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Thursday, October 12th

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Yankees beat the Indians eliminating Cleveland from the American League division series with a five did you win last night DD great glorious with two early home runs off Cleveland ace Corey clover for his manager Joseph Girardi. We put him in the four slot because we had some injuries you know we lost six we lost Castro. We lost how they all the same time and just you know we're trying to spread out left handers and he's seemed to thrive in that position and down became an RBI machine forced. New York advances to the American League Championship Series vs Houston Astros next nationals five cubs nothing as that National League division series is tied it two games apiece. Stephen Strasburg struck out twelve over seven innings of work while Michael a Taylor with a Grand Slam. Boston Red Sox fire manager John Ferrell after five seasons did when the one to thirteen championship but they got knocked out of the first round of the playoffs the last two years. Panthers and Eagles tonight on WBT stadium George 530 ticked off at 825. Both teams are four and won them leave their divisions you can hear the W opens he pregame show from the doghouse beginning at 6 PM tonight. Celtics beat the hornets in a pre season game one away to 100. Carrier Irving sixteen points ten assists for Boston while rookie Moly Montana 21 points off the bench for the hornets. I'm Jim so few that's a flash. Sports flash is brought to you by Hendrick automotive group shot 25 stores and what what brands at Hendrick Charlotte dot com. Today is because presume this is no homes were shown. 1025. SE WF and auto sport either. Okay five or six yeah. This is your weekly movie electric catch their fantasy updates from replacing a light bulbs to installing home generators that role be electric we wanna zero. Electrician. Continues and MVP caliber play tossing three touchdown passes as the tested for. 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To win text or trailed 728 anyone get in the hopper for your chance to wit and a thousand dollar signing bonus in the Charlotte cover system's temperature. 72 degrees ten years apart and labor coverage is available for free at Charlotte Comfort Systems. Now back to Mac with sports all thank you don't throw this in weatherman rain two nights I heard I was drought walking past try to pass. I was walking ten assists DT studio here are better Entercom Charlotte or how lazy are you and die because I guess I'm a color on the ballot and vote Thompson saw enough 40% chance of rain tonight. And I have this job building senator tax from a Kevin Mac you just said panther fans a B list. Slight problem when it rains Panthers fans are lining. I Suu Kyi did that are very witty very clever. I don't know man it's a big game Panthers fans are that's my second was I don't wonder quest don'ts to request don't Celtic it's eagle fans do not let them. Crazy critters get into our building tonight and number two is. It's easy for me to say because I will always be dry in the press box at home wherever I watch these games at the studio ever watch these games. But meant to be really nice even you club cedars if you stay out during a rain a magnolias. He really nice I know it's hard for me to say that one bone because I will always be drives of these games but dale. This is a huge game tonight a chance to get to five and one I mean they're already seven and there are 471 or 41 and by the way since the last. His last five years or so since the current playoff system went into effect. Seems a starts foreign wanna send we send percent to make the playoffs you get to five in one year increase your chances even more. Use and armed get rid of the Eagles and their tie when it comes to the NFC right now you'll also had a big win over a team you could be in tiebreaker Slorc you know down the stretch soak this game is huge as camp says I would love to have all stands on day exodus won't. Is it out there and rains are gonna Kelly is far I'll get home in my exactly what prize that's why I do throw the tab the united. As I urge you don't even a club cedars a state act out and scream as it's raining I do drug Candiotti in that I will be drive. But some are those of about what to expect out of this game tonight because Panthers fans the last two weeks we have just not my feelings about this team this season. Have just zoomed right on through the roofs. I actually had some doubts couple weeks ago deep down inside I was what I was worried about themselves. Now GM's healthy he's playing like it DM z.'s MVP Celso again. Misty offensive front had six sacks against alliance absolutely terrorized Matthew Stafford. The receivers are all start to make plays guys like clutches and Ed Dickson are making plays Benjamin is making plays battling through a knee injury. On the low would dis team right now. You should ranked about this game do you believe we get a W tonight. I had a building senate section someone that said this is the most complete team we play this season. It is possible. It's possible some Detroit now here's thing philly's defense ranks 42 overall. They're really good against the run they're 29 against the pass which is one of the reasons why I think cam is another huge game and adding angels 300 in the night. But they have some sound especially biggest Fletcher Cox back on defense. I just think I said this is soared to show Tebow will make our picks now and then I wanna know who wants to jump on the wagon with us to win wagon tonight for the