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Tuesday, March 13th

In this hour of the Mac Attack, Jim Szoke talks with NFL Insider Jason Cole. 


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It's not gonna. So kids. A lot. ABC news breaking here in the legal tampering period of the NFL window here they it's Shimon. A frenzy tweet I'm seeing here Panthers fans have lost at this morning. They aren't getting any of these players at these prices there isn't a ton of money which is what we just talked about what Joseph person from the Charlotte Observer and that's me. I usually see behind yeah might act crazy listener that's waited on I treated shall thank you for waiting image in my sense I make more sense on the way that they don't. You're you're smarter on Twitter. Their effort myself because you do you do you think before you hit send you see what you just like how to fly a loose like you just. You just write it send you know spent a lot of time mulling it over on us a lot of time honestly it's just the problem is now. They come out to festive period I did view the Charlotte hub for system's temperature reading right now 43 degrees ancillary bird. Ten years parts and labor coverage is available for free. With Charlotte comfort just. Matt Carroll from the Charlotte hornets joins us at 92 wanna be sure to catch sort of skirt to show every Thursday 6 o'clock with Chris Kroger brought you by corona light came on. Lime and official partner of the Charlotte hornets and 125. W offends the you mentioned recruiters and how to treat a daring debt will be on the show today what was a just paraphrase what was the company. I dance on the show a three today Kroger said. No one can common angry mob what are it and which is actually become plead out civil Darren yet so there's chaos. Just had to say and this morning god and that it's not there are two different panther fans this morning that I'm Denham scene there's of people that understand. And our. In knowledge in the sack that there's not a lot of money to spend that put the guys off the board today we knew Norwood to come on back writers started. I was there and why I said that we knew yeah Robinson and walk ins are probably long shots. And he knows core right I didn't matter so. What what I moved this morning did you really truly stand Marty to make what I did do things like I'm not understanding what movie you steadily Dublin cedes. Not these I think the draft is gonna be a thing in your plug some some holes some needs. In free agency and and be Smart with your money he's got to do is go work on the secondary there's no war earlier quarter and half they need safety centrally so. Com ID and a no no secondary players today. When also Boortz I want what is where is the anger or not the understanding of the salary cap situation net cup they can't go out there and give. Injury nor well 67 million dollar they also can't compete with the fact that. Nor well is going to sort out what is the income tax that's a huge drawing. A huge job draws from players like that so you're getting nor Iraq. Was going to the highest bidder some we'll do hometown hometown discount some all want to return to a certain region. She was gonna lies that are and down. Likely what we are saying on the building senator excited spending sixteen mil on Watkins is insane agreed. I just don't think it's as. I keep repeating myself with the Miami Dolphins went all in and Ndamukong Suh now and pursue his leaving Timmons is leaving there is going through the roster Jarvis Landry who led the league in receptions they gave to Cleveland so amended the dolphins are Dolan and the other mode so is just like you can go in there you can't sustain. All in top dollar across the board on your roster without having to release. An equal number of players to make that happen where you know polls somewhere else on the roster. Yeah I mean if you think about it realistically to they gave Watkins out money I don't how they did that got you know why he's a worthy of they've got to find a way to figure out how to fix a secondary as well sot I'd actually rather. What it is Torrey Smith did the best in the world now they're drafting a receive only channel's telecast. But also McCaffery group provide catch it's a different positions and you've got soldiers who is progressing nearby here Smith is a Ted Ginn type. If you've got to your burden Samuel who we hope stay healthy. But the combination of those two B Felix you've got that speed and Teddy Ginn component between those two. Lockdown in it the exact Europe Europe are wall along I mean want aren't suffering bills right it's a miserable exist anymore he's in our view is anyone can even a number one. No I mean that's. I don't understand either is he getting sixteen million years still based off of that Clemson you know draft number four overall. All the sudden stuff they'd -- straight up to get on trade a first round pick they still waiting for him always going to be all right offense is younger than he reader which I do think Andy Reid will probably get the most out of improved but once again he's going to be on offense they can someone Rosa was on the ramps there's other players. That are gonna want the ball to around them Tyreke kill. Korean client Travis are so healthy he's been he I can't see him being in. Sixty million a year I'm thinking 16100 