Mac Attack: Howard Eskin Lights Up Cam; Preview Of Sam Mills Doc

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Thursday, October 12th

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It's time for the American attack on sixteen and then 102 point five the fan. Now here's your host Chris McLean. Unbelievable saucy plain stand and cheer sort of Panthers. Couldn't primetime game with some of the best teams in the NFC. We have played this stupid Yankee song gotta give it so no man playing not to lost the big dog in the American League last night's com. They did it by winning. The last three games in this series just a may I got him try to amazing as a team with young talents. You feel like it's gonna be even better. In the near future and that's sucks BS thank you Payer which he got a disk bone. And all the Yankee fans congratulations you've got to give the yanks credit today. Arm and we will do that for about thirty seconds before I start getting on to eat up. About Panthers and Eagles here in Charlotte you know wait to see this game a chance to make another statement. And Judy Katz won those two big ones on the road and a chance to do this in front of the whole country the whole country watching. And really announce that we are back. After a year that was frustrating where we struggled we are back they can really make their statements at all country tonight I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when they do we get injury updates on both sides will give me here in the near future. Moguls we got going on here just he Sherry Jones says some of those players yesterday reportedly that I'm trying to. I just or what's going on that rich man's brain. I mean I'm really trying to figure out what the hell's going on that man's brain we are poured its Moly mountain he's a little bit laws if you watched that game last night what you were there when hero on Watson on ESPN. And you didn't get up and excited at least a little bit excited about belief amongst. I mean you you just not ready for Luke's. I you is he's. He's been in impressive score. And last night he did just played point guard to a bunch armed civil war dead into the show. But it is really a cancer Thursday here on the Mac it's a gym so he joins us in studio 730 Greg cosell in the film room on game day to day at 830. And much much more coming up on today's. Mac attack radio extravaganza. So there you go bone congratulations. On your yankees. Little insider radio here madly for a DB to temporarily put this caller on hold here. Because Osborne's letting your so keep talking pretense I guess their ultimate goal is Eric Holder solid doesn't tell you I don't I don't want anyone to distract my very important temperature we are just on hold out he's a Kansas fans called in 1996. I don't know we will seek the shark cover system savage your 71 degrees 16100 dollars in rebates is available from when X. Thank you for the kind words let's start pressing against god it's I didn't wanna play that's all you said you know a buddy got to play got to do at the big day for the Yankees player and are now is how once they are just Jerrold stand and cheer maybe I want standing just wait bitterness fly Eagles fly song. Stand each year should wanna grammys huh. I now are I never warned about the Yankees even down to enough that I assembly majority. He's a guy. Shouldn't be fired. And we believe your manager amazing thing is that the mega deal like I mean not worrying I'll let that moment last night I think you wanted to strangle him on Friday night at the yes I wanted to. They should do I did actually but they rallied they did your young team could have easily said hey man we like coming up is a good do we get a good job again just point. No shame in losing to the Indians are manager sabotage us and it makes it easily laid down they fought backs herself to be sensitive. A different spot for the Yankees and their stance because over the last one years how many playoff runs out there Ben runners not really. There's always pressure with the Yankees but not. Championship pressure necessarily on this team right is not that old oh no we start all this money they'd better win this championship and white guy feel at eight. Was still far we can go it's also defeated. Lovable upstart underdog yank high greatness that so it's a lovable story all right anyway comment Panthers tonight maybe as the world is gonna stop. Tonight. When the Panthers take on the Eagles to form one teams are tied with C Packers for the best record in the NFC. And I cannot wait to watch is football game man I cannot wait to see what they do. I think the Eagles I don't wanna say there are complete fraud I think there are good team Carson Wentz is obviously a good quarterback. I just don't think today all are at the level the Panthers. I just really don't so I guess until the money into my prediction before we break got a prediction center Ali you go to Paris and relief but I just I mean what they just beat Detroit and end. And New England on the road so we come here at home. And I don't rely I would pick against them I don't know why can't honestly anybody in this town would pick against a matter of fact. I was reading a couple publications online com and there were eleven Philadelphia Eagles writers