Mac Attack: James-MFG Friendship Summit

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Friday, July 14th

The most discussed thing this hour was the Frienship Summit between callers James From Maiden and Mark From Gastonia 


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Let's do this maybe NB CC stand roll call all right we get a little setback when a Boston incidental candidate think Boston guy as regular state news. But right now we're really doing ten ACC fan base is going to be represented and the guys are taxing Kono units helped him. It's easy on the air so I improved bone. An intern Thomas dad's idea ACC is fired up by the sword to soft on the phone lines to win a duke sand blew double band better you feel good about doubles. Well aren't. I glad defense was hideous last year brought you a lot of injuries but I don't know how you see is why you feeling good. I thought I think that we got the it fruit and it will be talent along without it it. I this year gonna be tough. There are you sure. Yeah we got our quarterback to lead to a general question. And didn't like it. Either. Certainly in the coastal. So political points. Is gonna get your dot com what it would do that and special team this year. And it a little bit critical enacted illegal weapons so. I think if we win that one bullet we sure. I hope you do man cut Clift don't ever lenders may cut goes he's got a real soundly quarterback to work with him Daniel Jones is second year in a system bone. And we did shortage approving quarterbacks in this league I agree with them. I think he's going to be one of those top few QBs in this league I really do the defense though last year Mon 28 points a game given out. That's the worst in the cut clip now and I think it's the second worst dusty worse the last five years a couple of Sarah they had they had really improved aside the ball in last year no injuries the pleasure was ugly. Don't sleep Bob that Humphries L linebacker he's an animal now we can play their better players now they have northwestern bay or in North Carolina all. To start the season in September can they go through and won their. Now you're down you're Miami after that if they go to a one in those three games in September oh Miami. Because northwestern gives them fair that's a tough game for their guys to be 18 or bail hours away and there's no doubt about that. Carolina's away and I know we're trying to find pumped he's passed I did Carolina was somehow win last year I Stell at home and Abby and go to Carolina revenge spot. Bone they could lose a northwestern Baylor Carolina Miami in the one in four. I don't we're slaughter Sosa doing spiral bullying websites saying what it looked at is a brutal start to the schedule after NC central this feel Good Friday brought. I results board exit 23 off 77 you just really maybe billion IE safe to ask those fired up some back in just. Essentially urinate on your football. I was being honest I don't wanna do that call up on all about trying to kill your joints it's all right but we are right we need nine more fan bases who got duke Galloway. And I here's some more ACC fan base is closer to Florida State should be no freedom raiders Miami fan just called me seventeen straight years to announce your back you've been wrong seventeen straight years. I think you might finally be right this year. But everything has got a call in 704570916. Am new to me Maureen I'm or maybe I visited my dramatic president don't filibuster may Mandel decently Hugh freeze try to avoid questions about the lawsuit yesterday. We go to Matt who is an NC state man I'm also very bomb bullish on NC stay with sub Matt. An important yet he didn't are cautiously optimistic. Outlook hey man there. It's you know man ironically could be in the upper division in college football is very even if he got a big team. And I feel like they've probably probably the best thing we've had in years just state about the experience she got to see fit again quarterback coming back up at the web. And then as well it is here call simply opposite the cubs are third in the. Its own senator Lott. Or it's its own Centre court it's it's also a brother like you guys are favorites plus five and ask points. I like South Carolina choose team can make some noise that I think if you win that game could catapult you to lose that game. I think that's a big tone setter type game and I don't know understand I think C I think it cautious Izzy is low tax and you go right like because one. He had edited out lately man I don't think about things that went a lot probably one or game. We were supposed to win. Or taking gaining gain a great but it got a pretty that they do they at first glance 11. Close game. Nothing they can do it up a little bit manners are a lot a lot of couples. No you're right I'm looking back I mean David Doran had has not one that's sort of game you're talking about he was close last year to kicker to kicker was worth the leg. Last year they would have had won over Clemson that's clearly showed a Florida State or close to his well they go to Florida State but they gave Clemson at