answers. These numbers just scream to me it's a spot where the Panthers win in the Eagles don't win. Philadelphia's opponent Sam been tested like to dance to set their opponents that they beat our combined five the fourteenth. They won by two points in three points respectively over the chargers who have won wind and the giants who have zero wins. The Panthers opponents we've beaten three winning teams and the oppose would be at a combined nine and eleven record. Carson and Lance is he at this point in his career where he wins a game like this east green data on the road and 015 against winning teams on the wrote. I think what she does all why is Carson was still coming your due to us what he is not done yet in his career on the road. Com home field advantage joining Thursday night not this year this year spend a little different eligible only one home teams want. But if you look at the ratio was read this today you look at the duration of Thursday night football. The homeless the home field advantage is much bigger than it is in a regular game. 61%. Home field advantage on Thursday nights and it makes sense Jordy have a short week and the road teams got to travel on Wednesday and cut their short week even shorter. That's an advantage obviously for the Panthers. And they knew getting into the fact that dead bagels stallion Elaine Johnson their right tackle. Former first round pick who makes just makes gives him a great pair bookends of Jason Peters. But she's out and Tebow when Blaine Johnson is outs in the Carson wins era the heir to an 81 lane Johnson is in their nine and sue. All of these numbers show me that this is not to type of game Philadelphia wins on the road. The Panthers struggle in prime time a dead getting these text people are sending me to answer sucking primetime Rivera is seven and seven in primetime. Obviously just flat out average but I don't feel like they completely sucked in prime time they're just flat out average and prime time which is worse than they typically are. In the Rivera Arab entity tell us in the back of Troy Johnson has grow quickly become on the back of Johnson he's got my tax. Do you have a first name brand not tampered as star's first Daimler Sega spelling word worth 38 point eight HA LK PO UL I VA AT art but here's the thing that I was I was as a silly radio yesterday to freak out about this guy and I die like they're worried sick if he's got to go gives Julius Peppers a bogus Charles Johnson to start but you can rest assured pet's gonna lineup that's at lest it go after this guy. And the ceiling he can tormentors dude. Com by Ty and I think destiny Eagles have a pretty good offensive line. They also do some good drives Phillies see people crazy when I was dozens of radio. They change for less guards like every see every other series. And one of the guys including his chance warm back to is not playing well for some reason keeps getting exchanged out Stanton was risky. They put out war mag dude and man until you short installer conducive eaten. Against that guys will see the silly offensive lines and more rain also slow pro football focus because of injury and their strategy there's some possible holes there you can exploit. And the real holes to meet team owner on the back yet. Like you can go after these quarters. They don't have they're not gonna Dark Knight who is probably the most around the corner they got a rookie who's in the top three rotation Russell Douglas he can go after functions and Benjamin are playing lights out right now I just think it's that you there's 29 in pass defense. And we're now better pass team that runs seem imagine that. And dumb if you could have just enough overrun game with a mr. action I think Cam Newton can carry us to a W I really do. I agree with you I think they win tonight but I think it's ugly battle the offense is gonna perform until level necessarily. Performed up to previous couple ways Camelot a short week how's he gonna react. Without the full which prepared the team as a whole on a sore Weight Watchers was banged up the other day oh he continue to provide this week. What he did the last couple weeks the running game has struggled so there is some negatives here I do see somebody come on here and say it's going to be a dominant blow allow wind I think the Panthers win. But again I think in May come down to a field goal late and it's gonna close ugly football game you often see authors and affable. Dissident says patriots were the measuring sticks this will be a breeze so you're not agree with the dad says it's only every now I'm not gonna go there so they settled it was our great. I just a game played on Sunday couple more days to get your guys ready to go. I would say I think maybe the Panthers went by seven hits and again I see Steele go game here and obviously closing. Yeah I think it's a seven point Winthrop answers just like deceased it's all in Kansas City and the like it. Like I think like a seven point win wherever umpire how are you all Fiona by the way do you guys stinks alias surreal. I think Phillies a little fraudulent because they haven't been incessant they haven't beaten a winning team yes I was healed and listen to Philly radio there talking Super Bowl. Allison certainly we're talk Super Bowl here so but I should we have a core players at a Ben they're just two years ago I just don't know if Carson and Lance is ready for that level is this team ready for that levels surpass defense ready below that level or did so that when you guys don't pay at their nation jump in here it is a game day maggots or Colombian able to do these shows really play on Thursday play on Monday and -- on the air on game day do you guys believe portal get this one it's a big 170457096. Sand and what is did you think when you what's the biggest reason why was the one thing you believe in the most tonight a look at for some cancer believers. Eagles fans already trying to infiltrate to show on building senate tax and Hendrick Dodd's emails oh lord gives the Mac exactly and so did the bottom of the hour your calls next on Athens the only game day show. But yeah. 32 teams in the NFL and fourteen or more games so we just talk about. You better be listening 24 hours in town not miss a thing. Five and six kids at WNBANC. Charlotte sports leader. 