covered eagles' day in day out. Ten of them take the Panthers. So the people that know the Eagles the best don't expect him the winner in this spot and quite honestly I don't know why you'd expect him to win in this spot. And I know it says don't be afraid I'm coming out spit fire numbered Jason the Panthers and all this. But Carson Walesa's re NA on the road in his young career. Carson Wentz is a 15 against winning teams on the road in his young career. Was laying Johnson out which is the case tonight he did you make a trip there they're starting right tackle. They're two and eight. In Carson when Carson when Sarah went out Dwayne Johnson. So right there 60% of the home team's win on Thursday night since he started playing Thursday night football it's aged bigger advantage at home. But it normally is so I know I don't pay their fans right now are frightened to rebound. Then I don't put some sort of hex on them but obviously if you just look logically it all those factors it doesn't feel like to game the Eagles went. It but here's why the NFL's pricey. Teams win games that you don't expect to win and that's why they play that game since. They've got support injuries now before I read you loss of their report injuries I need. Osborne to be mature here this is grown men. Talking injuries on the Eagles important game tonight I need you to podger Mike down and not laugh when Jiri did report in these seats. Small wood Cox in Johnson only right now. For the Eagles considering just can't give you can't have a mature Edgar look at this he gets a small Wisconsin Johnson here I don't know. We just let them. So that is sure I didn't even think about this voting yes I. I didn't even think about that I know I was I was going to say it and not even doesn't resume as they are bringing Steve out that's it's I think that. This looks you think I actually saw that on PST yesterday you didn't you know is responsible for that back morneau there. Bobby Darin gantt another garrisons in and day out there and dance brain works idea is that out of again the injury to johnsons of. They've won because as I said they're two in six without him is since the start of last year the Fleischer cock situation is a game time decision he's probably. I think he's a basketball player. I Carson Wentz is making a move very fast. I'm Jason Peterson held a tackle you make an argument for him. But puts Fletcher Cox amazing football player in the interior he is their version of KK short they gave him the big cash to. And he's not play would strained calf the last two weeks it would be really nice for the Panthers. Betting Kansas can win either way but it really does. Make you feel a heck of a lot matter is that big dog is not playing tonight there's no. Doubt about that. Although I will say oh. I will say this I think. On the outside of Panthers tackles got to be ready to play Daryle Williams is going to the biggest side and raining Graham is also one heck of a defensive lineman. Guessing peace force great bench player pro football focus and it's going to be Daryle Williams assignment. Vinny curry silent on the other Randy got to rookie Derrick far that is well whose got off to a slow start. Combos eagles' front plays the run really well. That pass defense though is where they are indelible. Darby Ronald Darby is close to their best corner you know these trade forum arms he is. A good chance he's out again this week. And they're gamble in the second year I think Candace might be a game again with a running numbers Tebow don't look race. But Cam Newton is able to make a lot of a make a lot of place. Like the aisle at the panthers' chances tonight nag the Eagles are team that's obviously getting better. Boy talk by the Eagles may be even this year or are your from the outer TV go out Carson once as the real deal that he was a team that is a our bonafide playoff team I think it will be a playoff team this year. Based off how bad the NFC east is giants obviously terrible Dallas not a very good start so the Redskins. Now I'm not great I think Philadelphia will end up being a playoff team this year I just thought they got their eight. Their team that's ready yet to come on in prime time to take on the Panthers a hop interstate. Allied things that are there and get another added that a date played pretty good against Kansas City. And that's their that's the best barometer to judge in eagle so far as how to play against Candice and the beat a winning team they haven't had battles for awhile against Casey on the road but eventually they lost I think the probably lose in the same fashion tonight. But they did against say yeah I. I just. Yeah I don't think they're ready says this Jewish and I don't think this is it is. Is there spot I could be wrong lord knows I've been wrong before arm and the pants thirst. In primetime histories and greatest in the world and Rivera there 77. Now they have won their last civil some not mistaken Thursday night games. New Orleans last year silly the year before that they got on Thursday night so we've seen have a little bit of Thursday night's successful primetime on A hole it's been pretty average for the dancers the pain if there's injury story to me is better than what's going on and silly. You know first acts dad's Demetrius