home. And the good Louisville home. They've got I think I think he got to get one of those straight they've got to be one of those top even it's Louisville. Gotta be one of those top three teams don't feel like they're making progress and I think they have a legit chance to do that. I like Stanley I love sandals and he's gonna run the ball more than two kinds. Is and I know Matt days is good but I think they can patch something together to replace him by committee. And then I think they've got kids like Louis and those guys in the receiving corps to get a bunch of receivers back to bounce. I think they're the top four pass catchers in six their top eight pass catchers back. I let's go to Salzburg state fans I know what I'm asking you do. I'm asking you put aside your state fan apprehension. And you know we're in we're innocent and that sort of thing. And and just by you know 100%. I know it's a hard body and I really think Justine special on the ACC. I 70457096. Stand Mac is up next man who are you saying enough. All right so little produce mineral and copy. I went I went underground await some friend have been transferred Syracuse fan of them did my graduate work at Louisville for the my doctorate at Virginia. Watch for the Virginia Tech. So she's from a lung associated Georgia Tech fan my sister went to pivot she pulls currencies go straight education in Miami so they're your colleagues. Same guy I think you need to know before never when I try to find every NCAA tourney team that's in the field how he did the same thing what and there are guys had like twelve. It underlines guy if he's if he's good doesn't really delivers a zoo is and as such it sounds like it's really old terminal and then you start to realize what to do so like teens and their babies. East Austin and a little bit what did you go to doll out of Carolina fans on soda doesn't count but don't count elbow wasn't it Michelle what do you think calls kimbo wasn't condescending about UNC at the vault into the dominant performance I will say this UNC stands. As to me it's tough sell man I just do we want Carolina fan I must not be a Smart ass about it like they just have so many questions. On and off inside the ball and then they have so many questions to we chizik gaunt and the defense still was getting gals on the run game last year like I just. I don't know if we get any he'll stay a step up right now less we say tell us your best memory for the national championship bronze. I think that's a way to do it once more Tara football famous and jury eerie called the show daddy started out troop what you're up next so glad to. At least like three other guys teams are now bounded like there was any thing that counts in defeat at this and I know so I beg highways and what time it was funny but he waste it's not your father Bob Wright call Syracuse Drew Rosenhaus may be drew how you feel a brother. Go. Oh yeah and those that sat back and Nebraska fans are no I let me ask me. The. Low. Season as the best conference in college football and their fans are getting outdone by all these dudes that are pulled some sort of radio on their pranks it's. This is an only has pretty balanced lineup. I want a true fans if I was on my radio show and Baylor it beaten nonstop big twelve fans were all the I'll. The radio and I. My little seriously. They're unbelievable. A Baylor fans really don't come appearance here and talk trash out your programs like do you still existence itself did show don't feed the bears on delegates put install that's it's got finally get some calls and it. This sucks because you guys are wasting my timely stupid pranks. Seven I should know when it was Syracuse fan and I happen yeah senate floor. Are 70 nine's extent idealist is like air dungy is like data and that happens to be traveling through Charlotte that they haven't. I'm gonna go to the phones put him a man Jeremy to talk a little Clemson Tigers Jeremy what's shown on brother. I know fair. Chip this year yes man yeah senate. Perry guy so your ballot per share for the tigers not I'm. I'm what are the does that there are colored glass resolved but we also blue purple what club send it to follow and we saw it. From Alabama last year Alabama freshman quarterback never played before new system. Dominant defense. They still want to get their defense. Don't sleep all the tigers because they lost the shell Watson would lead huge hold still I'm not comparing Gillibrand and Charles Watson. But cut defense the blood is going to cause Havoc for people to Niigata score quick. Somatic public input about what some of what I don't know how much points leader. No idea I agree with both of those although I would not like I wouldn't start drawing clemson's offense into the category of like 22 points a game or something that loud I did it I don't put a 39. But Tony 930 I mean that's system but how portrait arguably yeah I tend to agree with that I mean although I will save us some still trying to take Florida State and can tell Jeremy that during the conversation. But Clinton's there are Clemson has been in Death Valley last conference game in