02562. Can see traffic. He signed as a couple front. It's already got an accident right now it's hit and run right there and independence and try and increase your traffic is sponsored by stir panic tears. It's going to be inbound you're gonna find a little bit of a back up around Easter may looking not too bad otherwise. To surrender Munro wrote you can find a little busy traffic if Pryor creek there. 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Where we'll move on there were able to move it down on the ground play action pass make his name. Com I think that's what makes this tough to defend at times and as a team courses were built differently. We're built differently we know what to expect. Members hunger or hunger never gonna get too high after win. And get too low after losses yours you keep plugging along and we know we're special team is gonna go prove it every week. Cam Newton and Carolina are coming off back to back impressive wins over the patriots and lions. I any goal Tony was so we will have the call from Charlotte of the Panthers in the Eagles on Thursday night football. Remember delusions of Westwood one's coverage of the ever throw all season. 025610. To. Charlotte the whole. If your vehicle is riding rough it may be time for new shots are strikes right now it O'Reilly auto parts by a combination of two our force of what went wrong. 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That loose arm I believe soon to be our sister station about not mistaken based on business transactions thought disaster sang at WI TC in Philadelphia. With their apparently they don't hold a candle to David staples are official can't compare to guys but that is they're owed to Carson Wentz and I'm telling you they are getting their likes their in the early stages of the relationship with a hot woman. Like they are so giddy listened to some silly scans all the radio talk about went and I get a eject the player. And he's he's been amazing on third down. Like he owns it at the top spot and every third down category 71% on third down. Eagles' best third down team in league with the Panthers need to do is make its third and long. Carson wins as a perfect quarterback rating Tebow when started six or shorter. She's perfect 158 point three. You've got to stop them running the ball on the early Dow's big old Garret blunt you've got to still sad big dog and wrapped him and tackle I think we can do that cell. Real quick when I first heard this right here. Your senator Mary Hart senate myself why is our guy Osborne you've done. That's just as good as selling odds are singing voice fax your rap voices and I singing voice I don't know my singing voice Celtic a course of Angel. Steve he says so right now from the heavens above let's rock hero already was some pay at the nonsense guy let's hear sort of saying 70457096. Engine so deep in about seven rate minutes on C when she also let's start first when Jersey frank Jersey frank do you feel good like we do about just one. But first of all the only good thing Eagles and the fourth go bring it chicken up to a port abruptly Robert prolongs sandwiched. Well then there's the deal will win by nine points tonight. And part that a wise yeah he is very good on third down but it didn't look really terrible ones who keep it puts a modest African little flat ass. Thought not worry too much about console once I believe it went by nine or ten guys I really do I just. I think our defense is good and by the way they can run them out of Philly radio lawful were the ones. Were the ones Carolina had a little one that went to new England and beat the Super Bowl champ. It took its warm. So everybody wants to talk crap about our game be we weigh it Atlanta Falcons by the way I know what kind of weird stated 28 at three I don't know I just wasn't sure about. That door slightly. They get all get but then there's that but we went to tonight so if I'm gonna go back on the radio that brought by the we've got to bite not a bad. I said seven sum up that far off from you are not. Here's the thing to the first double Eagles fans are running their mouth that's probably a fair statement winner there mouse not running. But the media members are covered Eagles up there are not picking the Eagles. Both radio hosts on god knows there's too ready Wanda got one on the sad realization her demos say the Panthers win this game I've read two different. Publications with all their writers making picks. Ten of the eleven Philadelphia writers are coming Eagles standout picked the Panthers so the people there in the media that know this football team. They are picking the Panthers to win this game. And it's probably because the Eagles don't win games like tennis. They have never won under Carson was a road game against a winning team ultra size and there's so it's such as some he's gonna do it I just don't know is it's is it this game is it right now or do they still have