tax. Kurt Coleman and trying to Wheeler not gonna play they have been listed is out. But it literally there's no one else on the injury list. Everybody else it showed up on there on Monday mom and Tuesday is gone. Everybody else is going to play so I get to be honest that's feels like an advantage. You know for the for the Panthers Eagles have a lot more guys that are questionable they certainly have a couple of stunt called Molly's it might not play you know lane Johnson isn't gonna play. Panthers have been deal with life without trying to leave. For a few weeks now. A bomb now I do worry a little bit as Fletcher Cox is an arrogance Larson it's buggy Larson. Countries such horse is doing an okay job run block in the past Lockett got a little squirrelly here the last couple weeks. But all in all I'm feeling good about this and we're gonna check rejected temperature. Rejected temperature of this city a pay at the nation's 71 degree healing powers are in the game rocket rods amateur hour on it was said you also. Damn good if I just you know somehow mistakenly set you up for ten. Originally won the one not the one thing that does awarded always worries me about these short turnaround games this. A little bit at these Thursday night games to be unpredictable ride if you look at the numbers and a roster is the team's. Sometimes things just happen on Thursday night based off of it being a short weeks out. And this was Sunday. I would I would not guaranteed and the woman out feel even more confident we just what this game on a Sunday on Thursday there's always that cabby I don't. How does a team respond in such a short period of time but you know has to be the home team yeah it seemed as did not travel the day before does that really cuts into your wheat. Mom this thing I'm worried about what a short week is camps. Tim's our bikes Tim shoulder like what is it like on a typical thirst. Right and the music is it's far from what it has been on Sundays the last couple weeks. That's because again when Tim has struggled this year I think it's pretty simple and it's attributed to shoulder. When he's played great I think it's because he is doing better so we'll see what happens with that. Are more going to be all over today it's underpants it's all we gotta get we gotta talk about holy month we have to do that in a matter of minutes right here on the Mac attack. Hi T forget his baby cranked up on a game day edition. Of the Mac attack and already had someone say don't do it Mac did not take the can't shut up Macs don't do it's. I just gave you get steals numbers that just did Samie screams at Kansas win this football game. But at the end you know this is what I've tried to do to last week or so like at the end I can light switch my take back. Don't say auntie don't I could trying to to trick the football gods. Insert a Mac curse not applying DOS it's what I did last week us changeup said my take is Detroit even though it's really too too. I don't know and I don't like you dealing with the football odds and I'll let you they're gonna go they're gonna look at your paperwork and go this is McClain did Charlotte here. We need evens things out and get things right with a politically I think I trips I take a trick to last week. Com see what we have going on here are going to cannot order a football gods of where you know and in my because not a football got. But if you think about football gods made my Dick and how those guys anymore it's just the I yum now much disallowed the Smith Center melodies he says Mike didn't want to wanted to point that out a year ago and I'm just gonna put it that way he said all the. He'd beset our let's see here armed hitters will lose 2517. The next four hours of optimism will be met with ten days of we should've won the game. Best regards Clinton in Belmont. Lisa signed all very nicely said dancer cards at the end Chinese we're gonna lose this case I mean I'd be pretty surprised are gonna lose this game I'm not saying it's a blowout necessarily everything Eagles are good team I think they've got a good shot of making the playoffs. Think it got their franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz there's no doubt about it it's just. I think the cancers are more tested they beat three winning teams at this point Philadelphia's beaten on cancers are home and a short week situation I just like that. Mom is stylus in this we got to get into law amongst managers at things. Just when I was excited about belief tomorrow I signed out. That's march from Estonia is tweeting out there he is the best player the hornets have ever had since I don't know who really say this is the original hornet's. Keep in mind none of the best players they've ever had or were on the original hornets. After. I guess he's saying the first run of the franchise for a to have grassy area are on the so he's saying like yelled James Ellison Scott's dad did a guy doesn't like camel walk little more we must also there's a problem MS she don't ruin this for me okay I'm genuinely excited about multi month but you gotta go say something crazy like that and then I got to deal won it tries Italian league among isn't that good yet. But here's the deal with market yell we're acting game or watch a game yes they you've got to be a little