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Tuesday, March 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Jim Szoke talks with Jimmy Dykes & Matt Carroll. 


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It's. Mac attack on us Tuesday gyms at the end for match today was under the weather and along with Timonen Zach we're here for youth thought the line and it'll free agency news and obviously here we are with the NCAA determined these first spore gets underway with two games tonight's who better than the very Jimmy dykes from ESPN SEC network to join us here talks some college hoops Jimmie good morning how are you. I'm due bought some guys nice but heavy on bank. Appreciate it transferred. Long Island University Brooklyn we. Quite yeah. But yes and it's statistical and yeah like rapper what did he make utility shot like that and did you know there that they're Koppen got. I like you got a cure I got but what they've been like here we go. Oh yeah absolutely not just get -- Marty Smith went to Radford though see you later he has been colleagues there's together a little bit of knowledge of the for the Highlander but not every. Centrists or move it ahead obviously you're at the SEC tournament we saw on nine from the ACC getting in do you wanna begin little SEC flavored Joseph Barton. Yeah they've. You know they they continued to get better all year alone and I don't let it into a country that Dan Pettit well but it. In Tokyo really come on the last three weeks. On the opposite event first of all talk about that because. They have really figured out who they are they album all the right now they do it. Oh wait they run some insight trying off but it is kind of a power bully type off. To quote player a high potent two guys not only that you just. Do we get the ball inside out extremely. Kevin Knox and a very very good baseline. Artwork not. In capita and down trainer. He thought of it between appreciate your from baseline action. Cal Perry got rupiah per kid he can people like you got a mismatch on the block so no script or actually one guy inside. When he gave roommates that now seven threes are even or semi final game they're they're just really clicking right now not not what. They get important start look into practice and playing well right now not. Not who you thought was great all your orbit and playing well now. Wacky side real problem. I believe there are dual track on track become. The best three point percentage defense that came out of the major crop or lack spike you're probably their numbers they'll. The point that were 20% overall. And I note that in airplane should a lot of. I was gonna say there's they're about to face it seemed at two traditionally makes a 30 get by with that against Rhode Island at final there but Bob Phillips Davidson team they would buy a three ball. You haven't that they do and that they I don't interpret cal. Developing it they've been kept realizes that reaching only Annika to be deeper because that's what keep going is. You don't you don't understand now. All that he is and how long are he'd get on the war with them in pregame warmup. And they can really really bother shooters the you're talking about to guard may play army diablo and shake your belt and then expire ecstatic. In the rest of Frontline is in her between 69611. And at that it is huge thing. But they all well. You know Leo they go in there come up yet he's become a championship and they've been a little inconsistent. But a right activist there right now I'm not a thing hook. I would not want a plate and that they paid they look the part of a tunnel work mainly won a championship. Out of the SEC teams besides Kentucky give me one more. Is that you like that could make a deep run and the best chance of that in the NCAA. A couple of belt off that would senate seat because that they're at their Kentucky beat the Bible and and it he would do it subpoena. They're not dynamic in any area but there are no fault on that means. They all eat than. They do a good job as anybody out that all is simply guarding about the ball would. That all huge part regained they're very fundamentally under political deepened between. They get to guide one of grant William the other admiral Schofield. The boat what might be they. Art and have the other one export it out. And about 240. They look like deep and demand in the in the if he's see that they are not met my mayor. At the three or look for position where Rick Barton despite playing. They're there is a very typical in the speed they don't be stupid stuff. Macau like Virginia out eight he'd he'd just you know be stupid stuff they don't beat and well. And that very very good yet it seemed it seemed like he kind of art and very explosive. I would act are active it matter whether in the sweet sixteen and an Alabama because of the conflict in. That the dangers that it's dangerous here they are they wrecked now Alabama they they got app we go for. And back then I might not know question will be the first. Guard taken in the next NBA draft. It's definitely try to fill out their brackets here's