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Tuesday, November 21st

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Calhoun see you know same as dining establishment in Knoxville like the rumors starved for a break and then on Saturday gruden went Peyton Manning or hang out together in their place. They then started telling people. Hundreds irritate Maine they said since had to apologize because it was not hundred with tight man engendered was in Seattle getting ready. It's it's unclear if football is just did Tennessee blessed arts I know another we have all says listen we get a handful yolks. Like you wanna win your heart's in the right place. But man you are just trying to wait did he got a tries way to hard to get too good looking girl. Just relax a little bit chill out a little bits all right let's up Kevin Donnelly bottom of the hour at 830 we'll talk about the tea thirst. Our main between then I think we may need to dual bar ball Donald Trump feud update Lombard did a Taiwanese team in an interview on CNN did they not have better things to cover on CNN in the world dogs and nine lowers anyway we'll update you on that goes shenanigans. But right now college football another another play also revealed some nights. The man over its CBS that is he had poncho when it comes to break him down the play also and projecting kinda how these things will go is Jerry Paul Lee joins us here on the Mac it's active Charlotte hey Jerry how you ban was going on. Go out on we're doing we're doing good I love this time a year and loves you don't talk about playoff possibilities what could what could end up happening down the road all start with a simple I mean a simple question. In your mind how many seems truly. Control their own destiny like you or I would you go to top 600. Or seven that we don't through Georgia writes. A a guy. 07 I think. You know Auburn had a chance to be the first two loss team. Don't play out want to get followed Georgia there everybody else to do are still some teen courts are the karaoke bit addicted to and then what you're talking about. You start talking about and a significant upset stepping down today or attic that deep possibility. No I think all the other ones are you win Alps and you're getting in even Auburn right now see you. As some people scoff at a two loss team but if you end up beating Georgia twice. And Alabama how do you keep you can't keep that team out right wood and. Well right especially you know those three popular dilatory lot of opposed to eighteen cabinet of course assuming tortured beat Georgia Tech this week. Dad did. Doubt agree I mean it's. You know look we had a two loss team in the BCS era right Ellis do you look at 2007. I think yeah. There LSU won the cheap did you get to blocking I mean we're gonna have a two loss team in the playoffs. Just you know it is bound to happen there and this year they could happen this year would Auburn could happen this year with somebody else to Notre Dame Ohio State. There I mean builder. A little bit more wild scenarios we just seemed like edit and could get all of this not over you that's early critique identity. Now I've Syria out of full disclosure and your Big Ten guy yourself your Purdue guy like grows corn rice and Pennsylvania on the Penn State guy so. Obviously for me there's no love lost for Ohio State. So as I stand like get upsets me the notion that they could make it losing two games again right and getting end. But honestly like how much needs to hold it out it'd gotten into yet. Out of one count it one last you do when it comes to personal look at what is right what is it really crazy because I gotta be honest I don't think it's that crazy they're shot of it's a beat Wisconsin. How many things and Suzy needs to happen to get in in your opinion. What are problem for them they're behind Oklahoma even at Oklahoma will again test your yet. So they beat Oklahoma to win but are they gonna be ahead of either Clemson or Miami. There are frustrated they probably declined to lose the Miami beat the Miami looted Miami might still be had a Ohio State they have. Let me Ohio State last year got the end. I don't Lebanon won it because they were free had warned against other teams that finished in the top ten of the rankings. They don't and you know we got to register any doubt what what no one else is doing it because of but it just don't have that kind of thing. So Ohio State Ohio State in good I need help. To have any shot but even then you know who are they gonna jump Georgia they gonna jump Notre Dame. Necessarily I don't know well yeah you know I didn't create a student at Georgia only other losses to Alabama. They started toward just did. It's still going to be buck and are they going to be behind Ohio State eleven to ask any. We're still may be can go I don't think the conference champion but it's it's not you know a lot of things get to go right for Ohio State. Are good that happened good with a stand Jimmy likes to hear that and that 31 point loss tacit understanding they say Gerri they don't factory and it. Margins but how can get. That's going to wrap you have to you have to. As a factor indeed gotten you this he touched her drugged by I did my 31 point it is a lot you know Purdue got forty points closer to beating Iowa in Iowa based. The yeah that sums it up right there are but I count do you now I should our tax I don't blame you for your deathly town and fumbled the one loss Bayless scenario. How does that play out for you like it's damn. Has the loss against it would be against all burn right