Mac Attack Hour 4: Mike Florio on Terrell Owens Situation

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Wednesday, June 13th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the Terrell Owens situation with Pro Football Talks Mike Florio. 

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Our our kids it is not a Mac attack here how or flora the Mac attack not a clockers welcome to the party good to have you here with us hanging out we got Mike Florio. At the bottom of the hour also has some. Great Jack in the Box launch they hooked us up big time man this is the way to do with their breakfast platter. Got a little. You know omelet situation Dor feels like. Mohamed Jesus which is scrambled eggs Tom Foreman are ready to scrambled eggs and energies. And that's what it is frankly actually but it's good stuff you got daycare and you've got sausage hash browns they do it up on that platter breakfast platter. At Jack in the Box got that going on we talked about cancers. Many candidates do when we get into this discussion everybody is trying to crowned I shouldn't say everybody. People are trying to toss the lawyers and the greatest dynasty of sports discussion I feel like hey Dave got a legitimate chance to get to that point. But it's where Russian news if we wanna throw them in that discussion right now seem bone and I will lead the all new real. Best at least the best sports dynasty kind of a moral lifestyle I'm taking it since I've been a sports fan and you know we didn't do that here in a couple of minutes as well Florio bottom of the hour. We got to Kansas questioner to reform won't go around the NFL with Mike Florio bottom of the hour wolf updates Mac attack called fame voting now this is an official we take yours we take your suggestions. And then we will make a decision at some point on who goes into the hall of fame or more from Estonia is winning by fifteen percentage points. This can't continue Kenneth it can't continue to check out my Twitter app Mac WF Lindsay I just reached we did it. Allies. Sixteen percentage points now. So now he's up to 16%. So his appearance on the show did not hurt him being a controversial appearance. Promoting his candidacy but he didn't hurt and Tebow and did you just keeps on target he literally had nothing to say. Or why he should go into the hall of fame the man has no platform but people are still vote for how long does this vote go on for those can be just for our vote and is it hasn't extent I'm not making this official sacked just this is just a recommendation from the peak saga from our constituents. We still it was still around kind of a dictatorship for -- gonna call this a thing on our own we got a they're both Mac beat Charlotte Comfort Systems amateur right now 71 degrees. Ten years old parts and labor covered available for free. What Charlie commerce system tied let's get into this here we have another hole payroll wants to state their case on the phone lines here this half hour so we're going to we're going to get let them there they don't do a better job market for the don't allow Mac but I your guy that's your all I know heroes for voting him aren't let's jump into this right here. And I wanna hear people's feedback on this one because you maybe think of something or not there's a lot of candidates my whole point of doing this discussion first of all mount. Is to see how many dynasties we come up with in our lifetimes that are better than the warriors and he certainly if you go back to the old school yankees' way back in today. Com if you go back to the Boston Celtics in the sixties you go back to John wardens. UCLA TI mean you have Diana sees that would just laugh at what the lawyers have done it would you on what the lawyers have done. I want a limited to like each each digital visual listen earth once you think of dissing your lifetime as a sports fan. What dynasty you is the most impressive when you look at the circumstances. And the raw numbers of their dominance. In any sports. What dynasty do you feel like is more impressive than the lawyers and the most impressive one you see I can't imagine people are going to say the warriors. Three out of four is not that that level just yet what. What are you bone in your lifetime is a sports fan the greatest dynasty you've seen. Ninety's yankees. They want at all in 961 in 9890 guided 2008 and 98992000. Those championships here in the World Series or even cost the idea it's one of the greatest seem to sports history and after that. 2001. How close let it be to die and that's another championship 2003. They beat the Red Sox and air brutal broad almost beat the Marlins in the World Series. 