yards 1015 touchdowns I mean wondered what are the stats for that usually you know I mean. If he's coming from a system where we've seen in his one year a shot to today's one of already the best offensive minds in football and it's the rams wore. Break in the bag to bring him back because. He was there number three receiver more than could help I'll play a dip in rubble once overlooked as the number one there when he was healthy Aaliyah. But Joseph person on Twitter who was on our show recently never thought Panthers are DR Watkins or Robinson not enough money could still find a receiver and second free agent here but if I'm GM I'm looking at Kirk or more number 24 which gets back to our bill to the draft. This is a good receiver draft so I figured 24 is going to be some of these type names like the Joseph was sort out there and we start out there before too. It is a Smart money and then you hit your leaders to troll that player for five years in aside I do I think that's the way to go with I'm worried about this promissory by the secondary as the receivers. You'd be honest about it down a starting corner and starting safety right now and you lost we should all be through the dread some that's gonna have to be through. Veteran player in EEE leadership's important I think each level the defense needs some form of leadership. We know where the leadership is on the wind acting Cornet and that's fraught part of defense. The leader of the secondary it's just Mike Adams and he'll be thirty sevens will GT he's here now will he be here in September Kurt Coleman provided on mediated ever a year but. A lot of intangibles. And the thing about we have always talk about Kurt Coleman a lot. What what worries me most about Coleman leaving the have a great year western no of course not but he was also hurt but this the saints' front office has done a pretty good job lately of of fighting it out whether in the draft or. We saw the Max out Ted Ginn last year and got the most out and they signed a cold pretty quickly. And they soccer walks. They won the offseason last year or so you're on a role. In their debt but also do a nice thing your Tebow and for what they're doing is they're by and low they're getting a pretty good right all clear. The coming off his worst year I've got a solid retire and south and they signed and so SaaS it's like quarter of a what are they seeing what's Kirk Coleman that would Kurt Coleman came from Philadelphia. Eagles fans to get rid of them fast enough and then have what do you seven interceptions his first year here a sore arm that poster boy chair Richard semi random over his head flopped off to tell if it's little like Tony feet in the air Trent Richardson Taylor won't play in this well I wouldn't expect that at Eddie clay for half the teams in the league Eli your three year period there wasn't a lot to go on the Trent Richardson error there. It's bigger they recited Trent Richardson hit the colts traded number one to get himself as a true that a good move by the browns is the colts who had been addressed should stand him it's. I can't get in though that. With so anyways let's take a break here and try to stay relatively on time as an eight thirty Jason Cole from Bleacher Report is coming up we'll take a break here and talk more and it's all free agency quick recap coming up of what's been around this morning's been forced five significant signings including Andrew nor want to Jacksonville Jaguars from the Panthers. And talks and NCAA hoops a lot more coming up next Jim joking and for Mac today I wanted to find to be a frenzy. All right realized. Drilled another word to text the word. Easy for letters bolt. Bolt would be OLT ball to text bolt to 72881. Like you symbol right. To get into in a thousand dollars he got until the top of the hour to text in national contest message in data rates apply full contest rules available at W Athens he dot com text of bolts meal LTD is seven to anyone to get into and a thousand dollars as we continue to put. Hopefully money in your pocket your Jim's Nokia on the Mac attack along with T bone and Zach here and we have another everytime I go to commercial break there's another NFL free agency legal tampering period breaking. News who got to go in this time this is and they got big huge games that we've seen earlier but Zach has just Zach is Zach had just once worked according to our accurate hitter and had a ours had a good opinion rapid steps. Keeps adding another weapon on defense they plan assigned former. Cowboys linebacker is an Asian kitchens that's gonna pay don't they deal worth some nine million per year now. Is he in Rappaport a friend to the shows eon I don't I used. Beyond the after he's like I say what I wanna say 5050 bullets are sexually graphic so you might be our friend and a sore Feliz and that I said that he can't come on the -- that I'd been hit a digital 7525. It's actually gonna happen Dallas not the most talented odd defense in the league has a whole loses it was a piece there you hated cowboys was a piece of the puzzle out. Big big cowboy spurs fans love him. Is does one of the building Donald and I are similar Osbourne. I. So so economic since kitchens also board as the the legal temperate here apparently is every once signing this morning. It's exciting decided to college I think this is one where the cancer fans