Mac Attack Hour 4: Will Kennedy & Mike Florio

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Wednesday, May 23rd
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain talks with Mike Florio & Will Kennedy. 

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And. That's C Webb Chris Webber Marv Albert the call Reggie Miller there that was AT&T coverage last I wanna ball game what a freaking ball game we finally get a close one. We did it come back by the rockets that was the call of the dunk. By hard in writing dry months grill the and I feel like 90% of Americans absolutely love that moment. I like Jerry mom but I can admit that was guilty. Let's absolutely not trim on the wealthy man. Trailer tried UC drama basically tackle the ma'am it's. Of that Duncan in my view should have probably done that on the dug its ambassador and their brother and I learned to play a game. Was this Mac got as honeymoon or Weber pardons dog mayoral audio and because it's a pass thousands it's understood obviously brought about a dog and it does it's funny last night when I heard it and lives. Like it just sounded like a guy really fired up about a dog pictures seen the replay and stuff. When you just hear that noise on the radio show with Al the video assistance of the dog occurring. It doesn't make you wonder what is going on right now you're Tony Romo Tony Romo called web Grassley game musketeers had a conversation. Oh. It's all that's all got a little that's pretty funny don't seeds it's about do you like which you did I'm but we don't we'll talk about so let's run through last night's festivities including. Tom that game at the Braves any including Tebow getting called Alex. By eighty infamous web site. But real quick wants you to speak Grand Slam giveaway the words this hour's truce PR blow us. Text it to seven seals Kate date on it. Your chance of 1000 dollar text first to seventh two way they want it is a national contests and message and data rates applies. It was amazing I couldn't believe it like they took two hay maker punches in the rocks from the the lawyers in pre K oracle. And hadn't lost in sixteen playoff games after it much losing game one they responded as well game today responded every clutch sort of throw in the series when stance went off again in the third and Shimmy like crazy I thought the damn game was all I can I cannot believe it is data came back Chris Paul. Was ball in man on a bad ankle that do was great last night clone. This is normally a point in the season where a series were a little bit the rockets have caved would James Harden as a main leader the reason they date one last night Chris Paul refused to lose last. To say we want what is what I performances yet have been there are unnecessarily. I got a at all not at all at this late. But he refused to lose tumbled as the core once he was different last night in to hold the warriors what was their point total last night at the end. 9232. When he averaged one in the series at once a team want to point that would be higher now that they play defense troll talk about the day it's only offense nice those are and threes. Always a layoff freaking defense last I did deserve credit they're still not winning the series while they deserve credit. Or how are you rocketing up clay talked has got to play better. For sure I think he's got to bust out and really be hurt himself a little bit last night in a Sony batteries don't last. They tell your globally and I think the rockets can win the series it's going to a three Houston. I'm now I think I feel the rockets right now I am feel on the rockets seem impressed he's not ambler preppy once the warriors to lose badly but he's not jumping on board medley can do you have done I want to be there come out there of the Golden State already wanna game in Houston. They can easily get one of these final two games in Houston man and they've got to jam did you experience the rockets do nots. That's got to be something you get down stretch although I will say this. Don't say look like in their men and tight playoff game in their life the way they finish a game last night that I was embarrassed you don't see panic sort of especially pulmonary sell us a little headache and that the shot selection. The last Hawaii Klay Thompson hasn't been that great the last three games curry in the red don't get the shot but it's clay Thompson in the wind with the weird. Ballot no tie now called it was just it was a it was not a typical boy your game and then you go to Houston on the road where they beat you want to write either. They dim witted they did win split the first time their ass I don't see anything goes up it gives you don't. Again no one bonus they can get another lawyers can get to know one championship pedigree to re establish like that next time I go and I bet Thompson as a breakout game coming soon I believed in the rockets the entire time through his problem now you didn't you do. Tebow went on Twitter last night an internist a bone. Half of America on Twitter last night when it was twelve nothing more when it was a twelve point game early forced at some point most Americas at other sings over. Well Tebow went on there and said one of us said