some lessons to learn. Could hear the gem of the the gem of the week from Eagles head coach Doug Peterson the other after the winning those that wasn't the sky's the limit. As long as we stay ground. That makes no sense to let trying to get to Q what do saying or something what they held a net that is didn't dumbest crap and and then after that he said the ceiling is the route Fredricka. We know you don't quotes around here so. Michael Short season. And I should use that I should use that Imus when it tingles yeah let's keep that going 704570. Nice extent do you believe Jersey frank so important Wilson banter land is on board believe it about tonight Darrius. Darius you believe in boys tonight. You already know that anybody other automatic connect. Don't fairly mr. Kim notably to put your spec on many Max Cabrera continued overnight and then we playing. I liked it so what do you think it's close you think it's a blowout we don't know how rare it our program. I like where I like your confidence man I like does swagger you've got very straight hits somebody I'm I put him in there on special teams some later today tomorrow. It's intimidating and he gets he's he's he's very very ecstatic about his opinions I numb. I think it's a blowout I'm not trying to do all that I'm not trying to disrespect silly that much although I did basic called the most fraud earlier just a leadership role content like first sample. The new odds came out of Nevada and they move silly up there's some laws into the paint is up and did just behind Philly and Super Bowl hunt. I just think the Panthers deserve more of the long term respect in the Eagles to the Eagles are working progress they're quarterback's a work in progress with a ton of talent to meet the standards our team it's already proven we've got a court that when we're healthy. When the lines healthy when camp Chelsea won the best teams in the NFC I think just horse already proven SI don't get the whole thing. About people has this data seven Eagles as a better Super Bowl since I don't get Eagles are playoff team. Panthers already championship caliber team that's a dip I like death and not even sure their oil seemed assured are using so does he think they're close to their neighbor that has you know free back if you think about it that's why I'm I'm considering them a playoff don't sleep on the skins man to beat the rams the raiders are still actively on same as we don't sleep on the skinny east. I've ordered a key to staying Roland is game day Mac attack gym so did you sort of goes next then more of your calls I'd like to cantor bravado early on though. To his former pastor receiver loose in the. Monday on prime time. Tonight it's the cats and Philadelphia on the uptown cabaret isn't newly designed huge video wall. Best football viewing anywhere the hottest cheerleaders great food and drink specials uptown cabaret Thursday night be there. DSL shut them. 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He's always a defense because he's a big receiver. I use treasuries. No real busy pregame show at 6 o'clock from the dog house on WBT will the Panthers stadium show 530 kickoff at age 25 yankees eliminate the Indians in the post season they're deciding game five by a score of five due to a dvd your peace with two home runs. As New York advances to the American League Championship Series vs the Astros. National stay alive five nothing over the cubs evened their series at two games apiece. And Michael a Taylor grand slams Stephen Strasburg struck out twelve in seven innings. Red Sox fire manager John barrel after five seasons including the last two rounds knocked out in the first round of the playoffs Celtics over the hornets won only 2100 in the pre season game in Charlotte bully monk had 21 points for the hornets while carrier ring sixteen points ten assists for Boston. I'm Jim's LP announced the flash. Rod you buy affordable siding and windows your hometown home improvement expert affordable citing dot cops. Is birdies this is your home for Charlotte hornets that was 10256. And got it. Charlotte sports leaders. Well Mac is stuffing his face with free popcorn and sending out a way to many tweets in the press box. This man is busy calling the action on the Panthers of radio network. Now furious at Mac's great and it's the view from the vote. With Jim's okay. I work. Yeah. We're back we were having such a visit. How does that effect I mean did you yourself feel about Twitter and how to handle Twitter members are all over again and now we've got to get this baby started -- also was trying to talk himself into not being upset about his Indians losing some yankees in this series you've got that you almost a self Sergio I was a center listens and. I was just like you know is like I have a lifetime as a Cleveland fan of like a 90% failure rate in games that matter so did you start with the bad low expectation level and I go well it was only the division series or the like game seven of the world all that was last year the World Series. So there it was amazing god the wheels are turning says. 98% failure rate we're used to yes we can handle trying to survive like the silver lining in there there isn't one I mean it doesn't look like any kind of team that could have possibly won 22 straight games are hundreds Uganda kept look at them go on. They're like. I had they're like the Mariners what is royal finances in I like the 102 games. There are talking to are never got to saw the throw again when it happened why vows Washington Todd Frazier around to score. I wasn't focused on the actual throws from Jay Bruce Bruce