Mac Attack Hour 4: Matt Shick

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Tuesday, July 17th
In this hour of the Mac Attack, Chris McClain discusses the upcoming College Football season with Matt Schick. 

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Get so fired up for some look. Look volleys EC media days Syrian Charlotte's sort tomorrow. SEC. Page two of their sword day extravaganza. Because it just means more than I have four day strike. Tom down there in Atlanta these wells is having their media days is well so we made a point to talk. Lot of Cal's football today you you know as well. As a lot of cancer talk on the show obviously right now let's bring in friends of the show Charlotte resident like you and I. ESPN ESPN news match it joins us to talk to look out football match how you them. Rather. Been very very well actually extend a bit if you needed the three week. Actually. There are a lot of talking a lot of different you know opinion being made but they you know we don't want out all right now so hard to argue with their reasoning. I'll do Kabul watch that I got watch those guys just now watching you get to dale watch all the coverage guys do love all these media days sort of thing extended release I'm pretty sure he'll be sitting here on my TV every afternoon for three weeks. Like just where we're at right now you know this season starts. You know you have like a late in general live it so University of Phoenix verses enterprise institute says this you kick it enough it looked at the popcorn and then. You know by like late October mid October it's like what is this Iowa Minnesota. Attic. That does happen the games since you would watch on week one compared to game you would watch week and there's definitely a difference. On the very selective right now we're ready to watch people talk about out any saying anything at all do I peruse a little C a sell the other guy hasn't looked. Good to have it both to advertise your crystal ball. Hamas are so what are your thoughts here we're we're sitting here we zoned in a a lot on Clemson and Alabama so far this year I mean do you think it's if you had to give the match shake official prediction for your play offs for. Are you allowed to unveil that on the Mac attack is that he did is still wait for network TV. Well yeah Abbie and our national. That it national. You know networks and college football fans are really you know slobbering to see which for the good. Really should lay off on that but I will tell you that it's. The landscape of the game right now it's hard to. Chick any teams outside. Clemson they have. Ohio State. In Georgia you know I mean that's whit whit goes for Ravi. You might dip into the big twelve and they'll all if Tyler Hillary is so is this delicate and say is too picky as. He better be pretty out there that you're bacon you know billion to sit on the bench signing with the age which he has. So I. You know it keeps I think one can certainly can't go to this seat and we love college football and I think we love following it every single week of pageantry and and everything you just wonder if it's a little more like the NBA this year will we kind of know. How it's gonna end. Because Alabama and Clemson are just a cut above everybody else in the gap between those two teams and the rest of not only the rest they're leaks but the rest the college football I think it's fairly substantial. No I think you're right it almost feels like that is the cabs and lawyers for college football is indeed played three times in the playoffs in a row it feels like number force coming out. And probably be for all the marbles do you think college football being so top heavy right now. And almost predictable like I'll throw in Washington an advantage teams you named. And I am telling you just about everybody's playoff I've seen in the media. Includes some sort of those I guess it's like six teams right light. At Georgia Alabama Clemson. Ohio State's. Washington and Oklahoma I feel like to sit like is it too top heavy is this something it. And I don't know how you avoid that but is that something that is a negative for college football aura we so in love with the sport and ultimately that doesn't hurt. I think it's more the latter I think you know I. We we do see. Upsets throughout the year and even last year when Syracuse beats quite considerably. It hear it real well. I think people are more condition to now you can lose to David still make the playoffs and maybe some of that drama. Gets gets minimized a little bit you mentioned as well at Washington edit you know the problem Washington is there they're opening up with a barber. And so the other sit there are a program that hey you have these college football hopes. If they lose that game. Considering the rest of their schedule considering count down I think the act well could be again the from ear to look at Washington be it on the back burner again and so. I. I don't think that. We like about college football is that. You know the