something the effect of Houston was twelve nothing golds they added twelve nothing you do is using Golden State is not losing until next season. And bony got called out by freezing cold takes the in this is you do not want to end up on their list and he was there was like an all star media less by the way tray wing go. Bill Simmons big jet from bar stool like. I don't know how you got in animals luminaries but all you guys prematurely called a game last you know there are those guys I know it's sad Marley. Nobody Lima what I got those guys enough but I got what the bigger now I like. By the way I got to bring this up and does free funny you think if anybody end up on that website we're crappy take to be made a lot of money was lost. Brad back in the Vegas colts faced properly. By the way I forgot about this I got to do something here a couple of minutes I have to tell you Charlotte got ranked number one. In a category bound. Mom I'll tell you what they category is there a couple of minutes we actually they always do these polls of the top 2.5 cities and were never as high as we wanna be on a right unless it's like the saddest cities and somehow we show up on merit a city lastly we're 59 and her sister two free nights and insist they were higher in status. But anyway I take personal responsibility quite honestly and LTD carried a young government. But I do wanna say this Charlotte got a number one ranking of one of these things on I'll tell you in a sense that a good thing Arab or the bat good thing it's a good thing gaga but I gotta tell you llama Ozzie Al lease this dude. Visit to begin immediate season right now at a quarter pole the National League MVP at this point. He has ties to leave home runs jacked one out last night and he scored ever won the Braves runs. This dudes a table setter he's due was a pop plays the field at second base tremendously. He is he nighter. He gets on base bone and in last night you see things start happening when this dude gets on base. Our match he's remarkable back and I believe how good a player that cat is this early into his career Tebow the Braves win last night three to want to do it well. Senate rays went. Bright braves Atlanta Braves went back and aboard after away get a raise edited a row here. Stated sir Freddie got figured it was time grain after the chandelier. That's not about former braves manager pharma. Does this not a video that's been dug up personally I don't. Fred Gonzales movies aired on CBS and Alaska or off Matt gobbled distracted right now because you'll say everything is happening on Twitter today it's a Christian McCaffery favre's stats yet let me OT AR photos of McCaffery don't veins. There's aids it is artist he carries a football they are. Access is meant that she and McCaffrey's is specimen Manny uses but I don't look out for the jump in his sophomore year look Alfred jumped this year but all I go to the gym that I try to order some McCaffery arms and and how does that work out and cowgirls. It's us and our downs all my start back up Twitter us or did I got a gym enemy Jim rival. Now works in a note that I was doing attend town curls this mean had to ask if I won a spot of my curls. Obviously a sarcastic joke demo it was intense out curl some guy to beat at just under free it's girls. I did I didn't want to twelve ounce curls this weekend man I'm good I'm good one concludes those Davies let me let me let me coral it's buddy a man. I tell everybody who's who's gonna braves game tonight. You yes Charlotte race fans be interest in this one or just Charlotte sports fans. On the chip Carey I think it's easy to his son getting married or something I heard it but I've already forgotten what's going on Jameer you current chips as yet distributed just drag someone. Almost personalized. So tonight they got us again sly and get a bringing in the bullpen. Eric Collins reported split up to announce is calling the end these final game of this series the rubber match in a series against the phils. Bone is it just me. Or are you looking forward to hearing Eric Collins calls baseball. Eric tells it so cranked up for anything happens in a basketball game it's possible bone Bennett called strike to. In the second Manning may cause Eric Collins to lose his mind. I'm here for this tonight about I'm 1% year so that we should get Eric Collins audience while Michael Picasso act until then. Gotta just jumped ten men know where the balls out of mark our guns. Harry are you like under the radar records of Pepsi today yeah. That's Italy and guts of a cat burglar is going to be good ironically this Republicans got Mike Florio coming up a couple of minutes. NFL talk owners being recast. On this ridiculous attempt to its rules to put a ruler into the hands of all itself coming up with Florio the kickoff rule change. And all that they had no lowering helmet rule a it's your son's graduation that's when this. But anyway bone our city I'm graduating Nassau Eric how old is there and again. All right so Bo. The deal we were voted the number one city has its name the publication but number one city. For summer lots. In this country Charlotte is the number one city first summer love in the view as well today go out there