Mac Attack Hour 4: What fans will be focused on tonight

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Friday, August 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chuck Howard discusses what part of this Panthers team fans are most focused on in tonight's game against Miami. 

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How we do it but we're gonna try to do it. And this is our Friday staple disarm plays every Friday at some point during the show gets people. Going for the week. Good deal. Montell Jordan. I know the song OK I can tell you who's saying it but I've this is how we do yes this is how we do. Jeff our back we get our number four. As we head into the weekend looking forward to it a nice. You know the thing about June and July that makes Friday's tough is. If he didn't have an event to go to our party your wedding or whatever it's like all crap there's nothing to watch. This is a little different this weekend. As I mentioned earlier you got Panthers tonight pre season games tonight high school games tonight you've got racing this weekend did it Bristol you've got to PGA upping Greensboro so a good sports weekend ahead. Glad you're way this well. So long war and war and war I whoa whoa wow. What we're about due to not. At play Toronto denied the Canadian exhibition series in Toronto blue. Toronto college starting university the university Toronto whatever they're called a play Toronto and ask your question yes. And it. How many. Number teams doable it is giving Kentucky you're gonna notice it more 'cause they're gonna broadcast against. Even my dear I don't get to seeded duke players burial walk any opportunity again to seeded duke players a little to take advantage I don't care if it's February. Or June or August I need to see these guys before I know what the girl. Why are they play an exhibition games. Because they can isn't this season long enough as it is we are always we're always hearing it. But the Tina galleries say this escalates or overworked or netbook problem. A little block. Well I mean it's all I guess I'm sure there and I went to schools are forgive I don't know. Probably were probably out early next week your dad that's not what what why are you white collar oil sank with the plates and are you can watch like M Williams I know honestly I'm not casting aspersions. At duke. I just. I even posed a question to frank the other day in regard to college football is spring practice necessary. Mean just in general yeah in general I mean world word again did the big I don't know if this were a lot of thanks oh come. I don't just. I don't care one way or the other but I don't want people. I don't want DT you know players are overused crowd clambering. You know what it a defending. Spring practice and then at the other hey and the other and say well they shouldn't play sixteen games with a client. On some Arquette was our guy that I take I took it. I took the gold hill exit their deny our I didn't know you got a horse during the break in now you're running high horse and was aware of all you know and always been on one aren't that high but I found a more stimulus that only had to IE forgotten Little League World Series is this weekend all right so you want it okay. Give me off another change at place. You talk about over exposure thank you very much. I aged him never. I think it's great for the kids to go play in all that but. You know. These kids sometime I believe are overexposed. Especially the ones that make it to the championship game I just. You know I think it Aaron I I can't watch it. When I was a kid they would just show the Williamsport games. In the last decade or so now you get the regional games as wells and values. You get the lead up to whoever advances to me it says he gets a great deal regional yeah anticipated that it I'm not be in an old curmudgeon about a 34 local budget Dodd said this all I I notice that there's been a lot more backlash to it as it goes all I'd just. Not not my thing I have no interest in what's a Tug Brett must girls the call was he less those gays ears back needed know the odds of the games it really ruin the sport as a whole. Yeah I didn't now you've got. Little League softball. Yet World Series as well which you know it's gonna put the boys on yeah I get it for the girls I just some folks like it I just it's not Mike up the T. What does Matt wanted to discuss I haven't who's mad. You wanna talk was first sent his experience I thought it was still good to you know takes a cause like that it in the we have a winner. Jenner but it's generally there's like a comment there are so I can go to the phone scenario is not an automatic it's I was hitting the tickets are all right hey man good morning what's up brother. K I did wrong. Date do you. Have ormat rear bill. But it didn't. Yeah you always did you call it don't you are. Well yeah but nobody will watch it. That's. It is to get Iraq. And I are