journey to the playoff the journey to these copper championship games. Is is a lot of fought and it's it's a national special spirit also also cultural war. And you know I think that the one thing that Perry year might make you. Investigate a little bit more especially if you get two teams from the SEC again into the playoffs will be okay what what are we doing what expansion you know how to we get more teams and ball how do we make it more the national plow a tactic person seen outside of the top 45 that. That could make a polish you know this will be Marc Rich best Miami team that he and Notre Dame is going to be very good. If you look at Notre Dame schedule that it about it manageable. Schedule. If you can have a what they've what they've got re earning. Could be very good and that local all the outside that may be in Michigan or Penn State is a dark horse. But if it's hard to go it it's hard to go very deep down the list. And and see you know any teams that could make the playoffs but I guess we just enjoyed the journey and it and the tradition because we just loved college football. You made a really good point about that washing game I came in Atlanta by the way. So that's that's an advantage for all over it easy for Auburn fans to get sued if Auburn beats Washington there. And then sent Auburn loses to Alabama they go to Georgia what do they lose to Georgia likes. Won't eat eat eat Washington could bit the whole pac twelve could be eliminated and if Washington wins a conference. And then they'll be compared to all birdied ten and look what Alabama and Georgia do against that so that's a good bet I could kill the pack twelve right there. Two league that truly that are. You know really is in danger just because they're so top heavy being with. The pac twelve Washington and that might be that you might include Stanford there. With what bright slow. And Costello quarterback that might be that might be attained by. But their schedules cup too I mean it is hard to get out of the pact well. With fewer than. You know what with one loss sir you were its just hard to do and so what Washington is gonna do that. You've got to win that opening day yeah yeah it is and so be it if they lose that game. Yet you're you are pretty good and yet you're hurting get a read the clippings of the pac twelve is RT but. Preliminary and no doubt and then the other one I think it's similar is is the big twelve because it feels like Oklahoma and then there's feels like a drop off spared if Oklahoma were a trip Bob. You know could that conference be left out a let's let's do the slip conversation. Is the answer in the SEC. In in terms of us. The conference the most likely to put to win because you go make a strong case. About the Big Ten as well which which ones most likely put two teams. Our I would say I would say Viet he he simply because it's. Simply because Alabama's schedule if I try I try to pick the game show I look at Alabama. And I look at their schedule and I don't see a loss well it's. Every year you hello to a game say oh well maybe maybe the margin shrunk a little bit but if you were to look at that schedule today. Are there to lose a bowl game. Really truly to lose OK wanted to add LAQ what is hold against all urge you could throw and all the against Mississippi State. But it Alabama at all you're just you're just typically not going to be that being and then you go to. Georgia. And you look at Georgia's schedule. And you know you don't play again if you don't play Alabama during the regular season. You've got all verdict old Florida is still down here at LSU. You know the biggest game for that right now probably gonna be out South Carolina to every. But outside of that made it this these these two teams have the talent. To do it now you could throw away and you know an ace CC and say what about lunch and at a Miami. Again and that might that be in the opening up against LA achieve that could be the case as well. I just figured I just think it's. It's a challenge outside of those. Outside the southern footprint changed it to make two teams to make it out Whipple I would I would agreed and state. Could have a shot in Matt. But again you've got to be you've got to be really perfect throughout the year and then maybe your only losses in the ten Big Ten championship game and that and that's going to be a tell. I love to shake your definite trend to show you work my Nittany Lions in the playoff picture conversation twice brother our idol I. I love you for that. Greece well they certainly appreciate him pick last year in the big head to make the pullout and they are they kind of made me look bad so I have a little animosity. You know we don't root for Jeanine we were our predictions. And us. Got to tell. You're going to be right you're right we want to be right so bad what might. I've got to ask just sort of let you go argument are you on the air goal. It was next time you're on the are you doing anything with CA CC media days here in Charlotte or isn't. Yeah