suspect until Thursday or talk with coach Jimmy dykes. ESPN SEC network so as of over the ACC you just touched upon Virginia there what was it about this year's Virginia team because they use a similar formula every year under Coach Tony Bennett that may dump. A unanimous number one and then the overall number one seed to this tournament what what what made them so good this year. Cast your statement so consistent all year in terms of what they do how they play I think it. Exceptional pony it's those kids seduced something that justice should not cool to do without cool thing to play like they play they'd they'd do it. A level that's higher than anyone in college basketball. Marty that that they they're not they're not going to be and well. They're deep and it is open net you don't beat them on the first game of the weekend you're not going to be in the 24 hour period in between on the second game so. But not to lose the first game back and pay that and that nobody did the speech explaining their presidential preparation. For their there's but it round matchup. And probably have within and is basically the is it different than anybody else in the country. And the team that are close to it they're not near good so. What I like about Virginia and I don't happen they don't change what they do mean they did it matter who they're playing like a trap the post again. In detect and double they're all being deepened for the big and that. And it makes it tech or going down group made up on the shooter and they did they take things the way that a lot in are good at all went public. I think what makes with a difficult this year that they are again. They're having wanted to go papadore I think it's been your pat etiquette effect on the board nearly an epic are. To keep this year I haven't won in the whole thing I think that you know. For the most they came out of a brutally they dominated that league in the regular people. There have been there and a cup championship. And I think it's just the year that bit. But it became a right way it's gonna be rewarded. Absolutely of the North Carolina and duke. You are seeing them go back and forth in their head to head matchups do you have a feel for this format in the NCAA tourney which one. Might go further in this tournament between North Carolina and duke. I would they do occur. I think the golf throughout the look in his term. Critical for individual and not get out and I think in order across the country yeah Andre Aiken at Arizona. Will be able typical player to match up against and play again and it's knockout tournament. Exactly is right behind him I think conflicts would be third of that live. But back we just that he's a difference maker in the end you guys know that. Looking at a plate again in this year or not and Utley. They don't realize how big a long and it is it is and I think he puts so much pressure on your defense because. You cannot achieve it you cannot beat him you have to keep your body on him all of our. And that really that your defense and bind because now you can't rule you know off campus off penetration. And we can't do that then. You're given up a lot of things well all your people at the Tennessee Q do you see it they're gonna throw a lot you know. Ordered to stop and ago and nobody with a body on and he's got a tip not commanders wet and cold and he did a phenomenal special power that looks different than everybody else in the term with the exception of patent. Epic grace and Allen in the kit that. He's more than capable of being one of what a good thing. Ten or fifteen best player in the tournament and it Pete does in the C is that. For four consecutive games then they'll find open Antonio huddle like without a question. Jimmy dykes talk intelligent or less when Jimmy let's ago and we early rush job for selfish reasons help us on our brackets. It doesn't have to be a deep seed like a fourteen. The give us one or two that maybe we haven't seen a lot of that's you know not a top four seed you'll give us somebody you think could win two maybe three games here than they do we're not thinking about. You know I would I would keep an eye on a couple of team. I think I think South Dakota State is very very dangerous. Everett are probably Kuerten in my armpit in this candidates. Eating each morning peace. 24 when it by what he game he's just. A night and another matchup nightmare that that they move around although the war post greed ball screen action. It's clear that they pay that but it's seen that they've made it pretty in the right way they play hard eight and they're a box saw that not going to be in so I don't turn it over. I like the matchup against. Ohio State Department that that the that the team that I like and what are aware that is gone back in the next round but I think about the mistake when opening game. The other the other team that intrigues me a little bit is that Murray State net there in West Virginia and you're bound cargo we almost the last one lets go of the rope that they're there don't don't merge state and Auburn. Like their outward bound or four minutes ago. They've