2000 Slorc. Whether Red Sox 30 and of course they blow it the other had four or five years. How close were they real weight to having seven championships that time I now and I hated man I was miserable not county does he can't obviously about Dana what four to five. That dynasty almost went further because they had a bad three at the end I'm so jealous fungus that's how one of his own teams I never in my lifetime averted Fords seemed to have a dynasty. But it's got this opportunity and talent a result we ended dominates a championship. And championship. Performances 989090000. The Padres the Braves in the match those closer agreement clause 96 was no one else for detailed outline what the other two the other story. There was it what needed doubt really. There's one thing I would say though bone. It's ridiculous what they go to seven World Series in nine years yet they want a Hollywood for a five counting the post season and I 88 of 125 games here. That's crazy idea here's the only thing I would say is they had because there was no salary cap. They had an ability a lot of those players are homegrown. But Dan and ability to keep spending money to re sign those guys to add. Like they had it built in advantage being New York City MB in the Yankees when they could spend more money than others Allison the ninety's teams that won the championship to a more homegrown when I don't the three that went all of what you had to give them contracts and three guys separated then lost the three imaginary of the 2001 World Series 20032004. ALCS. That was more. When they went out spent a lot more than what I wanna championships. As now a lot of bells homegrown towel at some point to had to give those guys new contract so they can afford to get mall new contract you audacity started speaking of rain on a diet it's only wanted it to me that's that's why would you still lived it you still live the baby I can't take it from you know I appreciate you while I'm just. Holding onto a month of my death crowd just jealous I don't have a dynasty to reform act in a hornet's mediocrity dynasty does that tell you had to show dynasty or. Guys seem to Linda had to do that hello Michelle made it really wasn't the only Heather Locklear not every but anyway. OK so I I just want people to stop for the dynasty if they believe like she is she your present this to you guys are sports fans try to think this through. Like I think yankees once a strong case I gave him the only reason I would try to poke holes and it. You know what I knew what do this originally I was originally gonna say bulls because it was two separate three piece and every season Jordan was fully there and and and in that period they won. Go to staying compatriots and I can't stand them they really annoying main. But I'm gonna go with it because I think their dynasty Tebow and it stands. For like fifteen years. Like in a sport where you are not supposed to be able. To continue great success and dominate over a long period of time because the salary cap and because it's a league it's built to create parity. And they had just look parity in the giants did it to stay ahead. Like it's just crazy five Super Bowl wins in fifteen years eight Super Bowl appearances. In fifteen years seven straight AFC title games they won the division fourteen of fifteen times. They had an eighteen a one year where it's not one of their five Super Bowl years I mean it's just. The Brady and Belichick dynasty and it almost doesn't seem to matter the pieces they can interchange are out there those are the two Constance. And they do it for fifteen straight years in a league where bone you're not supposed to be able to have a dominant dominant run really of five years in a row. Now I'm missing is only a five and a fifteen. But they're less of that in a sport that is supposed to create turnover at the top. Is just unbelievable to me affected Brady is still doing it is unbelievable affected telecheck as much of a hard ass as he is it wears on players. But they still kept it together at least to this point another show some cracks. I just sink the most impressive dynasty I've seen is what the patriots have done and I hate because I can't stand those cats. I would say dead to the warriors might be the the source. Best current Dicey going today. We got the pitchers are you mentioned it. These candidates and UConn women and what they've done what is there I don't even know he got what does what other numbers I have to I doubt I'd sit so astronomical I've got animals are among what some is gonna come what do you come on number what about the call that eighteen or some for Uga and what about this one. Alabama Crimson Tide. Five national asset Alabama five titles this 2009. And they have how many sit in Alaska and boy years Alberto football's got an extra couple what are you saying about the patriots. What why is the patriots not the answer to this question there was ice huge gap between their receivables and are they won in 2005. And it'd win again until. Most of the Russell Wilson won right. There was a long gap though lost a couple of their they went and it's a remarkable what they did to have. Have a ten year gap between Chile Egypt with the same coach and quarterbacks don't take that away from them but that is able all vegetables like to sever dynasties. It's almost like they had the one and early two thousands. Had a huge gap in the air and then added I don't know runway at the end of Brady's career I had to ice I think because he still won the division they still they went to two Super Bowls they still were one of the best teams of football every damn year they averaged thirteen wins a season in Nobel checks