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Friday, March 2nd

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Joe Marino & Mike Hill. 


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College called sound you man in basketball stuff I'd love. The group says they're wild and crazy in the ACC tournament gonna be great next week in Brooklyn. Except that is in Brooklyn NCAA terms can be crazy no dominate sure fire favorite. Com and then you got throwing to come by throwing a football that's order already talked about right now they Iranian decent come by and actually get on the field today. The running backs in the offensive lineman tomorrow wide receivers quarterbacks tight ends on the field. Let's talk a little bit of drafts a little bit of com Iowa Panthers slant on it. Joseph Marino lives right here to clean city like we all do and does great work. As a draft analyst friend DT scouting end for sand rag sporty joins us now to talk a little ball what's up Joseph how you don't. Secret underworld. Aren't they think is always coming on I'm sure about it caddie between now and and the draft day blitz. It's funny last time we had joy and I think I was asking about like our backs because that's. That's kind of what I still all long as you have McCaffery you kinda get to thunder and lightning together and there's a bunch of powered actual. Ron Rivera said something interesting yesterday's come by an interview he says this doesn't need to be Johnson Stewart clone he says world different dynamic back. They can run inside and outside tension pass protect. I think everybody's looking so that. Access to our guys that would sit close to that description that would be. On the first Republic's second and third round range who are guys that are dynamic I know it's still Dietrich it's a deep draft a running backs. Yeah you know that the name that I really like is that sort of Michelle from Georgia and I think he gives you all three of those. Visibility in terms of running between to tackle without power without pop that you've gotten Jon Stewart but he's also got a dynamic refusing to feel that we know we can passed back in he was. But I don't really overshadowed nick Chubb this past year we you know just added to lift it. We're in the FCC a historic career I'm really late down the stretch in the playoffs and it and against Alabama the national championship. So we shall with a bad back at Georgia and I likely trouble like you all well. Somebody that could be consideration book you talk about that we don't ability to get more reforms started Michelle let me give you one more name here you're looking a little later. If you're third or fourth round I'd like John Kelly from Tennessee. You know the guy that that really do everything just like Michelle. Super balance runner super physical he became a little bigger become on that I thought. He was 205 with a 59205 it and see these super physical runner I didn't think that mesh well for it. Is running out we showed up at 216. Deputy director ten pounds is going to be more. I conducive for the way he runs he's super physical he can catch but he's also really good crap but the -- look at those bangers. Which some more of a dynamics still at the compliment that I think. Those are kind of you're you're you're date to. Well early date three guys that I really like for Carolina. Are good others because some Sony Michelle is I think the fans stream here in Carolina I think he is he is the guy understand seemed to love and I do a 100%. On the if you're looking at our let's let's go to interior lineman I'm I'm sure I'm curious because. I really start to come around this Billy price saying I mean if you listen to Ron Rivera talked yes sitcom my. He's doing all but tell us Orwell's not going to be back in and I kind of frustrates me but I feel like okay if that's the case. I feel like an early interior linemen could be in play a mean first of all if you don't bring nor well back. That's one spot you know although I think they slide mode now and the best center spot comes in play pretty soon here with trying to legal. Anyone happens to Billy price after the toward tech injury yesterday to come by due to bench press and would you still take a shot on him and one other guy stood debt you know senator guard you know large area. Well you know if you're specifically I'm Billy Wright the man that was so crappy year you start sixties I've consecutive gain. At Ohio State none is more events as recchi terror of the pack. And you know you're so it is an elderly for next season suddenly in jeopardy but he's a good football player and I think you're going to be just fine and you've got that. I haven't done a mock draft yet that I didn't want him in the first round as early as eighty Miami thirteen. So you know if he can get him in the second round in your do you know that you have this year with with a little retirement coming after the season. They've put him to step in and inspired to write it and be that replacement and be able. We haven't put him on not on the IR or urine and bring him back that he didn't really are all the guy I like a couple more standard as well James Daniels from Iowa. He's not the biggest guy but my goodness he has electric. Oh mobility and I know that we are destined for offered the wind and what do you really think about yet appellant. What they ask you guys are doing in terms of getting out the second level went climbing into the boundary making blocks the space. You have a guy that can do that he's he's got enough strength to