November so whoever the quarterback is is going to be up to speed a little bit more. Can floors they blocked them I mean a close as can make a case that they can beat Florida State there's no doubt about. Here's my problem for Clemson bone is the first five weeks talked on this last week. First five weeks of the schedule includes all learned. At Louisville that Virginia Tech you've got that. Inexperienced quarterback in those games that's the thing that worries me I let me get my man Mike who is a Georgia Tech dynamite was gone on relative. I have to go on god and man what do you say to. Our door that says well I got this year it just like the last fifteen years. No. They get got a six have to eagle that they have been going on there and up and I'm going over this year we know. I also noticed the one thing about George tech is I get beyoncé and I'm trying to find someone to play spoiler other Miami Virginia Tech. You guys feel like the most likely team to make you guys finished the year strong last year. You got a bunch of dudes back I mean just it's all them black quarterback spot though right do you replaced Justin Thomas. That trial that you Jordan and not the other thing is our series got to expand these but I don't last year he in our went against urging pet. But you're I don't know I do indeed back. And you know we always let you include all of you really coat and you always are right there and I'm. I'm not an up and I don't want to put together this year and got some good recruits we met this woman do. And I'm a board and the ultra. Our man that dice are rapidly jackets and I appreciate it's. Was blown up that ninety sleep expose a duke football fan as he does not like Georgia Tech is some boring thing to talk about us and might not be the most exciting team in the conference talk about it don't be condescending duke football team that's a good look for you what a bad guy you war I'm listening to our engineer active site for the ACC BTK golf you have to look when your secure classic painting in my ear to hear Jerry the engineer. Because I don't gamble out I can hear the got a call us at our mental thing to do I thank you but I think you are up anything and I don't do you I had to break the worst humans ever you'll probably want and then Floyd Mayweather to right behind me. I'm an end by the way they beat Virginia Tech and Georgia. In the last month of the season last shooters a little so they're little juice for George take out price to be taken Miami now I hope we come back Monaghan made one last ten. We need six calls. And we earlier only gonna have a few minutes is a sailor all we need more fans jump in here having her from Virginia Tech Florida State UNC. All these and they seven jumped in 74 cool guys we vote 96 stand whereas those Lamar Jackson thing we've never had a Louisville called a stand and has now archer that we need apple or bask we need that to happen. And we also are gonna do something called the friendship summit. Two well known callers that continue to fight on social media we're gonna try to bring them back together that's going to be emotional. Wilkins. And Lawrence in the middle zooming NASA can't wait watch him play I just am very similar to CA CC season I don't know me I mean. Listen and how what it's on SEC football and I love watching you guys know for years I've been the guy ACC fans have been screaming like a quick. Quits or any SEC quit hike him up and I'm still don't want to turn SEC football the ACC I think Charles or buckle made nailed it earlier. They're defensive fronts are now looking like the SEC's defense of fronts and in a lot of cases I would argue they're better matter of fact Phil Steele has Clemson. As a best defensive line in football this year if you read the Phil Steele magazine. And then if you look at and we go to calls the second 'cause I'm desperately trying to get six more calls are also have the time to do this out. But are you look at Phil steele's defensive line rankings Clemson won. And C state three this is nationwide Miami four Florida State five. That is four of the five best. Is the only other ones in there Alabama six yes four AC CD lines Phil Steele puts over. That eat our buckle nailed it. That's why the ACC's Bowen out right now they're getting those big dogs upfront and better coach assigned to an end dinner coach is to obviously. Our team this old man they got a nasty. Represented no relation you have not been this far there but I know you are cut and I seems like you're less apt to call them when I'm high enough to know you mean like when you get mad at me is really when you do your best work right. Yeah just I'm just. Really much that didn't see the moment and we got great leadership and that calm that you won't have the law institute which the worst puppet to London college football. And have a quarterback still corporate they're already a chance it is certainly didn't. Format to that you upload gets sixty and then I make also assume this. OK good you're right this shouldn't act. HM I could remember and yet that in the real urged people and no chairman could be true you know yeah