bit excited. This dude first likely it's on a point guard facility but he failed pretty darn well he had so you know Michael are willing shall we installed aroused so. I was good cheers from the work on his points guards skill solely did play a little bit it was kemba at 22. Are much he attacked the basket couple times. Had a few assists few nice dimes he dropped off he had six rebounds on the defense today and which was was a nice development. And man when he shoots that basketball off the dribble. It is Lisa. Did you assessing off quick off the balance whether it's a picks you know our ball screen out top. Whether it's you know just on all of the dribble on a break or something in May and he can shoot testing bone also pounce on there's no doubt. The you have to be encouraged Gerald hornets fans about what he can bring off the bench we. Instant pastas and Jeff thank god he was praising his passing last night as well he just talked about his wing doors of the gets rebounds and he had what 66 rebounds the last Leslie sewed up the the stat sheet that you guys that. I seem to. That the sand seem to be worried about via Twitter anyway is moral way as a frank Kaminsky. They have not played outlawed the priest who is knows her to die on the brick cities of those two last night assay does fit I think I think at this point his career we know what Margaret is a mormons going to be. He's going to defend. He's going to be a leader he's gonna have that shooting nights but eventually mormons going to be Marvin Williams as Kaminsky is the mystery. I know I know that Clifford talk some up as being the key to the team this year but I stayed there is a lot of question mark still surrounding frank Kaminsky. Had a great stretch last year before he got hurt then when he came back never fatty we still don't know here and your number three approaching who and what frank Kaminsky is yet. Frank you Marvin were five for nineteen to got a rough so here's the tears that same couple thoughts on these two cats one is frank Kaminsky has to make shots. If he's not making shots what is he doing for this basketball team. He's not a rebounder is that a defense platter. The other thing with Marvin is you say you mean we know who who years and yes we do he's a leader he's going to be one of those quarterbacks on defense along with Dwight Howard now. I'm solid guy in the locker room but what we don't tell us how to shoot a basketball is he gonna shoot like you did two years ago would have a contract year. Additionally you did last year. It would be really nice to get a contract year Marvin back. You know saying he really laws that ultimate stretch for that cease and so that's the one thing I think we don't know last night one of eight overall 05 from Tariq. It is straight or more of an American issued a while other teams in big trouble because look at the rest of the strong line it's the white Howard and KG. You know it's so someone on the front lines gotta space the floor and knock down some shots from one distance or any shots at all so more overdose frank are off. That's strong wind offensively at times is going to be tough to watch you know who else and so what argued is poised different ways but terms of shooting the ball the mormons they don't want to rate. That's or whatever numbers were well. Yeah if you're trying to place for Al basketball. You need a stressful war and those are still so they've got to knock down shots and one of ten combined for three last night. I'll tell you man no bacon bacon deserves a little love bacon was cooking last night dare I say bacon was sizzler does that lead flame as well it's it's the street it's the pre season civil what you get out all your bank and now it's 430404. From three monk had 43 is the only one of things most obviously got to work on is the efficiency. He shoots 4%. Van Gundy called about a couple times last night said that's a bad shot it's shots like that why his percentages not high. It's a fine line though Tebow because he's going to be a guy they're gonna want instant offense in off the bench specially Galileo moving the starting line up. And tuning out so you're going to want him to come and gone and but somebody's bad shots can't be taken or you're gonna continue to be like a 34% shooter like he's banned what's to AM ET shoot basketball and he's going get on those runs still we did a little bit less like Singler is we don't use drugs were you realize it's like eight straight points Beimel. And that's something we need I'm back into football and I have to tell this story out failed to tell it yesterday. A cowboys stand loses a bad. Injures themselves severely he's OK now. And hilarity ensues if you need help points we'll tell you about that next. He can score in and he's a good learner Obama she's gotten in better shape here com. She's willing you know I think it is defense will calm because she's willing to losing good guy. I think they've been a good players very important tool and she's you know our. He knows. And understands that the way he's played in the past he can't play in this league if she wants to be a good player. People say you know he's a talented offensive play you know its also offensive player that's a lot different instruments and he's a talented NBA player. Your physical