you have got tomorrow and the next day will be out on ESP NU. I believe that that's for clock. If the chick check your local listings at a level well this is for just. I'm glad that went they have their date ESP NU myself out Logan but will be interviewed vocal coaches tomorrow be aware OJ. All of their very cool well very cool are you tell Lucy said aloud to you it's a lose he said hello and that's cool in my watching good ACC coverage tomorrow. And Wednesday on ES being used right here in Charlotte Matt we'll talk to down the road brother you're great. Our guys are real magic ESPN EST and you rice here in Charlotte delta wanted to pay off beam which shot notes he saw Sally I don't sarajevans he's not your. Find it's on me Jon Heyman Mack who now writes her. Sand crabs. I jiggy jog or John Amy is that now at saint credit debt is so great reporter reporting that Dodd Dodgers in the lead for much shot up. Milwaukee Philadelphia Arizona still and it still involved. What Boris so sort of turn around it appears that much Otto sometime this week. Heads of the Los Angeles Dodgers. By the way I got a memorial still or stand matinee idol for some I said earlier about Manny Machado a brings up an email so I did -- your team not matters Orioles infighting going on right now beat mandate Chris Davis contract because they're Chris Davis but him coming any clear to make any kind of the desperate effort aside battery instead we. Are now about the hard match to dub yes it's an icon and my buildings that are exceeded email. 80% politics right now people that people talking about about Republicans Democrats. Conventions. Or else all I want to get what can I don't know one thing it's free can political tag what do I Don I got your back so what did get people's minds off that. I'll breeze view all the movies skies great call it Tebow he took the day off this is Tebow it's like ladies generally of the day off last Friday because it was a debut of the rocket skyscraper. He's got to review. Viewed that should you spend your money on a Tebow will tell you and Kemba Walker reiterates again. I will probably being shot a little long period of time if you're advising Campbell walker hornets stand on the side would you tell him to stay in Charlotte honestly wouldn't talk about that. Thousand dollars. Here and has the football tickles cash giveaway is on every hour 1520 minutes after the hour text the word treasure. TR DNA SURE text to TS and even spelling bee every time trying to get these were dragged seven zoo say they want. Is where you text the word treasure to butcher shot 2000 dollars. Yeah until somebody out of text international contest message and data rates do apply all right I want to talk about Campbell here in the second. John says oh this ought to be great to kemba haters. Bashing Kemba Walker. Alma giant can behavior at a loss for you taught at all ever for him every sector is gonna Charlotte but whatever Obama. Complete and the hater ad that's all I am working on a similar symbol might it take for hornets fans and that's all this is about it sucks the way this sport works. In the NFL you don't ever get to see you keep your best players in built around them. With the ridiculous nature of contracts in the NBA that somehow works in this league and we will gets the important team on skyscraper remove interviewing a couple minutes. But this camber saying Bohn the latest is. He talks to Michael Scott though of the athletic Michael Scott covers. New York the New York teams up there are for the athletics and Indiana. And ten goes up there I think he was involved in the camp up there and kemba talk some Michael Scott and sell sim lake. He was trying to preach the New York angled the knicks and the Brooklyn nets are both gonna have a bunch cap room next year to know wrote about the still here locally. And this fear you know should horns fans fear but he might wanna go homes from the Bronx originally and mighty wanna take this opportunity to go home. So he saw Michael Scott know that hey I wouldn't worry too much about that New York's the New York possibilities I that season that's remote now wouldn't you know stay I wouldn't spend too much time worried about that. He says that he wants to be in Charlotte for the long haul. Now here's a saying that I want to ask here's the thing I wanna ask. In regards kemba Tebow and again. Some sensitive hornets fans are gonna probably say I'm an eight non kemba and I I'm not. Man I may be maybe an update on the hornets but I'm doing it out of a loss for this franchise like I just I hate to say this but I gotta be honest on the radio Tebow. It's if you would argue my answer but audio issues first if you were advising Kemba Walker do what's best. When his contract so if the hornets don't deal him this season let the season play out. What would you would you tell Kemba Walker come back to Charlotte would you tell him to look around elsewhere honestly. Honestly I tell look around elsewhere 'cause at some point I mean he's it is is this