shoot your shot young man. The very shoot your shot. Now I need gas and details on their sock this research summer lost. Does this leads us fall and winter while verdict it is and in the summer night he tried to summer slings are talking about right yeah. I can turn assigned it I can't I can't find Obama so what David severance and I definitely feel some some love for does that suggest to this day we're gonna staying now army and tap. Do agree to stay together along got a winner waited so there you go fellas go out there did you sell some summer love everybody get yourself some summer loves. I'm pretty sure I won't release templates in my household. But really why would a woman get lulled into a husband bomb they tend not to complete one stat of assembling a bicycle and which is true statement by me but why would why would like I I would take other eighties it's just I was worried we come back. We'll Florio we feel the love today probably not probably not he joins us next but fellas you're listening. Adobe does and see the best sports station and another one city for summer loving in the United States about that. There is seconds from the number one news and rumor sites when it come. Do NFL fans pro football talk dot com Mike Florio is gonna join us here in a second and we'll talk about. The rules salsa from the owners' meetings to kick also roll. This lowering the helmet rule which I just an an arbitrary see what Garcia says later. Maybe talked about this yes yeah. But the stacked yesterday they came out and say this does apply an offense of wanna her coming out of three point stance but gotta get their helmets up quick how do you do at all around play I just. I don't know man I got bad. Which enforcement of this you know lowering the helmet rule that we'll talk to Mike about that. Can golf role new rules as far as a kick offs go and of course today they intend to attempts to pass something. In regards to. You know the process and then dealing during the National Anthem so we got. All that coming up on the show and by the way if you're if you're look at throw something to do online that is not working and you have not seen this yet. You have to Google. Brandy chest Dane bust now considers himself let out their tell us. I've talked about a hall of fame bust some guys soccer player put in Susie. Bay Area hall of fame yesterday and when you look at this note to Basra plaque really T bone but it's supposed to be her face. It looks like just say styles I don't even know man some people say John boy some people say Rex Ryan who would you say earlier. Oh I said Bob Don Nelson Don Nelson zone when it's over and damp from coach Gary Busey is the name like this not to not to lose too manly arm guerrilla commander. Now not at all and if you listen to this line should trigger look at woman. But step two until plaques looks like. A badly demands he got a check it out on line is forget number label I guess they said they're gonna redo it but the need a new pictures from her. What kind of picture dabble for the mayor looked like that you can't make. Oh Jesus has to be the same dad did never and all those sculpture and the Tom Brady sketch I'm jealous. I let's go to detect it down gas lines I set it earlier pro football talk dot com best news and rumor site out there or comes to pro football. On the make sure each catches our best of his radio shows daily radio show. On the air 7 AM to 9 AM right here. All on Obama WFANC Charlotte Mike Florio joins us here on the Mac attack. As are you ready to wrap up the owners' meetings today Florio are you doing brother what's going on. And I'm doing good man I'm interest should get your thought on some of these owners meetings going on I mean the big story for us was. David separate deal being done where we're excited to kind of turn the page there. But some of these rule changes let's start first whisk. John Mara saying that hey we expect by Wednesday which is beyond c.'s today to have some rule in place. In regards to the insults previously it was do what you want in terms of protest. I mean some of these ideas to Florio fifteen yard penalties home team decides we saw these ideas sound hokey. What do you think are gonna do what should they do about this. What may have to get fought what I think they're gonna do is screw it up yes however however it. Becomes manifested they're going to do the wrong bank. Could only one way they can't they're they're not topic they're willing to do or already are let me ask a question. And I ordered but he does that mean they're out and stop different question. Could make it's now. Who made the mess. We make it about this entire rant about were responsible for. I don't know I mean the NFL I think has made it into a mess with the way they've handled it. But about some people would pay the players make it met because they're the ones who began the pro such great at night. Lot of people can't you know political point of view it personal preferences and how you feel about the protest comic book but my position it. The NFL made this map in your cabinet update that aspect it's 2000 not yet out side. That its effort to wrap shield in the flag needed all pops. So ordered used the players there's