currently in the last fifteen years. I mean it's just great that you're not supposed to do that in this league for that long period of time are you most eventually come back down that aren't ready to bobcats died a sea of the mid 2000. The Walter Herrmann led dynasty. Other primo president's lead got to six all right here's a deal I wanna hear from our foot from sports fans on this. What is he answered this question and maybe maybe Allred for one of these teams you wanna tell us. Bulls have knee I mean the bulls have to have an argument made for them in your lifetime as a sports fan. Are we not given to loved it one that needs to be number one do you wanna argue the ones we did say. Which are to meet Petrie Steve on yankees in your life does sports fan what is the dynasty you look and say that's the most impressive because it's not. Cowboys your state the immediate needs though played. A couple of years forty true warriors. Into this discussion 704. 57096. Standard the only one jumping and Mac at W Athens he got down don't want to email us. As well and received emails and building suntech signed sabres goalie numbers very easy to do 7045709. Success or on your calls next what dying to stake is the greatest you've seen a while we'll talk about it and we get a hall of fame candidate. Once again on the Obama campaign stop to. I got a conversation don't want you guys to weigh in on the lawyers hi we don't come all we know they're not the greatest dynasty we have seen as sports thing that's. But what is the greatest dynasty you've seen in your lifetime. Like this guy's a total claims to be a panther fan. Greatest Odyssey to take it there's not having back to back winning seasons for twenty plus soccer is a feel bad for proportions. To do that I don't know what else for a five years also is a weird wants its well I gotta be honest. Let's see just South Carolina Gamecocks and I T dynasty subdued color I'm. And really kind of starchy and silly today that we do have an update by the way from Jordan rod read on a flight it just happened at minicamp was set. Norv Turner instructing Cam Newton during a receiver Charles. Ned cam one pearls a perfect deep ball. The DJ Moore oh yeah and then be that close green on the lord came in jail ward is a good edited triplets alone the diocese to break have a right here baby right here right now pick somebody. I all right. But I pucks on its students and text patriots the most impressive NFL is designed for turnover in short windows of opportunity. Baseball still favors big market teams he MBA you need a star. Yeah this guy now this guy can disagree skipping the patriots and and cannot be dealt second Brady's. It's a two man dynasty that's the only reason they're good everybody else arm does not matter but doesn't matter bill. Again doesn't you know you could sit about Jordan a different sort of bulls' dynasty. It doesn't matter how they're doing it it's just a fact it over fifteen years they won four division titles. But then eight free to Super Bowls and they won five album it is a ridiculously long run where they haven't had any kind of decline that's that's what's crazy so. It doesn't matter the other doing it now this guy's got a great point on Jimmie Johnson. I don't even think about NASCAR big NASCAR fan dating thing about Jimmie Johnson won five African titles and rose 48 team. Grand colleges and she idyllic but there alongside titles in a row and won six out of eight. There's never been anybody it's one more than three in a row that has to be mentioned in here at. Mean he's got women have won eleven national title since 1995. Says eleven inch one me 123 year Sony three years. They've got to be mentioned in it there's no doubt about our in the final soaring and I am an amateur can account the thought I versatility competition in women's basketball is not great usually. Like to dominate teams usually dominate is that what I usually don't dominate like that that's like straight one right there is it worse and AFC east. The pictures still of the beat other teams know in order to win for they've got the formula down to a science they beat up on their division they get a high. Heidi they get home field again they gathered at bats drew letting after one playoff game at home. And the way they outline the good 2008 tentative 70457096. Stand it can't be a lawyers give me a non lawyers team that is of greatest Chinese sport diocese fortune on scene going not appropriately. Discussing in this discussion and we got grainy pat by the way to make her campaign speech here a minute. Jeremiah affords for Grady pat takes the stage Jeremiah once again they're honest discussion Jeremiah was the greatest dynasty in your life. It. Just felt this word. I think well well well it's common championships it was in the world how many Indians are at work and I'm content and Larry Bird and all of their. And great lift. There. We had written. To me. Everything through us or some. Eighties so the gentleman dole ran our back Bill Russell Celtics in six weeks. Are you talking about the Celtics in the eighties Larry Bird you're talking about the Celtics in the sixties a Bill Russell ran our baton