is his first. There are some guys that get multiple big time contract LeBron James how many CR right now and that big time contracts a number right Crist calls on a number big time contracts. Kemba so underpaid he hasn't had domesticated yet. Looks to me. It's got to be accommodation all of getting that big contract for Campbell and also about winning now. What won't they seem to have BC you can go somewhere kemba get paid gets set for life. And also win some games due to what the people and environs to Europe. It's a sit it would just be about money when it would be about winning game here's the problem is not trying to come on us it's that they are just mean here you're dead when you get paid that amount of money. They had detained at the tomb. You're not that success will not I don't story the successful ultimately probably not be here this guy Tommy says. Ram. Tommy says Mac here we go again. You don't sound like a hornets fan when you guys are saying you would personally on the downloads so kemba to lead us. I'm just asking an honest question I wanna what is their sons' lives are. I'm just say this I am shocked but I think it's cool the amount of loyalty here showing towards Charlotte with his words now we'll see what the actions are like. In the hornets don't make a deal and if he does get contract offers. But here's the problem in Charlotte's. The money is tied up into other guys for a couple of years after kemba signs. Instilled that nick platoon deal is done to lose seasons after Campbell would re sign with us it's going to be hard to do much of anything out there on the market. It's going to be hard to get him any different help. If I was Kemba Walker I'd be frustrated as hell with the supporting cast of the hornets organization is put around me I would realize time is sticking. And I'm not on the small guard as it is I'd take a beating like drop the basket. And I gotta get to Lou I gotta get to the nearest he says how much he wants to be in the playoffs so he's jealous every year over people who are in the playoffs you don't. I would say on this would be a very important time next year to go try to find an organization that will get you in the playoffs. I don't take any joy of saying that on the radio but I'm just tell you Kemba Walker signs here that is one loyal cat. And and that needs to be absolutely loved and cherished man and respect it but when he comes down to when you think just things row I just. I would think she would want to try to be somewhere else I feel like he's given the hornets a fair chance to try to build around. It's it's it's a complete test but the kemba Walker's character Wii console wanna buy the morning to stay here the fact that he says he say that I don't think it was go wide. The fact that he says those sayings is absolutely. Point 2% and attest to that a testament to chemist. Areas called have some idiot. And say I like Charlotte built homes sold its Colby what do we have this complex I think in Charlotte. As sports fans because we're not one of the big markets and I think we have a little complex. I do think Campbell may have Stockholm syndrome but I actually do that William did have disavowed any is starting to feel sympathetic towards his kid I am getting the hornets we had the other NBA news medical I wondered job Amanda but Toronto wrapped Toronto's like the favorite now uncle why that would make him a serious player in the would LeBron gosh what they're daddy nobody out west they're gonna be at the party now that you're happy booted out aren't gonna Dan I don't play. And what what do you think about this Campbell saying in the way he wants to stay here's a best room. I bet or Tampa got when I saw the article this morning about potential ability that you are in the current much. Don't lag that I don't mind and now the village did not wrap up on MySpace does not dominate if he has a track and I and I want to. It looked at a press dot answers they get home went up the sale last week in Nevada last week in April this year. And it came off but the market the last week but you do not build detonating goes up and it is going to be around the you're not. Intersect. And it's interesting that you did some did you do and we puts you on Stan hey did you look up the tubes how's it. Continues sell the 2000 ladies and also come. Well I'm a bit of a doubt it would back. Yeah. Of course it would be uniform and I saw no they get imported rice and I'm guessing Dan is researching Matt Bradley one more candidate and joke and and the researcher may take your place here. A W a frenzy on the Mac it's got to give them some credit doesn't dig in the Tuesday to do and he I would call him as real state and from now that's kind of dig in and NC state fans do with a slight aware software and look at hiring I don't know I'd that was series stated our body of Johnny says there goes back again he didn't get his way this offseason amp Campbell once the state. It tells walker to go somewhere else. I just don't think I think it's in its