what do terrible throwback in what was there's I want my kids they are disinterested in Little League doing. A little orange slices for Jay Bruce let's hope tomorrow don't have to come on here and did talk to myself about the Panthers losing it well let's see here no number you're familiar idealized you Tebow under oath silly I don't have to do that what do you think about this match the first of I just love the spectacle this game's going to be it's Thursday night it's two of the three teams tied for best record in the NFC. I just love the way the Panthers are planned. Eagles are pretty darn good football team which is that somebody called in and say they're gonna blow now I'm not seal and that results in terms of blowouts village around the fight to get this one but I think they can. Yeah and it's in the LSU which have been impressive road wins those piazza they came down to three point games at the answer enters or do what they need to do to win but they have not been end of the blowout mode and yeah I think I agree view of Philadelphia is very good I'm both sides of law and actually on special teams could be another thing they're very good on special teams. Very aggressive in Kenya barges every up with them two weeks who came back when they lost Sproles and he's been really effective effectively was Ganassi special teams player of the week they're kicker and punter are definitely July a times has overlooked in a close game like this I think Philadelphia is going to be a handful and they don't blitz a lot. So I think they're gonna sit back a little bit and see what cam does in the throwing game attended just rushed for. But they're good up front they're really didn't defensive tackles and obviously second million stopping Iran's deadpanned there's a struggle without the last couple weeks so they're gonna try to pry do that make the Panthers one dimensional make Camby to throw which you shown he can do the last couple weeks I don't do like the Panthers to win this game by added I think is a very similar to caddies are seen the last two weeks and coach her sets Eagles play a lot like the lions play. If you bring the good point as to why I can't really pick blow out right now because even if it looks like it is a blowout it yeah don't tell the couple stores and it's like it was. Closer than a cell phone game. But as far as as offense against their defense they may get Fletcher Cox back to for the first time in three weeks rest would be huge -- he's a player on the needs game time decisions we don't know. They stop the run if it's it's Tim was still bothered and hopefully short week won't pass his shoulder week you know edit and hurt tonight. But it's Tim plays the way he has the last couple weeks. I think to cancers can get by. Even if they're stuffed on the ground you know let's say no one yard Kerry you don't perceive that. But if it's three yards a carrier something that they run just got to keep them honest but most of the serious damage done through the air and a feeling they can do there's no Eagles are 29 team in pass defense. If we had I think it's been injured in rusty cam I think this game would really be troubled you you kind of agree with that. Korea its latest growth. It has some really good moments last couple weeks but they go round touchdown to KB last week. On a line 31 yards perfectly in stride didn't have to be a big catch radius and he just dropped it right in there on the line. Said he's back and has got deserve it's got everything you cause they wanna see. Is there anything goes or throw we can make now species back and I I think they've been obviously care for their practices we've got to throw too much both teams are dealing with a short week and it traveling yesterday Philadelphia did they don't have the right tackle Elaine Johnson with a concussion so like I just think as far as running the office were a nightmare to have Q&A quick turnaround plan fourth because we are so diverse military be running that go right I mean they run dig they run out throughout these these receivers look into several all the routes solider specialize in one rout the character to be featured one week and then let me see it decoy another week. It may be as you said it is do we we run the ball really well teams haven't run a lot against in terms of attempts a lot against Philadelphia I think Arizona only ran at sixteen attempts last week so I think the nice thing about the chances are you can take something away they can work with other things. And and I think we'll probably have some plays we've not seen like a shovel pass on the option last week we'll probably see some new wrinkles tonight we haven't seen possessed when you get hit somebody it's a short week where they're just trying to prepare based on what they've seen. In a real short yeah. Time not to the point gyms or do you understand the Israeli you know where is it called the game tonight under the lights 830 starts arm okay descending Carson was because. This just played some unbelievable football right now he really is but I think it starts will a couple of things if you slowed. That run game down in the Eagles originally rushing two on offense and they're pretty balanced on offense. If you find a way to be good against the run the papers had some moments in these first half of these games where they struggle a little bit but they stopped the run. Give UN third along and then pet burst against that backed up right tackle. Like that seems like maybe fancy name. The back to protect the. First thing I now say you're not protest against the problem is a nickel a nominee to be