Mac Attack: Interviews With Gary Parrish And Chris Mannix

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Friday, June 16th

Great interviews this hour about the NBA Draft and more with Gary Parrish from CBS Sports and Chris Mannix from Yahoo! and the Vertical. 


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Are you know that you are having any tremendous Friday. When you. On a Friday radio show we'll have that big information found a huge revelation. You're talking forty years plus and that's what she said jokes being toppled. Amount we also have to argue some love with. So the winner of the tickets government meals tickets Steven. Wins the government guilty to say certainly try to jump on board get those bad boys. We're gonna get to Gary Parrish and some hornets draft talk here in the second. Bomb group and don't you got some business to tend to congrats to Stephen for wanted to take its on this feel Good Friday. Brought to you by hunters go forth. Exit 28 off I seventy cent are good job voting good job I let's see here. Let's bring in Gary Parrish who loves talking under any cow suit season it has a great job to governing MBA. NBA draft for CBS sports dot com you know we can't do this interview without asking about the Louisville. Mess that's going on there as well and Gary Parrish joins us all an American secondary you do it. Interpret your yeah we're doing good man and while we appreciate and I know you always good to us and I definitely appreciate it. I let's start first all star delusional thing that would get into the drafting kind of some of these guys with who is dead or in play for the horn is potentially. Com what do you make of what the NCAA Stewart here with Louisville Rick Pitino was incredulous he's appealing and he's lost faith in the NCAA. But yet they're not their probation doesn't include a post season ban it certainly could have been worse. What do you think about what the NCAA still in here. It definitely could've been worse got a bad because unless they are a little uphill. I can't imagine if every which article went on appeal it's not like they're actually debating that this stuff happen. There and I have to vacate their 2012 final four or 2013. National championship that would let the school after they keep our ports. From yeah and in the Arab. Go left and mark can beat the Memphis and there oh but we never had a men's basketball. I skated so. Currently working coaches in college basketball history whoever won multiple national championship so point obviously want Mike's obviously war. Particulate also warned that unless he went uphill again they're not going to win or drill. Rick you know gonna drop from that list number thirteen because it is championship or. One or 2013 it's going to be vacated because the interplay of girl that wreck actively basically it is notable players in that in public certain. Here's the thing though Gary is I liked it took a way USC's championship in my mind Pete Carroll won that championship that team won that championship. And I also feel the same way about Louisville like. Do you think it really matters on the official record books it does put in people's minds is anybody really feeling like they weren't the chance that we saw it happen. He had no idea here and scope for that perspective of it are the biggest deal in the war Libyan men so. You know I look around at the company gene that was undefeated awhile richt ordered what served national championship game it looked like it'd been. Vacated does that mean it didn't happen I was in the Alamo go Marshall Olmert shot I'd. Epic battle after celebrate that in any way you look at projects or very doubt it'll ever. You walk in the practice facility. Obtaining debt what they are all the Walter. Served Serb make it last forever so they error eight about young cal Perry. Our official like eagle IPO in the construction meet you guy on the complex web side so. From that perspective I think it does matter Coker. Don't get. Caught up in what they're resume looks like your idea was. I'm a multi time actual gate into oak tree and you know. If you it can say it hurt but it will not be or release celebrated that way. Anymore I don't that matter where you go. That well. We got to placate. You'll buy the revenue of five games to govern well in public tournament. In the Guttenberg an electorate at eleven basketball game they've got it cost them millions and millions without our. Okay we're so we Gary Parrish wanted to make sure we ask about the Louisville situation. Let's get into the draft and your mock draft it I think it's your latest one where you have mark and indeed you know the big stretch for an Arizona. Going to the hornets at number eleven at the thing that we think about what's sad is okay if he draster us I know he's big time talent. He's very similar frank Kaminsky and skill you don't think that should deter the hornets from taken them up. No I've never did it cursed in the lottery and worry about. Position on how my roster or anything like that if you look at stay NBA finals this year in basically every year. The two things they get there. They're leaders have one thing in common they don't necessarily have to spoke at great point guard are great big they have to have great talent. Look at things that we saw in the in the finals. Local state perhaps the greatest collection of talent at least up another roster that we've ever seen all stars you know guys who could. Conceivably end up in a little more all the blame for the past Korean BP all of want to see. Now so