got to the player of the year out that we there. They're in the play hard they need they they get a culture what in there and I think is really really do they get it. A freshman guard in. But haven't seen it is dangerous can they want and are we in inordinately a little bit and rated. Out of people around on those votes to paint between duplicate it on at 1213 slot and beat two contributed. People are elected at the image amateur and a new West Virginia and lost anyway so Michael memory statement for sure. Coach Jimmy. You see a lot of -- this year it's at coach Jimmy dykes on Twitter Jimmy appreciate it take it some time enjoyed a tournament coming up and all the great actually begins today we appreciate talk on us this morning. Thank you Jimmy dykes they're coming up Matt Carroll from the Charlotte hornets as we continues Oki and on the Mac attack today I wanted to five W a frenzy. Thousand dollars. Guys thanks to win the word this hour is secret SEC are ET secret text that secret word to 72881. And get into and a thousand dollars or get to the top of the hour to texting and national contest that means messaging data rules applied. Full content stroller Villa WS Lindsay dot com as it I'm wearing secrets. Secret that's as true as the lord is no longer secret seven Q8 81. Texting and had to have your chance to win. A grand as we. Switch off of talk about NCAA determined action to NBA the hornets on the road for the next couple beginning with the New Orleans pelicans tonight Matt Carroll and for his weekly visits they managed Jim's OK in for Mac today he blues voice out excited about the there's copper Germans last week amount appreciate you dropping in and porn expanded to talk about going into a tough place the way Anthony Davis and the pelicans and complained of late that won't be an easy one tonight. It won't it into my detective visit the clip of department get a break from mass. It's a Suffolk I get a lot of Betty that's funny. From the regularly get that a lot. I'm sure you do a surge has yet. Question you are not going to be an. Our sport acquired great that a couple lately and yet but he did it look. A major player here though a tough road trip coming up want to. Not a beauty way to start it off. So we've organism particulars and so forth and you know you win five in a row you lose five broad based Phoenix house tells the morale on the team from what it was earlier had 'cause the energy and just obviously six and a half back a final playoff spot it's kind of an evident where this season is going but but how the guys hold up coach Clifford and again. Yeah you know what to deprive the well you know I ate there a common ideals are great I look at the patch speaker Christine will agree apple or around the we've fire in a row in the dollar haul road trip no law or does he bought into silly. Toronto called home was fluent in each unit on Saturday they'll. I wrote your early years the way out if you know little weak right now what that the route there. Apple we look at it for each have actually put a walker the white collar or what I'd go that route all they get it. Well epic brutality is so young guys in their game with an upper you know of Kerala. Article is about that though the according to grip the booklet that. Court or not. Fortitude to be brought you by tougher Genesis visit Kemper Genesis today experiencing Genesis G eighty NG ninety Genesis. Luxury elevated match earlier sponsored congratulations. Want to talk a little bit more about. We're getting into looking ahead are obviously were going into offseason mode here Moly month what DC united human more playing time lately. You are picky get more comfortable orbit and I think coming at you they are you look. They're two really excited and we were really I am we are coming in double bogey and it wrapped in a beam your level. It if he could happen on color but. Put up salad if you got a lot of that in our ability to. With the matter he but it will start to each don't score about it out she spoke about we we now up that they. Actually don't or political statement with quality to the candidate that you gotta upper got to occur quite a though he pumped all right now caught up in store to open a whole lot of minutes for them. An epic if it or not they they're the grip that you look for you know it'll give them confidence going into the offbeat at all. It is he's clearly got a yet you don't quite dapper shall be an opportunity. Obviously hard did in detail forecast just because you're revenue general manager are there any untouchables on the roster after Kemba Walker trade rumors is. Are there any building blocks to go let's let's hang and of these couple guys as core guys or do you think basically everything's in play going into the offseason. I think everything the way you know Bobby you're there's one guy you very much would be walker what to reality are able you'll like the oil each dole well. They ever worry that we're looking at or go to lunch don't wanna lose. Well but it it at this point you don't Michael talked about they would. He won't be you know in a position where your