needs to be that he's a good NBA player. She's a talented shot maker right now. According to Jeff Van Gundy was on the game last night and obviously Jeff is one of cliffs mentors in the game. But just can't van Gundy says he got admonished by Clifford. Because he was raving to coach Clifford in a meeting yes save for the game's about how good monk kiss. The eclipse doesn't wanna hear that about his rookies. And they're right there was a case in point Steve clipper wants to point out what he needs to work on Wright doesn't wanna crown anybody yet the second Lisa tell a shot maker makes him valuable that's second unit last year needed some talent it's just speakers there was a dearth of talented shot makers. On that second unit so. So I think Ghana Belinelli yet there was still took Nellie would fall away. Could come down level one auto break and he would take us all the way jumped from twenty unconvinced. Convinced a bit. Arm and hand. And hanging in bone called that right and don't want strategy we'll tell you guys call that there was no it wouldn't end well and out of your way to make it Marco Belinelli joke. Didn't have to tell me I tried to tell Mac during a break I thought this last night and Max said. President Sacramento alleges CDU washed up the Sacramento. Nobody listens old thought I was wrong on now want to doubt wanting yells column take you know give me at the merit on that one okay doesn't happen often but I was strong. And dad and it happens a little bit every now America but yeah I don't hold up now I think the get a suspect I think I think monster talent shot maker sting nets a great start. I thought there are better point guards in their than I thought I would see the passing a thing was a little better defensive rebounding. It's just shot selection. And he's got to do a little bit that he's just got and the defense IBC it was the biggest push on him coming into polygamy I was watching heels play Kentucky last year. And bill or after he says. Police bugs off the floor right now make it's what you better defensive team. Usually don't hear that blunt honesty about a college players defense right so. Clearly from that moment on I realize OK I think that's what's it's too it's gonna have to work on the import I didn't know be here in Charlotte. And it seems like cliffs has been trying to slow play a little bit the height of Moly Montgomery had a wanted Mac. A couple weeks ago workload talks in the media even net talking about monkey was saying. Paraphrasing slightly don't expect a tonne from walk right away he's a rookie is a young guy. He's got a lot towards a clever but trying to he stressed more I that a at a certain level he wouldn't he would like you the way we're getting all excited he deftly would like does more from Estonia tweets. I believe called him the next dumb you know while Michael Jordan that's coming at some point oh sealed instance the next Michael Jordan according to mark I forgot about that marks thinks his basketball takes a really good. Don't tell us open up their ass stuff that really good don't tellem that Tom Arnold he knows he's talked out. I wanna get into one thing I'm worried about in this game because it's interesting unchecked in the early tech Georgia with a tax on game day Mac attack here you guys are confident in an area where I'm not confident if you've heard soared to show you don't pretty tells an overall about this game there's one area I just I just don't really feel too good about you guys do so we'll get into that old man he's been waiting so let's get him in here oh man he would he set. And he. Did and say. So my Mac. Because the public they're united in their public remarks. Operate earlier mayor street is our. Notably. Those are you going to be very important work. Would go litigator you're concurred here and I don't o'clock in the very early wreck you're right to dribble as a rookie leaders want to treat it Cooper using an able group particular about prosecutors its warriors now Camelot he walked into a career it will breed. Absolutely here aren't they TX who will be one of the best players now know people basically experts are now. Ballplayer may include cold corporate greed because maybe you're just used to Laker ball screen the Playboy. Our mar golf portraits that man armor or the big camp. Tortured and became. Portraying. And good here since the current potentially there are basically ask on gastric cancers are because or called optical or a little girl. Called bad come on I yeah. Curry. Good birdie analytic. Are you go shoot out with it on today I think if you can't put up 400. I guess it would be his first one since I Green Bay game his rookie year right to do any MVP here don't think he tossed four bills when it comes to passing yards a pretty shore. I don't know some betting on that happened but I do think cam could have another good game gifts or shoulders OK it's a few days of rest. Does not hamper him when it comes to shoulder is far is Mong I get a guy here this guy says solicitous. Hendrick dodge email. Armed Max. I know you're gonna originally for agree with mark but I think the league monk in four years is the best guard on the team Campbell will be the soap will be the Robin amongst bat man. I just it's funny because they came in here