won't like intonation won't get upset that a linebacker signed tomorrow we miss out on pistons Bob ball I've got a notification here. If I click on this say it's about anti legends are made by myself on fire. You click on this no it's not get the exact forgotten that fair to say it's not bad auditions yet. So to recap Sammy Watkins a Kansas City Alan Robinson. We knew he was even go on he's getting paid to the site where that chair and nor was going to Jacksonville. So. I'm good little is going case Keenan's gonna Denver. Robinson to Chicago. So I think gum I liked his status led the frenzy go let the dust settle. Plug some holes was some value in free agency and draft draft draft pitcher young players in the draft. I think that the Panthers as a way to do it this is over aging roster and intolerance Thomas Davis and right ankle world and Greg Olsen number guys here. I'm not in Mumbai and 29 year old free agency and just recycling this all the time bill through the draft but in benchmark Smart drafting his way to go so. I like it illiquid but I like what they're not do one. The winner so there's a fire her each week there's one right there gotcha with the rules Marcus went out for a later that is from Dave gentleman who is taking it out a bit someone some Rampage in egg once saw an egg guy user wants. Was very detailed to utter display artist just aren't as an as an automatic sweet a they would vote for whoever created sides doubters out there and generate offensively but it's out firing because idiots it was really going to be chaos. It's like a bad it's just goes off here. I'm excited Jason Cole from Bleacher Report coming up next segment here we'll talk about some of these signings around the league retarded jumpers about what was on the Panthers in particular material now like like with the Panthers philosophy seems to make a lot of sense. And viewers I think picked it attacking receiver ads Torrey Smith veteran guy drafting a guy probably in the first round hopefully we'll see a number 24 that second round and I think it's a Smart way of going about it don't call in that the guard position. That makes sense I mean attempt to your. To your point Tebow which is balance secondary now is becoming the bigger issue terrific they'll find that receiver in the draft you need to find a starting cornerback. And a starting safety just or just. Off the top you still need some depth Mike Adams 37 years old I mean there's there's a whole. James ran Berry and open auditions thing going on the secondary and. So we taken adequate and Worley Ecuador and so we now I'm not saying early was I mean he may not Amanda Ross radio we don't know what his future will give us Seymour was just you know there this is serious fifty do you do you think that there is. Would they would they go back to Tre Boston. Yeah that's a possibility dirty thing that's not gonna happen herb and I was name comes awful lot of I didn't know he had any thoughts on. He was just erratic and knows a thing you've got again he would get a player that at times was very good and at times I was not very good and going to be deep so you can't have better safety. Maybe it'll play any cities' they took their vote no safeties you have to weekly distort everybody next. Kept the monitor lunacy gone. Now he's still here nominee will be the biggest is why I know he's here and I was talking about America's try to get it out of your thing but opposite. Did they catch it wouldn't make sense for this year processing. Catch the captain is on the job there. Times were they look at the matchup and he wouldn't play and he wasn't happy about it so boy that changed next year now Catholic who committed a season with an attitude and eventually they were they say. You know decision I don't. After my love his attitude like his spicy as I like the fact he wants to be on the field and play and but again. He is basically as a slot guy so he's a nickel sized hit a just every interest in receiving a bye so morbid to it could be true corner and play bad as well you more personal about. But Woolsey you know guys like Sanchez coming back I got her last year. But you played may be in his thirty year maybe he's ready and healthy enough for vessels is gonna fund training camp and amateurs who are the answers but together those positions at all. I like Ron Parker. Might be out there that's as SAT guy that's experience could be up addition we will see you mean the recent cuts here as well. Our friend Josh Norman at some point could be are on the market to be guys that. Well you're just so that's what they're gonna do they're gonna what's the value signings or not these signings today that are in how Lawson did it seems how often to the teams that win the day like today. Ultimately win the Ulster prop. It's. Not very often are just not the way it works in the NFL it's not the NBA it's not a Major League Baseball doesn't work the same way. And it is not sustainable even if it works for years unsustainable because your to keep recycling to roll out. So now I've only makes a lot of sense service could be in the final season generate for that so we've got to Jason Cole coming up we had Jimmy dykes me as the end talking NCAA tournament. And then we had Matt Carroll talk imported torture and action tonight on the road they go to a New Orleans here's it's kind of like. The road to just what's going to be another. 