all that or not. And I outlook in the area are very act in their back are out. But we and it made. It. After it. It was pretty. People are. The odd guy out but it could be a bit here what are. Our RIP. I area are out. Yes thanks man appreciate it ADI think that's one of the things everybody wants to see especially defensively is you know lets us see if weakened. Get a four out with a Ryan tanning Helen that Dalton's first team a defense. Any deal that Teddy no exploits a secondary that's a problem and aren't. That's that's civilians what they donate and Peter in Gaza. Are wasn't a problem itself but it they have that they have secondary issues in games against Peter maintaining health. That's that's that's cause for concern definitely. That's the thing to monitor tonight as measured at you doesn't look at the deal's off again I got to ask its arts. What do you think about the folks that say. All it's just three c.'s. Now we shouldn't be concerned. I still think you can get a gauge on things in the three c.'s. I mean I know there's music all day they wouldn't Vanilla here. Pete to a certain degree but you still can get a gauge. We get a gauge on depth especially it's just a recorder games. And these are getting beat down in the third quarter each pre season game there's not a sign for read how deep your roster it's may not matter in terms of the game itself put. Going into the season you need depth on that team if your if your second at the guys are getting beat pretty bad that's not a good sign the other thing is I think we judge certain guys differently. I don't really forgot about came in the pre season. Can't doesn't have great pre season games a lot of times. Deseret immunity for the regular season itself. I don't really get all worked up about camp but the defense has probable signs that might be a problem right there are certain things you worry about somethings you don't it's all. It's all subjective and it's all different depending on the player or the position now. And you know I'm not saying in and night dented text or may be moot. Misunderstanding says NFL pre season means zero now another text or tuna was five in seven DA in practice games I guess I'm not saying by the final score. Is what I'm worried about I'm looking at x.s and knows inefficiency. And you know especially with the first insect units said that that's our sand so I still wanted to find out what do you folks think. At home 7045709610. Neither a text us. Or give us a call let us know what you're looking for tonight in tonight's pre season game bona what do you think. Bob. What's good it won't be a disappointment for this banter steaming you can chime in too as well Zach I can't think. As I sit here today. If this painter's team. Doesn't win eight for a playoff game I think this season then you say. Kinda disappointing. Yup you know. I you know some folks are gonna say you know. Off they just make the playoffs it'll be signed I think they got to make the playoffs and win a playoff game and it shocked how come away saying all right that was a good cease. Yes they as they went their eleven or games again this year or even more than that and they don't get battles the first playoff game that's a massive disappointment I have them in the simple. Crying out loud so I think anything short they got the city championship game. Instead they had to go to Minnesota. Or silly or New Orleans top places to play. And they lost a championship game on the road I can't sit here and say that's going to be the worsening on earth but if they don't win a playoff game and at least get to. Or to get to a championship game this year with the with the Matta town on this roster and what their ability or they Dhabi disappointment because. There's there's there's yuppies on the team. But part of the leadership course getting older Thomas Davis how many more these yet lefty wants one more Woolsey it's it's a right to we'll. Olson's not dating younger still fine but he's not getting any younger can I am not dating younger not old but the core leadership of the team he became quite. Is greatest nucleus with what he's venter before. We can't say hey five years from now Keith we still may be going at the way it was going yet because we don't know based office health in the past the you've got to capitalize now. While that windows open because in the NFL while that windows open it shot Gary fast. Yeah but your saying Super Bowl team a five understanding you correctly because. There window is now. Gather window is now but that doesn't necessarily mean this is a Super Bowl team. Just because they've got that two to three year window would these core players. But while when I say it was a be disappointed they didn't always get to a championship game this year and ran. They don't they don't get further than it did a year ago but all the changes that they've made it they lose in the first playoff game again or god forbid don't make