teachers lessing is VT and I. Died it was eyesight I only did whatever provide to your right actually is by tucked under seal by tied the rest of the night because alleged and Mick have to call don't try that first name don't is that it's like got nineteen syllables and would you agree with me that's. To feel this is long they've decided that's got to be a week this writer that I did play well he played the whole second half last week against Arizona and by tide played actually really well so we don't know for sure that's a weak links but it obviously you like peppers and any kind of match of the way he's been winning a match up this year so they come they do is currently very blunt is that classic sledgehammer where Zuckerberg golf a long run but he's averaging almost six yards a carry it's just run between the tackles they're busy said I think when we struggle is he say it doesn't give friends their teams is more self inflicted like bad tackling. Bad assignments has been out of the gaps Lafayette area whether dismissing the lanes are supposed to be and so I think a lot of us. Just these be cleaned up and ready tonight for them because he's really the biggest weapon they have because they don't have a lot of deaths. Only small what is available he's been injured in my place canyon barter. But the year has five times last week or change of pace obviously with what he's gonna do different kind of running back them blunt got to watch borrow on the returns he's had a big one last 73 yard less yeah and he's averaged 21 yards a return and -- close game special teams matter we're gonna special teams too obviously by just against Philadelphia comes -- -- -- real good special teams back now what do you think about handling their receivers because that's a nice receiving -- they put out at Dolores finally sort of getting an here's an early seventy editor sorry miss their third guy he's got speed to burn. And and all that Burris is again I decided that vs thirty plus gasoline bills tight end in the year NFL and those catches and yards and he's got 32 catches next after him is twenty without Shawn Jeffrey so they really feature the tight end and historically we've struggled with that the science of the really good receiving tight ends still we've been better lately has at the last couple years like I remember the ten Cleveland where you never when they may -- Cleveland looks like Adidas and I can't trust me don't studio gave us there were more than just import similarly blessed that I know is like he was rushed Williams Darren stills with a late touchdowns. He brought (%expletive) I had one but he opted to go on to say in terms of Lou just the coverage rescinded its but it seems you've got a new line is completely neglected to Dixon last week's it's just it's always tough to get a good receiving is gonna be interesting to watch tonight is going to be saw what did you buy into the pants thirst. Are bad in prime time do you buy into are there any of that now I don't think there's usually playing really good opponents of prime time first of on this was another Clinton case lesser its intensity Dave playing tougher on his first of all let's not also do something about playing at 8:25 verses 1 o'clock to make some plays differently to not sleazy yeah right. That's just do not have a big heavy stakes dinner right before kickoff and if you do you struggle broadcast in prime time for you yes I know that the team does and I struggle with until I get up like today here AM near campus or fifteen doing this I stayed up watched an awful baseball game last night. Do you get tired like it late in a primetime game or use -- I literally map in the fourth quarter and ninety grumpy and fussy you got to remember this you probably doesn't assailant Diana let me take a few plays often emerge as a few snaps I can deal honestly like third down off kind tasty. And just get over aren't so you're the man good looks stayed away cap fund call we have a. It primed for this loses the costly and will be ready for that public forges a really is its own it's a fun match up and he's attending games like Detroit was last week's. Tough Tennessee games that could really come back and help you come seeding time. Later in the everyday Green Bay Minnesota so the big one in terms a look at it and they're coach is going look one week at a time we took months and. Always when you know I don't know where we do that aren't so thank you so much Carolina your command are digging James O'Keefe he's putting also steely putting on a steely exterior TUZ wounded her clean was forcing dairy eggs you now this you know can't let him he sees everyday mode and he says. Every room I don't win there's a yankees fan like every studio has a Yankee fan at all three stations that not just the Yankee fan but a fan of the greedy got easier can't let's run a dog eat Turkey and luckily New York Yankees are capable sued because it's like now people try some guys earlier so this is a lovable underdog Russa well. Our reserve freaking yankees. Fumble underdog her overpaid bums our report an air judge has more strikeouts and house for a singles bars. I'll tell everybody did a judge you use just sailed sweater on Italy's Allen gag is Allen who has more strikeouts area judge or nest in sports anchor and yeah I. By the way the update on mark wouldn't see because people have been asking me what's gonna happen to mark would see after he badgered her home that much 10 model our model with the taxed. Sounds like to read two days suspension for doesn't. So easily easily get away and just what an Italian state scandal with the