those guys. And it. It is 67 in eighty so if I could have been. Time does is shameless shameless Celtics and it was very shameless grab it had to go I'm pretty sure the dynasty did stop there there seems to be a break in the seventies. Between Larry Bird there what happened with bill rust off. Holiday is not a shameless Celtics fans do we get that our friend Sammy Jo Francis ass is LeBron is our own dynasty. But the amount of finals appearances and championships may send their ears their yes there's a little there's no doubt there's celebre certainly LeBron he's dynasty in effect there's a LeBron Dicey getting to the finals its frequent restart recitals in that time period stroke demand has been his own diocese don't matter where he's played that Sweden mentioned dispersed either. What is disburse official numbers like they scatter leaders around eight and won what five title since 1999 and 199. 02 post story in and they won the other two yet and wants and they won five titles in what like. About six years erasing years is only 1516 and Allen got the medal won lots its 2000 disorders or go over a period talk about your bills ASE dynasty in the ninety's what were you you're raising your Hillary Gaza. I was gonna say they used to turn over that text I don't even wanna bring you know abuse this guy says the bills despite all morning this time. Yeah I thought about it. The media group that are now. It is impressively this guy's saying the Braves duke says you gotta you know very some luck. These are dynasties throughout the championship Friday I mean these these are runs like there's no doubt you've got to get to bill's love for the I'm in a mass at Emory and got to give the bill's love for what they did San Francisco Giants I'd give the Braves love for what they did circle be in this discussion San Francisco Giants had three to shore appear to Tom as well not long ago iMac at WS Lindsay does dom greatest dynasty you've ever seen grainy Patterson a dynasty of great song calls to this radio show and that's why she is a hall of fame candidate granny pat what do. First of my outlook and they all right here he's not hold a candle. Did it won't happen right there now apple you know dealt with Larry Bird. Here's a look at eighties lakers and Celtics and then ninety's bulls. Now. The lakers people forget grainy lakers won 55. Forget Jim Richardson at nine years stands you know that's going to be thrown into this mix to imagine. I. I bet you. I had it lit it up yet. That being here Lucy and pop up the middle right lady that life ever worried all right well women's basketball in peril. That crap yeah. Well. I can't get bumped my heart rate breast perspective what hey yeah went up not hearing that the black. Anyone about your illusion I dynasty that's got to be an all time. About guitar. Bring it. I got whammy graduating. Our life our satellite Orioles stood there are hundreds its offer our lives alert. Did Marvin that her husband mark is manager of the front lines right now as a disease and decided to cut off she just admitted for all the authorities that are listening that she's been running a mid January as anchor holes I did you just they all say good bye talk about mature as a she's trying to do shoes trying to make her case at all things that so that's a woman that deserves just to be in the hall she's been a grandmother wholesaler she and didn't get a Mac attack hall of fame and by the way check out my Twitter and vote for the floor character you can vote for granny Marshall Estonia. Robin do sand or Mike Florio and vote now should also in the running should also called herself middle aged and I call. Bring it up to be rude you've got your died that's been away brand. That's cold man she knows that it's true she's articulate she's way that's a little help by the way embers don't still. I'd let me it's thirty seconds before Mike Florio who is a candidate for the Mac attack all the same let anyone dynasty are we not to mention. I'm molded like NASCAR dynasty but it's not the one you mentioned already yes well people biting division in there are being kept car Whelan modified tour. They have currently tied the. It's. Your bone wanted to hear a lot of he didn't want to hear it is more. And these are very sure laughter there Mike I was either running or is there I'm just I was laughing because I know the audience doesn't wanna hear lists but. But I was curious as a racing fans. Who is the dynasty in a whaling modified modified or big up there bone in new England and in the northeast very here and once we're talking about goes away when Teddy. The Whaley genetic modified division. Oh man jobs. I said match us above all we really got to get some callers chimed in on this ban why we gotta get callers on this segment so we don't look at the dollars we just got grainy shielded being yanked off the phone line. Not one guy said the celtics' dynasty from the sixties all through the Yankees. And another dude wanna decrease whale modified I have been looked at up those RNC who want that oil models like modified title. I'm just a question about the whole thing was who cares. Its guises nineties bulls I don't know should I