2006 and half games out of the final playoff spot mixed Eastern Conference which is dreadful. Right now and they're in the west they do like a thousand games out of the playoff spot in the west. So much put a reasonable point and it might pony sound dissect it and needed businesses are mandatory thing once an hour. That's that's more he's wake up call it party retreat as he starts you're right so is a lack of activities should it's got to elevate their big buildup and then it's like in the dentist and they have. That it has that effect. Which I guess I applaud that Smart they should do and exactly what they should do. This isn't exactly what free agencies then sort of enters. That's sound effect doesn't exactly. How best describe about it but it's understandable it's not one marquee at the moment we we. Then on the side of morning Ernie today understanding that the situation definitely. And eight and one more of these Tony the (%expletive) man will be in the building at some point today Tony the hit man will be here at some point today. One name physical kids. That they always gets it. When they leave people keep Tyson and those of his Cornell there about DB that is true it's a week we didn't he was never healthy for even five minutes. Nothing to do and we are well we have no idea we dealt with corn do we have a do we have a colonel warden realistic and corn cob and got her on draft night Soledad actually had jumping off the couch grabbing the phone he's been injured since that moment. He's a name that we we talk about sometimes but it's an unknown might. Who could he be employer certainly should he could be but. It's kind of like it's it's a different version no law. Curtis and now certainly you could see the town being their but ranked howls health that are way to career being a problem and wars we orbits doesn't courtesy. It's like Teddy Williams say Jenny Williams. Is hurting in the so fast you heard this point it's trainer Teddy. I don't know there's more familiar is 400 those amazing attempt at bat that I don't connect Jason Cole Bleacher Report Tug at all this crazy. Tuesday morning Annabel free agency legal tampering it's happening Jim's Oki and on the Mac attack I wanted to find a real frenzy. I NFL's free agency begins as Sharon sources said officially at 4 o'clock tomorrow but man. The tampering is legal and people are taking advantage of Jason called Bleacher Report joins us now talk about what's been a busy morning geez I hope you you haven't just woken up because there's been a lot going on this morning as you probably know just for Iraq I. Think it is an early show. Of of all the signing was gonna run through the mobile with a Panthers though Andrew nor well we knew he would leave and there he went off the Jacksonville he's now the highest paid guard. Per average on the each season at thirteen point three million dollars per season thirty million guaranteed. As a Jacksonville going all in and a Pro Bowl guard and Andrew Nora or your thoughts on that. Are to expect and what looked pretty then clue. Great players and even down. Well once every block and it took it and indulge your. They're not up especially at the institute offering. Forty million dollars. That tells me that. You know. He's got to haven't proven whopper gonna go on Mark Cuban leader there's clearly a lot what well and then look and acute and get paid. So. Most of our at all. I expected to sign. Our on our number one dark page who was sort of a big time money like offensive tackle. That was back in 20061. Term arms Steve Hutchinson who took the market. And that would be to give her very oh what a virtual it was a pretty big fight between ownership. And I'm players over there what component of a and it's not because one particular person to print library its because they position is not normally value that high. It straight a lot of my doubt that's big interest in court but are more what not that he received money whose work that. The purpose of that position. It's like running Mexican buying guards you can firing back so you mentioned Watkins sixteen million year old former Clemson tiger going to Kansas City from the rams were you surprised it was Kansas City that did it because they already have so many weapons as alligator lacking in that department overall. Why would they go in so big on Sammy Watkins in Kansas City. Welcome and a real wide receive. That's the requirement and also alcohol swung military who's capable scratch still a problem Glasser was there and direct talks about. Totally kill mostly people yeah I can work to the straight line guy and we've been through either. Run through a defense or want to dump the ball as you know. But she's not one who's been through on third down and say a Pittsburgh eight we need to die you know and a nine yard patter and Mitt we know that he's active though they were open recruit college was that got the epochal. Or somebody know what that's been how are. They don't have that they music art you know wolf the more consistent after it was chuck cant make poorly every day churches it's. And there are also be exposed what was that about what that we are. And on top of the fact that you know out of their alcohol and we launched the boot on what electorate of the world. There are gonna once were so to kill even more now that you're putting into