seed James. I get beyond a Smart way to see my body all the listeners you don't want McCain Santa Barbara C devastating to me are there any real personal problem Wyndham is always good to me but I sort of say this you may not be able to pull hot 22 year old models like I'd. I don't know if you could when you're 22. Short at sorties some UA EU might need to go to a different league to try to get your hips. I when we come back. You could play from RJ do we get back to pay at the game tonight yards so break it down once your feelings and Panthers win tonight and what are we supposed to be confident and I what do you feel good about 70457096. Cents. Check out W opens the winner is to grab the FaceBook today. And social butterfly you. 10256. Champ WFAN seen traffic. Right now are on the golf there's can be an accident 77 southbound that's backing of seven. Posing in a point 77 north and a four. 485. And also a 45 interleague after John Street that's an accident in the left lane. I live before 85 to surround re read that's an accident reported part read yourself MacKey crashed easily T Harris north of Greer and you're also backing appearance sugar creaking Graham. Mr. Pete backed up southbound as you approach mineral springs to concede your watch for crashed to. I'm pretty Cameron that's traffic on the same. Hi back here to tell us fellas. 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We are back somebody just asked me. I was half asleep earlier listening get ready for work did you say cowboys fan lit his Jersey on fire while he was wearing guess I didn't. And in other news the sky is blue. And helpless kids dump the sky is blue and water's wet that's true story he lost a better handle. Like his Jersey on fire. The dad did not intend for him to do it while wearing it but he didn't I would have told him just where it happened in the NFL of a fan of a sorry team would himself on fire. While wearing the Jersey once they and based. But that got to represent all everybody would hailed at a 100% right everybody would know who we're talking about we also get a loan to bleak month earlier in the show this kid is a bit fishy right at this point shooting 34%. And take some bad shots but man he's got an ability lied about the dude into quick doses he played some point guard pretty well so anyway we got all that stuff in the next would you know what you're we're all here for today paints a game day addition to Mac attack when morons and calls. Listen to all of our opinions of callers listen to what were saying about this I think this is a pretty confident city the way we played on the road the last two weeks I mean Phillies on the road tonight and indeed a winning team on the road in a year and it ends and a sore right since Carson Wentz has been the quarterback ever eat who. Winning seems on the road the last two weeks just he's playing some damn good song on the other back at home and I'll expect the fans be cranked hopefully the rain doesn't deter yourself. Listen to what were saying and let us know how what are what are we miss him what are we not saying and do you guys agree with us the Panthers are winning this football game and I Eagles are good team. Cancers are win this game tonight are you with a 70457096. To and I see who we got here. Bob is up next Bob was going off. They are our daughter Kyra Kurdish doing good man what sort of what is your thought did obtain answers get a W tonight. I'd greatly you wholeheartedly back. And current depleted patriot receiving lower Igor and where Cadillac about wish weak value is that all you're focusing on. Is this week Steve typically like to talk about the future. I did an earlier this week I didn't do believe I brought a Super Bowl teams are slugs on Tuesday but today I'm focused on McCain maybe. All right I am all yes I love fish I think I can't gonna have a really good game I you know what my my dark or. There's got to Steward where you're seeing what he's gonna do I think he's gonna you know I Cary she can beat up real tired on the road eagles' defense. I. Hope you're right man I hope you are right they've been number two and a league it's a runs sixty points and came to yards a game given up. I'm not banking on a big game for the run to figure just do enough to keep filly honest. You know I. Tim knew that was an eye opener last week but Detroit defense a good defense or fortunately in points allowed coming into the game Tebow cam had no help from the running game. Absolutely torched them usually the running game is the best friend of a quarterback it enables him. To be able to throw the ball Taylor wasn't predictable passing situations on second analog and just laying in the heck out of football. That eye opener so even if they don't run the night against a silly run defense that has. Once one corner in the rotation that's a rookie another one and Jalen mills who pro football focus ranks 1990 coverage. I think there's some damage it can be done to the wide receivers. I find Bob to be a top notch collar. And the disrespect and Osborne chose from Bob really bothers some are retarded your ballot or only in Reno and good friend Roy guys talking on your customers and I had to come home maybe we gotta love everybody Gaza gotta look I know everybody hates you and it's hard but you gotta love everybody on stand in a game yet. Everybody hates me now a lot of people of SARS a lot of chances I 96% of people he just nodded and now he's got at least a 30% strong following of people that hate the Panthers have believed he some sort of got some there isn't strange worshipping Abbas warned by Don cancer patients