talented and they've dealt a player on clay and it's sort of like two other all start. Guys who all three of them might end up at all they lecture at seven all they were playing in a final report being list. Are you that you don't eat. If that whatever as much to be eat. Best prospect available the key support crew would be something. Different than your other or ever. Dinner otherwise would be it's having high end talent I've always scraping. Best prospect available I think that port or would be there if you available at eleven. I usually agree judges said the same thing the other day about Dennis Smith like I don't think he's gonna fall but I know the hornets went to his pro day yesterday and if he fell. Plenty disable we have Campbell and I said the same thing let's just get the talent in here let's let it all work inside the house us. A Suu Kyi saying now is far as the guy like the guy I think Kaz although it's though given he is there either he's worked out for teams in front of us. But Donovan Mitchell's a guy I really like. His ass let a schism the verdict gold the reach. Army's defense and ability to late I think he could be a special player. What do you think about him I know you had him going twelve Detroit right after the hornets but if the hornets took Kim is that is that a good selection what do you think about Donovan the next level. RBI got a problem with the governor Rick he had a real great job CRC and that the local. What they look at cryptic about the way it was down were quick to go back to it or say. I know then you're not trying to stay there and it's what you all would be good teammate. We saw it great that lets you Cory Schwartz currently Google book a quick. And that message doesn't always work it would get beyond that they are going to still aren't capable of doing. What is it we think they get dark and also committed to achieve a different player of all more aggressive. Scored more and Richard that seem to like she could have a lot of weight go. Yeah everybody EU would you rather be 66363. But the links there it is a leak. The F weather system is a lead to a Emeka jumper he can't get into the lane. He looked like be a dynamic combo guard NBA level I don't. You're maybe that's Samberg nobody would have thought that a lottery pick yet right now I think probably going to be. On why we're so we Gary Parrish again as madre CBS sports dot com talking supported to some NBA draft a minutes Dexter who brings up a good point. I need to ask you about John Collins we he's kind of been neglected in the eleven you know spot. You know mock drafts and stuff we haven't talked about him enough. He's from up the road wins assail me was amazing last year and the hornets have John towns in town today for a workout. It's just feels a little too early for me I love him as a college player odds got some doubts. About where he sits in the NBA what do you think if she went eleven is that a little too rich how does he project to the NBA. All he would never be typical Lebanon if I were in charge could I like better is by definition going to be able. But. But but don't reasonable minds can disagree what -- their export car seat and you'll just while what a great story in general somebody who I think was quite. Around 200 hit it high school where they like off the radar. And yet period and an early entry into the NBA draft pick up possible lottery pick a figure out what I would say this. Yes I think that's early put guard. Like if you were general manager and you love to let it go yet nobody else particularly here but I will it looks orbit. Didn't think grabber you're like. What to adopt local option to what Westbrook seemed a Little League doesn't Buehrle now. No not at all not at all I think guys are at my feelings of what you said distort your answer which is. There's going to be a dire to that I just like that are at the next level like even a guy like exact Collins but I look at him and say I just feel like she's got more upside. You know and if I mentioned Donovan Mitchell I just feel like there's going to be someone there that I think has a little more upside in John dolls plus. There are questions about John tauzin defense. The liked to shooting two if he's got to be a foreign asleep how far can he stretch it out get a real good mid range jumper but how Ford is that stretched well you know. That's the thing you know and that's terrible to be okay. Eight it is like CJ leak will be collected and spot higher than it would've been corrected to hear us we look at these sixty unity can make quick shot I mean is it not. Before that Cowell pole position O has traditionally been called pal or tradition opposition. Larry typical of what I mean I get I don't really keep go back where I live but. You know in Memphis were the grip please say it. He'll years try to play. To conventional big tree in markets saw him Zach Randolph and risk last year. They had actually move their ripped off the Internet Africa these elite let's productive. It's because the king thinks Democrats by the air then it's difficult to keep you guys like that of course but reports are. Well taken like it's your all things being equal. Graphic at that position based on outside. You probably want a guy like that Colin who has only ability to make record consistently as opposed to garner who maybe haven't. I'd let so last question I ask you about this we've had. Big time debate here on this show about Luke Kenard vs Donovan Mitchell if you're running the hornets. Which guy would you rather have a. I think Le canard that the