wanting to get a few callers like I knew it was all is going to be pretty much full till football but I was over get a couple callers emailers and textures that we're excited about a month to watch the game around today I did not expect this left. Excitement about look like I feel like Clifford but it's like we got to slow down a little bit there's still plenty of walls and his game but he's going to be exciting because he's gonna go off on air she's going to be streaky there's at least one stretches I know it. I know people all tax and email and call and say that we hyped up McCaffrey to a high level and all the pre season right. We have McCaffrey to these very high standards. For mortgage for take your I saw us a few times last I can we at least slow down a little bit. On Mon beat James hard. Can we wet and get to the regular season. If we compare him to a guy that wasn't Russell Westbrook allowed us here would have been in the league MVP just seems a rich just let it play us a little bit maybe I don't know it's a mid October seems little relative to its worst. Although Tony and he points out match you meg never told anybody slowdown about McCaffery. It compared to the Barry Sanders Gale Sayers. Or any great running back in NFL history and math would never as a slowdown doggie. Analysts I say dodgy disks. Off color and I came from but your rights and I don't know maybe this problem. Maybe it's a problem and I didn't say slow down a little bit better comparison the DC James Hardy and and only Mark Reynolds and I don't see the same gallery CNET and I'm excited but it just now I have to be to kill joy because people are way more sighted to me that it would be killed Jon wanted to guys saying they amongst going to be explosive he's gonna. How does bench put up some points quick he's gonna takes bad shots still. But man there's some point guard and I'm like I. I'd I thought I was coming in excited. Let's see here Jeff stand Gundy was a rat poison that extra cookie sent her text. That's right Clifford guarding against don't give rat poison in my rookie player. Let's see easier Max first bad game from mountain don't turn on him. Hello well Charlotte stance. This is where I do get a little defenses. And I have to Charlotte fans I think he do that kind of thing everywhere I think it's the social media generation I think it's just prone to overreaction nowadays right. Are on the sports talk jedi here yes forced audience is so should be assuming Al let's get your opinions out there are honest I think to people overreact to every city handled that as far as Charles thing but I think you'll are probably right people will be unfairly critical to him if he has a bad game Brabant stress the. That's my whole point is if if let's say he goes five games where he shoots 30% from the floor. As nine you're less points just it doesn't look good plays bad on the defensive side of the ball once they neared it's going to be what's wrong with luck. And everybody and if she included will be on Thursday I don't they smuggle leaguer. Okay now you're right here I think hush let's listen and just did a very long season. Rookies at what even about sorties and walls and an 82 game season will be a stretched for a couple weeks when could I could seek situations where. He made up quite a lot because Clifford young guys sometimes and he may be forced to now based off all day injury and I put every damn obvious predatory go. Why is among cloying Walken might be defensive related we don't know what. It is happening as well some point. I hope there's not those stretches but understand what you're saying by the way everybody's on monks defense. I sold taken last night had some Ross defense of moments guys gone at that pump fake Al topic he's don't force LaMarcus markkaa keep I mean are you kidding me man who we think it. I don't understand let Marcus Moore shoots the ball and put him in the face. And again last night and I wanted to you know we're talking about reacting properly not overreacting I don't overreact. But man they're a lot of open three pointers made a stupid again and other like five guys out there but I'm watching you hornets defense for an open three pointers. Let me go to math on month to double her back around into dance personally to a mix if you want to Matt what do you think. It's. Kind of doormat and Brothers. All let go totally loves. They get this bush operation this city guy since you know this is going Baghdad can. Very you all know that heavy machine where they connect clean sheets you know you're in jail in the sq hello to Michael chi. It's True Blue team got the two most prominent position shooting guard. Paul award and a guy at least they have eighteen total imports of course been here yes I am glad that many people are excited because agency. The toilet in the union says it hopes that the whole side data. Maybe in the head so I hope it's just peppered. I don't know who. Lawyers and okay it will die could Nolan north but it certainly does look great but. But calls outfit a lot of them and yeah if you protested I was pretty don't seem to enter siege no. Sets a great point I think Derrick and and I said the injury in the rust but that's that's right dared to write this and I said if I said that all the time 2015 to get the