hold up between the between the trenches and soak. I like his ability creates space and a variety of late obviously that translate well to his ability to pass protect. And I frankly right now the senator from Arkansas. He's even though we got it to little banged up but I know that not prior not that exciting but when that guy is healthy year yet simply outstanding I mean. You gotta you gotta just put people on their back if they're one blocker stop on any Arkansas game over the last couple years note guys moving bodies. It's finishing blocks and really kind of has that. They're glad he meant it Alley that you need permanent ear off and the climate took a look at that that are I kind of like the idea of moving a vote on an outlet guarded that you. You got. Good player Darryl Williams really step up in public he can beat at right tackle what I just gonna have to figure out that long term answer that or is it I think those are the three guys basically targeted. Died okay we're taught many interior linemen I don't wanna lose to guys that want to excitement right you gotta get back to a skilled positions spot although I love glass cedars do brother I'm a tell you right now I'm Joel Marino draft expert in DT scallions Iran exports talking with us come by on the field stuff gets going today. Mom would do running backs in the O line we covered those spots let's go to wide receiver because I think a lot of tea their fans man they would love to Mitterrand Rivera yesterday said it. We're still trying to evaluate how we feel about DeVon staunchest review Mazar want number one receiver review was and number two receiver. Com so sales would really love that number one receiver I think there's a decent free agents out there receiver. But if they wanna get one in the draft flights but you know lost cabin Ridley. But honestly he's not going to be there 24 like he's he's. He's MI wrong to say that the running backs it twenties Arab why receivers twenties for our great value like what do you think. Yeah I think that's true I think they've been very interesting martyrs you're glad you don't have the Julio Jones then you lock in type athletic players the top of the class. So you know I think the sweet spot police you re gonna be date till. But you know if you did go receiver early you know there's some guy that I like. I don't really neat yeah actually checked it a little more than I thought it was just kind of disappointing. I'm I don't like corporate Sutton that's why would you promote that you're he's big he's big like 64220. Pounds. And it's interesting though when I think about papers and wide receiver you know. Do they want another big guy with along with seven counts is rapidly moved out Kelvin Benjamin so you know I don't know they're going to be kind of shied away from these bigger view than what quantum. Welcome guys that are more it appears that. And I held it took all of sudden I think he kind of gives you pull but he gives you that side of that. Alpha mentality detached point above the rim game but also he has really good movements still. Inflexibility try to tipster really think in turning get pulled out of his breaks they'll you know I I know he's a big guide me that's not what they Carolina are good. Argument I like him him a lot in the DPP more out of Maryland. He came in six foot to ten which was a great number within two but by using it goes and I spent. And he is one of those guys that play like Golden Tate I don't wanna say it but I'm gonna play of late Steve Smith. And I love to have diapers to dog the debt without a bigot got the biggest attack it was great end. We DJ Moore his ability to adjust the late frozen Maryland quarterback play it's really bad and they were down there a third option last year. In his ability really to dig out broke left and right in and create after the catch. You can electric football player one good route to test whatever they have in those big guys that I start thinking about it Carolina's going receiver 24 courtroom Sutton. He did more talent greatly over that kind of a trio much. Okay yeah well you say no more people are now doing DJ Moore users a place like Steve Smith and Charlotte they're all over it right now from our last question I want to ask you Jimmy predictions on a few of the guys as we get ready to watch this underwear Olympics and I and I will watch way too much that no you will armed. Give me like a handful of guys right decisions to be wide receiver running back could even be a quarterback or could be a big linemen that's a street. These guys we're gonna look at and really be well by us from a physical street Lucia standpoint this weekend would you would you say this we keep our island. Match remain had been Virginia Tech linebacker he's gonna be like export to fifty you get a move like Brian Urlacher it's ridiculously big and athletic you gonna put on a show. They're win games seeker from border state I mean I don't think you can beat Jalen Ramsey type stuff but you might be it takes below you the truth they beat. Comes to mind and then pleaded Brian there's an meaty definitely doesn't know forty could be put to tackle I think he's a super explosive. Clear the way to get out of it and the week kind of like turn it really quarter edges of the pass rusher. You know I think that's really that translate well on appeal to a guy is gonna be like 63 over there and found them. And in has some some use the behind the way he moves and some explosiveness. Because the name that are brought to got to keep an eye on in that obviously they want