I took the award every golfer must. Voluntarily left out that's still don't leave that door and landed back on what it's all Alabama when that can go to the fashion show each. They're actually love that we could potentially huge because there. You can Reggie huge trying to get cloture in my image but you can't compare yeah. We try to do I go Obama and John there are no mention who don't like trust and then managed. All I don't eat less and doesn't necessarily well Mowlds. I lowered by the way I'd take that back tee bezel apparently can still do some good phone calls on the Internet and if I'm not downing Florida State here's what's so scary about their defense us. Sort of states got all those guys up front sweat none need all those guys rushing the passer and stuff and Iran. But then they have I think might be the best corner safety combo app in the game. Would that McFadden yeah when James combo like both front and back ends. Very talented if. Or stay steady an eight interceptions last year ace Katie came back. I mean most guys in college football you know if they're eligible they don't know but during changed appears McFadden. Unbelievable players. And they're gonna complimented deepest you don't win it would sourcing struggled on defense last year especially in the North Carolina Janus does during James was out during James oh yeah heart and soul led defense. We went out they struggle Louisville game to he's he might be the best defense player country they are no I know people are saying that. Michael once it's on its heels and we got to get to what we're going to friendship summit it's going to be very emotional a second Michael what do you think about deals brother. You. Then I. Don't know who I don't know until. We know. Good man that would no doubt here. At the moment of good and. And wouldn't panic and no new. Well they all are. Or are there you go I'm editorial football fan I didn't really just. I think it was really key aide to sell filed. I know burba back up I thought he was on life support as he intimacy calling from bluff from being dumped all life's what percent. Yeah. Well hopefully it's Orioles also has only one of those life support machines. Brandon Harris so I'm sorry I got to play the skeptic would Brendan Harris to doors opened the door gets a lot of quarterbacks with that would be a hell of an accomplishment. I'm let's do this if you think that we just heard from zoo fired up going crazy fans and it sort of put these two dudes on next. Hi this is called beat the French and summit we don't know how this is gonna go out we get emails tech. Some tweets coming up next violent they got into a nasty aren't Twitter fight the other day. And I got to tell you had to prove a bogeys were just fought and target for this got dinner and I thought you know what I like both these guys they're both friends I can't sit here and watched. Just. Movie mode GM to prove the mode G go out each other here so we need to do something about. Now let's shattered because it's important to station one is if hall of Famer a halt stains on it listener. The other one is well on his way I believe the war he's been doing lately calm and they were arguing again today on Twitter about this morning. We've got marks from Estonia. And James your maiden and we're all hooked him up together we're gonna hash these differences out by march argued there reduction. Port that I don't go to Florida what's up brother we have air out later all right James you there. Sort by let's do this it's more what's your problem would change mentally patches so what is your issue with him. Out of the habit your outlook and it came back does say that he was wearing that little but I guess you could just become the tar heel that is AB chipper up. I don't James. Asked mark what's your deal would more is that constant comment just made some perfect example while one out and our target stick doesn't marine massive cult hot cakes which are comedy. They're just crap you literally pulled that it asked a monkey and turned against the wall. And relax that. What are you this and that and I mean I need to give parcel under probably fits your bios it would buy this stuff. But I'd just 5% supplement on the bad guy here that of course I don't care. I listen well thought that you can't do it at that podium I'm are injured can measure issue mini series the big. We're I'm calling from an English major scenes Jessica I huge deal look at what John is they completely absent. Mark are you are you going. Hometown snob because your from Estonian he's remained that we don't. I mean I ain't nobody. Do that he would say don't you when you are now why is it did kind of an actor Reno Air thing about this stuff. You know what I don't beat out Tom want to later got to like I say. You know we're abrupt Burton is. Don't tell people that sell our own that being dubbed this I don't know there the energy interject you know they're not hot techniques taught cakes. It's there's so condom doubt that penis. It did so as stupid crap he called their odd take that prompt more and gets cold. No hold on now mark I well I'm a stand