top fourteen leave it to be that want to thank you don't like the oil out there but it's in such or are. Our Little League talks here and I'm not saying this because there at the top of the standings at his Toronto the team in the east do you think DC Boston having enough the seems like some of the young players or maybe start to get a little gassed you assemble nagging injuries were Smart and Tyree nothing significant but Cleveland doesn't look like and quite get it together is Toronto the team in the east do you think. You know our group and broke a lot of people we recruit auto. And the commodity a lot of oh well we. Well to put. The not a leader but they've done a great job. A lot of oh are low. What I wrote. You didn't want to get back in Cuba is a way to keep people at its two outs though. Well equipped to which bought it off that if we don't haven't just up the right it is a yet John politically now but it is not what brought. Or that they now a lot of. And the rockets beat Golden State in the best of seven to get to the Western Conference final script Ken Houston dude out. I don't you happen. Watched. Way it is in their starting spell out yup we got a court what are we. Our Chris Paul is worked out that are in the most people with suspected. With the gold in orders. They're about that a chance they're very clear up interpret the rare I don't beat anybody beating them. Even the rock was he looked the other. Very good iMac Carol obviously it's a slow road swing coming up here but appreciate your weekly visit here thanks for joining us is always. Appreciate it thank you Matt Carroll there when we come back. Tebow is a busy day he's got the morning showed today he's got plans later in the day we're not gonna divulge where they are but we're gonna say what they are who they're aware of Pete are you comfortable that. No not. Why did navy agreed it would what it would in my mind this. I darn it why would what kind of still Vermont is still time to back out if you want probably will. Oh well we come back almost as players they're going where they're sitting what mark will be wearing most like I don't know I. Home you know given away is that gave the thing the way he gave a tease we're sure. Are there it. What can also what do you woke up this morning he shared with us. This song that was playing in Tebow and said this morning yeah bring it to the bottom of that we have a lot of psychological. Digging coming up here. How much we get in tool people see before time expires Tokyo and for Macs they went to five to be a frenzy. Yeah I do you miss half. You looked like this past. Sin. There's a reason for. As I don't know why they were about to find out why Tebow announcer he walked in among the many things he said today that this on the you're hearing here. The reading rainbow song was in his head was a when he woke up this morning so does that look up my seat at the floor. I was staying in a this historic. You heard this song. Could you falsely to the show policy it's. And probably twenty years. Just a no I hadn't done it this in my head them I was saying it during during the shower this morning some way to work this morning tell us why why did this song get in my head. That's why did you do we have a need there's an employee Alexander ST diesel are born and everyone has but I have no idea it and it did the funny part about this. What part of teal and of course you all about it. Zach had been just no idea what Osama HR puff and stuff none of that bit to take a look it's in a book it got me that made me pretty emotional. They know now an outcome like that reminded me how this all our guys and well it's I don't like it just tell you and is state and there's no. Not a crier your journal wants it Bob daytime car addict for real moment over the re remembered I try job I was watching a 20/20 recently knows about the return of Roseanne. And now I started here on our got a chance they did their first table read and none of these guys are cry and I'd once I Soledad dance not dead on the table read. Theres always I try everything from a big time prior. Probably want a bigger cars German your life I'm Michael right now big crybaby guy yup. So the oh god don't put the animal the animal commercials Sara McLaughlin song playing well and now AS PCF. LO US TSA like five minutes or sending a team and it's all it goes on for ever thought I was like just like everything boarding their whole life is passing yes. During the commercial was accidentally stumble one of those things. Buckets part two of our Tebow segment here we just say I miss out is big morning here which had a lot of NFL free agency news Rory camp that was Garcia and really come up by Andrew nor will visit Jacksonville Alan Robinson of the better Sammy Watkins a Kansas City case Keenan's going to Denver we'll talk more about that next segment but. In the interim between what is tomorrow showed today show you sir have big lunch plans don't you. Yeah I don't really know why apparently mark from Estonia will be near my apartment today. So we asked to go to watch instead of just turning him down I got