start to the ninety's bull and the patriots doesn't long Gemini and the nature of this forward. They usually has turnover of diocese all the other diocese are much quicker. All right we will take a quick breather Mike Florio joins us next talk a little dancers and go around the NFL. I just jumped on scrambled during the break and I was literally doubled over my chair a it's sure to get myself some sort high. I had no doubt so I had to headphones on and how is over here just typing away on Twitter it was going on I had no clear I think I got it out I can't see Orlando regulators are nice turnaround has an old white guy that is dying right now children Lisa scrambled eggs anyway when did she would EG EC previously snorted and a problem I don't really -- much anymore at this point my life all right let's enough about that I'm alive everything's all in well. And our next guest does not even understand. The honor that we have given him today and he doesn't understand about this he's gonna be so touch when he hears about it he might get emotional and personal Mike pride. And let me give you some NFL news about the Panthers went around the NFL Mike Florio joins us right here and pro football talk dot com NBC and it. The PST radio show from NBC Sports Radio daily you hear the best stuff. Seven and 9 AM here on SNC and Mike what's going on brother now aria and doing good and I got news for you and don't hold back give us your honest emotions and everything else I know this is gone I don't know where it's gone but I know it's going somewhere not good okay I did what we were doing a thing here we haven't we have a Mac attack hall of Famer re usually in ducks like to callers right now listeners. And we haven't put anybody in in a while so we decided hey summer months. Let's do like an induction so we did a little vote on line. And right now you're not winning. Bunch I believe you're right around second place behind mark's guest O'Neal. You're very close would grainy pat and your leading robbing the duke fans say you're right in the mix to get our listener support for the Mac attack hall of fame what does that mean to you. It means absolutely nothing to case. I'm not a color you call me right but you can check in or around waiting to talk to you I'm only doing this because she pay me and by the way. You don't pay me very much you wanna give me something gimme more money. Above I'd I'd put a little more money I can before this would be got on a backfired on. If he really went TO on our honor he'd been Arlington does it just me I'm not shown up without question I'm not I don't know no speech you will not make a speech here Italy's lower. Had its time. Okay because and have Gary Myers and Ira Kaufman and other voters would like well if we only known he was gonna show up we would've voted him please be advised. From the outset I will not show. Voters voters this ungrateful man stop voting for just stop voting for this ungrateful man right now by the way eyes. Is a reaction I thought might occur but I I am still amused by it. Slow and passed early in the hall of fame now should that was a contribution passion and then after him for summaries and he also did draw for the hall things got the track after. What some what I want to ask you why did I yesterday we don't put on about this guy Bob threaten come in my driveway and with my ass yesterday. I got to get on the label put him on about what sounds like goodfellas again a pistol at her. I didn't I didn't do the math if you don't tell me in America. No dogs are very good record at seeing great it's amazing the NB a here. Why ten times that the gun and point to that doesn't shoot don't shoot after all a damage had been done what on the what does he ask you though about TO thing yet let's jump into the animate you should get your thoughts. I do think it's ridiculous to say we get our cost and on the other day and he says now we just joking you know on the line in my articles joke. Gary Myers at the ceilings being dead serious if he knew TO would show while the ceremony take the vote back. I don't agree with that sentiment but I do think Florio that sitting out two years. As a penalty essentially for being a horrendous teammate and therefore being less of a commodity to the teams you played on like. I had guys have sat out a deposition why receiver wait longer than just a couple years already here's the thing why do you. Have to be that he didn't Gideon right away because he was such a bad teammate and he was so divisive and five teams couldn't wait to get rid of him miss that nearly think. Why not just say look. Not everybody gets it on the first ballot. That is reserved for just a small handful of guys Jerry Rice I didn't think Randy marsh should've gotten in on the first ballot I think that should be reserved. For Jerry Rice and juries only. And the thing is with Chris Carter like they did is say when Chris Carter didn't get and you don't have. Voters going on radio saying. What Chris carted in because that guy was a pain in our ass and he was mean and he was spiteful and he was cooperative and he thought he was better than everybody so we're making him wiping didn't say