and they would have Seattle would doubt. All other one Alabama not getting it more likely to figure it. It would require the hell did that but unlike Ohio State last year Alabama's best win would do what Mississippi State. LSU at us you know yes you know as don't have another way to get to top ten team to act only got plenty they would wait repeat. Right so that I did Alabama's schedule this here don't know obviously sort of stated let them down to some degree. But took a big degree desolate but they didn't go ahead of schedule this year like Ohio State did so Lebanon one Alabama. Is. Very unlikely told him one Alabama clued in to Georgia. I would think so unlikely but but better and at least it would be dollar. Yeah you're right you got that way and as your top when and maybe you lose a real close SEC's argument in the what do you think about the suits seem ACC. Possibility is that one really like is that one. Crazy Hollywood have to win yes Clinton would have to win and Miami would have to get help. The minute there we just have to be helping break right for Miami you know for Miami. I think the problem for them it to got a few nights went but having been at all. You know then there. I Decker compared to some of these other teams especially into winner competent even. You know media to look Ohio State you know probably not yield jumped he jumped by two loss to Ohio State but maybe. They are probably second get jumped by Notre Dame meter. I don't know if the cap how hard it would Miami be ahead of George Alabama I don't know twelve if you got Georgia went in the SEC didn't 1201 Alabama we're 201 AME probably go go well. So he had a coincidence when he would need to but it not impossible. Do you OK let's this is I want your thoughts on Wisconsin I mean obviously if they win owls. They're not a bit there's there's no way an unbeaten Wisconsin team is missing nets right if they win the conference outreach yet to you there are so with that said. How do you seal what's your gut. Feeling about Dan you watching you watch the Big Ten you know this conference. I still feel like they're going to if they get in the playoffs it's gonna be another one of these games where the Big Ten represented him. Gets kids beat pretty badly DMI so the short when I say that's how do you feel. Who I don't lie to get some did and they end up playing Alabama. We have a problem. Alabama the problem for a lot of genes. Bill Wisconsin is. Old school at 103 yards and a cloud of whatever it is now field turf. And you know and play great defense since then and that you know B and upn and their quarterback adapt. To make some plays occasionally but really the best thing to quarterback can do not give the ball away. And horny Brooke and they've been kinda hidden did deserve that given the always did you go get the team like Alabama under 20. You know they would not they would have to play. A near perfect game to beat Alabama. Uganda I just feel like let's say a running game is really impressive they always have lyme and it's good but could still play if they play day. Alabama who looks like they might have a cup this couple their linebackers back by then like I just did can't run the ball what does that quarterback do he's got the highest interception rate in FBS football that's. That seems we have to do that. There's not gonna get the job and he's good speaker of football at Ohio State. You know I mean forget. Alabama that good just to win that they can JPG gates' secret tips baker put off by. We leave and anybody else is there anybody would a real dark Porsche shot there were not mention any kind of feels to me is also an issue TCU is they beat Oklahoma. What what's their chances that. Well I mean I think they jump pretty high age you know to the boat on a list of two loss team right. It depends who else's error offered with two losses. Are sure I don't stay with two losses may get Ted. Thumb but TCU would have beaten Oklahoma which Ohio State could not do so TCU could job all. State. Are they were definitely don't Oklahoma. So you know of the big got a chance to move up. Well pretty high you know like addicted TCU probably the past thirteen further down in the ratings. With a legitimate chance to get. Two of the top four. And cut our today and that's Russ got to ask him there are not appreciated Brody always good to start Jerry palm are machine is seeking. He will try proudly calls himself on Twitter the resident sports geek it's CBS sports. Com whether it's this play all stuffed in college football whether it's still the brackets determines. That's stuff he's got covered ads in JP. Palmer CBS. If you wanna follow me get distorted and so on Twitter our Gerri we appreciate there's always Mandy good have a good Thanksgiving. Try to do they go Jerry palm joining us on the Mac attack I Dole's. In Ohio State thing worries me Manny really does is they get a brand. I I don't know how many teams to survive getting two losses of one of those like thirty want to freak in Iowa. Here's our tax got a buckeye fan outside our building as we speak. Oh lord I wanted to ask him if these portals for the state winner has a chance again to play. I the Florida high school state tournament and that's what a lot of not sure if they would actually do well in that sermon about that game and my game has been a new owner waits who lost it lately hasn't it. For that rivalry Lama access to his addition put it on the gas station TV. Clinton carbon gas totals little bad call this a bad golf all right let's do this much haven't Dolly's at 830 we want to that