record because of what I would just talk about the outlook for producers import to be a stretch report. Every position in the NBA right now it's important vehicle to our destruction plummet to what's gonna be a final where. Even Jane a true gold states the final record ugly 42 reporters made. Editing gay or Cleveland came back and beat that record opted they wait or the key to both those big impaired. It's having a belief talent but it will cool jerk all on the court at all try and saw what. Canard but one of stroke or skill but he what is the area we may go. They clearly are only okay bet like your blue body Dugard in the way it's so it couldn't sure. Especially in 2017. There the place for you in the NBA are in Kuwait on court could. Your surrounding great players which shooter you're in the way became quite be so. I got him I think we should overall. And everybody will obviously it's a marker or find out everything that certain art but. Bet the debt by definition mean I don't think could reach eleven and like I I really like him attribute player and I don't Obama got. If I don't think so much slower than. Been in the bottom. Yeah under the Nixon shown interest in both those guys social either one of those guys it's possible. Did they go off the board before we go our Gary airshow on Twitter I cared pair CBS. Read his stuff free delusional piece on CBS sports dot com. And if you're ever in Memphis make sure you listen to him on a radio Guerrier demand we appreciate it. Margaret ticker RGO Gary Parrish. I'd only see here mr. an animal hole. Arm bone over there due to touchdown dance lady's freaking Ochocinco when he takes Lou canard over Donovan Mitchell that's just ridiculous you know or you don't know when I was dancing for my data back at. I can't drive to discuss recent cannot argue they're just burst about your seat and let me tell you my heart sunk my heart sunk when Gary Parrish who I think highly out. Said Lou canard here's the thing I would count horizontal like a look at our job. Here's the thing I would counter with EST shooting is very important that's a great you can't deny that this stay NH. But I would also say the finals taught us about two way players being very important. The warriors have two way players all over the place to complain on the wing Donna Mitchell's two way player he can guard twos because he got a 610 reach he's now forty plus inch vertical. So even Indian six stories not a problem he's two way player lead guards he'll be a liability. On defense this side of Florida as a difference a couple of off. Points on the draster I think this is going to be one of the crazier drafts of recent memory I think it's gonna go completely away for mortal bombing a mock drafts are saying. Because we talked about yesterday we don't know what the knicks are number eight are gonna do. They love Justin Jackson and what Donna Mitchell they love canard they lost French franc. You've got Mark Cuban sitting there at nine you on the what they're gonna do and McCain's one of the most volatile franchises in the entire NBA. Have two picks in the top ten this thing could get crazy someone could fall right supported slap. I don't know how it's gonna play out but the mock drafts are bigger gonna walk not their fault they're not gonna look like we think they're gonna walk I. They see if they skip Dennis Smith I wouldn't be met them all and we'll see our guys Mitchell and canard might be snatched before we even get there we don't know. I'm Laurie go save only about junk or point out John Collins nineteen years old. Play two years a college pretty crazy he's not just nineteen and play two years a college BC a little bit of David West. In John Cox. David West in John Collins easily ninety's gonna fill out. John colleges taller. But position wise while they can provide baby in the county is going to be a bruiser like that I don't think we as well there's there is similar to David Wesley came to Xavier I just I love Collins in college wake fans are mad at me now on any emails. I loved him in college next level is he for a Z five does he play good enough defense skinny stretch the floor like a fly just. I have questions with him. But I don't have with the other guys. But Donna Mitchell Smith monk. The league looks sort of drop down on those marks I think eleven will be to form he dropped to a point or nine. You like I want to hell we don't think about the time to get them the issue well does work out for the sixers yesterday I don't I know this tar heel fans we sold shoot well then we won that one night. We know he has a bit. Are where we come back Mac at W Jensen Xena Donohue wants all ports trampling go there the Panthers saying one final di bona got no mentions. Got no two guys they got no mentions in the whole elaborate discussion for an hour. But the panthers' most important players this year they need to be mentioned we got to do that. And I know you're dying to find out. Over forty years ago but that's what's she said joke as a short eyebrows it is bound that was first uttered we will tell you where taint from. It is the Mac it's act. One or two but Debbie at things and I were back here on a Mac it's actually 830 coming up at about seven minutes 67 minutes Chris managed. The vertical web site and Yahoo!. I'm he'll talk a little NBA Lou NBA draft with us but also. He's boxing guy for Yahoo! that a boxing guy for a siamese covered for years. He wrote a piece yesterday. About that absurd. Mayweather McGregor situations last year about that as well some kind of double dip with him