Doug semi 5000 times I agreed to go to taste. I tape and I said okay that's aren't what else I got dated back so I'll be having once they will mark from Estonia I don't know. I don't know why it is he wears a Dale Junior I'll say I don't warmed and I just wanted out why didn't the why did nobody stopped me when I agree to this. Now again and I have a limited sample base yes and I follow him Monday dikes Obama trip by affiliated because these are true I should probably follow marks and as soon and Twitter but. When I met him at the John Hancock. Pancake breakfast on Saturday I found a very pleasant. Low key. Reasonable adult person albeit wearing the dale. Junior Mountain Dew race so it's really easy soldier. False sense of normalcy just not the norm not quite like lunch will not look I thought it was very calm reasonable. Would you say that he was leaving classy at the breakfast. I like you didn't dominate the rule out I was expecting likes what it's like sweating there was none of that it was very only thing he did what I told him he had to bring his arms but he had to bring the Sara put up the event. And I was being facetious and he brought us are buried anybody around we have more breaking news here. All I'm not say yet I am all we got we got are producing a morning show your hand come on man already 21. 32 wafers are. Yeah give me some advance warning well ahead or it's breaking news out of zVue warnings before we get a former some here former Panthers. Intends to sign a five year deal with the Buffalo Bills when free agency opens. Zach how do you feel about your buffalo. That is a much needed hole right there are filled it's either starting quarterback. Maybe. I can't only one business there Jared Lorenzen I'm stunned that why would a former panther go to bustle while that doesn't dent Apple's mind they know of him I don't know what kind of research are they doing in buffalo in these cantor players. The US funny is they've government side by mid ninety's when we talked about. He's not offered a black or you're a big Fella. You got picked in the first round now or Jumbo Joseph personally have now it's your time to shop I know I think a lot no angst when time this is your op. Now now you've got out also we talked about secondary. In receivership. You know was stormed on board a ball was on the spot on Iraq may also find some depth on that defensive excellence and Kyle loves a rotation guys and well what is played so our troops there. That's but that's Manso Andrew nor world too is that bragging about it and there's a way Jacksonville and Astaro Toledo buffaloes are things you can't is in the news. We drove a caller on the line right war what is your biggest mouth yeah I don't. What is happening here this guy's called twice in a name for are called are you just wants to do what Charles Barkley and anonymous call us we're talking Charles Barkley earlier thanks for holding of a Charles Barkley impression for us. I am Charles talk. Aren't gonna I don't know anything out Arizona. I don't double play Arizona. I don't know coach Erik how about. A hundred total acquittal when it. That's that's about Jack thank you for calling Charles we appreciate you hold what's what's on I was expecting better. It's either yeah that this at all during the bridge and he is he told us there was going to I don't think it was Charles Barkley he gaming is sample and I actually last a little bit but it was a lot of fun here I guess when the he made it sound like you like the idea now. On the greatest oppression of all out all he basically said was Ernie turning it nearly one line it earners like a one trick. After earning it and knock knock joke there would and I like we appreciate or that is a banana paste or ask for. But exactly what is down baritone that put us down there and that's obvious red one job to do exactly that was event the caller that he held like ten minutes to do that too we call twice he called during Jimmy dykes ormat can always funny on the phone what are you gonna say. So I was I was asked him daddy did you the Ernie line over and over again with a that the powers into the acidity of other stuff that your dad. He kept doing that he could do limit limit to his own limited imitate some of doing that on and it was pretty fun that we had this big mark from Estonia reading rainbow starlet to lay news segment and then we'd we thought this was good relay through the cherry on top was to be Charles Barkley images why is Charles Barkley the worst part of the segment he should be the best part of the segment. We thought it would be ended up being quite I got to apologize so listeners Roy just it everybody SARS first thinking something was funny that didn't turn out to be funny it is a look into it thank you. BC dilatory like. The ten greatest in front of the class ethnic but I was so I try to exercise mayoral candidates are rushing to figure by your actions young man and clean up. Chart report afterwards so we do you have else in addition the panthers' case Keenan to Denver. Alan Robinson to Chicago. Sammy Watkins watches over years to Kansas city Kansas