census does Tuesday staple on this radio show Matt Carroll's at about 915. Coming off that warrants wind has go be a fun conversation to have. When we come back we got at least give you a little taste of what happening yes I watched all 22 minutes disregard regretfully on the also I lost the old Tony do extra. McLemore ball goes on CNN had a Sally didn't taste of that and then I've got to ask you guys I am I the only tea there's sand that is still serious. With Pete Carroll this morning we'll discuss that it's a Mac attack on SNC. So go around saying thank you everybody. I mean don't have to go around saying that all everybody's Richardson here. And had to say though the numbers there if if I have to know what somebody's door before I say thank you miss some more rounds and thank you all right so let's zoom comer shake my hand in the my son or anybody in this you know what may god can help you out. Our Elizabeth Stewart got when it was just because people say things don't know who's supposed to control like hey I stopped them from save in ten years. Endorse and talk with the most people before even though it. But it. Oh lord how are supposed to feel about dis my fellow Americans in my fellow Charlotte's eons. How are we supposed to feel about this I for the most part I just kind of laugh at it. The sacked and that was Lavar ball he was on CNN last night at 10 o'clock I'd literally pause like I wish I I paused a DVR on the Seattle Atlanta games and set a cattle are missing in the game but I'm not missing any of this full. Talking about his view would Donald Trump is trump went after him with two weeks after the bar set the bar trumka. So if it's a whole gist of this wanna see a minute of your exact watched it till bone luckily this is one of the parts that you missed last night you could see that deals first half last night so yes I. How Smart on the elbows you over here and no sleep do worrying. During the interview we have all got to watch some vast majority editorials game didn't you're worried about the Tar Heels and you can see is that he's worried about me less access to keep our eyes as far south meals game. I did watch into the second half as well I'll see you got John to get lost in all all I got tell by when I talked friends in the senate is closer to scout team on the Jo Berry looks like he's gonna feeling good now our data manager two point nine points five threes last night but anyway so the good doesn't it trumps. And avoid world legacy just dropped respond to Lavar. Lavar bulge just will not say thank you it's like a kid like I'd all the time I go through this with my four year old and my eight year old and a four year old more. Obviously. Mom what are you sank. You re trying to get and is trying to get my daughter say please or thank you. And sometimes she's so stubborn she doesn't wanna say please or thank you and I might take this away forget Nancy starts freaking out whaling. That's basically what this is what the bar bullet I find it funny that you do have these two in all honesty similar personality types all the trump. How to mail in alpha males it will say crazy stuff have really figured out how to personally market themselves by saying crazy stuff. Why do I mean there's there's similarities there so I'm amused by it. But basically just sugar down to a guy they just can't say it's your word phrase freedom thank you and then here's another thing. Why don't earth does does this is the host of the show. Chris Cuomo why was he so dead set on getting an apology for Donald it's almost like he was on a mission but I know he's not because he worse for CNN. Chuck what gives CNN admission. Com that's fake news I do so anyway. I don't know it was a confusing it. 22. Minutes in my life and after further review I probably should have watched the full 22 minutes but he is somewhat amusing that this is going on like this is the car dash Sheehan is a shoe and of our society. Like crazy circus story lines we are into. Tax reform or really not this and I don't. Edwards is a budget is in this country me included or maybe we work hard right to support our families. If you can call what we do here work and maybe we just want something fun. And not serious we get done working at there's a lot going on here is the other one don't want to blow this is good. This is this this is another one where Lamar tries to draw and make an analogy. As to why he does not pass he thanked Donald Trump. Detect a doctor for bringing you into this world. You better go back and find. We'll talk about it is that might lead you. While. I have. Chris Cuomo's the issue. Oh lord I so anyway the T carelessly and how to say that before too long which Kevin Donnelly bottom of the hour any other I did any other cancer Sam was it let's describe your last two days okay and the fancy you guys feel this way. Redskins get up fifteen with five minutes ago there win probability is that 99%. I'm so deep dump you would think the Panthers are clients like I was absolutely so fired up. They let me down I was furious I just take a desk is right now I'm just so angry. This portal last night I want to falcon salute don't want them to drop back to five inside the want them to be close to being buried I want to Super Bowl hangover being real I want to keep 8283 jokes right. So I root for Seattle also. It is not so that's also not something I wanna do much too often but I do its and Seattle loses by three Walsh is still little shorty and only you're applied moan when an opportunity get three points earlier in the game. Pete Carroll won any