our weather watcher well let it come to build SP. I think they wanna have that copy and higher this year now that personal want of. And then Alan Robinson goes from Jacksonville to Chicago for less money than what Watkins gets in Kansas City similar situation you just outlined their Mitchell too risky second year quarterback. Gets his ace a number one receiver and Alan Robinson do you like that match up in Chicago. There were development and do our the tent. Include they're coming off of right heel injury someone you know go to Q and caught a fourteen touchdown to go to dark. Out of I've been OK and then you know the first Tuesday and then. He of the sort it was okay at first you're great that your kids are hurt or. What is now Robin. Wright again he got Peyton got an early to be out ability approach do you rate error especially those worker. The blue chip not that much more. Quarterback out of work. Yep quarterback. Case Keenan to Denver from Minnesota. Partial season last year but mostly he's been a journeyman. The backup quarterback in this league was called upon because of injury Lester stepped up played great not take anything away from that candy. Sustain that can he be a career guy in Denver obviously it's a bit of an unknown is that the biggest rivalry thing about case Keenan in Denver. I think there. What people actually do it wrote in about a total of notre Cooper but what if there are bill. And keep people off my computer champs with a parent. I think that. One tourniquet in the shadow. Over it you lose lose. And that would interpret or if we're that we're going to quote the against federal parliament actually it would Aaron but those are affecting play with them but how a bit. Look at their feet you know we have learnt the art. And as they Parker there's always going to be a couple of attention. America doesn't have this sort of don't know the greatest. So you're gonna have to mature mature look around you know. Out of action which triggered. Come up with a tight there at pebble with a workable ought to. Aboard Super Bowl between the two out of the wire two years. Because of those screw up so those are perhaps spot him because you don't have the right in there support. But I think that would be cheaper alternative. To what code that cost. And you're gonna have to do the president. Right now we knew about the republic wrote the words she broke well Rick it's able to do it don't it you know. And tempo but in your running game and our group in Norfolk. So Denver as you mentioned had been one of those thought to be in the contention for Kirk cousins obviously jets vikings have been mentioned too I get a feel for that one right now as far as is it is at the jets are what do you think Kirk cousins ends up. I I think apparently one of the nutrient that people went in proper a figure to judge and a vocal about my view of it. Well it is a portrait of the first thirty million dollars or if they do that. That in me cover art ta turnout there are Arab in some respects Mayo are capture turning it down. Because you're sitting there are serving both are forever burial to rush the epics out Utah be part of a you know quarterback help each other money by doing it increased somewhat starts so regard to rock or whatever going to. Who what the leaderboard you know ball superior court nearly torn about it but historic event took birdie and a lot about it in achieve. In which was out of that port to and so. Well you know what plays out but there are you know knowing coach who had no way of knowing what you went through what two rooms and what you're upset about what to yours. You know fund that's what that's between but the good carpet she wants to whenever he wants grew a lot of people watch Utah. But she's really really capable of not just about to happen. Jason assist Tebow and I'm actually jets' chance of winning is not something that we out we do well. It's causes doesn't garbage and it's courier or about a gallon mom I've I've accepted this on Saturday during the brought Natal years. Who. Who do you think Walter really be the jets quarterback Nixie. I've had a buried at a in the drought a couple of and so our commute up rapper out there. And these volatile part. And they're New York could repertoire of critical part. And so there actually are a little car wants the barrier to jet ownership interpret what are not know that we're working so. It broke the mark events so and so Josh McCown. It's numbing effect to stick with just didn't do that well for another year but you know back and you probably which are grasping. You know more what what count is perfect talent it's because he won't work with and the audio or opt utes. So diligent that there it's what's he done. That to me I would keep it out and say okay. Josh our premier. Georgia or Britain or archived. Or Britain or the other cars. I want to work with that card and account with what it would that he would he would be totally look at that we do you try try it so. Well. When you look better to be that. I think ultimately want to approach route to grow up. You know but right now I think you have what he what are the rep two career. Our last one Doug Brown's Tyrod Taylor from buffalo and a quarterback obviously had Jarvis slander from Miami made for deals in two days that you like what you see in the Cleveland Browns and the new Jim Joey Dorsey