the playoffs. That's a massive disappointment I think if KM SSQ core KM Luke. Greg Olsen and KK doesn't get back to another Super Bowl or. I guess even win one that'll be disciplined but I'm not saying I say within the next three years that needs to happen I don't think there's Super Bowl team today I think I'd I think they can bait but yet SE they can't be ye know I don't think they will be the NFC's tossed. Are you trying to you know I'll Wear my shower revelation from back I've heard jeered. She's so be stories and I think that's exactly what what does the winner here at all we're gonna do it next segment we're gonna get Zacks thoughts and go to break. How are you said an excited about that. It may turn I don't know if you've heard but I'm kind of like not very excited for this fantasies and I think that they will win nine games. I don't think that that will make the class in the NFC but I think if they make the playoffs and won a playoff game that is. A phenomenal season I would say winning a playoff game would be amazing for this transition team looking at the offensive line and looking at other stuff that they've lost. Looking at injuries. Com I do not cease to rule on all the bone does but I wouldn't ought to say when did that surprise I think you have to have cam Tony fifteen. You have to Luke defensive player of the years and soccer is about to happen as other crazy because it's happened before. But I just think with all the injuries and stuff there's a nine win team. Nine wins out that would be a mess of the support. I have a nice I need to I think we discussed it I don't know if I forget which shows I do some days it SF which you know eyes I said this is a nine to twelve win football team. Hovering I think kind around there and that ten win. We don't know if that wins the division we don't know if that makes the playoffs. That's what makes being a sports fans so much fine and especially team makes being a sports broadcasters so much fun to beat guys. We are just like you folks listening. Don't know. But double talk more about it plus when we come back we'll give away the two tickets to tonight's game you're listening to the Mac attack I'm shocked coward you're not but this is WF frenzy. Thousand dollars. All right here's the word. And it's an very fitting. For this morning crew the word is lack. LA ECK. Used in a sentence. Zach in team don't have a lack of talent to work would meet with black. Alex CTK can't disagree chart tech and what you'll what he wants argue that I'm just kidding again the word is lack texted to 72881. To get into win 1000 dollars you have until the top of the hour detects stand. This is a national contest. Message in data rates apply full contest rules are available and WFANC. Dot com. So we we've been anticipating holiday announcing the the winner of this thing. And don't look this is hard paying decide if there were comparing great defense stories are so it's not like wants to that is dubbed the story here I come out on Twitter. I'm meg and hops. As one BP had to take is for her deck. Because her brother died when he was five years old she still those boy aid. With her dad as the sports fan. And it got they've been against before or give more more experience. Bob going to the dentist office into. Any stories like that there Telecom I think mega Hobbs is art is the winner. Gather there were some mug great stories emailed and texted in as well as on Twitter but it's. It was tough it was delta dad doing who was. It was gives moving story by Megan and it was it's more entailed and went to T bone was saying but did. He was given us the cliff notes version of it. So just thought I'd pass and so enjoy the game enjoy the game it's her dad and I know that your brother. As I as a panda fan always looking down on your summer that we European. All right it's a building set our tax line in regards to what's gonna be a disappointing season for you. Are casting complainer says at least NFC championship game or Super Bowl. If not it will be a disappointing. Season. No other text third we have talked about offense and defense. What is the special teams stack up. Young guys like Marcus pains can be a difference maker that's from clay ever that we haven't talked a lot about special teams bone but I would that from the practices I've seen a Chase Blackburn is now special teams coordinator yes and high intensity guy you know he was sealed. Played our special teams played linebacker. You know in the NFL mostly for the giants have a couple years with the Panthers in what I've seen is he's really truly read that's those special teams up and you know it it appears that this team. Has pretty good depth across the board and when you have good depth. You're special teams generally. Should be pretty good. Now we've got Paul RD cloning which she you know he was right on the verge of being a pro bowler last year Graham did know was a pro bowler so I think from