best Castro he ever got. And it puts up that season it was just landed there are big time throws in the pocket same things happen the last out game losing terrible Steve sick almost by the what's the siege. Drone would you I don't know I don't seem installment released are. Our people get up early to Sunni and the Panthers game day and there are a little upset that we're breaking down bully month's game when we come back we're Talking Heads Thursday beach and you don't want the one thing I feel good about the game losing I'm worried about the taxpayers aren't I got to talk about it. If there's bad go to Thursday night tonight the navy cannot wait for this game I mean and locally in this thing about the NFL you never know what the game's gonna look like when you get to that game. And we spent months in the summertime. Trying to tell you what's gonna happen in this game what team's gonna do wat. Any good season like who had these. Some cancers as there's two best teams in the NFC battle you know 41 vs four want and that's whereas I just I love the fact. And intestines are playing good football teams you know even Buffalo's three into football team when and so Atalanta one. If there's wind back to back road games against winning football teams. And now they have this tests on a short week I like the fact that are being tested they're beating these winning teams still almost a cabinet saints game. But I feel like that's kind of the NFL you're gonna get does clunker Sharon here's the one thing. We're talking about how you feel whole and getting to our actual predictions it's 7 o'clock wolf all I ask you guys if you're if you're on board with us. But one thing there's a disconnect almost you guys on the building senate tax is the running game tonight. 3317 dance there's one guy says running game gets going can continues his upswing. And the home crowd needs a dose of 2015. And the rest of the league sits up collectively and says oh held their back. I do think there could be very own no. National reaction this team might be like 2015 act honestly think they're could be that moment. But it's the running game is what I don't have much faith and Philly may get Fletcher Cox back to the middle ideal line they're number two in the league in run defense errors only a 31 yards last week crushing. And the Panthers last week their run blocking not just last week but on the whole this year has left a lot to be desired. And there's a lot of there's a lot of people lean on in that they think the running game gets going got a guy says stinks McCaffery it's going on the ground. I would love all these things to happen it would be ideal. I almost feel like Tebow can might have to be H Cam Newton and the defense type team again I hope I'm wrong I hope the running game does because say this. Go back to the miss direction you used against New Orleans and New England Shull use that miss direction and then you might have a chance to use Phillies aggressiveness up front against them. I wanted to go back and see how the cheese around a football against the Eagles again my drummer now for the Eagles face off their teams is. What they did against Kansas City on the road Kansas City like digger announce a Bessie is football I Corey caught. At thirteen carries 81 yards two touchdowns six point two yards for carry. Against the against the Eagles are pretty good day for Korea bought against that defense track our Alex Smith had. Fox 41 yards that went over a hundred yards at the team. Against the Eagles to voice yeah so I mean can play that is a benefit to me that's the best receivers football out that's still the they they ran a pretty good against some so we'll see we do tonight. He can be I mean you can be done the tethers are running the ball like Dan rather not run blocking up front I mean Johnson Stewart five. Why wasn't that you're the Eagles shut down Kansas city's rock public about box score and I saw the Eagles shut down the great Kansas City running game I'd go. Our man leading Kansas City didn't run against the Eagles but they're pretty good nerves but other than I've gained what do they get enough. Fifty yards a game 262. Yards a game this year that's it on the ground including their game but again won was against the giants at giants don't run the football all their terrible often divide. Terrible so I I think deals are good they're getting better. I just I. I'm not buying in to the Eagles being this great team. I'm not buying into hype I think their run defense is really good history says hunt had one long run next to it. Which skewed Danone might be it but I don't here's the really I don't think we need to run it well when we saw that against Detroit and now we're back at home it's a short week silly had to travel. I mean I think there's a lot of things going on in our favor what is the one other thing I want to say that I thought I had some to bony. Lot of praise be sort of person I am pleased with us that would deadly was a bit fat on this dude says guys that lives here in eagle territory south Jersey they're talking so much trash. Come on back to the tee at the party started. Well it's gonna start at 7 o'clock we'll get into prediction party soft and see if you guys are still in the way we are about his game. We go to Gator marks