that. We just didn't put an end it took time for him to get end and with TO it felt like it was gratuitous and unnecessary. For guys like Gary Myers to go on Dan Patrick show. And say he was so divisive that and he was a horrible team made and yet other guys jump in and say the same thing after Owens got passed over the second time to the. Where you look at and say why even considering him if he's such a bad guy why is even a finalist and if that were me. And I felt like the only let me in because they didn't want to get criticized for three weeks again after not letting me in and they. Deep down don't want me there I wouldn't want to show up the thing either. So do you assume you like to move that he's making here like I like did I supported his I think he was disrespect it. Not because he got passed over because the way they did it because there's this element and its former players are in the hall of fame that was one of the arguments period last year. Guys in the hall of fame don't want him their Bill Polian. Was all and he didn't want him there will find Bill Polian screw you I'm not showing up for your party I'm not gonna come there and act like everything's fine. Like I'll well you know we battled it out now you're in him we're gonna let bygones be bygones baloney. It doesn't make those bad things and everyone said about him go away and you know it became personal for them so it should be personal for TL one of five TO I'm not showing up to either. Do you not buy the reasoning though that's. Him. Missing a couple of years. Beat it because like he's less of a commodity to his team like one when he's every two or three years. Has to get rid of their star receiver 'cause he divide in the locker room like that make you what are Leslie then what's your stats say you are not I can. Hang on a second. Are you buying the narrative that every two or three years. Teams had to get rid of him because he was dividing the locker room. Days stayed there I mean. Will we're just accepting that because you've got voters saying look this one's just a five passing Dallas eventually San Francisco. Not San Francisco. Could have brought him back is a free agent they chose not to. But they didn't decide that he was some divisive force he played there are 12345678. Years. If he was that big of a paid any asked he would know made it eight years with the 49ers now what happened in Philadelphia. He had a tremendous season. In 2004. He had 12100 yards in fourteen games fourteen touchdowns he had a broken like he came back before the leg was he owed and he was the best player on the field. In Super Bowl. 39. The one in Jacksonville when they lost to the to the New England Patriots. And the next year all god forbid. He wants more money and not the Eagles were back then once I got he signed to a contract you may as well let's signed in blood they weren't renegotiating anything. Sorry you've signed a contract on your contract Ali trying to do was get more money. And yeah ultimately he came up with a plan that alienated a lot of people because his idea was if you're not gonna cut me. If you are gonna pay me I'm going to be such a pain in the butt that you're gonna cut mere you can trade mean that's what he did but detonation. What are you shoot those a player of your release thing he's still had more than a hundred yards per game. In seven games that year so I mean he looked he was a guy who at times was a pain in the butt. And at times he wanted more money but eighteen you know I think in this day NH mechanic as a vote now for mandatory minicamp give our money on strike a budget the pendulum has swung that way so. I just think that that. I think that that. Voters don't like him for the same reason the voters didn't like Chris Carter and the same reason they like Warren Sapp not Ira Kaufman did a masterful job. Of convincing the voters to set aside the fact that Warren Sapp is a jerk and voted in. But Terrell Owens had no one who was willing to stand up and say. Police set aside defected this guy's a jerk. And vote him in class that and and that's what hurt him and so instead of saying he's a jerk and we don't like him which I think is the truth. They had to come up with this other narrative and it was so over the top I remember having the realization deficit and the chairman right now and I was reading the quotes and it's like. How are you even considering him. Why is he ever gonna get it it's such a word thank wellcare Whiting to get him well he's a pain in the but they couldn't wait to get rid of Jimmy does this and he was that one year later always end now. OK Dan what about all the stuff he said last year I have five Terrell Owens that bothers me in a very visceral in fundamental ways but and I don't wanna be there he's always supported. OK I was zero dishonest guy that's different perspective what dumb it's the right perspective. I know we didn't need that don't Florio that I just want to I want to. The listeners to be aware if you can I mean in this. Hall of fame you get the whole thing even if I don't show up at this is the guy you voted for good or bad and in different devices which are voting for right now check out my