up for you mark I think you'd think after all it takes for example. Feel pins in his next Jordan explain your thought process on that you shouldn't say that you thought that through explain your thought process. Yeah right back into it can tap into his junior year. Don't let that do you have got patted it beats you certainly don't worry our got a hot take double heartache mark. Bring television or indulgent post catch him in the box called apple ought to stay relevant and intelligently than you ever saw it. I don't know that they aren't evident there have been around main event yeah element there. So what's so I got an open domain but it did help. I mean that I'm an inhaled it definitely took us. Not a what does that even mean somebody explaining what they even. You have a Wal-Mart the largest brand you don't have a Wal-Mart like we do smacked. What's a bone pain so this is our due this is your idea is doing is terrible I don't know I don't know we've made our. Arizona's Jenks do you feel like I feel like it is do you feel like mark ego. It's starting to get out of hand here. Seriously dorms and congress you're bald cap distorting seriously think he was so can't reroute and stick to sustain got this. He's entertain her ears and entertainer can tell you right now icon is an entertaining how popular he's become among the fan base. I mean absent today which. I don't I just got so my actual gas Tony's call me Al could not simply made my way to live and they are putting yes so expect Charlotte are too. And they're right your freaking out to me dollars and they didn't seriously stronger from Estonia mark mark mark and mark is going to be go to. Anime in. Yeah big meg is welcome possibly an excellent pat cash coordinate do you have any draft expert concept of the stop that economy. Oh wait you don't have to guard at a school rags. There Albemarle house like normal car are delivered also on eighteen years old. So and until daddy just Adler Bonior. MO RE and more ardent. I didn't do locate and bring Margaret I thought I answered my statement. I don't think guys I think what is your as important. Margaret Marc is. More open it. All right mark come back I don't presume and thank goodness is he don's idea I don't really know wanted to trenches and a lot of and I don't think username unit. Our boys I don't know try to nudge it along James do you think you need to drop the jealousy of mark marks kind of the flavor of the moment I think he kind of bothers you. But it's not the coming of these guy. Yeah yeah really care what people think you know we've heard back Chris. Yeah what people write to me they're getting you know how I'm adjusted our. I've market. We are marked what are. I New York puts a vote just talk the boats off the lives are it's I don't know how to really say this listeners. I'm sorry the guy as I do is really not much else to say looms sorry. I kind of ought to be. Yeah I don't really know that went well but we were trying to help their mortgage through there to Athens he likes alleged cult why do I want yeah I don't well I thought that made a lot of progress as he got to let these guys looking out for them here in the I mean this make him run a landmark. Mark's. Marks try to defend his takes today he said that Dennis the junior is better than Jimmy Stewart flies snuck up. I think those takes right there or what angers James. He's funny you just got to take mark is funny some people just don't seem to get to humor that is mark me as comedic gold it really has. All right when we come back. We will move on. Mixed reviews some people seem to see so I'm not clear humor and mark and James in the friendship summit. Others. What that one guy wants a refund of his money back I will give you the money you spent back all right I'll give them back to give you time where yes Tom I can't refund your time and that's the issue we have the listeners are family. In a family members have an issue we're gonna bring them together we're gonna work it out I feel guy probably did it. You could pay. It doesn't come easy man any session couples therapy you don't settle a new one session right it's. Marriage boot camp doesn't just have one episode they're boys good guy out now Jeff guy did compare. Mark to law. He's flinging monkey I was planning my bit hurtful that was well we're gonna move out from that by the way great job by the callers ACC going to get to six. Leading instead we got to six lease again over intern she mocks inter schmuck goes up over under number of Scotland in turn are ever going to. I don't know ice I just wanna put a lot these 21 year old kid yeah I mean you're just. I'm never eating but I've never talked and in turn this way he brings out in me now OK maybe we need to do friendships are actually don't Alitalia but don't we need to do that price and where you live to an ambassador to tell you live and neither one of us from against Sony remains that we should both feel good about what it was probably direction Rick Pitino summits -- we have a discussion and Osborne about his obsession with the ability standards are so that's. Yeah fighting guys