Barkley you know he's. He's just where air you know it when you talk a couple of physical ability is still rare value six point 233 pounds and I think you get that challenge. That very low forty yard dash but it's gonna be the shelves I think that he's just gonna. He's got that lower body explosion so big it'll happen in the way he moves it just it's gonna be good numbers across the board for the way he jumps. To the kind of guy but I'm really excited that they're rare physical that's the. That's they're fun to watch man they're it was fun to watch our rights appreciate having you on Joseph world keep. Keep pounding you on short during the draft lead up. Stand ran as they're exports and also. Within DT scouting and it's beat Joseph Marino. On Twitter gives him a follow during his Tommy your specially thanks Joseph we'll talk to general brother. Okay great Gartner ego Jo Marie a local guy lives here in Charlotte. Arms does a lot of draft scouting and does talk a little come by to be fun to watch those dudes get out there Indy spandex and we're a cease until usually freak. Is feed via the idea from Washington had a goal like. I know he sounds like out restaurant I'd rather I'd make reservations. I ask you or anybody got a bit of it and I think. That's just not fast food probably some probably not big old. My daughter ridiculous man and somehow in the box they have them like fifteen to one H one they want this. He would be a nice stop replacement he's really I don't it's not our biggest need but Sammy being the good legs again today most highly touted Washington crossed that since frank Garcia I'm solidly but. Should you wash your football. Did you see when Nate Robinson came out the other because he's a dual sport athlete in in in high school and Nate Robinson set I got offered it. A hundred K to play football at Washington. I'll watch what you think Garcia is priceless. Probably some Tito's that's. By the way bone probably surprised if she doesn't know a movie taxed at people want us to play the Garcia bet they don't wanna they can't be in the car. Well how do you handle out now here's the DMX what you would do which when you let people do don't they don't they attack wanted to go to Al Gore's EO the bigger so what are you don't don't let's enjoy this right spoke to Helen Garcia what do when he era when the multiple people behind anyway right now I Mac what you routers out in a rat us out who we play it now instead of just waiting until we come back side when we come back to you guys are asking for you gotta go to work you wanna hear Garcia mocked. This is a bit we made to mock his extensive amount of vacation time that he's had over the years and the things he does what is vacation time it was designed for that handles a DN when we bring in Dalian in Norfleet. So they all laughed together related she did little sneak peak condition of it we gotta get back into college basketball NC state fans what do you man about from last night's loss arrests that was old NC state is it to rats is that your own team what's got you checked. All right let's do this niner fans I know even waste this moment tears begin to hear from your new athletic director and you've been excited about this in Manny comes when a heck of a pedigree you're Thomas somebody has spent a quarter. Of a century 25 years with the Florida Gators look into success success that they have had over that time the great coaches they have had. The lessons that our next guest could have learned there are now he's ready put his own fingerprints. On his own program Mike Teel do had a new athletic director both of these shows 49ers joins us some Muslim head coach to. Joins us here on the Mac attack welcome to Charlotte tell you don't like him. Mac good morning hey I don't grade out so fired up we cannot wait to get up there at worst an exciting time. I think there I think a lot of fans around here pumps are just you know just for. You know you know kind of a new way of doing things a new energy being around. That US US ties here to the Carolinas right you grew up in its Clemson, South Carolina. And you went to UNC Chapel Hill is that's what is that a big part of the reason why you picked this spot is that you I know you have Stanley kind of thing here people you know. Com what drew you to the Charlotte job 'cause I'm sure you could at some point you're gonna be in a Daze why Charlotte. Well you know I can tell you for sure the personal lure of that area is absolutely a big factor for me. And our family you know popular sport for 25 years that you said it aunt Eller credit morons this like all have a you know maybe in my heart in the gators have been so good to me but down in North Carolina ensure secures. A place that you know absolutely that's what you said that they absolutely right you know throughout the clout that. What the school you know in Chapel Hill and in a sellout at Charlotte though suggest that my parents are from Charlotte originally Mike rep air slip there. You know I remember vividly that are sitting in my rip current slipping room. On commonwealth avenue in 1977. And having a heart broken when Marquette is data Butler beat the 49ers so. You know I want the first ever straw or game. A Carolina Panthers Spanish just. It's all I've got all also opened Blowing Rock so it's just North Carolina is home for me is our party is and we just can't get up there. That's cool man Mascoll we get it done next interview with you we get a break down a Kansas man as the next interview me and you don't so resolve all the issues. Right