City just loaded up with offensive weapons released Tom Ali also. Dell is departed right defensive team. Defensive Bob. Identity furlong tighter under all offense artist he does it does it your all authentic and there aren't. Entity agents to Kansas City we dissent offense and into religion goes against the citadel back a select out West Point. And injury to not that big curling championship at the Olympics is a point yes she's so brilliant Aurora boy baby boy he had energy when the season against. You've already stated that don't make the playoffs and then lose in the first round because that's what it meant he read team does what would you be stunned if I told you Kansas City has a great offensive year they go. Twelve and four away 11512. And 413 and three whenever record you wanna say. And they still lawmakers of the contest to make some mistakes right amiss Alex he's gonna just come out of the gate in Disco. 4500 yards and a perfect he's gonna have some games are probably obviously losing some games or some turnovers they'll learn a part of a good player but they're not gonna. Dominate I don't think all the way he plays leads to mistakes too right is sort of brisk fall guy and gal Brett Favre Ian Wright he runs out here is a gunslinger so even if a home destroyed. A series cassava despite forcing banks yep well Panthers. Not a Charles Barkley impersonation as a. No but I just thought that that was not really Charles Barkley. Then we went tourism sources tell us that was not a drug also. Also wasn't funny breaking news that caller wasn't funny when we have another a little more time to begin annoying your. Drew Brees Ernie there were so. Crystal the saints serious that it million. I install and what Drew Brees has joined the same kids go to Cleveland now hitting an all Japanese offer he went to somewhere that he's then SS 2000 Tony five million per year you said. I'm breeze. Zach Drew Brees is saints' two years fifty million towards women. When you say you get what does that or one there is a 0% chance he is leaving nor exactly that's one thing if he had a falling out Peyton. At some point but Don of those guys are. The guys are linked together is forty years always like going tumbled as they would at Cleveland or the jets are in the but not on now that's. It was gonna stay here so as his that was just talk show fodder. So Drew Brees deliver that through a two years and that's one dang it wonderful awful baby slowdown sent. So we are breaking news I was on Charles Barkley but that was Drew Brees gone back to nose final segment America's second up next what did you find to be a frenzy. This is from back today and China's bush thank your for tomorrow and thanks guys who Timonen Zach big morning in free agency. Couple Panthers are involved in terms of their travels and Jew nor oil goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars highest paid guard in the league starlet to Malaysia a five year deal with the Buffalo Bills and then elsewhere case Keenan quarterback goes to the Broncos wide receivers Sammy Watkins to Kansas City Alan Robinson to Chicago. Frank Garcia here at one point you were the highest paid guard in the NFL's correct. Me by. Yeah how did you know that culture that where you're tied highest paid do you worry is how is your life I was the highest paid. I had the the biggest salary cap hit for the Carolina Panthers in 1999. So in 1999. I was in that highest grade kept captive for the tour Panthers. As within you know manipulated salary caps back that volunteers son wanted to jump by your agent what I did he act. Four years where you're your own agent that you don't bail out of my I don't know much better than the public still memento as Carolina Panthers have gone onto the rams but. That's ridiculous because I ridiculous crazy you know how much these guys. Norman agent behind normal thirteen three im not sure what stars gonna get as just pointed out you those days. Sammy Watkins is gonna make probably fourteen million dollars a year I mean actually 1616. Yes you're sixty are the worst thing you know sixteen million dollars a year I mean for a guy ready to show reasonable one wide receiver listen back in 1995. Let's check this out. John Elway it was the highest paid player in the NFL you know his salary was. Two million per year for a while I mean so let's talk like 197990. And I came 1995. John Elway was the highest paid player in the NFL. Fifty million per year I bet people are screaming right there on sports talker talk in their screaming I can't believe generally throw away and all the guys around like gosh this guy's just kill. He's killing you know these guys do in thirteen 1614. In a million turn these quarterbacks were asleep around thirty so her cousin it shows you it shows you were you know the NFL is going and Roger Goodell is responsible for a lot of that so we can sit and bitch and complain. As the players who knows that he is the commissioner but he's done nothing but make these guys money so. You know it's kind of you know he's he's gonna kind of best of both worlds when you look at that play the segment