first of all Campbell also. If he does not take away lesson 37 million dollar a year so Max deal he would be entitled to. If you don't take away lesson that we have no wiggle room to sign players will be over the luxury tax I just I don't think it's necessarily good for him. I don't think it's necessarily good for us I think we should be start over and are thrown some sort of tantrum and and by the way we'll see how does get the thing plays out there's an all star break for trades still. We'll see how the same sentence a plan that I'm just. I have to tell you that dude loves him some Charlotte it's very freaking cool and notable if I was him. I would be bolting to the place to try to get some playoff games are Tebow won Asia or skyscraper. Mover view not only you pay them the money. To give in there you have seen this movie but you also took what are your precious days now to see it on its first day. Well first of all you know which used to write Johnson stay. I guess it goes back to the Iraq wrestling days I don't he's had that movies before I've still a joy that I enjoyed that I don't have my effort to admit. Ebitda to movies that I may go I said before San Andreas with a rock we slight off earthquakes a great movie. Love that movie so I figured this would be on the same plane adept as that. Bad but good that so I don't see skyscraper. And it might have been the worst movie ever seem. I've seen some bad movies the rock and you save this Bono I was laughing out loud during the movie there it was so ridiculous here's the plot real quick. Takes place it on caught on like a mile high highrise. Where terrorism or taken the rock played a securities expert. Always in their secure the building terrorists get and it take over the building. And Dwayne Johnson's families are not just boil a disputed premise here. My job this families trapped inside the building he's got to try to get in there scale this building and get the then Malia. How simple right keep in mind he's a war veteran in the movie and he has one leg. He's got. They pulled us he's got a prosthetic leg total lots of water out buildings leap tall buildings hey approved for his life. He's got one like this and there are things that go on this movie or BCA comment re dugout and place and our daughter up. I tell you it's so bad. It's almost wars seeing on the man when it comes so the believability is not there you can't suspend your disbelief or what it was so cool I guess that I guess three d.s probably call this movie but the actual premise. Was the most of swords saying I've ever witnessed in my life and how he watched Matt do things on a daily basis this was. The wide never wasted money more than I did instant. Either way this is a prince and your off day you big off day exhibit was going to get every I did one leg up one look at once stood up by the way below people are now sending in their worst movies about kind of safe. That's a potential match exact top five list because we're doing the top five look at this week yup. That's a potential five worst movies ever that I love wins on an idol my idol might seen odds are ridiculous movie this one though was so bad. I actually thought I'll leave. I I would take a break we got a bunch of great emails Texans ways I daddy died very upset with me politically I got to deal with that during the brakes Mac and stay out letting back. I didn't hear low bar in my head right now stay in my late. 704570. That's extend billed as an exact slide hit us up your expense tax tweets and emails coming up. We're back used a Mac could sack on SNC. I'm gonna down the homestretch we got to get emails text waits a lot of good football today we had a I'll put it on log of when that when we do these top five. This'll do one every day this week participation yielding great jump on board today 7 o'clock hour was the Cam Newton my favorite Cam Newton moments top fives. And scene here that little what's outside number one was the 2015. To Houston slipped flags where it goes up airborne damn near lands a slip scores touchdowns. Odd number two was Seattle's same season the Seattle game winning pass to Olsen was to straighten out eighty yard drive stood. To rally against Seahawks on the road. Number three was his debut and his rookie year against Arizona. That's when I realized I have I've screwed up a little bit in my analysis of this particular blood there. Pre drafts and that was awesome and number scorer. I do for number four bones. Oh they're not. When the giants scored to tie dye dad 2015. And use the camera goes in he just nods and of course he just takes him down. They win the game to go fourteen though and then number five was. The so I don't arm. So laying. It was against Atlanta 2015. He had to go side arm thrown around the defense of alignment he still zipped a heck out of it which is an enormous. And the place that was beautiful ought. Near the ground work only Dixon to catch in the end zone for a touchdown pass it's of very underrated Camden place that was my top