are fortunate I UN is duty to fight on textile its mass media because I'm going to read text about the show and all it is is you intend on backing up. Trying to talk him down he's called me all sorts of names coming after me is what ever I don't care do you guys text each other you don't see Jerry Jones called me another call me a bad name you call me a bad bad name I can't say on the radio because it's on a little she'd over their what do you midrange. Hey whether it doesn't work well and try to talk him down trying to you know just be real with him. I'd MC were coming get a we're actually having a little friendship some of our own long winter time. I just look like you moved to some other tax is all I'm going well sinopec are urged other texts or is just caused an intensely. I want to. A five find Osborne somewhere I. Com let's see here the stock remodel tomatoes still reminded dads what it's like to be a road trip to kids and a backseat bickering back and forth. That's a damn true identity and that could be me next next week does matter of fact on our Griswold trip. Let's see here on a massive Tar Heels and a completely agree would James Mardy is an idiot brings nothing new show. I disagree on two and I like James joining James. When Jane's on his game many people get angry him I think march just solaris and I just don't take mark to seriously. If you take mark seriously I don't think is gonna go well 42 of them aren't literally gotta take him with the biggest grain of salt costly why he's our universe now this dude settle building senator Joseph should do this every day. Yeah the spelling B went better in the friendship conference well let's let's speaks volumes doesn't it. I'm get these two pulls off the radio there to primadonna us it is kind of funny they both do believe that they are Charlotte superstars like you can tell lol the demo doubles why do dollar. Wow well mark right now more than James I think mark to market is in broadcasting school mark I think he's feeling his oats right now a little bit in that they got. Mark MFG need to be your check already got ones that we'll see what else we got here Bradley says there should be a James remained Emmet G boxing match to decide who's right to be the next McGregor Mayweather of that with these things. That's not right we can't get. I don't see Marcus siren went Marcelo are not either. Market is hot take care English kitty he'd be the definition of tomato can't grainy pass us up a grainy pat says James was faithful or don't like him anymore us from granny pat another S Lindsay listening legend. I'm Matt says that was horrible I never heard from them again be too soon. I know everybody's all over the place here I do apologize for. Some dealers is a great idea so I. And so I tie my it is good job to rebound that was great Tebow news sock a that was great Tebow and that was terrible but everyone I'm sorry I. Let you mentioned grainy. You asked to talk about what he told me in the first hour about the video shoot you did yes it is going to tell you we're doing this guy congress don't know about. We're doing this new thing carpal karaoke you know steal them basically or Neal paying their respects to James Gordon in his carpal karaoke. First person that was grainy patsy she was singing old is she missing and Bruno Mars I was incident a drugs people we were driving around lake Norman. And on top ms. gray bought broader liquor so she's drinking liquor in the car I'm driving which is a slight problem legally and then also mama she. Makes advances at me. I'm sorry what does she may say advances that. And I did not completely shut them now what do what do you. And so you may hear what exactly happened here how did you get this quote the great race of the video but I had pushed it this way on the way home I called my wife until around that he was just in the video into the restraining ancillary. I had to explain something happened between being ready pac is she like touch your leg. No more than that. Well that. Well. All she wanted me she wanted to do something so me and I said no said those are known at the end I just gave it sells to give you look just. You can see the Betty this is going to be. About what was up debt what does she found it rather amusing now at the at one point apparently. Grady wanted Matthew drive for titillate. Which I guess would be the equivalent might make out point oh. Don't relate solid shirt at the pleasure her granny you are free to know Larry Izzo let me tell you about that man and a woman is a trip so anyway back to her husband Marvin. Well even the car man now leading come even done behind the man's back and I had dinner and what these people on Sunday I actually good and they get or granny killers and they value out of torrent of fair I'd it would be mean I just kind of gave in and did this for a second it was the centers. I. I can't wait to see is that he's going to be great. He says it's got to be a funny video and we'll see maybe you'll get another list around their neck signed to do that although I would you if you make advances at me fellas I mean that's just politely