Bakken three years right there will be going cousins for thirty what do bargaining supervisory and fifty now I mean as so you don't just they would Enron is gonna get it right doesn't just thirty what's Roger's gonna get when he becomes very good seventy million dollars. And yes that's billion dollar quarterback great but for. More NFL news or not a sighting yet. But the browns are making a major run and eight sold from the New England Patriots to replace Joseph Thomas. The result is a very athletic guy rabbit ears I didn't the bigger news here might be that the career Joseph Thomas appears like in my DN. Or maybe immune to rise up out there no matter there's talked has eased. Yeah he's brought he's broadcasting is ready what he's done to you Aaron millions probably goes item to be done equate his logic is looking elsewhere but it fox tryout which on fox last. Did you win it's exactly one. Thomas there's a good clip the same don't. Diaz didn't all the stuff all this free agent signings and things I had this they threatened to. This is my town nearest I don't get into much of the college recruiting and things like that but you know this kind of stuff. Because you can you know these guys are capable of you know you've seen employee number I had the pros they are. And has a big impact on your salary caps I mean you're taken a big risk by bringing and then sixteen million dollars a year Sammy like as I like the Panthers overall philosophy I figured you're in the same boat of of not doing. What's going I was saw it always. The read that interim mistakes don't back in 1998 you know Jimmy if you remember all the stuff that we did was Sean Gilbert and you know the we just got over the stronger oversight last week the Reggie whites. You know the chuck Smith. Well they're already that hill hard. And I prescilla. Thought that they went all way and try to win because this we're that close and they realize right away that this is not the way to do it in the teams they have success of the ones to build through the draft. The ones that find the album Mars won the fines. You know Josh mormons are guys that find. You know those players are Richard Sherman in the sixth and seventh rounds and they really did a bargain with those guys for 34 years where they get to maximize their. You know those guys in what they're able to do for your team and musicians salary cap on top of that gold and other places so. From yeah it's crazy to go out there and spend that mean. Namely the last freeagent not named Dion Sanders it's really went out there. To a to a program and change their change of direction you know the Miami Dolphins were a team built with those defensive guys that didn't change a bit. Ndamukong Suh is the highest paid defensive player in the and they release him for what reason he made too much money too much money could sustain a pain to any ill too much money. So I think the Panthers and tells her now to. If plug holes in free agency rights and now you have an opening it guard you need some depth there. Cornerback safety so did it again not go all in sixteen million dollar a year guys don't you think some Smart veteran. Move Cecil does that to me that's what free agency you know four of the the you know the teams that do right the teams and have a chance to win. You know need to go out there and do the new draft well. And what they don't find in the draft for example if they're looking for a tight end in the needn't may have a need they'll get two guys that they want because he goes off the board a couple of rounds earlier pick earlier whatever might be and you can replace him. Was they patched you know pesto budget tight end this committed maybe get to threw for a year and you know veteran guys it's not make mistakes and you got to build that way he does have enough pieces you know in my opinion menus they can't. Is that debt taken a little bit ahead here though because. Now I know that it's some volatile while the Dow star dog sort of bubble was a spot now all of a sudden. The difference of why scenario where he made out another body it's only refers to the league. You know back a hundred years ago when is he drives a horse in her revelers to work come speak well John. I had a great player yeah drove a horse sore. No but listen I mean it was a mechanical bull you're the you're drafted. You are drafted to be debt. Yeah and that seems to be because those. This rookie salary cap now it's in place you know side kind of becoming more in line the veteran players within the structure the contracts. You can have a a veteran minimum only count as small amount of dollars against the cap pay got a little bit more. The people are familiar with all these things look now you can. You know kind of really structure your team to draft these guys laws and our first second round maybe even third round. You know trying to bring in club provided that debt so if you look at that debt Monique you're gonna find that late maintenance forced just 67 round submit places like that that. You can sit behind these veteran players that. It we just talked about their password guys and