look we thank Gary Parrish for coming on. On the origin bone. 42 years ago apparently. That's the first that's what she said joke. And all are they Winnie maybe the first one was ever used it was on Saturday night live's. And it was Chevy Chase during weekend update on the show's first season while first season assertive line 42 years ago. The first that's what she said joke and then here's where my generation picked it up Wayne's world on Saturday Night Live the wings were skits and a lot that's where we got it. We said that is so clever they'll make you sound so intelligent sent us as she settled science. And does so of course that was great idea. And then this generation has known mentioned the office writes Steve Corel character. On the office. Which I've never seen one episode of I have to point that out either CNN and joked that will come up. That could be an answer to my question coming company says because I need some summer Danish TV ideas I just finished only season's Curb Your Enthusiasm of very. Rapid rate. I've got no sports except baseball and an occasional golf major like we got this weekend. I need to show some talk about that later had a lot of shows out there men and targeted TV landscape right now it is stiff competition. All over the place man all over play what's the oh that's easy one miss as a C six to sexy up. Why were so I don't get I don't really do it anymore man I feel I did nothing latest Dylan in Amman Jordan LeBron I can't put the ball euphoria that aspects of cheese and I had. On the real quick we'll get a call in here don't get Chris managed drafts on Campbell see if Chris minutes agrees to me missing is complete sham or is he finds some redeeming values. A Mayweather McGregor. The guys bone they did not get mentioned at least on the air might add some emailers. For most important player I'm not saying they're going in my top fives listen I do on line. But it's Kurt Coleman. Kirk Bowman used to move back to free safety was the signing of Mike Adams whose strong safety time. Call me just around back there last time we saw him doing that boat he just missed a pro ball and he had nine interceptions. Kurt Coleman needs to go back to be in the top beef on Steve's avenue and I think you will. So he's a very important player we were nineteen turnovers forced last year testing these beats out five and turn our source when we win. It's in good part because of the turnovers the other guys have to Marlins. Had to marlin did not get mentioned. Met this little dude is going to cut down our problems we've had the slot last year we had abused the slot time. How do you Shaq their way too much even against guys like Brandon cooks it she should not have to deal and also attend tomorrow's important though because this lag you. He's got dead Josh Norman like attitude. And we have not had that obviously since Josh so I think captains are very important players well those guys. At least deserve a mention in the topic we were all over what about most Frazier against the run. It's free agent married for a strange amounts to try to fight teammates. Seriously node to most Frazier. Tacky stuff to get to stat that you can't take a swing it would keep Lisa you can not do that man. Ron if they're trying to encourage a manic rush down goes Frazier. And goes oh I just have the whole team should whip disaster and so I am sure you don't have down goes Frazier. Eyes let's just let me go to Dave real quick because you don't wait a while. DV okay go ahead brother how. Hey guys that article out of breakfast a cameraman Christian genetic make up well I'm so glad I was so worried that that was used and out. Well now see that's not a funny part of the fighting part of that stuck with the bill. That would be bad yeah. There all right so well GM's goal are black oil charming but that's occurred and I had to I'm a little surprised a great marriage and whoever we have very little pot returner. Because if you got a great defense make people go straight now you're in you get to go on options and you get a good return off. You're never sure feel great seal an offense that needs time to gel. It's gonna have less work to do while they gel. No doubt and somebody has to be better again was less should they just have to be better than that I appreciate game by the way. McCaffery. I was we were led to believe was going to be to punt returner on draft weekend. I haven't seen again what now they're catching he was out there and kick coverage just like not out there on punt returns just yet so I think you should be McCaffery I think ultimately will be. When we come back Crist managed the vertical web site and Yahoo!. What does he think about the ordered strap position what does he think about Mayweather McGregor it's coming up. Everybody this is forming do you feel Jeff Schafer the shape of baseball reporters back. Was like co host coming oh like Jack McDowell could become a baseball from release of the big leagues Saturday 11:30 AM to 1230 point 6:10 AM and one of two point. Five FM the fan I've never been at a place like this start is just unbelievable meet Lin to let diamond expert and diamonds director. Meet my mission is always about my customer and to see accompanying that truly believes that and I just say and it actually acts on it a night. 