here means a lot except except. Well yeah. Our mail deeply into any doubt. The bill. And I'm sure you know you love the man he's a class act up more talk it would Mike hill he's you know he EC's so happy to be a part of this community summary ties here. Let's start talking about some of the specific you know things you know the you're going to have to do that'd be you know. Battles you're gonna have to kind of win and I think. First single embryo does a football side of thinks because you come you bring this background loves. You're around big time college football you know how it works and in the ins and outs of of college football how program goes. What do you think we Charlotte like it would win Spain's got mad at this past year. About the season and wanted change in coach Lambert's ended up ultimately staying here like. What are you wanna tell the sands a reasonable expectation should be at this juncture for a program we think. Sure sure so you know I would say their first call you know once happy wanna want all right including coach Lambert app staff yet so. No one put more pressure on themselves and coach is still in so imagine how you feel a fan. Multiply that by about a 100000 and that's our coaches and players heal our take it isn't what they are doing this is their actions so you know what we're looking for sure the staff to look at force is some so some mock. You know proper at this seed and we wanted to see. You know where the program that he had at all really excited and a coach rivers is is excited had a chance to bit without. On campus when I was they're briefly for mine on campus and are used in various super guy there's no question about that and he has a lot of friends in this business I know. Who think very highly of them okay so he's he's he's got a reputation that it's excellent. However as you stated we if your fans want to plant has not making you happy right so. You know we we wanted to see where progress is made this ball. And also a little perspective so you know coming from a program despite book ball 412 years. You know look at Charlie that you played football for our users and playing FBS football for three years. You know expectations. You know have to be a little bit different I liken it at what point someone earlier that. I'm back in you know giving your by your old. Trial heats of the car and what might happen so you've got a program as part the result it was still babies you know we're imports but. But I promise you that the goal is to get yet this successful point is quickly we can. We're not edit to be ordinary in any angle on it we're at it to be extraordinary everything we did. And a coach Lambert and the staff is committed that we're going to be riding behind us all what are still let's stay in the fall. In a look at our opener against ornament in the app comes it's now when he sheet. A stadium full during. No doubt no doubt about Osama Mike Teel brand new athletic director of Charlie came here from Florida 25 years and as Florida athletic department. When I look at the basketball side I mean this can use does not mean outreach and acquire Mike with you because you just mentioned. The experience that you remember 1977. Cornbread Maxwell the boys are in the final four. And I don't assume Melvin Watkins and he short tenure and Bobby Lou Sarah. And then to think about where this program has been since coach loose. The and it's frustrating day you know they used to they used to be right they're darn near on par with the big ACC schools when it came to. Caller insane any interest on our station. And it's dropped so much. How can this basketball programs get going the way it was again because this clearly is you know the football you can debate what the expectations are basketball you have to admit they've been underachieving right. There's whipped without a doubt without a doubt it's not it's not a very dark and I think everybody is part of the program would agree without right and so. You know that this program has an incredibly proud rich history. I in basketball and basketball is sort of the center piece. Buddy athletic program based on the history of Charlotte 49ers athletics and we've got to get this thing back to where a law that's competing for conference championships. And being a factor in the quote speed and not just you know happy convenience eternal relentless game we want we want all arena full and I I know. From from experience or haven't speak spoke at a people who played an out building. There it is a tough place to play. And you know Mike White our basketball coach here or not. Coats in in in conference USA at least you know attacked and he told me flat out like he hit the best job that we it's a really they've got a great environment great facility. So what we're gonna work our butts off to get basketball where he's to be equipped. They might you know one of the things that some Ive noticed again be in here I mean we're we're almost fourteen years on the you notice the again I kind of alluded to with the basketball questioned. And it's kind of been like just the buzz of Charlotte athletics has severely decreased you know over the time that I have been here. And that out of course goes goes in hand with the performance you performs a basketball has dropped. But it's you know they've got to be a bigger factor in the sports landscape they've got to market better like. What are your thoughts in Gainsville you guys were small college stem manually only show you know around. But whiz is neither team you've got pro scorcher