five he is police sending your feedback. At matchup yet NC ended I would put the list on line here in the near. Future in Morse bill we told our dropping a dime that task he was it was a nightmare but by the way and that how what do we do this. We will we will reassess this camp top five list in 2019 in July 2 point nineteen may I suggest what number one my day what's the can't carry the Panthers to a championship. I wanna save maybe I definitely wanna see if I limit war camp Judy's number wrong all year that's sort. Let me read somebody's Dexter two weeks most see you we've got. This student pretty heavy rain his mouth about GM today that was kind of annoying so that that struck a a bit of a nerve mr. says it was front or even born the last time this team made it to the Super Bowl tell him to go get some new material. Were you born the last time the bills were in super ball. Yes I was goes less than a year old because. This I was very young I remember very sets or your Canon panther bashing comes for me just angry like your glory days you never even lived to see. I got a nice ahead and I got to Texas said tell Don Beebe junior to shut the car. Man let see here what do we have some all of see it takes for at least okay the cam running isn't all the pleasures Grady went 65 yards it takes for these teams three quarters to get that many yards suspects. I don't know about all this guy that Tyrod Taylor the last couple years has urban dam distance thinks trapping might have banned in the truck when cam had a racked odd couple years back right now. Not evil man. Come on you are totally sound we can't didn't fumble jokes all over and over and you sound evil. I'm wolf this student once stood let's see here this this just suggests he would like to better each act. But the Panthers win more games in the bills this year. And then he takes shots as I'm sure you live with mommy and daddy says he can help you pay your bill. So that's a double of the games the bills where I might take that bad. No there there's one says why this one says more games Oca what is another wanna said the Zagat bet painters bills who wins more games now the printers are gonna win more games in the bills known I'll take that OK although you did say I'm really sell them. I fairly soon. And finally showed The Beatles were more day. I'll look up. What does he really believed it it is hard as you think the bills are went west I don't think it's hard I don't know what he thinks I'm really. They say a politician he's over here one moment back here the next moment I can't figure out where he stands. I made yet we have a rookie corner wreck coming and I mean. The Shawn McCoy is is getting older is our whole offense so yeah I think will definitely tiger a go backwards what I call him young slipper. I think axles on here it is fans is that it is torn down maybe a bit better than the jets landing and that's. I'd assume we ask you about what hurts omelet save favorite cam momentous is they see the cowboys and I should I shouldn't read this David can moment was the overthrow of fun just Alia that happens every game but the they say don't make people buy insurance on the go somewhere else man. Thank how many days until not the pander cowboy game till they did the Monday after the pepper tablet coming days told that I wonder or react now. I don't look on to get itself. 'cause that's the day seal disappear for Ali see seriously you'll go to witness protection program ACC and all these cowboy fans which is where it is cowboy program. Program content of this student says Tebow and you'd so what you said was going to be a mental day off and you went to see skyscraper. It was the sedate you probably know wanna jump from wanted to get. It's that I will say this to be fair. When it comes to one legged men and skies caper movies probably atop Bible are. That no one like it's guys Gerber John are probably probably top five. All right guys in that you used in your defense I said the other day just don't see this movie and he said are you sure about that. But you gotta I would you wanna see this one this guy says the rock can't act his way out of a wet paper bag Tebow terrible choice. Save your missiles and that that's her dog bone you're gonna defendants Andrews wasn't bad go Watson Tracey tubby wasn't back. He's a wanna tell me was that any any day now any year now it's going to be an Academy Award nominations to the rock all right let's just sets up what this guy and his place Tebow EB series that said that before but now that's I'm being serious. Why vote. Is that isn't there a hot chicken their futures Activision is moving at San Andreas of San Andreas you've lost season diet she plays Iraq's daughter in San Andreas Kyra quakes employee this year run from the quake's and he checked out now knows Alice pitcher Alex injury are Alexandra to Dario had an hourly and right now it's addressed his job. There are some seismic shifts going on while she runs. I don't know intimate. And I don't even out one I just