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Right now though let's focus on a couple other things jury see what our next guest thinks about where the hornets are in relation to this NBA draft and he may be. The latest in a long list of guys to tell us that there about nine or ten really good players and we draft eleven so he tells us that we're prepared we've heard that before and it's sad but true. I'm but we also got to ask him his thoughts on Mayweather McGregor we're talking about. Chris Mann makes the vertical web site governing MBA and also Yahoo! he wrote a piece about the fight on Yahoo!. Chris you've been and we appreciate you coming on. My pleasure. Are you going to say the same thing that we're hearing from everybody in the same thing we probably know deep in our hearts which is there's a drop off after about denying. Maybe ten players it feels like the hornets are are in that place where the elevation nor does decline a little bit. Well I'm not hurt that for. Up our problem you know Paris executives luckily this minor penalties. Is equipped the first here kind of then opts. I don't always fighting that partly because. It's impossible to predict it exactly. To what the outcome look like in the teens and twenties. It beyond the leaders there's always that guy from every angle here in the copper somebody that you already. Our respect around the turn dark people are just it incumbent on the scene there are due diligence there to get up on him but I mean I think it. I want that they get more typical what you get past. The first nine tactics are strapped. Who is somebody you looked at for the hornets as they sit there and a lab and is there's somebody stands out to use that kind of would be a good value at number eleven for this team. I mean it depends on what they're looking for a mean I'm always gonna are the best player on the board. Regardless supposition. You know that becomes a little bit more problematic ordered because. But it did that rained. The point guards are still. Gather this could hurt the point guard drafted in you do not fit but it's quite a bit sinister of those guys like you available. And I bought property and order well tended. That got me to got a bit. Sort of couldn't bring me is that all of now I think he's probably going to be available are in that range here you don't need any player ever come out of conduct early but. There vacuumed up her skirt here he's got that sort of so that ever put body which I think is going to be conducive to being either struck five or a pretty good pork. In this week now obviously there's some mistake and are still in place now I'd graphics color. Interpret Ian place car but you can take that player of the board he's there I think you might have a higher outsider of anything that doesn't. I would you look at the top of this draft as we've you know we've talked a lot of guys look strictly focus so much oil on the hornets and rightfully so. But yesterday it was a day they're reports and rumors all over the place that hey Boston may take Josh Jackson that Palin the lakers may be shop and a number two pick. How do you think it's source out of the top I mean do you think it it it seems to me. Like maybe this is judiciary usual draft kind of BS and folds would still be the number one pick. Do you think there's a chance Boston takes someone else to what do you think you how the how good is the chance that you'll Alonso and Lamar ball don't get their wish and that he is not to pick at number two. Well no I don't think bosses that anybody people. You know purple months I've been hearing from people and there's so organization just how good. This kid was they look at him some people that look at him as. Oh or every ten years type of guard. 65 got a complaint with Isiah Thomas. Company U growing that was put that to me anywhere besides it being sneakers he's got to get a recurrence. Abort his is growing is done. I think they track record the and I also think that all these ghostly little possibility or likelihood. And number two as well the lakers they're they're dated days run by a corporation properly chip and an apple knows that there's value. Kind of throwing some of the water could see what comes out there returns suggesting integrating our progress reports that you know that there's. Possibility they take somebody else but number two more that's also could ever quite work out. I'll pick it motivate players it is certainly you know increase our trade offered the company's way. If you just put it out if they want to take a lot of ball company. That but state could change that is it limit options. An and they they want as many ups and LA that possibly there. Or talk waitress manage the vertical web site tremendous. Group's web site and also ally Yahoo! and on Yahoo! the the yesterday. You wrote your piece about the Mayweather McGregor fight it's on it is set for August 26. I'm your big boxing guy you love the sport you've covered for a long time. The boxing guy in you. We have a lot of boxing fans Christi caller guess they discussed it with the flag to desist this is a fight to desist taking away from other more legitimate fight. The boxing guy and you are you annoyed with this fight what what do you think. Not not annoyed with that time I'm more indifferent to. But I've been around sport all enough to dole a fight. That fight it you know they paid boxing not estimate how big a star yet it yet few weeks. He's not going to be the first to crack the code that is Floyd Mayweather so they're the only end. One way which is why I have very little interest in it in. You know I don't like our responsibility put my kind of duty as a columnist or as a boxing a reporters to you know inform the public as such and and then that's just kind of what what I did what my opinion is that there's