a special teams standpoint you know this unit it stacks up very well with folks so. Sorry Al it was a big storyline slasher because about during the no. So that was on the main store wise or watch it does get no matter how does biker gear. Well but are now gone obviously you know as a contract so either to get even if they don't miss is a cake tonight. It's nowhere near what that. At the street gallery had a year ago one event. Why should you know I thought it was funny I was looking at something on ESP and where day. Barbara Weller somebody who made the best team money could buy or whatever. Without getting under the salary cap and he had but Kirk. As is number one kicker now that's because he's only making 585000. Dollars but. Do you come from the school that. You know when Graham to know retires in two years and but Kerr. It is you know heading to present perennial all pro that we're still gonna be hearing why did they not keep Harrison bunker why SNL while I. Steer whatever her. Could never you'll hunt succeeds game no matter who did out Iran's I'd do it whether or as Jim Nantz sir Sean McDonough are whatever. Whoever was announced in the game last year they had to point gadget that digital opportunities games. Harrison but care. Good. And Ted there's a let him get it sucks that they must admit it's a bad day I do a thousand times last year it was also funny at one point he had no doubt a lot of friends. Paris and but there was let go about it after that the F. Hello friends reminder. Absolutely so a Bono what she got planned for this weekend off she's. I mean I've got so much stuff I can't even I mean I've just got I mean just an out of stuff I have known artist. It's just our mean I came to keep track what's going on my wife got me so I got a good eye Kia again. That means nothing yet summer slam wrestling is on Sunday. Summer slam was like Wesley paper view. On Sunday night 6 o'clock with a watch where then Greensboro the other night deputy apple wrong yet they were in Greensboro and during Greensboro and greens are obviously drawn snagged a dog got out. Check out sort of like chaos. This new 2018 Tebow disorder like a gunslinger in army needs clients ever happens it just happens that the well that we'll let's do that but it where you watch any game and I'm gonna adapt some to go and all of my out what my mom in town to lobby watching the game I'll be watching the game by Chad tell boat and where are always a work as monolith. Winston-Salem. And where I went to high school out of your awareness about either. I went to high school Chris Paul. So we've discussed can. In the refresh my memory and in now recipes. Eighteen of refreshing my memory good lord engines Elaine not got all got. Hey you know what I I was talking to you last night with Karen which we also Austin go down memory lane in regard to my old buddy. Remember what was one year saver nicknames for me back when we are doing the Shia. Premier. It revealed tennis South Carolina related. I don't know what I don't I don't like call people by the nickname bluster. Are you you called me cock of the walk excuse me. I'm optimistic vision or give a rooster tattoo. On your test. Yes but for those of you out there and didn't don't realize the cock of the walk is an old time he term for somebody who's. Leading the pack were very confident or whatever news said you are the cock of the walk wolf I bring that up Jim selenium because. The South Carolina game cock players are now wearing T shirts it's say cock of the walk. No I mean it's amazing how you can we can use that word it without getting in trouble. You know. What you can use it in certain ways. Well you get out and I know I know I know anyway that's exactly what I called you about. But report only do not do not go -- couple going to work through here you know. Nicky Super Bowl chuck bills and campus. You are you 100%. The Panthers. Polls seem shy of the team Betty you know you put it that way you've got to what was it around however your you know that adds. I've never ever considered that have to be. Eight let. Things happen you know. It does that would I I hope I get the chance to experience that. You know boy I would. You know I would be so thrilled for Western New York in long suffering bills fans but at the same time. I would be thrilled trial Brothers and sisters here and you know what's ironic about buffalo and Charlotte is there both the queen city. I'd love to watch him. In your reactions during the game to I don't think he would be unhappy either way. Oh gosh absolutely I think it would be. It would be wonderful but I ate I just hope I'm alive to perhaps experience it. Well I think a call about what. And it you know you talked about this do another do another show where you can say any frequently. This view that I use and I. We need to come up so nobody one of those a week like on Friday at YouTube. And we can say anything we want to not I don't