declined. By the way in my own candidate email brunch Lander Dodds says this is awesome Estonia is roasting maiden. I've never heard Estonia looked down upon any cities. Those are not sounded that call took there it really was. Our rights I guess we'll wrap this up. The web stats for CR web Dow will and then video. And it's need to find out like a response to put her drinking liquor in there or should we leave that out the video Alexandria how to handle that situation. And also advertise that. I don't think Spielberg to make this video Arthur there anyway it should be funny hooks and give up by next week has got two days next week and then we take. Our Griswold family trip on down to Miami we're driving. Downs Miami so it'll be more stressful than any workday would you guys I never had I have a feeling. I don't typical former endless can be a bit gonna hang around down there. Ari when we come back. More sick you'll see the boys are ready hooked up but over there there in two Weston. And ACC media days final day it's all the coastal coaches and and teams today and I think they've got Larry Fedora pretty sure we'll find out the time of treasure coast adores going up to those guys. So while we'll check in with Garcia and Bailey wind to show up its us Friday great football talk today on the Mac attack on SNC. Women and girls. I'm the better as the Boson does my grandson Danielle plays and I knew square and stand there you yeah yeah. As of my name is Jessica Nebraska did. I dig into the wrong time to weather which is something happens in Nebraska and Nebraska yeah. I'll somewhere in the fight song like is that it complements collier guys to square yes. There is this absolutely. Didn't mean he's wary and I a lot of the army prim and proper my friends my lord I think but when you might not wanted to stay and play. Setting up bonds or missing and grants divide songs. Similar thing in the trenches summit was the greatest radio no. Manson did Heidi not anyone in the building this dude wants a replay of the friendship summit played again. Just play for mormons and those guys don't have total Dillard will will be just like Mayweather McGregor won't do it again next half. Do you believe they got another one today in London they flew all the way from London in 2 PM eastern time today that bad early they're gonna scrap today aren't there there's going to be a fight onstage did they got it didn't need some new material I hope on the flight over there they didn't just sleep and he did erode some new material did you writers and Tommy Gregg has got to stay away from a race baiting styles just that stud that takes away the fun escalating to went up the basket lot. This goal and this is what frank Garcia does it is set up isn't well this is Michelle and your verbs what are they enacted frank fighting. I thought I would normally on a we live now you aren't happy. Does it really what I wanted to say week your on the why would he said he wasn't raised an. That happened I thought cargo onto thumb on the right now we got Garcia barely looked up lines. From the west and final day of the ACC media days and we got a little look into Frank's old pair I believe who is now that you know it's just. Our boys what's going on what are you guys got to door today right. We do we do every bit about so 150 if I'm not mistaken that's on the schedule that Amanda texted me the schedule this morning being the the consummate produce millions to try to pull that open but we do have just that we have violated federal 45 we got the schedule are you we. We do we get that we got doesn't put there it's a boy we think I have Jay Stewart didn't we're probably just gonna grab what you folks thought about it and I consider down the walk Brosseau. Two bigger joke. Very cool man I woes and the great yesterday you on drugs both you guys are doing a great job and I. Keep that up ski don't frank did you wanna say anything else out would you wanna say it's a whole class rank. Yeah I don't want her daughter about with McGregor saying that he's race baiting race ladies talking smack. You know sometimes you know you're gonna talk smack and if you don't understand you know what he's saying then you can you can interpret anything you want for a for race baiting well look I. I just thought is first only said dance boy dance at her first impressed numbers as and just mean he was also are the only guys called boy's life club he was informed that hey that sounds kind of bad to tell black commander advanced point. And easy then went on Jimmy Kimmel after that and made a comment about dancing monkeys on rocky three in the jam and that was about Apollo creed. And then yesterday comes out with this I'm from the black M on blacks from the waist down I just I just I was comfortable last night and I thought that happened before last night. I was enjoying it I just think land that's the fun trash talk here the tax is stuffs grey he's got the crowd chanting. Find it in Bangkok pay your taxes I think that's right he's trying to eat great demand so that he. Debates and into you know going out there warning to fight differently