as disturbing quite frankly I do I do things without a slant. He just kept us. Thanks Allan did you get this plan I. -- my dad -- mentioned it on a -- tonight -- -- panic already got two smaller corners and the only -- big is a rookie -- that -- dancing is hard to stop but -- I went to progress I -- what to -- in our conversation Osborne has gone back to the -- 704570. -- extent do you agree with us -- there's a winner in this game are you a believer now that we can win a big game like this after -- we just want to -- why what is it -- the number one thing. You believe in the nineteen matches up next eighteen equity sect. They might not bad let's say what do you say to read I would go how are now back. It. Ralph you got there about what all were. Let out you're out. Of water. They're doing good lord we are your warrant. Bobby your blog. Are apparently didn't have. Gotten right so you must be done what they opt for not right. All the crowd broke tablet could put. There you go. Isn't an easy game this guy he wanted to get our solidarity need to sort out just why I didn't even want is a message to panther fans you know much like Katie coach Katie will deliver later on the show. Are not but let's see yourself. I just don't dig down blowout talk I mean listen I love the bravado all of the sacked in the east two weeks cam and the Panthers have completely change our football psyche and our mindset I love this town when the Panthers are playing well people are just happy here it's just a better sound to the end. I think the blowouts hawks' other two things here first of all. Still he's pretty darn good football team and I just don't see them as a blow out you know type of opponent out of bears' next week it might be a different story. How do you believe that we're gonna hold leads we get. Liked and I don't know one of these people it's ten thinking about what the defense is done in the fourth quarter these last two games. But it does appear though that we do let up a little bit with a lead whether it's strategy or not. And I with a quarterback like Carson west if we hold them down for three quarters the way I think we might I would not tell us holding him down for fourth quarters we weren't able to do with the last two weeks right. I'm not gonna say blow on the short week either. There's a lot of things that happened has a lot of X-Factor is it's a different week. So this is on Sunday. They be idle listen more to your ball out talk glad I don't think so tonight I'd start. As Ellis who is going to be one east of the goal Thursday night games. The offenses struggle on both sides it comes down to the end is arguably a pre W winds and they're durst will not be a pretty went for that. Mr. says here's the uneducated portion of the show. Eagles fans are getting mad by the way Brian says what disrespect I'm from Philly I'm used to being disrespected. We're the hometown of Rocky Balboa who was never given a chance. You guys will learn don't disrespect the city of brotherly love how there you go rocky about most overrated yeah. And it is not real I know I skinned is one thing you and I agree on big portion Rocky Balboa which he is a legit sports legend they have less they have ice that's good this dude right there is one of the most famous landmarks in their city he's. The character of the the movie like us picking someone out of the movie like shallow Hal was still deer in Charlotte did I make a statute I'll fly to shallow Haller summer and Bobby liberty. Begin a fitness pageant because they filmed scenes at the speedway is now. Real freak and person. A separate us from one rocky one Rocky Balboa when Sylvester Stallone wrote dad or warnings screenplay he determined that rocky was going to win gets ahead how. How else are responsible prior moving the entire franchise and we're talking about the entire movie franchise over I'm alana and I look investors are below one very awards after the vault arts glory is it's a great move. You know using the most terrible actor Curtis who's he was great in Roxio. Absolutely tremendous overhead and Iraqis. Let's see here like you said Eagles fans are getting mad. Adding that this is the same women that state they're angry they are a disguise was sensing thing is big into two brilliant minds we have Michel Al statue. Let's see silly as rocky Charlotte has JaJuan amassed. I. Kevin. Sounds silly campaign. Mac you guys are complete. Contra side losers and Mac likes Maclean he's from Pennsylvania at peace around the country to he's a Contra side note doesn't loser just like the rest of view the big city boys win tonight he's a loser we are. Our loser can I Rick and I changed out of turn a country in that same guy to Alter his statement I don't like to claim I'm from Pennsylvania actually try to keep that quiet I don't unlike you south still recovering very old south Philly Tampa all right so we'll go to world. That's New York tenant and I. We don't know almost northern cities we come back let's start tomorrow. College Sylvester the rest of the show but you're right you know I would we got Eagles fans try to call Linda Shelley the show don't let this happen on your show 704570. Nine's extend their defense. Go inside the train Jews with former pastor's offensive lineman Kevin Donnelly each Tuesday at 8:30 AM on the Mac attack. 1102 point five FM it's 6:10 AM. No fan. Have you ever given much daughters how much we haven't. Oh exploding comes to the basics quite a lot actually published Mike Rogers here we killings were termite and pest control just like seeing six whom. 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