reckless. Garbage decision that was at the end of the second quarters or any other panther sand that was furious about that last night because you wanted to say Arkansas losing games how on earth bone went about six or seven seconds left. You go to Ron K running play on a fake field goal in hopes that he goes seventeen yards and a city and salters you don't have much time left to do anything else right wing edges move the chains with Luke Wilson your backup tight end yet so wasn't locked gate your speed guy or Richard sender receiver. That was leaked to second Wilson to get the ball there in the back field. In go all the way I'm a better because I'm so mad and ended only saving grace is I can drop the Seahawks awfully good to the Redskins and need to root for you bombs anymore but with that said liked. Just imagine Ron pulled that one we lost a game by three points so I'd have to tell myself is don't be so angry backed it could be worse. I also felt like he could of got a few nice three yards at the end of the game for Blair Walsh Blair Walsh from barely missed. The game tying field on what you know there's five more yards a little out patterns and seven seconds to throw it and how good are the Seahawks receivers on the sidelines we see the prayers I Baldwin those guys they're. It's amazing in their feet in bounds he could do a quip like take out. Three more yards appeared at times are buddies he mismanaged that game completely I dad's. Yeah I agree he's Greg told some girl not trying to hate on him like just out of control pay did not make any sense but last night I don't feel like was his best night. Our men and so anybody that is in Washington Washington DC the state of Washington thanks for free enough and almost say that on behalf of transformational don't due to dirty work ourselves. All right we're routine testing don't want Kevin Donnelly is up next let's ask you about just jets game a lot of fans say to me I'm Laurie back about this jets game was tied the game the Panthers lose to a Kevin Donnelly former panther sync so that next. Hi so we're coming back from breaks Kevin Don please join users are getting into trenches and a former panther and it. You know NFL hole on the heels own line in order to look back from break and bones says tells actually still in for Osborne Osborne is. Literally in hiding right now he's he's he's a cowboy protection program year. Some protection program or you won't returns to cowboys win a game. But anyway so we did exactly in here who's news show. He does says tells acts. Just listen here to listen a Mac and Donnelly did ask her what do you mean like get after Dodgers made added capacity to guys have to reach other when he talked football it's a remarkable. And so that's it's a passion Oscar kid who can outdo the other on a tent to trash I'd like to think we raise each other's pac. I don't inviting others came in and of science are exotic very easy for the most part. I you just joined a list you've been doing it for years just put him on the list Kevin Donnelly joins us here cancers are radio dentist deviated there's dot Tommy joins us. On the Mac exactly as usual Tuesday visit KD how you do a man happy Thanksgiving to you and your family by the way. Same deal already guys where we're shark exhibit you'll be and we're thankful to have you every week man like they are like do like to pass on that same sort dude. And I like obviously the way you break down because I can bring your passion but I can't bring you the breakdowns that you're you're giving me. The jets game I keep running into people whether it's you know how the ballot or whether it's you know wanna get a text here are some of to show. Man you've got a wire we worry about his jets game this outside the game the answer slip up to lose like the bears game. Do you kind do you sealed as sort worry like Taylor coming off the bye there could be some roasts resent. Our unit may be a little little worry but I don't think it's anything like serve the bears game because that bears defense. It's pretty darn good and you know I think this established team this is growing sense that I've made three straight wins they've been able other gangs. You know Victoria ascertain that. You know there's really no rocks are ormat battle structured defense you know I have some good players they've been close games a lot their gritty an assortment that they not give up all but. This is a team at the Panthers should take care and you know it division at. Just tell us we have right now nobody's Doris and Saber you know would be a you know Seattle or curve Washington could come through force until like it's sort. You know we're in a movie or something or their center of evil henchmen to take care of business out there nobody gets the job done right so it's like. The raw or somebody else to say I get out all the way up take care of itself. You know the papers they got to win this game the got to get this one against the jets. And then that big showdown coming up against northern you know wishes stardust just step up and and and just some portion you know impose your will sign up thing. The major role in but man it's it's there undertaken in the Pampers its its all out there at least six games. They control what they do and you know I think a little bit of a wake up call. Saperstein for the rest of the division I can you better check us out because you know experience adults. Pretty strong game to watch at all or click. Seems like they're Trenton right dressing Kevin on is with us on a Mac attack and I did read I think it was