off. Where cricket players out of the locker room or put them on that but why not require them to be on the bottom line and for whatever reason they clumsily broke the rule which make it mandatory to be on the sidelines. But that you should stand that you are standard that you should spare so that go whoa that was created at the point. So that's. Was created by the at a back in 2000 not all the part of that effort in May the players are during the national alliance. He could afford actors like call in rural call it work where. There in the locker room and nobody said boo about. So four points sixteen Kong Japanese respondents. During the National Anthem I have yet our ballot immediately what the Rwanda and the up up up the right. Fires pop stand and even though the rule that should stand it means must and that was just yet you know all sorts of work. You need to be standards to be at the bit because the court. They did you know they are. Is that players. Art Kurtz the stamp of not acquired stance right it was created two out was. The thing and it's not for another year when the president. The start to take on the fire the owner be it that it so the op feel calmer what do and a stop event yet appropriate rates that the players at the right approach. So there are some may this map. And there's only one way properly clean it up. They need to approach the union they need to sit down and they need to work attic he it will get the players to operate collective. That the rule is you must stand and that sparked an up well. If they collectively bargain and I felt and a top players association upgrade just like it struck at all. The PD all of these and every other rule five player. That's what they need to do you know why they won't do it it's no wonder if any thing not to do it they don't want to acknowledge that they made its they don't want to have to clean up the mess. They went up by the puppet play. Is in its tactic does that involve you know itself having to do anything to rectify. Them a stake they may and see the NFL also leery. About approach you know LP area app it's always a bit because of the poisonous relationship city it's between you know on the and a belt yet. Due in large part the fact that the F stop trying to cram anything and everything it can't value in our and so now the chickens have come home to roost. And the NFL has no quick way out of their. And they don't wanna do with the right way sillier do a clumsy way to doubt that their Jack whatever it you know and and got. That there are people think if they're they're here the president I think it's deeper level. They just don't like expected they're not a controlled there's not and cannot control their deal at their stage of players just spate soccer. Is there upgrade the president. What it is the president spoke to continue to it would curtail. If they allow. In a statement about that or not the art and it stake K what happened at one of these rally. The president of the gloat. That this is it he and his supporters may indicate so I don't know why the perfect spot out there react he in the U debated and it's a matter what yeah out. Now that's sure that's sure my Florida's pro football talk dot com and NBC. Our Florio let's talk about indeed the rule of the you know helmet contact rule where yesterday I guess they knowledge say oh by the way this does apply to offensive linemen coming out there stance. And that's just seems to me like if you're gonna put this in the trenches. I'll just wanna come early stance on run plays I mean do you still have the same feeling a lot of us did when the rule was announced. But this is going to be absurd if they want a police this consistently how do you feel about this. But it's not my concern that this rule go back to what it was first passed it was. B it was that extra track on an album that is on the back cop right there were ten proposals but competition committee a bit more. Well at least the media and fully discussed before repeating in March that it would all of a proposal don't want to look up. And they talk about a month in advance streak at 7 PMQ are there a lack now. It they talked about a buck mark well they kept it secret from all of us. Vermont and the ball and it came out not what our look at like patent law. You can't order summit to initiate contact your congress what in the world I mean. You do understand what kind of an impact is gonna happen again exe servers they're better how little thought and I that all coaches. It is all were fundamentally feet between the tackles running game down now change that. Now it. Well what went you are in a three point there. And think about goal lines short yardage guy our our and there and I got to worry about hitting at a park with your comment. And are they gonna determine whether it was. Intentional where it was inadvertent or get a cattle like 12100 replay potentially going to be like oh we can't for a while on every play. And then went gambling is legal. The shining sea. Are are you gotta have a black player on the field after every packer touchdown run the star game more and more importantly the start spread. And the right tackle away from the plate just happened to you it's comforted to