know probably need to audit. But now with you so judicial organs in the designated. That could be you know. But it would it would be would have always dreamed up. Doing a sports show we would recap all the week's sports and your upcoming game with the Panthers and we can just let it slide. Jim on what are your source. What are your shore star guest spots on the station with packer told the story before but I believe you told someone to quote. Shut the F up on the air at the net and that happened. Oh yeah yeah that happened that that's on third straight reporting recorder so we were. Yeah it is tradition just came out I mean I've actually I mean I knew when I spoke to say that order on the air restlessness and agility got to show reduced. Jimmy you what I would be the two guys to do it and you know I've got nothing scheduled. Yet for next week from Tony they hit man so my time here maybe done I don't know so we may have to you and I may have to regroup next week. Well I via boot and it would just I don't know who would pick up sponsors or not that's not why people into it would be. If you have our order our show you meet sit around talking sports about what we're down. What's happening now and what's coming up and we'd do not have to bite our tone. Now that's been very difficult guys to realize brought your stories we'll see you guys talked this is not a try to talk on that so he hit it I'll call you the fact that he had asked after the show case that they could have gone and yet we're all here was saying today is still be here for me mow mile or so it should Jimmie gets you watch him once filtered into Geneva your life just. I think. It would be interesting there's no doubt I trust me Wednesday he waved doll many years on this stage and filtered that may have said every wanted to say trust me read a dump Biden for him are a good deal when we come back could touch and a few more topics that we haven't gotten too rich to get you all cut caught up and then will give it to the dog house where Josh ourselves. Is gonna be joined by Damian Lewis from what we understand do pitcher panther pre season home opener Austin Roland it's a Mac attack I'm chuck Howard we'll be right back. I don't wanna come back and say Hulk Hulk or getting closer to kick off for the eve. Second pre season game of the day but. We are getting closer to kick off it goes so does know we can't dance around it pretend like we're not excited right bone. No rob pretty fired up I think your dad is a tender game in this city added this orgy. Little more what do more juice the lowered Jew blood just that second Aaron let's sue us Officer Jim how are you my friend. Or did you hear GM sorry not our net champ many years ago. We have talked to make comment would vote for slams what Dwight Clark. Net created a bond between us and really do a bit eerie well back to mimic what was talked about are marked back Kirk. But soccer wave back with a show like back when mark what's was torn Cheryl and they're not tell you what I don't I start on Morton was well well into the appropriate that it really good just took. Could steer you don't care to chuck thank you Bonnie. I know you are who are like European and then and then the way you straight thanks and I want a side yes not unrealistic what the captors beat didn't ripple. Well all corporate. All right we'll I would present your case sir. Well you know are all this strange since it's conception. And and our outlook get what we have a exports while receivers. The ability to stretch to seal the quickness the speed to. Which we haven't really had a we throughout. But out of many that we have nine how we can put up. A combination on the steel. The debate that's that's what really don't apps that take a look at between or anybody QWERTY. So you've been neat actually young and has the ability to run so. I don't really think this top tips is geared up to score a lot of points and outright that they say it is we're only here to stop. Other two ancient sport that aptly what. The additional total really excites me this young man is phenomenal. Despite two each group I think it took love. Still. What to relate. An Officer Jim first of all thanks for the kind words about the show I think you know what's gonna happen next strike. Here comes your status that guys I appreciate it normally meet it let's bring Bubba and got great a what a lifesaver drops I don't remember what the context was a sub about what magaw the TV. Also Jim dropped in Puerto street let's bring Bubba outlawed the puck but it's. How much. Are ideally appreciate you chicken in there and I like I said I. I'm not saying that there's not a chance I dis at this moment in time. I would hate to see more before I proclaim super bull. So pretty much Wear and see more than one pre season game we need to eat he can not be at a shower to have a revelation now they are your thoughts. It's texture on chuck you and Jim definitely need