only one outcome. In this fight we understand why all these guys are making it a bit this. I seem to be basically criticism crew at this point I don't think that. I don't think anyone if anything any team and says could stop them from doing well past two million. Paper view buys but the reality is current record you know as virtually no chance up doing anything with what they whatever. I Niagara jump percent now respect your opinion being that knows this for way more than I ever will. Here's the question now let's get into the minds of the American psyche now why is this thing such a slam dunk guarantee success like. Is it just the reality TV circus freak show element that we're into in today's society is it just that simple. Well it is spectacles and there's going to be. Incredibly intense press tour are being kind of Macgregor rep that you're going to. Get under Floyd Mayweather skin like no fighter perhaps at during that press tour. I think always intrigued by the two best from from other sports that they are kinda. Distant cousins in the same combat sports family obvious aerial spraying him and I think people are paying for. That moment. Where you're opening bell goes off and your progress on one side and Mayweather in the other but. You know McGregor he's stepping in every possible way it could Mayweather is world I think instead the board of patsy square. He February 10 ounce gloves instead of fighting five rounds. It eight USC fight everybody twelve rounds. In a boxing match you meet air the only eat beyond they're just enormously stacked against him that. That compete and before you know we remember the fact that it whether you're at forty years old if still I think the best pound for pound boxer in the game today so within. It was going to be a great promote there great height. But unless something fatal significant dramatic happens it's gotten one that lacks substance. All right and that that's the way I view it as well but you know what it's in America sometimes we just want the sizzle and we don't care if there's any substance behind it and until I'd and I tell you Chris you know how to go play out. McGregor talks so much trash that there will be some Americans don't have themselves conned into Bellini has a chance people all terrorists you know. I mean what more than saw. Three million. A little village. I didn't look at if it people look out. I bet my money and dumber baker and my money or dumber thing this. It it it it just. You have to become be wary of what they're paying for those people are going up or down. Go to our social media during the fighting complain about it don't. Still lament that Mayweather is running a little different it is they get bored quite got what does a covered every sickle Mayweather fight to people at Delaware. Back to keep up severed every single one has been largely the same interlude there you potshots. He beats you by decision that suite god but probably going to do it respects. Our Dan does a great point this is one where yet you don't. Like to Mayweather Pacquiao Al Amin Al wanna guys complain and I bought that thing I felt like and I don't know maybe use a boxing guy saw that common. This one if you can't see this one comet like you don't deserve to complain as a hell the point it's really is. Yeah I mean it's it's it's just. It's predictable and I don't so I don't see how. Anyone has a right to complain when everybody that knows anything about boxing about the contract light is telling you how we going to play out just that was that. Absolutely I Chris manage remote vertical web site. And especially not to draft and winds NBA coverage in their NBA draft coverage check it out. And also are read his columns and the boxing coverage Yahoo! Chris thanks brother we appreciate it man. But I do you know Chris Manning showing misty junior bone because bones all in on this I don't feel hurt we talked about 7 o'clock hour a bunch yesterday. Bone in Gaza earlier this fight I am telling everybody that I will not. I watch just like I don't care if I can get for free I'm not watching it's a principal things they're putting out. This garbage shambles icons like gone so I'm not gonna do it did you hear Max Kellerman said yesterday Max diligence and he's a boxing I kind of Max Kellerman said. Kind of McGregor will not land one punch on Floyd Mayweather. Are I'd I'd like to bet that he's done well I don't I didn't dream that's extreme that's a boxing guy saying that so okay he demands one. He ain't gonna land too many on Floyd Mayweather there are so many great fighters that never penetrated Floyd's defensive I don't close to it so. I know what you guys think's gonna occur out there Osborne's telling me about you got to look at keep punching angles. I turner McGregor get the heck out. Now so no matter into the baseball player to play football hot stick. I I have my no problems with the fight right now let's ask my wife yesterday listen to this segment we argue about Mayweather McGregor she said how much does it cost. As a oh. Had a thing quick as it's 799. He said Madeleine by a fight for 799 has said crazy we got oh why is another 09. God did you make me look like absolute sick steak and a decades and she is an America got to put in the protocol like public jobs. You are so gonna get busted with this you are so going to be busted by April your lovely wife. All right let's see here our Mac it WF and he got down we sort of new tradition here we start this tradition where like any other more it is really unlike any other sadly where marks from Estonia a's bothered us for years in this town on the radio Ramadan used to like these camps McCaffery take earlier today. We are now sending him out two national radio shows and having him annoy the whole country. You hear the latest addition of Martin goes national it's coming up next plus. I asked calmly for TV binging suggestions during the summer months before we get to banter season that's coming up next do need your help. You know march from Estonia as those small town kid who always made energy is a stark collar on W crazy. But how does it go and Estonia's minus tries to step up big time. You know latest installment job market goes national. We suited Estonia in offering no obvious Todd takes on CBS Sports Radio with Amy Lawrence. 