some value vying to be had out there whether they're running back. Eight and and I agree idiot maybe it might make more sense is that this should all that mr. bout of other. That they're instead of value I think I would make it's it's it's a little bit. And are able to give me all the Cincinnati back yeah well have a depth chart up there but but as well. It is bigger backyard bigger bigger act. Aren't that Bally you're talking about that I I you. That they need indicated have a bunch of great back great and they're like parent well. It is and I think couple years ago that might have made. But I don't think it's out there. Joseph it's your time lines like mind this morning in your mentions I'll be careful check your mentions this morning because. The fans are hot because there are mad about Robinson. And there are methods they were that dot nor well now they're mad about why give as you just explained its computer slate. What money do they have to spend on all these players that's the issue go to. And they do all I mean it's got a ton of money last year. You've got guys like Luke he equally Cam Newton at New York beat up their contract and and make it a lot of money. And that it you know it is. And and I did get a lot of that yet they use. About you know well while they were there are politically Oprah. You know that's a lot at these fear that the both the trick he situated you know what it's gentlemen wet. Dorgan growth to restructure. It's basically. Cause growth retiree herbal or it was going so. Article you'll bode very well require B. Yeah I mean you can go by the way you can go rot will shepherd that that whatever one's gotten our Ali spoke with our route let's. On Twitter what they want is widely you guys. If that fact is all that is it if he when there is the big picture is what which is it going to be. I hear what their site you more value. In the big. Glad they made last. Well the traditional philosophy here's been draft bill through the draft plug holes in free agency not the other way around a so one more than named it to bounce off view us starlet to lay what what he's here in Miami we just saw what Andrew Norwood didn't know he didn't then at the Jacksonville we do you end up somewhere else but what are your OnStar look to elect. Well it is interesting that there was not a lot of it is. Its name did not get candid about much yet today. All you know what it is quiet on the cancer. I think they want to see what the market will bear the dark. I know that like to have them back Ron Rivera mode it only that it much. But they're not gonna get into a bidding war. Ad they star. He hit market weird because you know we've we've all it that the debate about our. Because you know should he be more productive than it's that lot. Yeah you're you're you know and we know what they're they're well he you know he saying that you don't see him occupying blockers they. People got off he who. But you know that bought. They're they're party other that the apple patent it's that what the bell for stop. Do do do do those things and also make it though. It will be interesting to see what there are mark you know me I would think it's drop somewhat yet they were with with the news to you if it becomes available. Well that at. Clearly it that would like to have back the rights for. And not to stop there in the bullets ago if Kyle loves an ethics below undervalued I think he can actually do more snaps and he does and at some point. You got the hero what is Burnham Butler mr. heading into year three writes we got to see what this first round draft pick is made out of. He adaptive and the first round you know made its turn that the people were colloquial but. Then so be it but you're right I don't think there's been an out of the sample but that determined yet who put him on the field you know I get the correct them. That is that neither of signing people up there at the position. What I had been impressive stat like Bernard Butler and Erin are paint me a minute ago. Are gonna get the chance. What Barney very you know brought in big now he needed yet it's actually if they beat them order. On Twitter he's at the more formal and Joseph person of course rate among the Charlotte Observer a web page and the newspaper itself Joseph obviously huge busy morning already for yeah. I don't and be used as an osu probably go right through the night but I know you enjoyed deliver this kind of time of the year enjoy and have fun when. Thank you Joseph person. Charlotte Observer and and coming up at 830 we had Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report we'll talk more NFL free agency Jimmy dykes at 9 o'clock talk and about the NCAA tournament from ESPN and a Matt Carroll from portage radio TV ad nine won a Mac out sick today Jim joking and along with T bone and Zach I want to five W a frenzy. It's not gonna. So kids. A lot. ABC news breaking here in the legal tampering period of the and a cell window here they T bone. A frenzy tweet I'm seeing here Panthers fans have lost at this morning. They aren't getting any of these players at these prices there isn't a ton of money which is what we just talked about when Joseph person from the Charlotte Observer and that's me. Actually see behind yeah my twins had crazy listener that we have gone I treated shall thank you for reading it made too much sense make more sense on Twitter that they don't. You're you're smarter on Twitter. Their effort myself because you do you do you think before you hit send you see what you just like kind of fly loosely you just. You just write it send you know spend a lot of time mulling it over on us a lot of I'm honestly that's the problem this. They come out to festive period I did view the Charlotte hub for system's temperature. I'm ready right now 33 degrees ancillary Byrd ten years parts and labor coverage is available for free. We Charlotte comfort just. Matt Carroll from the Charlotte hornets joins us at ninety wanna be sure to catch the hornets coach your show every Thursday 6 o'clock with Chris Kroger brought you by corona light came on. Lying in official partner of the Charlotte hornets and 125. W offends he. You mentioned they're Kroger Sonata tweeted daring jet will be on the show today what was a just paraphrase what was the commentary and. It's on the show three today Kroger said. No one can common angry mob what are it and there which is actually become plead out civil Darren get balance chaos. Has had the fans this morning dad and that it's not there are two different panther fans this morning that I'm Denham scene there's of people that understand. And our. In knowledge in the fact that there's not a lot of money to stand next look at the guys also boarded that we knew Norwood to come back right they started. I was and why he