than what he would he's not gonna do you're way set up a yeah here's your victim. About a way every such Joseph Rogan last night through I'm hoping upon hope do we get a hold your route before we took a double talk to this guy but above all else but reflect this thinks it's inching back because of interviewed on this thing is exactly right when you were talking about it. Like it a boxing match there's almost no way to the record's gonna win this thing it's like 98% there boy it's gonna win it but at the unisource I understand your aversion to this fight. You don't but I I like the pageantry I like to theatre also I agree with bogus thing does got to give me a Republican alike to back and forth. And the thing about it is he's a little bit each other's faces that I before last that the close up of those guys talk trash. Up McGregor looks at him says if this were real fight you would last forty seconds and he's exactly right about he's exactly right about and he's. And it's not how I met and I think it's because I said earlier today S and I'd love it if its contract called for one in the octagon and one and a ring I think that would be great I would love to tell alternating rounds. Every call too right that's a good way to do it so why should we put. Greta one or weapon just give McGregor won more weapons just to go full anime just giving given dog leg kicks given these stress to him one more weapon how about what's his life in despite a glass or not. I only through two rounds though they would fight over the first round could have there was USC in the first round there would be a second chance for a possible right after her boss and yes finish them off in the first round so up. But yet that's the one thing decisively but you know what Floyd wouldn't take dead deal Floyd's not gonna end up and I Annan for 12 when that guy because he doesn't have to. Right pretend like he might he see you Rios. That's a particular taxes he's got depression at. Funny he's got the drought hit pay your taxes yeah that's kind of fun and I don't lie about that. I think McGregor is a great showman is just some of the stuff I'm like do you have to go there but there's no doubt and he is selling tickets frank liked. We have heard from even though guys I don't sit understand why is this makes people wanna buy the tickets it's still not a competitive fight. I can't deny that it is selling tickets we get emails you guys I'm sure didn't guys tweets and emails to talk to fight people I see an album let it. As they do love event driven here's thing to. Is that I understand the McGregor said some things that might have made people look comfortable but not understand why because of the sort climate this country right now this guy's a mixed martial artist right Eddie and he's from Europe. And the people that he trains with the trades every day with different with different races ethnicities and nationalities every single type of person in the world. He trains with on a daily basis Brooke Berkeley jujitsu guys from down in Rio and some of those strikers from a Thailand source of it so for me just here that say what Scott must. You're listening to jump and here's my thing if it doesn't offend Floyd Mayweather why should it offend you but also they widened front Floyd because Floyd's favorite color is green. Cannot that's no I don't ask a fifty dollars in proceeds to put more green in my body I've spotted running them that is being honest about bugs I hear come what I was gonna say Donald was just no I don't think he's a racist. I don't singled with some people that I think it's he's making comments that sound that way and it's like it's making them less likable like I want to just. Root for him to go in there and obliterate the woman beater but instead it's like this guy can say is that it's like is he that. You don't real want him to be just a terrible job there rational it. Doesn't care if Mac McLean. Likes of Chris Maclean likes likes him or not he wants to go out there and entice. Floyd Mayweather into trying to fight him. That's what he cares about and that's why he's doing it of course ratings fall open with that but that's what trash talking is I'm trying to get you out your game. You're uncomfortable with that so I've I don't know what to tell. At what a lot of this trash talk is you sell tickets flat out it's a stunt you know since it's just you know it's the old routine itself debuts. And I am not by one despite what T nonsense you're alive I'm alive I wanted to go to somebody's house or not right now we know we're a year old man. I don't have been known to do that and I'm not even doing that just like he's gonna deacon my window just. I I I. Well here's a look at the wrong window realized that if I didn't like let's let us out yeah that's definitely got married that I. Are those get added concern over the boys are some great council vote counts which nevertheless stand Garcia barely coming up prime time after that. I'm good work got a bone skits are Thomas did some good work in between the snide remarks it has some good work in talks he arrives on Monday enjoy the weekend.