to do a show on YouTube I'd watch every week another section Jim and chuck podcast. Another text of this is a great call. Yeah I think it would be like the older Howard and Cellini show. That's I don't know why it's not in the radio hall thing I. You know that op well we'll all know auto is that radio here you can cuss in the podcast. A SEC doesn't monetary EB Hewitt's radio would be. SEC free on the podcast well FCC didn't monitor when I was at WC and see you there because it was too early data theft that I was early in the morning and anyway I don't want to digress dollars dot I understand. That we have got a report from Mexico duly elected dateline thing did you did did did did all you could have asked before he said it on the air well if you hadn't been more creative that would have made this bit let's call on call us accurate color up and able to pretend like. I didn't ask for you dial on our site I do about breaking news Saturday August we're ready to a breaking news media. What do you hear. What's what's the breaking news happiness is crappy news this is not just by and this is prepping news that is gonna tax Tex for Mac a little bit ago that says bomb. No craps do you know about any links I could use to watch this at the game tonight. I don't amend this amazing resort and for some reason watching the predators game is my top priority. So yes I help them out that we are winners that it'll it's. This was a big family vacation. Where he was just what his wife and getting away from it all the big idea I'm I'm a little bit since this is kinda something he probably didn't want and go to even though it's in Mexico he didn't. So I don't have a problem with this at all I'd actually a few years here's the issue. He arrived I don't know when you're hallows the flight to Mexico. To Kinko's coupled two and a half hours okay now that he arrived the last night like Tibet. He wakes up the first thought is oh my god how they get a wash appeared the game is not an hour before the game is not throughout the day it's a source thought. It's just sort of taken Bemis indicate right now and as first thought debate. I know my kid did they get to customs that's what I really need pre season we number tale it's gonna kill this might kill him. Crazy I have been on vacation before and wanted you'll tubes to watch opinion there's game and so I don't I don't blame clay it's one thing it's a regular season. It's we number two the pre season he can watch the game on Sunday. And be back on Monday to talk about it doesn't have to watch life. Doesn't need to watch alliance. Well you maybe he wants it because he's gonna get back late Sunday probably. And he wants to come in and make sure he can talk intelligently about the game to watch it four times before it gets in here Monday. Really teed it does he wants Alaska Air he does have probably didn't watch one game nine times yeah I don't know how we saw as a family. Yeah so it actually odd unnamed texture on the buildings that are Tex signed chuck I can't believe Vinny Testaverde hooked up with your wife man that's crazy to me tip. He didn't hook up whether I don't. Think he didn't let me play for somebody eighteen Zoellick of the box the ravens the jets the pay at her cowboys cowboys team Karen Hughes a team cared wants a I mean it was untamed and I did in I got an odd to suddenly get that lack should they need she was. She was on the roster Abby was on a guy. I'm telling the chair and he said that a mini series but it it was early but aren't you scared I was on T bid Allah guys seized stop and I'd never seen many of these. He's tall he's color blind maybe he thought he was somewhat different. And then the next thing you know. It scare and then well the problem I have sometimes. Is I'd bare my soul when I do these radio shows some people like get some people don't. And I'm just glad my wife doesn't listen. Dexter wants to pre season game from last year. From. Then I can republic jock it's the pre season what more do you expect to see you any good to see much Panthers are gonna show their hands Cleveland went four and oh yeah I get it. I understand I don't care what the final score is I do want to see more efficiency it. I don't think that's wrong of me. That's not our oil and what are you what what are you wanna see daddy to should say of course you are to some positive there but does it. Does that translate to the regular season I think anytime your work and it into authentic new weapons is more important and I. There are certain teams that are of rolling out. Pretty much the same off at the same weapons as a year before I mean as much bode avenue off its core Nader. You're getting McCaffery I committed to being the lead guy it appears he got DJ Moore as a thing we need to talk about tonight is the DJ Moore. Another big game. LB two in a row in it's courtesy and you'll contribute also again at more its annual. It should be audited weak number