hopefully they. You know the mission you know they grow to be you know the starter in that position. And Kyle would be assigning of Torrey Smith last week does it look more moral like at 24 spots to be receiver for the Panthers to bring in a draft pick there I hope not. Honestly for a guy I don't amid that I think you can find help and I like to Smith deal I do I did several as the sun extremely popular but I'm smiling because of sitting here. As a senator to out of curiosity a breeding with all these Eagles fans sites had to say about Torrey Smith lesser the Simon is a freeagent. And what they also I don't takes the top boss additional only one receiver in the NFL over the next time period. As more George forever is more doors for catch the name of justice John Jackson did Eagles are waiting forever assigned Torrey Smith. I'm guessing they don't need more wide receiver help I don't I don't go there were at the 24 personally that the position nobody's talking about guys is defense event. If you are talk about it and send the position early to say teeth perilously. Since we're assuming tapper says that yeah we don't even if peppers is Baghdad what to do or did he ever did you can only five plays again right even if he's back you still need want and if he doesn't come back there and then your dire straits and you've got to figure so that estimated the number one priority because that's the position has don't have the biggest impact potentially. Really talk about the receiving corps here's Russ said yesterday and today we got three members are getting back hopefully healthy Olson who gives you a thousand yards and healthy or not every team has. Also have a running back out of the backfield democratic evils of catches eighty to ninety bulls' season right so not every team has those helmets and those things. People don't count those and the catch is sometimes I dozed those counts. Like it was count and you have good wide receivers. When healthy right exactly what we will was ever fought just caught 65 balls last journey wasn't even like you know he was even used a lot in the early part right guy. I actually. The guy's 20/20 three years old he's a young kids still Bryant and I'm not making excuses you know but that was times that was his first opportunity in that position it is an airborne receiver Jim you can speak to this and they they were really excited about the near burden in his development progress towards the end of the season. Are you start so I know I know Curtis Samuels are Israel's Dustin stuffed approved but I mean you were Joseph overall we're not even if you're the liberals is so excited about Curtis Samuel the speed has potential investors sector mpeg content so I get the sense that they don't think that that they kind of like were they are assuming health out orders club secondary fully dot. Were so I like and that the ceremony that's where you can look in that second round get to third round picks and you look at their draft patterns and history this where they got guys like Josh Norman that's where they guts you know Brent Barry that's where they got players that. You're gonna go out there and still have impact in you know they just meet in the diligent and they may need to grow a little bit faster than maybe what they're used to and you're gonna have competition as we can bring some of these veteran free agents in their plug and play give and you see who argues that Spock who wins that's but to me the day's biggest need is defense abandoned and ultimately you start getting to. Some of the other positions I think we're fine offensive lines who to who can fill in the left garden he's going to be in for a disease in your mind he's going to be a falloff from what you had nor will the world's best player in the league depositions so yeah anybody's going to be a falloff from what you had with Angie normal but he's. He's capable. Right and he can play a lot of different positions. Off the Lycos is love that versatility. Merely talked about the big guys that they draft remote last year. You know he's going to be able to compete you know I don't think he personally he's a guard he's cut to I. But you know you can rotate. And then you put in you know the and what's the other kids named Tyler Larson Larson thank you. You know eat you rotate him and then it doesn't is that the competition of the best players don't play that left guard position and it's not gonna be. And Orwell but you're gonna have. A slight fall off it's not going to be tremendous. It SA guys are crazy stat on Sammy Watkins ought to read this morning please what his contract expires in three years of 27 years old. He's younger than some wide receivers dropped and how he got there oh yeah mis he how was he fourteen years old. Don't pay us the clubs and I mean how old was doing to address that is why he hasn't developed yet we're still waiting Dallas I was a nine year old I think. That is the opposite of what Greg Oden was on you until Portland it was under insisting. The French vote in this so I've more or Garcia and Bailey coming up next I wanted to U five W offends me.