wanna make a joke and idling and I was I was right way to go in the movies got seismic shifts and she's. So balanced seismic suit it's cost somewhere on you I think also when you watch it. Are you trouble here. Anyway last but not least. Somebody multiple people is that comments on was it Dave the guy that was checking campus house information. Damn pain and AM this dude says says it best that guise of free install your. I saw this commitment. Commitment to finding out info about Kemba Walker and I don't know why it's no comments on our basketball video today I would put out there on the not what he looks a slob percent of you're gonna play or play this one on one yanks I don't fell down on the ground twice back WS Lindsay said you know I had prostate defensive position macros and in the divorce and I've talked. I flopped. Hell no that's offered to sell do you sell I have a nude you you're acting was worse in Iraq seriously it was so bad. I shot I get a new nickname for you when you flop when you ladies and got Sheen but only eight sustained don't EA on defense very. I'd like zoos. Brandon change your buddy yeah. That plays I urge you to not quit your day job. Yeah it Shane Battier he's a flock she didn't well. And where'd you already more than Danica I we don't. Back candidate Howard they're backed into the mid day we'll check in with these boys see what's going on it is the Mac it's act on their fans it. Oh. It's. Formation here you are a burger kind of sore like myself try eight of the best workers in Charlotte with a grade eight murder card. Tony nine bucks right now yeah have over a year trade amazing burgers or enjoy them all wants future card now. I give my perks. Dot com that's that is kind of the deal right there maybe 29 bucks by the way thank you go Alex. Today to. Matt brown the athletic college. Football writer he's climb my god on their Colombia as the game he joined us from SEC media days don't gamecocks football one of chuck cowards savored so yeah. And also thank you to magic ESPN and ESP and you write here in Charlotte. Chuckles I am not sure yet about your game Cox. Are you feel a little frisky what do you think like you have some for Georgia week do you feel well you know. When you're in country and you. He took per year. Enthusiasts don't self centered and. Usually Kentucky does that to avoid errors. Ball in the hole and you know you've got to walk through me believe this duty I got a baseball bat today if you believe that when a it's so you know it's been a number of years since we D'Qwell pardon upon net because the spur. Just less things in shambles and see you know it was bare cupboard was bare and you know what do well must have higher at first blush I was little but I tell you what he's gotten out there and recruited like I'm always wish Spurrier would've done and you know the high school coaches are back in and they're really appreciate his efforts Jake Ballard I was little discipline to his performance last season I think he really takes that step to be considered when your top 34 SEC quarterbacks in May be even nationally and as you guys have mentioned Tebow is back defensive line is where I'm ballistics I was in most excited about for the last 567 years the gamecocks did not ham SEC caliber defensive lineman Nate in all since they looked like. They mean citadel linemen know or you know confirm and or something like stats and finally they've got some man on the line and so it's fun to be able to be in the discussion and like everybody has said we too against Georgia who knows again Mo Williams Brice so at least you know there's anticipation in the air and probably don't have to necessarily worry about an Outback Bowl but you never will never know. I'll tell you I think like I think they got a shot that game I don't know finally got to take on that game. But just look at their scheduling clear that we had them but you climb onto another Columbia he's he's he's as they win ten games and when you look at their schedule like Georgia home. At Florida at Clemson. I mean this schedules real doable on the Missouri is gonna help the quarterback but they get them at home. They don't play Alabama shock all Auburn LSU or Mississippi State from the other side to get a real. Nice schedule Jesse is seems like every fourth year teams in the SEC get that schedule or do you don't have murders are all from the western and the east is you know Georgia and everybody else so it's exciting and I think muschamp doesn't speak until Thursday down a SEC media days but it's it's here man I ACC tomorrow and will Kennedy is in with me on a will is pumped up. Always valuable. Really would help the way I had ideals and your medicines he doesn't appear they don't Shockey right. Ideally you're even if Gallo miracle at all times. Already correct yes started on Sarah Sarah Adori. I have no idea so I'm really sorry you meant surgery and about stand and Sanchez and all those guys like us I was gonna say I'm picturing the Citrus Bowl for South Carolina this