85521 Q4 GT seven real quickly talk to markers in North Carolina Marc what you think about LeBron shoot. Wow that day. Mean a dog food I'm great thank I don't know commitment that we talked about last week where that a little bit about not takes. I don't but I'd I'd absolutely certain that if you keep talking he'll jog my memory that got. I have another tape that that I didn't think LeBron going to go to LA and only McConnell yeah I think you know like drama so I don't think it's dead because I don't think he's played I think he's gonna retire. And now. I think there's a good chance he nine go to LA and woe he says Elin had that kind of expected or at least it could be considered. But jury tire and the guy. It's still very much if I'm his career Arenas averaged a triple double in the NBA finals. It blew them it's not okay he is and it's not okay. I think I read is better than marital. And I mean whatever lots of people are trying to compare players across aaron's. I think Larry Bird is one of the top three players all times Obama that. Aren't allowed notre Donna W group good for you I can market. A limited number of years man he's very well mannered he's very well mannered though as he tells them. I had somebody hit me up who it was Luis Moreno from the Spanish. Broadcast to Carolina Panthers so it can you please keep mark all these national shows it's ruining the reputation of our whole state. We had a guy on Twitter one day. Saying it out of his sails man somebody else. That is doing more damage is State's reputation at age because it I would not Gaza showed us this sum it up right here this this team's second clamped. Somewhat marks calls and mark's ability to talk to women. And now. Had a legitimate and what ever you never wanna you know whatever from the woman manager now don't get the one ever. Our marquee so we're trying to get a call for Ralph for those not taking his calls right now thrills I wise announced the only thing he would just love that call he's written mark. Hours at a gym on Romans give any other suggestions or radio shows that we wanna try to get mark on play the audio back on the show mark goes national. Coming to your radio show nationally on any day now. All right let's get into this subject I think yes once on when we talk by the panthers' most important players are. I heard some people tied to stir it up and say cam was doing something wrong when McCaffery when he just goofing off yesterday we had that going on we had some warns draft talk. And coming up in the 9 o'clock hour we will continue. With a great guests have wrecked tiger coming up shortly after 9 o'clock from the Golf Channel to talk about this US open round one into books round two under way. But I want to ask for a little bit healthier bow on the phones emails waste acts. I just finish like I said all eight season's curb your dues and I never watch Curb Your Enthusiasm never watched it in until this last like. Three months fresher whatever and I just power through the whole thing on the weekends and absolutely loved it it was all it was worth all hyped it deserved it was amazing and apparently it's coming back or they're gonna do the show again pretty soon on HBO which is awesome. But I have they struck I had day binging void now in my life we have no sports other baseball the occasional golf major. My wife and I do have shows it will binge watch like the rest of the way like that are call sol were way behind on this season. We were big breaking bad fans so much now one house of cards a much in the middle of the series I've gotten into power through some more of that this summer. But I need to show on my own don't like him. Friday afternoon's home alone late night Lamar might my wife under this event like 9 o'clock on the right well that day you're going towards Cinemax RC now downloads ultimately okay act good TV show is treated wheat and no one ask Jesse my shares hit century movies and I was when I was young I don't idea that we all have ever written and I was in high schoolers to read movies or make. But here's what I wanna ask you don't want to use our resources which are you degrade people of Charlotte DF Lindsay listeners. What is they show that I need to binge on this summer before I got it going crazy with football in south watch Manning but football. What is a show bone that would have to be hit last year we didn't we didn't topic like this last year he told me delve deep. I start watching indeed it's freaking hilarious it's amazing Julia Louise Dreyfuss is better in this and she was on signs which is a makes which is saying something like I want Gloria will never. Jimmy this year Netflix. Aziz and sorry master of none. Season one was good that he died at a Netflix wait for like a year and a cash proceeds until deaths a year entity your anticipation grows. In