check. But the defense event while he was coming out of the its stance and and they beater all the issues that are potentially gonna come out by war when it started yesterday. From my outlook on the head of officiating I beautiful. And I feel like there's beard. I. Secretive effort I don't know who's behind this the company though we are the art is they think is the way to the game is the way to preserve youth football it's gonna kill professional football if they fire away. And that does not think there are two parts to make it that they're not go quiet the credit where it's. It's been fundamentally changed the game and you know open up for that for a show it opened the door for somebody in a few billion dollars. Entrepreneurial spirit to create a football league the players like it used to go at it as well you know well I think we'll track funny than they do. Now as you go boy you got to eat. Do you think it'll be either either one early spring leagues I mean I thought for sure Vince McMahon was going to try to do that I know you've talked about this where he would got real man's football we're every want to call it to insinuate that worst hit in this game. But he almost went the other way it was his introductory press conference that was come out. Yeah he did and you know what it's more proud about is alive or are both well. I think that the mayor had a conference because he knew the air public and news bit bit the other why is way behind. So you wanted to lead the symbol but I think there is that a position so to be like the NFL to be approving ground. Somebody who treated their current state because they're not quite weak big games or their full due to players say it concerns but it's. I think he except now even though it would mean you create your Gretchen. It's it will be very state because they are on the way here he also that we're going to give fans what they want well what our water. The parent lark Bernard what brand your top two and there's going to be bailout book fair weather arriving from concerns over the kick our. Changes in helmet rule other efforts and make the sport different than it used to be there's an app card out there for all football. Outside it upon mayor is series back in like 2016 that was the first Arctic crystal like me. That there is a Democrat is very viable Democrat. What will say okay we wanna be football played this way if they're wired or well it could do it on your remark. Eight players who want to typically complain when the change is made it quite well all political later. There's going to be a market for and I think he accept well. Could be that and I think what we'll critic here it's it can't spare forward over the next year especially in our area. It could very well talk there about what they are and what they wanna put all the way it used to be play. And maybe maybe take ten are predicted that you are that well started its spring break. They're at our current president decided it was a good idea remove all. You you create with the except for all all school football that had the big hit. They had the think beautiful popular app at a much more viable product to move the ball well. It is gasoline got a plan I would think also we'll see what happens Florio all your man we will talk to you next week thanks for other. Our our Leo Mike Florio principal talked dot com. And NBC. What's a while prosecutors say something that was related to what he was talking about I just read the sporting news NBA mock draft Mac. It's not a Knox it's not a bridges. Exxon d'antoni past the Chara or losing got Bonnie walker oh lord here we are you just don't that's got a good finally phone finally radical Islamic law that's not even my god. I'm glad that before I figure out. I'm just glad it's not baby outside I'm just glad it's not a Knoxville bridges that remark drop as those Dodgers get a little boring that. I take a big red do I in the draft at some point to bay reg united Airbus when there is potential man by listen this week we come back. We bringing droves we handed off to probes from bonds I do want soon. I'll ask him this question all right demand is up bonus that game any born and raised in Charlotte David tepper savor it. Snack is it really the great piece of southern cuisine that he was making out to be yes and LS grossed a snack authority. We're back it is a Mac attack on SNC are we less last year I was telling everybody to quit when I was gonna ask probes. Tom must and it turns out crowds out here so there's a stand how do you pay you can ask drugs the question I'm gonna ask you instead. See you I did this system does will not get us into any sort of cowboy panther fracas or any other fracas and leave. But it is interesting to me mobile Internet the second Tebow what do you wanna send you an announcement about weight women. Big deal yesterday about my job might might want to wheat stands with the tango and Winnie Cooper. Did the actress is up played them on our our social media deal I got they spoke on C yeah Alexander eight votes responded in the last five years which is a lot to me. Also I I would how people said he got to go the got a got it got to go for delicate task in got you got to get your response delicate