compete with you'll a lot of fans it'll still love their ACC lonesome when their kids. How do you kind of aggressively market and get the word out so that Charlie is a bigger sports factor. Well so that the first thing I would say look we have we have evidence we have real evidence. That tramples support Charlotte 49ers basketball and athletics always have to do is back. A few years ago to see where where the program wants was in terms attendant right so. It's not that this is an impossible task in how we manufacture and exits or it. A stance based that it's you know disappointed you know that it little doubt right now but it it's Charlotte recession incredible sports city. And so yeah you've got the pampered decouple Warner's got ACC elite it got taskbar but it's a great sports city inner if we have success. On the court on the field I'm very confident we can get our fans the content I would tell you there. When he doesn't hear everything right so we have to do more than disable it for example car we will be very aggressive in engaging our fan base. On multiple levels that have to be if centerpiece of our strategy. So when a constant use social media and providing content to our aunt and served in Iraq with our brand. To get out there on the community I had to make people know it yet hey folks it's time out here support the 49ers because. No we're back we're going to be back if not that they are a lot of really really art. Two out to resurrect this basketball program to to Wear a long. And excited to see where football and it be edit an all our other sports you know I. I come from a place where you know we treat all of our sports with a great deal. Of of pride in or into it it's a situation at Charlotte where you're we've got some work to reform roller really as well as well rocker wanna I look at it. I have great admiration for what the stock program has accomplished. You know I don't got our our our baseball team playing this weekend in coaching got. He had a coming into account just this weekend for four games sat. We're gonna support all Ortiz and about that earlier it's not about being ordinary you know it's about the extraordinary and we're gonna expect the best out of every one of our program. All right Mike you're also under Charlotte radio got one more serious question at least for you. And that is you come in year one. Replace Canadian juju heroes have been here for a long time you know all about. I'm sure her accomplishments but at the end of the tenure stands there were stand unrest. And you saw I mean they would voice their opinion games on campus tech college game day came here for the ACC game you see signs about Judy I mean. I you know some people look at it and say man that's mean but I at least looked at instead just stand basis passionate and once. Wants to win. Did that it does that at all make you pause when you see a stand base like that that agitated towards your predecessor. Or do you look at that as a positive man this this this crew is ready to win impassioned and how do you view something like that. Well I wanna make two points here first of all. You know the reader that this job is so attractive to mean look attractive to a lot of really outstanding candidates competed for the state the job is because of what's been built OK that didn't happen accidentally Gerson an incredible. Facilities amount of money that's been raised to be able built the facility than in there and built a foundation this program. So you know Judy deserves a ton of credit for inning marathon has used it this as does the team they're the chancellor university. But you know again inning had it all it what comment about our. Are we do all the fuel court for fan and I get there so. I acts are told that after you watch it be the opposite of love. Is not hey it's apathy. And the fact that there's no app at the end in their insider nation is very evident though. I don't allow the fact that there's there's all the vitriol out there. Because I think it's unfortunate because UD RR had a chance to meet she is it wonderful wonderful person. And she has done a lot for this program I think people need to take a step back. And salute her for the job they cheat yet but also understand in this day and we're turning the page in order to get this thing right. And out I have on doing it but I you know I I am happy if people care if people didn't care we have a whole lot bigger problem we have right now. No doubt about that that's a good sign that means if you do turn things around on the field you've got those folks that will appreciate it. I'm by the way OK so here it is last question non serious question one of the coaches you spent time with junior 25 years in Florida. Was the head ball coach do you have you over your years mastered the head ball coach impression. Yeah yeah well Arctic it's yep yep yep have a great immaculate. What's going on their market which we so yeah I think Decatur would not get there are you. Thousand trust announced pretty good that was very good by the way you how many. Employees in the athletic department and Florida. Had that impression like they all had their own version that had to be something that happened to say when you go out have a few drinks on Friday night. We have. Matter employees and I would have to say it oh about 300. That's that's. I love it man he's a unique club which your analog and coaches you know what you're looking for. In the future when you do make tires umpire Mike hey welcome much Charlotte we appreciate you and I will be talking down the