who wants to jump in here and I do have to tell all. The odd tabloid stands story cowboys harm to himself after losing a bet the other day. He's okay and alright. That we can make funneled back get our guys are these are guys please don't feel good I'm sure he's all right puts a data mark. How ya doing that there might kill a lot of countries baby let's go got a couple of the game yeah we're at night you steal that. Man man I got an app I got some bats I know what I know what the Al championship game now so I'm gonna go now to open the other day. OK so my I don't know why illegal bet an up or about two hours out and make. The match in my car yesterday. Bush to draw up an outpost that got down and meet halfway and watch it can't. The company gone home I don't know if you didn't miss kelp and I want to say it can't happen did you. It could be up but it came couldn't let me tell you cannot. We can come out until now until now. Can't you can't. How did you change your Mac O adjudicate these got a popped up Obama got enemy can shut him even show up you do want to poke you been my mantra you continue to be -- but let me tell you. Tonight it could Diddy done did he come and how they gonna look at a little eagle on his little joke. And he has got to be able to do it dark and actually get on with this you know. You know what I'm looking so good that if I don't go back out and that they were those fires. I am gonna have to go to Jacksonville on the 28 pole Saturday and he got game but Mike is in Georgia didn't come back down. Aircraft at Tampa that's going to be on the 29 actually that's what all our gum ball and I can't go go go baby. You know mark Gator marks. Who has really become more cancer marking meter mark you know as the gators continues struggles were touchdowns he mentions of less and less I've noticed. But he is actually candidates rebound. Right now coach Katie spent the motivational speaker Melvin used to have because she still enough. As a motivational speaker even if she didn't remember Ron Rivera's name last week when she was screaming at us. Mark let's get a little skill there PDs harness and he's got a little wild in home. But there's a little there's a little skilled Erin martz rants I do believe that. I had Katie sort of voted doesn't matter. How you got into and out as all easy to add that it doesn't matter that she 'cause the first time. It doesn't matter she brought the coach's name we number two at the bottom line is. Coach Katie to allow and that's all we care about all about results we are all about results with our motive now I eastern IC ID say a prayer what you SARS that on the words gonna go. How having said that though she will go three you know. After tonight's get. I think so too man who gets that a secular will break it out and to top the hour in about 67 minutes were breaking out our official predictions for this game and then we wanna see. How are you always feel on out there and I do with more on this when he's down there sort of working mom. After hurricane Germany's always doing good yesterday's natural disasters and dom could just incidental it. I like his message to pay at the fans pay the same as you all need to be. As a kid who say lift I mean that's just say that anymore maybe everybody says that now don't need to be live tonight. You know some legal stance little Weasley were Eagles fans you'll find their way into that stadium tonight they're going to be Lal. You'd need to be loud as all get out you need to and they should be I would expect prime time I'm gay. Panthers went off two big wins on the road he'll play in a waste plant I would expect it to be a pretty raucous environment and you can't just have legit. Home field advantage and don't sell those tickets at the last minute to Eagles fans don't do it's by the way the quick story people are asking for the cowboys story the quick story here on a Dallas stand. This cowboys fan. Let's see who lives in Florida of course he lives in Florida then his Weis. On who would win the packer cowboy game his wife's a Green Bay fan he's a Dallas stadium. The winning they're both wearing jerseys of their teams whoever lost the game they had to burn their Jersey had to go back to their house and burned their jerseys. The cowboys fan was so drunk he says but maybe he's just so cowboys fan that he went out there and let the Jersey on fire while he was wearing it. I. He suffered third degree and second degree burns he's going to be OK though I feel like we did last Adam he's going to be okay. Unbelievable. Man take this is key then a low level intelligence for a cowboys fans. Are you kidding me by the way and a bar my dad gum Jersey on the law while Mora. She's okay you win anyway and we get to. The lighter. Take your cell doesn't fit all I got euros flyer running an example of you might be a cowboy fan. Yeah exactly how well does wind from the witness a witness said skin was hanging also is Norman back home minority. My guy. Back tabloid fans brain cell mag I will say is I would rather burn myself and for the Dallas got. Community options jag dividends Joyce I just keep a dollar dancers as we come back. We're gonna tell you whether or not we believe or not we wanna see if your own bowl would believe him. And your chance 1000 dollars next.