John Dorsey there. There are merit put into my parents we of course or we're not so. You may thirteenth. Yes not great but not word on it. But they are. You know they're now probably would Farber the twenty and at the center of what a lot but when you put more than two years. But respects all legal action he had that's a big improve our paper that become a part pursuit went team which is also. More respectable. And if they get the recorder back in aren't good yet either of them jump to. You know without social orbit it would and it took on Barkley. I've been debated each move were being reported Arctic. I think he bought into this or that football players are Taylor the football where an adequate but he did it. Our terms planners there were a couple point lower part of that so that. Wearable it's football or bring your vote peppered judgment shall respectful. And then you see if you give the quarterback institute of. Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report either follow him on Twitter at Jason Cole 62 it's been a fun busy morning great start to free agency would still the next to begin until tomorrow what we know it has begun with the you know legal tampering Jason thanks for joining us this morning appreciate it. Jason Cole there. Jim joking in on the Mac attack at Jim's OK got Timonen Tebow and Libya frenzy and exact WS frenzy. When we come back a little bit a bracket talk you're doing Jimmy dykes is coming up at nine from ESPN we'll talk NCAA tournaments or switch gears off football for just a few moments here and and talks and NCAA hoops more to come here as we continue I wanted to find media frenzy. I feel like this happens a lot WiMax I hear lots of breaking news lots of cool stuff to talk about. Max. Try to use voice back after straining it over the weekend and it's almost like he's the Ottawa and his wife it's almost like artists and off the listeners have picked up on that technique. Jim's Tokyo and have not yielded fifteen years we mentioned last time was I tore my Achilles tendon playing pick up basketball fifteen years ago less audible yell. If you leave the game. I limped off I thought it was a sprained ankle and I realize at notre he's attendance Psycho and wait on a oh connection did hurt that bad it was a super tight like it doesn't dance but doesn't move but see MRI by the way if you return your Achilles tendon your forehead doesn't move. So little hardened the luster super well balanced to pop off on one leg all the way to the youth venture area there. Anyways fifteen years ago but that was realized on the exact doesn't strike me as a big seller the fact seems pretty mild mannered. A bomb I yelled yesterday because I hate driving in the snow. And rain tactics are separate broad radar doesn't count. There on diagram I'm in on that a that that's a double bags and that would be ideal I yelled at a horse like three days ago and at the what was on the best you know ice cream truck incident nearly did you have most got almost our health providers can chart last week. Odd out of at a sitting waves meet at mile high rises late hours of the strawberry shortcake barbs at its drum sticks dad and I thought. We decide is as good humor late went out of the way he's wanting to go. That's the secret to humor tweeting me about that aren't they release yeah nice as they say glad he made it. Odds are I don't like that phrase he died doing what you like to do like I wanna die doing something I hate like doing algebra. Or calculus. You know waiting by the DM VLA and having a good time like I wanna hang Albers like you have I have like a big test tomorrow gonna go to the DMV like okay now signal all right. Yeah I don't wanna die watching yankees game it just rattling may disappoint the Indians in the he died watching died watching his team win. Do a lot of people actually died doing what they lodges though I think it arms and only one person comes to government and rest in peace your went. Right it's what you love to do the out by like he was I have I have a theory on and it was just matter time before one of those he's got this very well. Yeah there playing with fire as NASA would just say strolled Harry callous as an example the former Phillies broadcaster died in the blues. Sure it's an example of that. Yeah I don't retiring early or warmer outside I was. You probably can't how deeply he parcel it out beyond is a start with your ice cream truck can you say yeah that's how you would go out and always sort of me nice and I do have some ought billiards or do wanna set this up. You have a we have all basketball this segment where Jimmie thanks coming up so real quick and you wanna form of important information. The final four mile or is a basketball team joining event where you can celebrate your favorite college basketball team the run takes place the same we can only four teams are left in the division one basketball term in March 31 features a four mile run the course starts and finishes right outside the spectrum Center City to address in the gear supported favorite basketball team and there will be custom bibs metals food trucks free beer sign up now at. The C run final four mile or run final four and number four mile or dot com. And the views he promo sort of code W twenty get ten dollars off on top of that Tebow. So we were talking during the break about. What we love the