road thanks for coming on. Mac thanks so much support pockets in the future. I do you that some might feel he had me at Kansas it. He had me bowed at panther fan I'm not gonna lie to you. He had yet our children and I didn't have to I should ask just notes Orioles fans have predicted they're gonna win the game to margins duke I should ask him who want to be the first one. You know tar heel and qatari officials sorted out I can I let's take a break break here we'll fans are mad Charlotte fans are texting angry. The dude you got me fired up man like I thought I won't say what are they angry about I don't know what they wanna hear what do you wanna hear what he's just. He's got to dig got to do don't feel right to get a dual core but I thought that was a good first interview you know. Wasn't Jodie to exact they're there to go seriously yell yeah we got big gradually got the first and every woman just jump on but I might still I really take a break when we come back. If you want to talk niners your reaction might feel we can go there we've also got to get to do Carolina talk fired up again this game tomorrow night is going to be off the hook so much at stake we got to discuss it so far the only man in Charlotte picking a Tar Heels a windy day where the heck are tutorial things. Just how crazy their fans aren't nice birthday and they say in just a rivalry is still. And you know as kind of different here we'd you know people are low post on the court. Com but when you go over there you know it's like like I say just like high school atmosphere you know you got newsstands right here on the court. You can hear I'm Leo anyway you take the ball allowed in doing a movie about chemical fingers or whatever that is. There's so raises it is just a little. Headed dissent is just a goal in com just to be able to continue to win. Saw that's all love going over there. Okay envy them in mid June. At a store up a rivalry maybe. Either college not corroborate or you break out twinkle fingers. Skype still jam. You know how to stir it up on rivalry week there oh brother your job married. Army or North Carolina Tar Heels all right so here's what we have to deal Steve Mona is that it way too easy all. On HBO does it Carolina I don't really easy week EO retires it's an easy sleek average or below recent days been what what a breeze today is an easy like Sunday morning bode well one tar heel fan has called up until June bony where beat you guys. Although she did. That's it's every elites are good at communicating with all day to no jumper and it predicts duke. The outside text or stick Duca to 7 o'clock hour there Carolina fans. And sued duke fans golden pig did you have literally other in the main not heard from one person and that's that's I think Carolina's dole winning dads whose fault. Don't two kids Carolina dazzled don't want to my call it's my fault as a guy that is picking Carolina and win this game that realizes that they're experienced that the bull dog Angel Barry make him a better team than duke and they and the type of team they can go in there too that. That house of horrors in winning games and spoiled Grayson down senior night is Meebo only how to. All my not firing up the tar heel fans with my confidence and bravado pals that not. Having come on IE 8% of the time we have confidence that bit negative they. So you think that's what it is you don't think it's a Carolina fan like lack of faith you think gets Max picked us I can be excited and I think they're turning is that. I'd say they're the slate a decibel loss to Miami I think the weaknesses additional early in the season. Reared its head again it's thought they were passer they thought that they were team that looked like that they were probably one of Betsy and Katrina did not play that way guess Miami. Whether they're don't know who are we now who are weak. We did Tina got hot it was like a final four contender. We did seem that strong against Miami had the same probably had where NCAA with USC is still trying to figure out a due to a certain degree who they are and we are now on March. Well I think the whole country so that's the way it's downright exasperated he should be well yeah they're just they're just good boring even you can Virginia must forwards like 12 left no problem we got this. But he's source Carolina goes I think I'd be more have to pick the team that went on a six game run or contrast is on the show Orleans. And said to us back hold on a second here you've bag on the defense. They had really looked like they had solve that thing during a six game win streak they descended with a purpose and it looked like they got past this so what his point was. That wasn't who they are they've become so much better that they had a rough night that night was atrocious you don't think are always going to be all over them. They ruined senior night I'll always going to be all over them for this game tomorrow night are they able to stem a purpose but they did the first game I. Don't wanna say a timeout yes donors also coming off a loss as traders senior night. Don't they doze you think is right there any and it's UNC. Playing UNC senior night awful loss. You don't think that's motivation for his kid I think it's motivation I deadly sources there was only does he read seasonally motivated I was and so it was duke I just look at Carolina or battered badly got called out nationally. We have received a rematch because we haven't seen a really pissed off that we have what you sort of a low key guy but puts the high motor but he's not a he's