from the guys over to write report. I read yes in the Panthers do control their own destiny because if they beat New Orleans and if they aren't Winamp I know that's a big ass was six more games left. But they would donate tiebreaker the common opponent tiebreaker what it would come down to would saints. They would all that so I think a lot of people don't wander okay so even if we beat the saints and fully even when some. We each winning game ended it right now it would boldly into cancer scored so laws so that's good news on the return of Olson. What does he do for cam Noonan what does he do so this south sense. In your opinion. You know he's just he's got a ton of the stereotypes that has always and the go to guy Cam Newton simple common we will cheer together from the beginning. And dearest and it got its you know last RC cheers wherever the status is going to be. Certainly catchers a year. And so that does is go to guy thing. Here camps grown up a lot from and have a comeback from that injury in just you know show reconstruction different targets and makes things or. Arm you know I think it's. You know doctor it's going to be able process guard records as ordered play to put him there and it's so it's a judge set a touchdown and there's a huge factor was ostrich he was but. You know this is something that. This is not to have them back out there because there's some sort of move the pieces and got his job to worry about. Electric Greg Olsen he's got agents don't deal brings some. I think. You heard you know develop positions filled helped them bill it sure as quite spot it what I issues. Our initial stories real leader out there positive orders up its costs are up. And kind of a different wiping cam knew or could come you know should have backed by the assault or so I think. It's a huge loss and teams got to be worried that you know our global tight end. Has not been in the mix certainly can't there's a Lampard are well and now we get back classics and that's. That's something that's that's talk radio and Atlanta are enormous right now are you gotta be pretty worried about these I am very. Castle on the center Andrew Gerber are out there are many other teams aren't an ominous and we can't lose guys knock on wood hopefully we won't. But Alex Okafor goes out he's been playing great opposite cam Jordan on their. Other teams you know kind of lose guys this time a year to get a player like this back telco Lille also is a guy that's got a chance to come back this week to be able at a couple of pro bowlers took offense it seems like it's going to surged AD. Why and it's a fun time right now it's bricks hit it where is he what it did about awarding David right now together me Tim garlic what are. I know you're doing the same thing is may Tom when when the Panthers aren't playing on Sunday you're watching it. These other teams and you don't I'm sure you do it with a critical lie and you do within I have someone that played football some more than one year and that's that's an idea and I wanted to quit half way through scant seasonal but that would let makes but dumb when you watch silly in New Orleans and Minnesota. Which team do you look at essay on man Panthers would indeed bear a close game to beat him in a classic which one really do you think is the biggest threat. Right now I think it's really Nam. You know our. I still feel like it's or not that far off and that's just because of the way we played them earlier it was a pretty dollar option that is camps turnovers cost or something everybody goes distort that Gary Bart. These are. It's just are there well rounded up in Iran and the ball pretty well cook a dish square inch and then birdie chances are there's just playing hard level. They've done a great job just have a lot of balance and it seemed to have a group goal right now I don't I don't hear anyone else like that I do is that especially intercept to go up there in a playoff game in January had about shield I think it would breach. Pretty tough situation to show things shook out like that or they are plan a plan after what they're much obvious that you know that that person is still a long way between now and then and injuries and things could happen and change history Shia main. Our ultimate 2000 preaching in order Super Bowl with true it was great first you know. Eight weeks of the year Burke a real stretch there in late November or lost three or four games or something like that and you know there's a lot of doubt look around it took so long to get facts former memories we caught our play also. There's just some social ball to be left but it due to adapt or payment is ready to look pretty you're. Pretty darn good right now. Shut your last point is a great point it's about being hot going into the term you know getting in at Herman being hot doesn't hurt when you have seating in home seal on your side. But we seem that would a lot of teams you just mentioned euros three seem just good to chase right. The chase to begin a year look I don't know the patriots are in trouble in the ASE will look at them now I mean it's just. It really is about timing and that's one of the things is deciding about the Panthers are playing better on offense they're getting personnel back and hopefully. They will peak at the right time that's that's all the we can hope for drama let's see here I want to ask you want to ask you something and yes somebody asks this question. Rom soared as for Damian Lewis yes there winning gets it I'll ask you. Did a Daryle Williams Ameritech run Rivera gave him some loss yes in