Twitter to vote on the Twitter poll that Mac W concede all blow yet to order followers boy I'm sure that's going to be a great poll. How many followers you have delegates thousands Florio I'm not I mean I'm sure it's not your lab bullets on your your level but I'd sat 200 room you trying to say let's move on or move back. I've Florio I don't ask you just took a little. You don't you don't really care about these lists in the offseason and I want NASA please bring them up and I would unless it's unreal things you don't really care but anyway. I made care little bit too much about him but I just ask you unbiased opinion from you. There's been some different takes on Cam Newton in somebody's list site may or may not gotten a little too fired up about them. But in your team is Cam Newton a top ten quarterback any NFL. Well you can say in isolation he's a top ten quarterback one thing I've learned over the years. If you go through all the various quarterbacks and you say yes or no guys the top ten quarterback you find yourself with twenty top ten quarterbacks. Mean it is a fairly. It is a fairly short list and you still up ten spots very quickly I've I've undertaken this. This in the past he's deaf and now one of the top ten highest paid at this point but he's better than some of the guys who were making more than him lets you know how much time we have left in the break let's try to put together a rough list right now and see if he's on the inner out. D'etat and and let's isn't a ranking this is just guys who are definitely in Tom Brady. We can agree is definitely our arms breweries banning or I'm Bob Dole and I'm gonna look at the fullest to teams are. On maturity to everybody who got more we yet Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger. Right that's two we've got I can't put Andrew Luck in their based on where is right now. Anybody from the AFC west deserve a Philip Rivers he's one of them right we can agree on that. He's in that neighborhood of ten I think race and I can't neighborhood. Okay we've got to we'll boy Carson whence I don't know right now is he top ten I don't know Eli Manning is he right now I don't know. I mean I I don't nod maybe can't is top ten M I mean yeah Brees he's definitely got one of the spots Russell Wilson in my mind definitely has one of the spots Matt Ryan's got one spots. Beyond that who knows maybe may be their Aaron Rodgers talking you know I have him in their Matthew Stafford he's one of them I think and I can't top ten guy yet. I think cancer that staffer rivers neighborhood you know which is that end of that top ten. No that's rod that's were I think he deserves to date that was so I like floor you were just rampant right there live on the air man you know. When you were just a bad to happen anyway he's just killing time right I mean I'm I'm not John not trying to sell I'm just trying to answer your clean. Just I was policy has also it was all they weren't Ortiz idol Arctic so don't put me in that hall of fame and now I think we should put him of the whole thing just to my daughter doesn't want. I I why it what if if thought. If nominated I will not run if elected I will not deserve some don't we're willing to travel to West Virginia to give the award Ross yeah let's take a road that's so that was a hell of a way to invite yourself that's Ross Tucker level self invitation. The order come up there and Tebow it's gonna bring his drink he likes this not your father's Vanilla cream now we're gonna bring two cases that I want to meet that's on fire also all right doesn't live to West Virginia house right now. Now it's and trust me you don't wanna meets that. I don't stats might not listening. Mike Florio he is in the running for the latest delay latest Mac attack. Hole same spot aren't glory note we'll have news on it next week for you act guarantees he seemed excited excited. Irish open I hope I'll be Wednesday offered anywhere and should now should you just vote forum just to bother him so we get to go in pastor in and say hey they voted for you gonna put Jim. I mostly get Darren did tweet that out he's got a lot of solid I think he would go for it was pumping up did pump up your guy man may get a raise when no actually you'll get paid less if you don't get him in our whole thing. Are ready to take a break thanks a Florio to that nick Wilson is back for another day I think he suited up. We Jason golf I disagree do little windy city Cleveland. Combo here they're gonna relives the Jordan real life they're really the live on the air it's the Mac attack will hit it off to those boys next. That's ever. Do you think got a little upset so a little look just like being if I got its golden like that since my teacher. In seventh grade when I let it simply does student revolt bone we are all class. We've got a sense that a lot of peep or in the studio I'd I want to point out the out or doing a radio show. It's almost has to be near I think I think there are some screaming reminding me and he was getting allows young man of the guys that are on the air so if you want us to leave I'll go I just I don't. What's interesting about guys is that I use it is the first time