year you don't takers pictures just Hezbollah and this is the other. The bus. But the act pictures and it's a the good people including measurement of Richard's yeah it's just I was ahead but actually this year the SEC east and this is the year where the balance is just a little bit and I think you know the west is still strong Alabama obviously. There are some questions possibly other western team so. Good for South Carolina you draw that scheduled don't have to place and those guys I think he's is gonna come up this year I doctors say somewhere will came from because he just appeared on how crazy I had no idea and I don't to a marijuana but I'm like David Blaine has. I'll where by the way I have to Tennessee and they seem like a nice and wait there are still some Tennessee for ES. At least it got started I never November he was mad at me because we have not asked any Tennessee questions in all these how to order his bonus lined up or do we live in Knoxville which he says there's a big. Tennessee fan base here I think there is a fair amount and I don't know if I'd say it looks like he should shooting he'd be doesn't have a right to be upset in the not I wouldn't say all sat and how about you do this next time you have a college football guy and say hey what's gonna go happen over the hill. You'll say last day now doing sink its intense. I just think if I don't. I don't think you really wanna hear though what the analysts have to say GA pro is inheriting a mass and we talked about your company's search for the public to search for four months embarrassment of coaching so much more eighty from a seriously. Anyway they are fans of Tennessee fans say they can influence anything as he did pretty much just fired Greg Gionta. It's two hours Andrews unbelievable unbelievable for sure will coming up on our mid day extravaganza will you don't have split while I worry that you don't. Michael so does not about it microphone doesn't stayed it's it's too it's sloppy it's sloppy few of your very flexible or your mail Jim just. No but I've played one once it. All wow yeah I hear how. And at all. Big day extravaganza will Kennedy is gonna break down the home run very Aaliyah in their idol series isn't your style could get your wish I don't. I was they got a right you know immunity you're trying to do two things up for Major League Baseball that's what's got to do all star hero guy. A good guy brushes so passionate so good man etc. he went on Guillen was ridiculous. I feel like the head man but in other. Yeah I feel like he's flaunting his go to an area is better than the rest of success he shot he doesn't mean literally thought. Since the I think you guys are forgetting about Tommy Fleetwood scare I'd never elect I I've referenced that let us many time Larry I never forget by the way that is what good air just a lot of hair. I don't mind I think you know it. I thought it was a mullet at first he just he just brings him back but Dutch speaking of golf we're sorting Harold bar in the third are very. Rarely had I known that PGA. Golfers so you know on the cusp of making the FedEx cup playoffs and he just missed a trip over to Carnoustie coming up we're also going to be joined by T galli would be Charlotte hornets talking about this training camp Mike Williams former Clemson. While wide receiver now to San Diego Chargers gonna talk about his camp that's coming up as well and who might forgetting. There's OK Gregg Rosenthal has his list from out on the top 32 running backs in the league so will be LA chargers woo surveys were thought shots. And I still think the buffalo braves are in the MDX. Has the hut she lets us. Rosenthal. Bullets you know where he is Christian McCaffery. Listed. And his list of the top 32 run well there. They're cool little to say you're here are your guy Bragman I doubt holy last night. I know it only got my files the only American League players today was still be on the show again and any American League has spent the cellular short just slowly best guys under the you do that I'll say this I think about those guys next year you'll see imminent. Here's my questions for Ryan my fellow Orioles fan would Chris Davis had swung and missed at pitches if he was in the home run derby last night. Yes you look almost took a strong yen has really got to just make contact 32 bonus. By the way I'm coming up at 11 o'clock on FaceBook live we're doing in the first ever Mac its act home run derby was on his ball home run derby they're below our ratings and I don't know how are you gonna compete without Atlantis slowly going puzzle book color bars up. That doesn't. Yeah it doesn't pass out he also gets a 32 round yeah obligate us for a Bryce Harper had been put. I was gonna say put a headband any of the ladies around the office here and a head band wagon bar I would like to where birdies are really. All right we got to wrap this baby up chalk it will coming up next everybody enjoy and it's also auction tomorrow Mike Florio and others tomorrow the Mac is that.