got a raw rock got. Also his last game and there. The storied career I just think dad to wish that we could see the plane went and since running him I think works really well man it works really well what else last game in Cameron. Duval class gave me cancer doesn't want you and I didn't expect all the one of those about whether parents you know it's got. I'm doing and you're Yakuza. Did I did try to put your records that are out. But I mean I did Fred is at times Emma latest on the rise up. Evil empire they say how much they don't they do not have a Scott on senior night. Dotting Grayson is divides not happening no chance I think duke wins. Seven of twelve points. That's coal dust bowl big Fella can I tell you something about what's gonna happen here not one dukes fan will give him or take calls from what about half hour to about 930 and we do emails and stuff. Not one duke saying we'll get a little phone lines one because heels fans are ready to swarm this thing baby band being called out they realize how important it. Listen you know how important my Pixar on this radio show I'll put it all on the line bone all our credibility all my legacy as a picker on the line Carolina against zones bone. Has been shook. Moving the basketball is one of the best teams in the country pass in a ball. And that's what you gotta do against his own good you know what they did just Syracuse are their defense a look at it looked good until last game because how do you guys look at the list. Your 40 okay swoon. UNC was bedazzled it against Syracuse USC's defense looked good the last six games ceremonies at our military to Syracuse alassane let me rattle Howard don't often agave unless say they look great while they've lived at that point late Damon started a tower -- tower and it's that three at the end again and UNC. Got away with a novel idea and again has got to deuce defenseless against perhaps start Carolina's defense and detectives can't speak it you can't speak they absolutely should still looking a second half man when they have a reason have a purpose in a robbery games they're going to get after it they're gonna defend they may be slapped a floor just to make you manage yourself steel pins in the middle of the zone is just nasty. Just filthy do they do is go just. I think they will like I just got to go to for you and he's going to be some adjustments here we'll see you don't some ozone specialist nobody's been able to handle zone yet I am so I'll tell you Carolina's gonna hit batter anybody else has we'll sleep makes it great middle dissolve faster too bulky. You'll miss got descended into the court also was having an assault lines right now Carolina fans just to get his baby whiner guys calling with their occupations what started you got chest jazz and might have been like to take here is Bob the Builder going. We are calling in the what's going on here. Techsters didn't fired up Tebow and Sox just like do. Oh cool tonight color their horns and ecology and world now because whoever you are given big Carolina's the first game I'm trying to rally yields antibodies is a crisis they know what he'll say it's a win you don't sought. Feels to win this game I. I do you want them irony neutral all season on the sale of all three of these Tobacco Road teams because Tebow is duke fans are being mean this week they're being mean and their being in there. I don't like you know let's. I'm like dad do just weeks so I'm all about Carolina there when the game is gonna be late. There he wants his free throws duke struggles are free throw line front ends late game they've got a closer in Joseph Barry does do know who it's close or is it disappointing sounds. Is it really great so I don't mean to close out. Don't bury one of the best closers in his Rondo out. Gas DP to a site resembles a giant ass when you drive pilot you're governors I hate you right now looks like aghast. Let's see I'm so mad at you guys and you know what would you call this week it was a zero and UNC lost their white ball here is why he was a wider source and also those of us are so you know to get all we do know which he did that you're gonna pay the price. I know what I did I didn't like did it like divides I was getting from duke nation are I did not like demand so anyway just do your little twinkle fingers twinkle finger but you won't be you know we don't you came as the Carolina fans Goldstone and the phone line would you say he say did you wonder why do saints get marry I got that I'm losing my temper I don't think you get married you wonder what what what a difference Colin and more break because you do these things that you mark there. The 81 when things go well or do you want adults are nice here I am I'm back I'm coming and now they sent you off the offshore ever I'll not have faced all around the world don't trust and as of this moment drawn what do you guys gonna do man holding off the wagons but eagle on demand TV or. I don't we're gonna run you over with the wagons. Three grand country are we gonna do regret to say I know how lower rent wanna say in the duke fans but I'm just pissed right now I'm hissed. And I'm upset OK so I'm taking unanimous in a word liberal I was again tests looked up it'll it was a Allen. I don't think that's a word I've we come back. One level or someone just talk but when we come back duke fans tell me why I'm wrong I'm sure you don't want me picking anyway and Carolina fans block those phone lines baby none of you call for the first three hours of the show what shade of blue wins tomorrow night.