said it renew it yet Robinson and walk ins are probably long shots. And keep it was a quarterback I didn't matter so. What what moved this morning did you really truly stood Marty to make a good. Do things when I'm not understanding what movie do you steadily Dublin cedes Nazis. I think the draft is going to be the thing in your plug some some holes some needs. In free agency and and be Smart with your money you gotta do is go work on the secondary there's no war earlier quarter and half they need safety Al central itself. Com I didn't know. No secondary players today. When also boards like war what is where is the anger not the understanding of the salary cap situation act up they can go out there and give. Injury nor well 67 million dollar they also can't compete with the fact that. Orwell is go to sort out what is the income tax. It's a huge drawing. A huge job draw also players like that so here we're getting nor while Iraq. Was going to the highest bidder some we'll do contact hometown discount some want to return to a certain region. She was gonna lies that are and down. Echo what we're saying I'm rebuilding senator excited spending sixteen mil on Watkins is insane agreed. I just don't think it's as. I keep repeating myself but the Miami Dolphins went all in on Ndamukong Suh renowned pursues leaving Timmons is leaving there's going through the roster Jarvis Landry who led the league in receptions they gave to Cleveland so amended the dolphins are going in the other mode so I was just like you can go women you can't sustain. All in top dollar across the board on your roster without having to release. An equal number of players to make that happen where you know a hole somewhere else on the roster. Yeah I mean if you think about it realistically till they gave Watkins out money I don't how they did they got their bodies are worthy of they've got to find a way to figure out. Out of Texas secondary as well I'd I'd actually rather. What it is Torrey Smith did the best in the world now they're drafting a receive only channel's telecast. But also McCaffery group provide catch it's a different positions and you've got saw just who is progressing nearby here Smith is a Ted Ginn type. If you've got to your burden Samuel who we hope stay healthy. But the combination of those two B Felix you've got that speed and Teddy Ginn component between those two. Lock down it the exact your Europe are wall Lana Ameen walks aren't suffering bills right it's a miserable exist anymore he's in our view is anyone can even a number one. No I mean that's. What I don't understand either is he getting sixteen million years still based off of thank Clemson you know draft number four overall. All the service stuff they'd Jabil straight up to get on trade a first round pick they still waiting for him always gonna be a write off exhibit any reader which I do think Andy Reid will probably get the most out of improved but once again he's going to be on offense like can someone Rosa was on the ramps there's other players. That are gonna want the ball to around them Tyree kill. Korean client Travis are so healthy he's been he I can't see him being in sixty million a year I'm thinking 16100 yards 1015 touchdowns I mean wondered what are the stats for that usually you know I mean. And he's coming from a system where we've seen in his one year or Sean McVeigh is one of already the best offensive minds in football and that's the rams wore. Break in the bag to bring him back because. He was there number three receiver willing to do a couple of plane dipped Robert once overlooked was the number one there when he was healthy oh yeah. Joseph person on Twitter who was on our show recently never thought Panthers are DR Watkins or Robinson not enough money could still find a receiver and second free agent here but if I'm GM I'm looking at Kirk or more number 24 which gives back to our bill to the draft. This is a good receiver draft so I think it's 44 is going to be some of these type names like Billy Joseph was sort out there and we start out there before too. It is the Smart money and then you hit your leaders control that player for five years you know aside I do I think that's the way to go with I'm worried about this promissory about the secondary as the receivers. You be honest about it down a starting corner to starting safety right now and you lost we can't all be through the draft some that's gonna have to be through veteran player. And EU EU leadership support and I think each level the defense needs some form of leadership. We know where the leadership is on the wind acting Cornet in that front part of defense. Who's the leader of the secondary it's just Mike Adams and he'll be thirty sevens will GT he's here now will he be here in September Michael Coleman provided on mediated every year but. Lot of intangibles. In this thing about we have always talk about Kurt Coleman a lot. What what worries me most about Coleman leaving the other great year western no of course not but he was also hurt but this the saints' front office has done a pretty good job lately of of finding out whether in the draft or. We saw the Max out Ted Ginn last year and got the most out of hand. They signed a cold pretty quickly. And they soccer all walks to. They won the offseason last year so you're on a role. In their debt but also do a nice thing your Tebow and for what they're doing is they're buying low they're getting a pretty good right ballplayer. Coming off his worst year I've got a solid retire and south and they signed and so SaaS it's like quarter of a what are they seeing what's Kurt Coleman that would Kurt Coleman came from Philadelphia. Eagles fans could get rid of them fast enough and then have what do you seven interceptions his first year here a sore arm that close to butcher richer semi random over his head flopped off to tell if it's little like twenty feet in the air Trent Richardson Taylor won't play this well I would expect that at Eddie clay for half the teams in the league Eli your three year period there wasn't a lot to go on the Trent Richardson error there. I'm it's bigger they recited Trent Richardson had a cold straight to number one to get him says is true that a good move by the browns is a colts have been addressed to stand him it's. I can't get in though that. With so anyways forensic breakthrough try to stay relatively on time as an eight thirty Jason Cole from Bleacher Report is coming up we'll take a break here and talk more NFL free agency a quick recap coming up of what's the go around this morning has been forced five significant signings including Andrew Norwood who Jacksonville Jaguars from the Panthers. And talks and NCAA hoops a lot more coming up next Jim joking and for Mac today I wanted to find to be a frenzy.