NCAA terminated I do my favorites is what they were sporting and especially this Thursday Friday of the source for rabid bat. I agree. Those two days it is tournament's great I love the Thursday Friday all day aspect of what there's a couple things going on the last couple days off first of all. The ESPN 2.4 hour marathon. Like why do date Max out jet that they have. YE YE a waiter your guys out. When you're really. You're just getting into it. I mean don't drysdale is turning coming up why you worrying about to look at those not as easy I just three days also is exhausted right now you know why did they do just that first question why does ESP and all they do was play games. In do all these various things outside android app and this is just to push the brackets right for people to sign up SOS is not a deal Jerry Lewis Telus are the reason money for kids or the other saying that we discussed a lot yesterday was the new format of the our selection show that CBS started awful now yet it was supposed to go faster. It'd did it but if you thought it was good seizing a little bit. Here's audio gonna play like committed or so of their except it's just a mad dog unleashed. This is a great Christopher's are doing a selection show show wide. In trying to figure out. ABC order the other night trying to figure out what bubble teams are knocked applicants are it's doubled as a going near. This is omitted ourselves Chris Russo this is what the selection Joseph calls mommy and resort out. Animated the next alphabetical bubble Salem Baylor Sosa Baylor Bears out so there on the NBA soldiers got juiced and a rough night as he just finished the next bubble team I guess would be Louisville right Ellen comes before Eminem. Would it be Louisville and they would be an excellent president and they would rent DS now so Louisville right now they've Padgett and you'll potatoes from Louisville and not to make it Michigan State we nose or am I so we gotta get my own NC state makes it so now. Go to it would be the next one is noted and the next the next one posted so now we say is go to bed not written about. Okay and he's on Notre Dame is that all there is noted. Man and home is Notre Dame any NCAA tournament North Carolina they still got it in the vicinity of the paint. Hit look at that as an alarm button next is noted David is noted get another call does the I'll ignorance which need to know its earnings turns up and wanna jumpers and kids out of state go to Dublin editor column motor credit no. Ohio State Senate talk about Notre Dame is how old. They could talk about that went body you know all muffled clemens' art equipment if you put Oklahoma. And I'll take your eyes yeah. Boy you get the point that's exhausting as a minute that's a like an hour edition but the point a's. There's a lot easier ways to do this Election Day out so much man like hers so. Is not trying to figure out ABC order of the teams cannot audience but I have a heart attack there. That was that's what TV has always. That was so bad idolize you anybody's efforts and straight minutes. Or was a studio audiences like dozens of people there who were those people were they there early for Conan O'Brien in the just. At that episode of pre show was it wary king's old studio it's. I thought it. The next day you're you're a great way to respond on that item is that they want they took some to a you do but doubt about that topic though you said they've taken basically something that's fool proof that you can't screw up and they screwed up I mean just landed. The Israelis and the. 68 it's the simplest show possible you show us the top four seeds then you show any region. You maybe take a commercial breaks all right you show another region take a break show region and show the final region and then you talk about it you know it's really not horrid. It really don't want to shape not to change the game all the time. Just these producers and he's won over produce everything last time I was on for Mac couple weeks ago was out of the NBA all star weekend I'd I don't remember any other MBA pregame show ever for an all star game it was so bad though it was memorable it was awful. Matt what are talking off the area cities did you see the the over the par which Charles Barkley when he didn't know what a team does he dissent it sorted out yes. Maybe bush I think Charles gets better as he sees the team's them as he it the second weekend he's much better than a but the celebrity starts paying attention has the slick they get analyzed as the greatest running as a seasoned team Reza maze. In what to expect early. Just like Clark Kellogg said Davis to edit as a deterrent is that tries reportedly just said. I have decided that team yet. And there are some coach there interviewing on the satellite and he asked the coach in three different ways tells about a player that we're not thinking about any talks along news question with the delayed the coach said the name we never heard drill was in many describe the player but we never knew a wise is partly kept asking the question over and over. All it's the naughty dog over complicate things TBS now and Barkley had that I more with the Jimmy dykes ESPN we're talking not college hoops with Jimmy Jackson the coach coming up next as we continue so Keyon for Mac today we had second Tebow on your monitor if I don't you have Wednesday.