task. Watch it but you were 24 hours. And nothing back Nelson about a wide this is the third time in like three years I've tried this so I don't Latin she's not respond. While she do Elizabeth Berkley. While I was telling guide out now now you enough of our announcement even into showgirls just a desperate I just saw that some. Illustrates why you're gonna secretly. She was robbed by the way of an Academy Awards show girls are sort of get data on the record all right Syria have some amazing acting too. Thanks Tom must stand our freedom where you from originally. Went somewhere else. My announcement won't see what comes forward. I knew I was in the south somewhere and then here's what would you like 1990 salaam grown with Sudan and someone ask you this question David tapper yes your day. Said they asked if he celebrate he's doing anything to celebrate it. Any said yeah I did calm the other day he says a one out and got a strawberry Nestle's quick and a bag import price. He says that's that's a pretty southern thing to do right. Now first all you gotta replace that message in the sweet taste right right there but I want to ask you about portray as we gonna this is 6 o'clock hour. Like he's had his support for its value and we have to talk snacks I light for rise don't love home. But I don't sense at least around here a year from. Is sports rights really just big southern delicacy here is that over hyped I don't sense people are really dying and report crimes read her mind to say that. Judge and moderate cost yesterday clearly thought chick filet even greater southern. He went and got the chick filet it is there's no doubt I was just about war crimes are. I don't do much form any more debt. But in my travels I feel like discount of equal opportunity. Feel like I think is a bit ago whereas if not a give trickle out where's the likened the goals now in the midwest. I feel like more bronzes got a standard you don't hear more BO OK I don't think it's exclusive to the sun. OK I guess that's what I was Anasazi people to 6 o'clock hour in some guy said some guy said did you get hot pork products. That's more of the southern thing and they taste better I've never having hot or not even a top fortify snack from may be right if you get laid AP top a little talks only for pride. Is John Edwards who Super Bowl. You watch in the tournament which are Brian is Zorn like a war crimes. It's. Also. So I don't trust and I don't I don't see more tried to shield his way. Have a love of fossil went out she goes to this thing goes all the way up. You feel like here you're alone which she goes when policy does not from which he does is the cheetah singers. And a fearless solidarity ringers to stay. Our price doesn't feel like it's the thing maybe you want to watch could go we have so many snack options the period risky. A gold silver. First it still learn over time. He definitely learn a tennis change angles before is that he walks down the four prize with the Nazis Robert quick presumptuous to escalate doesn't yeah he could go back. You know shape could have milk or eggs now. I thought he does he separate I but he had a strawberry NASA quick and it separately pork brought he had them together. Yeah yeah and close Al how about on saddle about now just remember when cam got his extensive. Don't what do we do we like I leadership. Booth. To treat yourself. It was. And that's next okay Flacco well Flacco got his big deal with the New Zealand's dollar Assad but that's life so yeah. These dudes are just regular dudes. On the what do you think about separately what does your gut feeling about him like. That press conference and again Italy takes so much like there are coaches that have won the press conference may not want a damn thing after worried but man a lot of the stuff was impressive his focus on charity community. He is stalked a tape admitting I'm. Noting right now I'm going to change anything right now on Rhode Island alone thing would you think of. I thought it landed well what will kick off to show we're dead as well just in general. And I don't play about play there was some things that she's say it went out saying please don't. And what people say jaws I was and what they didn't say and I've thrown just a couple of things interest in there won't give her any. Nagin stance taken by guided to a more stacked take it like what's the cigarettes and Alyeska Collison could tell by the way this dude says Max speed shop makes their own war crimes young model you set Yamaha Yamaha. I never had a like at a restaurant you almost strong. Years is some poor and basically aren't they like greasy hair because you take a body and it's going to dissolves and all you're left with his agreed to take on. And therefore I don't mind greasy hair but it's there's not much higher. Always thought it was like the skim. But they do some sort of scanned over the tree again and that's where you gear. It could be man. I let's wrap this so we shot back up north police got to show here for for our first couple hours or so then nine teams approach to the last couple hours to stay tuned everybody. Baseless and Mac attack will be with you again tomorrow more as a football sure tomorrow the Mac attack.