since seventh grade I've been married for ten years I get this anytime you know I'll. Like you're too loud your too loud I don't know. Oh yeah I forgot about that yeah I'm in Harry and America like W it's I'm so yeah I've gotten my share there's no one dumb I did this is what I didn't win me. And my son Aden and get kind of boy rally you mean because. That'll happen where all of sudden become like an eight year old boy again at him like that definitely gets solid. And I'm the one that riles up my kids like I we like to play the the the big mommy where I'm walking around and just like chasing them and they're screaming and it sounds like a thundering herd of elements elements coming down the stairs of the white flags at in my it turns out if she doesn't like that. She doesn't like three screaming children and one overgrown man child who can't control himself playing with a you know he's just biggest movie is not something. I got here tonight a southern a fun game to point I actually Willis and will do it out on the front line and got ahead. A lot of I see nick Wilson is back in today from Cleveland or particular Jason DOS go join them. Arms from Chicago and a second I want to say this or do you get the line of it's like I CO2 children I have three children three to suit your wife would say my wife says to me we had two kids my wife says it's like I have three children sometimes you get that line it's not so you don't deserve that lie I get the better one it is but it is how old are you. I get out. How well you and and and what time your bed time like she just becomes really likes in my life is the sweetest human being in the world until she's tired and north Hungary. Or I've pusher too much would blame the kids and and it's just like who took the bad now look at how sinister about nick nick is very camp friendly. A ceremony areas today I was having a conversation with him during the break. Like is this is a man Charlotte they you can warm until he's very camp friendly UC we have to deal what I should you on the text like you would think when you can I don't know maybe you didn't Malik. When you came here I think late you want to believe the amount of people. Let's turn on cannot love them or not panther fans are sick of hear about it but there's a lot panther fans are still haven't got on board cam white and it is annoying it's an annoying. C is just situation in a city. But you know what that they we talked a little bit about cam and his personality and in what that kind of invokes because campaign is and Tom Brady you know a died said Tom Brady set an emotional Ken at all. Like the guy. Hey you're reflecting pool is human like you look at the eyes of Tom Brady knew she wont every wanna see like Jim Jones an actual human being with thoughts Indian and by the way some of the mark PC some of them aren't ready to be able to hear but cam does not present himself the way that 99% the other quarterbacks will will will. We'll kind of do so I think that's a big part of it that he does it just smile and nod. Everybody thinks of course can be got CEO he's got to be a certain way I think that's a good point if for example mr. sesame your fascination would bomb Newton very windy. Is borderline psychotic I get it it's like cam. But he's a ball games and I season got a visit us we're just against my opinion if if this is psychotic T bone and put me in a straitjacket I let me be crazy that. Need to point out that Panthers backup tight and Chris man Eric was carted off today with what appeared to be able left ankle injury. But he gave a thumbs up on the White House he's going to be all right I think you might be all right but that'd that is have very early on court ho park appearance until he became because of blocking still overly Albany it's on the ski kind of surpass him in terms loves. Pass catching tight end real quick let's say hello to Jason gosh he's so these guys are hooked up through the modern technology or. Senator newest show together here in Charlotte too big time talents. I guess this is Jason Jason this is Nikki I noted that was cool guys I Zorn I did telemann and proud that I feel like his rebound booty because I know him and Kroger got along so well. I'm trying to make this one last. Uribe alimony and there's going to be a lot of them better. And there's a lot of need to remember it from their got a lot of good today he added ostensibly give ask you to play a game called chase the money just quiet guy. I don't think we've there's different there's different I usually gets a look at personally before I let them down slows. Our brother what they were glad to hear your back on the station you guys. Both did give it a done great from what I've heard here so it's going to be good and Dodd Jason at the Gilo play comes up that'll be a fun conversations and I finally brought some serious through my demands that never. Our work cut daddy here nick Wilson from Cleveland Jason got she got these guys are gonna look up do a show here in Charlie you guys enjoy it. We will talk to you tomorrow the Mac detective work got a bone good work at a prep im sure plenty painter's talked tomorrow on day three of many can't.