a press conference. I feel like in general the offensive line Kansas and better the last couple the last few games. But man Darrell will you specifically. And they just do deserve some credit and a pro football focus as ingrained in 2006 best Lyman in the league. What do you see from Gerald Williams specifically he's warning of some phrases and yes you look we're not given enough credit. You know any you know DN. Entry turner just think gradually got better arbitrary you know I didn't play as well as or mature earlier era but he's. You know there's freedom traumatic printing company not a got to complain Turks. There's going to be on the injury report every week shows each you know this this cell was or is not up to a 100% but now leased space to work together for a while then. So most operatives also does all the that double teams they have the movement they were get a lot scrimmage and that that vehicle on my Cam Newton you put. ID 80% of sat on Terrell Williams because you know is charged or down and try. And that linebacker that's an outside running play well. That linebacker jets outside in makes Camden and have to cut back under these well Daryle Williams which is a lot of positions in terms and get back out there are about to go along so. And that makes that run happened 69 yards later and it down field or get great scored. You know that's just a stood up. The process of becoming about a lot mr. takes reps and experience and there's call again. Tons along the way where it hasn't gotten that tomba or trauma Al and to disturb a courtroom and they've always believed he had the ability and our home you know he's consumers Turkish more and is able to get things done engaged to terms hosts know where could be good. Sometimes it almost pieces fit together it it takes some guys a little longer than others and you are garlic that's sort of speak about that and he just played really well these last few weeks and that's going to be reasons I spoke waters was able to run the ball starter. Tim would you Joseph would you judge me harshly if I told you that once I realized how hard everybody here in football I wanted to any quit and B I could not wait for basketball practice start which you. Judged too harshly you're not well we're all crazy like you man you may not. I did you know whatever you do you go up there and do it under center derby will ballplayer regard there smack somebody sight to see what your claim groups you know. Someone crackled out bear don't want somebody or whatever you gotta ask god. Attitudes lot of dozens of soon I'll look. At what's your favorite Thanksgiving suits. About it's true that Saddam. The sweet potato casserole ask it's almost always Thomas we choose some sweet Tucson download it all don't get me wrong. And I do look on in part to Europe to some people are stand a blog because I love the parks with a big go conservative cool whip on. That's stated that you yeah how much did Ohio for a few seconds and Mike went first and political -- you do Saturday that if it's received cluster up to our school aware at all or no like our people aren't exactly known to us likes pumpkin carve our servers are ex special breed I call her after six a lot better after. That's a lot of navy that is limited right there and sweet potatoes it's funny I went like the first forty some years my life's not really eating sweet potatoes it's like having your dessert and UniCredit. For having it as a side dish it's okay yeah it really is only what. What I do is I have all my meal called six sides are actually go back here's Shepard play after I have all the fruit from TNT that call our free dessert it. It up the truth is our interpreters circus tomorrow what puts extra salt and sugar and whatever goes on top of that straight. And I and our job to heart wanted to try to watch as the all 42 of them that the spread. So right so he knows what he's as a whole community. Courier grabbed sank a pull back right. Are terrible hey it's like I don't need to encourage you to enjoy Thanksgiving sounds like you know how to do that but enjoy your Thanksgiving we'll talk to you next week at least six weeks and actually brought you they're bringing our necks out. We're taught artery just satellite. I think KO GA you could tell cam is like getting his old football passion out when he talks about the Panthers and when he talks about suit like you could tell the old passion was coming out are we got to we're gonna get back to back to us a business here we come back. Our ma we talk about college football playoff I couple emails about this earlier when I brought up the subject. Why does everybody wanted to change something that's one of the best things in sports the fourteen college football playoff we'll discuss double talk to Matt Carroll about that in about this seemed. Coming about 915. What's legal counsel Baltimore on the show is kind of our Friday we're doing street Turkey's Morrison's anybody can spare any canned goods. Speaking if you can donate turkeys or donate just cash. Or checked army would be awesome man you guys have done this for fourteen years previously and we of the race so much money and it's been such a great event itself so many people laugh. So easy swing by the dog does have its eco golds all to outsmart any time during our show. From six its and tend to you got Garcia and Bailey got troops in the guys from the two on any sense of 66 tomorrow. Bring some stuff down we would love to see you man and we would love to put up some real big numbers we've never done this returnees would Entercom folks