buoyed expectations season to. West from a good show to a great show in season until it's about. It's hard to describe just about his life in New York City is job as parents are we deals with family death it's it's in a crowd. Comedy your yes yes young guy so high so I need to. That was sounds kind of entry you're talking to me about an hour guards are gonna got cal audit what is this but that is it goes along. He got hooked on and you can't stop watch Kevin emails and says homeland we watched homely and we bailed out on that. And somebody else told me oranges new black eyed bailout Weis still watches a bailed on that one dollar and you want job and I I'm watching on a new season right now I thought first season was great gotten the second season they kind of lost me in the second season I lost my interest a Felix is maybe only so what you can do in the jail maybe well they I don't know I need things to do a new jail so I say I've bailed out on those still like homeland are largely black. What is a show and hello I just told John never watch the office I could be the answer to you know watch one episode of the free can office marks in Iraq but for those of you better TV. Kind of sores and I'm sure there are many of you out there. What is it TV show you would suggest I binge watch this summer to get me through until football season I need I need some suggestion 704. 57096. Cent and it's got to be a good guys jokers this is not Colombian wife show the does she doesn't need to care about at all. A good guy show Saddam danger on my own it what are your suggestions we definitely wanna hear from you shameless multiple people are saying shameless. Do you know anything about that showtime right bony. I don't know anything about dying I know avid CD yet that. I AM here about his billions show on showtime about that it gets a lot of high it's got pig vomit from. From private parts Howard Stern movie I'm curious about that one but someone out there's gonna have to tell me what millions is all about is that legit. I can't waste my time either mound I need good suggestions because. Like I only get so much time to watch a show mile. It's not sports usually all my all my own watching a sports to show that I haven't seen of people tell about all the time is Arrested Development. That's one of people bring up all of our own one right he added I personally have not seen a McGraw said either and that's the thing is Joseph to suggest anything nearly TV shows I've never watched as the just watching sports or watching kids shows. MA damp episodes of club bears seemed players I've watched. The sick days late Goldie and bad hair. All those shows do you watch always sunny in Philadelphia now that's a new rule that's. That's got to thirteen seasons that's a takeaway is that good you are here it's really good really funny because these are not bad suggestions just comedies like curb you can get through faster. Because they're just half hour show us we go to do root here real quick do what's to show any debate watch. You know it before our. Outlook card. Radar event. Okay how should house of cards are made on. Damon throws I watch one season and stopped what I'm missing missing a game throws man. Our. Record we got. Maybe that's the problem do you listen to be on the air maybe that's the problem right there ray Donovan I stopped in the middle of CIA quit a lot of shows bounds. And ray Donovan on the leaderboard for the US open. That that. I like ray Donovan season one season to a bill that Seattle have a lot of staying power which shows. If they start losing me I quit on the quiz TV glitter bounds there's a lot of shows he gave up on how I do not know is I have high standards you gotta keep bringing it or on Al nadir of the -- probably via a vacated a freighter science you know you watch us really watch TV I don't want CB. Nominee media never suggested something east watch what's that star war not get to and they are starting or I'm American. They're not here they grab Josh real quick on the watch Star Wars out here is a lasting several much TV. Just what show shabby digits. Are back. That says Bartlett you Baptist equipped for the first couple have built bridge equity dirty very bad. Some that they are getting what. No I haven't heard all about it but I haven't watched it. You'd go on Netflix the devil in you don't want to Alter wrote quite phenomenal show. For your car bubble but are but again urged liquidated if you well what. What isn't like her broker some don't what's the deal when this. Yet though but motorcycle club based out California they have that there's been labeled the cause that bit that you without doubt or get those delegates really well done. May not Charlie company dagger either they're really nice job played at bell. That's delegates are. Are are learned to limit but don't wanted to consideration although a showed starts slow might not be best for me because I mail very quickly. I don't waste time I don't wanna start watching your show on bail out on because enhance my summer's gone like this has to be a show that keeps me engaged. All summer until training camp when everything I do revolves around football and they give my kids you know a lot quicker than Taylor Swift at bat. I'll just eat right so not only shows that I broken up with. All right when we go come back we got a lot to do here in the next half hour we come back we got to bring in Rex Hoggard talk a little bit of US open why the heck is this course played so easy it is gonna continue like that we have to ask that question.