one. You have some geological or do you wanna see at Torrey Smith catch. How would mind. A good deal and Tavis is progression as well of the launch. Which is how many passes and giving go around the I was on the up to the end they revert I was Ian tell us if a courtesy that Vander Lander kids like the benefit of the but a couple other side is Tebow here I can't wait to seek kind of set up an endeavor but it was secret gossip and discipline just. I can't get the buck to be separate. About Tim Tebow here man. Does it is a name other text or what to do. The pleasure of frustration I. I would to Disney World last year during football season I was trying to watch Atlanta's game while walking around I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes and go to Disney has its extreme. That seems extreme do you wanna go to Disney World dead or twenty times my sister was in Orlando so I bet their put as an adult. Yes I've been too busy as an adult yes I went to Bob the one in California what Disney land her hug. It's the only to Disneyland. When I was 25 or 26 only tell you what it was the the most magical place on earth. GAAP audit audited a wanted to jump up that got that Scotty is that California. Now the Funcinpec if I knew I missed it I was like where is that cost Z actually it was even Disney was universal. Yeah must remain a sense it's it was as another good it was a bad stories are right through thankfully. One more segment ago when we come back cussing me out we're gonna open up to the dog house and speak in a throwing up that's what's gonna happen to me at 95658. It's the Mac attack one more segment to go stick around. Back to the Mac attack. Glad your wit us. One more segment ago will be joined by Josh Marcelo and Damione Lewis shortly. Up that the doghouse soon. T bone death what's. A brother some dog. So then our back on the heroine yeah. I think we've hit our rock the I think we've read I think we ran out of steam here on the show that we've got to get the handoff going I don't know those guys are ready yet or not they can hear me. All of us I got to do their jobs is that you hello Josh can barely got to pay and I don't fellows it always works out. It's amazing you can connect from long distance it's what he eighteen it's a crazy world of high school for longest tiles sounded better from LA then Josh does right now. Just that's just a game nonetheless it's been hit with a dog just saying technology. Is a crazy thing coming in. Loud and clear my friend what's atmosphere up there as we gear up for three seizing game number two. I tell you what it is lit right here in the dog house I got hit man across learn a bear assert we're gonna have to take settle a bit later. A mom a lot of empty tables right now but they're gonna fill up there a few hours. I think that you know the by the time the show ends I might have one or two friends become one tick up to show. Now I know you've been in or around the station for the last year or so had you experienced the doghouse and game day. Not an Panthers game day I was here last year for the ACC championship whereas Miami Clemson and that was a great atmosphere but I think it's obviously a really different for the Panthers tonight first home game yet fan fest a couple weeks ago but first chance to see the team in action against the dolphins tonight I think fans are gonna be out and about and looking forward to it. Whom I anticipate you're gonna be previewing tonight's game. But the outlook might get around to it out how old wolf most figured out maybe a couple hours and touch on the game how we're gonna spend plenty of time talking about the game also it's angles get into the offensive line questions tonight on what we're gonna see from Dante Jackson. Early in the show we'll talk about expectations for Tim tonight how long do we expect to see him on the field. What you wanna see out of him in game two and and get an appoint more throughout the show Damian Lewis to be joining me as well from ten to twelve dribble I'll be around here eleven so we're gonna have a good show wool lighting needs it here on why did Damien. Coming here and I join you up very busy afraid you. How well he knows that if he comes in here the Hokies Matt talks gets back that's low in early and often is so under the deal Lou now what do you got to sever their get a legitimate car get a maneuver and I didn't hear it's only three minute drive a good did it. DNA you know somebody it. He's Canadian accent and progressives of who is going to get. Halo tell you. We're just say why did you not want to go join Josh at the doghouse did you hear about his reputation already. Are there any of the guys at fifth. He knows his stuff is he so mad though he moved in no doubt about it but to deal always hear what is now Josh and what we are talking about earlier today what do you as a fan. What do you wanna see tonight Josh what are you looking for tonight what are you