our first year would dump. We did great work we deal true man they started they spearheaded it was amazing. Let's looks you know let's show that we can still bomb but in this building was this true com help out so many so that's tomorrow in the south. Got us it's about what the people do for a listeners writes on the we we give DD clap for people to donate the year in and year out it's the listener so yeah you guys are so there they never. Ever ever failed to deliver a big number to feed those in need you guys are the stars are I want it talks a counselor marvel somebody's rivalry match us may be low trashed all the talk about Kantor's jets. I talk to play also you rank he's come out again tonight it's that time of year T bone where you start to hear more more people say I'd like eight. Eighteen playoff I would like to sixteen playoffs. He must feel like you and I am the one email I just got. I feel like we're the three of us might be the only people in America that like the playoffs the way it is in America. And a sports fans it feels like we also are trying to tinker what should we change what should we do differently. I still like to fourteen playoff this perfect. It's more inclusive than the old days of the DC guess you're not using computer formulas you're using human beings although there are far from perfect in the committee. But I feel like right now is the perfect way it is they have the best regular season in sports. And the reason why is Ford teams make it to the playoffs it's not like the NFL with twelve it's not like hockey and the MBA with sixteen. It is exclusive. And I have no problem with a sack somebody just email me and said it seems are going to be left out. But isn't that the point of how do you make a regular season rate you don't include everybody you make the regular season contest. It's an elite club just to make it to and you still have all the polls and see all these other teams. Played hopefully competitive football games. But I would like to ask you all that are out there are listening are all of you guys. Against the fourteen playoff what would you do. I would like to hear your. You're your pitch and tell me why would be so much better because to me if you've certainly if you don't hate you got a problem. Because of all the sudden these regular season games bone they only matter if perceiving. They don't matter early to Georgia loses all heard it kind of shrug false. But when Georgia lost Allred sent shockwaves and you're wondering man they screwed can they get back in there. I think you are pretty sure you're with me on this right bone how do you I have to play off would you change anything. Cause your percent in first four I don't wanna move a debt eights are not going to twelve or beyond that I think four is perfect. The doors there's a reason that college football. On Saturdays has become so much better. In the NFL product on Sundays because the drama is always there on Saturday yes any given Saturday no matter what the match ups are. Has some sort of drama because one loss and a team could be out there's a constant ongoing playoffs it's always apply to dodge a ball as it. Like every game is a playoff most cardiac and listen you can still get it would want all over my deal would give him with sue. You really feel like when you lost Ono band you've got no room for error or you're gonna need help to get back in like these games just feel more important and it's a day and age of over saturation in sports. And I liked the fact when I took it for college football Saturdays. And I upset alert this game and I gonna get that came in Maher takes second watch and I love that feeling may have that team they're season could be on the lines I liked Jesse. People love that the chaos that because the debates that it causes or they are so I don't take that away it's okay. It's okay to not have the most perfect system because of what is creating both on the field and off the field. Oh must talking about college football I'm not don't hate I don't debate denied the tenth and eleventh team I like the wind is. Same goes to dating whose fourth fifth and sixth Kevin says there's the playoffs is garbage because at least one big conference is left out. You've got to go to six you have one wildcard in the five power five champs. Don't know here's the things you know who cares about those conference is being left out. Or the conference commissioners in the presidents of the schools there. But that's a you problem let's say they're a problem for them like how do they make their conference banner at a place scheduled batter had a they hire better ladies do their job like. To me I don't care for conference gets left out like that's part of the game of musical chairs bone that makes it so exciting is that you don't believe a conference out 81 year one to get into more comfortable lead to out I. I think that's a part of what makes this so great and then you've got the battles among fans marked off recited left daggers isn't all that sort stuff. But what are your three guys just one more I anticipate that most of your out there arguing with your radio right now yelling at me and see mode where you're through your radio. How do you guys feel about this is anybody else what did you abated so you don't look back you boys aren't allowed outlook just fourteen playoff or do you look at this well to say it's still flaw I would do it this way we need is about a change what are your thoughts on this cannot find anybody else happy 104 team playoff 704. 57096. Standing it's the Mac attack on mass transit.