won a seat but we realize it's only pre season game numbered Joseph but you know I look at Tom Brady's thrown 26 passes last night I'm not saying I wanna see cam didn't do that but I do wanna see more from that Austin. Well they came to you typically see a few more series and you're doing game one from the starters so I think they critical thing tonight is keeping Cam Newton cleaned. You don't wanna see him on his back too many times if at all. Beat not just only injury concerns the USA the offensive line improved in week two so many injuries along that line. They're going to be starting Khalili center or he's gonna see. At least a few series and then on the defensive side Javon Seymour is got to rebound I mean he was that the clear scapegoating we quine. Getting torched by Kelvin Benjamin haven't come back due in the fourth quarter how does he respond this week yet is the birth of his child over the weekend is. Where is he mentally after everything he went through in the last week so. Dad is Seymour can bounce back you're gonna feel a lot better about the secondary moving forward I think the eyes are on him tonight. Do you Lois what's up man your Mike's not here was going over to tell you are doing. WOK let me ask you now you know Louis media guys and now you're a member of a soundtrack and we know we're all fans. We should Wear cramped up and amp up for pre season game number two when you're a player. Did you still I mean what was the mindset obviously. You just agreed it. It and always it's a game. But you've got to keep you can't get too am right does that make sense urging India have to go win but the same my. This is this is the hard part about it because it's not a real game you want your season bit. There's not a real game and you understand that but you have to go through your process go to you know your mind should get ready to play you know you and your practice in a somewhat game for you. So are you know he's just trying to get out become a frown and come up front flow. Then are you going to do praising you know you wanna get out you get to a fast or do what you gotta do it get out of a game you know but you've got to prepare. What is short term that you have to prepare for these games causes the light you have weeklong game plan for pre season game is do you rate lawyer. Does your mind play tricks on you because it's basically. You've got to go a 100% are you might get your Fanny spanked in the one or two or three series here and there but mentally you know that. You don't necessarily wanna go on a percent does that make sense. It doesn't exist and us what you got to try to get you know is is game time is the TV's on you know all da Don Imus does on your your editor in Europe and you don't terminal. You know just going remark rehearsal for your job so you wanna go out there put your best foot forward you wanna be focused you'll be selfish and put all new. Your mother put your best foot forward and invest all report. About pre season games is just give your mind and a place where you can go out and play all core two series you don't tool quotas whatever it may be. As this and as fast as you can't to put your best foot four cause it's easy to do one is regular season. Did you say mock hustle. Are you say did you said mama gains on my game and I said my costs eyewitness then the last four hours or on a console is a good thing chives but at the Mumbai and I'll basically has not cost. Yeah that's enough. We gotta get go and still get that for real perspectives from somebody who actually knows what he's talking about Damione Lewis as well as just verso Josh what does she got coming up but. Upload any chance you'll react to all the NFL action from last night as I predicted on the show earlier this week seemed Arnold is not the second coming yeah on power not to say becoming oh no did you did you not watch him last night is my favorite team of course I saw a Gosling and Sammy last nominated wrestling in this weather lets us. Pump the brakes on gun given sand on the MVP just yet all right it's going to be an up and down season for him. So we'll pull reacted out react to Tom Brady how he looked as well all across the NFL Redskins. And good performance last night from some guys the losing seven running backs so what did all that unlike a Cedric Bryant who Dray Bly had eleven. And we'll also be joined by Joseph shad he'll give us eons announces the dolphins what to expect tonight at 115 for the Palm Beach post so I got a good show coming up guys will try to pick up where you got left off. We'll go to Bob I wouldn't do that and a half a somehow avoid however says somehow Mick Wilson got a day off already but tell us if he got to get a good contract all right Josh ourselves Damione Lewis mid day is coming your way from the dock out soon coming up at 10 o'clock they can Tebow on the exact I'm chuck Howard and everybody have a great weekend Linda don't have they're stuck.